thiebaudeCarlos: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:00
CarlosThiebaude it says Unmet dependencies try using -f00:01
thiebaudeCarlos: not not sure how to use the -f command00:02
szalthiebaude: sudo apt-get -f install <- with no further arguments - CAUTION: may bust your pkg database and/or installation00:03
szal(kinda like the disclaimer you read everywhere.. not very likely, but possible)00:04
thiebaudeszal: ok thanks , carlos was asking :)00:04
aleminioHey guys, i am kinda new to ubuntu and linux and got a question. if i am creating a folder as one user and trying to upload files into it using ftp while connected with another user, it won't let me, even when i am changing the permission to 777. I have to change the user and the owner as well to match the one i'm uploading with. so why do i need permissions for "ALL" if i can't do anythhing00:05
aleminioanyway if my doesn't match the group?00:05
szalCarlos: prolly you just forgot to update your pkg database -> try 'sudo apt-get update' first00:05
thiebaudeszal: but its something i will keep in mind, thanks00:05
WHAT_UPnot ubuntu specific, but is there a way to simulate holding down of a key for n milliseconds using xvkbd or something of the sort?00:06
thiebaudeCarlos: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:06
szalthiebaude: why dist-upgrade?00:06
thiebaudeszal: to upgrade all packages that need it00:07
thiebaudeszal: i remember doing that when i was offered a partial upgrade00:08
jeeves_mosshow can I install a cisco AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 PCMCIA card?  it won't show up when I run lspci00:08
HelloWorld321Where is the Include directory, library directory, and base directory for MySQL ?00:08
ngunikhello I want to rearrange a specific page in a pdf with pdftk. Any examples ?00:08
ngunikWhat I already found on the net did not helped me00:09
CarlosIt keeps saying the same message. I did both commands00:09
blackshirthelloworld321, include was on standar directory i think00:09
HelloWorld321Hi ngunik: I did that once, a while ago, programmatically, using a library from Apache.  I think it was called jempbox00:09
ngunik@HelloWorld321 I am gonna check it out00:10
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szaljeeves_moss: if lspci doesn't show it, then it's either toast or completely unsupported00:12
jeeves_mossszal, I know the card works (windows sees it)00:12
szaljeeves_moss: or just wrong PCI slot (try another)00:13
jeeves_mossszal, only one PCMCIA slot in this laptop00:13
szalah, PCMCIA..00:14
jeeves_mossszal, ok, I've tested the slot, and it works, so, now, how do I get the card to work?00:17
Carlosif neither sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade work are there any other commands that might work?00:23
hilois there any reason not to delete the "lost+found" directory at the root of and ext4 filesystem00:23
Blue1hilo: i guess the question is why do you want to do this?00:25
IdleOneCarlos: what error are you getting?00:26
Carloshe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:26
Carloslinux-image-generic-pae: Depends: linux-image-3.2.0-27-generic-pae but it is not installed00:26
IdleOneso install it00:27
Carloswhen I try to do sudo-apt-get upgrade it says E: unmet dependencies. Try -F.00:27
IdleOneCarlos: sudo apt-get -f install00:27
hiloBlue1: I am mirroring another machine as a backup with rsync and the dry run showed that it will delete the "lost+found" directory since it doesn't exist at the source00:28
CarlosIdleOne Thanks00:28
hiloBlue1: Wondering if there are any negative implications or if I should create it on the source as well00:28
Sparky1cannot use internet. reason - cannot install ndiswrapper >.< I am clueless, and so far the google search has not helped >.<00:28
jeeves_mosswhat does this mean?  http://pastebin.com/UC4Gizpz00:29
Blue1hilo: it should be automagically created if it ever finds a file during a filecheck.  It's sort of a last ditch effort by the filesystem to preserve your files.  it need not be created.00:31
hiloBlue1: cool thanks!00:32
aLeSD|hi all00:32
Blue1hilo: it's like trash -- once you empty the trash it's gone - but once you delete something - it re-appears.00:32
aLeSD|is there a dbus app that manage volume control and multimedia playing ?00:32
Blue1aLeSD|: there is a volume control applet - just right click on the taskbar in any unused portion, add to panel, then volume control.00:33
Sparky1can someone help me get ndiswrapper working?00:34
Sparky1sorry about asking again rather quickly, but i realised my first thing was only stating a problem, not asking what needs to be done to fix it00:35
trismSparky1: are you using 12.04?00:40
ngunik@HelloWorld321 I cant install pdfbox00:40
Sparky1im resorting to ndiswrapper, because im trying to get my asus WL 138g wireless card working with ubuntu00:41
trismSparky1: the ndiswrapper kernel module is not included by default anymore, you will need to download ndiswrapper-dkms from packages.ubuntu.com from another pc (and perhaps dkms and the two linux-headers package, although those may be on the iso)00:42
Sparky1i have the headers files... i found them in the /usr/src directory00:43
trismSparky1: although that appears to be a broadcom card, you may just need to fetch the firmware00:43
Sparky1the disk i have for it... i can't use, because ubuntu doesnt use exe files like that..00:44
Sparky1the disk for the wireless card, that is00:44
trismSparky1: did you look at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx ?00:45
trismSparky1: according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsAsus you may just need the firmware from there00:45
Sparky1yeah, but my card is the v1 version of this http://www.asus.com/Networks/Wireless_Adapters/WL138g_V2/#specifications00:46
trismSparky1: ahh, I'm not sure then00:47
Sparky1i beat one hurdle, and another appears... *rolls eyes* only recently managed to get ubuntu, then the mouse and keyboard, working.00:48
paranoidphreakhi everybody, i'm running ubuntu 12 with gnome 2 layout......in debian, you can list all the opened windows from the top right corner and shows you which workspace it's located in; is there anything similar for ubuntu?00:49
Sparky1in the menu on the left, you can get it to show all workspaces at once..  but for listing... i havent run into it yet..00:50
jardineworksPlease ... someone help me with my insanity :). I have an old computer running Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS (x86). It's in my basement, hard wired and configured to a static ip. From my office (destop) I cannot SSH when hardwired (I get a connection refused) but when I pull the rj45 and use the wireless, it connects?!00:53
jardineworkscan someone explain to me why?00:53
jardineworks.. and how I can get my eth0 on my office desktop to ssh without a connection refused?00:53
CourtMay I post a link if interesed check it out, has nothing to do it Ubuntu, or linux.  I'm a slackware fanatic, but I want to spread the link..00:54
coolrootcan someone help me `bout how to fix apt-get update? seems my IP address is displaying when i try to use apt-get update command in terminal, and get W: fetching error something.....but when i try to use sudo apt-get update everythings fine :( help pls00:54
drsteinberghaving trouble with a graphics card and diablo 300:54
drsteinbergwhenever you can get to me, let me know00:54
xanguahas nothing to do it Ubuntu - then don't Court00:55
OerHekscoolroot you asked this before: there is NO fix! you need sudo to do apt-get.00:55
OerHeksdrsteinberg, just ask00:57
drsteinbergwell, i have the xorg drivers all updated and running on a radeon r580 x1900. i got the game up in playonlinux, but it just says 'graphics card missing required features'00:58
babygotafacecoolroot, you may run "sudo su - " at first and then run 'apt-get update' it will work00:59
drsteinbergall the fixes on d3 forums havent helped, so i'm betting its linux... currently trying to test the card using steps on a site as i speak00:59
OerHeksdrsteinberg, start the game with less features?00:59
drsteinbergcan't adjust any features from the menus i am given01:00
coolroothttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1082074 <---why did i get this IP's when i'm doing apt-get update? who to get rid of it?01:00
OerHekscoolroot, whois will tell you it is the update server.01:01
jardineworks*bump* anyone on SSH connection help?01:02
Onixswhats with the ssh issue01:02
goddardjardineworks: whats your issue?01:03
jardineworksgoddard, I am able to ssh from to my server on wifi, but wired I get connection refused.01:03
jardineworksmy ssh server has a static ip, and ubuntu 10.04 LTS server, and is hard wired01:03
goddardjardineworks: well we know it isn't a connection issue if you can connect over wifi01:04
goddarddoes your ethernet work at all?01:04
jardineworksgoddard, fair enough -- do you know if there is something OOTB that blocks 22 on eth0?01:04
jardineworksgoddard, it does01:05
goddardand the ethernet port we are talking about is your home computer your using to connect to your office server?01:05
jardineworksgoddard, I use it on my desktop and everything works, but ssh to my server gives me connection refused. If I unplug it... everything still works (switches to wlan0) and ssh works to my server01:05
goddardjardineworks: when you try and connect use the -vvv01:06
goddardthat shows more information to help debug01:06
jardineworksssh -vvv username@location?01:06
subcoolcan someone help with magnet links?01:07
goddarddoes your router have port speicfic rules?01:07
subcoolUbuntu/kubuntu- chrome? im going through walk throughs, and im not getting anywhwere.01:07
OerHekssubcool, http://askubuntu.com/questions/108925/how-to-tell-chrome-what-to-do-with-a-magnet-link - http://askubuntu.com/questions/122930/how-to-make-firefox-open-magnet-links-in-transmission - http://askubuntu.com/questions/109929/how-to-add-magnet-links-in-the-deluge-webui01:11
OerHekssubcool, but who needs pirate bay links?01:11
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subcoolOerHeks, ill look at them.. not for piratebay, they seem to be everywhere.01:13
OerHekssubcool whatever01:13
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GriffrezWhat text do I have to put in the start of text documents so, when I execute those text documents, it runs on Terminal?01:13
GriffrezIt was #bash something01:14
JoseeAntonioRguys: I've got two audio outputs on my laptop, is there any way to manage each one individually?01:14
GriffrezJoseeAntonioR: I think the System Settings -> Sound gives you what you want.01:14
kiamo2I just added the medibuntu repos, and now get the error:  The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278301:15
kiamo2is this something to be worried about?01:15
Ctm54anyone feel like helping me troubleshoot ethernet connectivity?01:15
Ctm54i'm new to ubuntu01:16
Ctm54and this is my first computer build01:16
JoseeAntonioRGriffrez: it does give me the option. It recognizes the headphones output and the Digital (S/PDIF) output, but I can only manage sound through the headphones output01:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:16
GriffrezJoseeAntonioR: I don't know, then.01:16
Ctm54The short version is I can't connect to the internet via ethernet cable.  The cable is plugged in to the ethernet port on my motherboard. When I tell Ubuntu to connect automatically with DHCP, it spins for a while and then fails to connect. When I give it a manual address (and set up the appropriate routing instructions on my router) it says it's connected, but I cannot access the internet or even ping the router.  Since this is my fir01:16
Ctm54ng out out that it's a hardware or driver issue, but it seems unlikely since the OS clearly recognizes that there is an ethernet port.  Here's what I'm working with:      -ASROCK N68C-GS FX Motherboard (connecting the router directly to the ethernet port on the motherboard)     -Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS     -Asus RT-N12 router01:17
SkippersBosskiamo2, http://medibuntu.org/repository.php/01:17
chuGriffrez: #!/bin/bash01:17
Griffrezchu: Thanks.01:17
jardineworksgoddard, sorry... did you get my last note?01:18
kiamo2thanks SkippersBoss01:18
GriffrezWhy is compiz using 80% of my CPU?01:19
kiamo2great, sorted :)  Thanks again SkippersBoss01:20
SkippersBossglad 2 b of service01:20
drsteinbergok, working on my graphics card testing, the instructions tell me to run cat /etc/X11/Xorg.conf01:21
drsteinbergi dont have Xorg.conf file01:21
Ctm54why can't i get online via ethernet with 11.10? (this is my first computer build and my first foray into Ubuntu)01:21
drsteinbergso I can't run a test in the terminal to see if my card has the proper driver01:22
RoastedIs anybody else having random Chrome lockups for ~30 seconds at a time with the recent update?01:23
Ctm54i've run this by several people who know ubuntu well and it's stumped all of them01:25
goddardjardineworks: what?01:28
goddardCtm54: does the ethernet card work?01:29
Jordan_UCtm54: Why are you using Ubuntu 11.10 rather than 12.04? Can you pastebin the output of "ifconfig"? (using a flash drive if needed).01:29
jardineworksgoddard, I ran the command you suggested ... I mean adding the -vvv switch.01:30
jardineworksgoddard, this is what I got --01:30
goddardRoasted: try Firefox01:30
jardineworksOpenSSH_5.9p1 Debian-5ubuntu1, OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 201201:30
jardineworksdebug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config01:30
jardineworksdebug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 19: Applying options for *01:30
jardineworksdebug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 001:30
jardineworksdebug1: Connecting to droid [] port 22.01:30
jardineworksdebug1: connect to address port 22: Connection refused01:30
FloodBot1jardineworks: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:30
Roastedgoddard, yeah thanks, doesn't solve chrome though01:30
Ctm54Jordan_U: give me a sec01:30
goddardRoasted: ive been hearing a lot of reports of chrome issues lately.. i would just use another browser until it is fixed or try reinstalling and purging01:31
Roastedgoddard, k, I was just curious if other users were seeing it or if it was just me. I'm happy to use firefox.01:31
goddardjardineworks: and what is the output if you connect over wifi?01:31
jardineworksgoddard, huge... one sec, I'll pastebin01:32
jardineworksgoddard, http://pastebin.com/ibteVrc701:32
Griffrez_What was the code I had to put so it runs on Terminal, again?01:33
goddardjardineworks: do you have another user account on the machine you can try and login?01:33
Babygirli keep gettin anr error using mp3tagtool01:33
jardineworksgoddard, nope I'm also not using user specific settings, just global01:33
Babygirlfilename does not match expected format01:34
chuGriffrez_: You want the bash she-bang again?01:34
chuGriffrez_: #!/bin/bash01:35
Griffrez_Sorry. I closed IRC. :|01:35
Griffrez_So, I just have to put that as the first line01:35
Griffrez_Then under that, type the code, right?01:35
Jordan_UBabygirl: What is the exact command you're running?01:35
Babygirlim using a GUI01:36
chuYeah, but you also know you need to change the bit flag (err, I may have the wrong terminology here) to executable, right?01:36
chuGriffrez_: That message was for you.01:36
Babygirldownloaded from software center01:36
Ctm54<Jordan_U> http://pastebin.com/sCjaJw0Y01:36
Griffrez_chu: The file's properties?01:36
Griffrez_chu: I've done that. Thanks for the help. :)01:37
Ctm54goddard I think the ethernet card works...it shows up under ifconfig if that means anything01:37
Griffrez_chu: Ah. Minecraft on 100FPS. I think I never did that on Windows. xD01:37
goddardjardineworks: i had a similar error like this before and it gives very little information to go off of01:37
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chuGriffrez_: To change it to executable, you run "chmod +x <file-name>" but it's probably possible through the file properties dialog, so I will assume you know what you're doing :)01:38
Griffrez_chu: Yeah. It's working fine. :)01:38
Jordan_UCtm54: Does the same configuration work in another OS? (Also, you still haven't answered why you're using Ubuntu 11.10 rather than 12.04).01:38
Griffrez_chu Thanks, though. :D01:38
jardineworksgoddard, do you recall what your issue was?01:38
jardineworksgoddard, meaning how you fixed it01:39
goddardjardineworks: Ctm54 you got 2 errors look at your logs and try and find what it is01:39
goddardjardineworks: honestly I tried a lot of different things just starting from the connections and firewall and even ports and ssh keys01:40
Ctm54Jordan_U: i haven't tried it on another OS ubuntu is the only OS installed on this machine, and I tried before on 12.04 with the same problem and had the stupid idea that going back one version might improve things somehow...like i said, first computer build, first foray into ubuntu, i still have a 12.04 installer if that will make the difference01:40
Ctm54goddard: how do i look at my logs?01:40
goddardCtm54: is it a desktop? log viewer if not var/logs/01:40
BabygirlJordan_U, i fix it,,,,i jjust remove the <track. from the line that says FileName Format01:41
Ctm54goddard yeah its a DT, opened up log viewer now what?01:41
jardineworksgoddard, guess that last one was for Ctm54, not me :)01:41
Babygirl<track> <filename>  Jordan_U  thanks for wanting to help me01:42
Jordan_UCtm54: It probably won't make a difference, but once things are working you'll want to be using the latest release of Ubuntu, which also happens to be a release with long term support.01:42
Jordan_UBabygirl: You're welcome. I'm glad you figured it out.01:42
Ctm54Jordan_U okay noted...i can upgrade once i sort everything out right?01:42
goddardjardineworks: a fresh install and purging old openssh settings may help and could prove the quickest path if it doesn't i would look into the user account just to rule it out then look at the firewall01:42
Jordan_UCtm54: Yes, but I would recommend saving time and simply installing 12.04 instead.01:43
jardineworksgoddard, do you know the firewall commands offhand? (save me a google?)01:43
goddardjardineworks: you can easily flush the iptables01:44
goddardjardineworks: http://pastebin.com/mdSs1i0601:44
jardineworksgoddard, my iptables -L just lists the defactor INPUT, FORWARD and OUTPUT lines...01:45
Ctm54goddard: found the logs folder, what log should i be looking at?01:45
Jordan_UCtm54: Since ethernet in GNU/Linux is very reliable, and almost always Just Works™, my first guess is that your network / cable is simply not connected / configured properly (i.e. it's not a problem on Ubuntu's side of things, nor something that you can fix by changing Ubuntu's configuration).01:46
goddardjardineworks: then it probably isn't the firewall01:46
Ctm54Jordan_U the ethernet cable is definitely plugged in01:47
Jordan_UCtm54: What type of ethernet cable are you using to connect to your computer, and what is the other end of the cable connected to?01:47
jardineworksgoddard, and it can't be the user or the install because I can get to it using wifi! :S01:47
goddardjardineworks: haha maybe the router?01:47
jardineworksgoddard, I used the same router for both wifi and hard wired :S01:48
goddardjardineworks: i can block specific ips from having access to certain ports on my router01:48
Ctm54Jordan_U I think it's a Cat 5e that up until a few days ago was running from my router to a mac mini and working fine, now its running from my router (Asus RT-n12) to the ethernet port on my motherboard01:48
devilcode1Hi all01:49
devilcode1anyone one could use a little help01:49
jardineworksgoddard, checking... but I think I just left it defacto OOTB.01:49
goddardjardineworks: better to just rule everything out01:49
ki4rodevilcode1: ask your question01:50
devilcode1i just came back to my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS crashed. It has been logging me out randomly recently also. Where should i look for clues. A post suggest it was Xorg but i have no idea.01:50
Jordan_UCtm54: Crossover or straighthrough? Apple hardware had automatically switching ports before a lot of other PCs and routers got them, so a crossover cable might have worked with the mac mini while not working with the current PC (for connecting a computer to a router/switch you generally want straighthrough).01:51
Ctm54Jordan_U good question, would it say it on the cable?01:51
goddarddevilcode1: i would look at the specific date of the log out in the logs and see what happened01:51
jardineworksgoddard, nadda. defacto OOTB01:52
devilcode1which logs ?01:52
devilcode1when it happens again01:52
goddardjardineworks: short of reinstalling openssh or a new server version all together i don't know post it on ask ubuntu with the -vvv information01:52
goddardjardineworks: some one smarter then me will figure it out im sure01:53
jardineworksgoddard, Appreciate you trying to help. I am wondering if maybe something on my desktop is blocking.01:53
goddarddevilcode1: your system usually keeps logs so you can use your "Log Viewer" to see xorg operation01:53
devilcode1out of interest i belive it is either google chrome or netbeans that's causing the logout01:54
goddarddevilcode1: uninstall them and see if it happens again01:54
goddarddevilcode1: but i would look at the logs first01:54
goddardjardineworks: ya could be .. rule everything out you can and post your results01:55
devilcode1thanks goddard01:56
Jordan_UCtm54: No, I'm looking for a good guide explaining how to tell the difference but you'll need to look at the colors of the pins at both ends of the cable.01:56
subcoolOerHeks, none of them worked out- thanks :/02:00
SuperMiguelany of you guys running ubuntu on an 27 "iMac 2011??02:02
Jordan_UCtm54: Look at the diagrams at the right on this page (the ones actually showing the plug are the easiest to use for when you yourself have to look at the ends of the plug): http://www.cablesplususa.com/rj45-utp-guide.php with a straight through cable the colors of the pins are in the same order at both ends of the cable.02:02
devilcode1aggh my ttyUSB0 has disappeared after the crash02:02
devilcode1its back ..phew02:02
devilcode1anyone know how to make a /dev/  accessable  to any use privilage wise ?02:03
c4pt-otccan someone help me setup Adhoc with ubuntu 10.10 ?02:03
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.02:04
IdleOnec4pt-otc: 10.10 is no longer support. I suggest you upgrade.02:04
Jordan_Udevilcode1: That's a terrible idea. What is your actual end goal?02:04
Ctm54Jordan_U the cable i'm using is a straight-through02:04
Jordan_UCtm54: Ok. Are you seeing green lights on both ports (the computer and the router)?02:05
BalaskHello I'm having trouble with DRIconf.  Does anyone know much about that?02:05
devilcode1well im writing some software to connect to ttyUSB0 (virtual com port)02:05
devilcode1but seems it needs root privilages02:05
BalaskIt tells me "Could not detect any configurable direct-rendering capable devices. DRIconf will be started in expert mode."02:06
Balaskfglrxinfo tells me: "display: :0  screen: 002:06
BalaskOpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.02:06
BalaskOpenGL renderer string: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series02:06
BalaskOpenGL version string: 3.3.11627 Compatibility Profile Context"02:06
FloodBot1Balask: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
Ctm54Jordan_U my router doesn't have lights on the actual ethernet ports but the LAN LED for that port is blinking; on my machine i've got blinking red only02:07
devilcode1so whats the correct way to interface with  /dev/ttyUSB002:08
devilcode1ah can i not join the group02:09
BalaskI hear you devilcode1 but I don't have an answer02:09
vychunei need help with my log files02:15
vychunethey are super big and i would like to know how to remove them safely02:15
PlowRoxjust delete them02:16
dj_segfaultvychune: Which logfiles?02:16
Ctm54Jordan_U goddard - additional weirdness, when i look at my routers logs, I see that it gave a DHCP lease to the mac address of my linux box for 4 seconds and then the lease expired02:16
dj_segfaultvychune: Most log files should be rotated and the oldest removed using logrotate02:17
vychunelogrotate isnt doing its job02:18
vychunei see plenty of .gz files in here too02:19
escottvychune, you wouldn't have the gz is logrotate wasn't running02:20
devilcode1yeah u can change the permission on /dev/ttyUSB002:20
devilcode1think its not the recommend way though02:20
devilcode1add user to goup anywys02:20
escottvychune, if you just want to keep fewer logs modify the "rotate #" lines of in /etc/logrotate.*02:21
vychuneok then02:21
devilcode1goodnight all ... 03:25 here02:21
vychunewhat about the logs there now delete them?02:22
iepagood night02:22
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iepa4.22 here02:22
vychune9:22 here02:22
iepaof morning?02:22
iepajust start day02:23
vychuneiepa: no night02:23
Jihui_Choiin LAMP, 12.04, when I type, apache can't recognize index.php, but index.html works well. How can I fix this?02:24
iepaJihui_Choi, you have to activate php shell on apache02:25
Jihui_Choiiepa, php works fine, if I type localhost/sub/index.php, it works. but localhost/sub doesn't02:26
escottvychune, delete whatever you want. worst case the logs are lost until the daemon gets signalled from the next rotate cycle02:26
iepachange index.html filename02:26
vychuneescott: YAYYYYYY02:26
vychuneJihui_Choi: your html file is all apache sees when you dont specify a filename02:27
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: for me html has presidence over php so if your index.html is present it in that dir it will run that one02:27
Jihui_Choisacarlson: so I change directoryindex on httpd.conf, like this directoryindex index.php index.html .... but no change02:28
Jihui_Choieven I remove index.html from directoryindex, only index.html works02:29
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: you shouldn't have to change anything other than be sure that index.html isn't present02:29
Ctm54anybody else have any more ideas for what's wrong with my ethernet?02:31
Jihui_ChoiI installed redmine and ruby 1.9.1... I think after installing redmine, this problem occurred.02:31
vychuneCtm54: what's going on with it?02:32
Ctm54vychune it won't connect to the internet, even though it shows up when i run ifconfig, can't even ping the router, doesn't seem like it's getting an IPV4 address02:33
battlehandsI need to format my harddrive to NTFS.  It is currently ext4.  I have ubuntu running and I cannot unmount the drive (seem to remember that I need to do this in order to format).  I have gparted open.  Please advise.02:33
escottCtm54, what is your routing table02:33
escottbattlehands, boot a livecd02:34
Ctm54escott i'm brand new to ubuntu, sorry for a stupid question but how do i pull that up?02:34
Jihui_Choiiepa , sacarlson, see this one. doesn't work. but works.02:34
escottCtm54, "route" in a terminal02:34
battlehandsescott, boot from a livecd, unmount, format, then run my new install after restart?02:34
escottbattlehands, yes02:35
vychunebattlehands: if you format your new install will be gone02:35
Ctm54escott "Destination      Gateway        Genmask          Flags Metric Ref           Use Iface02:35
escott!paste | Ctm5402:35
ubottuCtm54: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:35
escott!pastebinit | Ctm5402:35
ubottuCtm54: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:35
Ctm54escott ubottu yeah my ubuntu machine isn't connected to the interwebs at all, typing to you from my macbook, gimme a second and i'll pastebin it with a flash drive02:36
escottCtm54, yes. sorry that would make things more difficult :)02:37
Jihui_Choianyone knows about this problems? doesn't work, but is ok.02:37
mish_Has anyone managed to get Ubuntu installed on a Dell R820 ?02:38
vychuneJihui_Choi: give me one sec02:38
Jihui_Choivychune: sure. thanks :)02:38
Ctm54escott ubottu aaaaaaaaaaaand my box just froze...gimme a minute02:38
escottCtm54, are freezes common?02:39
Ctm54no, but what is common is my machine not powering down correctly02:39
Ctm54and i have to do a hard restart02:39
vychuneJihui_Choi: do you see the source code when you do the one that doesnt work?02:39
Jihui_Choivychune: no. it said just "Page not found" funny thing is if I make index.html, opens index.html02:41
xanferchin ho ?02:41
vychunerename index.html to in.html for me then try again02:41
Ctm54escott obottu http://pastebin.com/C7peexH002:42
xanferho me tu02:42
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: did you modify this file? /etc/apache2/mods-available/dir.conf02:42
Jihui_Choivychune: only index.html works. no index.htm, no in.html, not even file list..02:43
Jihui_Choiyes! exactly wtf02:43
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: in default it should search in the sequence seen in the file /etc/apache2/mods-available/dir.conf02:43
Jihui_Choiyou know what? works very well02:43
Jihui_Choi is for redmine.. and I believe redmine made this problem02:44
escottCtm54, and what happens when you ping
vychunecheck out the file sacarlson is talking about02:44
escottCtm54, everything is lost?02:44
Ctm54escott destination host unreachable02:44
vychuneescott: you thinking that might not be the right gateway too?02:44
Jihui_Choisacarlson: I know that, so I changed that file. actually directoryindex setting, though.02:45
Jihui_Choiit doesn't affect anything02:45
subcoolcan someone walk with me through some disk managment/understanding?02:45
subcoolit should be quite easy02:45
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: well you shouldn't have needed to change it so that must be why it broken02:45
escottvychune, doesn't matter if its the right gateway or not. its on the subnet if its there it should respond02:45
Jihui_Choieven I deleted all of directoryindex... index.html works, but not else..02:45
Ctm54escott 100% packet loss02:45
escottCtm54, given that your routing table looks fine the only thing i can imagine is that your network is statically configured to the 192.168.1.* subnet, but you are connected to something that is not a 192.168.1.* subnet02:46
Ctm54okay so how do i fix that?02:46
Ctm54escott see above02:47
vychunesubcool: whats up?02:47
subcoolvychune, hey, i have dev/sda1-5 i can only navigate one of them?02:47
escottCtm54, "cat /etc/networks" it should only mention link-local and then "cat /etc/network/interfaces" it should only mention auto lo and iface lo02:48
subcoolvychune, id like to find out why sda2 is labeled var and has NOTHING on it, i want access to sda1, and from there, maybe kill sda2, and combine it with unallocated space.02:48
Jihui_Choisacarlson, vychune : I remove directoryindex from /etc/apache2/mods-available/dir.conf.. but still opens index.html, but no index.php02:48
Jihui_Choithis means /etc/apache2/mods-available/dir.conf doesn't work correctly02:49
subcoolvychune, thing is- while i open dolphin, i only have access to... THIS paritition. :/02:49
Katronixon a ubuntu server, do you need to tell it what IPs it has access to anywhere?02:49
Ctm54escott gonna pastebin results to you in a sec02:49
escottCtm54, no need to copy and paste those. it should only be a couple lines for each. if its more than that then its wrong02:50
uisubcool: try with sudo02:50
uisubcool: sudo gparted02:50
Ctm54escott the second one was wrong02:50
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: what method of install did you use to install LAMP in ubuntu?  give us the link you used as reference02:50
Katronixfor instance if your server has 5 IPs do you need to inform it of that?02:50
vychunesubcool: can you see anything from CLI02:50
Jihui_Choisacarlson: basically, I installed 12.04 server and I installed lamp when I installed OS.02:51
Ctm54escott truth in advertising: i had modified stuff earlier on advice from someone else about how to fix this02:51
Jihui_Choiafter that I installed redmine..02:51
Jihui_Choifollowed this page http://www.xunilarium.com/2012/05/how-to-install-redmine-201-on-ubuntu.html02:52
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: there is no package lamp  what did you install?02:52
escottCtm54, they probably had you add various lines concerning eth0 to interfaces02:52
escottCtm54, I would take those out and focus on getting network manager to work, but its up to you. the problem is i don't know what the correct subnet is02:52
Ctm54escott, yup, and i'm pretty sure i understand what all those lines mean but obviously that wasn't working02:53
escottCtm54, on your mac you could run ifconfig and route and see if 192.168.1.* is correct02:53
Jihui_Choisacarlson: no. basic lamp works well without extra packages02:53
Jihui_Choiand I think apache recognized index.php before installing redmine.. I'm not sure though.02:54
Ctm54escott no i know for a fact that my MBP has the IP address so i think that's the right subnet02:54
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: I don't see the package lamp-server in my synaptic on ubuntu 10.04  and I'm not sure what this package does  libapache2-mod-passenger02:55
escottCtm54, yeah sounds alright02:56
Jihui_Choisacarlson: it doesn't, but I installed libapache2-mod-passenger when I install redmine..02:56
arashbhey guys, i'm livebooted into ubuntu right now, can someone help me with installing .scripts into my system?02:56
Jihui_Choiapt-get install ruby-full libmysqlclient-dev libmagickwand-dev libapache2-mod-passenger02:57
Ctm54gonna take out the eth0 from the interfaces, escott, gimme a sec02:57
escottCtm54, and that cable works for the mac as well02:57
zykotick9sacarlson: fyi lamp-server is a tasksel "task" instead of a package02:57
sacarlsonzykotick9: ok thanks02:57
Ctm54escott it had been working for a different mac02:57
OY1Rq: is there a way (with gui) to completly delete a file in ubuntu ?02:58
AriiiWow.... XUbuntu looks a lot better than Lubuntu, and I heard it's lighter too. Is this true? I've heard Lubuntu being recommended more often too.02:58
=== lonewolf is now known as Guest46312
vychuneAriii: it depends on your computer and your preferance02:59
Ctm54escott took out the eth0 stuff, now when i click the networking thing at the top of the screen it says device not managed02:59
zykotick9Ariii: Xubuntu is similar (only slightly less) resource hungry then old gnome202:59
escottCtm54, you would probably need to restart the networking service02:59
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: well you could regress by purge of apache2 and reinstall before the changes you made or maybe just create a index.html file that redirects to your desired index.php02:59
Ctm54escott remind me the command for that plz03:00
escottCtm54, try service networking restart03:00
vychuneJihui_Choi: or purge redmine03:00
Ariiizykotick: So, which would be better: XUbuntu or an old version of Ubuntu?03:00
Ctm54escott "restart: unknown instance: "03:00
zykotick9!tab | Ariii03:00
ubottuAriii: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:00
escottCtm54, try service network-manager restart then03:01
zykotick9Ariii: don't use unsupported versions, xubuntu is slightly lighter then gnome2 (but only slightly).  10.04 still has some support with gnome203:01
vychuneescott: shouldnt he sudo that?03:01
escottvychune, yes Ctm54 ^^^03:02
Ctm54escott vychune figured out to sudo, now what?03:02
escottCtm54, now see if network manager will manage eth003:02
Ctm54escott yup it will03:02
escottCtm54, probably want to plug/unplug the cord03:02
vychunesee if the check for enable networking is ticked too03:02
Ariiizykotick9: Thanks!03:03
vychuneon the wifi icon thing03:03
vychune(that has tripped me many a time lol)03:03
vychunenot saying thats your issue just checking03:03
Ctm54escott vychune plugged and unplugged, enable networking checked03:03
