wendarajmitch: the general conclusion was that if they could come up with one booru site that was clean, and make that the only site configured by default, it'd be fine00:00
wendarajmitch: but they couldn't, because there are no PG booru sites00:00
ajmitchthey're all like that? :)00:00
wendaryup, every one00:00
wendarat least every one I've found00:01
wendarand when I asked the author of the app, he couldn't find one either00:01
wendar(I assume if he's writing an app for it, he has some general interest in the genre, and so has a better chance than me of finding one)00:01
ajmitchah well00:01
wendarto me, that seems to indicate that the whole point of booru is anime-styled soft-pr0n00:02
ajmitchsounds like it00:02
wendarI don't really know, though. I mean, I hadn't heard of booru before the first app was submitted.00:03
ajmitchone of those interesting corners of the internet00:04
ajmitchhow's your talk prep going for oscon?00:04
wendargoing well, my internet of things are all chatting to eachother happily00:05
wendarnext is the voice recognition and speech synthesis00:05
wendar(the talk is "Ubuntu Home Hacks", turning an ubuntu desktop machine into... basically a smart home)00:07
ajmitchsounds like fun00:07
wendaryup, I'm having a blast00:07
ajmitchdid you give a similar talk at LCA?00:07
wendaroh, wait, did you see my talk at LCA?00:07
wendaryes, this is version 2.000:07
ajmitchI don't think I saw your LCA talk, I think there was something else on00:08
wendarI'm debating whether to insert a gratuitous picture of a soldering iron, as an inside joke :)00:08
wendarah, one of the questioners at the end of the talk complained about the picture of a soldering iron00:09
wendarI think you were in my second LCA talk00:09
ajmitchyeah, sorry I didn't attend both :)00:09
wendarit was very generous of you to attend one :)00:10
wendarit was a fun conference, I don't know if I'll make it back next year, but I'd love to00:11
ajmitchI'll probably try & get there next year, my sister lives in canberra00:11
ajmitchIt's also a bit closer for me00:11
wendaryup, that does make it easier00:11
george_eI have a question... I installed arb-lint and ran it on the package I had submitted and received the following output: http://dpaste.com/769241/00:31
george_eShould I be concerned?00:32
george_e(About the /opt error in particular.)00:32
ajmitchgeorge_e: well, yes. we'd have to agree on an exception for nautilus extensions to allow it outside /opt00:49
george_eAh, okay.00:56
george_eBut the extension is useless outside of that directory since that's essentially the only place Nautilus searches.00:57
ajmitchright, but we're still limited in what we can allow. I can't say it'd be accepted by myself, since I don't make the rules00:59
ajmitchyes, the /opt requirement is frustrating (for us as well as developers) :)00:59
ajmitchbest to email the ARB list (app-review-board@lists.ubuntu.com) & start off the discussion there00:59
george_eOkay, I'll get to that shortly then.01:01
george_eI've sent the email (it's pending moderation at the moment).01:57
ajmitchwendar: if you're around still, could you approve the message above to the arb list?02:02
wendarajmitch: I just ran through and approved a bunch02:02
ajmitchok, thanks02:02
wendarif it hasn't appeared yet, it should in a moment02:02
ajmitchah, I've got it now :)02:03
george_eThanks guys.02:06
=== scarneiro_ is now known as scarneiro
george_eIs there any way I can subscribe to the list?02:11
george_eI can't find the link anywhere on http://lists.ubuntu.com02:12
highvoltagewendar: ok02:20
wendargeorge_e: it's at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/app-review-board02:21
wendargeorge_e: fair warning that it's extremely high traffic right now with the app showdown running02:21
wendargeorge_e: I've had to filter it off to a folder, and several non-members have unsubscribed02:22
ajmitchin hindsight I can see that the arb guidelines about what apps are accepted should have been far more prominent02:22
ajmitchthere are at least a couple of terminal-only apps02:23
george_ewendar: Thanks.02:26
george_eI'll opt to get the mail delivered as a daily digest then.02:27
* highvoltage will spend some arb time again tomorrow, goodnight!02:38
=== ajmitch changed the topic of #ubuntu-arb to: Ubuntu Application Review Board | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard | http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi | Feel free to ask, we're not always staring at our screens so please hang around for an answer
dholbachgood morning07:03
dpmgood morning all07:12
* dholbach has a look at adbassist07:41
* ajmitch is running out of diskspace to download & build packages :)07:58
ajmitchcurrently wading through the list of apps & counting how many +1 votes there are, since one of us will need to upload them to the PPA07:59
ajmitchwell, wading through the mailing list for anything proposed for voting07:59
dpmdholbach, don't spend too much time on adbassist, we should probably disqualify it, as I think the build failure hasn't got anything to do with our tools. The app dev came back to me and told me it's a jar file, but he can't manage to package it07:59
dholbachdpm, no, I just asked jamespage to take a look as Java is not my forte08:00
dholbachif it's an obvious 2 line fix, it'd be nice to just take a look at it and send an encouraging reply back08:01
dpmdholbach, ah, cool. Yeah, I agree08:01
dholbachif there's no fix, I'd agree and tell him to go and read some docs or something08:01
ajmitcha .jar file? is source included, or is it a commercial submission?08:01
dholbachit has source08:01
dholbachit breaks trying to build a .jar file08:01
dholbachbut James is on it08:01
dholbachajmitch, thanks for helping with the votes and getting some of the apps in08:02
dholbachthat's of huge help already08:02
ajmitchI figured that's probably where I can be of use08:03
dholbachgo go go go! :)08:04
ajmitchI'll let you do the hard stuff :)08:04
dholbacha lot of it is really very repetitive08:05
dholbachI hope that we can fix all the obvious stuff in quickly and p-d-e for next time08:06
dholbachso a simple app generated by our tools stands a reasonable chance of being approved without changes08:06
ajmitchyou've been keeping everything up to date on trello?08:08
dholbachAFAICS yes08:09
ajmitchif so, I might use the api to add a checklist to every card & mark off the +3 votes as required08:10
dholbachwhatever is easiest for you08:11
ajmitchI don't know if it'll be useful, I'm just making notes in tomboy right now of apps put up for voting :)08:12
