xubuntu469i'm having some trouble getting hdmi audio out to work. the sound options recognise that the hdmi device can output audio and the bars move around when there should be sound playing but there's no sound. any ideas why this may be the case? it works fine in windows03:38
theuserWhere did my pidgin data go?04:22
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paco666xubuntu dont let me in from logg in screen11:08
paco666??? folder encryption so cant get my fils ???11:10
tommaloneygot a question, Trying to install unbuntu server and it says i am missing tigon/tg3_tso5,bin.  Total noob, google was not my friend this time, where can i get that file11:18
astraljavatommaloney: Seems there's an open bug about this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/102174711:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1021747 in linux (Ubuntu) "[IBM x3455] tigon/tg3_tso.bin not found by installer" [Medium,Confirmed]11:21
tommaloneyok, does unbuntu server 11 have this bug, if not where can i download that11:22
tommaloneyok got the image just want to know if it has the same bug11:24
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saurabh_Hi, I have seen at Linux mint's website that they have updated xfapplet which can gnome 2 (and now mate) applets. How can I install the updated xfapplet in xubuntu 12.04?14:33
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saurabh_Hi, I have seen on Linux's mint website that xfapplet has been updated to run mate applets like mintmenu. How can I install the updated xfapplet in xubuntu?15:21
Papa-SmurfHi buddies15:55
Papa-SmurfHow can i set up a keyboard shortcut to run the terminal?15:55
Papa-Smurfxfce4-terminal or xterm...15:55
baizonPapa-Smurf: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=597815:58
Papa-Smurfbaizon,  it doesn't work16:00
Papa-Smurfi cannot add anything there16:00
baizonso you doing something wrong?16:00
Papa-Smurfthe windows appears with the commands16:00
baizonwhat version of xubuntu?16:00
Papa-Smurfi've just made click on add button16:00
Papa-SmurfXubuntu 12.0416:00
Papa-SmurfI can choose the command but not the shortcut16:01
Papa-Smurfyou know what i mean16:01
baizonPapa-Smurf: rofl16:02
baizonadd a program16:02
baizonthen click again on it16:02
baizonthen just press your shortcut16:02
baizonand it will add automatically16:02
Papa-Smurflet me try again16:02
baizonit will appear under the "name"16:02
Papa-Smurfyeah man16:04
Papa-Smurfi did it16:04
Papa-Smurfit is not very intuitive16:04
Papa-Smurfyou click on add button16:04
baizonyes i know :)16:04
Papa-Smurfthen you choose the command and finally it appears a weird grey message where you have to put your shortcut :)16:06
Papa-Smurfbaizon, thanks dude16:06
Shredder_Can anyone help me with a Wireless issue?16:36
thermijust ask.16:37
Shredder_Xubuntu won't accept my Wireless Pass, it's correct. I've also attached ethernet and updated but still no avail16:38
thermiDid you make sure no awkward key layout is activated?16:39
xubuntu388hello con somebody help me ??16:39
Shredder_Yeah it's on the correct keyboard layout, I've checked on other documents and shown whats typed16:40
holsteini would keep it simple.. i would go to another access point and try and join16:40
holstein!ask | xubuntu38816:40
ubottuxubuntu388: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:40
thermiOkay. Are you using the network-manager?16:40
thermiand do you have wpasupplicant installed?16:40
Shredder_I'm just trying to manually input it via the Network Manager16:41
thermiYes, but wpasupplicant is used to connect to the AP16:42
Shredder_Ahh, I most likely don't have that16:42
xubuntu388im trying to instal xubuntu but in the interface froze and sometime appears a message telling something about panic occures16:42
Shredder_How do I check?16:42
thermiit should be installed by default16:42
thermitry "sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant"16:42
Shredder_Okay, one sec16:43
holsteinxubuntu388: you can get more specific about the "something", or you can try the alternate CD.. usually i try and run the CD live and see about the compatibility16:43
thermiit will succeed if it is not installed and fail if it is not available or already installed.16:43
recon_lap xubuntu388 : does the live CD load?16:43
holsteinxubuntu388: typically, if the live CD loads and runs, the install will be fine16:43
Shredder_It said it's already installed the newest version16:44