Ctm54still same results03:03
Ctm54escott vychune and now when i hit route no numbers come up03:04
AriiiI know I have no hope of getting even Xubuntu to work well on a 366 MHz iBook, but it did pretty well in MintPPC, so should it work well with FVWM well in Ubuntu?03:04
zykotick9Ctm54: if you're getting "not managed" it's because the device has settings in /etc/network/interfaces (remove that and reboot or ifdown/ifup)03:05
Ctm54zykotick9: no it's managed now it just can't connect and now nothing is coming up in my routing table03:05
kanupatarhi good morning all03:06
escottCtm54, so go into the network manager gui and see what it says about the connection. is it set to DHCP03:06
zykotick9Ctm54: ok sorry (my bad).  i have no suggestions...03:06
subcoolui vychune i did not open gparted with root, no. I dont really know the CLI commonds to do this all. I just wanted to see whats on my 130gb drive, and super empty partition.03:06
kanupatarI have installed ubuntu..but my machine become freezes randomly when i log in it...but windows it is working fine.03:06
uigparted will open inside a window03:06
Ctm54escott IPv4 is set to DHCP and require IPv4 for connection to complete, IPv6 is set to ignore03:07
kanupatarI have installed ubuntu..but my machine become freezes randomly when i log in it...but windows it is working fine.03:07
kanupatarany idea?03:07
uisubcool: I was wondering whether you would not see because you have not enough privileges... hence usage of 'sudo'03:08
uiand to make up partitions you need gparted, which opens in a window and must be run with sudo as well03:08
kanupatarI have installed ubuntu..but my machine become freezes randomly when i log in it...but windows it is working fine.03:08
kanupatarany idea?03:08
arashbcan someone tell me how i would apply this patch from this link? http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.freedesktop.xorg.drivers.intel/382603:09
vychunekandinski: we see you hold on a second lol03:09
uisubcool: to see the files just do sudo nautilus03:09
vychunekanupatar: : we see you hold on a second lol03:09
zykotick9!gksudo | ui DON'T use sudo with GUI apps03:10
ubottuui DON'T use sudo with GUI apps: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:10
kanupatarvychune: eccentric!03:10
escottCtm54, must not be getting a lease offer. you can manually set the ip address in network manager (and accomplish what you accomplished with /etc/network/interfaces) but im not sure what that would accomplish03:10
uithanks a lot zykotick903:10
Ctm54escott might this be something i have to fix with my router?03:11
uisubcool: sorry for above mistake, do 'gksudo nautilus'03:11
escottCtm54, maybe. it would help to know if the router is detecting that there is another computer on the other end of that wire03:11
escottCtm54, but i dont know how that would be done03:11
vychuneescott: Ctm54 : he would need to look on his router for his config ip address03:12
Ctm54escott: vychune: it's not showing up on my router's network map but when i reboot the linux box it shows up in my mac's finder for a few seconds before going away, and my routers routing log shows an expired DCHP lease for my linux box's mac address03:13
escottCtm54, are the clocks in sync?03:14
Ctm54escott what clocks and how would i check that?03:14
vychuneTHE TIME!03:15
vychuneoh yeah03:15
kanupatarvychune: time is over :(03:15
vychunedidnt think of think03:15
vychunedidnt think of that03:15
vychunekanupatar: still working on you03:15
kanupatarvychune: who?03:15
escottCtm54, (a) does the linux system show the correct time (b) does the mac show the correct time (c) from the mac if you go to and see if it shows the correct time03:16
vychunekanupatar: im looking for your problem03:16
usr13__Ctm54: date03:16
L3topkanupatar: here or there... lspci -nn | grep VGA03:17
Ctm54escott i have just adjusted the linux to show the correct time, router does not show correct time but (i think) is synced to the right time zone03:17
kanupatarvychune: more explanation: the machine randomly freezes with out any reason... even i freezes if did n't open any applications03:17
HelloWorld321To setup R, I'm looking for MySQL's base dir, lib dir & include path; I'm looking in /etc/mysql/my.cnf, and I see: "basedir = /usr"; "datadir = /var/lib/mysql"; and "!includedir /etc/mysql/conf.d/".  Is that them?03:17
escottCtm54, you can also check that the DHCP lease time is a reasonably long period (this is in the router config)03:17
vychunekanupatar: does it always do it at a certain point?03:18
kanupatarL3top: am using intel..i know the graphics driver bug for nvidia vga for 12.0403:18
kanupatarvychune: no..it is random03:18
Ctm54it's set to 86400, escott, should be good right?03:18
* L3top doesn't know why this is like pulling teeth... doesn't know why he continues to pull.03:18
kanupatarvychune: the complete machine become freezes..only way to get rid of that is force reboot03:18
escottCtm54, so that is 1 day which is fine03:19
Ctm54escott, although the lease list says 45 seconds under my machines mac address...03:19
escottCtm54, you might clear your leases for that mac03:19
Ctm54escott how do i do that? any idea?03:20
L3topkanupatar: run memtest for a few cycles.03:20
escottCtm54, router dependent. look in the routers administration webpage, or reboot the router03:20
kanupatarL3top: already tried and no issues either03:21
vychunei've run out of ideas on this end sorry03:22
usr13__Ctm54: I got here late, what is the issue?03:23
=== denny_ is now known as Guest77655
Ctm54_escott sorry i'm back now03:23
Ctm54_router closed me out when i changed a setting03:23
abimaelOk so i moved a picture into the usr/share/background folder but it doesnt show up in settings under the default wallpapers, Why is that?03:24
escottCtm54_, are things at all better now?03:26
escottabimael, did you properly re-chown it?03:27
Ctm54_escott nope still can't connect03:27
Ctm54_escott network is still unreachable03:27
arashbcan someone help me with applying patches on ubuntu?03:27
escottCtm54_, im afraid i dont really know what to suggest. sounds like a router problem of some kind.03:27
abimaelescott: umm, no, how would i do that?03:28
Ctm54_escott would it be worth the time and effort to set up a whole new router?03:28
escottCtm54_, the fact that it appears briefly in finder suggests that some kind of broadcast messages are being sent but then you get kicked off the network03:28
abimaelescott: chown is change ownership right?03:28
zykotick9arashb: patches are typically applied to source code, then recompiled?  sounds like you're trying to do something "outisde" of ubuntu03:28
escottCtm54_, that depends on how important it is to you. someone who is sitting in front of it might be able to diagnose what is going on03:29
escottabimael, yes03:29
arashbzykotick9: im trying to patch my system so I can properly boot in EFI mode but have never dealt with patches before, i'm still fairly new03:29
abimaelok so what exactly would i need to do, specfically pertaining to the picture?03:29
zykotick9arashb: sorry i haven't crossed into EFI yet - i know nothing about it.  best of luck.03:30
arashbzykotick9: thanks anyways03:30
calamariin firefox 13.01 on ubuntu 12.04, when a pdf is accessed, it tries to download it, rather than view it in the browser. acroread is installed (tried complete remal and reinstall). moved ~/.mozilla but that didn't help. any ideas?03:30
abimaelescott: ok so what exactly would i need to do, specifically pertaining to the picture?03:30
escottarashb, thats really painful road you are traveling down. you might seek some alternative method03:30
escottabimael, sudo chown root:root /usr/share/backgrounds/filename03:31
zykotick9escott: re:arashb +103:31
arashbescott: i cant, BIOS mode won't use my onboard graphics and insists on me running off my ATI, and also battery life sucks03:31
subcoolui, yo, i dont have time to do it now- thanks for trying to help ....03:31
L3topkanupatar: I need information to help you. Bugs #665796 #772856 possibly related. I need to know your exact hardware though. Let me know if you feel like providing it at any time.03:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 665796 in linux (Ubuntu) "Intel Core i7 - Timer interrupt freezes, high CPU usage, system becomes sluggish" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66579603:32
L3topI lean towards 77285603:32
uiyou're welcome03:32
arashbhmmm ubuntu uses kernel v 3.2 right?03:33
abimaelescott: still wont show up in default folder, even though picture is in folder and chown has been done...???03:33
kanupatarL3top: now i am in office and the issue was in my personal machine..i can give you my complete hardware details once I reach my home..please share your mail id in prv03:33
arashb*the latest ubuntu i mean03:33
Need2Growis ubuntu a tribe of africa03:33
L3topJust drop back in when you have the hardware in front of you. Someone will be willing to try and help. I am also usually here.03:33
L3topkanupatar: ^03:33
Ctm54_escott thanks for all your time...i may try with another router and if that fails see if i can get a buddy to swing by and try to diagnose03:33
zykotick9!info linux-image | arashb03:34
ubottuarashb: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 31 kB03:34
kanupatarL3top: means?03:34
abimaelNeed2Grow: a famous saying pertaining to basically equality. look it up. its nice03:34
escottabimael, im afraid i dont really know what it would be looking for then03:34
L3topkanupatar: It means I get too much email as it is, and do not wish to field ubuntu support issues with it.03:34
jrdnnNeed2Grow: It's the African word for community IIRC03:34
Need2Growubuntu huh  blacks havent done shit with thier equality03:35
Need2Growhaha jjk03:35
escottabimael, as long as the file has the right permissions in that folder i would expect it to be listed in the capplet. you might need to logout to get it to see it, but it should see it03:35
kanupatarL3top: :(03:35
arashbzykotick9: why is the latest kernel on kernel.org 3.5? and no mention of
Need2Growi need to get high but i quit :(03:35
zykotick9!OT | jrdnn Need2Grow03:35
ubottujrdnn Need2Grow: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:35
L3top!ops | Need2Grow03:35
ubottuNeed2Grow: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!03:35
abimaelescott: ok thanks03:35
jrdnnzykotick9: Sorry.03:35
zykotick9!latest | arashb this kinda makes me laugh but...03:35
ubottuarashb this kinda makes me laugh but...: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:35
arashbzykotick9: sorry haha, i guess i was confused that this releases kernel wasn't posted up, ahh well. thanks03:36
zykotick9arashb: you also need to understand that 90% of packages are frozen at the time that version is released and only get "security" updates, not version number updates03:37
TestxatI'm trying to go into this other server, but It won't let me.  It says something about my ISP not being allowed :(03:37
abimaelescott: no go, logged out and back in but still nothing. And my login screen didnt even show anything, as if the file it was looking for was missing or something03:38
abimaeljust showed a purple background with the typical grid dot layout03:38
arashbzykotick9: alright thanks, i guess i'll start learning about all this now :P lets see how this goes for me03:38
kanupatarL3top: :(03:40
xubuntu469i'm having some trouble getting hdmi audio out to work. the sound options recognise that the hdmi device can output audio and the bars move around when there should be sound playing but there's no sound. any ideas why this may be the case? it works fine in windows03:40
L3topkanupatar: when you have the hardware in front of you, feel free to drop in. You are a stranger to me. I help lots of people every day. If I gave out my email... I can only imagine the spam I would receive. It is not meant to be a personal offront to you... I simply do not wish to give you my email because I do not know you. I am here quite a bit, and if I am not, I am sure someone will be able to help you.03:42
escottabimael, double check the permissions of those files with ls -l /usr/share/backgrounds your file should look like the other ones03:42
Need2Growany1 feel guilty for taking their parents for granted03:42
Need2Growim depressed abuot it03:42
Need2Growim so selfish holyy god willnever forgive me03:42
Jihui_Choisacarlson: thank you, but I did it several times. now I have to just redirect index.html to index.php03:42
L3topNeed2Grow: this is an ubuntu support channel. For chitchat try #ubuntu-offtopic03:43
kandinskilastlog vychune03:43
Need2Growdude im screwd03:43
sacarlsonJihui_Choi: yes that sounds like any easy solution if that's your only problem03:43
gld1982ltdhello all. is there anyone here who can create a debian package out of files i have? the files are an app called conky control. it is used on voyager linux. i have translated the app to english and have add the appropriate desktop files. i have no clue how to make a debian package so others can enjoy this app.03:44
calamarigld1982ltd: there are a couple programs that can do it03:45
calamarigld1982ltd: will this be distributed, or is it a one-off for your personal use only?03:46
L3topgld1982ltd: The right way http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/   the easy way http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=235603:46
gld1982ltdcalamari: i have tried debriate and deb creator. i can't seem to get it to work right. i have no clue what i'm doing.03:46
calamarigld1982ltd: follow L3top's links03:47
gld1982ltdL3top: yeah, i have read through all the documentation.....well, some of it. it is a lot to take in all at once. checkinstall will not work since this is an app that is not in any repo, and has no source file. the app is merely a couple of scripts that are used on voyager linux.03:49
gld1982ltdi can hand over the files if anyone can create the package.....?03:50
abimaelescott: it is the same but still doesnt show, I dont have an /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf file, would that matter?03:57
mattperry1976_this may be a stupid question, but how did getdeb/playdeb build their "install repo" deb file?04:05
=== starqle is now known as iqbal
mattperry1976_I'm wanting to build one for my ppa04:08
kramer3dhi i have a noob question... I have a root account and another account how can I save files to the other account04:12
kramer3dfrom the root account04:12
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest75028
milamberkramer3d: 1.) you shouldn't have a root account04:16
milamber2.) you can copy files using the root account into the other user's home folder and then you have to either make them readable (chmod) or change the owner (chown) depending on what the ultimate goal is04:16
ssrvmhi. on machine A i have windows 7 & lubuntu dual but. All other machines i have lubuntu. On which machine should I install samba to share printer of machine A to all network? help please04:17
milamberssrvm: which computer is the printer on?04:19
ssrvmmachine A04:19
L3top!pm | kanupatar I am not trying to be rude, but stop hounding me to email you. I was clear. No.04:20
ubottukanupatar I am not trying to be rude, but stop hounding me to email you. I was clear. No.: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:20
ssrvmmilamber, machine A. the one with windows 7 and lubuntu dual boot04:20
ssrvmmilamber, and 90% times windows is running on machine A04:20
milamberssrvm: ok, that makes it easier. you just have to right click and share the printer on the windows machine04:21
ssrvmmilamber, printer is already shared on network. and it can be accessed by other machines from windows. but how do i access it from lubuntu?04:21
milamberssrvm: then on the linux machines you have to install smb-client (i think it is just smbclient now) and you will be able to find the shared printer on the network04:21
theuserI did automated update last night and now my pidgin data is gone?04:23
jeeves_mossjust wondering, what package contains bluetooh.h?  I'm having an issue with a compile http://pastebin.com/eEqVj9hU04:27
jeeves_mossthe compile line is "gcc -lbluetooth -lopenobex obex.c sdp.c main.c -o btobex"04:27
milamberjeeves_moss: you should download and use apt-file. to install: sudo apt-get install apt-file, then sudo apt-file update, then apt-file search bluetooh.h04:28
jeeves_mossmilamber, thanks!  That saves a lot of head scratching04:29
milamberjeeves_moss: if i had to guess, i would say libbluetooth-ev04:29
jeeves_mossthanks.  I'm trying to install BlueDivingNG, and it's throwing a lot of compile errors04:30
jeeves_mossI think it's time for bed.  this can wait until tomorrow when I have more time to beat my head against the wall04:33
Loshkijeeves_moss: I ran apt-file for ya. libbluetooth-dev: /usr/include/bluetooth/bluetooth.h04:38
shinobi_420greetings #ubuntu  :)04:38
jeeves_mossLoshki, thank you.  I found it at about the same time.  I'm just trying to go through and write all of the requirements for this project, then push a bug report04:38
zykotick9sorry - fyi "?" is not a key to search backwards in irssi ;)04:39
=== Jordan_ is now known as jcrza
mi3 Hello... I'm wondering if I can merge an ext4 partition with my current ext4 partition that my ubuntu installation is on.. is that possible?04:40
kriskropdmi3, do you mean like, copying and pasting the files over into one partition?04:41
mi3kriskropd: yeah04:41
kriskropdmi3, yeah, you can mount both partitions and simply copy the files over, then after you could merge the two partitions into whichever is your "current" partition with gparted04:42
mi3kriskropd: that wont result in data loss, right ?04:43
Loshkimi3: er, you have backups, right? In case it all goes horribly wrong...?04:44
mi3Loshki: yeah04:44
Loshkimi3: might be easiest to wipe the partitions, merge them, then restore from backup on the new, merged partition. Tedious, but fairly bulletproof...04:45
mi3i made one just in case... is this going to wipe the file system?04:45
mi3Loshki: umm sounds easy....04:46
kriskropdmi3, yeah, I would backup just in case04:46
kriskropdmi3, anything could happen04:46
mi3understood, guys04:46
mi3I will backup the data04:46
Loshkimi3: as long as your backups are readable/reliable, there's not much you can't attempt...04:46
Loshkimi3: in general, I would assume any partition resizing will trash the data. If you get lucky and it doesn't, then it's saved you a bit of time restoring. But either way, you can recover04:48
mi3Loshki: thats what I was thinking, you can merge a partition without risking data loss04:49
mi3you cant merger a partition04:49
FloodBot1mi3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:50
mi3ok, sorry04:50
chumi3: Don't use that acronym.04:50
mi3ok, sorry04:50
OY1Rhow do i whipe the free space on a partition ?04:50
mi3OY1R: use sfill.04:51
kriskropdmi3,  loshki has the right mindset, I would never mess with partitions without a reliable backup, but also from experience, every merge I've ever had to do with gparted has worked flawlessly and easily; should be self explanatory when you get there04:51
Loshkimi3: if you're just merging neighboring partitions so that the main one expands into its next door one, then *maybe* the data will be preserved, but I don't know anyone who *guarantees* that, so, backups...04:51
mi3OY1R: sudo apt-get install secure-delete04:51
mi3kriskropd: Loshki yeah right guys, I guess backups are important....04:51
kriskropdmi3: it's only your data :304:52
Loshkikriskropd: yeah. Been there, done that. Had to face my team/boss. Wish someone had said to me before I started that backups were crucial to a quick recovery...04:52
kanupatarubottu: ok04:53
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:53
kanupatarubottu: what is bot?04:53
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:53
kanupatarubottu: hmm ok...psychotherapist :)04:54
ubottukanupatar: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:54
Loshki!bot | kanupatar04:55
ubottukanupatar: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:55
ssrvmmilamber, i tried to access machine A from another lubuntu. it shows the samba share. but it do not show the printer. how can i access the printer?04:57
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
kanupatarwhat is mean by uImage?05:05
kanupatarfor a system we need uImage,rootfs and kernel?05:05
wizonesolutionsGetting a really weird issue with apt-get update on a 10.04 LTS box...it starts out fast, then slows to a crawl...sub 1K/s.05:06
hmwWhen I try to cat file > /dev/ttyUSB0 to my Commodore64, bytes with value $00 seem not to be transmitted. Is it something on the Linux side?05:06
zamutniiHello, I have an ATI mobility radeon HD5470 graphics card on the notebook. I've upgraded ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 and now after while it's booting, I get an image of green, white, red and blue flickering snow garbage. Nothing works except for ctrl-alt-del. I tried to download the driver from the ati/amd's site. Installed it. It told me that fglrx was already installed, I need to remove it first, so I removed it before installing the dr05:06
zamutniiiver. now, the garbage snow doesn't flicker, but it freezes while loading. It just stays on the UBUNTU with dots underneath screen. nothing works, except for holding the power button for a few secs.05:06
wizonesolutionsOn another Lucid box I don't have the issue. It's happening when downloading some of the security.ubuntu.com stuff05:06
goddardive noticed a lot of users installing Ubuntu to a USB ... should I discourage this?  Is this supported by Ubuntu?05:07
zamutniiAfter upgrading ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10, my graphics freezes during boot with flickering colored dots, covering the monitor. ATI Mobility Radeon HD547005:10
kanupatarfor a system we need uImage,rootfs and kernel?05:11
kanupatarwhat is mean by uImage?05:11
subb1hi all !05:12
sudiptahow to install cinnamon 1.4 in ubuntu 12.04?05:13
Murd0ckwhat is cinnamon?05:13
subb1I'm using 11.10.  The sidebar autohides itself. How to turn off this feature? I want it to be static.05:13
ssrvmsudipta, http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/?page_id=6105:13
ssrvmMurd0ck, new tradinal style DE05:14
Murd0ckyea I already got that05:14
ssrvmMurd0ck, what ahhh???05:14
sudipta<Murd0ck>a gnome 2 styled shell05:14
sudiptassrvm: is it safe to install it in ubuntu 12.04?05:14
wasanzyhi guys05:15
Murd0ckwhat's the linux "rocket dock"?05:15
wasanzyam having trouble configuring dual monitor05:15
ssrvmsudipta, if YOU trust the ppa then only add the ppa. otherwise do not add ppa. cinnmon is officilay not tested on ubuntu and no official packages available for ubuntu.05:15
sloppyHey guys...I have a question about the purpose of not being logged in as root. I have heard that it prevents people from being able to execute commands on your computer if you are connected to things like IRC05:15
sloppybut how would one even go about executing commands on a computer connected to irc that is logged in as root?05:16
paulus68I installed ubuntu on a 500 gig harddrive which is more then sufficient concerning the space is there a way that I can dedicate folders as shared folders on that same drive example /media/backup => external usb drive05:16
ssrvmsudipta, what i can tell is when *I* used it on my pc i found it to be stable. but i can not comment anything about its security05:16
subb1any hints guys?05:17
jubobahello I'm using ubuntu 12.04 and gnome shell 305:17
jubobahow can I enable the power off option in the menu?05:17
jubobabecause I have to close session to power off right now05:17
ssrvmjuboba, install the alternate menu extension05:18
sloppyCan anyone explain that to me?05:18
Murd0ckwhat's the linux "rocket dock"?05:18
jubobassrvm, package?05:18
ssrvmjuboba, or after clicking on that menu just press alt button05:18
jubobassrvm, ohh05:18
wasanzythe error am getting is: http://pastebin.com/0SdyWGKc05:18
zamutniiAfter upgrading ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, my graphics freezes during boot with flickering colored dots, covering the monitor. ATI Mobility Radeon HD547005:19
wasanzyand my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is: http://pastebin.com/h9X9L7V605:19
wasanzyplease what am I leaving out?05:19
=== lola is now known as Guest81192
wasanzyam using ubuntu 12.0405:21
wasanzyplease help05:22
duckxi edited /etc/ssh/ssh_config and changed my port # and then i did a /etc/init.d/ssh reload ... but it doesnt work it seems.. amy doing something wrong? I'm on version 12.0405:22
fearolohow to use nmap ?05:22
wasanzywhat error get duckx?05:23
chu!man | fearolo05:23
ubottufearolo: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/05:23
paulus68!nmap |fearolo05:23
duckxi dont get any error05:23
Murd0ckIf anyone cares,.. it's docky05:23
Murd0ckit's in the repos05:23
duckxi am still able to login via port 2205:23
duckxi changed it to 999905:23
Loshkiduckx: did you edit ssh_config or sshd_config? Two different files, one for the server, one for the client?05:23
duckxjust ssh_config05:24
duckxwhich one is that for05:24
duckxand the d for ?05:24
wasanzyssh_config is for the client05:24
paulus68fearolo: http://taufanlubis.wordpress.com/2007/10/20/ip-and-port-scanning-using-nmap-network-mapper-in-ubuntu/ might be helpfull05:24
wasanzyI guess u hv to change same in sshd_config05:25
fearolowhere can i use nmap ? Means its applications05:25
duckxwhat u mean for the client ?05:25
duckxam i not the client when logging in ?05:25
Loshkiduckx: d is for daemon, another word for "server", so sshd_config is for the server, ssh_config is for the client. Now that I have to explain it, I realise that having them differ only in one letter is rather bad design...05:25
caffineas the same logged in user, i can ping the internet from a terminal window, but things like akregator and amarok can't get to the internet anymore. anyone seen that before or better yet, know how to fix it? also, obviously, pidgin is working. :)05:25
paulus68fearolo: what do you mean05:25
wasanzyI need help as well please05:26
duckxssh_config.. is for when ur logging into somewhere else right ?05:26
fearolopaulus68: means nmap application .I only know port scanner but actually don't know its application05:26
duckxsay i was going to do ssh foo@bar.com05:27
zamutniiAfter upgrading ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, my graphics freezes during boot with flickering colored dots, covering the monitor. ATI Mobility Radeon HD547005:27
Loshkiduckx: both client and server have to agree on which port they're using. You need to edit both files, or at least sshd_config and then use -p 9999 with the client05:27
duckxand it would default the port # to what i set in ssh_config ?05:27
wasanzyyes duckx05:27
Loshkiduckx: set them both, restart the server, and then retest...05:27
paulus68fearolo: under ubuntu just use the nmap commands in terminal and use it wisely05:27
wasanzyduckx: just do this with out editing the server file ssh -p 999 user@server.com05:28
=== cake is now known as Guest36461
fearolopaulus68: what do you mean by packet filtering05:29
duckxso im going to rever the ssh_config file back to defaults then... i guess i wasnt suppose to touch that.. i changed the sshd and it works now05:29
Loshkiwasanzy: duckx: if you don't edit the server file, it will continue listening on port 2205:29
ScrappieDozamutnii, i dunno if this helps any, but hows about removing fglrx* and reconfiguring xorg05:30
wasanzyLoshki: am not sure he is setting 999  as his default port05:30
paulus68fearolo: http://nmap.org/book/man.html05:30
duckxLoshki, i edited the sshd_config file05:31
duckxtat should be the only one im editing right ? its the daemon05:32
wasanzybut please am still waiting for a help on my dual monitor issue05:32
duckxis this lanscape canonical thing useful ? i just signed up05:33
zamutniiScrappieDo: after that flickering colored dots flickering, I downloaded the driver from ati/amd site and started installing, after which, it told me that fglrx is already installed, I need to remove it first, so I've removed, rebooted and installed the new drivers. now the screen doesn't flicker, but stays forever on the UBUNTU with dots underneath booting screen and no keys work. I only am able to force reboot by holding the power05:34
zamutniibutton for a few secs.05:34
Loshkiduckx: edit the daemon and restart it. It should now be listening on port 9999. You should be able to connect by doing ssh -v -p 9999 foo@bar.com05:34
duckxyea i got it thanks!05:34
wasanzyduckx just make sure edit both sshd_config and ssh_config05:34
duckxi only edited sshd05:34
duckxand its working05:35
hmwWhen I try to cat file > /dev/ttyUSB0 to my Commodore64, bytes with value $00 seem not to be transmitted. Is it something on the Linux side?05:35
duckxi dont see why i need to edit ssh_configh... its settings for the default port when i ssh into another server isnt it? as if i am the client05:36
fearolopaulus68: i want to open a port number using nmap .How can i do that ?05:36
Loshkiduckx: then ironically, you've done something wrong, since the client should try port 22 by default, while the server should be listening on port 9999.05:36
ScrappieDozamutnii, probably should remove it - why dont you install the driver from ubuntu or a ppa?05:36
duckxyea the server is set to listen on 888005:37
paulus68fearolo: why do you want to use nmap for that? nmap is a scanning tool if you need to open ports you need to do that through your firewall/router05:37
duckxwhen i ssh in from the computer im using now .. i have to do ssh foo@bar.com -p 999905:37
duckxwhich is wat i wanted05:37
KM0201duckx: whats the 9999 ?05:38
duckxyea port05:38
KM0201oh ok05:38
Loshkiduckx: ok, that sounds right. If you run ssh with "-v" you should be able to verify which port its using from the debug output.05:38
=== [mad]Berry is now known as madberry
duckxo ok05:38
zamutniiScrappieDo: but, I think, it was installed by default, until I installed the proprietary. Can you hint on how to install the driver from ubuntu or ppa.05:38
ScrappieDozamutnii, i used  jockey, the install drivers thing.   the older one in jockey worked fine for me, but the updated one didn't work at all.05:39
fearolopaulus68: ok ! suppose i want to know which application use what port .Which tool will help me05:39
Loshkiduckx: look for a line like: Connecting to localhost [] port 22. Of course, your host and port should be different to mine05:39
wasanzyNo one to help me?05:40
duckxwasanzy, sorry im new myself05:40
zamutniiScrappieDo: you see, I can't get onto the gui, so do I install something like apt-get install jockey?05:40
=== test is now known as robert_ancell
paulus68fearolo: for that you can use nmap05:41
ScrappieDozamutnii, I would try to remove fglrx and install the one from the repo instead05:42
Loshkiwasanzy: please repeat your question so new people can read it. It can take a while before Someone Who Knows about your issue comes online in this group. You can repeat your question every 15 minutes or so until someone responds (or you get tired of asking)...05:42
fearolopaulus68: how ? suppose i want to check for my firefox ,what should i write in terminal05:42
L3topwasanzy: looking. One moment please.05:43
Loshkiduckx: were you able to confirm the port?05:43
duckxyea its good now05:43
=== test is now known as robert_ancell
wasanzyam having trouble configuring dual monitor05:44
wasanzythe error am getting is: http://pastebin.com/0SdyWGKc and my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is: http://pastebin.com/h9X9L7V605:44
wasanzy<wasanzy> kuzushi: I don't understand05:44
wasanzy what am I doing wrong again after setting the virtual even above the require?05:44
FloodBot1wasanzy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:44
Loshkiduckx: is your ssh server accessible from the internet? If so, you may need to take additional security precautions...05:44
L3topwasanzy: Ok... first of all set your desired resolution in xorg.conf under virtual... it is set at 9000 x 9000. Not at all sure how that happened05:44
wasanzyL3top: I set that my self, is it wrong? I thought it should be above the require05:45
duckxLoshki, yea its a server i just signed up for on linode05:45
duckxwhat else should i do besides changing the ports05:45
Gangstai need cvv05:46
L3topwasanzy: No, it should match the actual resolution you want. I also only see one monitor config here... are you successfully splitting?05:46
Gangstato buy game sombody want give me cvv05:47
L3topwasanzy: or at least be in RANGE if not matching. I match them.05:47
fearolopaulus68: ? .Please reply me .I need to know05:47
paulus68fearolo: still looking05:48
daxGangsta: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. Asking for numbers off people's credit cards is not on-topic here, and freenode in general is not a very good place for it.05:48
fearolopaulus68:  : )05:48
paulus68fearolo: might use this ebook http://b00kfr33.blogspot.be/2011/06/nmap-in-enterprise-your-guide-to.html05:48
Loshkiduckx: ideally, disallow user/password logins and only allow access via ssh keys. You'll need to do some reading to set it up. Until you can manage that, then at least use strong passwords, and disallow root logins...05:49
duckxi know how to setup ssh key logins05:49
duckxbut no logins at all ?05:49
Gangstadax u tell me wat kind of chat i get it cvv05:50
daxGangsta: No.05:50
Gangstadax plz help me out bro05:50
Loshkiduckx: no logins via username+password, which can be guessed/stolen. Allow logins only if you have the correct ssh key (which can be stolen, but not guessed). Also, use a less obvious port than 9999. Pick a more random port, and don't tell me (or anyone else) what it is...05:54
blipblopI'm creating a new encrypted partition on a zerofilled external hard drive with newly added gpt partition table. I want to make this encrypted partition an Ext4 one. Should I "Take ownership of file system" if I want to be able to use the encrypted partition on other Linux boxes?05:54
sbarcteamI am on 12.04, and it seems something is wrong with my system.05:57
Loshki!ask | sbarcteam05:58
ubottusbarcteam: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:58
sbarcteamthe "something" is that after a long while the machine becomes sluggish, especially when I'm using gnome-shell or unity.05:58
sbarcteamI'm currently on xfce, giving it a try.05:59
sbarcteamThe machine itself is not a weakling: an i5 @ 3.2GHz, 8GB of ram, the hdd is a SATA drive at 7.5 kRPM.05:59
sbarcteamits tight spot is the graphics processor: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 12)06:00
=== Corey_ is now known as Corey
KartagisI'm on 12.04 as well, and my computer becomes totally unresponsive after leaving in on for a day or two06:02
LoshkiKartagis: running unity?06:04
KartagisLoshki: atm, cairo06:06
shivaramhello all06:07
vampirnataI have 3 USB disks connected to my server acting as media storage for streaming. Anyone know how to disable them spinning down?06:10
deffragHello! How can I enable the -proposed repository as mentioned here - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1015015/comments/3 ?06:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1015015 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Xorg freezes once a day, mouse and SSH still works" [High,Incomplete]06:10
icerootdeffrag: dont just enable it, it will normally break things when not using pinning on it06:12
icerootdeffrag: proposed is something like a testing-repo for a stable distribution where a lot of changes occure06:12
icerootdeffrag: not all are good for the system and are still in the testing phase06:13
=== aum__ is now known as aum_
=== aum_ is now known as aum__
deffragiceroot: Is that Pre-released updates option as I see under Updates tab in Software Sources? I'm facing the problem exactly as described in the bug report. I was thinking of trying what was suggested in comment 3 as it probably helped others06:15