dpmdholbach, Pictag was only submitted for Q, but IIRC it was one of the ones that needed fixing because of the libglib dependency. It was up for vote and got 3 votes - when you've got a minute, could you or someone from the ARB upload it to the ubuntu-app-review-contributors PPA, so that the judges can install it from there?08:33
dholbachyes, a secd08:33
dpmdholbach, thanks!08:33
dpmwow, that was quick, thanks!08:34
dpmsudo dholbach upload-package08:35
ajmitchbranched everything that's up for vote, pushing it all thorugh sbuild now08:43
ajmitchlet's hope the disk space lasts08:43
dpmhi ajmitch, thanks for the help!09:13
ajmitchI've had a few fail to build from the branches that were in the email, each from the missign glib-compile-schemas09:16
dpmdholbach, argh, pictag build failed due to stupid libglib dep09:18
ajmitchI know it's due to a quickly bug with a missing build-depend, but are any changes made being pulled into the branches given in the emails?09:18
ajmitchyeah, pictag, fullcircle-bookshelf, myshortcuts09:18
ajmitchthose were the 3 that failed for me due to that problem09:18
dpmajmitch, I think the guys have been fixing these in the branches, but they should better be able to give you the details09:19
dholbachdpm, fixed already09:33
* dpm hugs dholbach09:33
dholbachdpm, I'll send a mail in a bit09:35
dholbachdpm, I'm going through them and reviewing them all at the same time, so I don't have to go back again09:36
dholbachdpm, mail sent09:51
dpmthanks dholbach09:57
dpmdholbach, after having fixed do you think switz and dualprint should still qualify for the contest, or just for the community vote?10:00
dpmfixed *them, I meant10:00
ajmitchdholbach: thanks for the super-quick fixes after I mailed the list :)10:01
* ajmitch wonders if he should just ignore the version numbering like others seem to be doing10:12
ajmitchway too much work to try & force a versioning scheme on every submission, it seems10:13
dholbachif you want my opinion: we are forcing way too many irrelevant things on submissions already :)10:13
ajmitchwell, yeah :)10:13
dholbachbut that's somebody speaking who spent hours on reviewing and fixing10:13
dholbachit's slightly .... unpleasant10:13
ajmitchwelcome to our world ;)10:13
ajmitchjust be glad that it's nearly all submissions from quickly10:14
dholbachwe should try to draw some conclusions from this once we're through the majority of submissions10:14
ajmitchapart from quickly has some bugs, /opt sucks?10:14
dholbachthe submission process needs to change too10:15
dholbachthe more of this we can automate the better10:15
ajmitchI've seen a bit of progress in bugs of splitting out the myapps part from s-c-a on the server, so we may be able to get our hands on the source sometime :)10:16
dholbachdidrocks, do you think you can help with https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1274/feedback/?10:24
dholbachI'm not quite sure how to 1) keep changes made and 2) submit so the /opt installation works10:25
dholbachmaybe you can propose a way how it is done10:25
didrocksdholbach: for debian/copyright you mean?10:29
didrocksand keeping that?10:29
didrocksI think the only way is to create a debian/copyright.extern right now, unfortunatly10:29
dholbachin an email he said that he submitted using 'quickly submitubuntu' but the /opt changes are not in there10:30
dholbachI have no idea what's happening10:30
dholbachmaybe you can comment on the feedback page?10:33
didrocksthe /opt stuff has been completely hacked by mterry though :/10:33
didrocksso I would prefer it's him looking at this if that can wait later today10:33
* didrocks tries to finish all the stuff that PS is piling him for it to be freed in 2 weeks and work on Quickly10:34
didrocksbut it's piling up quicker that I can empty it right now :/10:34
* ajmitch clones didrocks 10:35
ajmitchdarn, tried installing cuttlefish, got a syntax error setting up10:35
didrocks2cloned :p10:36
ajmitchnow you've got double the time, right? :)10:36
didrocks2of course, of course… ahem :/10:37
ajmitchI'll just put in a quiet word with some PS people to give you more time for quickly then :)10:37
didrocksdholbach: I added some manual instructions10:50
* ajmitch tries to remember the right magic incantation to publish a package10:57
ajmitchdholbach: about to push pictag to the extras.u.c ppa, it's working from the contributors ppa at the moment, right?10:57
ajmitchwfm locally, at any rate10:58
ajmitchnow that I read the feedback, I think I need to check whether all the changes are included10:59
* ajmitch hugs bzr missing11:00
dholbachajmitch, which changes included where?11:13
dholbachdidrocks, you rock11:13
ajmitchdholbach: sorry, was looking at the last comment in https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1204/feedback/ but I can see that the only diff between the branches is the build-depends11:13
dholbachah ok11:14
ajmitchone bit where it's great to have the app review branch sharing history with upstream :)11:14
dholbachyes, we should have only lp branches submitted and only care about what's in them11:15
dholbachin one branch per app :)11:15
ajmitchit feels like I've not really achieved anything at all tonight besides making a list & building everything which was up for vote11:15
ajmitchanyway, pushed pictag to the extras ppa, so I guess that's the first of hundreds :)11:17
ajmitchI needed to get one uploaded to feel like I was helpful ;)11:19
dholbachwikipedia lens has +3 too11:20
dholbachflashgen too11:20
ajmitchyeah I've got a list of them here11:21
dholbachah cool11:21
ajmitchgrr, silly 2-step approval process11:21
ajmitchI hit approve, it goes to pending qa where I approve again11:21
ajmitchdholbach: wikipedia lens also uploaded11:26
dholbachajmitch, want a list of more apps? :-P11:26
ajmitchyou can give them to me, but I'm heading to bed Real Soon Now :)11:27
dholbachthanks a lot for your help11:28
ajmitchI've taken a quick look at a few others that were proposed for voting & didn't have +3, I'll mail about those tomorrow, I hope :)11:28
ajmitchno, thank you for doing all this reviewing & clean up11:28
* dholbach curtseys11:29
* dholbach takes a deep breath and dives into "Uploader for Ubuntu"11:30
ajmitchdon't burn out :)11:30
dholbachI'll be on holidays in a week and you all can take care of business when I'm lying in the sun and drink a glass of red wine for each app I reviewed :-P11:32
ajmitchdon't get alcohol poisoning ;)11:32
dholbachI'll do my best :)11:33
dholbachhi lfaraone_11:44
dholbachlfaraone__ I meant :)11:44
* dholbach has a look at Notifis11:44
dholbachnotifis looks ready11:49
* dholbach takes a look at Open Macro Generator11:53
* dholbach takes a look at Kenny12:05
noodles775Hi :)12:06
