basokeOkay, so I'm having a weird problem, when I open an openGL window, or the GIMP, the desktop gets all manner of hideous graphical spazms.00:08
ScuniziIs there an easy way to unmount a SD card outside of opening Dolphin and doing it from there..?  Let's leave the cli out of responses please.. I know that one.00:27
SentynelScunizi: does it appear in the device notifier in the system tray? if so there'll be an unmount button there00:28
Scunizigood question.. haven't looked there. hang on00:28
ScuniziSentynel: yep.. I played with the little icon right next to its listing.  Although not very clear about what it does when looking at it, it appears to mount and unmount the card. Is that the easy location?00:30
SentynelScunizi: that's the quickest gui way of mounting/unmounting I'm aware of00:31
ScuniziI've been on this version of KDE for quite some time and never bothered to look there. Thanks! :)  and shame on me :-/00:31
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alexis_hola a todos02:22
alexis_mis saludos, ya que soy nuevo en este IRC02:22
alexis_Alguien me puede decir si ve lo que estoy escribiendo02:23
genii-aroundBleh I wrote out the entire !es | alexis_   thing too....02:28
genii-around!es | alexis_02:28
ubottualexis_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:28
Unit193!es | alexis_02:28
genii-aroundUnit193: Tie!02:28
alexis_muchas gracias02:29
iharpIf I installed the latest flash plugin from adobe via a .deb package and then disabled my internal plugin on google chrome. How would I allow it to use the systems flash plugin?04:03
iharpI understand there is some moving of files required04:03
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eagles0513875mission control i have a major problem. the problem is after yesterday's xorg update i have no visual on my display05:17
eagles0513875any solutions05:17
eagles0513875i get to the login screen but i get no desktop environment :-/05:18
eagles0513875scratch that it seems to be working now05:18
aaron_anybody about?05:23
eagles0513875hey guys seems like after the xorg update yesterday that im only getting 1/4 of the full brightness on my display on my netbook06:23
eagles0513875any ideas as to the cause of this issue06:23
systemclientwhat is an easy way to get a DHCP Server running for eth0 for a LAN Party? I just need it for one event and want to start it manually. Can I set it in the network settings or do I have to install something?06:31
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azevedoHello, someone else sow a KDE issue when you minimized some application?06:39
hateballsystemclient: you'd need to install a dhcpd, either dhcpd3 or dnsmasq is what I'd go with06:44
hateballsetting up dhcpd3 is pretty trivial, and you could change the daemon to start manually06:44
systemclienthateball: okay, how would I set it up to start manually?06:46
systemclienthateball: sysv-rc-conf?06:50
hateballsystemclient: this is a pretty good post http://askubuntu.com/a/2034706:50
systemclienthateball: I'll look into that, thanks!06:50
hateballI don't know which version you're on, I don't know if it's upstart in 12.04 as I've not used dhcpd on that06:50
hateballif it's not, you'll want to use update-rc.d06:50
systemclienthateball: I'll look into it, the askubuntu post is pretty  thorough06:55
systemclientWhen I try to install packages, I am told that something is broken and packages are held. How can I upgrade all held packages?06:56
calcmandanis there a kernel module that allows reading from a compact flash drive? When i put a micro sd card on my machine, it mounts fine. If i load a live disc, it won't see the same micro sd. i'm thinking kubuntu's live disc kernel doesn't have the module.06:59
hateballsystemclient: make sure you apt-get update first06:59
systemclienthateball: I think I am missing the main repo … changed the mirror and I guess I messed that up07:01
hateballsystemclient: should be able to fix it with muon07:13
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systemclienti just copied the sources.list from the wiki, now it works again07:22
mah454I installed apache web server in kubuntu10:34
mah454but this command not work !10:34
