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Kilosmorning superfly and others06:27
superflymorning Kilos06:28
inetprogood morning07:24
Kiloshiya inetpro 07:29
charlgood morning08:21
Kiloshi charl 08:22
charlhi Kilos 08:24
charlhow are you this morning08:24
Kilosno bad ty and you?08:24
Kilosjust come back from neighbouring plot , took sheep there to graze08:25
charlcan't complain08:30
Kilostough being a maplotter08:33
charllol, maplotter, that is a word i have not heard in a long time08:35
Kilosused to kinda despise them long ago or look down on them rather08:36
Kilosold saying, dont knock it till youve tried it08:36
Kiloshi Banlam bakuman bmg505 08:39
Kiloshi confluency drubin drussell 08:39
KilosMaaz, wake them08:40
MaazHEY You bunch of lurkers. Wake up and take part in the daily chats08:40
charlMaaz: coffee on08:40
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:40
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:41
MaazKilos: Done08:41
charlno, it's done when the coffee is ready Maaz :P08:41
charlbot cutting corners... :P08:41
Maazcharl: Excuse me?08:41
bakumanhi oom Kilos 08:41
* Kilos thinks everyone should at least say morning every single day08:42
Kilosbusy isnt a good enough excuse08:43
charlit's these antisocial types here...08:43
Kilosthe fly is super busy but still finds time to greet08:43
charlsame here, i talk to you people while i am working08:43
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:44
KilosMaaz, baie dankie08:44
MaazPlesier Kilos08:44
charlMaaz: danke schon08:44
Maazcharl: Sorry...08:44
charlbah bot can't even speak german08:45
Kilosja man08:45
Kilossat danke08:45
charlMaaz: danke08:45
charlcould be because i didn't have an umlaut on the o08:45
charli cut corners on stuff like that on irc08:45
charlMaaz: botsnack08:46
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well08:46
sflrgood morning good people!08:59
charlhi sflr 08:59
charlhi Squirm 09:01
Kiloshiya sflr Squirm 09:10
KilosWe’ve noticed that our bots very quickly become integral to channel communities09:22
Kilosso true09:22
superflyhello everyone09:28
Kiloshehe hello superfly 09:28
Kilossuch a gentleman our fly09:29
inetprocharl: danke schon is not the correct way to use it, it's dankeschön09:33
charlinetpro: actually you're completely right http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dankesch%C3%B6n09:37
Kiloscharl, the pro is our resident german09:38
Kiloshes not often wrong and when he is he is still right09:38
charloh wait a second09:39
charland: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/danke_sch%C3%B6n09:39
charlthere is a subtle difference :)09:40
charllol Kilos 09:40
charlnice i didn't know inetpro was german, which part of germany are you from (if you don't mind me asking)?09:40
Kilosthe part in northern natal09:41
Kiloswhew i go bang head against the wall09:41
charlif my understanding is correct, and i am to be corrected, danke schon in dutch translates to "dank je wel" while dankeschon (one word) would translate to "bedankt"09:42
charlbut my german is not good so i could be wrong09:42
Kilospaul piet?09:42
Kerberoas jy dit so stel verstaan ek dit ook @ ChanServ 09:43
Kilosyo Kerbero 09:43
* inetpro is a german speaking South African 09:43
inetprocharl: and I guess I speak more like Afrideutsch then the real thing, so please don't blame me if I am wrong09:44
charlinetpro: no i know the story, ask any dutch person that lived in south africa09:46
charlit really screws with you09:46
charlthe other day i said "schielijk" instead of "plotseling" and my colleague here laughed at me09:46
charl"you speak 17-century dutch you noob"09:46
charlit is valid dutch though09:47
Kerberodat vind ik leuk09:48
inetprocharl: haha, my ancestors have also had a lot of time to meddle with the local german lingo09:51
* inetpro is a sixth generation german speaking RSA citizen09:51
charlsheesh ok after six generations you can be forgiven :)09:52
inetproand I must be honest that I feel bad about struggling to write the language properly09:52
* inetpro should go back to school and learn it again09:53
charlnot at all, let me tell you something09:53
charli grew up in south africa but i was raised by my mother and grandmother09:53
charli learned dutch from them speaking it in the house, but they speak 60'09:54
charl60's dutch09:54
charlso the other day i said "een persoon heeft mij opgeschakeld" meaning "a person called me up"09:54
charlmy colleague here said "you noob, you say bel, not schakel"09:54
charlonly in a couple of years, the language has already changed09:54
charlfunny enough, south africans also use "bel", not "schakel"09:55
charlyet i talk about "schakel" instead out of habit09:55
inetprosounds like they want to become more like Afrikaans09:55
charli don't think the two languages really have much cross-polination, probably due to the physical separation of the two countries09:56