Loshkivampirnata: something like "sudo hdparm -S 0 <device>". Check your man page for your version of ubuntu.06:18
sbarcteamthe question is: would my machine live better am I to upgrade the graphics card?06:19
trijntjeHi all, nautilus sorts the folders in my home folder based on last acces date, instead of on name. How can I change this?06:22
zixxytrijntje, edit > preferences > sort by?06:25
ScrappieDotrijntje, select window right click, arrange icons06:25
Loshkisbarcteam: it wouldn't be my first action, unless you happen to have a spare graphics card lying around. I run similar hardware to yours, using the built-in intel graphics and my 12.04 uptime is currently 11 days. Then again, I don't run the standard DE/GUI stuff. I can easily believe the new DEs have memory leaks, the only odd thing is if that's the case, why haven't more people reported it?06:25
trijntjeScrappieDo: Thanks, that solved it06:26
HyperNerdV2Gents (and ladies).. the dry run of this: sudo rsync -azvv -e ssh /home/FOLDER/server_files admin@ however the actual run returns the following error:06:29
HyperNerdV2rsync: mkdir "/home/nbi/admin@" failed: No such file or directory (2)06:30
HyperNerdV2anyone have any idea what the problem/fix is?06:30
=== Dorito is now known as Guest44559
ScrappieDoprobably just mkdir "admin@
ScrappieDobut if you are ssh'd into the machine, you probably  just need to mkdir /bla/bla/bla06:36
HyperNerdV2ScrappieDo: I suppose I should mention the intent… I have a new server that has been loaded up from a old backup, so I'm trying to do a diff restore to the new server06:37
HyperNerdV2ScrappieDo: So, creating the dirs individually would be problematic06:37
ScrappieDomaybe scp -r will build the directories for you - i dunno06:40
hateballIt should06:40
HyperNerdV2ScrappieDo: ok, thanks06:40
=== hu is now known as WHAT_DOWN
HyperNerdV2would that replace the older files and not touch newer?06:41
ScrappieDothat would copy verbatim06:42
ScrappieDobut would not touch newer files.06:43
ScrappieDothat would be like doing a cp06:43
=== sammy is now known as Guest86422
Guest86422Anybody with openldap client on ubuntu 12.04 ??06:43
Guest86422Ldap client login fails in GUI ubintu 12.04...help ??06:44
vampirnataLoshki: thanks I tried that already but it still spins down06:44
Loshkivampirnata: I'm not sure that hdparm works over usb. I know SMART doesn't. You could brute force it e.g use cron to touch a file on the disk every 20 minutes or whatever to keep them from spinning down06:49
mavericksamanybody who is has configured openldap on ubuntu 12.04 ?06:49
=== rastamouse is now known as nothingspecial
mavericksamREGISTER m@ve09:) soumajitpal@gmail.com06:51
yankarloscomo estan06:52
LoshkiHyperNerdV2: I'm not sure your syntax is correct. Shouldn't there be a double colon in there somewhere?06:52
Loshki!es | yankarlos06:52
ubottuyankarlos: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:52
HyperNerdV2Loshki: i'm reading up on the man page now...06:53
TewlzAnyone know a good firewall for ubuntu?  Maybe i don't even need one?06:54
yankarloskien habla español ?06:55
daxyankarlos: #ubuntu is English-language only. Try #ubuntu-es for Spanish :)06:55
dax( /join #ubuntu-es )06:55
yankarlossoy nuevo06:56
LoshkiHyperNerdV2: I notice it thinks the filename contains an "admin@" which shouldn't be part of the mkdir...06:56
mavericksamanyone help with openldap client config in ubuntu 12.04 ?06:56
HyperNerdV2Ah i see thanks!06:56
=== bobbyaldolAFK is now known as bobbyaldol
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:58
yankarloskien habla español06:58
mavericksamUbuntu 12.04 Policy kit bug...any fixes..??06:59
decciAny idea what does multi-tenant feature for Virtual Desktop actually mean and work?06:59
mavericksamUbuntu 12.04 authentication failure for ldap client...help ??06:59
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cntbChanged to 12.04 not unity , now alt tab does not work as app switcher07:01
cntbI guess it is gnome shell fallback07:02
AndroUserHi people07:03
AndroUserI need help with my laptop...07:04
blueskieswhats wrong with it07:04
AndroUserI have an acer s3 with ubuntu, w7andw807:05
AndroUserAnd in the first boot i press by error the rescue partition...07:06
AndroUserWhen i press exit the pc have this error...07:07
AndroUserUnknown filesystem grub rescue07:08
ruiwenhi guys, i've just tried upgrading via do-release-upgrade (in a virtualbox vm), and it seems that the upgrade process has hung. turns out my host was running out of harddisk space, which may have caused the hang. i've cleared up some space now, but i can't get the upgrade process to respond. any hints?07:09
AndroUserI make an usb stick bootable with universal usb i07:09
acemeistergood idea07:10
acemeisterIm running 12.04 ubuntu and windows xp dual boot, how can i transfer my media files in xp07:11
Erealzhi everyone quick question , how do i get my self permission to a file dir that i cant cd into useing chmod?07:11
acemeisterand whats the command or07:11
acemeistercheat sheet07:11
blueskies@androUsers what did you do when you were in the rescue patition?07:12
AndroUserBut on screen is. Syslinux 4.04 EDD ... ... Peter Havin et al07:12
Erealzhi everyone quick question , how do i get my self permission to a file dir that i cant cd into? useing chmod?07:12
materiagre1you speak spanish?07:12
ruiwenErealz: if that directory belongs to the group you're in and you have root/sudo, you can chmod it to be group executable/readable07:13
AndroUserNothing just press exit of the rescue mode07:13
Erealzwhat the syntax07:14
Erealzchmod g+x07:14
bohemian9485Erealz: sudo chmod 77707:15
ruiwenErealz: chmod g+x dirname07:15
Erealzi was right then....07:16
Erealzyeiii finally got somthing right for onece07:16
L3topacemeister: You will have to transfer them from linux.07:19
Fudgewhat is a vnc program i can setup for a mate that can run from his server without an active session of gnome running to allow vnc authenticating via ssh?07:19
_rubenFudge: servers generally don't run gnome or any graphical interface for that matter07:22
Fudge_ruben  i know, but i was under the impression you didnt need a desktop running to vnc in07:22
L3topif you plan on seeing the other sides desktop, you will have to have some sort of X session running.07:23
DJones!help | mosk07:24
ubottumosk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:24
_rubenFudge: you do need to have all the graphical stuff installed atleast07:24
mavericksamLDAP Client on Ubuntu 12.04 fails to log in through GUI. Help ?07:24
TewlzHello.  I was wondering if there is a quick easy way to just run my intel graphics instead of my ati graphics all the time?07:24
moskOk sorry.07:24
L3topTewlz... is this a laptop with hybrid graphics?07:24
Fudge_ruben  yep it is installed, the machine is runnin g as a server but is a desktop install07:24
arcwolfTewlz: likely BIOS07:25
Tewlzok i'll give it a look.  thank you much.07:25
mavericksamLDAP Client on Ubuntu 12.04 fails to log in through GUI. Help ?07:25
L3topTewlz: vgaswitcheroo07:25
L3topTewlz: arcwolf almost 0 chance of bios helping. They are integrated07:25
Tewlzoh ok.  I'll look into vgaswitcheroo.07:26
mavericksamLDAP Client on Ubuntu 12.04 fails to log in through GUI. Help ?07:26
mavericksamLDAP Client on Ubuntu 12.04 fails to log in through GUI. Help ?07:26
mavericksamLDAP Client on Ubuntu 12.04 fails to log in through GUI. Help ?07:26
FloodBot1mavericksam: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:26
_rubenFudge: i've used NX for stuff like that07:27
arcwolf::some:: laptops have it so you can manually set one or the other in the BIOS <- depends on model07:27
Fudge_ruben  the app my friend is using from his iphone is 'screens' he wants to be able to use that to connect to the ubuntu machine07:28
acemeisterwithin ubuntu what wuold be the command to access my winxp media files07:29
L3toparcwolf: I have never encountered one. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist... but... I am unaware of it. They are a nightmare to support on my end. The one uses the other in order to switch gears through the same head.07:29
moskI have a s3 acer with ubuntu, w7 and w8. by mistake I chose in the boot screen of ubuntu, the option to start the recovery partition. The recovery program load and in the first screen I select Exit and the laptop restart. But the boot is no more runing. I just can see this error.07:29
arcwolfTewlz: does it have the option to switch in windows?07:30
moskUnknown filesystem grub rescue07:30
acemeisterwithin ubuntu what wuold be the command to access my winxp media files07:30
arcwolf<- spent way to long working in retail. now i fix cell networks07:30
L3topacemeister: you should be able to just open the directory in nautilus. Clicking on the "drive" itself will mount.07:31
jordan__How can I edit the keymap of a keyboard on 12.04?07:32
moskCan somebody help me?07:32
Tewlzswitcheroo won't work since i'm using the fglrx drivers.  If i just uninstall them will it switch to the intel onboard?07:32
L3topmosk, what error... and you JUST asked the question.07:32
L3topTewlz: it will use the open source radeon driver probably.07:33
mosk(mosk) I have a s3 acer with ubuntu, w7 and w8. by mistake I chose in the boot screen of ubuntu, the option to start the recovery partition. The recovery program load and in the first screen I select Exit and the laptop restart. But the boot is no more runing. I just can see this error.  Error: unknown filesystem grub rescue07:33
L3topswitcheroo wont work with fglrx?07:33
Tewlzwell the propietary drivers.  least that's what i read.07:33
moskCan i fix it?07:34
L3topI will look at it Tewlz. Most of these are the nvidia optimus chipset...07:34
L3top!patience | mosk07:34
ubottumosk: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:34
Tewlzok thanks.  Ya if there is just a way to turn it off and just enable the intel one that would be great.  Don't care to switch them.07:35
besTKoDerEverRHi GuyZ, is it possible to run a freash clean installation of ubuntu, when you already have ubuntu installed? like some virtual stuff???07:35
moskI'm here07:35
L3topmosk I believe you will need to boot to a live disk, mount it, bind /dev and chroot in... then install and update grub.07:36
arcwolfbesTKoDerEverR: use live disk or a emulator07:36
L3topmosk: it is an involved process. Let me know when you have booted to the live cd.07:36
L3topTewlz: by all means... look in the bios for a way to disable the discrete GPU. I was unaware there were any that let you. That would definitely be best.07:37
TewlzAlright i'll give it a look.  Thanks for the help.07:37
besTKoDerEverRarcwolf, right.. i have a live ubuntu on usb.. can i install programs and packages to that live ubuntu?07:38
besTKoDerEverRarcwolf, so it would be like a real ubuntu07:38
jordan__How can I change the mapping of one letter on my keyboard?07:38
arcwolfL3top: the way some of the lappys did the switch was kinda weird/ proprietary case point the old sony vgn line07:38
acemeisterdoes anyone know of a mp3 player for ubuntu and the command to get to it?07:38
L3topbesTKoDerEverR: It will not preserve those installations on boot.07:38
acemeisteralso how can i get07:38
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
acemeisterthe extensions07:39
acemeistermount ur winxp filesystem....to ubuntu... how?07:39
besTKoDerEverRL3top, ok thanks.. :-(07:39
vampirnataLoshki: thanks :) sorry I was afk. I will try the cron trick07:39
L3topubuntu comes with various things that will play mp3s acemeister. I do not understand the question.07:39
acemeisterwhat's the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit ubuntu?07:39
arcwolfbesTKoDerEverR: yes if you have a (savefile)? some distros will do this07:39
acemeisteri know that07:39
acemeisterbut i dont know how to get to them07:40
acemeisterthe commands07:40
acemeisteryou have to type in07:40
L3topbesTKoDerEverR: you could look into remastersys, then you could make a live cd that mirrored your install... and add it to a USB drive with persistence.07:40
auronandace!codecs | acemeister07:40
ubottuacemeister: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:40
arcwolfah there :)07:40
mosk(mosk) I make a usb stick because my laptop haven't cd drive07:41
acemeisterso tell me the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit please?07:41
mosk(mosk) But I just see the first line07:41
mosk(mosk) Syslinux 4.06 edd ... .... Peter Anvin et al07:41
acemeisterbecause it says 64 bit was install will it run slower?07:41
mosk(mosk)  No more... don't load anymore...07:41
auronandaceacemeister: run slower? what are you talking about?07:41
auronandaceacemeister: 64bit can address more ram (above 4gb)07:42
L3topacemeister: type the program followed by the /path/file you want it to open. The difference between 64 bit is that it will run 64 bit programs. It is a different architecture, that mostly just runs 32 bit stuff anyway because so little actually uses 64 bit arch.07:42
strkhow do you mix audio from a console in Ubuntu 10.10 ? (alsamixer doesn't seem to work)07:42
acemeisterOk you know how there is 32 bit and 64 bit ubuntu versions?07:42
acemeisterwellll i have win xp 32 bit installed and 64 bit ubuntu will this fuck things up?07:42
L3topacemeister: no, and do not curse in here.07:43
acemeisterlol sorry07:43
StarryNightuse 32 bit version07:43
acemeisterbut i already updated and installed :07:43
arcwolfeither is fine07:43
acemeisterit will still run it just not smoothly07:43
TewlzNo dice on the bios.07:43
L3topwhat do you mean mix audio strk?07:43
cool_codeacemeister, what kind of CPU you have?07:44
auronandacestrk: 10.10 is no longer supported07:44
arcwolfTewlz: then i have no idea.07:44
StarryNightfor 5 years plus i been using only 64 bit cpus07:44
moskWhere is the spanish channel?07:44
Tewlzok np. i'll keep searching.07:44
auronandace!es | mosk07:44
ubottumosk: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:44
acemeisterif  64 bit is used to address above 4gb and i have 960mb then 32 bit would be mor suitable and smoother ?07:44
acemeistercool code07:44
acemeisterits a 2.4ghz amd07:44
L3topacemeister: smoother, no.07:44
acemeisteralright so is there anyway to revert back without installing over it07:44
arcwolfacemeister: the diffrences are omstly academic now anyway07:44
acemeisterwhat do u mean?07:45
besTKoDerEverRthanks guyz..07:45
acemeisteri mean performance wise07:45
acemeisterim getting two diff answers i dnt know what to believe07:45
L3topacemeister: if your system is not smooth, it is not because you are running 64 bit07:45
acemeisteryeah i know07:45
acemeisterits because its a pos07:45
acemeister960mb of ram07:46
acemeisteri mean its smoother than xp07:46
arcwolfacemeister: most of the development from software is moving to x64 anyways...07:46
acemeisterwhich is 32 bit07:46
L3toppae 32bit kernel will also address more memory, not that it is your issue.07:46
auronandaceacemeister: stop swearing07:46
acemeisterwhat do you mean i kernel?07:46
acemeisterthe root?07:46
acemeisteri didnt swear07:46
L3topI would not reinstall JUST because you have 64 bit installed... it is meant to be an enhancement, not a detriment.07:46
acemeisteri used an acroynm07:46
arcwolfTewlz: the onlything i can think is manualy loading/unloading kernel mods though not sure on how/what in ur case this would do07:47
L3top!pae | acemeister07:47
ubottuacemeister: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info07:47
acemeisterl3top just reinstall over it?07:47
jrdnnacemeister: You don't need 64bit for lots of RAM(PAE does that) the benefit is if you run CPU intensive programs that do math on 64bit types which run faster in amd64 mode than emulated or with MMX, and also loads that can make use of twice as many registers (CPU intensive apps)07:47
acemeisterplease explain07:47
jordan__How can I change the mapping of one letter on my keyboard?07:47
L3topJust... leave it alone. It isn't broke. Dont fix it acemeister.07:47
acemeisterit is broke and it needs to be fixed07:47
arcwolfPAE = bad07:47
PapaSierracould someone give me a hint why this might happen: "ln: creating symbolic link `pre-commit': Read-only file system"07:47
arcwolfno writing :|07:48
acemeisterI want optimal performance if I could just reinstall over the current 64 bit version then why not?07:48
jrdnnPapaSierra: Type mount and look to see if there is "read-only" by the mountpoint relevant07:48
L3topwhatever is "broken" isn't due to it being 64 bit. I cannot be clearer. It is not going to be "better" because you install 3207:48
besTKoDerEverRCan one have 2 ubuntu installations on the same HDD?07:48
acemeisterthe 12.04 ver comes with previous linux versions07:49
auronandacebesTKoDerEverR: yes07:49
jordan__How can I change the mapping of one letter on my keyboard?07:49
bongsawyeralthough I'm stoned from bong tokes I am willing to type ...07:49
jordan__How can I change the mapping of one letter on my keyboard?07:49
bongsawyeracemeister: Please try Gentoo if you seek 'optimal performance'07:49
acemeisterjust dont spill any bongwater on the keyboard07:49
PapaSierrajrdnn interesting: http://dpaste.com/768539/07:49
L3top!ot | bongsawyer07:49
ubottubongsawyer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:49
besTKoDerEverRauronandace, if i install it once again.. will it dual boot?07:49
arcwolfgentoo = must custom complie everything07:49
acemeisterbongsawyer, im a newbie when it comes to linux and ubuntu is the a better choice for newbs07:49
auronandacebesTKoDerEverR: sure07:50
acemeisterwhats so great about gentooo?07:50
L3topacemeister this is not a gentoo discussion channel.07:50
acemeisterok fair enough07:50
arcwolfpm acemeister07:50
acemeisterl3top whats the link07:50
acemeisteryou gave earlier to get the mp3 player07:51
acemeisterfor ubuntu07:51
auronandace!codecs | acemeister07:51
ubottuacemeister: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:51
L3topPapaSierra: You probably need to run fsck on the drive.07:51
besTKoDerEverRauronandace, ok.. ill give it a go :-S07:51
auronandacebesTKoDerEverR: no worries, you may need to rerun grub update to pick up the other install07:52
Kartagiswhat file shows me my dns servers in 12.04?07:52
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cool_codeacemeister, in terminal 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'07:52
arcwolf /etc/resolve.conf?07:52
L3topKartagis: /etc/resolv.conf07:53
L3topno e07:53
besTKoDerEverRauronandace, huh? .. will they be aware of each other or what?07:53
arcwolf<- loves the bash07:53
Kartagisno, that file shows as of 12.0407:53
L3topKartagis: editing of this file has been depreciated. If you make changes they will revert. It goes in a subfolder... if that is what you had in mind.07:53
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besTKoDerEverRauronandace, i was thinking of making a new partition in the HDD..07:54
auronandacebesTKoDerEverR: yes, the newest one installed will overwrite grub07:54
KartagisL3top: actually, what I had in mind was what file to edit to change nameservers07:54
jrdnnRartagis: resolv.conf07:55
L3topKartagis: yes... /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head     will write them to resolv.conf... weird... but works.07:55
Kartagisthanks L3top07:55
L3topKartagis: they want you to use the resolvconf tool to do this.07:56
besTKoDerEverRauronandace, ok thanks.. lets try this..08:03
Rickardo1My ubuntu server suddenly start to consume a lot of cpu with mysqld... when I restart it 3 new instances started directly and using up to 100% .. what can cause this.. I have no load on the httpdserver. http://d.pr/i/kvUi08:04
arcwolfRickardo1: does it go down after a few seconds?08:05
Rickardo1arcwolf: no08:05
jrdnnmorzan_: Hi. !ask08:05
ubottumorzan_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:05
morzan_any real people here?08:06
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crazygirli want to install temes permanantly in ubuntu 12.04 then i want to make live boot cd so when i use that live boot cd there should be my theme how to do that08:06
morzan_anybody wanna talk? Specifically about ndiswrapper? I can't get it to work with my netgear card :P08:06
killownlibGL.so.1: classe ELF errada: ELFCLASS64 OMG its on 12.0408:07
crazygirlany volountear is here?08:08
crazygirlwho can solve my problem08:08
morzan_anybody know about ndiswrapper wanna help me?08:08
L3topcrazygirl: dial it down a notch. Check out remastersys.08:08
morzan_what's remastersys?08:08
crazygirli use remastersys no problem with live boot..problem is when i creat live boot cd it come with ubuntu theme not ne which i installe08:09
L3topIt is a tool to create your own live distro. It basically takes your system and lets you create a live CD from it fairly easily.08:09
morzan_I've always wondered, I'm running a dualboot Win7/Ubuntu setup right now. Is there any way to boot my hard install of windows inside ubuntu, or vice versa, basically so I don't have to restart my whole machine just to access my other OS08:10
L3top!remaster | these are other solutions, but I like remastersys.08:10
ubottuthese are other solutions, but I like remastersys.: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility08:10
jrdnnmorzan_: VirtualBox or Xen?08:10
mavericksamSuggest channel for ubuntu-ldap related doubts ...... :)08:11
moskHola. Tengo un problema con mi laptop. Tengo una acer s3 con ubuntu. W7 y w8. por error en las opciones de arranque presioné el recovery de acer y al cargarlo, en la primera ventana sin modificar nada, seleccioné Exit, al reiniciar me dide Error: unknown filesystem grub rescue. Mi pc no tiene dvd drive así que hice un usb stick con el universal usb installer pero no hace nada más que mostrarme la primera linea que sólo dice SYSLINUX 4.06 EDD 4.06-pre1 C08:11
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L3topcrazygirl: what specifically are you trying to change?08:11
jrdnnmosk: !es08:11
L3top!es | mosk08:12
ubottumosk: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:12
moskNobody is there...08:12
crazygirl i want to install new theme (replace default theme)and genrate a live boot iso08:12
crazygirlso new theme come in my live boot cd08:12
crazygirlbecuase live boot cd take default theme08:12
L3topdefine theme... because the live disk should carry over your theme...08:12
morzan_how do I find the right .inf driver for ndiswrapper for my wireless card?08:13
=== eiden is now known as rawagner
moskNo. The usb stick just says syslinux 4.06... peter anvin et al08:14
moskAnd no moee08:14
tokadorahi, I have no sound in my ubuntu 12.04 OS, any pointer?08:14
jrdnntokadora: Uninstall pulseaudio maybe?08:15
L3topmosk: how did you get this iso onto the usb drive?08:15
L3topjrdnn: why would that be your advice?08:15
jrdnnL3top: Had lots of audio problems on Ubuntu fixed by getting rid of pulseaudio08:16
L3toptokadora: can you open alsamixer? And how are you connecting to what sort of audio device?08:16
moskUsing universal usb istaller and downloading different iso08:16
tokadorajrdnn, I've tried 'killall pulseaudio' and it didn't fix it08:16
tokadoraL3top I can open alsamixer, and nothing is muted08:16
tokadorasorry I don't understand the 2nd question. How am I connecting to what?08:17
tokadoraI don't know what my audio device is. I'm not very knowledgeable about computers08:17
L3topHDMI spdif analog USB08:17
L3topamplifier, tv, headphones... etc08:17
L3topWhat kind of cable are you connecting to what that makes noise tokadora?08:17
cntbwill ever pulseaudio serve well skype? skype 4 same mic problem08:18
tokadoraL3top oh, I have speakers plugged in. Upon bootup, at the BIOS, there is sound as the Intel logo appears, so it's physically connected08:18
L3toptokadora: can you please pastebin the output of : sudo aplay -l08:18
moskL3top Using universal usb istaller and downloading different iso08:19
tokadoraL3top I got this: Home directory /home/(name) not ours08:20
vampirnataLoshki: Thanks for the tip, cron script works great.08:20
Vamp898Hi, when i try to start a Java Application on my 64bit Ubuntu System i get the following error: Running a 64-bit JVM is not supported on this platform.08:20
vampirnatatype uname -a08:20
vampirnatawhat does it say?08:20
Vamp898vampirnata: 3.2.0-24-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 21 16:52:17 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:21
vampirnataand java --version?08:21
L3topwhat iso mosk?08:21
vampirnatasorry, java -version08:21
Vamp898vampirnata: java version "1.6.0_30"08:21
L3toptokadora: I do not understand how what I gave you could possibly produce that.08:21
Vamp898vampirnata: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_30-b12)08:22
Vamp898vampirnata: last but not least: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 20.5-b03, mixed mode08:22
mosk10.10 Desk 86 10.10 net 86 11.04 desk 86 and 12.04 desk 8608:23
vampirnataVamp898: I think you may need to install Java 64bit08:23
tokadoraL3top I copied and pasted the command08:23
tokadoraI don't know why I got that output08:23
Vamp898vampirnata: i installed default-jre, isnt that a 64bit package08:23
tokadoraI'll come back tomorrow, I08:23
tokadora gotta sleep08:23
vampirnataVamp898: I believe that's 32bit08:23
L3topsudo aplay -l        tokadora?08:23
vampirnataVamp898: default is 32bit.08:24
L3topok night.08:24
L3topmosk... can you try putting 1204 on the usb drive with unetbootin?08:24
Vamp898vampirnata: so the default JRE on a 64bit System is a 32bit? is there any 64bit package in the repository?08:24
cntbwill ever pulseaudio serve well skype? skype 4 same mic problem08:24
moskI'm gonna try08:25
vampirnataVamp898: not sure, but if you download the jre-6u16-linux-x64.bin and then run sudo ./filename it should install the x6408:25
L3topcntb: this is not a clear question... first of all...08:25
cntbhow t chanke from pulseaudio to alsa mixer and does it solve mic issue in skype?08:26
Vamp898vampirnata: yeah but then its not tracked by dpkg. In a company environment that would mean no longer supportet by Canonical. Does companies dont need a 64bit Java Package?08:26
sveinseI'm running nvidia drivers off ubuntu-x-swat-x-updates-precise PPA, and recently (with driver 302.17) I have serious problems using both nvidia-settings and disper. They control some of the display aspects but not all. Is this familiar to anyone?08:26
vampirnataVamp898: I don't know to be honest. I know if you install the JDK you get the 64bit jre. sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk08:27
vampirnataVamp898: But I'd advise using OpenJDK instead L(08:27
Vamp898vampirnata: openjdk-7-jdk is installing right now ;)08:28
vampirnataunless you have a specific need to use the Sun/Oracle Java08:28
__Hayes__Hello all :)08:29
chriswardanyone have any clue as to why I can connect to a remote samba server running ubuntu, but it seems no one else can?08:29
=== tdubz_ is now known as thomas
vampirnatachrisward: no one else on the same network?08:29
__Hayes__I have a little issue with ppa, I cannot add any key ubuntu 12.0408:29
Vamp898vampirnata: update-alternatives did not updated the java symlink (but all others), but by doing that by hand it works now. I thank you08:29
vampirnataVamp898: my pleasure :)08:30
L3topI have no idea if it would "fix" skype cntb, but you can sudo apt-get remove pluseaudio... However I am not sure that everything will be particularly fond of this change. A LOT of people use skype, and pulse is installed by default... I am not sure this is the correct solution. Instead why dont you try sudo apt-get install pavucontrol08:30
chriswardvampirnata, it's connections accross the internet, server's in france, I'm in australia and connect fine, there are other people on entirely separate networks who cannot connect. I am not using a VPN etc.08:30
L3top__Hayes__: what is the PPA and how are you trying to add the key?08:31
vampirnatachrisward: is this your samba server ?08:31
chriswardvampirnata, yes08:31
__Hayes__L3top: I am trying. .. "  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:conkyhardcore/ppa" but getting an error08:31
vampirnatachrisward: check the smb.allow and smb.config to see if the users are allowed and if there are any ip filters08:31
L3topwhat error __Hayes__08:32
__Hayes__L3top: Executing: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /tmp/tmp.PwgpmgjEi3 --trustdb-name /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80/ --recv 82E602C2B78548757D7774D51E5D5E8D66AE077508:32
__Hayes__gpg: requesting key 66AE0775 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com08:32
__Hayes__?: invalid HTTP proxy (http://localhost:4001 ): bad URI08:32
__Hayes__gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect: Success08:32
__Hayes__gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.08:32
__Hayes__gpg: Total number processed: 008:32
FloodBot1__Hayes__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:32
chriswardvampirnata, I can't find an smb.allow file and there doesn't appear to be any IP filters08:32
L3top!pastebin | __Hayes__08:33
ubottu__Hayes__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:33
__Hayes__Oh, I apologize for that!08:33
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com08:33
vampirnatachrisward: sorry I meant hosts.allow/hosts.deny08:33
chriswardvampirnata, where can I find them?08:33
vampirnatachrisward: /etc08:34
chriswardvampirnata, both appear to be empty (apart from instructional comments)08:34
L3topgimme a second __Hayes__.08:34
__Hayes__Sure, L3top :') thanks for your time.08:35
vampirnatachrisward: are you using a firewall?08:35
L3top__Hayes__: are you using a proxy server?08:35
SimenOlaiHi ch08:35
SimenOlaichrisward, *08:35
__Hayes__L3top: I am not sure..08:36
SimenOlaiSo many ch and chr nicks08:36
moskSame error L3top syslinux.... .....Peter anvin et al08:36
vampirnatachrisward: maybe the router is also blocking those ips08:36
chriswardthe router of the client or server?08:36
moskNothing happen08:36
L3topmosk do you see something that says boot:08:36
chriswardonline portscans show it's refusing connections08:36
vampirnatachrisward: server. but if the users are on a corporate network it could also be blocking outgoing requests08:36
L3topI am not sure why you are getting a 4.06 syslinux either...08:37
ceborI have problems with 2 monitors: i cant expand the deskop over two screens (2 screens with 2 different resolutions: 1680x1050 and 1366x768) mirror is working08:37
chriswardvampirnata, it's a dedicated machine I'm renting from a server host.... I doubt they'd be filtering smb traffic..08:37
SimenOlaiHi chrisward08:37
chriswardhi simen08:37
L3top__Hayes__: can you open your network manager and go to proxy, and see if you have a proxy server set, unset it?08:37
mosknow is 4.03 2010-10-22...peter...08:38
juan-carlosGood evening, How do I format my pendrive in ubuntu studio?08:38
vampirnatachrisward: you sure they don't just allow access from your ip?08:38
chriswardvampirnata, I wouldn't imagine so, as I installed SMB myself08:38
__Hayes__Proxy is set to none -- L3top08:39
L3top!ot | hi SimenOlai... this channel is not for chitchat.08:39
ubottuhi SimenOlai... this channel is not for chitchat.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:39
vampirnatachrisward: have a look at the iptables for the server08:39
SimenOlaiBut chrisward ''asked'' me to come here08:39
chriswardI didn't actually08:39
chriswardI just told you I was here08:39
pnthis needs to be settled by combat08:40
moskL3top now is 4.03 2010-10-22...peter...08:40
vampirnatachrisward: I assume you're giving another username to these other people?08:40
L3topThat does not change the fact that you are fattening my log with smiley faces while I am trying to help people SimenOlai. Please stop typing unless you have a support question, or solution.08:40
vampirnatachrisward: are you allowing those users in smb.conf08:41
chriswardvampirnata, yes, though they never make it to the password prompt; connection refused08:41
vampirnatachrisward: that sounds like a firewall problem08:41
vampirnatachrisward: I can try and connect from here if you msg me the ip08:41
L3top!md5sum | mosk08:41
ubottumosk: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:41
vampirnatadon't put it in channel though :)08:41
chriswardI /notice'd it, did you want a message specifically?08:42
L3topHavent forgotten you __Hayes__.08:42
moskI'm use the same iso image on the past .ubottu.08:43
__Hayes__Thanks.. I was actually trying to figure at Google, and google isn't helping me much.. :'(08:43
L3top__Hayes__: something has set a proxy. I am just trying to figure out where that is set so we can go in manually and gut it.08:44
maybefbiWhat is the type of h in State monad instance here: http://hpaste.org/71124 ?08:44
moskIn fact the same usb work fine in other pc08:44
Asad2005this is the second time that i come to resume my pc from suspend and it fails to resume and had to power off and on, where can i see the log of what has happend or is that not possible08:44
L3topmosk: then I would suggest looking at your bios settings. Perhaps this is a UEFI issue08:45
L3topAsad2005: you could look at /var/log/syslog and dmesg.08:46
moskI'm looking08:46
L3top__Hayes__: can you please type env | grep -i proxy           and tell me if there is an htttp proxy there?08:50
__Hayes__L3top:  yes its there!08:51
L3top__Hayes__: well the temporary fix is to: export http_proxy=                 but it is probably being defined each boot in .bashrc so why dont you do that... add your gpg key, and I will brb08:53
L3top__Hayes__:  grep -i "proxy" ~/.bashrc08:54
__Hayes__L3top: I used export http_proxy=08:57
__Hayes__and tried to get the key but again same thing..08:58
=== Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia
__Hayes__and grep -i "proxy" ~/.bashrc   returns nothing...08:59
decciI have a dell server with 8 number of 8GB DIMMs and 4 number of 16GB DIMMs.The Dell BIOS throws "unsymetrical Memory Configuration error" . I find that numactl recommends the performancewise Memory allocation ? Any idea how numactl does that?08:59
ubottucibesco: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:01
Jihui_ChoiI have a vps server and I think I made mess. How can I make clean without reinstalling OS? It has 12.0409:02
L3topok __Hayes__: unset http_proxy09:03
fidelJihui_Choi: finding out what you might call a mess is the first step09:03
fidelif you dont want to reinstall - then fixing is the way to go - therefor try to understand what is broken - therefore start by describing what issues you really have (would be my way)09:04
Jihui_Choifidel: well.. I installed many packages and test many things. So I just want to make clean all. back to the beginning. :)09:05
Anomie21Anyone else finding Pidgin really buggy in ubuntu? (Can't access the buddy list at times, the menu bar stops working, etc)09:05
Jihui_Choifidel: I understand what you said, but at this moment.. it's too hard to remember and figure out09:05
hpuser4455My ubuntu 12.04 corrupted after installing games from the repo.  First file-roller's fonts messed up, then system fonts.  Then it failed to reboot.09:05
hpuser4455Is there a way to recover the base system files so I can reboot?09:06
__Hayes__L3top, How do i do that?09:07
L3topJihui_Choi: cd /var/log/apt    look through your history, and sudo apt-get uninstall the things you do not want.09:07
hpuser4455I installed 12.04 via the non-pae mini cd with lxde desktop.09:07
fidelJihui_Choi: and what do you expect now?09:08
L3top__Hayes__: exactly like that. unset http_proxy09:08
fidelyou are not willing to do a clean install - nor willing to start messing around?09:08
ikoniahpuser4455: you will need to reinstall09:08
fideloption 3 - pay someone & let it be fixed by him ;)09:08
ikoniahpuser4455: if you have lost/corrupted files.09:08