mah454invoke-rc.d apache2 start10:34
mah454invoke-rc.d apache2 stop work ! but start not work !10:34
Avihaymah454: try restart, it sometimes works when start won't10:59
Avihayin some services10:59
blarf_hi, if i want to use the open ati and nvidia driver with 3d support, do i need to do anything, like install something or change some config?10:59
Avihaythe open drivers are installed by default11:02
Avihayas for 3d support, I've heard that the open drivers have some issues11:02
Avihaybut I wouldn't really know11:03
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aboudreaultdamn... tired of my Kubuntu :( everything crash when I tried to get back from sleep11:14
BlaXpiritand the "something crashed" icon just doesn't go away11:15
aboudreaultno, I have to restart kdm11:15
BlaXpirit12.04 is a disaster compared to 11.1011:15
aboudreaultfor the sleep issue, yes.11:16
BlaXpiritalso bluetooth stopped working11:16
BlaXpiritalso printer server stopped working11:16
BlaXpiritconstant crashes11:16
BlaXpiritpackage managing issues11:16
BlaXpiritand they dared to call it LTS11:17
aboudreaultI've noticed the printer issue too. it tooks 2 hours to print 5 pages11:17
BlaXpiriton my laptop i did distribution upgrade, things go even worse than on clean install which i have on the PC11:19
aboudreaultnow, when I boot. akonadi is taking my whole 8GB of ram11:20
BlaXpiritone of the first things i do in kubuntu is to disable akonadi and nepomuk crap11:20
Avihaystop using Muon?11:22
BlaXpiritMuon is actually great11:23
BluesKajHey all11:24
Avihaydoes it show you the dpkg output yet?11:24
BlaXpiriti'm not sure what you mean by that. but from all the graphical package managers it's the best11:26
Avihayunless it gives me enough output to know when my system is broken, why and what I can do to fix it, like the dpkg output does, it's a bad idea to use it as a package manager11:37
Avihaytry synaptic, it's ugly, but it's feature complete and it shows you the dpkg output, so you know exactly what goes wrong with your installation when it happens11:38
Avihaydpkg is a "package manager for Debian" (it deals with the what's on your computer side rather then with how to get the packages online) your package manager' more or less, has to use it to do the actual installing11:43
datruthHow can I disable my touchpad when my usb mouse is plugged in12:11
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BluesKajdatruth, install synaptiks12:11
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azbarceai have problems installing postgres from apt12:39
azbarceaI get ... GMT FATAL:  exceeded MAX_ALLOCATED_DESCS while trying to open directory "/usr/share/zoneinfo"12:39
azbarceai can't purge, reinstall remove nothing12:40
azbarceahow do I force a complete removal (purge) when post-install script failes?12:40
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BluesKajazbarcea, i thought postgres was installed by default as postgresSQL13:00
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killownwhat happened with kde? http://i.imgur.com/aiwrM.jpg14:11
killownthis only happens with effects enabled14:11
killownthis kind of error is too annoying14:11
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mah454I install fglrx driver16:16
mah454but can not start KDM !16:16
mah454this log : http://pastebin.com/sm7Li61c16:17
qw_hello all16:18
qw_i would like instal VirtualBox help me please16:18
Joitmah454:  your first install? you probatly missing a video driver16:18
mah454_How can fix this problem ? (kdm crashed) http://pastebin.com/sm7Li61c16:28
genii-aroundmah454_: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.back      then: sudo restart kdm16:35
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone17:05
phoenix_firebrdneed help in using bazaar17:05
phoenix_firebrdyofel: who is packaging rc1?17:12
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phoenix_firebrdneed help in using bazaar17:45
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Mamarokphoenix_firebrd: what exact help o you need?18:04
john__1hi all18:20
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saiyajincuantos españoles hay aqui?19:34
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OerHeks!es | saiyajin19:51
