bacahoy my yellow friends11:36
gary_posternice trip report frankban.  about concurrent.futures you said "Guido doesn't like them...".  Did you mean concurrent.futures or futures.as_completed?12:01
frankbangary_poster: I mean callbacks12:05
gary_posterfrankban, oh!  I see12:05
gary_posterinteresting.  Wil look at that more closely later12:05
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb, call in 112:09
gary_poster@ http://tinyurl.com/yellowsquad12:09
gary_postergmb you on the way?12:11
gary_posterbenji, re tarmac automation: got a lot of pushback about bootstrap not sending the key properly (I didn't help anything by doing a classic "gary gets off on the wrong foot by calling a tomato a potato" mistake, where in this case it was calling bootstrap deploy).  However, hazmat suggested that we could set $HOME13:28
gary_posterand then generate .juju and .ssh13:28
gary_posternot a horrible idea13:29
benjia hack, but still interesting13:29
gary_posterbenji, meanwhile, on #juju other people are having interesting ideas13:31
* benji looks13:32
gary_posterby from non-direct-juju people :-)13:32
gary_posterfrankban, http://tinyurl.com/yellowsquad ?13:33
frankbangary_poster: joining13:33
benjiThe best solution for us to implement right away seems to be either "nothing" (i.e., keep it the way it works now with having to tweak your ssh config) or hacking $HOME for the duration of the test run13:37
benjihmm, but hacking $HOME may well not work if the user has some ssh config that needs to apply to all machines (like always bouncing the connection through a gatekeeper machine)13:38
benjiI guess we could copy their .ssh/config to the new $HOME location and then append our shut-up-AWS config to the end, but it is starting to get really hacky13:39
gary_posterbenji, agree, thought as much14:23
gary_postergmb, call in 7?14:23
gmbgary_poster, Yep.14:23
gmbgary_poster, Yellow hangout or elsewhere?14:29
gary_postergmb, yellow hangout14:30
bacgary_poster: create_lxc, when in install_lxc, had an --install-subunit option.  it looks like it got dropped in the move to initlxc.py.  that should be added back, no?14:45
gary_posteryes good idea: init-lxc should have that option14:46
gmbgary_poster, Lost you15:08
bacgary_poster: i'm making progress but might benefit from pairing if you're available after lunch15:50
gary_posterbac, ok, sounds good15:52
bacgary_poster: ok, i'm grabbing some food now15:56
gary_postercool bac, will do the same in a few15:56
frankbangary_poster: what do you think about adding a check for repository, branch and checkout directories existence in init-repo? Exiting with an error if they already exist?16:46
gary_posterfrankban, +116:59
gary_posterfrankban, we will need to think pretty caefully about the developer story16:59
gary_posterfrankban, so far it's been fairly neglected other than the big picture16:59
gary_posterthat's the kind of change will be good for developers, I think17:00
frankbangary_poster: I agree. I am also inclined to rename settings.CHECKOUT_DIR to settings.LP_REPOSITORY_DIR. CHECKOUT_DIR seems confusing...17:03
gary_posterfrankban, a lot of the names have been confusing since the refactoring.  I thought we fixed that one though--isn't that the name of the default checkout directory, rather than the path to the default repository17:05
frankbangary_poster: in init-repo CHECKOUT_DIR is the default for --repository, and LP_CHECKOUT_NAME is the default for --checkout-name17:06
gary_posterfrankban, heh, ok, yeah you are right :-)17:06
benjigary_poster: I managed to get the "originals" backup directory working, but I think we should discuss the security implications17:08
gary_postergreat, and, uh-oh :-)17:08
gary_posterbenji, I'll ping in just a few more17:10
gary_posterbenji, yellowsquad when you are ready17:36
benjigary_poster: I'm coming back18:47
bacgary_poster: ready at 3:30?19:28
gary_posterbac, yes19:28
bacbenji: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088608/  <- tb traceback19:47
benjibac: is this on a machine you've never used tb on before?19:48
bacbenji: yes19:48
bacgary_poster: trying to get plugin installed19:48
gary_poster:-) k19:48
benjibac: hmm, I may not have the dependencies or PPA set up right then, it sounds like you need my patched version of python-vte (or whatever the package name is)19:50
benjibac: try sudo apt-get install python-vte19:50
bacgary_poster: you there?20:43
gary_posterbac, yes20:43
gary_posterbac, I'm here now20:43
benjibac: did you get tb happy?21:14
bacbenji: yes,thanks.  sorry i didn't give you feedback21:14
benjibac: was it my suggestion that fixed it?  if so, I need to figure out why that wasn't automatically installed when you apt-get installed termbeamer21:15
bacyes, installing python-vte made it work21:17
bacbenji: ^21:18
bacbenji: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088767/21:19
bacwhat are those 0s and nulls?21:19

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