thermiwhat WPA version is the AP running? WPA2?16:44
xubuntu388yeah it loads its on the interface of loading when froze, about "somethig" the screen turns black and many lines apear like code and in the final line said panic accurse (sorry about my english)16:45
Shredder_Is there a way of checking?16:46
thermibrb. getting my laptop.16:46
holsteinxubuntu388: is there a localized ubuntu channel for your native language?16:46
recon_lapxubuntu388: hmm, well it might be a bad CD, or you got hardware issues. I'd check the cd and iso next16:46
thermibecause i don't have WIFI on my desktop.16:47
Shredder_Ah okay16:47
recon_lapxubuntu388: so check the MD5sum value of the ISO you used to create the live CD, you are using a CD ?16:48
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:48
thermitry sudo cat /var/log/daemon.log | grep NetworkManager and tell me if shows anything related to your wireless LAN16:49
xubuntu388ok it could be the  hardware, firts i was trying to instal ubunto 12.04 but froze too thats why im trying with xubuntu, its a cd16:50
Shredder_Okay, one second16:50
recon_lapxubuntu388: ok, whats the computer make/model you installing to?16:50
Shredder_This may be me failing, but where's the vertical line '|' on the keyboard?16:53
thermi"altgr" + <16:53
thermior you might just copy it16:53
thermiif you can do that.16:53
xubuntu388its an old one a compaq presario v2000 Amt of RAM 512 MB , Hard drive 60 GB16:53
Shredder_I'm just getting 'No such file or directory' I'm pretty sure I typed it identically16:55
thermioh. What Ubuntu are you running?16:55
thermithen try sudo cat /var/log/syslog | grep NetworkManager16:55
thermiI run 10.04 here.16:56
Shredder_I'm running whatever the latest version of Xubuntu is16:56
Shredder_Okay, I got a load of stuff back from that one16:56
thermiOkay. Then it's 12.04.16:56
thermiAny errors or failures?16:57
thermiYou might just copy that information to a pastebin and censor it before hitting "send"16:57
thermiplease don't paste that into the channel :D16:57
Shredder_I won't aha16:58
Shredder_Yeah there are some fails by the look of it16:59
recon_lapxubuntu388: seems you got a problem model :( http://askubuntu.com/questions/156718/ubuntu-12-04-freezes-during-install-on-compaq-presario-v2000 , I would guess it's video card related. you might be able to use the alt install and try setup a better video driver before installing the GUI.16:59
thermiPlease paste me those.16:59
thermiin a pastebin16:59
Shredder_sure sec17:00
Shredder_Are there any bits that I need to remove before sending?17:01
xubuntu388ok i will try with an older version and alt install thanks !17:01
thermiI'll take a look at mine.17:02
recon_lapxubuntu388: think this issue will be in all versions17:02
thermiYou don't have to.17:02
thermiStill, you might want to send the share to private and have it expire17:03
Shredder_Okay, one second17:03
thermior unlisted.17:03
recon_lapxubuntu388: this page probably a good start http://joshuadavis.wordpress.com/2007/04/12/fully-working-ubuntu-with-a-compaq-presario-v2000/17:03
Shredder_Yeah I've set it to expire and also unlisted17:04
xubuntu388it seems to be de hardware, i will keep searching thank you17:07
thermiis the AP far away from you?17:07
Shredder_In distance?17:09
Shredder_It's like maybe 5-10 meters17:09
thermiI'm googling the error right now17:10
Shredder_Okay, thanks (:17:10
thermido uname -a and send me the output please17:10
recon_lapxubuntu388: this might be really helpfull http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196709817:11
Shredder__Linux Laptop-Xubuntu 3.2.0-26-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 14 17:49:24 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:13
thermiAre you trying to connect by clicking the AP which is visible in the list or are you trying to set up all information by hand by editing the connections?17:14
Shredder_I literally just clicked on the wireless icon, then chose the network - entered code.17:15
Shredder_I've also entered it manually17:15
Shredder_Still no luck17:15
thermiAre you sure no MAC-Filter is set up on the router?17:16
Shredder_I don't believe so, I didn't set anything like that up. And i've never had any issues before on Windows/OSX17:17
thermiIs there any error shown?17:18
thermiOr does it just fail and show a notification?17:18
Shredder_When i try and connect?17:18
Shredder_It just refuses it17:19
Shredder_Ask to enter password again17:20