charlit's very interesting to me though to see the same slang developing in different places09:57
charlfor example, in south africa i think you can say "ek check 'n meisie uit"09:57
charlthat's from the english expression of checking a girl out obviously09:57
charlin germany, the young people could say "checken das aus" or in dutch "check dat even uit"09:58
charlsame slang, different continents09:58
charlobviously that comes from english, that is not original german/dutch/afrikaans09:58
inetproheh, I'll check her out09:58
inetprostill looks funny when you write it09:59
charlthe dutch and the germans have a habit of saying "alstublieft" or "bitteschon" if they for example give you coffee09:59
charlin south africa i have never heard a person say "alseblief" or however it goes when they hand you something10:00
charla bit more like the english do it10:00
inetproasseblief 10:01
charlah yes, sorry10:01
inetprobut asseblief and bitteschön is not the same thing10:01
charlthat seems to be like it yes10:01
inetproasseblief = bitte10:01
charlyeah ok but schon is hard to translate, like saying "sehr schon"10:02
charlin dutch you would say "zeer leuk" or so10:02
inetprobitteschön is like saying, you're welcome10:03
charlyeah exactly10:03
charlalsjeblieft is similar10:03
inetproanyway, sounds like we're in a lingo channel now :-)10:04
charlif you say you want something person 1 "wil je koffie hebben?", person 2 "ja graag!", person 1 "alsjeblieft", person 2 "dank je wel"10:04
charla different "handshake" so to speak10:04
charlyeah sorry we're going seriously off topic10:04
inetproeven Kilos has become quiet10:04
inetproand he doesn't even have work to do 10:05
Kilosi think when there is no one needing help then chats are fine because it helps us all get to know each other better10:05
Kilosinetpro, lies10:05
inetprosorry Kilos10:05
* Kilos chief cook , bottle washer and maplotter10:06
* Kilos only knows the pro face to face, evryone else is a nick on irc just about10:07
Kilosdunno what the owners opinions of the channel are10:10
Kilosowners of the channels opinions10:10
charlhmm who are the "owners" anyway10:10
Kilosmust be the old hands10:12
Kiloshiya Hodgestar 10:13
KilosMaaz, seen highvoltage10:14
MaazKilos: highvoltage was last seen 18 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes and 43 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-06-20 21:05:37 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2012-06-25 20:11:43 SAST10:14
Kiloshmm what a crime10:14
Kilosinetpro, who are the owners of this channel10:17
inetprocharl: info #ubuntu-za10:18
inetproChanServ: info #ubuntu-za10:18
inetpro09/07 12:18:27 [ChanServ] Founder    : highvoltage10:19
inetpro09/07 12:18:27 [ChanServ] Registered : Jul 22 11:27:44 2005 (6 years, 50 weeks, 3 days, 22:50:42 ago)10:19
inetproKilos: ^^10:19
Kilosdankie boetie10:20
Kilosmaybe we chased him with all our unrelated chats10:21
* Kilos cries10:21
inetproKilos: no AFAIK he's just trying to focus on less stuffs these days10:23
Kiloshelloooo maiatoday 10:23
Kilosyou well girl?10:23
Kilosah then maybe he will still visit periodically10:24
Kiloshehe new toy10:29
Squirmnew toy?10:30
Kiloscharl your nicks arent registered10:32
Kilosbad boy10:32
charlhi sorry back10:34
charlwas afk for a while10:34
charlKilos: yup that is the way i prefer to keep it10:34
charlmaybe i'm old-school efnet user but i don't believe in someone "owning" a nick10:34
Kilosya but on here you will come on and find someone else has taken the nick and you cant use it anymore10:36
Squirmand it means you could be impersonated. people back in the day didn't do such a thing10:37
Squirmmaybe they did, I wasn't here back in the day10:37
Kilosmore bad peeps now than back in the day10:41
charlKilos: that's true but if they take my nick i just use a different one10:55
charlSquirm: online anyone can impersonate anyone in any case10:55
charlcurrently i am impersonating myself10:55
charlat the end of the day, all you're talking to is a nick, nothing more, nothing less10:56
Kilosno man my nick is my nick10:56
Kilostry impersonate me\10:56
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Kilos_hmmm, for some reason i don't know if this is going to work10:59
Kilos_impersonating you would be a hard one10:59
Kilos_if you were less active here i could perhaps have gotten away with it11:00
Kiloswe all know me here and thats why you register your nick and its tails11:00
Kilos_people know you too well for anyone to be able to impersonate you anyway11:00
Kilos_irrespective of your nick11:00
Kilos_but if someone comes in here with this nick with the extra underscore at the end and acts exactly like you, i don't think there will be much doubt11:01
Kilos_they could use the old "my account got hacked" or "i lost my password" ploy11:01
