mohanr2222should my lp: repository have a "build" directory05:03
dholbachgood morning07:03
toabctlhow often is https://apps.ubuntu.com updated?12:04
toabctldpm, do you know the answer?12:23
dpmtoabctl, I don't know the exact turnaround, but I'd say something between 'immediately and after a few hours' after an app has been updated12:25
toabctldpm, ok. thanks12:25
dpmtoabctl, but none of the appshowdown apps have been published yet12:25
dholbachdpm, pictag has12:26
toabctldpm, pictag has been published :)12:26
dholbachand wikipedia lens too12:26
dholbachbut that was not part of the showdown12:26
dpmoh, thanks dholbach for the heads up12:26
toabctldpm, in which repository are the apps? extras.ubuntu.com ?12:42
dpmtoabctl, yes12:42
toabctldpm, and where's the source the package is build from?12:46
dpmtoabctl, when he comes back from lunch dholbach will be able to tell you in more detail12:47
toabctldpm, ok. maybe i found it: https://launchpad.net/~app-review-board/+archive/ppa12:47
dpmtoabctl, yep, that's the production PPA from the ARB. All that is built in there is synced to extras.ubuntu.com, but I think there is a Launchpad branch where you can see the code changes12:48
dpmwhich is probably https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/ubuntu-app-reviews/pictag12:49
zoopsterdpm:  apps.ubuntu.com is updated 1x per day around midnight utc13:00
dpmtoabctl, ^13:00
dpmthanks zoopster13:00
toabctlthanks zoopster , dpm13:02
coolbhavidpm, hey! how are you doing?13:17
dpmheya coolbhavi, good, thanks, and you? :)13:17
coolbhavidpm, doing good :) Just realising how painful app reviews can be at times :)13:18
* coolbhavi just voted a +0 on one of the apps13:19
crazycoder1999Hi, I have a project made with quickly and I need to change my debian/copyright because, the one that quickly create with "quickly submitubuntu" command is bugged... any idea? more information here : http://askubuntu.com/questions/162718/quickly-creates-wrong-debian-copyright-file21:14
* crazycoder1999 lost in quickly..21:45

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