dholbachoi oi noodles775! :)12:06
dholbachso I was just about to have a look at Kenny - if you want we can take a look at it together12:07
noodles775Sounds good12:07
dholbachso the apps-brancher already imported it in a branch, which you can see at https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-app-reviews/+branches?memo=100&start=10012:07
dholbachwhich I just checked out12:08
* noodles775 does the same12:08
dholbachah sorry, you might want to run this beforehand:12:08
dholbachsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ppa12:08
dholbachsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install arb-lint12:08
dholbachit install a very small tool we use to check apps12:08
dholbachand bzr-builddeb is good to have around as well12:08
dholbachif you have it all sorted out, you should be able to go into the kenny directory and just run: bzr bd; arb-lint12:09
dholbachwhich should test-build the app for you and run the tool on it12:09
dholbachthe relevant part of the output should look a bit like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087848/12:11
dholbachit looks like a lot, but the good news is: this stuff is easy to fix and is (as far as I know) fixed in quickly/python-distutils-extra so future apps won't have to go through the same repetitive, manual steps again12:12
noodles775dholbach: it's normal that the build fails due to clearsign failed I take it?12:13
dholbachah yes12:13
dholbachyou could either have run bzr bd -- -us -uc (avoids signing)12:13
dholbachor put something like this in your ~/.devscripts12:14
dholbachthis will always use your key for signing, which you  may or may not want, depending on how careful/paranoid you are :)12:14
dholbachbut the output looks roughly the same on your end?12:15
noodles775dholbach: yep, the output is the same.12:16
dholbachso what I'd do now is:12:16
dholbach - in debian/control: remove the cdbs build-depends, bump the debhelper build-dep to >= 8, bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, copy the long description from https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1167/ to replace UNKNOWN12:17
dholbach - in debian/changelog: remove all the changelog entries prior to 12.07.7 and put something like "Initial release." into the changelog entry12:17
dholbach - in debian/copyright: remove all Copyright entries and leave "Copyright: (C) 2012 Sven Kamieniorz <svenkamieniorz@gmail.com>" in there and make it look more like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dholbach/ubuntu-app-reviews/harvestwidget/view/head:/debian/copyright12:18
dholbach - in data/starter.py remove the shebang line12:19
dholbach - then commit all the changes :)12:19
dholbach - then run: "sudo debi" to test-install the app and see if it works and shows up in the dash12:20
dholbach - then run: "bzr inventory | xargs licensecheck" to see if it matches what it's supposed to be licensed under in debian/copyright12:21
dholbach - then push everything to lp:~dholbach/ubuntu-app-reviews/kenny and let the author know through myApps that I reviewed his app and that things look OK and ready to go and that the author should try to merge my changes12:22
dholbach - then send a mail to app-review-board@lists.u.c to vote on my branch12:22
dholbach... luckily we picked an app where things go OK as far as I can tell right now :)12:22
dholbachI think I'll quickly go through http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi to see if everything's covered in there as well12:23
noodles775Cool just reading that now.12:25
dholbachah great, mhall119 just arrived :)12:25
dholbachand it stopped raining too, so I can go outside for a quick lunch :)12:25
* dholbach hugs noodles77512:25
dholbachdidrocks, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1274/ still has the same 'submitubuntu' problem - it'd be good if mterry could help the guy :/12:30
didrocksdholbach: I'll ask him when he's online12:31
dholbachthanks didrocks12:31
didrocksdholbach: the older approach I did didn't got those issues12:31
didrocksdholbach: unfortunatly, someone removed all the patches to cdbs, debhelper and such from precise without we notice12:31
dholbachyeah, I don't know either12:31
didrocksdholbach: thinking it was useless…12:31
didrocksso, at UDS, we decided to not bring them back (to dangerous to change the build system after the release)12:32
didrocksand to go to a hacky way, that's what mterry did12:32
dholbach --with appextras :)12:32
didrocksapparently, the clean approach we had from karmic was better :/12:32
didrocksdholbach: well, killing /opt :p12:32
dholbachthat'd work too12:32
didrocksthat's really what we need :)12:32
dholbachalright, I'm out for a quick lunch12:32
dholbachmhall119, do you think you could help noodles775 if he should run into issues with reviewing while I'm out for lunch?12:33
dholbachthanks a lot noodles775 for helping out!12:33
noodles775dholbach or mhall119: how did you know to remove the shebang line in data/starter.py? It wasn't on the lint?12:33
dholbachW: kenny: script-not-executable opt/extras.ubuntu.com/kenny/share/kenny/starter.py12:33
dholbachlintian knew about it12:34
noodles775ah - I was just looking at the arb-lint -k.12:34
noodles775dholbach: I don't think I'll be much use, but will try to do a few today.12:34
noodles775dholbach: it also shows: "W: kenny source: obsolete-field-in-dep5-copyright maintainer upstream-contact (paragraph at line 1)" - but Upstream-Contact is in your eg from harvestwidget.12:36
noodles775dholbach: ah - that's because I should be using Upstream-Contact but currently have maintainer - got it.12:39
mhall119dholbach: noodles775: I'd be happy to help12:44
noodles775mhall119: do you guys usually do this in a vm - I feel a bit paranoid about `sudo debi`.12:46
noodles775Also - is it an issue when a name/pkg has a naming conflict with a distro pkg? (ie. I can run `/opt/extr..../bin/kenny`, but `kenny` tells me: The program 'kenny' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:12:51
noodles775sudo apt-get install filters12:51
mhall119noodles775: I don't think so, system packages won't install to /opt/12:53
mhall119and the system package name isn't 'kenny'12:53
LoTso i hear that the app review board needs some help?13:09
noodles775mhall119: I think dholbach already did it, but I've pushed kenny to: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/ubuntu-app-reviews/kenny . The pad says to email app-review-board, but I don't see any other examples of emails asking for votes in the archive (neither can I see 'kenny' on the trello board?)13:16
LoTdholbach: mhall119:  so i hear the app review board needs help?13:18