ubottusaiyajin: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:51
mandy434Hello all. I was wondering if anyone would have time to help me with a kubuntu login problem. I would be super appreciative of any help :)20:15
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mandy434Hello Grego20:19
mandy434Is anyone there?20:21
gregoit is20:24
mandy434hello again20:24
mandy434can you help me grego20:24
gregoprobably not, but i can try20:24
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mandy434awesome :) iam having trouble loggin in to kubuntu20:25
gregowith what?20:25
gregoany error messages?20:25
gregoi mean what happens?20:25
mandy434cannot enter home directory. using/.20:25
mandy434could not update ICEauthority file /.ICEauthority20:26
mandy434I have no idea what these mean20:27
mandy434fail safe fails as well20:27
gregowas home directory encrypted?20:27
gregocan you boot live and access it?20:27
mandy434Im not sure.20:27
mandy434I can login to command line.20:27
mandy434is that the same as live?20:29
gregono live as in liveCD (or uSB9 ad then you boot form that media. hmm it seems your home folder was encrypted20:31
mandy434oh ok. Is that hard to fix. Thanks for your help ;)20:31
genii-aroundmandy434: When you are able to login at the command-line, is it under your username ?20:34
gregoi am reading this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184145720:35
gregopost #220:35
mandy434okay am checking that out now20:35
genii-aroundmandy434: Ok. So, to try: cd && sudo chown $(whoami): /home/$(whoami)/.ICEauthority20:35
gregoit seem this can also happen if someone uses sudo on graphcial interface instead of kdesudo20:36
genii-aroundmandy434: And then go back to the graphical login screen and see if you able to enter after that20:36
mandy434ok will try this now20:36
genii-aroundgrego: There are several reasons the file can change ownership, yes20:36
Daskreechmandy434: can you do an ls -l on the .ICEauthority file?20:39
mandy434 sure can20:39
* genii-around plies Daskreech with coffee20:40
mandy434wait how do i do this on the ICEauthority file20:40
mandy434i typed ls -l .ICEauthority but im not sure where this file is located?20:41
Daskreechmandy434: type ls ~/.ICEauthority20:41
mandy434oh. ok one sec20:41
mandy434it says no such file20:44
mandy434do you think this could be the problem?20:46
genii-aroundmandy434: The ~/ part is important. eg EXACTLY:   ls -l ~/.ICEauthority20:46
mandy434I did that a couple of times. with the ~/ . no luvk20:47
mandy434could this file be missing20:48
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Daskreechmandy434: it shouldn't complain about it then?20:57
Daskreechmandy434: touch ~/.ICEauthority20:57
Daskreechthen try login20:57
mandy434okay ill try that20:58
mandy434Dakreech: Im still recieving errors. "Cannot enter home directory. Using /.21:02
mandy434and the ICEauthority one21:02
genii-aroundThe "cannot enter home directory" part looks interesting21:04
genii-aroundmandy434: Does: ls /home  show a directory with your username?21:05
mandy434So now ls -l ~/.ICEauthority works and outputs "-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  //.ICEauthority 0 Jul 12 15:0021:06
mandy434gennii-around:: I will check that now21:06
genii-aroundhm root21:07
gits1225I was trying to get to use ubuntu font on the konsole, but the only options are the monospace variants.21:07
gits1225How do I get to use the other fonts?21:07
mandy434The ls /home does show my name21:07
mandy434is this a good sign21:09
Joitthats your subfolder, anyone got a home/username21:09
Joitjust shows, its here21:09
genii-aroundmandy434: I think you are logged on as root however21:09
genii-aroundmandy434: eg: the file Daskreech told you to touch is owned by root21:10
mandy434I am I believe. How do I check this genii?21:10
genii-aroundmandy434: What says result of: whoami21:10
mandy434it says mandi21:11
Joitthats the same name as you get at /home?21:11
Joitso, /home/mandy?21:11
genii-aroundmandy434: But yet: <mandy434> So now ls -l ~/.ICEauthority works and outputs "-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  //.ICEauthority 0 Jul 12 15:0021:11
genii-aroundSays owned by root, group root, etc21:12
