mgzmorning all!07:15
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jelmervila: I'm still wondering about bzr-notify..12:43
jelmermaybe I should ask on the mailing list whether anybody else uses it?12:44
vila:) Good idea12:45
mgzthat seems reasonable regardless12:45
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Noldorinhi jelmer22:29
jelmerhi Noldorin22:43
Noldorinjelmer: hey23:01
Noldorinjelmer: do you have a link to that old bug i reported concerning dpush, just for reference?23:01
Noldorindon't worry not asking you to fix it :)23:01
Noldorinjelmer: if you have it available that is23:23
jelmerNoldorin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-git/+bugs should have it23:46
Noldorinjelmer: TA23:57

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