geirhahpuser4455: sounds odd that a game package would do that. The symptoms somewhat resembles what happens when you fill the root fileystem09:08
L3topJihui_Choi: sudo apt-get remove   not uninstall... dont know where my head is this morning.09:09
hpuser4455geirha..ok..will check my hd space.09:09
__Hayes__L3top:  did that, do I need to reboot?09:09
L3topno __Hayes__09:09
Jihui_Choifidel: I think I need something like time-machine. anyway I'm gonna follow L3top's advice09:09
__Hayes__L3top: It doesn't work, same message again...09:09
L3top__Hayes__: in fact, rebooting will probably bring this env variable back into existence. Figuring out WHAT is setting that will be the next chore09:10
Jihui_Choithank you both of you :)09:10
fidelJihui_Choi: timemachine wouldnt help either - if you dont know the moment to restore09:10
fidelJihui_Choi: advice for the future- consider using some kind of VM for testing things09:10
fidelkeeps your main station/box clean and makes you way more flexible09:10
fidelgood luck09:10
L3top__Hayes__: sudo -s      login and unset it again. then type exit. Though I would expect sudo would simply carry over your current env... I cannot see how this is still occurring. geirha would know though :P09:11
Jihui_Choifidel: yeah I should've.. actually I did, but now my vps is dirty. I don't know why though09:11
geirha__Hayes__, L3top: By default, sudo will ignore most env variables, including http_proxy. You have to specifically tell it to pass it on via sudoers09:12
hpuser4455my hd is 18% full.  Can i simply re-install the base system while keeping my installed apps?09:12
hpuser4455so when i re-install, it will overwrite the corrupted packages and keep the rest.09:13
L3topgeirha: the problem is... that a proxy has been set, somewhere... and I am trying to get it unset so he can do what he needs to do with regards to a gpg add... then try and figure out what is setting it... and stop it.09:13
ikoniahpuser4455: no, it will re-install the whole OS09:13
geirhahpuser4455: how full your harddrive doesn't necessarily say how full the root partition is09:13
__Hayes__i did with sudo -s and unset it and same result.09:14
hpuser4455geirha..actually sda2 which is ubuntu's root is 18%..so plenty of space, according to df -a09:14
L3topgeirha: <__Hayes__> ?: invalid HTTP proxy (http://localhost:4001 ): bad URI      <L3top>__Hayes__: can you please type env | grep -i proxy           and tell me if there is an htttp proxy there? <__Hayes__>  http_proxy=http://localhost:400109:15
geirhahpuser4455: Ok, then I'd try to get into the system and run dpkg --configure -a  to reconfigure all packages that haven't been configured yet. Might help. If not, I'd consider trying dpkg-reconfigure -a too. The latter reconfigures ALL packages, so it'll take quite some time.09:16
geirha__Hayes__: does this output anything?  sudo env | grep http_proxy09:17
__Hayes__geirha: I doesn09:17
geirha__Hayes__: Then that proxy might be set in apt's config09:17
__Hayes__that means?09:18
L3topgeirha: ok __Hayes__: unset http_proxy       so I would expect it to be gone now...09:18
geirha__Hayes__: grep -i proxy /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/*09:18
L3topsorry that was my post to him... and then me saying I expect it is gone now geirha.09:18
__Hayes__geirha: nothing09:19
geirhaHm. Out of ideas then...09:20
L3top__Hayes__: go ahead and reboot. When you come back we will env | grep -i proxy      again.09:20
__Hayes__L3top: okay.09:20
vakhi all09:21
coolrootL3top i used to do apt-get update before and works fine...but now i got this error W: failed to fetch blah blah blah :( but when doing sudo apt-get update it works....how can i fix it?09:21
* ThomasBoxley is away: Away09:21
wolverinecoolroot: check your etc sudoers ;ist09:22
L3topummm... then you did something you weren't supposed to coolroot. You should not have ever had permission to apt-get update without sudo.09:22
coolrootwolverine i'll try thanx09:22
wolverineuser might have been removed from the list09:22
wolverinelet me know if it works09:22
vakI have to use GPT partition (large partition is need for RAID) and I cant get my non-efi BIOS to load Ubuntu 12 from the disk.09:23
vakboot-repair says "GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag). This can be performed via tools such as Gparted. Then try again."09:24
__Hayes__L3top: I am back.09:24
__Hayes__they are back again...09:24
L3topthey? ftp and http or more?09:24
vakbut I've created a 2MB unformatted partition with label bios_grub, what I am doing wrong?09:25
__Hayes__http_proxy UBUNTU_MENUPROXY and HTTP_PROXY09:25
__Hayes__L3top: ^09:25
L3topaha... welll that is why it wasnt working... you have two http proxies set... you only gave me lower case. Again, figuring out what is setting those is going to be a bit of a chore.09:26
=== geek is now known as guesttt
L3top__Hayes__: unset http_proxy; unset HTTP_PROXY09:27
geirha__Hayes__: grep -i proxy ~/.profile ~/.pam_environment /etc/profile /etc/environment09:27
__Hayes__L3top: yes, I did that...09:27
JaymesKellerHi, I'm having trouble with installing Ubuntu with my Asus M4N75TD motherboard in AHCI mode. When I attempt to boot a live USB, it hangs on startup, and unfortunatly, I do not see any useful error messages. I have tried a BIOS update, but all that did was fix a APCI error. Are there any solutions avalible to try? As a side note, I have attempted "noahci", but it doesn't help.09:28
__Hayes__geirha: /etc/environment:HTTP_PROXY=http://localhost:4001 # +ANON_MARK+09:29
__Hayes__geirha:  +ANON_MARK+ Don't change this while anon-proxy manages this variable.09:29
hayloJaymesKeller, not every usb or dvd one makes always works, i would keep trying. But try a different medium ie: different usb, different technique for putting it on usb09:30
L3topJaymesKeller: change bios sata mode to ide?09:30
__Hayes__geirha: /etc/environment:HTTP_PROXY=http://localhost:4001 # +ANON_MARK+09:30
__Hayes__/etc/environment:http_proxy=http://localhost:4001 # +ANON_MARK+09:30
geirha__Hayes__: Ouch, better use a pastebin for long pastes09:30
JaymesKellerL3top: I have attempted running the install in IDE mode, and it still seems to sulk.09:31
geirha__Hayes__: Anyway, something called anon-proxy has added that to your /etc/environment. I've never heard of it, but if you don't use it anymore, it should be safe to remove it form /etc/environment09:31
hayloJaymesKeller, some bios have "OS install mode disable/enable" look for something like that, and make sure you have boot priority set so usb is at least included09:31
IlikeMoosehas anyone ever had any problems with rhythmbox screwing with their cd-rom drive?09:32
__Hayes__geirha: I cannot install any utility/program/anthing via apt-get it just gets to 0% [waiting for headers] and stuck at it..09:32
geirha__Hayes__: Well, sounds like you've run this anon-proxy thing at some point, but apparently not anymore, or it's faulty, so remove or comment out those lines. sudoedit /etc/environment09:34
L3top__Hayes__: that is the reason... edit /etc/environment  and hash out/remove all of those http_proxy lines09:34
JaymesKellerhaylo: Boot priority is on, but I don't see an install mode in the BIOS.09:34
hayloJaymesKeller, also try putting the iso onto the usb directly with cat or dd. all those pen drive tools get kind of iffy09:34
JaymesKellerhaylo: I haven't considered that. I will give it a try.09:34
=== gary_ is now known as Guest87527
__Hayes__geirha: L3top problem resolved...09:37
__Hayes__Thanks for your time and help...09:37
Aritzanyone know similar things like DROPWATCH in ubuntu09:37
fidelAritz: maybe try to ask for functions - not names09:39
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:39
IlikeMooseis rhythmbox a good program to use or should i find something else to use for my audio?09:40
Aritzya function i mean09:40
gigixIlikeMoose: it's a question taste, there's plenty of audio player just pick one, try it, pick another one, try it, and choose :-)09:41
fidelIlikeMoose: users do define good - personaly i dislike it and heavily prefer clementine - but thats just my choice and i bet 100 users inhere will give you 100 other views ;)09:41
IlikeMooserhythmbox seems to be bugging out on my cd-rom drive09:42
IlikeMooseit'll spin the disc up then won't eject it09:42
Aritz1info dropwatch09:42
gigixIlikeMoose: if what you're looking for is feedback, then I am personally satisfied with rhythmbox, but also like clementine for its UI09:42
Aritz!info dropwatch09:42
ubottuPackage dropwatch does not exist in precise09:42
L3top!poll | which is why this is a factoid09:42
ubottuwhich is why this is a factoid: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:42
IlikeMoosei installed audacious since it has the old winamp interface which i love and it hasn't crapped out on me yet hopefully09:43
gigixIlikeMoose: so stick with it then...09:43
IlikeMoosesorry for the idiocy, i just installed ubuntu tonight and i'm just starting to get used to it from windows09:44
KM0201audacious is one of the better music players on linux IMO... under rated for sure09:46
KM0201i've kinda grown fond of Rhythmbox however.09:46
IlikeMoosei'm running this on a pentium4 with HT on an old hp compaq and rhythmbox really hates my cd-rom drive09:48
IlikeMooseplus it wouldn't play my playlist file from di.fm when i tried to get it to play09:49
L3topIlikeMoose: do you have an ubuntu support question?09:52
hayloIlikeMoose, rythmbox is a suck program. if you need a gui for music use clementine. or play from command line09:53
hayloor just use vlc, for movies and music. your time fooling with GUIs will be better spent on vlc09:53
hayloit is a much more profeesional and protable tool09:54
IlikeMooseL3top, i think i solved my support problem by uninstalling rhythmbox09:55
L3topWell... welcome to Ubuntu IlikeMoose... but this is why polling is not allowed here, because you get a bunch of people arguing about the thing they like/dislike... and when it is active, it makes it REALLY annoying to scroll through to get info to help people. Chit chat etc should happen in #ubuntu-offtopic. Like I said, not a big deal atm... but still not allowed.09:58
IlikeMooseL3top,  sorry i didn't know09:59
L3topjust an fyi. Like I said... its no skin off my nose since its dead... but even dead there are approaching 2000 people in this room. If 1/10th of them gave an opinion, it would be unreadable.10:00
david__what is a server?  how do i know if i downloaded the server version of ubuntu or the desktop version?10:04
Nuclear-muffin27I lost a file but still have it somewhere how do i find it i need it?10:04
haylocan you search for it nautilus Nuclear-muffin27 ?10:05
haylothat used to be ubuntus default file manager10:05
Nuclear-muffin27haylo, nautilus?10:05
Nuclear-muffin27how do i searc for it?10:06
hayloyeah, your file manager is called nautilus, it has a search feature that is very robust10:06
Nuclear-muffin27how do i use it?10:06
L3topdavid__: what is the name of the iso you downloaded?10:06
haylojust open the file manager and look for the search box. you will be in in nautilus when looking at your home folder etc. .10:06
david__terribly sorry for my ignorance, but i don't even know what an iso is10:06
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=== thepumpkin___ is now known as thepumpkin_
Nuclear-muffin27the appication compiz just closed what do i do?10:07
Nuclear-muffin27send error report?10:07
=== thepumpkin_ is now known as thepumpkin
Nuclear-muffin27i just relaunched it10:07
L3topdavid__: The file you download to burn to a cd/usb drive. Ubuntu. The file you downloaded.10:07
Nuclear-muffin27s ohow do i use it to search?10:08
qbitzaHi guys, I stuffed my USB drive10:08
=== bill is now known as Guest54422
L3topNuclear-muffin27: there is a box that says search there. Type what you are looking for, and hit search. It is fairly self explanatory.10:08
david__where do i find the name of my iso?10:08
qbitzaI formatted the primary partition with ExtFS4, but didn't update the partition table type10:08
L3topWhere did you download it to david__?10:08
Nuclear-muffin27L3top, in dash?10:09
david__a cd10:09
L3topdavid__: no. You had to download it before you put it on a cd.10:09
david__oh, sorry.  it must have been in windows.......10:10
qbitzaSo afterward I did that and now I can't access the partition anymore10:10
qbitzaHelppp, please!10:10
hayloqbitza, what partitioning tool are you using ?10:10
qbitzaNo superblocks can be found :(10:10
Nuclear-muffin27L3top, do i seach in dash?10:11
qbitzaI used the disk manager (GUI) to update10:11
david__is there an easy way to find the name without going back into my windows downloads?  i would have to restart my computer to do that, thereby negating the effectiveness of this chat session10:11
qbitzahaylo, I also tried diskscan (?)10:11
L3topNuclear-muffin27: in dash you can type nautilus... in nautilus there will be a magnifying glass in the upper right corner... click it... type the file you are looking for... hit search.10:12
haylodavid__,   uname -a   will give you your kernel, maybe that is what you need ?10:12
L3topdavid__: The server version of the OS would also probably say it was server.10:12
L3topdavid__: in the install menu that is10:13
MonkeyDustNuclear-muffin27  mind: there's also the channel #ubuntu-beginners10:13
=== Maccer is now known as MaccerBNC
qbitzahaylo, is my data lost? Should I just reformat and move on?10:13
hayloqbitza, is that partitioner named gparted ? im on a very minimal ubuntu intsall here10:13
Nuclear-muffin27L3top, its not there but i had it somewhere its also not in trash10:14
david__thanks L3top......10:14
hayloqbitza, what data is on the usb ? yeah when you changed the pertition table, you unlinked all the data10:14
L3topNuclear-muffin27: what is the name of the file you are looking for?10:14
qbitzahaylo, sorry no it's "Disk Utility" (c) Red Hat10:14
qbitzahaylo, crud10:15
qbitzahaylo, backups, photos, movies ...10:15
Nuclear-muffin27L3top, well i changed the name dont know what happend i changed name and it was gone10:15
hayloqbitza, in the future, keep your partition table intact, think of that as the very begining pages of the book10:15
qbitzahaylo, not stuff I want to lose, esp. the photos10:15
qbitzahaylo, Is there anything that can rebuild it?10:16
hayloqbitza, then you need to stop messing with and it get it to someone who can recover the data10:16
hayloi think you should duplicate it on another usb, and try your self10:16
L3topNuclear-muffin27: I have no idea how to help you. Sorry.10:16
hayloyou can even make clones of that disk and try different things10:16
Nuclear-muffin27L3top, do you know where i can find help?10:17
hayloPM me, and il terach you how to clone a disk, if you want. its complicated10:17
geirhaqbitza: You might have luck with testdisk, though I'd start with making an image of the whole disk with ddrescue first10:17
L3topNot for the problem of "I renamed it something I dont know"... no I dont.10:17
hayloim just a ubuntu user, not a dev, or admin qbitza10:17
qbitzahaylo, thanks10:17
Nuclear-muffin27Does anyone know how to find missing files?10:17
klj613how do i keep a folder (and its sub files / folders) always be chown kristian:www-data ?10:17
L3topI can find any file... but you have to know what it is called.10:17
qbitzageirha, Tried that, but because it could not locate any superblocks it doesn't want to continue10:18
IlikeMoosequestion..why is it that the 12.04 desktop install never asked me to set up a root password for the system. if i would have selected a server install would it have made me choose a root password?10:18
L3topqbitza: did you try fsck -f ?10:18
geirha!undelete | qbitza10:18
ubottuqbitza: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel10:18
MonkeyDustIlikeMoose  type !root to find out why10:19
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:19
qbitzaL3top, Yes, I did - same problem with the superblocks though10:19
qbitzageirha, thanks, I'll go read up on that10:19
L3topqbitza: I would expect the -f to try and fix that.10:19
Guest54422okay this is going to sound dumb, but what is the linux/ubuntu equivalent to a .exe file?10:20
qbitzaL3top, it keeps asking me to use -b <superblock>10:21
MonkeyDustGuest54422  linux has no one equivalent to it10:21
Guest54422so when im trying to make a shortcut to an application what do i point it towards?10:22
qbitzaThanks guys, let me see if I can get anything done10:22
klj613i chown a folder, but when i create a new file in the folder, its not the chown i want. how do i solve this?10:23
KM0201klj613: chown -R ?10:23
hayloGuest54422, any file can be executable in linux. .exe usually stands for binaries that have been compiled for microsoft ( i think)10:23
klj613KM0201, yes, then i create another new file then i got to do chown again, and again, and again10:24
KM0201klj613: also, if you're "creating" a new folder or file in a directory, it's going to have whatever permissions are granted the person who is creating it...10:24
KM0201so if you create it with "sudo"... it's going to be owned by root.10:24
klj613how do i make it automatically as username:www-data ?10:24
MonkeyDustGuest54422  type /join #ubuntu-beginners, ask there10:25
daniel2having a flash player problem with xubuntu!! installed and copied libflashplayer.so to user/.mozilla/plugins and still no sucess10:25
KM0201klj613: are you cereating the directory/file from command line?10:25
klj613KM0201, normally yes10:26
klj613but dont want to be pernamently root or something like that, i only use sudo when required10:26
haylosudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree   or something along those lines is all i ever need10:26
kushal_kumaranklj613: mark the directory setgid using chmod g+s, then newly created files and directories in that directory will inherit the group.  No way to do this for the owning user, afaik, only group.10:32
daniel2haylo: just installed flashplugin-nonfree and still no joy! logged out and back in aswell10:33
hayloyou have some kind of plug in you are installing you said ?10:34
bcdefhow to do highlighting of contents in pdf file?10:34
hayloi think i may have misunderstood, that command is just to install flash10:34
bcdefi tried a lot..but didn't get any solution.10:35
daniel2yeah need flash to play bbc i player videos10:35
klj613kushal_kumaran, thanks10:35
claudia_a newbie10:39
dazeafter installing tor and polipo, my global http_proxy env var is being set to, which is not desirable. I'm not able to find a config or anything where it is being set (nothing in gconf, nor anywhere else..). anybody has experience with this?10:39
klj613how do i append a text file to another text file via CLI?10:39
claudia_just testing irssi for the first time10:39
claudia_is anyone else using irssi here?10:40
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
dazexchat-gnome here :]10:41
claudia_daze, are you answering my question or someone else's?10:41
dazenot answering actually, just plugging xchat-gnome, maybe :D10:41
claudia_ok, xchat-gnome would be an alternative to irssi you mean?10:42
=== apple is now known as Guest44507
=== tazjin|away is now known as tazjin
daniel2haylo: still not got flash working installed flash-plugin-nonfree10:42
claudia_ok, why use xchat-gnomw instead of irssi?10:42
dazeprettier :)10:42
claudia_you mean: colours etc?10:43
szaldaze: can you run X-Chat on the CLI? ;)10:43
haylodaniel2, maybe you should try installing it through ubuntus software center10:43
vakI can't get my Ubuntu loading on BIOS/GPT -- any gurus here?10:44
dazenot on the cli, but I don't work in console :)10:44
daniel2i have libflashplayer.so in plugins folder of ./mozilla10:44
MetalGodWinAbout flash.. if nothing else works. And if  you're using firefox. Install the flash aid extension.10:44
claudia_I love console so stick woth irssi10:44
DYSWHey all. After poweroff there is a few messages, but they run by too fast for me to see them. How do i see them in the log files ?10:44
MonkeyDust<3 irssi10:44
daniel2yeah flash aid maybe installed will check10:45
=== Wiz-KeeD is now known as Wiz_KeeD
dazehere's my xchat-gnome setup10:45
MetalGodWindaniel2: search for flash aid in firefox, it's usually the first hit on your fav. search engine.10:46
claudia_thanks @daze10:46
daniel2Merwin: will do10:46
claudia_how do i exit this channel?10:47
dc5alaDYSW, probably just normal shutdown messages? like stopping services etc...10:47
MonkeyDustclaudia_  type /part10:47
tewlzHello.  Has anyone figured out how to get switchable graphics to work with ati & intel?  Trying to use vgaswitcheroo but i'm having no luck.10:47
claudia_thanks MonkeyDust & cheerio10:47
KM0201daze: what theme is that?10:48
dazeAdwaita Cupertino SL Unity + Elementary icon theme10:49
DYSWdc5ala: Yeah usually is. but these  looked out of the ordinary, i wanna check. looking in /var/log/ but cant find were to look10:49
MetalGodWinso anyone else who participating in the Ubuntu App Showdown here?10:51
MetalGodWinis part..*10:52
dc5alaDYSW, hmm, you could try shutdown command to turn off computer to see what there is, have a look at the -H parameter10:52
MonkeyDustMetalGodWin  there's was another here, with the same question http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/10:53
DYSWdc5ala: thx i will try the help command. Just hoped it was in some logs10:53
MetalGodWin@MonkeyDust Ok, just qurious. :-)10:54
angshow can I remove the login password in the startup?10:56
DYSWdc5ala: what ever --XX or -X i add after shutdown all i get is the message "Shutdown: Expected time" no other messages or actions. strange10:57
MonkeyDustangs  system settings, user accounts, automatic login10:57
dc5alaDYSW, it wants a time when to shutdown, you can append "now" to it for shutting down immediately, so in total this means "shutdown -H now"10:58
daniel2MetalGodWin: tried flash aid still nothing10:58
DYSWdc5ala: Thx10:58
tewlzAnyone know why i might be getting permission denied when i "Echo DIGD > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch".  Does this even when i sudo.10:59
angsMonkeyDust: thank you10:59
hrezaeiHi World!11:00
MetalGodWinDaniel2: ok, sorry to hear that. Flash is a pain the *** for sure :-(11:00
MetalGodWinI welcome HTML5 with open arms myself :)11:00
DYSWdc5ala: Now i can see the messages. All are modem-mananger related. "Could not get the system bus" "make sure the message bus daemon is running: Failed to connect to...."11:01
daniel2is there anything else i can try11:01
BluesKajHey all11:01
DYSWdc5ala: since i have no modem just lan these seem to be of no use. wish i could remove them somehow11:01
MetalGodWinIf you're after watching youtube-clips.. then you can goto youtube.com/html5 and activate html5. Then you wont need flash for youtube atleast.11:01
haylodaniel2, you may want to recreate the .dot folder on your home folder that has the stored info from your web browser. then when its remade, it might use the now defaut flash a bit better11:02
jpdstewlz: Because the > bit isn't done as root.11:02
dc5alaDYSW, but does not seem to be something to worry about at least, modem-manager likes to spam :P Even when i plugin a serial usb device modem-manager gets excited11:02
jpdstewlz: Do: sudo -i, first, then run that.11:03
jpdstewlz: Or; do: echo DIGD | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch11:03
DYSWdc5ala: still when i deliver this computer to the client he will ask. no need for that. Would still love to get rid of them11:03
MetalGodWinhm, when  packaging a deb archive... in the control file under <app>/debian. What section does my app belong to if its a dev. tool?11:03
daniel2haylo: instructions?? create .folder named what11:04
jpdsMetalGodWin: → #ubuntu-motu.11:04
tewlzAwesome thanks jpds.11:04
haylodaniel2, have you restarted the computer ?11:05
daniel2yes restarted11:07
daniel2haylo: yes restarted11:07
cyclist_2Hello, there! recently, while watching streaming video, I found that the sound [in particular] stutters too much; I am on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04; my web browser is Firefox; it is only the streaming video that is affected; the playing of audio/video files with other programs is not; I would be grateful for any suggestions11:07
daniel2haylo:do i need mplayer plugin aswell11:08
DYSWcyclist_2: Lucid flash thas needed for online straming is outdated. that could be the problem. I would upgrade to latest LTS11:08
MetalGodWinjpds: ok I'll try that, thanks11:09
daniel2do i also need java11:09
WeThePeoplehow do i change the html file type.. eg. to chrome, its set to elinks web browser11:09
cypher-neoWeThePeople: Right-click on the HTML file, and set what program is used to open files of that type.11:10
cyclist_2DYSW: but it was working flawlessly only a few days ago; I am considering upgrading to the newest version of Ubuntu, but not just yet; is there any other way around it, that you know?11:10
MonkeyDustWeThePeople  system settings, details11:11
DYSWcyclist_2: if it runs at all that is not the problem. Then it could be alot of things. If it worked perfectly two days ago. ask yourself. what changes was made the last few days ?11:11
MonkeyDustWeThePeople  system settings, details, default applications11:11
WeThePeoplemonkeydust, im on Lucid11:12
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
LaOdeAliFarisiada yang tau cara membuat spasi 1,5 pada libre office writer?...11:12
LjL!id | LaOdeAliFarisi11:13
ubottuLaOdeAliFarisi: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia11:13
ubottu#ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.11:14
LaOdeAliFarisiubottu: oran2 di ubuntu-id tidak pernah balas pertnayaanku..11:14
ubottuLaOdeAliFarisi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:14
wdp_i seem to have problems with the updates in ubuntu. it is downloading some parts and then it tells me i would have no internet connectivity. i guess one of the mirrors is not working properly. known bug?11:16
wdp_W:Failed to fetch http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]11:16
cyclist_2DYSW: I have not made any changes to the OS [except for allowing the security updates] nor to Firefox [actually, I use Swiftfox]; I thought it might be for lack of bandwidth on my internet connection, but that too has not changed; I also use, more or less, always the same programs; so, if one of them was interfering with the streaming of video I should have noticed much earlier; my feeling is that one the security/recommended updates might 11:17
WeThePeoplechrome bookmark manager does not recognize my html files, when i import?11:17
=== Jason is now known as Guest52114
Cottushi sulaiman11:21
sulaimanhi Cottus11:22
tgaryHi! I run a latest Ubuntu 64 bit on a 32GB RAM machine. I run a multithreaded process, and in the output of ps the VSZ memory size is 1.1TB for some threads. What does it mean?11:22
sulaimaneverytime I start my terminal session, I have to type "source ~/some/path", I tried adding that to bash_rc, but I still require it11:22
vakshould the bios_grub partition be the very first partition always??11:23
gnumdkHello, i've got many launchers in my unity taskbar, when i run apps without launcher, it's not placed at bottom, any idea ?11:23
sulaimannevermind, it works11:24
Cottussulaiman, try adding it to .bash_profile11:24
dc5alasulaiman, you could try $HOME instead ~ and see if that makes any difference11:27
sulaimandc5ala, Cottus , It was my mistake, I had entered the wrong path, i fixed it in .bashrc and it worked11:28
sulaimanthanks dc5ala , Cottus11:32
Bear_hi all, I"m trying to install Ubuntu 12.x on an older pc and I keep getting "out of range" error on the monitor.11:33
Bear_I vaguely recall there being a way to break into a text mode during install11:33
szalBear_: yes, use the alternate CD11:34
=== vincent is now known as idefix
Bear_i THINK thats what I dl'd11:34
Bear_is there a keystroke to get the install menu to pop up?11:35
=== mandel` is now known as mandel
szalBear_: if you have a live system w/ a GUI, you didn't11:35
Bear_I saw the menu option screen 1x :(11:35
Bear_f1-f6 ...11:35
MonkeyDust!text| Bear_11:35
ubottuBear_: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode11:35
Bear_MonkeyDust: ty... I finally figured out what I was doing wrong to get the menu to appear... I'll try text mode now.11:40
Guest75028hi. im trying to install ubuntu on my thumb drive. i installed the .iso on the drive, and right now im in the "preview" of ubuntu. i went into the "install ubuntu" thing, but i get scared that it's going to install it on my main drive instead of the thumb drive. is there anyway to specify where it goes?11:43
wolverineclick on install11:44
wolverineand then it will ask you for language11:44
wolverineafter that it will give you a screen which will have three option11:44
wolverinethe last option will say to customize partition11:45
wolverineselect it and then you get the partitioning thing11:45
wolverineBTW which ubuntu are you installing11:45
wolverine:D should have asked that first11:45
wolverinego ahead11:45
Guest75028im at the partiionint thing11:46
wolverineselect where you want to install the os and then go ahead11:48
Guest75028umm, all this kinda looks like greek to me11:48
dc5alaGuest75028, have you tried using the usb creator tool?11:49
daniel2hi have a flash problem with xubuntu firefox not working and also chromium shockwave plugin error11:49
Guest75028yeah, and when i try to boot up with the thumb drive in, i comes up with a screen saying "verifying DMI pool data" which lasts forever11:49
daniel2can anyone help11:50
Guest75028i dont know which one of these /dev/ things is my thumb drive11:52
dc5alaGuest75028, maybe the problem is somewhere else when it does not boot from your thumb drive11:58
Guest75028what could that be? could it be the thumb drive?11:58
compdocGuest75028, I think you can look at the end of the dmesg log after plugging in the usb stick11:59
dc5alaGuest75028, i have a usb drive here created by start media creator, working fine. You have a boot menu option? e.g. on mine i press F8 on boot11:59
dc5alaGuest75028, then the bios provides a boot menu and i can choose the usb drive12:00
compdocusb drives go bad all the time12:00
Guest75028compdoc: really?12:00
=== flavio is now known as Guest29755
Guest75028also, i would try the "removable media" option in boot options. and would still get the "verify DMI" thing12:01
brainwaved> ubuntu server waits for a keypress after booting, before displaying the login prompt, I cannot find a way to make it go to the login prompt without that keypress12:02
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
compdocGuest75028, "verify DMI" at boot? that usually means a drive issue12:03
Guest75028it is a discounted thumb drive12:05
PapaSierraon ubuntu with apache2 installed where is it installed to? more specifically where can i find the vhosts file?12:05
dc5alabrainwave, you mean like pressing enter? My guess is, the login is there, just some output happened after displaying login?12:05
jpdsPapaSierra: /etc/apache2/12:05
PapaSierrajpds thanks12:06
jpdsPapaSierra: Possibly also see: $ dpkg -L apache212:06
brainwavedc5ala, yes12:06
brainwavedc5ala, login here is '<loginname.localhost login:> prompt12:06
nag_hi, can any one tell me how to install drivers on ubuntu 12.0412:07
jpdsnag_: Drivers for what?12:07
nag_my h/w is  Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller12:07
nag_jpds: graphic drivers12:07
jpdsnag_: They're probably already in the kernel.12:08
brainwavecheck if that module is loaded with dmesg12:08
dc5alabrainwave, not sure if it's an actual problem or just something visually12:08
nag_how can i check whether they installed or not12:08
sarntamHi. I have an Ubuntu machine that I received as a virtual box image and would like to know which version of Ubuntu it is exactly. It's using Gnome 2 and I suspect it being 8.10. How can I check? I can't seem to find the "About Ubuntu" button in the Gnome menu bar, and the Ubuntu help desk just has a bunch of dead links12:09
jpdsnag_: Does lspci -vvnn show a module in use?12:09
brainwaveno no, the problem is, after booting, after everything is done, only after i press enter does it give me the prompt to type username password12:09
brainwaveI want it to automatically display that12:09
brainwaveusername password prompt12:09
=== sergio is now known as Guest30909
dc5alasarntam, open a terminal and type lsb_release -a12:09
=== Richard is now known as Guest90448
nag_jpds: its giving a long o/p12:10
jpdsnag_: Yes, find the VGA section. ;)12:11
dc5alabrainwave, enter just displays the login prompt again, that was my question if it's just a visual problem, means you can start typing user name without pressing enter first12:11
treskHi, how can I change the 'auto away' status behaviour of Empathy?12:11
brainwavedc5ala, I havent checked.....let me check and get bck12:12
=== Guest30909 is now known as sergios
=== sergios is now known as sergioss
=== sergioss is now known as sergios
nag_jpds: sorry jpds, not able to recognising that. i am new to ubuntu12:12
nag_jpds: is there any gui tool like "dxdiag" in windows12:13
jpdsnag_: Never heard of that.12:13
nag_we will use "dxdiag" cmd to know the graphics, video ... in windows12:14
jpdsnag_: If your graphics are working, you probably have the driver installed.12:14
brainwavedc5ala, no it's not a visual problem12:15
brainwavein fact i can type anything i want, but after pressing enter only login prompt is displayed, before that text is rejected12:15
nag_its not working ... thats y i want to install. I am trying to install SAN Andreas12:15
Picinag_: Under WINE?12:16
nag_pici: playonlinux12:17
Picinag_: You need really to check their support then.12:17
nag_pici: ok12:18
dc5alabrainwave, no idea at the moment :(12:18
brainwaveWhat causes the login prompt to appear, (which part of the system) and is there any way of finding out what was the last job/script executed?12:19
brainwave<brainwave> Or is there a way to place an 'enter' to be inserted, automatically after the last script execution is finished?12:19
=== esm is now known as Guest72451
brainwaveAnd the initial system information the terminal displays, (after logging in)12:22
brainwaveWhich command to show exactly that?12:22
brainwaveGyges, it'll only give me a small detail na12:25
brainwavekernel version12:25
Gygesuname -a ?12:25
Picibrainwave: You mean the data from /etc/motd ?12:26
poppetjeHi, I've tested ubuntu12.04 and I would like to know if you can increase the speed of mousekey, this is an universal access option. In ubuntu 11.xx there was an option to do that, but i can not find it in 1212:26
brainwavePici, /etc/motd?12:26
brainwaveNo, no, it shows me system load, disk space used etc etc12:27
brainwaveram free12:27
brainwaveeverything in a nice table12:27
Picibrainwave: cat /etc/motd12:27
brainwaveexactly that...but /etc/motd isnt it a text file ? (etc-editable text config)12:27
MonkeyDustcat /etc/motd shows me just the kernel version12:28
compdocdoes /etc/motd only display when loggin in with ssh?12:28
brainwavecat /etc/motd12:29
brainwaveshows everything on the pandaboard, cpu load, mem free, disk free etc12:29
compdocMonkeyDust, you can add a package that will display system load, etc12:29
MonkeyDustcompdoc  what package would that be?12:29
Picibrainwave: it gets generated from the contents of /etc/update-motd.d/12:29
=== tumppu_ is now known as tumppu
brainwavePici, thanks a lot12:30
Pici /etc/init/mounted-run.conf runs run-parts --lsbsysinit /etc/update-motd.d > /run/motd12:30
brainwaveThe login prompt is displayed (after that step) only after i press enter12:32
brainwaveIs that normal behaviour?12:32
compdocnot on any of my systems12:33
compdocyoure running the server version?12:33
compdocI use the Desktop version on my servers12:33
compdocso no help12:33
=== zz_zz_zz_zz_seej is now known as seejy
LenovoPC2342how do i enable autologin with lxde desktop?12:46
wooohey can anyone tell me how much time is left for submission of  The Ubuntu App Showdown!!12:47