Kilosya maybe but will have to be while im alseep11:01
Kilos_true and then people would be "why are you awake"11:02
Kilos_at this funny hour11:02
Kilosi dunno if there is a lost password recovery sevice with irc without going to them and asking online11:02
Kilosha ha ha11:02
Kilos_however, say someone would have hacked your account and came in here using "Kilos"11:03
Kilos_if the person acts strange we would know it's not you in any case11:03
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* Kilos__ yawns11:03
Kilos_so what your nick is is kind-of irrelevant11:03
Kiloswait me try something11:04
Kilos__i'm the real kilos11:04
Kilos__just btw11:04
Kilos__some other guy registered kilos with nickserv and now i can't login :/11:04
Kilos_Kilos__: what you saying, i'm the real kilos, everyone knows that!11:04
Kilosi will sort this later then you try again11:04
Kilos_Kilos__: you don't even act like the real kilos!11:05
Kilos__kilos_ atleast we'll both agree Kilos isn't the real kilos11:05
Kilos_yup totally agreed11:05
=== Kilos_ is now known as charl
Kilosyou clones go of a while11:05
charllook now i'm impersonating charl again lol11:05
charli'm actually kilos impersonating charl11:06
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Kilosnow you can ghost me11:07
=== Kilos_ is now known as Kilos
Kilosnickserv kill them clones11:11
Kilosat their roots11:11
Kilossflr, wb11:27
sflrhey Kilos!11:28
charlhi sflr 11:31
sflrhowzit charl 11:32
maiatodayhi Kilos11:45
maiatodayI'm ok, flu and sore shoulder but ok11:45
* inetpro getting confused with all those clones of Kilos11:55
Kilossjoe hulle het my mal gemaak11:55
Kilosmaar net twee van die klein stronde11:55
sflrwhat clones?12:00
Kiloslol you missed it sflr there was kilos_ kilos__ etc12:01
Kilosall claiming to be Kilos12:01
sflrhehe. ok i didnt get to ___ yet. lol12:02
sflri thought you are referring to some Transformers bounce-off from last night :)12:02
Kilosaw i didnt watch that12:02
* Kilos needs to strategise revenge12:03
KilosMaaz, spell strategise12:04
MaazKilos: Suggestions: Strategist or strategist12:04
Kilosstrategically plan12:06
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=== charl is now known as Kilos
Kiloshe will come back as charlvn13:04
=== Kilos- is now known as charl
Kilosyo Password 13:09
Passwordhi kilos13:27
Kiloshi Tonberry you been scarse hey14:56
KilosMaaz, spell scarce14:56
MaazKilos: Yup, that's a word all right14:56
TonberryI'm home with bad internet14:56
KilosMaaz, spell scarse14:56
MaazKilos: Suggestions: Carse, Sarse, Scare, Sparse, Scorse, Scarce, scare, sparse or scarce14:56
Tonberryand a laptop not set on auto join14:57
Kilosah thats no good14:57
Kilosive have bad internet just about from the start.14:57
Kiloscomplaining helps now and again for a while14:58
magespawnEvening all16:36
Kiloshi there magespawn 16:36
Kilosdid ya win with recovery16:37
Kiloshi AlphaGuyy 16:40
Kilosdid you win with bb bluetooth16:40
AlphaGuyyna not worth the trouble16:40
Kiloswe found some links and can mail you or give step for step here16:40
AlphaGuyyPlugd in an n73 n bobs ur uncle16:41
Kiloswhats n73 nokia?16:42
AlphaGuyyThanx mail it to alphaguyy@gmail.com16:42
AlphaGuyyYes nokia ol faithful16:42
Kilosok will do, just gotta go find them again16:42
AlphaGuyyPicked it up immediately16:42
AlphaGuyyNow to just to get a nice cheap bundle for all this add on updates16:43
AlphaGuyyIsn't there a site where I can download plugins directly n then save n install 16:44
Kilosplugins for?16:44
AlphaGuyywithout havn to use software manager16:44
Kilosthats not very safe16:45
AlphaGuyyExtra add on's mp3 avi dvd dvix16:45
Kilosalways try use what already in the repos16:45
AlphaGuyyAh ok16:45
Kiloshave you used synaptic package manager16:45
AlphaGuyyBack in the day yes with 9.0416:46
Kiloshas 12.04 still got it?16:46
Kilosmust be16:46
AlphaGuyyI checked out the update software thing on 12 today n checked howmuch data I'm gona need more o less16:47
AlphaGuyyI cudnt find that16:47
Kilosupdate manager?16:47
Kilosdo you have system at the top somewhere16:47
Kilosyo smile16:47
AlphaGuyy12.04 not kind the movie playr n jukbox stuf just freezes n then sends error apport'n all the time16:48
smilehi Kilos :D16:48
Kiloshave you done the full update after your install16:48
Kilosmust be coupla 100 megs16:49
Kiloswb AlphaGuyy 16:49
AlphaGuyy12 freeze n lag alooot16:49
Kiloshave you done the full update after your install16:49
Kilos<Kilos> must be coupla 100 megs16:49
AlphaGuyyNo dude I had a 10mb bundle I got with loyalty points16:50
AlphaGuyyJust to check what's available n it a lot of stuf16:50
Kilosoh then thats why i think. most the ubuntu releases i have tried dont work properly with everything till updated completely16:51
AlphaGuyyYeah but its crap16:51
AlphaGuyyWhat if I wana show a demo to some ppl n brag about unbuntu16:52