recon_lapShredder_: you sure the password is correct? can you connect to the router using a patch cable to check the settings?17:21
thermiI think it is a bug in network-manager17:21
thermibecause there are a LOT of people complaining about is17:21
Shredder_@recon_lap Yeah the password is correct, I've got a mac and windows laptop sitting beside this one17:22
thermias a workaround: try using wicd by installing "wicd"17:22
thermiwicd supplies a different version of a network-manager which might woerk17:22
Shredder_Where do I grab wick from?17:22
thermiyou might find it in the software-center17:23
Shredder_Okay, one second17:23
thermiof course, you need a wired connection to do this.17:23
Shredder_I've got it hooked up to ethernet for the moment17:24
Shredder_It's downloading17:24
Shredder_Okay its downloaded17:25
thermiopen a terminal and launch wicd, by invoking wicd, if it isn't already started.17:26
Shredder_Yeah it's just running now. I'm trying to connect17:26
thermiand disable managing wlan-connections in the menu of network-manager17:27
Shredder_okay one sec17:29
Shredder_How do I disable it from within Network Manager?17:29
thermiright click the network manager icon in the bar17:29
thermiI really hope that works.17:30
Shredder_ I hath internet :D17:31
thermiit works? wow.17:31
thermiThen it really was a bug in the network manager.17:31
Shredder_Hah thank you for helping :D17:31
thermiNo problem. Always a please. Have fun with your laptops :D17:31
Shredder_I shall, thanks again!17:32
* thermi is setting up OpenVPN on his laptop. :>17:34
WornyxHi, i'got a problem when i install xubuntu 12.04 ( x32 ) the loading plat after 2-3 min.20:15
WornyxI test the iso md5 and burn it 2 times20:15
WornyxSomeones got an idea ?20:17
recon_lapWornyx: did you try "test live CD" from the boot menu? what make model of computer? and what is the actual error and when does it appear ?20:18
WornyxHum, i didn't choose anything, it plant in the screen in blue with xubuntu and the charging bar20:19
Wornyxthe error is that all stop and i try to wait 1hours and didn't move20:20
recon_lapWornyx: nearly there, now just need the make/model :)20:22
WornyxOf the PC ? Acer Aspire 502020:24
recon_lapWornyx: try booting from the CD, put press esc at the start of boot, you should see the boot messages then. if you dont see boot messages restart and try again(do not wait more that 1 min). tell us what you see.20:31
Wornyxi see : aborted. \n boot: _20:33
WornyxSo, i Enter and now, i got the menu20:34
WornyxCheck disc20:35
WornyxWhat should i do ?20:35
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recon_lapWornyx: Check Disc20:37
recon_lapWornyx: the disk is ok you can move on boot to live cd :) if that works, install.20:38
WornyxEuh, i finish the check20:39
Wornyxbut, i'm sure that the disk is ok20:39
WornyxIs that normal if the normal install bug ? or did it appened to another personn ?20:39
KageeI run a souble screen-setup using flgrx, and i want to have the same panels on top/bottom of each screen - is there a easy way to copy a panel setup?20:40
recon_lapWornyx: I'm just walking you through a fault finding process, one step at a time20:40
recon_lapWornyx: you making any progress?20:45
WornyxIt'i loading20:45
WornyxOr not, the barre just stop20:45
Wornyxi'll wait some times ...20:45
WornyxSo, it didn't move ... ^20:49
recon_lapWornyx: you can try press esc to see messages, gives a much better idea what going on20:49
Wornyxesc didn't make anything20:50
Wornyxan the other too ^^20:50
recon_lapWornyx: too little information, can you get the boot messages on screen when booting? and what are the last couple of boot messages before it stops?20:54
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WornyxSo, when i start the PC, it auto boot on the cd, and the loading screen apear ( in blue with the barre and xubuntu printed ) next, the bare move move and move and i don't understand why but it stop and i can't do anything, the screen freez20:56
WornyxI didn't get any message ^20:56
recon_lapWornyx: so you don't get a boot menu?20:57
WornyxExcepted if i do want you say20:58
Wornyxpress esc when booting20:58
recon_lapWornyx: try again, but press esc and go to the boot menu, select "boot to liveCD/session" press "esc" again, you should be able to see all commands executed.21:01
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Wornyxboot to liveCD/session didn't exist21:05
WornyxTry Xubuntu without installing21:05
