ClientAliveanyone here familiar with setting up a wireless account in lxde? I had a big prob last night and ended up reinstalling today. Now I've don't most of the work for my stupid broadcom card but need some help with a couple last things.00:14
ClientAliveso I found the network connections in the lxde menus but when I click "Add" the window that comes up is not active for some reason.00:15
OsmodivsI have installed libdvdread4 *-dbg *-dev libdvdnav *-dbg *-dev ans still can't play a DVD in VLC. What else do I need to watch a movie?00:33
OsmodivsToo late00:42
OsmodivsThey already answer me in the UBUNTU channel00:42
Osmodivsgo figure...00:42
LibertyTraderI'm running Lubuntu in a virtualbox VM on windows03:03
LibertyTraderI can't get sound to work. I have uninstalled pulse audio. Still doesn't work. I did not enable third party software.  I'm trying to use intel HDA.03:04
LibertyTraderWhen I run VLC or gstreamer nothing happens03:05
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GitchHi all07:05
GitchLong time Ubuntu user here, very recent convert to lubuntu. Loving the speed and leanness.07:06
Gitchdoes anyone know how to enable 3 button emulation on Lubuntu?07:14
GitchI've always edited the xorg.conf file but notice this file doesn't exist07:14
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:19
Unit193I don't know off hand, no.07:19
nothingspecialAny reason why this channel is not on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:07
AlanBellnothingspecial: no good reason, it is on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope10:12
AlanBellnothingspecial: do you want to fix it?10:12
nothingspecialyeah, I will10:12
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mlpoknHey guys. I need some help with LXDM11:56
mlpoknHow can I make the login box a bit wider?11:56
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Guest14095hi can ny 1 help me with a problem with lubuntu?15:05
Guest14095any one out there?15:07
taoseekerI`m on the ibook, it runs, wireless is activated...16:55
taoseekerhowever, pigin crashes16:56
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silverarrowyoutube is a mess16:57
silverarrowit doesn`t stream tv16:57
silverarrowand no sound17:01
silverarrowor alsamixer17:01
silverarrowhey, where are you guys@17:06
silverarrowI like the quietness of ppc17:07
silverarrowdoes anyone know if there is alsamixer in 12.04?17:10
wxlsilverarrow: yep17:14
silverarrowhow do I launch it17:14
wxlterminal: alsamixer17:14
silverarrowdoesn`t work17:15
wxlit's installed in this package http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/alsa-utils17:15
wxlyou should apt-cache policy alsa-utils and make sure you have the current version17:15
silverarrowthere is alsamixer in lubuntu powerpc ?17:15
wxlshould be no reason why not but i don't have a ppc in front of me to check17:15
grifo74hello lubuntu 12.04 is lts version?17:19
wxlgrifo74: ^17:20
wxl18 month support17:20
silverarrowyes, it is latest version?17:21
grifo74lubuntu don't have lts version???17:22
wxlwell no, latest version is in alpha 12.1017:22
wxlthat's not lts either mind you17:22
wxlafaik the only "real" lts is 10.0417:23
silverarrowwell, latest official then17:23
wxlthe current is 12.0417:23
grifo74i think 18 month is very good17:27
grifo74who is the minima hardware requiriments?17:28
silverarrowso no help with my sound issues and no alsa?17:28
wxlsilverarrow: i don't know. did you check for alsa-utils? which version you have?17:28
wxl(did say that)17:28
wxlgrifo74: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/#System_Requirements17:30
wxlspace needed is prety small-- a few g17:30
wxldepending on the type of install17:30
grifo74very nice i have a hold machine, a new opinion , i have a i new machine 64 bits with 4Gb ram you recomend 64bits version or kernel pae?17:31
wxlwell you can probably get the old one going, whereas nothing else will work17:32
wxlbut the 64b one will probably be more enjoyable to use on a daily basis ;)17:33
grifo74thanks the downloads 32 and 64 begin 10 minutes and try ;)17:34
Unit193I personally would go with PAE, not enough more ram to make it worthwhile, but wxl should know more on that subject.17:34
wxlUnit193: i think grifo74 was referring to the fact that he's got two machines and which one he should bother putting lubuntu on.17:35
wxli guess in the end my answer was "both" ;)17:35
Unit193Hah, somehow I missed that part. :P17:35
silverarrowwhere is alsamixer hidden in lubuntu for powerpc?17:38
Unit193In the terminal, type alsamixer.17:39
silverarrowsorry, I lost connection a few minutes ago17:39
* wxl considers colored/blinking text next17:39
silverarrowall I keep finding is the same command for launching though17:40
wxlfor that matter, what happens when you type alsamixer? i know you say it doesn't load, but what does it return?17:42
silverarrow"no such file or directory", which leads me to think there is no alsa17:46
silverarrowthough I can `t figure out what`s in stead17:47
wxlso does it give you a list of other possible packages? that's usually what ubuntu does if there's a command not found17:47
wxland did you check what version if any of alsa-utils you have?17:47
wxlyou can do that in synaptic17:47
wxlor do:17:47
wxlapt-cache policy alsa-utils17:47
silverarrow1.0.25 lubuntu517:55
Unit193The ppc version isn't that much different, is it?17:56
silverarrowI can`t even mange copy and paste17:58
silverarrowno right click for the mouse, no key commands17:59
wxlwell that can be a ppc problem17:59
wxlbut if you have alsa utils you have alsamixer17:59
wxltry whereis alsamixer or locate alsamixer18:00
silverarrowhow do I do a screenshot with out screen shot key?18:00
wxlscrot -- look at the man page for different ways you can manage it, either by clicking on a window, or setting a delay or whatever your preference is18:01