Kilosdo you have a friend with an uncapped connection somewhere16:52
magespawnHey Kilos, got family side tracked16:52
Kilosnp magespawn 16:52
AlphaGuyyLike have a seat while I update everything 16:52
magespawnI sort of won16:52
Kiloslol ya16:52
Kilosit runs on its own16:52
Kilosyay thats good magespawn 16:52
Kiloswhy sort of/16:53
AlphaGuyyYeah I'm planing to go steeel sum uncapped data the wknd16:53
Kilosright then you get full update and everything should work16:53
AlphaGuyyHope so16:53
magespawnOnly got some of the info.16:53
AlphaGuyySo when will there evr be a cd that u pop in n everything wrks from the minute u run it16:54
Kilosany niggles after updating someone here will be able to sort for you im sure16:54
magespawnWill try other tools like ddrescue16:54
Kilosmagespawn, scalpel photorec16:54
magespawnYup those too16:55
KilosAlphaGuyy, there is too much to put on a cd but if you near one of the varsities that have a freedom  toater you can get dvds16:55
AlphaGuyyWhat's the best live cd ? From the past16:56
Kilosthey all need the first update 16:56
AlphaGuyyI still use the 9.04 for recoveries 16:56
Kiloswhat do you want to do with a live cd AlphaGuyy 16:57
AlphaGuyyget 12 is like wakin up in a diffrent time zone16:57
Kilosyeah its very different16:58
Kilosi use 10.10 still. mainky also because of data shortages as well16:59
AlphaGuyydoes 12 hav fancy graphics17:01
KilosMust have everything your pc can handle17:01
AlphaGuyyLike I had fancy graphix goin with 9 where u can 3d desktop17:01
Kilosyes 12.04 must be even better17:02
AlphaGuyyN have flames trailn with the cursor17:02
Kilosthats all in settings somewhere17:02
AlphaGuyyIts not 17:03
AlphaGuyyI supose got get drivrs for that too17:03
Kilosmust be somewhere17:03
Kilosonce updated it will go better17:03
Kilosyou got a basic install there17:03
AlphaGuyyIts unfair that u havta hav uncapd internet for all that what about ppl who can't afford17:04
Kilosthey make other plans17:04
Kiloslike get a buddy to do aptoncd for them17:04
Kilosor copy packages to a usb stick etc17:05
AlphaGuyyWell I just got ubuntu-za17:05
AlphaGuyyHow do u save packages then?17:06
Kiloswhere are you17:07
Kiloswhere is that?17:07
Kilosi sent the mail with one bb bluetooth method17:08
AlphaGuyyEish how u don't know that17:08
Kilosgotta go eat quick17:08
Kilosim in pta on a plot and 61 years old17:09
AlphaGuyyThanx I got it . But I only got 12.0417:09
Kilosi dont know if the 11.10 way will work17:10
Kilostry it so long17:10
AlphaGuyyFor sure thanx17:10
charlvngood evening!17:17
magespawnBrb switching to laptop17:18
Kiloshiya  charlvn17:19
Kiloswhat you did now17:19
charlvnhey Kilos 17:19
Kilosim just eating quick then we can chuckle some17:19
charlvnjust had some dinner myself17:21
Kilosyou can have your nick back17:21
charlvnlol nice troll17:21
charlvnno thanks i17:21
charlvni'll just use this one17:21
Kilosregister one of them or both17:22
charlvnnah i'll just keep changing it when i get trolled17:22
Kilosor i will steal both17:22
charlvnok i'll change it again, 1 sec17:22
=== charlvn is now known as cvn
cvnnow you can have charlvn too :)17:22
Kilosha ha ha17:22
Kilosno man go back charl17:23
cvni like this one, nice and short17:23
Kilosi was just getting revenge for the kilos_ bit17:23
cvnneh i spent too much time on 4chan, i am practically troll-proof17:23
cvnbesides, i practically wrote the book on trolling, just ask superfly :)17:24
Kilosi actually dont understand what trolling is17:25
Tonberryticking people off on the internet for kicks17:25
cvnhmmm that's one type of troll yes17:26
cvnbut those trolls are typically quite obvious to identify17:26
Tonberryfor all i know Kilos could have been trolling us by claiming not to know what trolling is17:27
Kiloshahaha Tonberry you know im too doff for that17:30
magespawnhowdy back again17:30
Kiloswb magespawn 17:30
Kilosyou guys that have tried unity must help that alpha dude17:31
Tonberrythats what the trolls want me to think...17:31
cvnwb magespawn 17:32
magespawnty cvn17:32
Kiloscvn, you must troll sites like spinchat if you still wanna troll17:33
magespawnKilos did you save the link I posted last night about the bb?17:34
Kilosya i copy pasted the info in a mail to him17:35
magespawnokay cool ty17:35
Kilosbut it wasnt unity was 11.1017:35
Kiloshe hasnt done first update and wants everything to work 17:36
Kilosubuntu on a 10m data bundle is no good17:36
cvnKilos: nah i only troll quality people :)17:36
magespawnunity is just the desktop17:36
Kiloshahaha you so cheeky charly17:36
cvnlet me put it this way, if i troll you, you should take it as a compliment :)17:37
magespawni still do not understand why he cannot just choose on login17:37
magespawnlol cvn17:37
cvn(and yes, that was a troll)17:37
Kiloscvn, what was a troll?17:38
cvnwhat i said just now about if i troll you you can take it as a compliment :)17:38