woooits urgent!!12:47
Piciwooo: probably best to ask in #ubuntu-app-devel12:47
jalali want to add a penetest name folder in menu and i want to keep tool related to penetrtion how to do that?12:48
=== Raines is now known as Rains
LenovoPC2342I used ubuntu mini.iso to install ubuntu LXDE desktop.  I edited /etc/lxdm/default.conf for autologin, but it refuses to autologin on reboot.12:48
jalalso penetration tool should be places in menu folder(penetration12:49
=== wN_out is now known as wNz
MonkeyDustwooo  10 hours or so, i gave you the link yesteray12:49
crazyandi86xrandr freezes my system completely, when setting external monitor res to 1920x1080, how can i debug it?12:49
MonkeyDustwooo  http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/12:50
jalalanyone minding me or all ignoring me?12:50
Toph2LenovoPC2342,,, does http://itbubbles.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/autologin-with-lighdm-and-xfce/   help?12:51
MonkeyDustjalal  or nobody has an answer12:51
jalali want to ad new folder in menu list and in that folder i want to add my personal tool12:51
jalalno one knows?12:51
Picijalal: 'alacarte' is the tool for editing menu items12:52
jalalso using that how i can add my installed tool?12:52
LenovoPC2342 Toph2.. done.  rebooting.12:52
leiyHello Everyone12:54
leiyI have a problem  about firefox(ubuntu),The address bar of it  can’t be  input any characters.It seems to be locked.12:54
leiySo I removed it and use “apt-get clean”、"apt-get autoclean"、apt-get autoremove and  ubuntu tweak to clean the useless files.Then I  install it again through terminal , soft  center and   downloading the latest version from the official website. The Font settings in language setting seems to be correct.However,the problem still remains.I really don’t know how to solve it.In order to describe the problems ,I recorded the video about it.The address is :12:54
FloodBot1leiy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:54
Anomie21Where can I find the email header for emails my server is sending out?13:00
fidelAnomie21: should be part of your mails actually ;)13:02
Anomie21fidel: What do you mean?13:02
Anomie21I'm not receiving the mail sent out (so I cant check the headers on the receiving end)13:02
fidelAnomie21: your last question13:02
=== gfrog__ is now known as gfrog_
crazyandi861my system freezes when changing display res, similar to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/102196413:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1021964 in unity "full system lockup when changing display config" [Undecided,New]13:10
fabricio_Some times,th13:11
crazyandi861any ideas how i can fix it temporaryly? downgrading packages?13:11
fabricio_where is the Off topic channel?13:12
MonkeyDustcrazyandi861  you could use something different than unity, until it is solved13:12
DJones !ot | fabricio_13:12
ubottufabricio_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:12
crazyandi861MonkeyDust: using xfce4 in fact, think it's more of a graphics driver problem13:13
fabricio_So how i put Xfce 4 on ubuntu 12.04? Or that interface is just for xubuntu?13:14
e_t_fabricio_: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-deskto13:15
MonkeyDuste_t_  was faster :)13:15
crazyandi861MonkeyDust: Can't i just switch back to the old driver ( because it at first appeared after an update) ?13:16
fabricio_Oh,thanks e_t_13:16
crazyandi861anyone else?13:17
fabricio_But i still can change to gnome interface? or i will stay with only Xfce4?13:17
MonkeyDustcrazyandi861  downgrade is not a good idea, or it would be fresh install of an older system13:17
crazyandi861MonkeyDust: but why? i mean just temporarily, my system worked quite well before the update13:18
BluesKaj!downgrade | crazyandi86113:18
ubottucrazyandi861: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.13:18
crazyandi861BluesKay: i just mean downgrading a few packages, why not?13:19
fabricio_Well....If i write sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop in terminal,i can use GNOME? Or i will stay ONLY with Xfce?13:21
colunHello all, I have a problem with my openvpn : in the terminal a obtain on the server : AUTH-PAM: BACKGROUND: user 'xyz' failed to authenticate: Permission denied. This is the pastebin of the different files : http://pastebin.com/qDS3nurN13:21
BluesKajcrazyandi861, I'm not going to argue with you and go into a long futile explantion, believe ppl when they tell you not to do something , most know from experiencew , either theoir own or others '13:21
fidelfabricio_: it will install in addition the xubuntu packages -offering you the option to select xfce at login13:21
fidelyour old options will still be available13:22
fabricio_So,when i log,i can choose GNOME or Xfce?13:23
robertzaccourHow do I set up a print job in LibreOffice so that it prints full pages and not half a page? I tried to print something and it goes to a 2nd page after half a page is printed.13:23
crazyandi861BluesKaj: so what's an alternative to downgrading? include a development-ppa?13:24
lionexcuse me when i write in terminal: sudo apt-get upgrade it answers this. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082732/13:26
fidellion: what part dont you understand?13:27
lionhow i can make this normally to  download from internet?13:27
compdoclion, it thinks you want to use the cd13:27
fidelin short: your linux is using packages-sources list to check what software is available13:27
fidellion: change your apt-sources13:27
BluesKajcrazyandi861, perhaps you can explain your situation , what graphics driver are tying to go back to ?13:28
fideleither using a gui or cli -> /etc/apt/sources.list13:28
compdocwith the gui, if you use Desktop13:28
fidellion: disable the install CD as source and enable the default online sources - rerun apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and you are most likely done13:28
robertzaccourHow do I set up a print job in LibreOffice so that it prints full pages and not half a page? I tried to print something and it goes to a 2nd page after half a page is printed.13:29
fidelbut you should try to understand the issue in the first part - otherwise it will be hard to handle issues like that13:29
geirhalion: Pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list if you're unsure how to disable the cdrom source13:30
MonkeyDustrobertzaccour  the channel #libreoffice may be better to ask13:31
robertzaccourok thanks13:31
davidbeanyone successfully ran "dmenu"? In other distro's no problem, but in ubuntu it does not work, even worse: it seems to fork processes and memory is getting flooded & systems hangs after a while...13:31
crazyandi861BluesKaj: i've upgraded theses packages recently: http://pastebin.com/GqprNssk13:32
fidel!info dmenu13:32
ubottuPackage dmenu does not exist in precise13:32
lionhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1082743/ :(13:32
MonkeyDust!info dmenu13:32
fidellion: what do you expect from the cmd you entered to do?13:32
fidelyou are telling your os half of a path ...what should it do with that?13:33
davidbedmenu is in package suckless-tools13:33
davidbe!info suckless-tools13:33
ubottusuckless-tools (source: suckless-tools): simple commands for minimalistic window managers. In component universe, is optional. Version 38-1 (precise), package size 42 kB, installed size 240 kB13:33
lionarian@arian-pc:~$ cd /etc/apt/sources13:33
crazyandi861BluesKaj: i'm using xserver-xorg-video-intel, so i thought the bug could be in xserver-xorg-core or xserver-xorg-video-intel :-)13:33
lionbash: cd: /etc/apt/sources: No such file or directory13:33
fidellion: we were talking about reading the CONTENT of the FILE /etc/apt/sources.list13:34
mohanr2222anyone here interested in watching a video demo of my new app?13:34
fidellion: please dont get me wrong - but just repeating commands from irc without knowing what they do - might be dangerous with bad luck13:35
fidelso please try to udnerstand first before you do - or use some kind of virtual playground like a virtual machine or similar - which saves you time while learning ;)13:35
OlaffLudwigHello Does anyone have any experience with running ubuntu on newest machines? (for example with this motherboard: asus M5A99X EVO and this CPU: AMD FX-6100 ) ?13:37
lionplease check this:: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082749/13:37
compdocOlaffLudwig, no, although I do use mainly AMD cpus on my server. I havent tried the bulldozer. There is a patch I hear, to make it run better. Not sure how to find it13:38
BluesKajcrazyandi861, open a console , glxinfo | grep OpenGL , this will tell which driver is loaded ,,need to be sure13:39
lionhey every body .. can a man answer me?13:39
compdoca man?13:39
danileigh79wtf?! A man?13:40
danileigh79lion: You got some balls13:40
compdoclion, try just:   sudo apt-get update13:40
compdocdont use su13:41
lioni tried then i tried sudo apt-get upgrade and    this do apt-get update13:41
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lionone moment13:41
compdoctype exit to stop su13:41
robertzaccourit shows age demographics for each country also13:42
robertzaccourand gender13:42
lion1 hour ago i tried to install my old ubuntu packages  (12.04 updated) on this new ubuntu and i hapend13:43
=== the_rix is now known as RiXtEr-Work
compdocyou using the 64bit version of ubuntu?13:43
compdocthose are mainly 32bit versions of those packages in the pastebin13:43
rocki34Need some help regarding audio. This the place?13:44
usr13__lion: Old ubuntu packages?13:44
endirunahi everybody. i have the following problem: i can not make any terminal work with the compose key. any idea? do i miss some package?13:44
danileigh79usr13__: Ask your question13:44
lionyes , I backuped them by apt-on -cd13:44
usr13__lion: Oh, I see.  So what happened?13:44
lionbut when i want to install them it say : it have many error and so we stop the installation13:45
davidbeendiruna: what do you mean by "make any terminal work"? is it launching the terminal? using a compose key?13:45
lionI tried this code for install them : sudo dpkg -i *13:45
compdoclion, try installing the packages with apt-get instead of from that cd backup13:45
endirunadavidbe making the compose key work13:45
usr13__lion:   sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade13:45
davidbeendiruna: which compose key?13:46
lioncompdoc: How?13:46
endirunaah of course it works in the various gui's13:46
usr13__lion: You have internet connection to this pc?13:46
compdocsudo apt-get install yourpackage13:46
lionyes, i have internet ,13:46
usr13__lion: Ok good.13:46
endirunathe compose key set by setxkbmap -option compose:lwin us13:46
endirunaso the left win13:46
lionsudo apt-get update happens good ,but the sudo apt-get upgrade is :http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082749/13:47
rocki34Question: The sound on my computer crackles. I have checked the ubuntu forums and someone suggested checking my PCM levels. I use the alsamix gui in terminal, but I can't change the levels for some reason.13:48
usr13__lion: Try using -f.13:48
compdoclion, what is "upgrade it back"  ?13:48
compdocthats not a command13:48
lionthat i linked13:48
MonkeyDustlion  what is the meaning of that 'it back'? you can't just add some random text like 'my mom loves flowers'13:49
danileigh79compdoc: I think they mean down grade13:49
usr13__lion: sudo apt-get -f install13:49
danileigh79rocki34: You're not using Unity or GnomeShell?13:49
lionMonkeyDust : I am iranian man and my english is not advance :D13:49
robertzaccourAnyone know how to print full pages in LibreOffice? I tried to print one and it sets it up as 2 pages if it takes up more than half a page.13:49
Picirobertzaccour: Make sure that your paper size is set to the same size as the paper you're printing on.13:50
danileigh79robertzaccour: might be a printer or driver issue, mine prints full13:50
usr13__robertzaccour: Look at your paper size and orentation settings.13:50
rocki34danileigh: i'm still on maverick, but it's definitely gnome13:50
lionusr13__: sudo apt-get install (install what?)13:50
usr13__lion: sudo apt-get -f install13:50
robertzaccourusr13__, where's orientation settings?13:50
k1llion: do you use andy PPAs or smth special in your sources.list?13:50
lionandy ppas?13:51
lionwhat are them?13:51
k1l*any PPA13:51
danileigh79rocki34: what device is set as your output in system settings?13:51
compdoclion, it sounds the way to installed your old packages was not a good idea13:51
k1llion: third-party-software. that can cause your problems13:51
rocki34danil: audio output is set to internal audio analog stereo13:52
lionusr13__, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082775/13:53
danileigh79rocki34: Laptop or desktop?13:54
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lionhey guys what can i do?13:54
compdocreinstall Ubuntu, and do not use that cd of old packages13:55
lionDo you have not a better idea?13:55
ikonialion: the sooner you accept it the sooner you can use the machine again13:56
compdocI doubt you will be happy with how that systme runs13:56
lionOK :( ,   For the soon when i want to backup from my updates what can i do ?(I am in iran and have not fast internet)13:57
gain_hi all13:57
danileigh79rocki34: getting a link for you13:57
rocki34alright, thanks13:58
gain_anyone knows why byobu keybindings are totally different from the previous versions?13:58
danileigh79rocki34: I wasn't able to find anything specific, but use this TSguide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure13:59
Picigain_: I believe  its using tmux by default now.13:59
usr13__lion: Did you insert the disk labled 'Ubuntu 12.04 LTS _Precise Pangolin_ - Release amd64 (20120425)'?13:59
tewlzCan an onboard intel graphics driver allow unity 3d to work?13:59
lionno I installed my ubuntu from   the iso on my flash memory13:59
danileigh79rocki34: Maverick is passed end-of-life...13:59
gain_Pici: thanks... never noticed...13:59
rocki34that brings me to another problem14:00
rocki34each time i want to upgrade from update manager it doesn't let me14:00
rocki34gives me an error that it's not authorized or something14:00
usr13__lion: Why is it asking for 'Ubuntu 12.04 LTS _Precise Pangolin_ - Release amd64 (20120425)'?14:00
danileigh79rocki34: dl the release from the ubuntu page, install it to a usb drive14:01
gain_Pici: thoughts that removing tmux it fixes to screen, but not... :(14:01
compdoclion, what cpu does your system use? and how much ram does it have?14:01
lionwhat? what is mean on your ques?14:01
lionthe intel dual core,, with 4 GB ram14:01
lionintel core 2 due14:01
rocki34scared to do that after trying to install precise on another computer. it would just give me grub and i had no idea how to make it start up14:02
usr13__lion: What is the speed of your internet connection?14:02
danileigh79rocki34: boot to live usb, then use install option, it'll ask if you wanna delete and start fresh or upgrade14:02
danileigh79rocki34: I've done it on dozens of computers when update-manager wouldn't upgrade the distro14:03
lion4000 byte for download from ubuntu update manager14:03
usr13__lion: You need to do:  sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade14:03
rocki34and it should boot into it immediately? or would i need to type something into grub first14:03
tewlzcan anyone point me in the right direction as to how to get unity 3d to work under an onboard intel graphics?14:04
danileigh79Not grub, go into BIOS/CMOS and change boot order to USB first14:04
rocki34and do your recommend natty or precise?14:04
=== Guest26042 is now known as dweez
lionusr13__ , when i   type sudo apt-get upgrade and press enter it    has error  I linked that before now14:04
danileigh79rocki34: technically precise is the latest LTS14:05
caleb_kill all monsters14:05
danileigh79rocki34: Natty was good, but it's end of life is in October14:05
rocki34yeah, but wouldn't natty be more stable, or is that not a problem with precise?14:05
usr13__lion: Wow, that is really a slow connection.14:05
davidbemore on dmenu, downloaded & compiled source code from newer versions (4.5 latest version, 4.2.1 in repo) and problem doesn't occur there. Time for a bug report?14:05
danileigh79rocki34: I haven't had any real problems with Precise... but that's just me14:06
usr13__lion: I'm not really sure what to do in your situation.  Maybe someone else can be of service.14:06
robertzaccourcaleb_, you can't say fuck in an irc chat14:06
BluesKajcaleb_, not here , watch the language14:06
rocki34alright, and also, will i be able to use gnome, or will i be stuck with unity on precise?14:06
usr13__lion: 4000 byte download is way to slow14:06
compdocIm sure he knows that14:07
BluesKajrobertzaccour, think that's funny , same goes for you14:07
danileigh79rocki34: you can actually install a gnome gui, I stick with Unity because in 12-10 gnome won't be available14:07
=== Jacob_ is now known as Guest10439
robertzaccourBluesKaj, I told him he can't say that here. And who are you?14:07
gain_Pici:  byobu-select-backend allow you to choose screen or tmux...14:08
Tm_Trobertzaccour: doesn't matter14:08
BluesKajrobertzaccour, a user who tries to follow the rules and COC14:08
robertzaccourTm_T, what?14:08
Picigain_: cool. I just reverted to screen w/o boybu myself.14:08
BluesKaj!COC | robertzaccour14:08
ubotturobertzaccour: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv14:08
robertzaccourBluesKaj, me too. I did tell him he can't say that here ^^14:09
rocki34danileigh79: Alright, thanks a lot. I'll install precise. So, if i somehow end up in grub, does that mean I screwed up somewhere along the way? Because that's what happened last time14:09
robertzaccour!COC BluesKaj I'm following the COC14:09
ubotturobertzaccour: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:09
=== chad is now known as Guest96605
danileigh79rocki34: it never means YOU screwed up, it's a streamlined proccess that requires very little from you... if it messes up, it's the computer not you14:10
daniel2hi having a flash problem in xubuntu 10.0414:10
robertzaccour!COC | BluesKaj14:11
ubottuBluesKaj: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv14:11
daniel2can anyone help14:11
robertzaccourI'm following COC I told him he can't say that here14:11
k1lBluesKaj: robertzaccour i think you both just having a missunderstanding. would you mind to keep the channel clear for support?14:11
lionOK thanks  for your help :)14:11
daniel2downloaded flashplayer and install, tried flashaid still nothing14:11
lionI'll be back with new ubuntu14:11
BluesKajk1 . I did already14:11
danileigh79daniel2: ask your question14:11
rocki34danileigh79: Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.14:12
daniel2danileigh79: hi i have a flash problem tried everything i can but still won't work14:12
danileigh79daniel2: you have to be a lot more specific14:12
daniel2danileigh79: you tube won't play14:13
daniel2danileigh79: bbc iplayer radio won't play14:13
danileigh79daniel2: What is the error?14:13
daniel2just a blank screen on you tube14:13
danileigh79daniel2: what browser are you using?14:13
daniel2no error message is being display just a blank screen14:14
daniel2tried chromium and shockwave plugin crash error appears14:14
=== Mo3|ZNC is now known as Mo3
daniel2danileigh79: firefox 1314:14
danileigh79daniel2: use chrome sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stablbe14:15
danileigh79daniel2: use chrome sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable14:15
daniel2ok will try14:15
danileigh79daniel2: chrome comes with a preinstalled flash, firefox usually requires you to compile a flash plugin14:16
daniel2danileigh79: will flash worko straight away with chrome stable?14:16
daniel2danileigh79: ok i will try and report back14:16
danileigh79daniel2: it should, you may need to update-manager after but yes14:16
k1ldaniel2: did you install flashplugin-installer?14:16
k1lor the adobe-flashplugin from the partner repo?14:16
daniel2danileigh79: yes installed flashplugin-installer14:17
danileigh79k1l: why install more repos when there's a browser that already comes with native support14:17
k1ldanileigh79: why install different browsers if there is an easy solution to install flash correctly?14:17
BluesKajdanileigh79, never had to compile a flashplugin for Firefox14:18
dustinspringmank1l: I use two browsers constantly... so I can be logged into 2 dozen google apps accounts.. =)14:18
daniel2danileigh79: sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable couldn't find package14:19
danileigh79k1l: Because forefox is a virus imo... chrome is streamlined, works wonders, and doesn't hog half your system resources like firefox14:19
danileigh79daniel2: ok, google it, you can install it directly from the page then14:19
k1ldustinspringman: danileigh79 there are several ways to resolve that issue. but the user asked to get flash working in firefox and not to use your favorite browser.14:20
hbxopera/chrome ftw14:20
majdhey #ubuntu - i'm running 12.04 on my company's machine. They have an internal network with a server hosting svn repos. I want to make a dns entry that points me to the correct ip address when i write the server's name. What's the best way to do that?14:20
majdthe internet is saying that i shouldn't be editing resolv.conf14:20
danileigh79hbx: yeah, opera is good, don't like that it's built on presto though14:21
k1ldanileigh79: and your information was wrong. there is no chrome in the repos.14:22
hbxmajd look at dnsmasq14:22
compdocmajd, there are two ways - add a file named 'tail' to /etc/resolv.conf.d    or add a line in /etc/network/interfaces14:22
armaanare there any shortcut keys  available while talking on irc.14:23
genii-aroundarmaan: In most clients, hitting TAB after the first few letters of a name usually does autocomplete14:23
majdcompdoc: can you give me an example of what i should put in the tail file?14:24
danileigh79k1l: You know, I'm pretty sure you can't remember everything that comes in the native repos either... When you try something, and it doesn't work, you try something else...14:24
mohanr2222for those interested, Here's my Application demo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvTl3-bo-xI14:24
compdocmajd, I meant   /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/tail14:24
armaangenii-around: thanks a lot  :D14:24
genii-aroundarmaan: You're welcome14:24
daniel2danileigh79: downloaded the correct google version and run it from applciations menu doesn't start!! do i need a restart?14:25
compdocmajd, add search, domain, and nameserver there. look at any example for resolv.conf14:25
danileigh79daniel2: I would, just to be on the safe side14:25
k1ldanileigh79: just keep an eye on it when you support. (and even if you want to blame some other user for his solution)14:25
danileigh79k1l: There isn't a manual for this, if someone asks a question, they're going to get a hundred different answers, because we're suggesting the things WE would do in their shoes14:26
daniel2danileigh79: still doesn't work14:26
danileigh79daniel2: did you do a full reboot?14:27
daniel2log out then in14:27
daniel2is i686 32 bit?14:27
hbxrunning chromium on lubuntu now and runs nicely14:27
genii-arounddaniel2: Yes14:27
daniel2right download the correct version then just doing a restart14:28
robertzaccourIn LibreOffice Writer it shows a full page in the print preview, but it prints it all on half a page. If I increase the text size it just prints out 2 half pages. Any suggestions?14:28
compdocmajd, aftr creating the tail file, run:  sudo resolvconf -u14:29
daniel2google chrome still not working14:29
compdocthe OS or the browser?14:30
dustinspringmananyone seen this before: E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_restricted_i18n_Translation-en14:30
dustinspringmanthere are quite a few resolutions on the web, but none of them have worked for me thus far.. =/14:30
ChaosadndHi all, trying to increase the size of my /var partition from 240 mb to 5 gb, but lvextend -L5GB /dev/mapper/volume-var doesnt seem to work. Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong?14:30
daniel2started google-chrome from command line still nothing no read out or anything14:30
daniel2i have install chromium and get shockwave crash error when trying to play bbciplayer radio14:31
vikis the deadline for ubuntu app showdown over ?14:32
vikis the deadline for ubuntu app showdown over ?14:33
compdocnever heard of it14:34
daniel2any help with xubuntu flash player problem doesn't work in firefox14:34
Picivik: Please ask in #ubuntu-app-devel14:34
DJonesvik: Yes http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/14:34
daniel2anyone help with flash player problem in firefox 1314:35
majdcompdoc: the order is incorrect in the new resolv.conf file - first is my isp's dns, then my new name. how can i fix that?14:36
usr13__daniel2: Sure.14:36
compdocmajd, is there any entries in the base and head files in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/  ? they are empty by default on mine14:37
usr13__daniel2: sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin14:37
daniel2yeah done that14:37
mohanr2222vik: if you haven't submitted yet.. Just do it..14:38
usr13__daniel2: What result?14:38
usr13__daniel2: Any errors?14:38
compdocmajd, the file /etc/resolv.conf  should be a link and not an actual file14:38
majdcompdoc: base is empty!14:40
BluesKajmajd, the  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head writes to /etc/resolv.conf , so list your nameserver(s) in the head file14:40
majdBluesKaj: there is a giant warning in the head file: DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN14:41
K4kAnyone using the enlightenment dr17 desktop? I'm curious if there is a good/recommended way to make gtk applications, such as firefox and thunderbird, not look so ugly.14:41
daniel2usr13__: no errors on install still not working in browser14:41
compdocmajd, thats normal14:41
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Dani_daniel2: Sorry, had to go afk...14:41
=== Dani_ is now known as danileigh79
BluesKajmajd, yeah , just ignore that14:41
usr13__daniel2: What site are you having difficulty with?14:42
daniel2google chrome downloaded and installed but doesn't launch14:42
danileigh79daniel2: you said you're on 10.04 right?14:42
daniel2usr13__: you tube but also bbc iplayer radio which is needed, not too worried about you tube14:42
chris_99hi i'm trying to get the     AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M DDR3 2GB  to work with Ubuntu 12, but whenver i run fglrxinfo i get X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)14:43
daniel2danileigh79: yes 10.0414:43
danileigh79daniel2: you did a full reboot and still doesn't work?14:43
daniel2danileigh79: yes14:43
arjobprogramming ubuntu, which is better : GTKmm or Java14:43
usr13__daniel2: Upgrade to 12.04, use firefox, not google chrome14:43
danileigh79usr13__: he's still on LTS, tried flashplugin-installer, and chrome which has native flash support14:44
daniel2danileigh79: started google-chrome from command line nothing happens14:44
danileigh79daniel2: did you try running it from the gui?14:44
BluesKajmajd, are you using network manager? ..I forgot to ask14:44
daniel2danileigh79: yes14:45
usr13__danileigh79: daniel2 Scratch the part about upgrading to 12.04 (if you don't want to, that is ok).14:45
majdBluesKaj: i'm not - i went straight ahead to terminal... should i?14:45
Balaskgrrr COD2 won't load anything but a black screen14:45
danileigh79usr13__: We tried fixinf flash in firefox, didn't work, that's why I had him try chrome14:45
daniel2usr13__: don't want to upgrade yet14:45
BluesKajmajd, no , you're better off with /etc/network/interfaces ..then my suggestion should work14:46
usr13__daniel2: That is ok.  What version of firefox are you using?14:46
danileigh79daniel2: that's understandable14:46
danileigh79usr13__: he's on 1214:46
daniel2usr13__: firefox 13.o.114:46
danileigh79usr13__: he's on 1314:46
daniel2have you got your thinking caps on?14:48
danileigh79daniel2: getting a different link to help14:48
daniel2i'm using a net book to chat with you!! other machine is running14:48
danileigh79daniel2: try sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin14:49
daniel2yeah i have done that already14:49
danileigh79daniel2: if it doesn't work, you need to activate the partner repo14:49
usr13__daniel2: do it again.14:49
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=== r00t_ is now known as SiebaZ
danileigh79daniel2: so you did both adobe-flashplugin and flashplugin-installer?14:50
majdok, so i put the following two lines in the head file: "search <servername>       nameserver <my-ip>", updated the conf file using sudo resolvconf -u, but pinging <servername> gives an unknown host error14:51
daniel2ah error abode-flashplugin conflicts flashplugin-installer after trying again14:51
usr13__daniel2: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer14:52
daniel2i didn't install flash plugin installer so installing now14:52
usr13__daniel2: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer ; sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin14:52
danileigh79daniel2: if that doesn't work, you may need to dl and extract the adobe plugin and link firefox to it via the instructions at ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146201714:52
daniel2flash lugin installer is installed now14:53
BluesKajmajd, let the   /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head write to the resolv.cnf on the next reboot update relv.conf itself won't change anything14:54
daniel2can u add that link again so i can launch in browser14:54
usr13__daniel2: Is it fixed?14:55
danileigh79daniel2: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146201714:55
usr13__daniel2: What do you mean,  "flash lugin installer"14:55
BluesKajmajd, thought you were adding dns nameservers to that file not local hosts14:55
FloodBot1usr13__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:55
digitalfallacyhii .. has anybody implemented owasp CSRFGuard ...14:56
digitalfallacy in their application?14:56
danileigh79usr13__: I found a workaround for people using firefox in 10.04 when flash doesn't work14:57
BluesKajanyway majd , I have to leave for a while , BBL14:57
ubuntu86643Hi there, I'm new to ubuntu and would like to add debian packages to ubuntu 12.10 ... I have the lauchpad file but cannot find the debian package .... how do i install on my system , sorry in advance (n00b)14:57
usr13__danileigh79: share with us14:57
=== McPeter_ is now known as McPeter
Jon--after a dist upgrade, aptitude upgrade reports dependency issues, --full-resolver recommends I remove a shit-ton of packages. apt-get upgrade continues without complaint.14:58
OerHeks Jon-- aptitude is depreciated in 12.0414:58
danileigh79usr13__: irssi crashed in windows again14:58
PiciJon--: 1) mind your language, 2) aptitude does not handle multiarch properly, and should not really be used.14:58
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.14:58
=== Guest44559 is now known as Dorito
Jon--Pici, is that what is causing the issue? afaik I don't have the 32-bit libs installed14:59
usr13__danileigh79: You said you found a workaround?14:59
Jon--ah, nvm, yes, I do.14:59
danileigh79usr13__: yeah, it's in the ubuntu forums, hang on14:59
daniel2in firefox preferences i have no flash video listed under applications14:59
danileigh79usr13__: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146201715:00
daniel2danileigh79: can't open that link15:01
daniel2danileigh79: googled it but still can't find it15:01
danileigh79daniel2: hang on15:01
swebhow can i convert links to puny code links in wget html result15:01
usr13__daniel2:  A bit of advise:  Upgrade to 12.04, install xubuntu-desktop  (It's what I did.)15:01
=== lubmil is now known as lub`away
ackbahrHi there! Is there a way to assess errors on an audio CD without playing it through?15:02
majdBluesKaj: thanks for the help!15:02
usr13__daniel2: xfce4 is very nice15:02
danileigh79usr13__: I was getting crapped on for telling him to install chrome...15:03
danileigh79daniel2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082883/15:03
usr13__daniel2: You're going to have to upgrade soone3r or later, (sooner may be better).15:03
danileigh79usr13__: He's i nLTS, he's good until next year15:04
daniel2danileigh79: i will follow that15:04
usr13__danileigh79: Well, to me, I do not see the need for google chrome, nothing against google, but chrome is more trouble than it is worth.  I see no advantage to it over firefox.15:04
danileigh79usr13__: That's where we disagree, especially on a system that doesn't have much ram like mine... firefox slows the system down to a crawl, chrome doesn't15:05
usr13__danileigh79: Sure he is good until next year, but why put off until next year what you can do now, and it will solve this problem and maybe others as well.15:05
usr13__danileigh79: How much RAM do you have?15:06
danileigh79usr13__: Maybe... upgrading doesn't always solve problems... especially if there's an underlying problem we don't know about... 1GB ram15:06
usr13__danileigh79: What is your processor speed?15:06
danileigh79usr13__: 1/3ghz15:06
danileigh79usr13__: 1.3ghz15:06
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
usr13__danileigh79: What desktop manager do you have?15:06
danileigh79usr13__: Unity standard15:07
usr13__danileigh79: My advise to you is the same.15:07
=== diegovieiraeti is now known as revolts
usr13__danileigh79: If you want a faster system, install one.15:07
danileigh79usr13__: Sorry, I won't go back to XFCE15:07
usr13__danileigh79: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop  and see.15:07
danileigh79usr13__: I did, and my laptop wouldn't run it...15:08
usr13__danileigh79: That is up to you, but don't complain about a slow system if you refuse to lean it up.15:08
danileigh79usr13__: Also crashed most of my applications15:08
usr13__danileigh79: Crashed most of your applications>?15:09
danileigh79usr13__: Yes, I couldn't open up half of my apps15:09
usr13__danileigh79: That is strange, because lots and lots of others are using it and it works beautifully.15:09
danileigh79usr13__: x11 doesn't work on xfce15:09
danileigh79usr13__: gmote doesn't either15:10
danileigh79Neither does irssi15:10
danileigh79Or 9/10 of my screenlets15:10
usr13__danileigh79: I've given you advise, take it or leave it.  (I use irssi and works just fine, dono what you are talking about, I really don't think you've tried it so you just don't know what you are talking about).15:11
usr13__danileigh79: Just try it and see, then you can come back and we can discuss.15:11
danileigh79usr13__: I'll install it again, but if it causes me to have to write zeroes and reinstall ubuntu, I'm going to lose about 50gb of stuff because I have no way to backup the system15:14
pranavki deleted my ld.so.conf, how to correct it15:14
=== XiRoN is now known as DubstepCraig
mattperry1976I'm wanting to create a .deb file that adds my ppa then installs a package (another.deb) from my ppa. All in one step. Similar to the way that GetDeb/PlayDeb has a repository add .deb etc. Can anyone point me to a how to?15:14
usr13__danileigh79: I have a 1.6G Intel Celeron with 1G ram and it performs quite niecely.  So...15:14
usr13__danileigh79: Well, if you have no way to back up your files, you need to get a way to do it.15:15
danileigh79_2usr13__: this isn't even as nice, it's a intel core 2 duo 2ghz that only runs at 1.3...15:16
usr13__danileigh79: It is like I said before, I've given you *advise*, you do not have to use it if you dont want to, it is only advise.15:16
dc5alapranavk, there is not so much in mine: http://pastie.org/422623815:16
SiebaZhey guys15:17
danileigh79usr13__: what's the ppa?15:18
usr13__danileigh79: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082902/  w/1G ram.15:18
usr13__danileigh79: standard repos15:19