Wornyxinstall xubuntu21:05
recon_lapWornyx: try Xubuntu without install21:05
recon_lapthe press esc of you see the splash screen21:06
Wornyxok, there's many command21:07
Wornyxi say to you when it stop21:07
recon_lapWornyx: right, that should keep going till you hit the login screen, if it stops for 30sec or more we probably at the problem21:08
Wornyx[ 115.254219] [<c1576ed4>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb [ 115.254219] ânic occured, switching back to text console21:10
Wornyxand now it didn't move21:12
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recon_lapWornyx: kernal panic , ubuntu does not like some hardware on your computer, paste the last few line away for referance21:16
recon_lapWornyx: what was the preceding line to [ 115.254219] ...21:17
Wornyxthe id is the same for all the screen21:17
recon_lapWornyx: press ctrl-C and see if anything happens21:18
WornyxA reel kernel panic, the pc is freez, i can't do anything21:18
recon_lapWornyx:  think it's in a loop as you say the panic msg is repeated, maybe boot again and watch for the first panic and note what was running.21:20
WornyxNo, the msg isn't repeated21:22
Wornyxthe screen freez after it and the pc is totaly freezed21:22
recon_lapWornyx: thats all that it says? nothing else?21:23
WornyxAfter the panic occured21:23
Wornyxbut before, all is working good21:24
recon_lapWornyx: I need to see more to have any idea what caused the panic, telling me it was good is no help. what where the last 5 lines of text out of the boot messages.21:27
Wornyxthe last 5 line :21:28
Wornyx[ 11.5.254219][<c146b1eb>] sys_sendmsg+0x3b/0x6021:29
Wornyx[ 11.5.254219][<c146b873>] sys_socketcall+0x263/0x2c021:30
Wornyx[ 11.5.254219][<c105083c>] ? sys_time+0x1c/0x5021:31
recon_lapWornyx: think you problem is http://clusterbleep.net/blog/2012/05/09/ubuntu-12-04-splash-screen-lockup-with-livecd/21:31
Wornyx[ 115.254219] [<c1576ed4>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb21:31
Wornyx [ 115.254219] panic occured, switching back to text console21:31
recon_lapWornyx: and unfortunately those 5 lines where no help :(21:32
WornyxSo, i can't do anything ? Did you know where i can get a previously version of xubuntu ?21:32
WornyxThe 10.xx version of ubuntu was working on this pc21:33
recon_lapWornyx: I'm not sure, but i think the Acer InviLink 802.11g Wi-Fi uses the bcm43 driver .21:33
WornyxBut, if i unplug the wifi card it can work ?21:34
recon_lapWornyx: yes, but this is 12.04 and you seem to be affected by a know bug.21:34
Wornyxok :S21:35
recon_lapWornyx: you'll need a wired connection to fix the bcom driver21:35
WornyxOk so, i unplug the wifi card, install and replug when install and install the driver with the wired connecion21:36
recon_lapWornyx: get the update before repluging the wifi card, if the card is removable at all21:38
recon_lapWornyx: but I'd follow the guide and check that I am correct about it being the wifi driver21:38
recon_lapWornyx: before dismantling my computer :)21:39
Wornyxok !21:40
Wornyxno problem, the wifi car is already unpluged ^21:41
WornyxYep, the install go more21:45
WornyxThe problem is that !21:45
WornyxSo, thanks a lot recon_lap, and sorry for my french english, which is not very understandable !21:46
recon_lapWornyx: np, just glad we found the problem :)21:46
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WornyxYep :)21:47
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uofm49426ok mind you this is Temporary i have 2 Ethernets and one wifi card22:05
uofm49426cable modem in wire 1 and a magic jake on wire 222:05
uofm49426how can i also use the wifi card for adhoc22:06
uofm49426using xubuntu 12.0422:07
doofyI'm seeing that for mac installs with EFI you need to use a mac specific ISO. Anywhere I can find this for 64 bit 12.04 xubuntu?23:36
Unit193Think Xubuntu just went with 32bit and 64bit normal, no Mac ones.23:38
Unit193If there's a mini iso for that, you can just install xubuntu-desktop and have basically the same.23:41
astraljava...or vanilla.23:45
Unit193Meh, mini is cleaner. :P23:45
astraljavaSure, but you seemed quite doubtful, so it was just a suggestion that definitely is there.23:47
doofywill those installers allow me to do an EFI install23:52
doofymaybe I will just use the ubuntu mac install and install xubuntu after..23:53
doofygetting this all to work on a MBP is quite the disaster23:55

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