genii-aroundmandy434: What is result of: pwd21:13
mandy434no just what was quoted. Ok I will try that genii.21:13
mandy434pwd command gives output   /21:14
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Joitthats not correct, shiould be /home/user21:16
mandy434hmmm. what can cause this?21:17
genii-aroundmandy434: Did you boot to recovery kernel and then choose the menu item of root?21:17
genii-aroundeg: How did you get to the command line?21:18
mandy434i used ctrl alt f121:18
mandy434and then logged in with username and password21:18
genii-aroundJoit: Also, whoami showing "mandy" but ls -l showing root:root on a file they just made with touch21:19
Joitgenii-around:  sorry, i do trust more in you then in me here, i only can follow you here at the most things :)21:20
genii-aroundmandy434: Did you have home directories mounted on a different partition, or encrypted, or something?21:20
genii-aroundBleh, I have to leave soon, banking to do21:20
Joitget online banking :)21:21
mandy434No installed the kubuntu fresh a couple years ago and updated to 12.04 a couple of months ago. was working fine till now.21:21
genii-aroundmandy434: Apologies, I have to go in a short while. If you are here tomorrow 9:30-sh to 5pm-ish GMT-4 I will be around then. Or hopefully you will get some assistance from another soon.21:23
Joitmandy you can try this, open a new window with ctrl-alt-f1 or f2 or f3 .. login as user21:23
Joitthen hit chown user:user /home/user/.ICEauthority21:23
Joitits a workaround when iceauthority didnt get updated21:24
mandy434Joit:: okay do i need to restart or stay in the current f1 window21:24
Joitit writes, with root rights, not sure, if you have to put sudo infront21:24
Joityou dont need to21:24
Joityou can switch back21:24
Joitjust look where at what window you are in now,21:24
mandy434for user is that my user nake or "user"21:25
Joityou can test that with cycle through ctrl- alf F1 . F821:25
Joitits your username21:25
Joitlike mandy21:25
Joit"user" is allways that placeholde for the descritption21:25
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Joitthat then would be chown mandy:mandy /home/mandy/.ICEauthority21:27
mandy434ok i have succesfully used the chown command21:27
Joitnow chmod 644 /home/mandy/.ICEauthority21:27
Joitnot sure why he use 644 for this21:28
Joitusual its something 1000 or so21:28
Joitbut i think it doesnt make much matter21:28
mandy434now ok will do that now21:28
Joitthen type exit21:29
Joitand then reboot21:29
Joiti found another page :p21:30
Joitone sec21:30
mandy434already rebooting21:30
mandy434did i mess up21:30
Joitdid you use sudo at the chown command?21:31
mandy434i did21:31
Joitok, that what he suggested too21:31
Joiti will past what he did21:31
Joitwas similar to ours21:31
Joit1. cd /home/benutzername/21:31
mandy434cool. should i try to log on regular now21:31
Joit2. rm -r .ICEauthority21:31
Joit4. touch .ICEauthority21:31
Joit5. sudo chown Benutzername /home/Benutzername/.ICEauthority21:32
Joit6. sudo reboot21:32
mandy434do i need to do these commands now21:32
Joithe said, that way the iceauthority will be created new21:32
mandy434okay i will do that now21:32
Joitwell, not sure, i tink both should work, only not sure, if the usernumber does make a different21:32
Joitbut we can try it afterwards again,w hen it doesnt work21:33
skreech_mandy434: try ls -l /home21:33
Joitany user got a number21:33
Joitusual you have a number allready alligned, and not sure, if kde then makes a different at the files21:33
Joitbecause a lot files probatly have the old usernumber21:34
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
Daskreechpossible that you lost ownership of your home directory21:34
Joitbut i still dont know, how it all is managed, over a file or over a common management21:34
Joitright now, we only did change the icdauthority file, so its not much messed21:35
mandy434it says missing operand after mandy/home/mandy.ICEauthority21:36
mandy434when i try the chown command21:36
Joitdo you use it as root?21:37
Joitmean sudo infront21:37
Joitok, did you do the steps from the second example?21:38
Joitcd /home/mandy ..?21:38
=== [mad]Berry is now known as madberry
