ochosiastraljava: ping21:53
astraljavaochosi: pong23:28
knomewot, you still awake?23:31
ochosihey :)23:33
knomei'm just ircing while sleeping, btw23:33
knomenah, actually, i'm just about to go to bed23:34
ochosiastraljava: thought i'd be a pain in the a** and ask you about the display-dialog again ;D23:34
ochosiknome: ah right23:34
knomeochosi, i suppose i could make him eat some really hot food for you23:34
ochosiknome: btw, those other tweaks you wanted to do for greybird, are they still planned?23:34
knomeochosi, that way, the pain in the ass would kind of actualize23:34
ochosisounds like a plan23:35
knomeprobably, but not before thu, for sure23:35
knomebut they are not too critical23:35
knomethe windowlist looks fine now, and i'm happy23:35
knomeanyway, i'm to bed now23:36
knomehave fun and good night!23:36
ochosiok, nighty!23:36
astraljavaochosi: Well I did make some progress on it, but then it ground to a halt when I needed to upgrade to quantal on the machine that has dual monitors.23:37
astraljavaThe upgrade didn't go too smoothly, and it's currently broken.23:37
ochosioh i see23:38
ochosiwell i guess i can also test it on precise23:38
ochosifor now that should be fine23:38
astraljavaIt's still missing some functionality, because I spent the last few days fighting with the system.23:38
ochosii mean there haven't been real changes (i know of) in the display dialog between 4.8 and 4.10 and X is also not too different23:38
ochosiwhere are you at now?23:39
astraljavaIt's got the GUI changes done, and the signal handling. Just needs the population of the combobox, and the calculations of the positions. It was implemented in a way that each randr->noutput has x and y coordinates.23:41
ochosithat sounds manageable23:42
astraljavaIt doesn't seem to have a simple option of telling which one is right and which is left, for instance. So all the different variations need to be calculated separately.23:42
ochosimeh, that sucks a bit23:42
astraljavaIt's not that tricky, of course.23:42
ochosionly 2dimensional :)23:42
astraljavaBut they're not there, yet.23:42
astraljavaYeah, just gotta write up the logic in there.23:43
ochosiok sounds good23:43
ochosibtw, it might be good to push what you have to a branch in launchpad23:43
astraljavaBut I probably won't make it till the meeting this week.23:43
ochosijust to be sure23:43
astraljavaYeah, it's just on that machine that doesn't boot atm. :D23:43
* ochosi has seen too much code getting lost because of pc's breaking23:44
astraljavaIt has occasionally happened, yes.23:44
ochosialso, that way more people could test23:45
astraljavaWell so far there's nothing to test.23:45
astraljavaIt won't do anything.23:45
astraljavaAll you could test is the layout. :)23:45
astraljavaIt's not that fascinating.23:45

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