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ailostatus.ubuntu.com for US looks really bad :(. That will change soon though16:34
scott-workailo: many times it is because we haven't updated a blueprint17:04
scott-worki.e. to say "DONE" or "INPROGRESS"17:05
ailoscott-work: May be. But I also think we have a lot in progress right now that will end up being done, just a bit later17:06
scott-workailo: i found that many times last cycle that i would say "crap!  we're soooo behind the curve (or straight line)" and then update the blueprints and BAM, we were actually ahead of schedule :)17:14
scott-worki think the "status by asignee" is also a very telling section17:14
ailoI feel pretty confident about the current situation, but it'll get a little crazy for a while, I would think17:15
scott-workhehehe, it seems to, i guess getting more done earlier is better17:19
len-dtailo, I am not sure what I will work on... so when I start it is inprogress.21:53
len-dtailo, the comments I have got on application changes (2 of them) have been all positive. I will change the seeds next.21:54
ailolen-dt: Yeah, I will have to lay low for another couple of weeks, as promised, and then see how best I can make those blueprints get done in best order23:15
ailoFeel like I'm building Noahs Arc23:16
ailoBeen sort of working on the same thing now for almost 3 years23:16
ailoAnd this summer it just has to get applicable enough for live use23:16
len-dtailo, I'll keep pecking away at things.23:19

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