tgm4883bkerensa, http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2012/07/09/ubuntu-tv-weekly-update/13:14
tgm4883he's working on getting his blog on planet ubuntu13:15
tgm4883but that is where there will be the weekly updates we had discussed13:15
bkerensaMorning Folks14:37
bkerensatgm4883: cool14:37
bkerensanathwill: :P wanna impersonate me for a day and speak at OSCON? :P15:24
nathwilldude... i can't talk in front of people...15:25
bkerensanathwill: and I can?15:25
nathwillso what's the deal w/ speaking @ oscon?15:26
bkerensaIts like... Oh yes this would be the best venue to ever be able to speak at but.... I suck at public speaking15:26
bkerensanathwill: I got invited by Brian King to speak with him15:26
bkerensaHow to Multiply Your Community By A Factor of X15:26
bkerensaidk I asked how long I would need to talk for and how in-depth15:27
bkerensanathwill: I planned on doing a session at CLS so I can use that as a test bed I guess15:35
nathwillmy massively parallel image downloader just fork-bombed my pc into oblivion15:43
nathwilllooks like a cool talk though :)15:43
bkerensanathwill: not lucky of you16:07
bkerensanathwill: was it hot out there last night? I almost died =/16:07
bkerensait seemed like it was 90 indoors even though it said 6116:07
keesbkerensa: I spoke at OSCON in the past specifically to confront my fear of public speaking. :)16:10
bkerensakees: heh well I hope I dont make myself look like a mumbling fool16:11
bkerensaluckily it seems my part of this talk will be as short as I need it to be16:11
bkerensaoh jeez16:13
bkerensaim added in16:13
bkerensaI better change my profile pic16:13
keesbkerensa: practice is the key. just give the talk to someone who'll listen a few times. :)16:14
nathwillbkerensa, yeah, was pretty warm16:57
bkerensa nathwill: http://imgur.com/H5SLT21:59
nathwillbkerensa, that's pretty cool22:37
bkerensanathwill: yeah if I had VGA to test it22:37
bkerensale sigh22:37
MarkDudeFirst world problem.....22:45
bkerensaespecially since this little pocket pc came from third world22:46
* MarkDude looks up irony22:47
MarkDudegets recursion22:47

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