noodles775LoT: Apparently they do :) The instructions which I'm trying to follow are at http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi13:19
LoTnoodles775: apparently etherpad instances get firewalled here, so... i'll ahve to check later :P13:19
* LoT saw a note that said to ping mhall and dholbach13:19
noodles775Yep, dholbach should be back from lunch soonish.13:19
mhall119noodles775: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/app-review-board/2012-July/001339.html is an example email13:19
noodles775mhall119: thanks!13:19
mhall119LoT: hi, yes we do13:19
LoTmhall119: you wouldnt happen to be able to pastebin the "rules" would you?  etherpad's being firewalled here and i cant figure out why *shrugs*13:21
mhall119LoT: http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi is the instructions and "what to do when it doesn't build" trouble shooting steps13:22
* LoT points out that the etherpad is being firewalled for no apparent reason, so access is nonexistant13:22
LoTbleh, i'll check it later13:22
LoTexpect me to show up again in a few hours Lp13:22
LoT:P *13:22
dholbachhey LoT - how are you doing? :)13:22
mhall119LoT: you just need to register in Launchpad and join a team13:23
mhall119LoT: we had some problems with spammers, so we had to put it behind a login13:23
LoTokay, lemme explain what "firewalled" means13:23
LoT(1) I'm on ubuntumembers, bugcontrol, and 3 other teams with etherpad access13:23
LoT(2) the *network filter* here at this location filters out the etherpad traffic13:23
dholbachLoT, I copied it to http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087951/13:23
LoT(3) therefore there is no access from this network13:23
mhall119 oh....13:23
LoTthanks to dholbach for understanding the networking term "firewalled"13:23
LoToh.. and now that explains why13:24
* LoT walks off to handle the networking problem13:24
* mhall119 blames early hours and not enough coffee13:24
noodles775dholbach: did you finish kenny? I've got it pushed as above, but couldn't see it on the trello.13:25
LoTmhall119: i wish i had coffee13:25
* LoT returns from the server room13:25
LoTapparently i'll have to help out later, there's some weird networking problems here :/13:26
dholbachnoodles775, no, I didn't do it - I just had a quick look at it :)13:26
* LoT is on IRC via an SSH instance to one of his servers, hence why IRC is working13:26
noodles775dholbach: sweet, I'll send the email now, but why wouldn't it be on the trello board (or should I add it?)13:26
dholbachnoodles775, do you have a Trello account? what's your user name there?13:27
dholbachif not, I'm happy to add it for you if it's too much hassle13:28
noodles775dholbach: absoludity13:31
LoTdholbach: for my own sanity and to determine which i need a VM for (I *never* test things outside of a VM or a chroot), all apps are tested against Precise right?13:31
dholbachLoT, yes, I didn't come across an app which was for anything else13:32
dholbachnoodles775, you're added :)13:32
* LoT remembers testing an application that was in proposed that exploded the OS, that's when he started using VMs for app testing13:32
dholbachyou might have to relogin or something13:32
dholbach→ phone, brb13:33
Lasallhi is there help needed to review applications? (packaging related stuff)13:35
LoTmhall119: about the coffee thing... you'll hate me but i have a large iced coffee. :P13:36
LoTLasall: last i heard, yes.13:36
LoTand that was about 45 minutes ago :P13:36
dpmLasall, absolutely, thanks for joining us!13:37
coolbhavidholbach, you seemed to miss out committing tar.gz for tastebook again I guess :)13:37
dpmLasall, dholbach (away on the phone right now) and mhall119 will help you get started, and here are some instructions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087951/13:38
mhall119hi Lasall13:39
coolbhavidpm, is tastebook app on the app showdown list?13:43
* coolbhavi opens spreadsheet now13:44
dpmcoolbhavi, yes, you can double-check it there, the spreadsheet is up to date13:44
noodles775dholbach: are these warnings an issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087982/13:45
* noodles775 can chmod -x for the last two, but not sure about the first two.13:45
Lasallwhere I can see which branches need review? trello?13:47
noodles775Lasall: yep, that'll show you which ones need review.. you can see all branches here: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-app-reviews/+branches13:47
Lasalland where to mark I am currently reviewing that app?13:48
noodles775Same, on the trello board (dholbach might need to add you if he hasn't already)13:48
dholbachcoolbhavi, why?13:50
dholbachcoolbhavi, if you run   bzr bd -- -S  it will build a source package for you13:51
coolbhavidpm, I found exact app name developed for iphone now being developed for android (as on their forums) http://www.tastebook.com/ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/best-recipe-finder-tastebook/id397977072?mt=8 http://support.tastebook.com/entries/20362117-when-will-an-android-app-be-available need to run this app and find out its similarity if any13:52
dholbachnoodles775, I'm just having a look at https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1225/feedback/ right now13:52
coolbhavidholbach, I am just pulling the branch and building it locally13:53
dpmcoolbhavi, let me come back to you in a few minutes, jumping into a phone call right now13:53
dholbachnoodles775, I'll see if I can find the branch he committed to - it might not be the same than the one from the apps brancher13:53
noodles775dholbach: oh, I'm looking at lightread13:56
dholbachnoodles775, I just ran the apps-brancher on it again13:56
dholbachso if you pull it should give you a newer version13:56
noodles775Ah, I see. Thanks!13:57
dholbachah no, it didn't :/13:57
dholbachit was supposed to get 1.0.1713:57
fader_Hey folks, I'd love to help out and review an app or three but probably won't have the time until Saturday.  Would that be too late to get involved?13:57
dholbachfader_, I guess not - there should be still a bunch of apps in the queue by then :)13:58
fader_dholbach: Awesome!  What do I need to do to get started then? :)13:59
dholbachhttp://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi :)13:59
fader_(Or is it "Come back on Saturday and ask then"?)13:59
noodles775dholbach: Sorry - I didn't realise this was one which you had already been started...I thought I'd grabbed it from Needs Review, but the trello log shows otherwise.13:59
dholbachand asking then would help too13:59
dholbachnoodles775, don't worry - I think it's totally fine to pick up an app from if it's sitting there right now13:59