Kilosis that a troll?17:39
cvnit's a bit like a recursive troll17:39
cvntrolling about trolling17:39
cvnusing trolling to troll people17:39
cvnthis is awesome17:39
Kiloswhew we speak different languages17:39
magespawnbasicly telling the rest of us how lucky cvn is here17:39
magespawncvn you speak in pictures17:40
magespawncvn where you from?17:41
cvnit's a 4chan thing :P17:41
magespawnKilos I think AlphaGuy is in the Cape, so he might be able to hook up with those ppl at an ubuntu hour or something17:42
Kiloshe said gugletu17:43
Kilosthat jhb area isnt it17:43
magespawnnot sure actually17:44
KilosMaaz, google where is guguletho17:45
MaazKilos: "Large scale pressure management implementation in the City of - Miya" http://www.miya-water.com/user_files/Data_and_Research/miyas_experts_articles/3_DMAs_Pressure_management/05_Large%20scale%20pressure%20management%20implementation%20in%20the%20City%20of%20Cape%20Town.pdf :: "Interactive Cape Town Map (s), Street Map of the City of Cape Town." http://www.south-africa-tours-and-travel.com/cape-town-map.html :: "Nokia gives back foll17:45
Kilosyou right magespawn 17:46
magespawnbrb going to try a new program18:01
superflycvn boasts he wrote the book on trolling, but he hasn't truly trolled18:02
Kiloshaha have you also trolled superfly ?18:02
Kilosi thought trolls were monsters18:03
superflyKilos: not specifically, I take no delight in taking people for a ride when they don't know it. I have much better ways of doing things.18:03
cvnsuperfly: ah, you just fell for my troll! i trolled that i'm trolling while i wasn't actually trolling but then i was indeed trolling and it was successful18:05
superflycvn: say no more, we all know you're confused.18:05
inetproKilos: Gugulethu or Guguletu is a township 15 km from Cape Town, South Africa.18:05
Kilosty inetpro 18:05
Kiloswe need to discuss things guys18:06
Kilosfirst maybe we need to start an agenda going for mondays meeting18:07
Kilossecondly we need to decide what is not appropriate to discuss here18:07
Kilosmaybe another agenda item/ i dunno18:07
Kilosinetpro, superfly ^^18:08
Kilosyou the ballies here18:08
* inetpro don't make the rules18:08
Kiloswho does?18:08
inetprokilos make the rules18:09
Kilosif only ubuntu related topics are discussed it will be a cold heartless channel methinks18:09
Kiloswhew cant even get that right18:09
Kilosin my personal honest opinion18:10
cvnquite honestly, there isn't that much relevant discussion that goes on here, meaning it would become a somewhat dead channel if that becomes the rule18:10
cvnthe dutch channel has a separate channel for offtopic discussions but that's because there are a reasonable amount of on-topic discussions happening in the main channel18:11
Kilosi understand its a bind to scroll back to look for where your nick was used18:11
Kilosi think if all agree that we accept this as a chat channel for linux/ubuntu users but when ubuntu related topic comes up then chtting stops18:12
Kiloshow do you guys feel18:12
Kilosmaybe we must mail highvoltage and hear what he wants hey?18:13
Kilosdont all speak at once18:14
cvnyeah that's the same rule as in the dutch channel18:14
cvni think it's a good one18:14
Kilosmethinks we need to get a vote on this from the old hands18:15
Kilosi dont want anyone here to not be happy18:15
Kilosimo this must be a family channel. community/family not uncles aunts etc18:17
cvnyeah good idea18:23
cvnwb AlphaGuyy 18:23
AlphaGuyyI just came across a link about generatin a srcipt thru synaptic mangr18:24
AlphaGuyyis this possible with 12.0418:26
smilebye Kilos & others :)18:27
magespawnhowdy all18:28
Kilosnight smile 18:28
Kiloshey mage18:28
magespawnnight smile18:28
Kiloswb magespawn 18:28
smilethanks magespawn & Kilos :)18:28
Kiloswassup magespawn 18:28
magespawnnow using chatzilla inside seamonkey18:28
Kilosmagespawn, what does this mean 18:29
KilosI just came across a link about generatin a srcipt thru synaptic mangr18:29
Kilosyou missed Alpha_Guyy s question18:30
magespawnseamonkey is an all in one suite from Mozilla, the same guys who do Firefox18:30
magespawnChatzilla is the IRC client from them that is part of Seamonkey18:31
Kiloswhyyou going that route magespawn 18:31
Kilosthats what smile uses18:31
magespawnbeen using seamonkey for mail and browsing18:31
magespawnthis is on windows18:31
Alpha_GuyyFind a stable free irc client for bb. So I don't keep dc'ing18:32
Kilosxchat works well on windows18:32
KilosAlpha_Guyy, try jedirc18:32
magespawnmm it does, been using that until now, thought I would give this a try18:32
Kilosill try find a link for you18:32
magespawnwhat was the question?18:33
Alpha_GuyyPreferably one that uses BIS18:33
magespawnneed an irc client for bb18:33
magespawnahh right so that was the question18:34
Kilosjedirc works18:34