mandy434so cd first21:39
mandy434oh shoot missed that ill redo21:39
Joitwhat do you get at ls -ls /home?21:40
Joitwhat numbers21:40
Joitwhat numbers for mandy21:40
Joiterr ls -la /hom21:40
Joit :) ls -la /home      Is it!21:41
mandy434it says cd command not found. or without sudo permission denied21:41
Joitdo ls21:42
mandy434it took that21:42
mandy434do you need the output21:42
Joitjust tell me the number what is in the line of mandy21:43
Joitthen we can compare with the first example21:44
mandy434there are four lines. the first says "total 12"21:45
mandy434the next " drwxr-xr-x 3 root root"21:46
Joitwell, i looked again, seems 777 works better, because it changes the the permission of folders subfolders and files21:46
Joitcan you open again a console with ctrl-alt-f2 or 321:47
Joitf1 - f5 works21:47
mandy434im in f1 right now21:47
Joitlogin as user21:48
mandy434should i switch21:48
Joitno its ok i think21:48
mandy434okay i am already logged on as user in that case21:48
Joitthen do sudo chmod 777 /home/user/.ICEauthority21:48
Joitthen do sudo chmod 777 /home/mandy/.ICEauthority21:48
TheLordOfTimeum... in practice,777-ing items is bad21:49
TheLordOfTimelike literally ***bad***21:49
Joitdarn it, you are right21:50
Joiti read further21:50
Joiti am sorry, need to redo it21:50
TheLordOfTimei'm not on KDE atm, but I have a .ICEauthority... its perms are like this21:50
TheLordOfTime32K -rw------- 1 teward teward 28K Jul 12 16:50 .ICEauthority21:50
mandy434uh o21:50
mandy434now what21:50
Joit1 sec...21:50
mandy434already dids it21:50
Joitnothing lost21:51
mandy434is there a sudo undo ha ha21:51
Joityou allways can change the permission21:51
mandy434oh good21:51
Joityou simple overwrite it with a new sudo :)21:51
TheLordOfTimewould be 600 if you're using numerics to define permissions21:51
Joit664 was ok, just need a _r at last21:51
TheLordOfTime(if you're matching default-setups)21:51
mandy434ok so what do i write now?21:52
Joitthat page i looked up again, said, you can get errors with ie apche at 77721:52
mandy434so do the same thing but do sudo chmod 664 /home/mandy/.ICEauthority -R21:53
Joit do sudo chmod 664 /home/user/.ICEauthority -R21:53
mandy434okay done21:54
Joitok, now you can reboot21:54
Joiti hope to see you soon :)21:54
mandy434rebooting I need a drink. Should it work now21:55
Joitchanging the permissions is not a big deal anyway21:55
Joityes, it should21:55
Joitwe did create the permission file new and set the permission from your files and folders at your home folder21:56
Joitthere is nothing lost when you didnot format anything or delete :)21:56
mandy434It still wont let me log in "cannot enter home dierectory. using /."21:56
Joityou need to reboot21:57
Joitdid you do that?21:57
mandy434I did.21:57
Joitthat was fast21:57
mandy434did it matter that the cd step was missed before21:57
SimpHi people of the World21:57
Joitnot for the example one21:58
Joithe didnt do that21:58
mandy434so i only needed the one chmod command21:58
Joittry again sudo chown mandy:mandy /home/user -R21:59
Joitand then reboot again21:59
Joittry again sudo chown mandy:mandy /home/mandy -R21:59
Joitmissed one mandy :)21:59
Joitthen reboot22:00
Joitbtw did you install maybe clamav?22:00
Joita page said, it can mess up with this file22:00
Joitor the permission even22:01
mandy558sorry lost connection for a minute22:02
mandy558Still no luck22:03
Joitok again step by step22:04
Joitbut i wanna look again a bit more at the web22:04
Joityou are not the only one with the problem :) maybe someone has a good solution22:04
szalis that an installed system or a live system?22:04
mandy558this is so weird. I worked perfectly for 2 months.22:05
mandy558what is installed vs live22:05
mandy558Its all local and a fresh installation if thats what you mean22:05
Joitmandy558:  shows 2 solutions now. either reboot in recovery mode, or first try it again with chmod22:11
Joitthe first and easy method is, open a a console again22:12
Joitthen type chown mandy:mandy /home/mandy/.ICEauthority22:12
Joitthis time maybe without root rights22:12
Joitwhen you got an error, then you have to use the sudo22:12
Joiti understand peoples very well, when they do not want to look at the net, so much mess there ...22:13