dholbachnoodles775, I just checked to see if I had mentioned the .js problem to the author already14:00
dholbachhey mterry14:00
dholbachmterry, how are you doing? :)14:00
mterrydholbach, sorry, my client is having problems with auto-join14:00
dholbachno worries :)14:00
mterrydholbach, good, what's up?14:00
fader_dholbach: Will do, thanks!  And if I miraculously manage to have time tonight/tomorrow I'll start in on it.14:00
mterrydholbach, some apps to review?14:00
dholbachmterry, we're having a couple of problems with people who want to 'submitubuntu'14:00
dholbachhttps://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1225/feedback/ is one of them14:00
dholbachhttps://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1274/ another14:00
dholbachit'd be swell if you could reply to them14:01
dholbachbecause I don't know much about it :/14:01
dholbacheven didrocks wasn't 100% sure14:01
Lasallwhat is the right changelog entry? only "Initial release" or is additional content allowed?14:01
dholbachbasically we provided branches, they applied them, were asked to 'submitubuntu' and either the changes were overwritten or their apps not properly /opt-ified14:01
didrocksdholbach: do you erase everytime with the hacks debian/rules? I'm still surprise that /opt doesn't work with submitubuntu14:02
Lasalland sry, I don't arrive to mark a branch is currently reviewed by me14:02
dholbachLasall, 'initial release' should be good enough - the ARB does not need heaps of history for the first release which goes in14:02
dholbachdidrocks, I don't erase anything - I'm superhappy if the /opt stuff is there and I can just go and add a few things manually, so the ARB can vote on it14:02
mterrydholbach, yeah, so submitubuntu will overwrite files in debian/. that part doesn't surprise me14:03
dholbachdidrocks, mterry: I haven't worked with quickly a lot yet, but to me it sounds like the 'updating' of a template should be a conscious step by the user14:04
noodles775dholbach: erm, what's with the obfuscated JS in the debian/copyright for lightread? (I don't see anything like it in the dep5 "Example 4. Complex" example.14:04
dholbachbut that's stuff for the future14:04
dholbachnoodles775, I think that's a quickly/python-distutils-extra bug14:04
dholbachnoodles775, I just went in there and removed everything which didn't make sense ;-)14:04
mterrydholbach, the debian/ folder isn't considered part of the template, it's considered owned by quickly14:04
mterrydholbach, same for pkgme in the future14:05
didrocksdholbach: sorry, I meant for mterry :)14:05
mterrywhat for me?14:05
dholbachmterry, but pkgme just provides initial packaging - it isn't run every single time as part of something else, no?14:05
didrocksmterry: do you erase everytime with the hacks debian/rules? I'm still surprise that /opt doesn't work with submitubuntu14:05
mterrydholbach, my understanding is that it is.  It has code to detect current dependencies and such14:06
dholbachright, it currently is14:06
dholbachstgraber, how do you (or your fellow ARB members) feel about bundled jquery?14:06
mterrydidrocks, yes, debian/rules gets overwritten each time.  I'm also suprised that /opt wouldn't work.  I went through some effort to make sure it did.  dholbach, what is the /opt lacking bits here?14:06
mterrydholbach, what is the problems that the branch you gave were trying to solve?14:07
didrocksmterry: yeah, overwriting is normal and something we need anyway, just surprised about the /opt lacking bits :)14:07
mterrydidrocks, yup, agreed14:07
dholbachmterry, these are the current conversations:14:07
Lasallwhich source format is preferred?14:08
mterrydholbach, so for 1225, the branch you gave him, I wouldn't worry about.  The debian/control things are bugs in python-distutils-extra, but IMHO shouldn't be blockers for the ARB14:09
dholbachLasall, if they don't provide a separate source tarball (.orig.tar.gz), 3.0 native should  be fine14:09
dholbachmterry, unfortunately you're mistaken there :-(14:09
mterrydholbach, the debian/changelog thing is fine, he can manually delete that file and quickly will create one with the comment and version he gives submitubuntu14:09
grissi_Hey, I heard you could need some help14:10
mterrydholbach, ARB said that projects generated by the SRU version of quickly would be accepted, despite being slightly non-conforming14:10
mterrydholbach, at least that was my understanding14:10
dholbachmterry, in the last days we had to go and fix up a big number of things14:10
dholbachincluding the bits in the branch I gave him14:11
dholbachhey grissi_14:11
dholbachhttp://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi has some docs to help you get started14:11
stgraberdholbach: I don't really like it, especially as it's packaged in the archive...14:11
mterrydholbach, OK.  So ARB is saying these are blockers now.  So do you want me to propose an SRU branch against python-distutils-extra, or is that being done already?14:11
dholbachstgraber, thought so14:11
stgraberdholbach: what's the reason for not using the one from the archive?14:12
dholbachmterry, I didn't have the time to check, but I think something is in the works already14:12
dholbachstgraber, I guess it's merely unawareness of policies14:12
mterrydholbach, OK.  So for short term, the best you can do is locally patch python-distutils-extra or point them at the SRU proposed thing if that's already there14:13
mterrydholbach, there isn't a way to hook into the process manually or have the files preserved14:13
grissi_dholbach: I get OpenID Authentication Required after I logged in with launchpad14:13
dholbachgrissi_, hang on14:13
mterrydholbach, but for the changelog, just have them delete it before running submitubuntu14:13
dholbachI'll move it to the wiki14:13
mterrystgraber, why is a one-entry changelog a requirement, out of curiousity?14:13
dholbachgrissi_, let me get back to you in a sec14:14
mterrysubmitubuntu should probably do that for them14:14
dholbachmterry, if you could provide a comment for the other app, that'd be nice14:14
mterryoh right14:14
dholbachthanks a bunch :)14:14
mterrydholbach, so I'm a little confused on 1274.  It looks like he has gone to manual packaging?  And he sees it being installed into /opt but you don't?14:16
dholbachyeah, I told him to 'quickly submitubuntu' but it seems it did not work14:16
LoTdholbach: dump me a link to the source package for that?14:18
dholbachLoT, for which?14:18
* LoT is ssh'd into an Ubuntu box to dissect an unrelated package14:18
LoTdholbach: 127414:18
LoT(for dget)14:18
LoT(so i can dissect the source package and simulate the installation to confirm if its in /opt)14:18