silverarrowI need a break, I`ve been at this for hours now18:02
nothingspecialI've added #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic to this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:03
nothingspecialAre there any dev channels that need adding18:04
Unit193Nope, that's all there is, but offtopic is used for devel too.18:04
nothingspecialokay thanks Unit19318:05
silverarrowfigured out the copy and paste thing18:08
silverarrowin snow leopard and newer macs, you can right click?18:09
silverarrowthis was originally lion, but had leopard18:10
smilebye :)18:34
silverarrowhi SkippersBoss18:56
testehi how i ad a software to autostart18:57
Unit193teste: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#How_I_can_autostart_a_program_when_logging_into_Desktop18:57
silverarrowif I have restricted lubuntu packages, do I have the gecko plugin setup by defalut then?18:59
silverarrowfor firefox I mean18:59
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silverarrowany idea about how to get sound in lubuntu powerpc19:45
silverarrowthere doesn`t seem to be any alsamixer19:45
silverarrowmy ibook install is suddenly not looking so good20:53
silverarrowneither alsamixer, java or flash player works, but they are installed20:53
silverarrowpackages are there20:54
silverarrowis it powerpc issues, or something else20:54
silverarrowwe need more apple guys to venture into linux and ubuntu20:56
silverarrowos x is good, but open source is fun and can be very handy20:58
silverarrowthere are load of old ibooks out there, in good condition, it would be great to make them adaptable for lubuntu21:52
silverarrowmore up to date, and easier to work with when thing are running smootly21:52
silverarrowlubuntu is really nice like that, makes old laptops run like new ones21:54
silverarrowhi krasus21:55
silverarrowanyone here?22:33
TheLordOfTime!patience | silverarrow22:34
ubottusilverarrow: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:34
TheLordOfTimesilverarrow:  just ask and wait22:34
silverarrowI have trouble with alsamixer and java, they just don`t run. I have 12.04 powerpc build on iBook G422:35
silverarrowall packages are there,22:37
silverarrowI have installed both restricted packages in package manager22:38
wxlsilverarrow: java is contentious on ppc. recommend using ibm java https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java22:43
silverarrowoh i see22:44
silverarrowI thought it was basic22:44
silverarrowso installing a few extra packages, or removing old?22:45
wxlibm java is not easy to come by22:45
wxlread the instructions and have fun22:45
wxllong story short: the world could care less about powerpc, get used to it :(22:46
silverarrowyeah, I know, there are no money in discontinued hard ware22:48
wxlyeah there's plenty of things that support powerpc, but usually not from the big money makers like java and flash22:49
silverarrowthough a lot of well built ibooks in need of something better than lion22:51
silverarrowlubuntu is much more flexible than lion22:51
silverarrowthough a bit hard to find support for the apple hardware22:52
silverarrowI made a new savefile in 528 the other day, but could not make the update work?22:54
silverarrowhowever, I am sticking with lubuntu for the ibook install23:03
silverarrowI need a full HD install, and preferably not lion or leopard23:04
silverarrowmy main focus is sound and alsamixer problem23:10
silverarrowalsamixer will not open in terminal23:10
silverarrowthe package is there23:10
silverarrowI cannot find any bug or issu related to the powerpc iso build23:11
wxldid you try doing a whereis or locate?23:11
silverarrowyes, I did23:13
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silverarrowI was given a terminal command and it turns up, bin-something23:13
wxlsilverarrow: that means you have it23:13
silverarrowwhat exactly should I write in terminal?23:14
wxlwhat is the exact path? /usr/bin/alsamixer ??23:14
silverarrowyes, but still it will not launch23:14
wxldid you try writing exactly /usr/bin/alsamixer23:14
wxlif that's there23:15
silverarrowdoesn`t launch then either23:15
wxlbut what does it say?23:15
wxlthere's very few things you can do that will result in-- nothing.23:15
silverarrowcannot open mixer, no such file or directory23:15
wxlwell it's not called mixer23:16
wxlit's called alsamixer23:16
silverarrowstill the answer is only mixer23:16
Unit193dpkg -L alsa-utils |grep bin23:17
silverarrowI type alsamixer23:17
wxldon't type alsamixer23:17
wxltype this, exactly, on one line, and hit enter:23:17
silverarrowwhere is the line befor grep on mac keyboard?@23:18
silverarrowthe answere is the same23:18
silverarrowhow do you do screen shot in lubuntu?23:19
silverarrowdoes it make any sense?23:21
silverarrowhere with the alsamixer command23:23
silverarrowI have googled, read wikis, no idea really23:24
silverarrowwxl, so no idea for an explanation or further investigation23:28
wxl!patience |silverarrow23:28
ubottusilverarrow: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:28
wxlpastebin the output of:23:31
wxl$ cat /proc/asound/cards23:31
wxl$ aplay -l23:31
wxl$ lsmod | grep snd23:31
silverarrowdo I have to type in the dollar sign?23:33
wxlthat indicates a prompt23:33
silverarrowcan you make any sense of this ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Why_do_I_have_no_sound.3F23:42
silverarrowinitially I was told updates would fix it23:45
silverarrowbut it has persisted23:46
wxlcat /proc/asound/cards23:56
wxlbut looking at aplay -l you have no sound devices23:57
wxlproblem isn't alsamixer23:57
wxlit's your sound setup23:57
silverarrowno such file or directory23:58
wxlyou have no sound cards configured then23:59
silverarrowwhat to do ?23:59

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