mandy558do i need -R22:13
Joitat the next command22:13
Joitdid you get an error?22:14
mandy558okay not on the chown though22:14
mandy558no errors22:14
Joitchmod 644 /home/mandy/.ICEauthority22:14
Joitthe -r command is actually only to change the permission at the folder and files22:15
Joitthis 2 been for set the permission at the iceautority file22:15
mandy558so -R on this one either22:15
Joitno, its only good for setting permission on fodlers and files, that should work on the file22:16
Joitbut i ll look22:16
mandy558okay no errors22:16
Joit -R, --recursive               change files and directories recursively22:17
Joitok then try rebooting22:17
Joitdid you run gnome as root prabtly?22:17
Joitthat was a error too, what some made22:17
mandy558how do i know if i ran gnome at boot22:17
Joityou see it , its a graphical interface :)22:18
Joitbut it was probatly at f822:18
Joitbut anyway, its not that importend22:18
mandy558I used the ctrl alt f1 at the login menue for the previous steps22:18
mandy558was that okay?22:18
Joitmainly its to fix the ice file and have the permission for your user22:19
Joityes, you can use any konsole what runs at f1-f522:19
Joitit doesnt matter, you can open them all time at linux, thats wha is kinda handy here :)22:19
mandy558Cool. Should I try normal logon now?22:19
Joitand toogle betweeeen the konoles with ctrl-alt f1-f522:19
mandy558dang same old errors22:20
Joitok seems the ice file dont get updated22:20
mandy558yeah. maybe idk. :)22:21
Joitits simple a hidden file  the .dot at the beginnin indicate that, and its located at /home/username22:21
mandy558should i ls that file then22:21
mandy558to see22:21
Joitno, not for me22:22
Joitok try to rebooting into recovering mode22:22
mandy558how do i do that22:23
mandy558from the gui login?22:23
Joityou reboot, and you see at the screen your kernel list22:23
Joitthe 2nd line usual says recovery mode, and you can pick it with the arrow key22:23
Joitup and down keys22:24
mandy558you mean failsafe mode?22:24
mandy558okay. I will try. That wasnt working earlier though.22:25
Daskreechmandy558: Still having issues?22:25
Joitok. do you get something like a recovery menu?22:25
mandy558I get same errors for failsafe. no luck22:26
Joityes Daskreech still no ccess22:26
Joitmandy, not yet :)22:26
Joitdo you have a recovery menu or only a prompt?22:26
Joita command line22:26
mandy558i can only access the command line. i get the home folder error when trying to access failsafe from the KDE login menu.22:27
Joitits ok, are you logged in there as user or root?22:27
mandy558im not sure. i have to give my user name and password.22:28
Joitok means you can choose what you want22:28
Joitlogin as root then22:28
Daskreechmandy558: can You type sudo apt-get -y install pastebinit22:29
mandy558do i use root for user name in command line22:29
Daskreechmandy558: no22:29
mandy558oh. so how do i pick?22:29
mandy558Dakreech:: I can try that22:30
Daskreech!root | joit22:30
ubottujoit: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:30
Joityeah was about to sudo the rest22:31
Daskreechmandy558: When that installs let me know22:31
DaskreechIs that ok it's installed?22:32
mandy558Okay installing now22:32
mandy558You guy are very helpful. This would be impossible for me.22:33
mandy558what is pastebinit?22:34
Joitsomething to past your output into the web, can show errors22:34
mandy558Daskreech:: Pastebinit has been installed22:34
Daskreech!info pastebinit22:35
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-2ubuntu2 (precise), package size 15 kB, installed size 172 kB22:35
Daskreechmandy558: type ls -la ~ | pastebinit22:35
Daskreechmandy558: it will give you a URL. Give us the URL in here22:35
mandy558ok one sec22:36
* Daskreech waits22:42
Joitthought you have om's :p22:42
Joiti assume that the iceauthority dont get updated22:43
Joitprobatly wrong spelling, need to use upper and lower letters like .ICEautority22:44
Joitand me still missing a h :722:44
Joitand gladly we have a bot what tries to enter all time22:45
JoitIts ICEauthority :p22:45
mandy558it doesnt seem to be working22:46
* Joit pokes Daskreech22:47
Daskreechmandy558: hmm what's not working ? the command?22:48