Alpha_GuyyI'm usin jmirc its similar but keep dc'ing18:34
Kilosarent there settings in the bb cutting you off18:35
magespawnmaybe they restrict chat through bis18:35
magespawnthey do that in the states18:35
Kiloswhat is BIS18:36
Alpha_GuyyThey stupid that's why it doesn't even use alota data18:37
Alpha_GuyyOnly mirc app on app world cost six rand18:37
Kiloswassup tumbleweed 18:38
Alpha_GuyyBlackberry internet service18:38
KilosAlpha_Guyy, swop that bb with someone with a good nokia that wants a good image fone18:39
Alpha_GuyyI have a nokia I'm buyn data so I can atleast have irc access18:40
Alpha_GuyyI use the bb for unlimted browsin n email18:40
Alpha_GuyyWill use irc on nokia instead its sucks on this bb18:41
Kilosjedirc works well on my nokia 18:42
Alpha_GuyyYeah jmirc too18:42
Kilosstays online till the battery goes flat18:42
Alpha_GuyyN uses micro data18:43
Alpha_GuyyJust thought it would be less of hassle been stuck with 2 fones I look someone out the matrix18:43
Alpha_Guyy2 fones a laptop two pcs extrnal drv hangn on the side witha tv in the middle 18:44
Alpha_GuyyJust no broadband18:45
Kilosnow you just need a good internet connection18:46
Alpha_GuyyThat would be a dream come true18:46
Kilosbut dont think you will use micro data on a pc18:46
Alpha_GuyyDefinately not I'd be on youtube discovrn everythn new about ubuntu18:47
Kilosthen you need to go 8ta contract18:47
magespawnirc does not use that much, use opera if you want to do something else than vanilla ubuntu18:47
Kilosi have a link for you Alpha_Guyy 18:48
Kilosirc is about 2m a day18:48
Alpha_GuyyNo contract unemployed18:48
KilosMaaz, unity guide18:48
Kilosthen forget youtube18:48
magespawnAlpha_Guyy: you using ubuntu on the pc?18:49
KilosAlpha_Guyy, ^^ link to unity18:49
tumbleweedKilos: at debconf18:49
tumbleweedthe network isn't quite as relialbe as I'd like...18:49
Alpha_GuyyI have forgot youtube that's when I found u guys irc server n punched it into jmirc18:49
Kilosah ty tumbleweed thought you were cross with us18:50
tumbleweednaah :)18:50
tumbleweedI was trying to type ~. to my ssh connection18:50
Alpha_GuyyEmail me that link plz18:50
tumbleweedand screwing it p18:50
KilosAlpha_Guyy, just dont forget you need to do updates on any ubuntu to get everything working well18:55
Kilosand expect a couple of hundred megs at least for the first update upgrade18:56
Alpha_GuyyI'm lookn to do script with 1218:58
Alpha_Guyyso I can maybe download from library18:58
Kilosi dunno what you mean by that im a noob18:58
Kiloswhat library18:59
magespawnAlpha_Guyy: maybe join the mailing list then you will get news about Ubuntu Hours etc and come to the monthly meetings here for more info18:59
Kilosmagespawn, what does that doing script mean19:01
magespawnnot sure what he means, but scripts are short programs/file that automate certain process or actions19:02
magespawnat least thats what i understand as scripts19:03
Kilosi dunno anyway he can save data by doing any script writing19:06
Kilosunless he can rewrite the whole ubuntu 19:06
Kilosdo za libraries allow an hour or 2 free internet connection19:08
Kilosthat another choice19:08
Kilosyou know those places where they keep books19:09
Kilosnot ebooks those made outa paper19:10
Kiloscvn you gone to sleep19:11
cvnsorry no i have been busy this end19:15
cvni am actually about to take a shower, bbl19:15
magespawnthey do, but they may restrict downloads19:15
magespawnKilos did you notice when gc disappered?19:16
Kilossometime after our last coffee19:17
Kilosdid we have coffee lasat night or this morning?19:18
magespawnstrange, i wonder what happened? wonder if the server will log power off's? maybe will log going onto ups as well.19:18
magespawnlast night i think, after i did the updates.19:19
Kilosya didnt see her or you this morning19:19
magespawni was on a call out19:20
magespawnso maybe the electricity went last night sometime.19:20
magespawnneed to get a proper ups for her.19:21
Kilosis there anyone other than us that uses her yet19:23
Kiloslike in the shop?19:23
magespawnno not yet19:28
Kilosthats ok QP only has me19:28
magespawni want to set up another separate machine for the shop to use.19:28
magespawnone with a domian, and hopefully use it to run the wireless network.19:29
magespawnkbmonkey does not seem to be here much lately19:29
Kilosjust got this from alpha guy19:30
magespawnhave seen that before, similar to aptoncd19:34
Kilosthat can help to get packages but wont work on security updates etc i think19:34
magespawni am out of here for tonight, night all, night Kilos19:34
Kilosnight magespawn sleep tight19:35
cvnnn magespawn 19:35
Kiloshee hee19:36
cvni thought he was giving us a hidden message19:36
cvnhi Squirm 19:36
Kiloshes acting like an ibid bot19:36
Kiloshey Squirm 19:36
Kilosibids work with those command to leave channels19:37
Kilosor die to shutdown19:37