pranavkdc5ala: ok i pasted that content in mine, but previosly i had alot of binary content in it....15:19
usr13__danileigh79: Again, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to.  Upgrade only when you feel comfortable with it.15:20
SiebaZi would like to configure my ufw like the following way.... deny all traffic except openvpn 1149 on wlan0 on the openvpn tunnel tun0 i would like to allow all traffic15:20
daniel2danileigh79: i followed the instrtuctions and looked in preferences>applications and could not find the flash video15:21
danileigh79daniel2: I'm not sure what to say... it seems that you may need to uninstall firefox, uninstall flash, and then try installing both again, or you can do what usr13__ suggested and upgrade to 12.0415:22
charlesbI am trying to install the arduino IDE 1.0 on 12.0415:22
danileigh79daniel2: But I'm going to be going afk again in a few minutes15:22
daniel2usr13__: i followed the paste bin flash tutorial and when i looked for flash video in the perferences>applications and there was no flash video description15:22
usr13__daniel2: Let me give you a little bit of instructions for manual install.15:23
usr13__daniel2: Just a sec15:23
robertzaccourmy printer only prints half pages. any suggestions?15:23
robertzaccourwhatever I print, it only prints on the upper half of the page15:23
IdleOnecheck your printer settings, make sure you have the correct size paper selected15:24
MonkeyDustrobertzaccour  have you asked in #libreoffice?15:24
=== jkeiper_ is now known as jkeiper
badseriiHello, a general linux question. Is that possible to detect whenever any application takes screenshots of my screen?15:24
robertzaccourMonkeyDust, its not a program issue15:25
=== rihen is now known as rihnapstor
ikoniabadserii: no15:26
MonkeyDustbadserii  if you want to use a timeout, you can use 'sleep', otherwise the screenshot is taken when you hit the prtsc key15:26
usr13__daniel2: Open firefox to:  www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/  Click "Install plugin" and follow instructions.15:26
robertzaccourIdleOne, I don't see it in the printer settings15:26
usr13__daniel2: If that doesn't work, I have plan B  ... but try that first.15:26
daniel2usr13__: ok i will try15:27
daniel2usr13__: no suitable plugin were found after first option15:29
daniel2usr13__: i clicked maunal install but no linux operating was listed only windoze and mac15:30
daniel2usr13__: you still there?15:31
Picidaniel2, usr13__ : there is no linux shockwave plugin.15:31
daniel2yeah i just discovered that15:31
daniel2no support for linux15:31
JeffBauerhi dudes15:32
robertzaccourI can't figure out how to make my printer print full pages instead of just half pages. is this a compatibility issue? my printer worked fine in earlier Ubuntu releases15:32
JeffBauerwhat is the name of that app that let you mount a network folder?15:32
danileigh79_2usr13__: Ok, I've installed it, running reboot and startup15:33
rumpe1robertzaccour, check your printer settings (if 2-sides-on-1-side is active)15:33
JeffBaueri mean, i wanna mount a folder from another computer15:33
robertzaccourrumpe1, where are the settings?15:33
rumpe1robertzaccour, when you click "print" in most applications, it opens up the configuration dialogue. Check the properties of the selected printer.15:34
rumpe1robertzaccour, had the same issue a while ago. 2-on-1 is as long active, as long as it's not changed back to 1-on-1. (i think)15:35
robertzaccourrumpe1, what do you mean 2 on 1?15:36
daniel2usr13__: next option??15:36
danileigh79_2daniel2: usr13__ seems to have gone afk15:37
rumpe1robertzaccour, "full pages instead of just half pages." <- could be 2-on-1, when printing just one page, which gets scaled down, so that two pages could fit onto the sheet15:37
robertzaccoureverything looks ok in the settings15:37
robertzaccourrumpe1, I don't see that in the options15:38
baazigarHello, can external hard drives like Seagate portable work on ubuntu?15:44
usr13__daniel2: firefox http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/  Click "Select version to download"  Choose "tar.gz for other linux"  Download to "Downloads" directory.15:45
cakewalkssoup all15:45
baazigarDoes anyone use external hard drives here?15:45
cakewalksbaazigar: si15:46
MonkeyDustbaazigar  yes15:47
baazigarMonkeyDust : which one?15:47
MonkeyDustbaazigar  Maxtor 500GB15:48
baazigardoes seagate work on ubuntu? i have seen many external hard drive specifications , but they dont specify if they work on ubuntu or not.15:48
usr13__daniel2: open terminal:  cd Downloads ; install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz ; sudo mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/15:49
IdleOnebaazigar: They should all work just fine no matter the manufacturer15:49
daniel2usr13__: ok will try15:50
baazigarIdleOne : are u sure, because i am planning to buy one, specifically to store ubuntu data...15:51
IdleOnebaazigar: yes.15:51
baazigarIdleOne : thanks, going to order a 1TB external HD seagate  portable15:52
BigGoldas long as your hardware's compatible, an external hard drive should work straight out of the box15:53
daniel2usr13__: i have done that i will restart firefox and try again15:54
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest88646
BigGoldi got a usb3 external drive, and it won't work on my main system because it doesn't have usb3 or usb215:55
baazigarBigGold : my internal hd is giving error---> Failure is imminent15:55
usr13__daniel2: Ok, let me know.15:55
BigGoldbaazigar: that kind of message is usually right :(15:56
daniel2usr13__:  nothing still the same15:57
baazigarBigGold :I may have to format the internal HD because of error, need a to backup my data, any suggestions on how to do backup instead of a external HD??15:57
danileigh79usr13__: getting some crash reports... won't run any of my startup commands that ran in unity15:57
MonkeyDustbaazigar  mind: the external disk is linked to my 10 year old remote headless debian pc, which I address over NFS and SSH15:57
Si2100Hi Guys, got an issue wirtth Ubuntu Server keeps loosing connection15:57
BigGoldbaazigar: formatting a drive that's reporting immanent failure won't stop or reverse the failure.  copy off what you can to another drive, then replace the drive.15:59
daniel2usr13__: in manage content plugins no flash video is listed same as in preference>applications could this be the problem15:59
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
BigGoldjust make sure that if you get a usb drive, it's compatible with the usb on board.  anything made in the last 3 or so years should be16:00
baazigarMonkeyDust : i didnt understand half of your sentence...16:00
baazigarBigGold : its the latest.16:00
=== [flux] is now known as jack
IdleOnebaazigar: that is fine cause it had nothing to do with your question16:00
BigGoldbaazigar: i don't mean ubuntu.  i mean your pc hardware.16:00
=== jack is now known as JackSparrow
IdleOneMonkeyDust: Please try to keep your answers clear and relevant as to not add more confusion to the person trying to get help16:01
=== aj__ is now known as jardineworks
=== JackSparrow is now known as [flux]
IdleOnebaazigar: buy the external HDD, unless you have some old computer that hasn't been sold in over 5 years, you will be fine.16:02
baazigarBigGold: my pc is 1 yr old. So its fine to get a latest HD.16:03
baazigarBigGold : Dell inspiron i516:03
IdleOnebaazigar: absolutely.16:03
BigGoldbaazigar: it's compatible, then.  i suggest getting a drive and copying your files to it at your earliest opportunity.  don't leave your failing hard drive running any longer than absolutely necessary.16:04
=== Porkman_ is now known as porkman
revol0xfbaazigar: will the hard drive have a USB 3.0 interface?.16:05
BigGoldrevol0xf: i haven't seen any usb hard drives >500 GB16:05
BigGoldrevol0xf: i haven't seen any usb hard drives > 500 GB that didn't have usb316:05
baazigarBigGold : But i have been selected in GSoC, and I have to work 8 hours daily, especially, midterm evaluation has started, need to submit by 13th july16:05
baazigarrevol0xf : yes16:06
BigGoldbaazigar: if you continue to use a hard drive that's reporting failure is immanent, then it will very shortly fail completely, and you won't be able to recover a single file from it.16:06
BigGoldminutes, hours, days, maybe just maybe weeks, but very shortly all the same.16:07
sideonehi all16:07
sideonei would like to install a lower kernel 2.6x onto my new install of ubuntu. could someone pointme to a good guide for this?16:08
baazigarBigGold : OMG  , then  i should stop now,16:08
baazigarThanks a lot for the help16:09
sideoneif i look at apt for linux image, i only see 3.2 images.16:09
revol0xfbaazigar: I have a USB 3.0 flash drive which works in 3.0 mode only after I suspend and resume my laptop. Its a strange problem but thats how it works for my hardware.16:09
usr13__daniel2: Sorry, I had a 10.04 box here and I plugged it in and tried the manaul install as I described for you, and all I get is black screen when I try to play a youtube video.  (I thougt it was working before on this old box but I dont know, didnt test it and now it doesnt work).  So I just dono about 10.04.  You will need to work it out with adobe  or try alternative flashplayer.16:10
padhuI am Added entire repo copied from my friend's server to my machine. But Ubuntu 12.04 always seek the main server for installing packages instead of local folder of repo. How can i fix this?16:10
revol0xfI am not sure if its the problem with my falsh drive or the xhci_hcd module. I'm still trying to figure it out.16:10
xfranwolá, alguem poderia me ajudar16:10
xfranwcanal pra baixar mp316:11
gutgutsideone, download a deb and install this one with dpkg16:11
Pici!br | xfranw16:11
ubottuxfranw: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.16:11
sideoneok thanks gut16:11
usr13__daniel2: Or maybe an older version of adobe flashplayer, (but that is a long-shot, just a thought though).16:11
padhuI am Added entire repo copied from my friend's server to my machine. But Ubuntu 12.04 always seek the main server for installing packages instead of local folder of repo. How can i fix this?16:11
gutgutsideone, like this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/linux-image16:12
jpdspadhu: Change your /etc/apt/sources.list file.16:12
satya-ktreei have a two php applications in one server, and replicate to another server, i want to setup like if primary server  goes down the applications will server from secondary server16:14
satya-ktreeIs there any possibility, kindly suggest me?16:14
padhujpds : when offline synaptic tooks packages from local file. Is it required to change the file /etc/apt/sources.list16:14
usr13__daniel2: But still working on it.16:15
=== Jon-- is now known as NotJon--
gutgutuh, sry16:16
satya-ktreei have a two php applications in one server, and replicated to another server, i want to setup like if primary server  goes down the applications will server from secondary server16:17
gutgutsatya, you need a loadbalancer or similar software16:17
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
kristenbbhi, I'm trying to checkout a project in svn. I received an error saying Password for '(null)' GNOME keyring:.  I thought this might be caused by gnome-keyring, which I don't use, so I removed it with apt-get and also removed ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring.16:19
kristenbbNow when I try to checkout, it says p11-kit: couldn't load module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkcs11/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkcs11/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.  Then it asks for my password, but even though I enter it correctly, nothing happens.  What's wrong ?16:20
gutgutkristen, could be that two apps check your credentials, but the one with the password fails to check against polkit16:21
gutgutkristen, reinstall gnome-keyring and see what happens16:21
kristenbbbut I don't want to use gnome-keyring16:21
kristenbbI'll install it anyway for test purposes, but in the end it's not the solution I'm looking for16:21
gutgutkristen, then dont use software that depend on it16:22
kristenbbI didn't mean for svn to depend on gnome-keyring16:22
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
kristenbbI didn't set it that way16:22
kristenbbas a matter of fact I didn't do anything, I installed subversion just a few minutes ago. That's how it came, broken16:23
kanupatarhi guys16:23
gutgutkristen, heres a solution you might use: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=8365716:23
kristenbbwell with gnome keyring it seems to work indeed16:24
kanupatarin my ubuntu (11.10) , my time and other options(shutdown options) in the top right corner become hidden16:24
kristenbbit just opened a window asking me to save my password16:24
kristenbbI don't want this16:24
kristenbbit's not safe, it says so itself. ATTENTION!  Your password for authentication realm can only be stored unencrypted, blablabla16:25
gutgutkristen, yes, it creates a keyring for SVN16:25
DarkSimI need some help with HP drivers for Linux, I was looking at hplip.net for HP LaserJet Pro P1102W drivers, I found HP LaserJet P 1102w and HP LaserJet p1102w but none that says pro16:25
kanupatarthe exact options were ,time,sound16:25
kristenbbI don't a keyring, I don't even know what it is16:25
kristenbbkeeping the password in my mind is fine by me, no need to put it somewhere obscure on the computer16:25
kanupatarwhere is my tabs in the panel /16:26
kristenbbhow can I disable this, if removing gnome-keyring brakes svn ?16:26
gutgutkristenbb, saw the link?16:26
daniel2usr13__: i install mplayer and now have flash video in the perferences>applications but it won't allow me to swap it from mplayer to flash-installer or libflashplayer.so16:26
TheM4ch1n3kristenbb: are you thinking out loud ?16:26
kristenbbgutgut: I am reading it at the same time, but didn't finish it yet, sorry for being so16:26
gutgutslow? it's one line to read.. ._.16:27
aboudreaultnot sure why, but simple NFS configuration doesn't work anymore in ubuntu precise. always getting access denied by server. My export line: /mnt/dev/data,sync,no_subtree_check), which is my lxcbr0 bridge and my client ip is
dumplings_mananybody here ?16:27
TheM4ch1n3dumplings_man: no16:28
kristenbbmy computer is slow specially for https, but that's another issue :)16:28
recon_lapDarkSim: it's possible that the pro version does not need a special driver, what are the extra pro features.16:28
kanupatarnobod here?16:28
kanupatarwhat the fucking response on my question!16:29
IdleOne!language | kanupatar16:29
ubottukanupatar: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:29
TheM4ch1n3kanupatar: yeah, don't ****ing swear!16:30
xanguaTheM4ch1n3: the same goes for you16:30
IdleOneTheM4ch1n3: using stars is also not acceptable16:30
gutgutOWNED LOL16:30
kanupatar!blame | IdleOne16:30
IdleOnekanupatar: What was your original question?16:31
kristenbbgutgut: so how can I remove it, it doesn't say explicitly ? Am I supposed to leave it as 'password-stores' or 'password-stores =' or something else ?16:31
TimTheGuyHello, could I have some help?16:31
gutgutkristenbb, try to remove the value only16:31
IdleOneTimTheGuy: just ask and if someone can help they will16:31
TimTheGuyI'm rather new to Ubuntu, and I have a very very stupid problem. Where do you access the applications?16:31
kristenbbso leaving the '=' ?16:31
kanupatarIdleOne: ok..in my ubuntu 11.10 , suddenly my time and sound icons in the top right corner disappeared16:31
gutgutkristenbb, leave "password-stores ="16:32
recon_lapTimTheGuy: have you moved the mouse to the left of the screen?16:32
IdleOnekanupatar: run: apt-cache policy indicator-sound16:32
TimTheGuyYes, I have my Dock and stuff.16:32
TimTheGuyBut, what about my various other installed Applications, that I have unlocked from the Dock?16:33
xanguaTimTheGuy: clic in the ubuntu icon, everything is there16:33
evidenthi everybody! Can anybody tell me a way to copy the last n lines of a file to another file? All I can find on Google is how to copy the first n lines, but I want the last ones16:33
IdleOnekanupatar: does it say it is installed?16:33
kanupatarIdleOne: indicator-sound:16:33
kanupatar  Installed:
IdleOneok good.16:33
evident(in a shell script)16:33
recon_lapevident: tail16:33
kanupatarIdleOne: it was there few hours back16:34
TimTheGuySo, I have to manually search every time I am looking for an application?16:34
IdleOnekanupatar: have you installed any themes recently?16:34
kanupatarevident: which language you want to try this?16:34
danileigh79usr13__: still there?16:34
kanupatarIdleOne: no16:34
kanupatarIdleOne: it was there few hors back16:34
quadrooohaving /usr/share/ant/lib/catalina-ant.jar from tomcat/lib/, but when I run 'ant install' in project folder which currently is NOT in tomcat/webapp, it's in /home/myProject, then I'm getting the following error:   http://pastebin.com/bZ1T1yv416:34
gutgutevident, tail -n LINES FILE >> OTHERFILE16:34
IdleOnekanupatar: using Unity?16:34
IdleOnekanupatar: yes. I read it the first time. it isn't there now.16:35
kanupatarIdleOne: no no..am using ubuntu 11.10 old16:35
IdleOnekanupatar: so, classic desktop?16:36
evidentthank you very much @gutgut and recon_lap ... works fine...:D16:36
kanupatarIdleOne: yes16:36
gutgutbut dont forget >>, because one > will delete everything in the other file16:36
satya-ktreegutgut: If i want to setup load balancer, can i do it with two servers?16:36
kanupatarIdleOne: but i can see bluetooth,wirelss,battery icons16:36
TimTheGuyI have a second question- has anyone here an idea of how I should go about installing Macbuntu with Ubuntu Linux 12.04?16:37
nishttal2hi all.. looking for advise on a bare-metal ubuntu backup16:37
gutgutsatya-ktree, you need at least two16:37
OerHeksTimeRider, macbuntu will wreck your system, i tried it myself.16:37
TimTheGuyMy apologies, accidental post of that link.16:38
gutgutsatya-ktree, but no, usse something else. something that checks if the first server is responding and if not, changes the DNS16:38
TimTheGuyOerHeks, it's not as cool as it looks, huh?16:38
OerHeksTimTheGuy, it looks cool, but technically it is crapware.16:38
kanupatarIdleOne: any more coments?16:39
satya-ktreegutgut: How to do that, do you have any articles or any softwares?16:39
TimTheGuyOerHeks, you recommend just sticking with the standard interface?16:39
IdleOnekanupatar: I am trying to remember what the command to reset gnome-classic is. just a minute16:39
gutgutsatya-ktree, no, sorry. if you really need to use such a thing, read and try yourself16:40
OerHeksTimTheGuy, yes, use myunity to tweak the sidebar and take some time to learn about gnome3/unity16:40
TimTheGuyOerHeks, will do! Any resources you can point me towards?16:40
=== revolts is now known as Guest25207
gutgutsatya-ktree, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Load_balancing_%28computing%29#Round-robin_DNS for a start16:41
CrupulusHi all (ubuntu newbie), I have to apply a patch on my wl driver, and found a .patch file on the web. But I have no idea what to do with it, nor where/how is a driver file. Any tip please? ty16:41
CrupulusAll i found is some guy suggesting to un-tar it, but here I have just a text file16:42
OerHeksTimTheGuy, hang in here, read the monthly magazine http://fullcirclemagazine.org/ or read this post with a lot of tweaks > http://askubuntu.com/questions/29553/how-can-i-configure-unity/101415#10141516:42
kanupatarIdleOne: got it?16:42
TimTheGuyOerHeks, sounds good, thanks for the help!16:43
tewlzhello,  Can anyone help me figure out why the option for ubuntu 3d isn't at login?  I ran the test and it says that it supports it.16:43
satya-ktreegutgut: Thank you very much16:44
IdleOnekanupatar: I can't seem to remember the command. Have you tried logging out and back in? Does the sound indicator come back?16:44
=== tazjin|away is now known as tazjin
tewlzglxinfo is complete with no errors.  Searched everywhere can't find a solution or a reason why i can't enable ubuntu 3d.16:46
tewlzglxgears runs great16:46
shomonhi is there a channel for open office calc or libre?16:48
ocelothow are you today16:50
ocelotcomo esta16:50
FloodBot1ocelot: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:50
MonkeyDustshomon  there's #libreoffice16:51
shomonyeah cool thanks !16:51
Lacoixneed some help, got a geforce 6600 in my Ububto 12.04 box16:51
Lacoixand for some reason can't change resolution off 640X48016:52
=== hybrid is now known as o0o0o
BluesKajLacoix, have you installed the "restricted driver"?16:54
extraymondHi, I have a problem with liferea.16:54
extraymondIt seems I can't login to my google reader account anymore.16:54
extraymondAnd I can't do that on the new "lightread"(google reader app from app showdown) either.16:54
BluesKajyes ocelot . you're here16:56
kanupatarIdleOne: yes tried but not restored!16:56
extraymondAnybody know how to resolve this question?16:56
=== Guest25207 is now known as diegovieira
tewlzDid anyone else have issue's with enableing ubuntu 3d?16:58
Ztanewhat's with skype now?16:59
ZtaneI upgraded lots of packages, 1204 with kde, and skype does not even log in, or crashes immediately16:59
Ztaneor hangs16:59
Ztaneand when it does that it needs kill -916:59
ocelotyes i m here17:00
ocelotbluesKaj i m here I m not afraid17:00
BluesKajocelot, :)17:00
Ztanewtf seriously17:01
Ztanenow firefox crashes too all the time17:01
xangua!language | Ztane17:01
ubottuZtane: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:01
resnosome how my unity icons arent showing up, how do i refresh/restart just the left bar?17:02
Ztanewhats wrong with "worse than failure" ;)17:02
=== lub`away is now known as lubmil
Jonii_Hey, is it possible to switch f1-f12 keys so that my laptops fn-button + f12 could be switched with f12 and vice versa17:06
Jonii_so that I get volume up -action from pressing f12 alone, and f12 action from pressing fn+f1217:07
StevenRJonii_: the bios might have a setting for that17:07
xevworkDoes the 'backportpackage' tool not exist on 10.04?17:07
xevworkAlso, the 'requestbackport' tool doesn't seem to exist on 10.04.17:09
Ztaneseems that I needed to do full comp restart, just x restart was not enough17:09
AsterDoes anybody know the command I need to enter to give my httpd read/write access to /var/www recursively?17:10
K4kis there a recommended way to get menumaker installed on ubuntu? I'm not finding it in apt17:10
Bert1Is anyone else having problems with the display manager - using a Dell laptop and a dell monitor on a kvm switch.  when I select the external monitor only on the display manager, the manager crashes17:11
ZtaneAster: the command is chown, and/or chmod ;) but usually the /var/www is really supposed to be read only for httpd17:13
tewlzI'm getting yes to unity 3d supported but for the life of me i can't figure out how to enable it.  Not an option when i log in.17:15
jlaphamI know exactly how you feel17:16
jlaphamhey Marc17:16
tewlzI mean should i just stop searching for stuff?17:16
tewlzIs it game over?17:16
jlaphamwell... there's two you can look at this.17:16
tewlzCan't find anything on the issue17:16
AsterZtane, I made a file uploader, and was messing with permissions, and it no longer works, so I need to make it read/write.17:16
AsterHow would I do so?17:16
jlaphamslow down big boy17:16
Marc_connect irc.ewdev.ca17:16
jlaphamone step at a time now17:17
jlaphamlets restate the issue17:17
baazigarHello, how can I transfer files from my ubuntu laptop to another windows laptop. I want to backup my data.17:17
jlaphamthumb drive?17:17
jlaphamexternal hard drive?17:18
kyle__baazigar: You could install openssh-server on your ubuntu laptop, and win-scp on your windows one.  Then use winscp to pull your data17:18
jlaphamthis is getting a little complicated now17:18
jlaphamsay yo mamma17:18
baazigarkyle__ : both laptops are connected with a lan cable17:18
jlaphamcan anyone hear me?17:19
jlaphamread me*?17:19
tewlzi can see your chat can you see mine?17:19
rudolf_hi all17:19
auronandacejlapham: maybe you should stop rambling and start making sense17:19
baazigarkyle__:  isnt there something like ipmsg for ubuntu17:19
jlaphamI going under a bridge, may lose connection17:19
rudolf_I have an 8GB pen drive. I want an ubuntu installation on it along with other rescue utilities like kon boot, oph and offline nt password editor.17:20
rudolf_Can I do this with just yumi or sardu?17:21
auronandace!usb | rudolf_17:21
ubotturudolf_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:21
rudolf_auronandace: I also want several other rescue utilities along with that and I want to chose what to start at the time of boooting only.17:22
evidentcan anybody give me tips why a cronjob I created (for root) isn't executed each minute? crontab -e has an entry: * * * * * * sh /path/foo.sh  ... if I execute the command in a shell it works fine, but it isn't executed using cron... is there anything else I need to activate so that it runs?17:22
auronandacerudolf_: in that case i don't know what to suggest, it is a little outside of ubuntu support17:22
tokabokaHi, my sound stops working ocassionally. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, any pointers?17:22
tokabokaFor example my sound was working, I suspended by computer, then when I started it up again, the sound was no longer working17:23
rypervencheevident: One too many *s.17:23
jalali added tool in menu list but enable to execute from menu because what command used form running menu list17:23
rudolf_auronandace: I saw the ques on this page. Quite similar to mine but I couldnt understand the procedure. Can you please see and tell me what they are telling? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156593117:24
evidentrypervenche: it's 5 "*" only... accidentally typed one more... :)17:24
jalalhow i can execute tool from menu list17:24
evidentrypervenche: in the crontab -e it is written correctly17:24
baazigarHello, I cannot mount windows network in ubuntu, Please help.<<Unable to mount location.Failed to retrieve share list from server>>17:24
rypervencheevident: Then check /var/log/cron for any error messages.17:24
tokabokawhat could suspending and rebooting my computer have possibly done to make the sound stop working?17:25
jalalssomebody help me17:25
rudolf_auronandace: Did you see that?17:26
auronandacerudolf_: it is a standard harddrive install (just using the usb instead) and then keeping iso's on the stick and modifying grub to boot the iso's17:26
baazigarHello, I cannot mount windows network in ubuntu, Please help.       <<Unable to mount location.Failed to retrieve share list from server>>17:27
recon_laptokaboka: did you plug in or out any earphones?17:27
rudolf_auronandace: Do you think it will work?17:27
evidentrypervenche: what if there isn't a /var/log/cron file?17:28
auronandacerudolf_: don't see why not, i've never done it though so i couldn't tell you how17:28
rudolf_auronandace: ok thanks a lot..I will try it :)17:28
rypervencheevident: sudo grep cron /var/log/syslog17:28
soulnafeinHello, how can I upgrade right now to ubuntu kernel 3.2.0-27? I'm running 3.2.0-2617:31
evidentrypervenche: it's not showing me any errors there, only (root) LIST (root) and such stuff... but I have just found out that there might be a problem when you use things like $(date +"%d.%m.%Y"), which I do... since cron will interpret the "%" as line breaks...17:32
auronandacesoulnafein: when was 27 released?17:32
rypervencheAh yes, that's your problem then.17:32
rypervencheevident: ^17:32
pyghassenhi my laptop can't  suspend nor hibernate!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:32
soulnafeinauronandace, I'm not sure. Someone mentioned it in a bug report stating that the bug was fixed in that version.17:32
pyghassenI'm using ubuntu 12.0417:32
ki4romy sytems is up to date at 2617:33
auronandacesoulnafein: the latest i can see is 26, so maybe you need to wait for the mirrors to update17:34
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=== MaccerBNC is now known as Maccer
jalalhow to execute tools from main menu ?17:39
jalalplzz look at my issue17:39
auronandacejalal: perhaps more details would help17:40
jalali creat a directory call pentest and from main manu i add menu and i install tools but i cant launch tool17:40
jalalok listen..in backtrack menu list have penratesting tools so when in menu we click it launched..same i want to do in ubuntu17:40
GhrimWhat's the fastest booting ubuntu based distro?17:40
rypervenchelol, knew it.17:40
danileigh79Ghrim: probably xfce17:41
rypervencheGhrim: The one you make the fastest.17:41
jalalsimply i want to make folder in start menu list and i want to execute my tools form there17:41
auronandacejalal: if you want to use backtrack tools... use backtrack17:41
trismsoulnafein: it is in proposed, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed for instructions on how to enable it if you would like to help test the new kernel17:41
jalali want to install some personal tools in ubuntu17:41
jalalexample in games folder comes all game..so i make folder in start menu so how i add tool in that folder.and launcch form there17:42
jalalin main menu when i add item..then it ask for command..so what command i shoult i give?coz normal command does not launch terminal17:44
tewlzThank you to all of you who didn't reply to me.  My own stupidity was at fault the entire time.17:44
danileigh79tewlz:  don't be dramatic17:45
tewlzNo i mean it was bad.  I don't blame anyone.17:45
auronandacetewlz: oh yeah? i'm probably more stupid than you, so there!17:45
danileigh79tewlz: ok, sorry then17:46
evidentrypervenche: still not doing it... I used "\%d.\%m..." instead, but it still isn't executing... :(17:46
tewlzI'll just tell you i was searching how to enable ubuntu 3d for hours and i realized the option ubuntu itself was what i needed.17:46
TheM4ch1n3tewlz: huh?17:47
Ghrimrypervenche, how do I make it fast?17:47
rypervencheevident: I'm not sure if you can use them at all. Make a script, alias, or function and call that instead.17:47
fruitloopany ideas on why i cant install ubuntu, I have a system with a sata hard drive,  I read a few blogs saying that I need to have RAID enabled.  I set all that up but still end up with an "unable to find a medium containing a live file system"17:47
tewlzon the login screen the option for just ubuntu rather than 2d was what i needed to enable.17:47
TheM4ch1n3fruitloop: privmsg ?17:48
evidentrypervenche: well I have a shell script... :(17:48
danileigh79shojo: hey17:48
rypervencheevident: Can you not put the date in there then?17:49
evidentI did... it gets the date and puts it to a file17:49
shojohey danileigh79 !!!!17:50
evidentok that backslash stuff is probably just when I want to execute the date comamnd directly in cron17:50
=== michael is now known as Guest37974
evidentrypervenche: it's running now... but weirdly it's running twice at the beginning of each minute17:59
rypervencheDid you add it twice?18:00
rypervencheShow the actual entry and the logs.18:00
stagasanyone knows why my bcm4313 wireless doesn't work in 12.04?18:01
auronandacestagas: because you need the driver18:01
soulnafeintrism, thanks18:01
stagasauronandace: I've been installing/reinstalling it all day in different variations I pick up from forums from people having the same issue. nothing worked18:03
auronandacestagas: unfortunately, i can only point you to the documentation, i've never used broadcom wireless chips18:04
auronandace!bcm | stagas18:04
ubottustagas: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:04
stagasauronandace: thanks. just thought I would ask here in case someone had the same issue and found a solution18:05
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evidentJul  9 20:03:57 h1696522 crontab[28080]: (root) BEGIN EDIT (root)18:06
evidentJul  9 20:04:21 h1696522 crontab[28080]: (root) REPLACE (root)18:06
evidentJul  9 20:04:21 h1696522 crontab[28080]: (root) END EDIT (root)18:06
evidentJul  9 20:05:01 h1696522 cron[1247]: (root) RELOAD (crontabs/root)18:06
FloodBot1evident: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:06
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
evidentrypervenche: so it doesn't say anything in the log.. the crontab -e also has only one line containing the cronjob...18:07
auronandaceevident: for multiple lines please use a pastebin18:08
AlejandraIm sorry to be in ubuntu channel but I can not type in Centos channel18:09
auronandaceAlejandra: and you cannot get centos help here18:09
Alejandrado you know guys where can I get latest centos torrent 64 bits?18:09
DJonesAlejandra: From memory, you have to register your irc nick to speak in the centos channel18:09
DJones!register | Alejandra18:09
ubottuAlejandra: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:09
Alejandraok, I will try to register18:10
vp18does anyone have the wobbly effects on Pinguy18:12
auronandacevp18: Pinguy is not supported here18:13
MonkeyDustvp18  wrong channel, try #pinguy18:13
davv3_hello. help. my sidebar has disappeared. i was trying out different hotkeys and now dash and the sidebar is gone18:13
davv3_also when i change workspace it looks different, no zooming just plain change screen18:14
davv3_with C-A-arrowkeys18:14
DarkSim_I'm doing the installation with hplip but it can't detect my device18:17
=== esm is now known as Guest81515
goddarddavv3_: you should try weechat18:17
davv3_it does not play nice with screen18:18
davv3_this sucks18:19
MonkeyDustdavv3_  for what it's worth: i use byobu, an extension for screen, in combination with irssi18:19
enlace_quimicounity --reset18:19
tomasm-how come when trying to install the latest GIMP, software center says 2.6, but the ubuntu apps directory (website) says 2.8?18:20
MonkeyDusttomasm-  2.8 is noet yet in the ubuntu repos18:20
auronandace!info gimp18:20
ubottugimp (source: gimp): The GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.12-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 4611 kB, installed size 12814 kB18:20
DaekdroomPrecise pangolin still ships 2.6.x series.18:21
DaekdroomQuantal will ship 2.818:21
genii-aroundMonkeyDust: Quantal has 2.818:21
MonkeyDusttomasm-  what genii-around says18:21
enlace_quimicowhen i open a wine program, i suspect that unity crashes18:21
enlace_quimicoany clues on how to fix that?18:21
davv3_enlace_quimico: do i need unity-services? which unity unity not found18:21
tomasm-ok I see, it was confusing, since the 'available versions' page says 2.8, but the 12.04 page says '2.6.12'18:21
davv3_..or some other package?18:22
auronandaceenlace_quimico: what wine program?18:22
=== tyler_d12 is now known as tyler_d
enlace_quimicoit's a scientific program that i run, igor pro.18:22
MonkeyDusttomasm-  the latest version is not always immediately ported the repos18:23
auronandaceenlace_quimico: does it require the graphics card? is it full screen?18:23
cogsterHooray!  Ubuntu doesn't have lock set for the screen but requires my password every time it goes black!18:23
cogsterI love u linux18:23
enlace_quimicoeverything was fine under gnome and cinnamon desktops.18:23
enlace_quimicobut after coming back to unity everything went to the gutter18:23
enlace_quimicono graphics18:24
MonkeyDustcogster  system settings, brightness & lock18:24
auronandaceenlace_quimico: wine doesn't play well with compiz, unity uses compiz18:24
cogsterI already checked MonkeyDust :@18:24
enlace_quimicoi see18:24
enlace_quimicoauronandace, when i finally decided that i wanted to stick with unity.18:25
auronandaceenlace_quimico: usually games or fullscreen apps are the only ones affected18:26
=== cogster is now known as yum
jordan__I have an external hard drive that isn't being detected in the folder viewer, but I see it in 'lsusb' how can I get it to show up so I can browse files on the drive?18:26
