ImaNerdyBoyHi everyone,01:29
ImaNerdyBoyDo people talk much in here anymore?01:32
DaekdroomFrom time to time.01:38
imnicholAnyone gotten an error when trying to use the "File -> Restore Missing Files..." option in nautilus?03:42
imnicholSpecifically "another backup operation is already running"03:42
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nyuszika7hHi, any idea why am I getting the error "no such partition: <some random UUID>" when trying to boot into my USB stick with Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal live DVD on it? At the grub rescue prompt, ls says the USB stick has an MS-DOS partition table (NTFS); could that be the problem? After setting prefix and root, the `linux' command says "unknown filesystem". How could I get this thing working? I'm using10:53
nyuszika7hThe current operating system on my laptop is Windows 8 Release Preview.10:54
nyuszika7hI'm running out of battery soon. :( I'll check back for answers at home if I don't receive one until then.10:57
nyuszika7hI probably should format the partition on my USB stick to EXT*, yes? I have no idea how to do that on Windows though.11:19
BluesKajHey all11:24
nyuszika7hI wish someone answered my question :(11:26
nyuszika7hHmm, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=811397 says it should be FAT3211:29
BluesKajnyuszika7h, yes I read that in the url post , windows doesn't recognize linux file systems , fat 32 will work when burning the image in windows11:34
nyuszika7hI'll try that when I'm at home.11:35
BluesKajnyuszika7h, just burn the image to a cd , a lot less troublesome11:36
nyuszika7hBluesKaj: 12.10 ISO is oversized, so it won't fit in 703MB and I'm having trouble finding an empty DVD11:45
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BluesKajnyuszika7h, have you considered upgrading to 12.10 by the internet , sudo do-release-upgrade -d , just make sure you disable any ppas first11:48
nyuszika7hBluesKaj, you mean install 12.04 first?11:49
BluesKajnyuszika7h, oh I assumed you were on 12.04 already11:49
MrChrisDruifBluesKaj; I believe the updater always disables ppa's to prefent errorsupgrading11:51
astraljavaMrChrisDruif: I was just going to say that, too.11:52
MrChrisDruifastraljava; Yeah, but I made spelling mistakes and didn't use all spaces to be quicker than you =)11:53
MrChrisDruifnyuszika7h; which version are you running atm?11:53
BluesKajMrChrisDruif, I always make sure about the ppas11:53
astraljavaYou win some you lose some.11:53
nyuszika7hMrChrisDuif, Windows 8 Release Preview :P11:59
nyuszika7hI do have a 12.04 liveCD handy though11:59
BluesKajI've never trid it but won't a 703mb image fit on a cd with overburn enabled ?12:01
nyuszika7h12.10 is over 703MB12:02
BluesKajhow much is it12:02
nyuszika7h"Warning: This image is oversized (which is a bug) and will not fit onto a standard 703MiB CD. However, you may still test it using a DVD, a USB drive, or a virtual machine."12:04
nyuszika7h~~ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/12:04
BluesKajusb drive installs are a pita , they have more problems than enough , and until the procedures are properly standardized so that they work on most hardware it shouldn't be encouraged IMO, mainly becqause ppl trying to install from usb come back to support channels for help.12:07
astraljavaHmm? I've never had a problem with them. I suppose I've just been lucky with the hardware.12:08
BluesKajastraljava, yup, or you know what you're doing12:08
astraljavaHeheh. Well that'd be the first.12:09
BluesKajwell, it's a problem with new linux users trying install from a usb, the procedure is unclear and confusing.12:16
BluesKajif you guys can recommend a tutorial for windows users trying to switch or try ubuntu via a usb install I wish someone would post it so i can bookmark it12:24
chris|quick question, does the current daily of 12.10 already come with efilinux boot loader?12:32