DaskreechJoit: Thanks22:48
* Joit pokes mandy55822:49
Joit :)22:49
Joitprobatly the ~ was to much22:50
mandy558the command wont work22:51
Joittry without the ~?22:51
Joit type ls -la | pastebinit22:51
Joitor ls -la | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:52
mandy558ok just one sec22:53
emyller'lo fellas22:55
emylleris there any channel specific for telepathy on Kubuntu?22:55
Daskreechemyller: this is it22:56
emyllerI'm trying latest builds of kde-telepathy-* (v0.4) on my Kubuntu box22:57
emyllerbut i can't open any chat window due to this error: "org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Error.NotAvailable: Handler no longer available"22:57
mandy558did that work22:57
emyllerit doesn't tell me which handler it's about22:57
emyllerany ideas?22:58
Joityour file is still owned by root22:58
Joitbut it should be owned by your user22:58
JoitDaskreech:  !22:58
Joit :P22:58
Joithe may can faster solve it them me22:58
Joitthen *22:58
Joiti only can do trial and error22:59
mandy558thats better than me22:59
Daskreechmandy558: type pwd23:00
emyllereverything else seems okay, though.23:00
Joitin case you wanna see my file http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088931/23:00
mandy558It outputs    /23:00
mandy558sorry it took so long for the other stuff :)23:01
Daskreechmandy558: type cd23:01
Daskreechtell me if it give you an error messge23:01
mandy558no error message23:01
mandy558but if i do sudo cd it says no command cd23:02
mandy558i mean command not found23:03
Daskreechmandy558: Right. Don't do sudocd ;)23:04
Daskreechmandy558: Now type pwd23:04
mandy558it still outpouts   /23:04
Daskreechmandy558: ha ok :) type ls -la /home | pastebinit23:05
Joitwith the -b option23:06
Daskreechpatebinit byitself doesn't work?23:07
mandy558i mean paste in that adress23:08
Joitno, mandy, yes Daskreech you need -b http://url23:08
Daskreechmandy558: Fixed it already. can you type grep mandy /etc/passwd | pastebinit23:09
DaskreechJoit: Booo23:09
Joituse -b http://paste.ubuntu.com23:09
Joitpste ubuntu will create the url23:09
Joitelse pastebinit wont work23:10
DaskreechJoit: Oh I guess that makes sense. She doesn't own anywhere that can create a default23:10
Mandy089sorry my chat session failed23:10
DaskreechMandy089: ok did you get the last command I gave you?23:11
Joityes, probatly, http://pastebin.com is the default23:11
Daskreechgrep mandy /etc/passwd | pastebinit -b paste.ubuntu.com23:11
Mandy089what was it again? :)23:11
TheLordOfTimeJoit:  if you're using pastebinit its default was paste.ubuntu.com ages ago23:11
TheLordOfTimesince at least natty23:11
DaskreechTheLordOfTime: yes but she has no home directory so it can't create a config and so has no default is my guess23:12
JoitTheLordOfTime:  that what i got from the page :) i do not use it anyway23:12
TheLordOfTimeDaskreech:  that's odd, i've used pastebinit without a home conf and its used paste.ubuntu.com...23:12
DaskreechTheLordOfTime: note the "is my guess" part23:12
Joitit is, because without -b it dosnt work for he23:13
DaskreechI have no idea how it actually works but it not providing a default automatically is strange23:13
TheLordOfTimesounds like a broken package version23:13
DaskreechJoit: correlation isn't causation23:13
TheLordOfTimeare they in quantal or something?23:13
Joitbut i tried the comand too after i installed pastebinit, and it did not work,23:13
Joitand my system is ok so far23:13
Joiti did need to use -b for a url23:14
Mandy089was the output23:16
DaskreechMandy089: you login with a capital M ?23:17
Mandy089is that bad23:18
DaskreechNo just checking somethings out23:18
Mandy089oh ok. good23:19
DaskreechMandy089: alright type sudo chmod 700 /home/dommunoz0123:20
Daskreechthen try login23:20
Mandy089what do you mean by login. is login a command?23:20
DaskreechMandy089: No try getting through the GUI23:21
Joitgui - graphical user interface23:22
Joitmeans she need to start the xserver?23:22
Mandy089Oh still says. Cannot enter home directory. Using/.23:22
DaskreechMandy089: type cd /home/dommunoz0123:23
Mandy089permission denied23:24
Joiti would either rename or remove the iceauthority file, yxou can craete it new with touch23:24
