omglinuxbeetzmy mini portable open source dream has finally come true08:21
omglinuxbeetzopen source daw i mean hehe08:23
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raveni am using gladish/jack and ardour. how to rename and map the midi and audio channels to useful names?12:13
holsteinraven: ?12:44
holsteinraven: in JACK?12:44
holsteini wouldnt... but thats going to be complex12:44
holsteini would probably try asking that in the jack channel, or on the jack mailing list12:45
MaynardWatersraven: would love to see a posting somewhere once you figure that out13:47
MaynardWatersany opinions/ experience from anyone using this device with ubuntustudio?13:48
holsteinit should just work as a control surface for linux13:49
holsteini would go with that beringer one that was quite cheap13:49
holsteinyou'd have to ask in #opensourcemusicians13:49
holsteinraven: when you figure out how to rename the entries, MaynardWaters is interested in how13:49
holsteinMaynardWaters: not a bad price for what all that does13:51
holsteinpersonally, i would try it, and save the reciepts13:51
holsteinit should just work, but nothing anyone would say would convince me13:51
MaynardWatersholstein: can you provide link for the beringer one you mentioned13:52
holsteinMaynardWaters: nope13:52
holsteinim trying to get someone to remind me what it is13:52
holsteini bet it was http://www.behringer.com/de/Products/BCF2000.aspx though13:53
MaynardWatersholstein: what I would really like is something that combines that combines the knobs and buttons of that akai with the presonus inputs that are well support in ubuntustudio13:53
grantsmithdoes ubuntu studio use the PREEMPT-patched realtime kernel ?18:30
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ailograntsmith: It's not patched. It's just preempt18:50
ailograntsmith: I think you'll find it's about as good as a realtime kernel, if not better at times18:50
grantsmithso it's just a stock kernel ?18:50
ailoIt's a reconfigured -generic18:50
grantsmithok cool, thanks18:50
ailoMuch of the realtime patch is nowadays part of the vanilla source18:51
ailoSo, a more aggressive config is all you need to get good performance18:51
grantsmithi think i'm going to end up recompiling and stripping out everything i dont need18:51
grantsmithtrying to get my latency under 10ms18:52
ailograntsmith: You should be able to get that right now18:53
ailoAlthough, I do think older kernels were a bit faster18:53
grantsmithyes i suspect thats a true statement.. i used kxstudio with 2.6 a while back and got 4.7 ms18:54
grantsmithwith the same hardware18:54
ailo2.6.39 is the first kernel to include the possibility of using the rtirq script, using the "threadirqs" boot parameter18:55
ailoI'd say 2.6.37-39 were all good kernel18:55
ailograntsmith: I added a howto how to build one here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BuildOldLowlatency18:56
ailoBut I guess you wouldn't need that18:56
grantsmiththats actually helpful, thanks. Even though ive been building kernels since the 90s, anything sound related always baffles me18:57
MaynardWatersailo: thanks this is a great link20:28

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