dholbachdget https://launchpad.net/~phoenix1987/+archive/ppa/+files/gtumbler_12.07.3.dsc14:19
mterrydholbach, looks fine to me14:19
mterrydholbach, except the desktop file is in /opt instead of /usr14:19
dholbachoh yeah?14:19
dholbachthen I must have looked at the wrong one14:19
mterrydholbach, the precise one in the PPA?  (there are two, one for oneiric, one for precise)14:20
mterryThe oneiric one is just /usr, since it has the -public1 and must have been the result of a 'quickly share'14:20
mterrydholbach, but the precise one is the /opt one14:20
dholbachgrissi_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown14:21
dholbachmterry, are we both talking about https://launchpad.net/~phoenix1987/+archive/ppa/+files/gtumbler_12.07.3.dsc?14:22
mterrydholbach, yeah14:23
dholbachmterry, if I build it, it installs to /usr14:23
dholbacheveryone who's looking for docs to help with the reviews, have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown14:23
mterrydholbach, I was looking at the deb in the PPA itself14:24
mterrydholbach, how are you building it?14:24
dholbachmterry, 'debuild'14:24
LoTapparently my system doesnt want to work14:24
LoT*loads up a different system for package dissecting*14:24
dholbachmterry, let me pbuilder it just to try14:24
mterrydholbach, interesting...  it looks like the author is using oneiric quickly...14:25
mterrydholbach, which may be part of the problem14:25
noodles775dholbach: So I'm down to the following warnings. I'm guessing lines 3-4 can be ignored, 4-6 I can chmod (assuming they don't need +x), and not sure what to do about line 2.14:25
dholbachmterry, interestingly enough it seems to work in pbuilder??????14:25
dholbachmterry, alright, I'll have another go at gtumbler then14:26
* noodles775 finds http://lintian.debian.org/tags/copyright-refers-to-deprecated-bsd-license-file.html14:26
didrocksdholbach: stgraber: one entry changelog is required?14:26
mterrydholbach, I would highly recommend the author use 12.04 precise though.  That's the one that has all the ARB fixes (and will install the desktop file in the right place)14:26
mterrydidrocks, yeah for ARB as I recall14:27
dholbachmterry, yeah, but asking people to upgrade to a new ubuntu version will take us a bit longer :)14:27
didrockswow, as an archive admin NEWing a lot of package for ubuntu, I never required that14:27
didrocksother as well14:27
didrockssame for debian ftp archive admin14:27
dpmdholbach, in terms of prioritizing, and in case it helps, you can leave gtumbler for later. We've closed the list and disqualified it because it does not run14:27
didrocksnot sure what is intended here14:27
mterrydholbach, well, the version in 11.10 will not create a deb file that will work for users14:28
dholbachmaybe you can deliver the news then :-P14:29
LasallI reviewd an application (xkcd browser) but it does not install to /opt . what to do?14:29
mterryin that review page? ook14:29
dholbachLasall, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1267/feedback/ is the conversation which happened earlier14:29
dholbach^ that one is another one where somebody seems to have issues with 'submitubuntu'14:30
Lasallhmpf, so its reviewd twice :(14:30
dholbachLasall, yeah, the list at https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/arb/ might be helpful14:31
doctormondholbach: I was asked to report in for review duty.14:35
dholbachhey doctormon, we set up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown which might help getting started14:36
dholbachLasall, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1259/ looks like an app which has not been reviewed yet14:39
dholbachsame for https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1241/14:39
dholbachor https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1235/14:39
dholbachor https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1226/14:40
dholbachor https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1220/14:40
Lasallthx dholbach :)14:40
dholbachlet me know if the instructions (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown) trying to review them work or don't work14:40
dholbachand where they should be clearer14:40
dholbachmaybe everybody who goes and reviews something lets the others on IRC know14:40
Lasallits hard to find which app needs review14:40
dholbachso we don't step on each other's toes14:41
doctormonShould be on that map thing right?14:41
dholbachif you have a look at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/07/12/%23ubuntu-arb.html#t12:06 you can see how noodles775 and I reviewed kenny together - maybe that helps as well14:42
dholbachdoctormon, hm? :)14:42
dpmthanks for coming over doctormon :)14:42
noodles775dholbach: I've done everything I can for lightread (which seems fine). There are those 4 remaining warnings, which I've documented at: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1225/feedback/14:43
noodles775dholbach: if you think that's OK, I'll send an email and move it to vote.14:43
doctormondholbach: You have a visual map webpage, showing the progress through the process?14:43
dholbachyou mean the Trello board?14:43
dholbachnoodles775, I just had a chat with stgraber earlier and he seemed to say that the embedded-javascript-library bits should be fixed14:44
dholbachnoodles775, I'll take a look at it14:44
doctormondholbach: YEs! Trello14:44
noodles775dholbach: cool.14:45
dholbachnoodles775, what is the diff based on? do you have a branch somewhere?14:45
dholbachnoodles775, I had to replace some jquery bits somewhere else already, so I probably find that code somewhere again14:45
noodles775dholbach: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/ubuntu-app-reviews/lightread14:46
* dholbach has a look14:46
Lasallwhere to find source branch? e.g. https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1241/14:47
doctormondholbach: Do you have a link for the trello?14:48
dholbachdoctormon, it should be in the docs, no?14:48
doctormonAlthough if you're not using it for the review...?14:48
dholbachdoctormon, we are14:48
dholbachbut still we unfortunately track things in a couple of different places :/14:49
dholbach^ can somebody help Lasall please?14:49
Lasalland how to map to the correct branch? I already searched there14:50
doctormondholbach: Integration is the lost super power14:52
Lasallarg, this site as more pages than 1... thx dholbach14:53
dholbachdoctormon, I agree with you - if there were generally more people working on this it'd be easier14:53
LoT14:43 < elfy> hi raju14:54
LoTwhoops sorry14:54
LoTputty is evil14:54
LoTaccidential rightclick pasted stuff14:54