BluesKajchris|, you can install it from the repos12:38
BluesKajchris|,  but why would you?12:38
chris|BluesKaj, just general interest12:39
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IdleOneI see update-manager-core got another update to it in the last 12 hours. I am still unable to load plasma desktop, forces me to use default but after login all I get is a black screen. When I try to use failsafe it loops back to login manager. Any clues?14:46
IdleOneFernandoMiguel suggested that perhaps my session got corrupted somehow which I believe is probably correct, but I have no idea how to fix it now.14:50
IdleOneMorning genii-around :)15:13
genii-aroundMorning, IdleOne!15:13
IdleOneI'm still on Windows here and I think it is slowly eating my brain15:14
genii-aroundIdleOne: Ouch :-(15:15
IdleOneupdate-manager-core got an update so I think that line 8 error has been fixed.15:16
IdleOneI'm still getting a black screen after login.15:16
BluesKajIdleOne, no TTY prompt , or have you tried15:16
genii-aroundI'm currently struggling with this kernel error related to ums-realtek module... and then it got me sidetracked reporting b ugs with the ubuntu manpages for usb_quirk, etc etc15:17
IdleOneI can get to TTY15:17
BluesKajIdleOne, what about reinstalling your desktop ?15:24
IdleOnehmm, I haven't tried that15:24
IdleOneI'll try15:25
genii-aroundIdleOne: Did you try to make a new user and see if that one can login to it's desktop?15:26
IdleOnegenii-around, I didn't try that either15:27
micahgIdleOne: how about the guest account?15:28
IdleOnemicahg, I have guest account disabled15:29
IdleOnedon't know how to enable it from CLI15:29
BluesKajIdleOne, http://hashprompt.blogspot.ca/2012/06/enable-or-disable-guest-account-logon.html15:37
IdleOnethank you :)15:38
BluesKajlet's hope it works for you15:38
IdleOneI'm on kubuntu so assuming that the path would be /etc/kdm/kdm.conf ?15:39
BluesKajor at the tty use nano15:40
BluesKajIdleOne, let me check that15:41
BluesKajIdleOne, the path is /etc/init/kdm.conf15:46
IdleOneThat how to says to first do allow-guest=false and then to remove it so that it gets enabled. Wouldn't it be allow-guest=true without needing to do two reboots?15:49
BluesKajIdleOne, yeah , i found that strange too .. linux works in mysterious ways sometimes15:50
BluesKajrepozitor, I assume you formatted /dev/sda3 to ext fs ?16:05
IdleOnethat is windows you are dd'ing?16:06
BluesKajerr ntfs rather :)16:06
IdleOneBluesKaj, wouldn't he have to format it NTFS...yeah.16:06
IdleOnewhich would also make this a ##windows question16:07
IdleOneeven though you are using an Ubuntu live CD, still a windows issue.16:07
BluesKajtrouble is with windows it likes to be on sda1 , I had trouble with that before , until I installed it on /dev/sda116:08
BluesKajgotta go ...BBL16:08
IdleOneAlright, gonna give this another shot. With any luck I'll break it even more and have to do a clean install.16:11
repozitorBluesKaj:my .hdd is image from NTFS disk16:11
repozitornow i can't restore it16:12
repozitorand i can't mount it16:12
IdleOnerepozitor, /dev/sda3 is NTFS or ext4 ?16:12
repozitorit has windows 200016:12
IdleOnerepozitor, sorry, not sure how to help you with this but I think ##windows would be the best place to ask.16:13
repozitorbut i think this is related to dd16:14
repozitori mean linux :D16:14
IdleOnereinstalling kubuntu-desktop appears to have fixed the issue. Thanks for the help and suggestions genii-around BluesKaj and micahg16:27
BluesKajIdleOne, ok , good to hear16:37
johnjohn101see that unity 6.0 landed.  tons of probs with partial upgrade but fix through synaptic.  how do I turn off video lens to amazon?19:53
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NewAmercnClassicdoes the current 12.10 alpha build i tried a few days ago and it wouldnt enter setup after the keyboard and circle human logo21:50
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