* yum !18:26
MonkeyDustjordan__  mount it18:26
yumHow do I keep my Mathematica while switching from Ubuntu to Slackware?18:26
yumBecause ubuntu licks.18:27
TapondetomateHow can I change an icon from unity from an app that I made from a command line .sh I can change the app icon itself but not in the launch bar18:27
yumSometimes it feels good18:27
yumSometimes it feels bad18:27
enlace_quimicoauronandace: thanks!18:27
yumi don't want an operating system that licks me18:27
yumi don't live in soviet russia18:27
FloodBot1yum: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:27
MonkeyDustjordan__  create a folder with an easy name, type sudo mount /dev/blah (your eternal disk) [that name]18:27
yumI didn't flood18:27
yumFloodBot1 please don't slander: use people to regulate people.18:28
silverghostpart ubuntu [arch linux rocks]18:28
SimenOlaiMonkeyDust, I had a beautiful sunrise today half past 5 AM18:30
MonkeyDustSimenOlai  nice, but wrong channel, type /join #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat18:31
SimenOlaiooo, ok18:31
SimenOlaiBut did you watch it? :p18:31
TigerbloodzI have no sound in FF and Chromium (flash and html5), have sound in vlc. Who can help me?18:35
enlace_quimicodid you try turning it off and turning it on again18:36
Tigerbloodzyes ...18:36
SDXIf I try "sudo apt-get install libqt4-opengl" I get "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.".  Is there a way to fix this?18:40
enlace_quimicoSDX: sudo aptitude -f18:41
MonkeyDustSDX  try sudo apt-get -f install     -f means fix18:41
genii-aroundSDX: try just sudo apt-get -f install first18:41
enlace_quimicoi win18:41
auronandaceSDX: i guess you have dependency problems, pinning some packages or have any ppas installed?18:41
genii-aroundenlace_quimico: Perhaps not if it's a multi-arch issue18:41
SDXJust GIMP 2.8.18:42
SDXI'm on an amd64 processor.18:42
auronandaceSDX: "just" gimp 2.8? that's pretty big18:42
genii-aroundSDX: If you are on 12.04 and installed the gimp2.8  manually from 12.10 no wonder issues18:42
tomattowhat program do you suggest for icq?18:42
TapondetomateHi, I have a command line that I made to shutdown -h my computer *.sh I made and app from it change the icon of the app, but when I put in unity launch bar it change the icon any way to change it?18:43
ysidoh man, icq its so retro )18:43
blitzkrieg3tomatto: empathy should support it, no?18:43
SDXIs there a way to completely remove GIMP 2.8 then?18:44
MonkeyDustSDX  is it a PPA?18:44
tomattoysid: i know, but many people use it18:44
SDXWill just using "apt-get purge gimp2.8 etc." do it?18:44
SDXI installed it from the PPA, yes.18:44
MonkeyDustSDX  try removing the PPA then18:44
k1lSDX: use ppa-purge for it18:45
auronandaceSDX: gimp is rather crucial so you've likely broken your system18:45
silverghosthttp://www.iheartubuntu.com/2011/06/icq-for-ubuntu-linux-beta.html tomatto check this link18:45
=== arges__ is now known as arges_
ysidtomatto: Empathy suports icq as well18:45
SDXOkay. thank you.18:45
tomattook, i will try. thanks18:45
silverghostempathy is not that gr818:46
daxGIMP? crucial? lolwat18:46
silverghostwill pidgin support it18:46
eein_anyone have a suggestion for a program that can find all my media files and let me search for them.  i tried exaile but that crashes after indexing a few drives and doesnt update when i change the collection path18:46
silverghosttry clementine18:46
daxsilverghost: yes, pidgin supports ICQ18:46
eein_silverghost, does that do video as well?18:46
auronandacedax: due to the dependencies it requires, pretty important ones18:46
silverghosttry banshee dude :)18:47
daxauronandace: ...? What's important for whether a package is "crucial" is reverse dependencies, not forward ones18:47
TapondetomateI amde a *.sh file to shutdown -h my comp then an app to just click it and change the icon of this app to one that I liked everything works fine but then when I put in the unity launch bar it change the icon any way to put the one I like?18:48
=== Stone76 is now known as St0ne
genii-aroundSDX: Anyhow, you're best off to downgrade back to 12.04 default with: sudo apt-get install gimp=2.6.12-1ubuntu1        and then probably wait for either a 12.04 backport, or 12.10 to release18:50
TigerbloodzI have no sound in firefox (flash and html) but it's fine in vlc. Rebooting didn't work.18:51
euroI have done some disc write testing. If I write direct to the hdd I get 88 MB/s, if I copy from hdd to hdd on the same PC i get 78 MB/s. If I write over my home LAN i get 38 MB/s (using NFS). Is this "normal"?18:51
TapondetomateI think so Tiger18:52
gld1982ltdhello all....i don't know how to make debian packages or source packages for that matter. is anyone willing to help in making a debian for an app i have translated and edited? or even a source tar.gz?18:54
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring18:55
gld1982ltdi have read through all that and have gotten nowhere. i would love it if someone who already knew how to do it without having to read tons of documentation could do it? i would gladly hand over the files that need to be installed with instructions on where they are to be installed. the app consists of only 2 scripts and 2 desktop files with a folder full of conky configurations.18:58
nadiyamaHi, I'm trying to make ts3 icon to show in the top bar of Gnome Shell by using a extension, but I need the "wmClass" of this notification icon. Any help?18:59
daniel2usr13__: hi any luck with flash problem..i have left my friends a little frustrated! i thought i would have had it fixed easyily!! i have been scouring the ubuntu forums for a fix! I was at least hoping to get it working in chromium or google chrome, but failed miserably!! back to the forums seem like others are having some problems! i think i'll have to upgrade like suggested and save all her config files and music play18:59
gld1982ltdi don't get anything for this...i just want to share this app with the rest of the ubuntu/debian/linux community.18:59
auronandacedaniel2: maybe if you actually stated the problem19:00
daniel2sorry i was chatting with user13 earlier was just giving him an update19:01
daniel2didn't think he maybe afk19:01
tomswartz07hey all, i have a few boxes with ASRock mobos here, and im using Puppet to manage them. is there any way to edit the OEM Manufacturer info on the board? Serial Number, Product Name, etc all say "To be filled by OEM". I'd like to edit it for tracking purposes19:03
genii-aroundtomswartz07: That info is usually in the bios updates somewhere.19:03
Loshkitomswartz07: try asking also on ##hardware....19:04
tomswartz07genii-around: hm. i figured as much. is it able to be edited?19:04
tomswartz07Loshki: just asked about 10 mins ago, but everyone's afk, it seems19:04
DarkSimFinally I have a functioning printer in Linux, the time has finally come19:05
morsnowskiDarkSim, which one you got?19:06
genii-aroundtomswartz07: Almost not certainly by inserting them directly into the bios. But it is conceivable to use a hex editor on the bios .bin file and maybe look for that string, change it there, etc, reflash. I'm not sure it's such a good idea however.19:06
DarkSimmorsnowski: HP LaserJet Pro P1102W19:06
DarkSimIt was pretty much a piece of cake19:06
Loshkitomswartz07: it's a slower turnover group, you may need to wait a while...19:06
DarkSimonly thing I had to fix was using Windows to set up it wirelessly to my network19:06
johnjohn101you couldn't plug in via usb?19:07
DarkSimIt didn't detect it with the USB19:07
Coca-Cola2kto ?19:08
gld1982ltdcan anyone here make a debian package? or a script to install some files?19:09
enlace_q1imicoanyone know of a multithreaded screen cast solution?? the default is very slow (i dont have a graphics card).19:09
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newbun2Hello all! Im new...19:12
newbun2Im trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and am having some worries. Is there anyone who would like to help?19:13
enlace_q1imiconewbun2, why are you worried19:14
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=== bellz is now known as tdubellz
josvukhello , I'm on ubuntu lucid is ubuntu a debian based linux? So does it use debian package management?19:14
MonkeyDustjosvuk  it uses apt-get and dpkg19:15
muellijosvuk: yes.19:15
auronandacejosvuk: technically yes, but you shouldn't use debian packages on ubuntu19:15
johnjohn101i would like to know if you guys recommend ubuntu for a board with the amd FM1 chipset and graphics card.  If there is another place to discuss, i'll move there.19:16
josvukauronadace: Hm, why the packages which apt-get provides are someone outdated/old :-(19:17
newbun2I have run lucid puppy 528 on my system, then tried to install ubuntu 12.04 lts, i keep getting unrecoverable error during HD setup.19:17
auronandacejosvuk: how outdated?19:17
auronandace!latest | josvuk19:18
ubottujosvuk: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:18
enygmata_so, i ran into this odd problem with my ubuntu 12.04 install. everytime my program terminates, other process takes over the ports it was using.19:19
josvukauronnandace: Hm, for example mercurial is version 1.4.3 it's very old :-(19:19
enygmata_has this happened to anyone else?19:20
auronandace!info mercurial19:20
ubottumercurial (source: mercurial): easy-to-use, scalable distributed version control system. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 36 kB, installed size 225 kB19:20
auronandacejosvuk: what version of ubuntu are you using?19:20
josvuklucid as I wrote it is 10.04lts (ppc)19:21
auronandacejosvuk: 2010 is 2 years ago19:21
OerHeksenygmata_, "other process takes over the ports it was using." what ports and processes?19:22
josvuklts? <2y ?19:22
dax10.04 was released in April 2010, which is over two years ago.19:22
recon_laplts=3 year support :)19:23
ikoniait really doesn't matter as it's the PPC community port19:23
ikoniaso LTS is worthless19:23
auronandacejosvuk: the latest lts is 12.04, 10.04 is still supported but it is getting old19:23
enygmata_OerHeks: any port my process opens, and random processes. the first i used port 1234 and after the program terminated i couldnt restart it. ss -lup said avahi-daemon was using the port19:23
newbun2??? anyone willing to help with a new install of 12.04? It isn't working for me.19:23
enygmata_i then changed the port to 12345 and the same thing happened, this time it was dhclient who was using the port *after* my program19:24
auronandacenewbun2: how is it not working?19:24
newbun2auronandace i get an unrecoverable error after running the installer.19:25
newbun2auronandace > seems to be while the disk partitions and formats occur, maybe just after.19:25
ThePirateBay_seCan I make a Windows bootable usb stick from Ubuntu somehow?19:26
auronandacenewbun2: hmm, sounds like a hardware issue (can't be sure unless there is more info)19:27
newbun2auronandace > is there a way to "break" into the install process so I can terminal and wuery whats going on?19:27
sunnyboy2988Hello everyone =)19:27
recon_lapnewbun2: so you have tried a full install and it failed with a disk error? what was the erroe? did you run the self test on the boot menu to see if you got a clean media?19:28
newbun2auronandace > hardware worked great with lucid puppy. would like to see what grub2 is doing, yes, clean media.19:29
danileigh79usr13__: Xubuntu won't load beyond the startup splash screen19:29
OerHeksenygmata_, maybe you just make some little errors, see line 184 > addr = util.recvfrom(g_sock) >> addr = util.recvfrom(gsock)19:29
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
enygmata_OerHeks: nope, its called g_sock. just for reference, this is the output on archlinux http://pst.fmul.org/?/raw/134186204519:30
newbun2auronandace >[80.870991] Via 686a  0000:00:04:4: base address not set. - Uprade Bios or force_addr_0xaddr19:31
OerHeksenygmata_, i am not that good with python, maybe someone else or #python can help you out?19:31
tewlz Hey could anyone tell me how to allow permision to read and write on a directory and all files and sub directories?19:31
lion__Hello all I want run faster firefox on my pc .  should i install open jdk 7 or oracle java 7?19:31
sunnyboy2988I have a problem. I have samba running, with the config "path = ", "valid users = ", "writeable = yes" and "public = yes". It is working perfect if i set the path to /home/mce/test, but if i set the path to my 2nd hdd (/media/media-hdd/test) it is not working anymore, and i get the error "canonicalize_connect_path failed for service TESTING, path /media/media-hdd/TEST". Could someone please19:31
sunnyboy2988help me with that???19:31
danileigh79usr13__: Where did you go19:31
newbun2auronandace > Bios was upgraded19:31
auronandacenewbun2: so you got the latest bios update?19:32
enygmata_i have also tested the code on fedora 1719:32
enygmata_and works as expected19:32
danubhey all. I removed edubuntu recently and it removed all gnome ubuntu stuff. how can I get all the ubuntu stuff back? right now i only have KDE which doesn't have stuff like gksudo oor root terminal and thats what i am trying to get back19:32
enygmata_ill check if i can reproduce the error with a smaller piece of code19:33
ikoniadanub: re-install the ubuntu-desktop package19:33
icerootdanub: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop19:33
danubikonia: thank you good sir19:33
newbun2auronandace > it sounds like my hardware my be fine with lucid but not happy with 12.04?19:33
josvukI want to serarch the output of dpkg -h for --info pattern so I type dpkg -h | grep --info but it don't works nor if i quote "--info" nor if I quote with \--info19:33
OerHeksdanub, kdesu is gksudo for kubuntu19:33
sunnyboy2988nobody here how can help me with my samba? =(19:34
IdleOnekdesudo == gksudo19:34
daxjosvuk: dpkg -h | grep -- --info19:34
josvukah :-)19:34
daxjosvuk: the extra -- tells it you're done giving options and it can move on to looking for patterns19:34
tewlzhey ya i have a serious prob can anyone please help me.  How do i set read write permissions to my home folder?19:35
iceroottewlz: to yourself (the owner)?19:35
danubOerHeks: yeah, but my keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+t = root terminal) don't work now that i got rid of edubuntu software and I can't find in the system settings where to set that keyboard shortcut in kde. so I will just reinstall all the gnome stuff since that worked better for me anyway19:35
tewlzand all folders and files inside.19:36
iceroottewlz: that should be the default19:36
tewlzya well i kinda messed up bad.19:36
newbun2auronandace > Thanks for your help!!! xxx I will try maveric meerkat and see if I can run something in between.19:36
auronandacenewbun2: 10.10 is no longer supported19:36
tewlzI was trying to set permissions to folders inside and it did it to my home folder19:36
paccan some one help me?19:37
tewlzis there a sudo command i can do to set the permissions back to normal?19:37
iceroottewlz: sudo chmod -R u+r /home/username/19:37
genii-aroundtewlz: Did you use chown or chmod when you did this?19:37
tewlzit said permission denied.19:38
recon_lappac: just ask, if anyone can help they will19:38
tewlzsaid cannot access /home/tewlz/.gvfs': permission denied.19:39
paci have recently installed ubuntu on a cd so that i can boot from it...but it seems whenever i boot from it i get a time out error which goes on for about 3 - 5 minutes and then stops and that's when i press alt + ctrl + delete so i can restart my computer normally...but this never happend some years ago with the same pc...i used to run ubuntu without any problems...can anyone help?..19:40
magnus__Greetings fellow linux nerds! :-)19:40
=== magnus__ is now known as mernilio
merniliomagnus_ is my mudame name, call me mernilio!19:40
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BluesKajno nerds here . just ubuntu users19:41
danileigh79I installed xubuntu desktop, powered off for a while, now powering on I can't get beyond the xubuntu splash screen19:41
mernilioOf couurse .. Ubuntu is ment to be an easy to use linux distor! I support that19:42
tewlzi'm in trouble aren't i?19:43
mernilioPersonally im fucketd up and want dirtros that is diffucult to install :-)19:43
xangua!language | mernilio19:43
ubottumernilio: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:43
mernilioxangua: sorry!19:44
mernilioi normally dont use foule language! But again! sorry!19:44
BluesKajmernilio, want to wear a hair shirt ? try gentoo19:44
danileigh79I installed xubuntu desktop, powered off for a while, now powering on I can't get beyond the xubuntu splash screen19:44
rymate1234mernilio, try linux from scratch if you want a challenge19:44
budijuprego go linux19:45
merniliorymate1234: i know,them extremley difficult distros.. i have tired them but failed mirreable.19:45
rymate1234maybe try arch linux19:46
rymate1234Its a challenge, but it doesn't force you to compile everything19:46
rymate1234Or stick with ubuntu!19:46
recon_lappac: well, things change over time, would need to identify what is failing and disable it. pastebin the time-out errors. maybe someone will know what it is19:47
ffischi was just wondering if gimp 2.8 will be available/is available for Ubuntu 11.10?19:47
ikoniaffisch: nope19:47
rymate1234ffisch, update to 12.04 :P19:47
ffischikonia: why?19:47
ikoniaffisch: why would it ?19:47
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ffischi don't really want to upgrade19:48
ffischikonia: why wouldn't it?19:48
wNzffisch: you could probably compile it19:48
ikoniaffisch: because ubuntu doesn't update packages19:48
Picirymate1234: 2.8 is not in 12.04 either.19:48
ffischdoesn't ubuntu respect users of older versions?19:48
ikoniaffisch: once a version is released focus is moved to the next release.19:48
Pici!latest | ffisch19:48
ubottuffisch: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:48
ikoniaffisch: it doesn't update package versions as it's focus is on stability19:48
wNzugh ubottu19:48
rymate1234oh lol19:48
josvukwhere is the place in lucid where apt-get install stores the debian binary package somepackage.deb?19:49
genii-aroundffisch: If they didn't respect the users of older distributions there would not be an old-releases.ubuntu.com19:49
wNzffisch: http://www.gimp.org/downloads/19:49
wNzthe soruce for 2.8 is there19:49
ikoniaffisch: I would advise not doing that19:49
ffischso i can compile it?19:49
ffischikonia: why?19:49
ikoniaffisch: I would VERY strongly advise against it19:49
leonardo_hi, anyone using WindowMaker ?19:49
=== tommyvyo_ is now known as tommyvyo
Piciffisch: You can try, but we can't support you if you have isssues.19:50
ikoniaffisch: because the dependencies are significantly different than the 11.10 system and you will break your base install19:50
ffischoh i see19:50
MonkeyDustffisch  technically it is possible, with high chances of harming your system19:50
rymate1234what's so bad about compiling? :(19:50
lion__is firefox runs faster with openjdk7(java)?19:50
=== thomas__ is now known as TBoxley-Server
ikoniaif you know what you are doing, there is zero chance of damage, but you have to understand exactly whats going on19:50
ffischare there any risks in using the one-button upgrade to 12.04 in update manager?19:50
rymate1234lion__, since when doe firefox use java...?19:51
wNzffisch: whta version of ubuntu are you running?19:51
ikoniaffisch: why upgrade ?19:51
rymate1234(except as a plugin)19:51
ikoniaffisch: 2.8 is not in 12.0419:51
ffischi am using 11.1019:51
ffischand i want gimp 2.819:51
ikoniaffisch: it's not in 12.0419:51
ikoniaffisch: so you won't get it if you upgrade19:51
trismffisch: it may eventually be backported to 12.04, but we are blocked on a bug right now19:51
wNzffisch: ^19:51
ffischbut i have seen private repos for 12.0419:51
ikoniaffisch: again I would strongly advise against what wNz is saying19:52
BluesKajrymate1234, FF doesn't use it unless it's part of the the website makeup'19:52
wNzInstall Gimp 2.8 is Released for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin/Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric19:52
ikoniaffisch: I would very strongly advise against it19:52
MonkeyDustffisch  those are PPAs19:52
lion__does firefox runs faster by openjdk7? (why?)19:52
ffischi tried installing it from a private repo once and broke all my png's19:52
rymate1234lion__, firefox doesn't use java unless it's running a webpage with a java applet in it19:52
ffischbut i fixed it later19:52
ffischi was just wondering if it would ever be installable on a 11.10 machine19:53
ikoniaffisch: no19:53
wNzffisch: PM19:53
ffischikonia: so i should either upgrade now or later19:53
ikoniaffisch: neither19:53
ikoniaffisch: it won't make a difference19:53
ikoniaffisch: it's not in the version you are using, it's not in the version you are upgrading to19:54
lionhow i can run my softwares faster and smoother on ubuntu?19:54
irgendwer4711hi, I have 2 server with apache 2.2.x. server A use 200 Mb pro apache child, server B use 24 MB pro apache child, how comes the difference?19:54
k1llion: buy an ssd19:54
MonkeyDustlion  use a lightweigth desktop environment19:54
rymate1234get a better PC19:54
lioncan install a application to run fast another softwares?19:55
danileigh79I installed xubuntu desktop, powered off for a while, now powering on I can't get beyond the xubuntu splash screen19:55
k1llion: no. dont fall into the "tuning and tweak" trap19:55
nadiyamaHi, wich is the package name of mono (the .net implementation), mono-runtime?19:56
ffischnadiyama: i think so19:57
lionwhat is IcedTea Java Web Start?19:58
lionwhat is (""IcedTea Java Web Start"")19:58
ffischnadiyama: oh, its not19:59
ffischits mono-complete19:59
sw!info mono-complete | nadiyama19:59
ubottunadiyama: mono-complete (source: mono): complete Mono runtime, development tools and all libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version (precise), package size 8 kB, installed size 53 kB19:59
nadiyamaYep, I just discovered it right now as mono-runtime didn't work20:00
nibbler_i want to install ubuntu, but the laptop wont boot from usb and the cd-rom is broken - but there is already ubuntu on the harddisk - any hints?20:00
ffischcant you just boot ubuntu on the HDD?20:01
ffischif its already there20:01
ffischthen what's the problem?20:01
nibbler_ffisch, its a screwed up 10.10 with a even worse partiotion layout20:02
MonkeyDustnibbler_  try to get into grub and continue from there20:02
nibbler_MonkeyDust, how would i do that?20:03
nibbler_MonkeyDust, grub is running, i can enter the grub shell there etc20:03
L3topnibbler_: I would either try a do-release upgrade or you will need another HD and a way to connect it over USB or something.20:04
ffischcant you boot from usb via grub?20:04
nibbler_L3top, i have all this, other hd, usb/sata connector...20:04
nibbler_ffisch, thats sort of the question ;-)20:04
nadiyamaYour bios let you boot from usb?20:05
nibbler_nadiyama, yes, but it does not work20:05
nibbler_like nothing showing... think this is broken20:05
L3topI think I would experiment partitioning the drive the way I wanted, and debootstrap the new drive. I would need to look at a couple of things to see if that was even an option.... but in theory it should work.20:06
recon_lapL3top: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot20:06
nadiyamanibbler_, try this: format the pendrive (fat32), and use unetbootin and the iso of ubuntu. I did it yesterday and it works.20:07
nibbler_nadiyama, the stick works on other computers, just not the laptop...20:07
ubottumax2: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:08
MissionControlwho here knows about steam for Linux?20:09
MissionControlwould like is I to know more about it20:11
L3topnibbler if you have another linux machine on the network then you could use recon_lap's link.20:12
L3topnibbler_: ^20:12
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goddardhow can I copy a file to a samba share that is already mounted?20:14
goddardcommand line20:15
MissionControlI have a samba server up20:16
MissionControlI don't remember how to configure it though20:17
nahuelarg86Hello, I'm new to ubuntu, I installed the wibu so I'm running ubuntu "with" windows. I realized that ubuntu is reeeeealy slow. Is it due to the wibu?20:19
beandoggoddard: smbcopy20:19
beandoggoddard: wait, sorry, I'm thinking of smbget20:19
ubottumax1: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:19
beandoggoddard: just use cp, rsync, etc. if it's already mounted20:19
goddardbeandog: i tried copy and it didn't work20:20
danileigh79How do I change a folder/file from Read-only file system in command prompt?20:20
MissionControlnahuelarg86 maybe20:20
MissionControltry installing ubuntu straight from the disk20:20
MissionControland partition the drive with windows along side it20:21
goddardbeandog: the url for the samaba share is smb://ip/folder20:21
goddarddo i use this format?20:21
nahuelarg86Yes, I just wanted to confirm if that is specifically the problem, or f it could be something else20:21
beandoggoddard: I thought you said you mounted it.  If that's the case, you just copy it into that directory20:22
numbertoHi guys,  I am on ubuntu 12.04 and just installed gnome-do. The problem is that it does not start the app with <super>space keybinding. Does anybody now fix for that ('cause Google doesnt :))20:22
goddardbeandog: im using the url from nautilus20:22
beandogyah that won't work20:22
lionwhy the people say with the install java my firefox runs faster?20:23
MissionControlnahuelarg86 I've never used the windows installer but if you want to figure out what's going on then it's not a bad idea to try things20:23
josvukWhat happens when apt-get downloads a .deb packege. I have /var/cache/apt but in it is only one .deb file. :-)20:23
josvukare the others deleted?20:23
lion why the people say with the install java my firefox runs faster???20:25
lioncan any body answer me?20:25
K4knumberto: It's been a while since I last ran gnome-do but I would start by looking to see if there is supposed to be a process/daemon running in the background for gnome-do and if that doesn't pull anything up. Check you keyboard shortcuts and see if <super>-space is mapped to the gnome-do application (whatever that may be)20:25
k1llion: why should ppl say that?20:26
beandogthat was weird20:26
beandogsomeone's giving him false information20:26
nishttal2how can i uninstall libreoffice completely?20:27
K4knumberto: This may also be relevant -- http://askubuntu.com/questions/113207/cant-bind-gnome-do-to-super-space-or-ctrlaltspace20:28
danileigh79I installed xubuntu desktop, powered off for a while, now powering on I can't get beyond the xubuntu splash screen20:30
Yoshi2889Hey all, when I get my laptop from suspension an on-screen keyboard appears, how do I fix that?20:32
Yoshi2889It does not have a touchscreen20:32
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johnjohn101jlouis:  http://pastebin.com/2NqLG9Mb20:34
chrisircHow do I find out the version of Ubuntu on a system, from the command line?20:35
DJones!version | chrisirc20:36
youenn mIRC v  7.1 Khaled Mardam-Bey20:36
ubottuchrisirc: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »20:36
K4kdanileigh79: Follow the steps in answer #2 from this link post and see if, during boot, you see where the boot process is hanging. http://askubuntu.com/questions/6122/how-to-see-whats-going-on-during-shutdown20:36
=== chad is now known as Guest34874
K4kdanileigh79: if you can provide the point where it's hanging, we might be able to help better20:37
ctylerIs there a UDS this fall (Oct/Nov)?20:37
K4kdanileigh79: oh, and only do steps 1-3 to temporarily disable the splash, you don't need to do it permanently20:38
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trismctyler: yes, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-July/033657.html20:40
trismctyler: wait bad link sorry20:40
goddarddoes nautilus actually mount the samba share ?20:40
trismctyler: but there will be, I don't know that the location has been announced yet20:40
ctylerthanks, trism20:42
nishttal2is it safe to completely uninstall libreoffice20:42
goddardnishttal2: ya20:45
=== rowan is now known as Guest7261
nishttal2goddard: sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice-core?20:45
spartan31Ciao a tutti20:48
spartan31come si smuffa la muffa su ubunfuffa?20:49
auronandace!it | spartan3120:49
ubottuspartan31: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:49
genii-around!it | spartan3120:49
deepspeedWhere can I get help recovering a hdd that's not showing it's actual size in gparted?20:51
deepspeedIt should be like a 160 gig, and only shows as 31.5.20:51
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
deepspeedit's also showing some random unknown type of partition, and I know that wasn't there before.20:53
auronandacedeepspeed: sounds like a bad bit of disk failure, powercut or damaged drive maybe?20:53
deepspeedauronandace, I don't think so, but I know it's old.20:54
deepspeedIt's been running a terribly fragged xp distro forever, and was thrown in a closet until I put lucid on it.20:54
auronandacedeepspeed: i expect it's dying20:55
JustAPersonIs it possible to prevent GRUB from booting straight into ubuntu after hibernating? I'd like to hibernate in ubuntu, boot into windows and do stuff, and then restore my ubuntu session. Is this possible?20:55
deepspeedauronandace, I figured.  Guess I'll get a new one somewhere.20:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
auronandaceJustAPerson: i doubt that is possible20:57
grungekidJust checking. Has the ubuntu app showdown deadline passed?21:02
auronandacegrungekid: i don't think that has anything to do with ubuntu support21:03
grungekidSorry, I just put in #ubuntu didn't realise this was support21:03
auronandace!topic | grungekid21:04
ubottugrungekid: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic21:04
trismgrungekid: it has: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/07/ubuntu-app-showdown-deadline-approaching-get-your-submissions-ready/21:06
nadiyamaHi, I'm in gnome shell and trying to edit the keyboard shortcut, but it never works. I just edit the terminal launcher to super + t and it doesn't work, neither shift+alt+t. It works just with the default behaviour, ctrl+alt+t21:06
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guntbertGuest2286: don't irc as root21:10
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=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
swattorhi all, i'm missing the default applications option from my system settings21:14
swattorany ieas/21:14
swattorany ideas sorry?21:14
danileigh79usr13__: You there?21:16
pranavkis there any way i can make my process autostart after it gets killed,21:17
pranavkfor eg: my process is gettting hanged in between, i know i can correct this but this will take time, for the time being i want it to get started again automatically after it gets terminated by the OS21:18
danileigh79Installed Xubuntu desktop, Installed GDM for X11server, uninstalled it, ran reconfigure for lightdm, now nothing happens at boot except for the splash screen21:18
beandogpranavk: hanged or quitting21:18
pranavkbeandog: quitting you can say,,,,21:19
beandogpranavk: so it's not running at all21:19
pranavkbeandog: no its running for quite appreciable time, like for 1 hour and then quits21:19
pranavkand then again if i restart it manually then again it works for 1 more hour21:19
pranavkactually its on cloud.....21:19
beandogpranavk: why is it dying21:20
beandogI guess is the question21:20
auronandacedanileigh79: try booting in text mode to see if there is anything helpful21:20
auronandace!boot | danileigh7921:20
ubottudanileigh79: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto21:20
pranavkbeandog: i will check into this matter later, right now, i just need a way to restart it again if it dies..21:20
beandogpranavk: k one sec21:20
pranavkbeandog: i am sure there is some bash thing to restart it everytime.....21:20
pranavkor may be something else21:21
beandogpranavk: http://pastie.org/422802521:21
beandogthere's a nice hack21:21
pranavkbeandog: thanks.....21:23
beandogmy syntax is wrong21:23
beandogpranavk: ah, I missed a space between ` and ]]21:24
pranavkbeandog: ya, i got what you wanna do21:24
beandogk, have fun21:24
JokesOnYou77Hi all21:27
|MUSE|hey, I am trying to find network usage by process. Does anyone know of a program that does that, or a set of tools I can use to write it?21:29
JokesOnYou77I've run out of space in my /boot partition (oops :/) and now I can't upgrade.  Can anyone give me a hand?  Please see link for terminal readout: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083489/21:29
JokesOnYou77|MUSE|: I'm not sure about by process but vnstat isn't bad for general stuff21:30
auronandaceJokesOnYou77: can you remove older kernels?21:30
BlouBlouauronandace: yes, you can, but you should keep one (an older one)21:30
auronandaceBlouBlou: he wanted to save space on his boot partition21:31
JokesOnYou77I tried autoremove but it just ends up asking me to install 3.0.0-22 with -f install which doesn't work because I have no space, it's a never ending loop21:31
BlouBlouauronandace: oh okay21:31
JokesOnYou77It looks like there are some weird dependency issues going on too, but I haven't messed with too much so I'm not sure why21:32
auronandaceJokesOnYou77: dependency issues are usually a result of using things outside of the repos21:33
auronandaceJokesOnYou77: or pinning packages21:33
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
JokesOnYou77I haven't done any of that with this system.  It's just a 12-year-old Dell box that sits in my closets and acts as a home file-server and a dev server for my website21:35
Jordan_Brandtanyone know why a standard desktop version is 701MB?21:35
JokesOnYou77Jordan_Brandt: so it fits on a  CD?21:35
Jordan_Brandta cd is 70021:35
JokesOnYou77wait, since when is it 701MB?21:36
Jordan_Brandtuhh exactly21:36
auronandaceJordan_Brandt: i have 12.04 on a cd, it fits fine21:36
JokesOnYou77Jordan_Brandt: My iso is the standard 689 MB (732,213,258 bytes)21:37
Jordan_Brandtso not to worry? image burner wil figure it out?21:37
danileigh79auronandace: sorry it took me so long to respond21:38
auronandaceJordan_Brandt: mine is 698mb21:38
Jordan_Brandtweird - it's 12.04?21:38
danileigh79auronandace: When I get to the Xubuntu splash screen, it just stops, no options, caan't load to the login screen and choose text21:38
auronandaceJordan_Brandt: yes, 12.04 ubuntu 64bit21:39
JokesOnYou77Hang on, the i1386 iso IS 701 MB21:39
Jordan_Brandtthis is 32bit21:39
JokesOnYou77I've never tried burning it, probably why I didn't notice21:39
auronandacedanileigh79: you don't choose text from the login screen, it is a grub boot option21:40
JokesOnYou77Only burned 64-bit version, not sure what to do in this case21:40
auronandace!boot | danileigh7921:40
ubottudanileigh79: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto21:40
danileigh79auronandace: no, it's not, I have load regular, recovery, previous versions, and memtest21:40
auronandacedanileigh79: you edit grub, please read the links21:41
JokesOnYou77auronandace: any more thoughts on my update issue? reinstalling would be a bit of a pain21:41
auronandaceJokesOnYou77: sorry, i don't use a seperate boot partition21:42
=== cham is now known as amar
JokesOnYou77auronandace: kk, thanks anyways21:42
auronandaceJokesOnYou77: you should be able to fire up synaptic and remove a previous kernel to make space21:43
JokesOnYou77It's cli only, not synaptic, and I've tried autoremove: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083489/21:44
JokesOnYou77*no synaptic21:45
=== tazjin|away is now known as tazjin
auronandaceJokesOnYou77: sorry, i'm not that used to apt-get (i prefer archlinux's pacman)21:46