mterrydholbach, stgraber: are we sure that Standards-Versions and such are really blockers?  Seems like stickling, when there are so many other exceptions for quickly-created packages like the gosh-awful debian/rules it creates in 12.0414:54
stgrabermterry: they're no actual blocker but they're also so easy to fix that there's really no reason not to14:55
mterrystgraber, not for quickly-created projects.  For those, you have to patch python-distutils-extra14:55
stgrabermterry: IIRC dholbach and the others have just been fixing these in the packaging branch post-quickly, which works fine14:56
mterrystgraber, they've been trying, but that doesn't work, because quickly will overwrite them each time.  There is no post-quickly14:56
mterrystgraber, which is why life would be so much easier if we didn't block on such nits.  Doing so will require an SRU of python-distutils-extra (which isn't necessarily a bad idea long term, but seems awkward short term)14:57
dpmcoolbhavi, did you add the comment about zlizer on the apps spreadsheet? I'm asking because I think they're not duplicates14:58
grissi_I am currently reviewing babysmix: Should the docs be installed to /usr or to /opt ?14:58
coolbhavino dpm I just viewed the spreadsheet14:58
dpmok, no worries, thanks coolbhavi14:59
doctormondholbach: I disagree with the generalisation, the project would need more ice breakers early on, but more helpers later on won't make the project jump to a lower energy band.14:59
doctormonJust hopefully get through the work at the experenced energy level.14:59
dholbachdoctormon, I agree very much with you14:59
dholbachdoctormon, but realistically we're in a situation with a lot of submissions and submitters who would like to have a reply right now :)14:59
doctormonIndeed, lets do it then.15:00
dholbachrock and roll15:00
dholbachnoodles775, lp:~dholbach/ubuntu-app-reviews/lightread :-D15:00
dholbachnoodles775, I've got to hop on a call in a bit - so if you could share the good news (if it works for you), that'd be great15:01
noodles775dholbach: cool, will do - thanks!15:01
* dholbach hugs noodles77515:01
grissi_Should docs be installed to /usr or to /opt ?15:04
dholbachgrissi_, no, docs should be fine in /usr/share/doc/ and AFAIK arb-lint should not complain about it15:04
doctormonhmm I cant change the trello board15:04
Lasallguidelines mention <upstream>-0extras<ubunturelease>.<packagerev> as version string but this is not native package format15:06
dholbachLasall, don't worry too much about it, for a native version 1.2.3 will be fine15:07
dholbachlike 1.2.315:07
Lasallok thx15:07
doctormonAre all the items in the arb list for review? Or just showdown apps?15:10
dholbachyou can review whichever you like, personally I've been concentrating on the showdown apps15:10
doctormonI can't actually tell the difference, lol15:11
jbischHi, new here. Let me know if I can be of help with reviewing showdown apps.15:11
grissi_Should packages be installed to opt/extras.ubuntu.com/... or is opt/.../ fine too15:12
dholbachjust try to build one of the packages and run arb-lint in the source tree15:14
dholbachand it will tell you if the files are in the right place15:14
dholbachjbisch, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown is where we put together some docs for the review15:14
grissi_yeah I have done so and they were all in /opt but in the wrong place15:15
doctormonI can't seem to link up the arb list to the branch list, I'm failing at this.15:16
doctormonAh found it, damn multiple pages.15:17
mhall119grissi_: sounds like it'll need changes to the packaging script15:20
mhall119you might need to just send a review as "Needs Information" asking the developer to fix ti15:20
grissi_yeah I'm currently writing it but were can I review it?15:24
dholbachwhat do you mean by review it?15:30
doctormonI don't have a "Start Review" button in myapp website, should I worry?15:31
grissi_I can't find a15:32
grissi_Start Review button15:32
LasallI can't comment on an app: Access forbidden15:32
Lasall(to ask developer to fix this /opt issue)15:33
doctormonHmm this is an odd app I'm trying to review here, the project's code branch looks good, but the auto-imported branch in the arc is a completely different app...15:33
doctormonhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~reg-mlux/interest-calculation/trunk/files should be http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ubuntu-app-reviews/interest-calculation/files15:34
dholbachdoctormon, can you give me the link to the myapps submission?15:34
dholbachthere was a problem with myapps I'm happy to workaround for you :)15:34
dholbachI'll get back to you15:34
doctormonthanks dholbach15:34
jbischCan I be added to the Trello board? I want to move an app to being reviewed. My profile is https://trello.com/josephbisch.15:35
* doctormon thanks the heavens this isn't a nuclear reactor project. *tongue in cheek!*15:35
dholbachdoctormon, lp:~ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ubuntu-app-reviews/interest-calculation15:36
grissi_dholbach, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1035/ , http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088152/15:36
grissi_have to go now see you tommorow15:36
Lasalldholbach: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1241/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088159/15:39
doctormonthanks dholbach15:46
doctormonDamn I keep on wandering off into a design review. Not the job here!15:46
vibhavIndicator Stickynotes looks good to me15:53
vibhavdholbach: ^15:53
dholbachvibhav, arb-lint and lintian relatively happy?15:53
dholbachvibhav, which branch is it?15:53
vibhavdholbach: I took it from https://launchpad.net/~umang/+archive/indicator-stickynotes/+packages15:54
dholbachhey asomething15:54
vibhavdholbach: The only lintian errors I see are dir-or-file-in-opt , which are necessary for apps15:54
dholbachvibhav, I'll take a look at it in a bit again, just to verify15:55
vibhavdholbach: And arb-lint returns nothing15:55
asomethinghi all!15:55
vibhavasomething: o/15:55
dholbachthanks vibhav!15:55
vibhavyoure welcome15:55
* vibhav is having a look at gtkreddit16:02
asomethingso, on list it was mentioned that apps that ask for root aren't for the ARB process. Is this documented anywhere? It doesn't seem to be on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Guidelines16:04
dholbachoh wow - which one was that?16:05
vibhavIm sure there is going to be FUD regarding the rules of the ARB that the ARB has rules similar to that of the Ubuntu App store16:06
vibhavs/Ubuntu App Store/Apple App Store/16:06
