highvoltagestgraber: nice02:17
highvoltage(re having tablets)02:18
ajmitchhighvoltage: how's debconf?02:18
highvoltageajmitch: itÅ› better than I could hope for02:18
* ajmitch isn't jealous. honest02:18
highvoltagestgraber: ok cool02:19
highvoltageajmitch: :)02:19
highvoltageajmitch: just came back from the daytrip. been without internet all day so just catching up :)02:19
ajmitchand I'm at working trying to stay warm, writing php code ;)02:20
mgariepystgraber, LP: #99599817:19
mgariepystgraber, is there a tag i should had for it to be included in the ubuntu kernel ?17:20
mgariepylike need-sru  or something17:20
stgrabermgariepy: nope, we just add a task for that (done now)17:22
mgariepystgraber, ok tahnks17:23
mgariepydid you receive the documentation to install *buntu on the tablet ?17:23
stgrabernot yet, should get it later today17:25
stgraberso far I just got a basic Debian system to boot but without any display or serial output, so quite pointless :)17:25
mgariepyhehe ;)17:25
mgariepyhow far kubuntu guys made it work ?17:26
stgraberAFAIK, booting but no touchscreen, though with the model we received touchscreen should be working17:26
stgraberso I'm kind of hoping to get a working image this weekend, it's not going to be pretty or fast, but should be mostly working17:26
highvoltagestgraber: that would be really really cool :)17:37
=== shazzr_ is now known as shazzr
ajmitchstgraber: can you pass on that info about booting ubuntu pretty please? :)21:16
ajmitchonce you get it21:16
stgrabersure, once I get it :)21:17
ajmitchsomething to take my mind off the ARB deluge21:20

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