JokesOnYou77auronandace: that's funny actually, I'm getting ready to install arch on my main system21:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, sorry - I missed your problem, would you be kind enough to repeat it if it's not too long? I use apt-get here21:48
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: certainly21:49
pranavkbeandog: that started another process rather .21:49
OerHeksyes, a 701 mb iso fits on a 700  mb cd, the limit is 715 mb?21:50
=== chad is now known as Chad___
CrupulusHi all - I'm trying to install compat-wireless, and before doing Make and make install, I'm advised to do "./scripts/driver-select" (I think it's to only install specific drivers), so I did that command followed by the driver name I'm working with (rtl818x), but then I did "make" and it's been compiling for 5 minutes already, I don't think the select-driver did anything. Any idea why? ty!21:50
=== brian_ is now known as ledkafka
beandogpranavk: make sure its the right process name, check ps21:51
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: I've foolishly managed to fill up my /boot partition and now I can't upgrade.  When I try apt-get -f install (as the system suggests) it tries to install 3.0.0-22 but it doesn't have space so it aborts and suggests that I remove the 17 and 19 kernels.  But when I try to remove those it says I have unmet dependancies so I should use -f install21:51
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: plese see the link for terminal output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083489/21:51
pranavkbeandog: name ? , i entered pid there just21:52
beandogpranavk: you can't use the pid, you need the running binary's name21:52
pranavkbeandog: like this : [[ -z '8992' ]]21:52
beandogthe pid is always going to change21:52
pranavkbeandog: sorry, i mean like this : [[ -z `8992` ]]21:52
auronandace!test | Crupulus21:53
ubottuCrupulus: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )21:53
beandogpranavk: both of those are wrong.  you need pidof <program name>21:53
beandoglike, pidof firefox21:53
beandogfor example21:53
pranavkbeandog: ok ,,21:53
=== Crupulus is now known as Crup
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: I've now also just tried apt-get -f autoremove but to no avail as it tries to satisfy the dependencies by installing 3.0.0-22 before uninstalling the others21:54
CrupI'm trying to install compat-wireless, and before doing Make and make install, I'm advised to do "./scripts/driver-select" (I think it's to only install specific drivers), so I did that command followed by the driver name I'm working with (rtl818x), but then I did "make" and it's been compiling for 5 minutes already, I don't think the select-driver did anything. Any idea why? ty!21:54
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, ok - there is an alternative way around this.  You could use dpkg -r (packagename) to get rid of them, i'm pretty sure that it doesn't upgrade extra packages on the way21:54
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: kk, I'll give it a try21:54
BarkingFishtry one first, and then if that works, use it on the others21:54
JokesOnYou77i can use dpkg -r with a list of packages, right?21:54
JokesOnYou77oh, ok lol21:54
JokesOnYou77glad I asked :P21:55
BarkingFishI don't know, I've only ever used it on single packages21:55
BarkingFishi'll brb, just need to take a personal break and grab a coffee21:55
Spectacle_KI have Docky installed on Ubuntu 12.04 and the weather docklet doesn't work. I insert my information, it reads it and all that shows is a "?" icon and no temperature readings.21:58
Spectacle_KDoes anyone know why the weather docklet doesn't work?21:59
Spectacle_KI'm running Docky 2.1.422:00
anev"failed command: READ DMA"22:03
anevthis a ram related issue?22:03
CrupDoes anyone know compat-wireless? Does it have to be placed somewhere in particular, or can I just leave the foder/files in home/Download ? I have no idea, ty!22:03
BarkingFishback :)22:03
Crupit's some drivers If i understood well22:03
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: wb22:03
BarkingFishanev, that's usually a disk related issue22:03
anevBarkingFish: ah, i/o issue?22:03
BarkingFishcould be a sign that your HD is getting ready for the short trip to silicon heaven22:04
anevsounds like it!22:04
anevi'll try bootup via usb and run fsck22:04
BarkingFishis that on the HD you boot from, anev?22:04
CrupBarkingFish? hi22:05
BarkingFishand JokesOnYou77 - how did you get on?22:05
BarkingFishand hello Crup :)22:05
Crupat what time is it best to ask my questions here :p ?22:05
BarkingFishI don't know compat-wireless, Crup - so I'm unable to help you. I come on via ndiswrapper22:05
Crupseems like not many ppl are available22:06
Cruperm ok22:06
BarkingFishCrup, mostly anytime - there's a lot of people here, most are probably in other channels too :)22:06
CrupWell maybe you can tell if this kind of file matters if it just stays in Downloads folder22:06
kyle__A very strange problem: if I hit enter in grub, my systems boot.  If I let it timeout and autoselect, I get a black screen, and nothing.22:06
CrupI have no idea how to manage my ubuntu lol.22:06
BarkingFishIf you hold on for a while and wait a bit, someone might be able to get back to you.22:06
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: I managed to force the uninstallation, but according to df it didn't give me any extra space.  I just rebooted to check and it doesn't seem to have made any difference.  I'm stumped22:06
kyle__Ah, wrong channel, meant for ubuntu-server22:06
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, hm.  So you got all the packages off - did you take the headers out too?22:07
bootcodehi! using 12.04, I have a Java GUI app running (Intellij IDEA) which suddenly disappeared from the desktop, and can't find it anywhere.22:08
JokesOnYou77I took out 17 and it's headers and then 19 and it's headers and saw no change in space availability in /boot22:08
bootcodeIts launcher icon has a small > sign on the left of it, not filled though22:08
bootcodeThe process is also running checked with ps. Any ideas where could it have gone, or how to recover it?22:09
BarkingFishhm. Give me a moment then, JokesOnYou77 - let me go check something22:09
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: sure thing22:10
kristenbb_I'm using ubuntu 12.04. the icon disappeared from the notification bar. How to put it back on22:10
kristenbb_I'm using ubuntu 12.04. the *sound icon disappeared from the notification bar. How to put it back on?22:10
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, could you do me a favor please? Could you (in a terminal) - type   ls /boot/ and pastebin the results up for me please?22:11
auronandacebootcode: unity or unity2d?22:11
bootcodeauronadace: The default one - I guess unity?22:12
kristenbb_I'm using ubuntu 12.04 unity 3d. the *sound icon disappeared from the notification bar. How to put it back on?22:12
jackbraxHi people, do you know how I could get rid of all lines that do not end with ".rar" in a file ?22:12
BarkingFishit's possible that dpkg -r has taken the files off, but we may need to purge anything leftover, so if I can see what's in there, I can create a nice short regex for you to use to shift anything that needs to go, JokesOnYou77 :)22:12
auronandacebootcode: ok, > usually indicates it is open but not visable (on another workspace or minimized)22:12
Spectacle_KSorry I disconnected. So, basically I'm running Docky 2.1.4 on Ubuntu 12.04. The Weather Docklet isn't working. I enter my information and all that shows up is a "?" symbol followed by blank temperatures. Does anyone know how to fix this?22:12
auronandacebootcode: hold down the win key to see the shortcuts22:13
bootcodeauronandance: I have 4 virt desktops, zooming around the icon is the same > on each22:13
auronandacebootcode: then it is likely minimised22:14
Twinkletoes|HNagios in repos, is v3.2.  Nagios built from source is v3.4... and the change logs shows lots of bug fixes done between the two versions.  Which one is most sensible to use?  I normally stick with the repos, but is there any need?22:14
anevis there anything i can do from here?22:14
jiffe98any reason why I can't run 2 instances of mongodb using upstart?22:14
BarkingFishMost of the weather apps use specific sites to get information from, Spectacle_K - if yours is coming up with a ? it's possible your nearest weather station is out of service, or you may need to change to your next nearest large city - preferably one with a regional or national airport if possible. They're more likely to have live data.22:14
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: Brilliant! I had completely forgotten that dpkg doesn't actually remove the files, just uninstalls them!  teminal output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083539/22:14
anevBarkingFish: just tried to run fsck on /dev/sda and got "superblock invalid.. bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda"22:14
jiffe98I'm trying to run one shard server and one config server, I can start one or the other but not both22:14
kristenbb_I'm using ubuntu desktop 64 bits 12.04 unity 3d. the *sound icon disappeared from the notification bar. How to put it back on?22:15
jiffe98if I start one through upstart and the other manually it runs fine22:15
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, ok, be back in one second22:15
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: kk22:15
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: as it's only 4 files I think I can just use rm and tab-completion22:16
BarkingFishare you just wanting the 19 kernel on?22:16
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: I think I can actually just use this: http://ascending.wordpress.com/2007/04/10/apt-tip-purge-removed-packages/22:17
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: I'm actually not sure what I don't need, I've just been going by what apt tells me I need or don't need22:17
Spectacle_KI did a test on a major city and I'm still showing up with a "?" and no weather data.22:17
=== shadowh511-lapto is now known as sahdowh511
BarkingFishsudo apt-get purge linux-image-{3.0.0-1[24567]} should do that for you, if I remember my regex22:18
JWFoxJrcan someone point to a FAQ on how to install 12.04 and install grub to the boot partition, not the mbr. Thanks.22:19
MonkeyDustJWFoxJr  type !install for basic instructions22:20
BarkingFishyou still have linux material going back to a -12 kernel on there, it might be wise to clear that out too.22:20
BarkingFish^ JokesOnYou7722:20
auronandaceJWFoxJr: where the bootloader goes is an option in the installer (during partitioning i think)22:20
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: Looks right to me.  Would apt not tell me if I didn't need that stuff?22:21
anevhow do i install fsck.nfts? it seems to be missing22:21
JWFoxJrauronandace: is that on the standard livecd or on the alternative?22:21
auronandaceJWFoxJr: standard22:21
anevi used to install ntfsprogs but it says ntfs-3g has replaced it but is up to date22:21
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, that stuff is created after packages are installed, JokesOnYou77 - just taking the packages off wouldn't remove what it had generated iirc22:21
BarkingFishLet me just check though, JokesOnYou77 - i wouldn't want to send you up the garden path :)22:22
=== nut is now known as Guest78978
thecarlhallis there a way in unity to only have workspaces change on the primary display? I've found the setting for gnome-shell but not unity.22:22
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
GI_Jackso whats the deal with the qt4-python problem22:23
BarkingFishanyone here who can take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083539/ and confirm with me which files out of that list JokesOnYou77 could remove to clear space on his /boot please?22:23
=== tazjin|away is now known as tazjin
moes! install22:23
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:23
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: no such luck.  apt-get purge still wants me to run apt-get -f install because linux-image-generic-pae depends on 3.0.0-2222:24
BarkingFishJokesOnYou77, try to update your sources, then run an upgrade22:25
ArtelI'm trying to dual boot ubuntu with another OS. In my grub2 40_custom, I have this: http://pastebin.com/cD9KCT8x22:25
escottBarkingFish, any old versions could be removed, but its better to remove them with dpkg -r linux-image-VERSION22:25
BarkingFishsudo apt-get update   then  sudo apt-get upgrade,  you might find it takes the unnecessary bits off in the process22:25
ArtelAnd it is saying: vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic not found22:25
kristenbb_I'm using ubuntu desktop 64 bits 12.04 unity 3d. the *sound icon disappeared from the notification bar. How to put it back on?22:25
ArtelI don't know what to put in my menuentry for ubuntu in 40_custom for grub2. Can anyone help?22:26
auronandaceBarkingFish: assuming 19 is in use i'd remove 12-17 of everything else22:26
escottanev, if you need to fsck ntfs you should install windows22:26
BarkingFishescott, that's been done, his 19 and 17 series generic-pae are off, but there are still loads of old files left, which there doesn't appear to be linux-image-version files for.22:26
ArtelIs it really that hard to dual boot 2 different flavors of linux?22:26
wutangI just burnt my testicles on a stove, how do a I go about recompiling the Linux kernel to remedy this situation?22:27
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: been running update all along.  I ran it agian it it's giving me the same thing about -f install22:27
BarkingFish19 is the current one, auronandace - he wants to move up to 22 - the /boot is full22:27
BarkingFishwhat about sudo apt-get upgrade?22:27
BarkingFishor does that fail too?22:27
muellisoftwutang: you compile with -j1 so that it won't get too hot.22:27
escottBarkingFish, then have him purge them as well. if they are still around he can check with apt-file to see if any package claims the files and if not manually remove them22:27
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
veryhappyhey guys, can i clone an ubuntu to another harddisk when they have different harddrives and different sizes?22:27
auronandaceBarkingFish: hence my suggesting to remove 12-1722:27
BarkingFishthere you go, JokesOnYou77 - follow escott and aurondace and you should be ok22:28
Muelliveryhappy: sure. You must not do "dd" though. Rather use smth like rsync or so.22:28
LjL/whois wutang22:28
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: apt-get upgrade was how I first learned about the problem22:28
BarkingFishI wouldn't want to mess up your system, not by any shot22:28
BarkingFishat least we got the 2 sticky kernels off though22:28
veryhappyMuelli: nice, how do i use it?22:28
JokesOnYou77BarkingFish: thank you so much for your help22:28
BarkingFishno problem22:29
Muelliveryhappy: man rsync ;-)22:29
veryhappyMuelli: yea right ;)22:29
JokesOnYou77escott: can you give me a hand with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083489/22:29
veryhappyMuelli: thank you22:29
escottJokesOnYou77, i've always done stuff through dpkg. sudo dpkg -r linux-image-VERSION; sudo dpkg -P linux-image-VERSION22:30
JokesOnYou77escott: is -P purge for dpkg?22:31
escottJokesOnYou77, yes22:31
escottJokesOnYou77, you can also use --remove and --purge if you want22:31
=== revolts is now known as Guest18010
GI_Jackanyone awake?22:36
JokesOnYou77escott: when I try to purge it just tells me that there's no such package installed (trying to purge the headers haven't touched the images)22:36
* nrd chelas time!22:37
JokesOnYou77escott: should I be trying to remove the images themselves?22:37
GI_Jackanyone awake?22:37
escottJokesOnYou77, try dpkg --search /boot/linux-image-VERSION and see if any package is claiming ownership of the file22:37
GI_Jackdoes anyone know what I can do to solve the python-qt4 segfault22:38
escottJokesOnYou77, rather vmlinuz-VERSION22:38
ArtelI'm trying to dual boot ubuntu with another OS. In my grub2 40_custom, I have this: http://pastebin.com/cD9KCT8x. And it is saying: vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic not found22:38
JokesOnYou77escott: what would it say if something was claimed?22:39
escottJokesOnYou77, on mine: ~:>  dpkg --search /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic outputs: linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic: /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic22:39
escottJokesOnYou77, if nothing is claiming it i would thing that sudo rm would be safe22:40
GI_Jackso how do I solve this python-qt4 thing22:41
JokesOnYou77phaedrus@OutPost1:~$ sudo dpkg --search /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-19-generic-pae22:41
JokesOnYou77linux-image-3.0.0-19-generic-pae: /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-19-generic-pae22:41
GI_Jackand by thing I mean seg-faults that crash X and cause a restart of the DM logging me out of my session22:41
escottJokesOnYou77, and dpkg --remove  linux-image-3.0.0-19-generic-pae and dpkg --purge  linux-image-3.0.0-19-generic-pae say what?22:42
MuelliGI_Jack: well, does apport pop up and collects the debug information for you?22:43
GI_Jackmuelli - no22:43
GI_JackX crashes and restarts22:43
MuelliGI_Jack: well. it should, really. Check smth like /etc/apport.conf or so whether it's enabled.22:43
GI_Jackno its enabled22:44
GI_Jackwhen the system crashes for other things apport launches22:44
MuelliGI_Jack: you really really need to file a bug. So enable it then.22:44
JokesOnYou77escott: It worked! It was the image itse'f (fell a bit silly not seeing that earlier)22:44
GI_Jackmuelli - its enabled22:44
julioAn impossible problem to solve occurred while started up the package information.22:44
julioPlease report this error package "update-manager 'and include the following error message:22:44
julio'E: Encountered a section with the Package: header E: Problem with MergeList / var/lib/apt/lists/linorg.usp.br_debian_dists_lenny_non-free_binary-i386_Packages, E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. '22:44
GI_JackI'll file it manually with dmesg | tail -1022:44
juliogedit /etc/apt/sources.list22:45
MuelliGI_Jack:  :) Might be the easiest to reboot. otherwise you probably need to start apport with smth like service apport start or so. dunno exactly.22:45
JokesOnYou77escott: so how can I tell in the future which images I need and which I don't?22:45
julio# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 11.10 _Oneiric Ocelot_ - Release i386 (20111012)]/ oneiric main restricted22:45
julio# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to22:45
julio# newer versions of the distribution.22:45
juliodeb http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted22:45
juliodeb-src http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted22:45
FloodBot1julio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:45
julio## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the22:45
GI_JackMuelli - persitant bug thats been going on for a week22:45
dasy2k1anyone know the script to re-run the grub auto OS probe that finds other OSes and adds them to the grub menu22:46
GI_Jack12.04 precise22:46
MuelliGI_Jack: even more important to file a bug and provide a good recipe on how to reproduce it :)22:46
escottJokesOnYou77, as long as you have one that works thats enough. So after you install a new version and verify that everything is working and there arent any crashes you could remove the old one. usually i just let it fill up or get close to full, and then remove all the older ones (the ones that don't match the version shown in uname -a)22:47
GI_Jackalrighty, give me a min, I am going to recrash this machine with some logs22:47
Murd0ckgood eve22:47
escottdasy2k1, update-grub calls out to os-prober22:47
dasy2k1thanks escott22:47
edr456734hi, pls somebody help me, I am about to order android tablet from german online shop, but want to know if there are any country restrictions like app store etc, and if its possible to change the language from german to english, sorry if this is a bit offtopic but I seem to be unable join android chan, pls any help appreciated22:48
dasy2k1exactly what I was looking for22:48
ArtelI'm trying to add a ubuntu menu entry to grub2. In my grub2 40_custom, I have this: http://pastebin.com/cD9KCT8x. And it is saying: vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic not found22:48
kayahi  all22:48
kayaedr456734, we aren't support that here22:49
dasy2k1edr456734: as kaya said its not somthing we support here, you might want to do a quick google for andorid region change, it seems if you root the tablet you wont have a problem22:51
ArtelHey, Is anybody here using grub2??22:52
escottArtel, a couple things. you should specify the partition type (hd0,msdos#) or (hd0,gpt#). you also need a root=??? argument for your vmlinuz line22:52
edr456734dasy2k1, ok thanks, I will try that22:53
Artelescott: I have that in my pastebin file, unless you mean something else. What should I specify my partition type as if it is ext4?22:53
JokesOnYou77escott: Thank you so much, this is great.  I love this channel :)22:53
escottArtel, i mean the partition table type22:54
Artelescott: It's using the regular MBR table, the one where you can only have 4 primary partitions. So (hd0,msdos6) ?22:55
escottArtel, yes22:55
leandroalguem do brasil?22:56
BlouBlou!br | leandro22:57
ubottuleandro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.22:57
GI_Jackalright got the log22:57
MuelliGI_Jack: let apport do all the lifting, i.e. collect logs and settings, environment, etc22:58
leandrocanal brasil?22:58
daviddoriawhen I find a ppa like this: https://launchpad.net/~arand/+archive/ppa - how do I install it?22:58
Muellidaviddoria: you have the very instructions there, no..? "You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:arand/ppa to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing) "22:59
leandroalguem do brasil?22:59
Muelli!br | leandro22:59
ubottuleandro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.22:59
daviddoriaMuelli, ah, I found the add-apt-repository command22:59
ArtelOkay I made the changes23:00
Artelescott:  http://pastebin.com/CNr8aTEb23:00
ArtelSame error. I still don't know what is wrong23:00
escottArtel, i doubt /vmlinuz is correct. usually there is a version number there23:01
Artelubuntu has vmlinuz in root that symlinks to the actual image file, i checked23:01
escottArtel, you got that backwards. the symlink is made after the boot is successful. you shouldn't rely on that symlink23:01
Artelescott: well previously I put the direct path: /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic, and got the same error23:02
leandrono unbuntu do brasil niguem reponde?lol23:05
mneptok!br > leandro23:05
ubottuleandro, please see my private message23:05
escottArtel, well is (hd0,msdos#) correct?23:05
phelipea qui e so em ingles23:05
Artelescott: The partition is in sda7, so it should be in (hd0,msdos6) rigt?23:06
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...23:06
escottArtel, no. they changed that from grub1. the disks are still zero-indexed but the partitions are now one-indexed23:07
sergiu-dev1 Hi, anyone know, does AMD Athlon Dual-core 1.65GHZ support DDR3 1600MHZ?23:07
Artelescott: SO it should be msdos7?23:08
escottArtel, yes23:08
Murd0ckwhat is a GOOD 3D modling program? BESIDES blender, cause i hate blender23:09
nannessergiu-dev1: I don't think so... Anyways, you can watch to your motherboard's specifics, because it's about it23:09
trismMurd0ck: have you tried it recently? it's really much improved these days23:10
nannesMurd0ck: mmmmh... blender?23:10
Murd0cki would rather pour battery acid in my eyes then ever use that horrid program23:10
nanneslol it's not that bad23:10
Murd0ckyour right, I would rather watch with one eye ball someone disecting the other,.. then pour the battery acid in the one left :)23:11
randomDudeBlender is actually quite awesome23:11
randomDudei think you are just mad23:11
Murd0cknah, I tried blender years ago,.. left a bad taste in my mouth,.. I have had issues with it ever since23:12
Murd0ckso what else is there?23:14
Artelescott: Well it worked. when it booted a bunch of error messages scrolled down and I got some sort of terminal with (initramfs)23:15
cc11rocksI need to open/download/whatever an ".acsm" file in Linux...I would prefer not to use WINE...".acsm" is a proprietary format provided by Adobe for Ebooks...It's for an ebook my library provided...Can anyone help?23:15
escottArtel, did you specify a root?23:15
Artelisn't that what the set root='(hd0,msdos6)' was for?23:15
escottcc11rocks, try calibre23:15
cc11rocks*I downloaded the ".acsm" file...I need to download the ebook that the ".acsm" file points to23:15
escottArtel, the kernel needs to know where the root is as well23:16
cc11rocksThanks escott, I'll give it a try23:16
cc11rocksDoes calibre allow you to "get past" the DRM ****?23:17
escottcc11rocks, maybe.23:17
cc11rocksDownloading and installing calibre and deps. now...23:17
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jordan_Is there a limiter for the ram that a program can use at any given time?23:19
=== RJlocal123___ is now known as RJlocal123_
Artelescott: how do I tell the kernel where root is?23:19
escottjordan_, yes 2^## bits where ## is your architecture (32 or 64)23:19
escottArtel, root=UUID=...... is the preferred method. you can also pass a root=/dev/sdX#23:20
MuelliJordan_: very likely. check ulimit -v23:20
jordan_escott,  I don't really know what that means lol. It's for virtualbox, there is a setting to set the amount of ram that it can use, but it seems like it's not using as much as I put.23:21
rhizmoehow do i keep the unity scroll thingy from getting in the way of resize handles?23:22
escottjordan_, seems like how?23:22
jordan_escott, well I set the virtual machine to run with 2gb of ram and it's running really really laggy, unless it's the video card drivers that aren't good enough on linux for nvidia?23:23
GI_Jacknvidia has great linux drivers23:23
MuelliJordan_: you can check the actual memory usage (by both, the virtual machine and the host), i.e. using "top"23:23
GI_Jackvirtual machines use a special virtual machine videocard driver23:24
GI_JackI don't think they dirrectly interact with the hardware, only the host OS23:24
GI_JackI could be wrong23:24
jordan_GI_Jack, I lag when watching youtube videos. I don't think the drivers are set up right.23:24
doofyI'm about to install (x)ubuntu on my macbook pro 8,2, but I'm getting lost in this mess of stuff with refit, EFI, etc. Does anyone have a particular guide or set of pages they would suggest I follow to get this working right? It seems like an EFI boot is the right way to do things, but its not clear what I need to install first for this to work23:24
GI_Jackjordan: in a virtual box?23:24
escott!mbp | doofy23:25
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jordan_GI_Jack, no, just in the os itself23:25
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escott!mac | doofy23:25
ubottudoofy: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages23:25
GI_Jackjordan what video card do you have?23:25
GI_Jacklspci |grep video23:25
doofyescott: I've read the majority of these pages, many seem outdated and use legacy BIOS emulation booting23:25
jordan_GI_Jack, gts 45023:26
escottdoofy, if you are doing an efi install you need to at some point install grub-efi23:26
GI_Jackwhat desktop are you running?23:26
jordan_GI_Jack, I'm not sure what you mean.23:26
L3topGI_Jack is correct jordan_. it is not using your hw gpu. Chances are something else you have set is a problem. Often other settings are the problem, ie using the system VT hw, configuring multiple processors incorrectly etc.23:27
GI_Jacklike gnome, kde, etc..23:27
GI_Jackand are you running proprietary drivers23:27
GI_JacknVidia supplied binary drivers are great, but their also closed source23:27
jordan_GI_Jack, whatever is included in 12.0423:27
GI_Jackso no23:27
GI_Jackare you OK with closed source drivers?23:27
GI_Jacknoveau is great23:28
jordan_GI_Jack, yeah I don't really care as long as it works good.23:28
GI_Jackthen run jockey and install the drivers23:28
jordan_L3top, according to "top" results, some things are going over 100% cpu usage so my quad core is working properly.23:28
Justasicis there a way to set a partition type (eg. ext4) to a partition without formatting it, or a way of recovering the partition?23:28
jordan_GI_Jack, Do I need to uninstall the nvidia drivers first?23:29
L3topI am referring to the vbox settings jordan_.23:29
GI_Jackrun jockey and it should prompt you to install the nVidia drivers23:29
GI_Jackthen reboot23:29
cihhanHi all! Im having some problems with the installation of Ubuntu 12.04 Server. When it comes to the "partition disks", I only see (1) Configure iSCSI, (2) a completely blank line, (3) Undo, (4) Finish23:30
jordan_GI_Jack, what is jockey? lol23:30
GI_Jackit should be called "additional drivers"23:30
cihhanany ideas?23:30
L3topjordan_: I would just sudo apt-get nvidia-current-updates23:30
GI_Jackjordan: no, I'd run jockey23:30
jordan_L3top, I tried that.23:31
jordan_GI_Jack, there are 2 options in there, "version current" and "post-release updates"23:31
GI_Jackpost release updates23:31
GI_Jackbut either should work23:31
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GI_Jackalso go into firefox23:32
L3topwait jordan... what do you mean you tried that?23:32
GI_Jackand then go to tools-> addons23:32
GI_Jackthe click on plugins23:32
GI_Jackand tell me what ver of flash you have23:32
jordan_L3top, Installed the nvidia current from sudo apt-get23:32
jordan_GI_Jack, I use chrome o.O23:33
L3topjordan_: dpkg-query -l nvidia* | grep ^ii23:33
jordan_L3top, want me to pastebin results?23:34
L3topor just give me a relative idea.23:34
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doofywhat are these mac specific iso's for? i see them on some torrent lists23:34
GI_Jackjordan: on the command line type dpkg -l |grep flash23:34
L3topthe fact that it is returning results meaans you are most likely on the proprietary driver already23:34
jordan_GI_Jack, "  "23:34
philWould you guys run 64-bit ubuntu with only 2.5 gigs of RAM?23:35
GI_Jackjordan_ - what is the package named?23:35
jordan_L3top, "302.17-0ubuntu1~precise~xup1"23:35
jordan_GI_Jack, flashplugin-installer23:35
L3topyou have added a ppa or downloaded that from nvidia yourself then. THat isnt in the repos23:35
jordan_L3top, I don't remember, i've been trying a lot of random stuff trying to get this workin good o.O23:36
L3topjordan_: then yes... please pastebin the output of the earlier command23:36
jordan_Is there any way in virtualbox to add more than 128mb to video memory? I have a 2gb video card.,23:36
jordan_L3top, http://pastebin.com/d6SxBXVN23:37
cihhanIm having some problems with the installation of Ubuntu 12.04 Server. When it comes to the "partition disks", I only see (1) Configure iSCSI, (2) a completely blank line, (3) Undo, (4) Finish -- (2) should normally have guided partitioning... Any ideas?23:37
escottcihhan, how are your disks attached23:38
L3topok jordan_ you have added x-swat or xorg edgers PPA to install that. Do not do any more with regard to this driver, unless it is to downgrade. The performance lag in vbox is not likely at all related to this. ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d    will tell you which ppa you used23:39
cihhanescott: good question, the problem is it is blade server23:39
nick7hi! I'm trying to setup a git server and was wondering if there was a strong reason to use ubuntu server vs desktop23:39
nick7(and 64 vs 32 bit)23:39
jordan_L3top, http://pastebin.com/fD4zDeBM23:40
L3topYour vbox settings are going to be the problem. Please open vbox, go to settings/system/processors and tell me how many you have enabled.23:40
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jordan_L3top, I enabled 2, but I feel like the video is the problem. Cause it'll own let me dedicate 128mb of video memory.23:41
L3topjordan_: I am pretty sure this is not the case. Please drop it to 1 GPU, go to the accelleration tab next to it, uncheck the hwvirtualization vt setting, close and launch again.23:42
jordan_L3top, Alright I'll try that now23:42
L3topjordan_: See if you do not notice a dramatic improvement23:42
cihhanescott: any recommendation? i checked it with redhat and gparted live and they are able to see.23:43
L3topThis is almost always tied to poorly interactive hw virtualization.23:43
escottcihhan, that still doesnt answer the question. how is the storage attached?23:43
cihhanescott: what do you mean by how they are attached?23:43
jordan_L3top, slow as balllllls now23:44
escottcihhan, ATA, SCSI, SATA, iSCSI, carrier pigeon23:44
L3top... well easily enough undone jordan_...23:44
cihhanI should check but most probably they are SATA23:44
jordan_L3top, I know, just saying23:44
cihhanescott: can i check it from an installed ubuntu?23:45
escottcihhan, yeah23:45
cihhanescott: how?23:45
* L3top runs win like a rocket on crap laptop HW in vbox.23:45
escottcihhan, figure out what the devices are, and then go from there23:46
escottnick7, server will setup a headless system. desktop will install the gui23:47
L3topescott: in system/motherboard/extended features, what do you have checked?23:48
jordan_L3top, I'm going to restart now that those other video drivers installed. I'll let you know how it works now.23:48
daviddoriaafter I add-apt-repository a ppa, do I have to do anything to enable it? I added this ppa https://launchpad.net/~arand/+archive/ppa , then I tried 'apt-get install glc, but it says "unable to locate package glc"23:48
cihhanescott: OK, let me check23:48
L3topjordan: in system/motherboard/extended features, what do you have checked?23:48
na-utusandaviddoria: you need to do apt-get update first23:49
L3topjordan_: you have the LATEST BLEEDING EDGE video driver avail. Why are you installing video drivers? I said DO NOT do that.23:49
jordan_L3top, IO AVIC is checked and so is Hardware clock in UTC time.23:50
jordan_L3top, EFI and pointing device are disabled23:50
L3topjordan_: all you are going to do is create a conflict situation... or downgrade yourself.  one sec on other settings.23:50
silverghosthello all i want to make ubuntu look like windows 823:51
silverghosthow to customize it23:51
silverghosti even cannot change the icons in ubuntu23:52
L3topjordan_: IOAPCI is not likely useful and can cause conflicts. You have also probably tried to enable 3d accel in video... you have just tweaked this thing into sluggishness. On your hw this should run brilliantly.23:52
silverghosthow to change the themes23:52
jordan_L3top, I know, it worked amazing on windows.23:52
jordan_L3top, I've disabled ioapci and 3d video accel, i'll see how that goes23:53
jordan_very slow23:53
daviddoriana-utusan, cool, thanks23:53
L3topjordan_: I would try and follow a guide. Unfortunately a lot of these things once a thing is selected, other things get checked by default, and unselecting them does not fix the dependency checks, which are often at the root of the problem.23:54
nick7escott: does the gui introduce a lot of overhead?23:54
escottnick7, yes and no23:55
nick7escott: ?23:55
cihhanescott: i just checked and yeah they are sata23:55
jordan_L3top, yeah i'll have to try. it's been so long since i've used linux and just built this pc all state of the art and just not very pleased with the performance so far :/23:56
L3topOne thing to keep in mind with linux... it is usually a little behind the curve... the latest and greatest typically means unsupported pieces as nobody has had opportunity to get their hands on it and write for/test.23:57

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