inetproKilos: tell magespawn that he can check when last his system was rebooted with the last command19:39
inetproKilos: try it19:40
KilosMaaz, tell magespawn  tell magespawn that he can check when last his system was rebooted with the last command19:40
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell magespawn on freenode19:40
cvninetpro: uptime would be the right tool for that19:40
cvnoh you mean the reboot itself?19:40
cvnyeah last is good19:41
inetprocvn: yes sir19:41
Kilosif his bot is off it didnt reboot19:41
inetpro09/07 21:20:44 <magespawn> so maybe the electricity went last night sometime.19:42
inetproKilos: ^^19:42
Kilosyeah but will last give shutdown time or reboot time19:42
Kilosi see this19:43
Kilosreboot   system boot  2.6.35-32-generi Mon Jul  2 07:49 - 15:21  (07:32)19:43
Kilosbut many of them19:43
inetproKilos: it will give reboot time which will help you to track things easier19:43
Kilosinetpro, did you look at thoughts on channel use19:44
Kilosive been waiting for you old clever users to come shoot me down in flames19:44
Kilosor make some comment19:44
inetprohmm... 19:44
cvnchecked the man pages and it seems like if you type "last reboot" you only get the reboots without the logins19:45
inetprocvn: true19:45
Kilosfrom 20.09 to 20.1619:45
Kilosive stayed 45 mins past normal bedtime waiting for some feedback19:47
inetproKilos: eish!19:47
Kiloswill sent my headache to you guys19:47
* inetpro is busy with other stuffs, sorry19:48
Kilosthats an excuse19:48
Kilosthats a 20 sec read 19:48
inetproI was just trying to catch up quickly with you guys while I have to continue with more stuffs19:48
Kilosya ya19:49
inetproKilos: ja ja19:49
SquirmKilos: how did the wine thing go?19:49
KilosSquirm, actually got the game going but oh so slow19:49
SquirmI hear some games run better on wine than windows19:50
Squirmcorrect drivers installed?19:50
inetproKilos: nothing wrong with your suggestion but perhaps worth voting on at the next meetup19:50
Kiloswhenit played intro music and went white screen a few enters made it step past all the intro stuff19:50
inetpronot sure whether it's really necessary though19:50
Kilosi just dont want anyone to get upset inetpro 19:51
Kilosso better if its an open decision hey?19:51
inetproKilos: get upset with who?19:51
Kilosthere have been times when someone has come on and asked what has this discussion to do with ubutu19:52
cvnit's understandable that it's confusing for newlings19:56
cvnbut i'm going to remain neutral in this one19:56
SquirmRaspberry Pi has been dispatched19:56
* Squirm dances19:56
Kiloslol ya i will take the heat19:56
inetproKilos: generally the Ubuntu Code of Conduct is what we should try to adhere to19:57
inetproor http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct19:58
Kilos productive, happy and agile community works better among friends than just nicks inna channel isnt it20:01
Kiloswhere in both those links does it say discuss nothing but ubuntu or linux inetpro 20:04
inetproKilos: Be respectful20:05
Kilosmethinks maybe things like politics etc should be taboo yes20:05
inetproa community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one20:05
Kilosim missing something here20:06
inetproI don't think it's healthy to spell out every rule in details20:06
* Banlam has no idea what's happening20:06
KilosBanlam, scroll back to 20.09 to 20.1620:07
* Banlam has a sneak peak20:07
Kilosyip i agree inetpro no black and white rules but we are getting past the reason for this discussion20:08
Kilosa channel of friends is surely gonna be more efficient than a channel of nicks20:09
Kilossuperfly, help20:09
inetproKilos: put it on the agenda for next week20:10
Kiloshow do i find that inetpro 20:11
Kilosyou need to open a new link methinks20:11
Squirmmy personal opinion(if it counts at all), is that this is a community run channel. Yes, we chat, which is what keeps the channel alive. but then we're also here if someone needs help. If someone asks a question, we help them as best we can, if they've finished being helped, we carry on chatting.20:11
inetproor perhaps we can discuss later this week when more peeps are free20:11
Kiloswould actually be nice to get everyones opinions20:12
inetproKilos: people will respond when they have time20:12
* superfly doesn't think there's really much to discuss. We are bound by the Code of Conduct20:12
Kilossuperfly, does the code say no chatting here?20:13
inetproand I tend to agree with that also... the CoC covers a huge lot of ground20:13
Kilosas in the odd personal news is what builds this community20:15
Kilosthe joking tween us is what keeps us coming back, not so20:15
Kilosunity is the keyword20:16
superflyKilos: it doesn't necessarily define *what* we should be chating about, but it defines *how* we should be chatting20:16
inetproKilos: no need to cast that in stone20:16