DaskreechMandy089: you are logged in as yourself right?23:24
Daskreechsudo chmod 777 /home/dommunoz01 then try cd /home/dommunoz0123:25
Mandy089ok that worked23:27
Joitmandy did you spell last time at the file ICEauthority with upper and lower letters?23:28
DaskreechMandy089: ok sudo chmod 755 /home/dommunoz0123:28
Mandy089i did spell it with upper and lower case23:29
Joitstill strange at all23:29
Mandy089Daskreech:: okay did the chmod thing again23:30
DaskreechMandy089: now try login to the GUI23:30
Mandy089I think its doing something23:31
Joitchmod - change file mode bits, means you set special rights on a file , like read (allowed), read write /allowed)23:31
Mandy089its slowly logging on23:31
Mandy089yep im in23:32
Mandy089is it permanantly fixed23:32
DaskreechMandy089: Yes23:34
DaskreechMandy089: Assuming that your rights on the files in your home directory haven't changed23:34
DaskreechYou had lost the rights to enter your own directory23:34
Mandy089You guys are awesome :). I tried having my brother help me, because he had set it up. But he didnt know much about fixing it.23:35
Mandy089How did i lose the rights?23:36
Mandy089so i dont do something stupid again23:36
Joitmandy that can happen in more ways, do you maybe remeber what you did do at last?23:38
Joitinstalled or deinstalled something?23:39
Mandy089i was creating a drawing for my thesis. when i tried to save the program crashed. I then restarted the computer to see if that would fix it and thats when i couldnt login.23:40
DaskreechMandy089: I can't tell you how you lostthem I just know they were gone23:40
DaskreechMandy089: I can show you how it works if you like23:40
Mandy089Daskreech:: How does it work?23:40
DaskreechMandy089: how much do you know about Unix File permissions?23:41
Mandy089not much23:42
DaskreechAlright well each file has three sets of permissions23:42
DaskreechPermissions for whoever owns the file permissions for anyone in the same group as the file and then everyone else in the world23:43
Mandy089How can these be changed23:43
DaskreechFor each of those categories you can have three basic permissions. Ability to read the file ability to change the file and ability to run the file as if it is a program23:44
Daskreechin the GUI you can right click -> properties -> permissions23:44
DaskreechIn the CLI you can use chmod23:44
Mandy089when is it necessary to change permissions23:45
DaskreechWhen you want the permissions changed :)23:45
Daskreechit's just controlling who is allowed to do what23:45
Mandy089Oh ok.23:45
Daskreechnow in your case you had lost the executable rights to your directory. When you execute a directory you enter it23:46
DaskreechThink double clicking on a folder in a file manager23:46
Daskreechso we added that back and now you can login23:46
Mandy089that makes since23:46
Mandy089so installing new programs can change this23:46
Mandy089or misusing a program in my case23:47
DaskreechMandy089: they should not and very few can actually do so in anycase23:47
DaskreechMisusing a program may but again I'm not sure what sequence would lead to that23:47
Mandy089Me neither. A frien had showed me how to use a CAD program for diagrams. libreCAD. This is when it happened.23:48
Mandy089should. i not use this program again. or reinstall it23:49
DaskreechAlso neat. hadn't head of a Librecad. Hope it's partially decent23:49
DaskreechMandy089: How did you install it?23:49
Mandy089I believe it came with kubuntu 12.04.23:49
faglnarI believe I came with kubuntu 12.0423:51
Daskreech!info librecad23:52
ubottulibrecad (source: librecad): Computer-aided design (CAD) system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1+nolibs-2 (precise), package size 2092 kB, installed size 4336 kB23:52
DaskreechSo it did23:52
Daskreechsudo apt-get remove --purge librecad && sudo apt-get install librecad23:52
Mandy089ok Ill do that now23:53
Daskreechsudo apt-get remove faglnar23:53
DaskreechMandy089: hope that works out23:54
Joityou missed the -purge23:54
DaskreechJoit: I'm being nice23:55
Mandy089 it seems to be working23:57
Mandy089so what does the && in your last statement mean?23:57

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