Squirmbesides, I'm here and I haven't run Ubuntu in like 9 months :P20:17
inetproSquirm: shame20:17
Kilosbut is the community spirit that brings him back20:18
Kilossuperfly, "how" as in? sorry if im being slow as usual20:19
Squirm'''Be considerate.'''20:19
Squirm''Be respectful.''' 20:20
Squirm '''Be collaborative.'''20:20
Squirm '''When we disagree, we consult others.'''20:20
Squirm  '''When we are unsure, we ask for help.'''20:20
Squirm  '''Step down considerately.'''20:20
Banlamsquirm, but you're about to get a raspberry pi, so you'll be back on the linux train20:20
inetproKilos: that ^^20:20
Kilosarent we doing all those things20:20
SquirmBanlam: oh I use linux, just not Ubuntu20:20
Kilosive been reading20:21
Banlamah right :)20:21
Squirmand I'll wait till windows 8 comes out, then I'll format my card and install that20:21
inetproKilos: keep doing what you do, nothing wrong there20:21
* Squirm hides from the 34 people here20:21
Kiloseish Squirm 20:21
Squirmna, probably go for debian again.20:22
Squirmactually, CentOS, so I can practice for my RHCSA20:22
Banlamyeah, i'd be suprised if windows 8 works with only 256mb ram :P20:22
inetproSquirm: you're welcome20:22
Squirminetpro: for?20:22
inetproSquirm: you're welcome to stay on as a member of our community20:23
inetproeven if not using ubuntu20:23
* Kilos agrees with inetpro 20:23
inetprobut that's just IMHO20:23
Squirmif I wasn't I'd have been kicked out quite a while ago :P20:23
* Banlam hasn't booted into ubuntu in months20:23
Kilossquirm helped me get mxit going in 8.1020:23
Kilosor 9.0420:24
inetproas for Banlam,....20:24
inetprothat's another story :-)20:24
Kilosha ha ha20:24
SquirmI have nothing against Ubuntu, just don't like the way Gnome 3 and Unity have gone. and yes, I know I could install my own window managers and what not(did that for debian I'm running now). I might actually do it to Ubuntu if I end up formatting20:24
inetproKilos: shall we boot him outta here?20:24
Banlamyou can try keep me out20:24
Kilosinetpro, who Banlam 20:25
Banlamsquirm of course20:25
Kilosna Squirm y is welcome20:25
Kiloshe helped the old man20:26
Kilosso has Banlam 20:26
Kilosboth welcome20:26
* Banlam is well aware20:27
Kilosbut no more Kilos__ stuff20:27
inetproBanlam: you from PE?20:27
Banlami'm from the cape, but currently residing in PE20:27
Banlamexcept the next week while I'm on holiday :)20:28
inetproBanlam: what is MEng Mechatronics?20:28
Banlamit is a Master's of Engineering in Mechatronics20:28
* inetpro spying on Banlam's G+ profile page :-)20:28
Kiloshaha sneaky20:29
Kilosg+ is worse than fb20:29
Banlamtwitter/blog/facebook all have the same info ;)20:29
KilosBanlam, have you followed ubuntuza on twitter20:29
Banlamkilos, of course i have20:30
Banlami was like the 8th person20:30
Kilosgood lad20:30
Kilosi dont go see whose there i tweet from pidgin20:30
Banlamou got rid of that old crappy client you were using?20:30
Banlamperhaps, can't remember20:31
Banlamwas a while ago20:31
Kilostried gwibber too20:31
Banlamthat was it20:31
Kilospidgin is the easiest on my nerves20:31
inetproBanlam: so you still continuing to study after the Masters?20:31
Banlaminetpro, not any time soon.20:32
Banlamgonna finish the masters and get some job experience20:32
cvnciao all20:32
Kilostoods cvn 20:32
Banlamand some money20:32
Kilossleep tight20:32
Banlammight do a doctorate one day20:33
Banlambut just for the title :P20:33
Kilossee why i come here20:33
inetproBanlam: how long to go before you get the masters?20:33
Kilosget to mix with clever peeps20:33
Banlami'm supposed to finish my project at the end of the year20:33
Banlambut dunno if i'll ahve my thesis done in time for march graduation20:33
Banlamstart work in january20:34
Banlamso will finish off part time20:34
inetprothat be tough20:34
Kilosnot wise that20:34
Banlamdon't have a choice really20:34
Banlamgot contract to start in january20:35
Kiloswith money in pocket priorities change20:35
Banlamgoing to try my damndest to get finished in time20:35
Banlamdoctorate isn't that important to me20:35
Kilosthen put in all the time you can before work starts Banlam 20:36
Kilosafter masters inna pocket then play20:37
Kiloshey guys i go crash now. sleep tight all. ty for the chats20:38
Banlami also need some sleepz20:38
Banlaminetpro, how'd you find my G+ profile?20:38
Banlamit's not that difficult, i'm just curious20:38
Kiloshe is an old skelm20:38
inetproBanlam: I have you on my twitter followers :-)20:39
inetpro1 + 1 = 220:39
Banlamjust search name>20:39
inetproBanlam: exactly20:39
inetproBanlam: but to start with it was your nick that gave me a clue20:41
Banlaminetpro, oh?20:41
inetprowith /who Banlam20:41
Banlammy battery is making funny pictures at me20:43
Banlamso toodle loo20:43
inetproBanlam: good night20:43

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