asomethingdholbach, it came up discussing aplomb on list, but rfus also calls pkexec16:07
dholbachwow, I didn't know16:07
vibhavdholbach: Im sure stupid people will compare the ARB guidelines to those of the Apple Store :(16:07
dholbachwhich of the guidelines do you personally feel is unreasonable?16:08
vibhavthe root ones16:09
vibhavThough I fell it is fine16:09
vibhavFinally, they are only apps16:09
vibhavBut there are always people there to critisize16:09
vibhavLike that story on why Ubuntu doesnt use the "L" word16:10
asomething"ARB apps aren't allowed to touch system files or require superuser" - stgraber https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/app-review-board/2012-July/001376.html16:10
asomethingI knew about touching system files, but the superuser requirement was new to me16:11
vibhavhmm, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1081/ is based on Chromium, shouldnt it be rejected16:11
vibhav"Apps should not be forks or updates of existing applications in the Ubuntu archive "16:11
dpmvibhav, I'd be up for rejecting it too. On top of that, a web browser is too complex an app for the ARB16:16
dholbachvibhav, it indeed looks good16:17
dholbachI just pushed some tiny changes to lp:~dholbach/ubuntu-app-reviews/indicator-stickynotes16:18
dholbachvibhav, did you test-install and test-run it?16:18
coolbhavivibhav, that was the core requirement of App showdown I believe and we ARB only prefer to review light weight apps16:18
vibhavcoolbhavi: yup16:19
vibhavdholbach: yes16:19
vibhavdholbach: It looks good to me16:19
dholbachmail sent16:23
doctormondholbach: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1266/ -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088263/16:34
dholbachoh wow16:36
dholbachdidrocks, ^ ever seen anything like this before?16:36
* didrocks looks16:36
doctormonI looked at the py, it's importing X11 Display, causing error.16:36
didrocksdholbach: oh!16:37
didrocksdholbach: I know why you had this bad window the other day16:37
didrocksthis just made me realize16:37
didrocksso basically, p-d-e, to detect depends has to import the package16:37
didrocksto know all the dirty little secret of the imported modules16:37
didrocksand some modules are doing bad things on import16:38
didrockslike executing code…16:38
didrocksI'm sure it's the case of wiimap16:38
didrockswaow, this is a big issue when you embeed bad python modules16:38
didrocksmeaning that you can't autopackage them in chroot or whatever16:39
didrocksyou need to have everything installed16:39
didrocks(this is when you generate debian/control)16:39
dholbachasomething, maybe you can pack doctormon's paste into a myapps reply?16:39
dholbachI need to rush out real quick before I have the CC meeting16:39
doctormondidrocks: Does quickly create the Builder.py and Window.py files in *_lib for these apps?16:39
dholbachso brb16:39
didrocksdoctormon: indeed16:40
doctormondidrocks: I'm surprised it's embeding a lib, shouldn't that be packaged?16:41
didrocksdoctormon: yeah, we are under discussion to push that to a library for next cycle16:42
vibhavFor automatically ;aunchong on startup, does a program need any special permissions?16:46
jbischMay I have permission to review apps and post comments on myapps? I dont have a start review link and I am unable to post comments.16:48
mhall119dholbach: what is this Babys Mix card in the trello?16:48
doctormondidrocks: Have you checkout this: https://code.launchpad.net/~doctormo/doctormo-random/gtkme16:49
didrocksdoctormon: oh yeah, it's really cool, you made a video about it, didn't you?16:50
doctormondidrocks: Don't think so, I made a video about clutter/css a few weeks ago.16:57
didrocksdoctormon: oh right, I was thinking it was the same thing16:57
didrocksdoctormon: will give it a look :)16:57
doctormonthanks didrocks16:58
dholbachmhall119, no idea17:05
mhall119dholbach: it's not on my spreadsheet of showdown entries17:08
dholbachno idea17:08
jbischdholbach: I can't review apps on myapps with my account.17:20
LoTtechnically nor can I but that's a separate issue17:21
dholbachjust put your review text on paste.ubuntu.com and somebody else can put it into the review window17:21
* LoT blames the firewalls17:21
dholbach← in a call right now17:21
LoTdholbach: you're always on the phone or something :/17:21
dholbachI know17:21
dholbachbut stgraber, mhall119, wendar should for example be able to help as well17:22
wendarjbisch: are you a member of the app-review-contributors team? that's how MyApps knows to grant permission to post reviews17:23
jbischwendar: I am not. This is my first time reviewing an app. I'll try joining the team.17:23
jbischSomeone please post http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088338/ as a comment to https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1169/17:24
doctormonhey wendar17:26
wendardoctormon: hi!17:26
wendardoctormon: thanks for connecting me with Darren, he did a great job on the icons17:27
Imxset21So I heard you guys would like help reviewing?17:34
jbischImxset21: Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown17:35
dholbachalright my app reviewing friends - I have a couple of friends coming over, so I'll try to clean the place up a little bit :)17:42
dholbachI'll be back reviewing tomorrow :)17:42
dholbachhave a great rest of your day!17:42
PaoloRotoloHi all!17:49
Imxset21So I ran arb-lint on an app-submission and several warnings/errors popped up. What's the appropriate way to contact the author? Email, bug report on launchpad, etc.?17:58
doctormonOooh, maps is a keeper. Excellent app.17:59
OwaisLIs it OK to have a symlink for /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/app/bin/app in /usr/bin/ ?18:24
george_eOwaisL: Why would you need a symlink in /usr/bin?18:25
OwaisLgeorge_e, the app also has a CLI typing in the full path would be considered bad UX. Also, they app creates a number of .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications which also have to be hard coded to /opt path. It just doesn't feel right to me to hard code path for executable18:27
george_eAh, I understand.18:29
grissiAs I can't review apps can someone please review this https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/947/ with this text http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088477/18:37
doctormonAny official person here? dh<tab> is offline, but does anyone else have policy power?18:44
LoTdid you poke mhall119?18:52
LoTin case you can help him out, mhall11918:58
LoT... whoops, i left python running on a loop o.O18:58
doctormonmhall119: I sent an email to dh about trello, basic idea is that we rename "Reply from Developer" to "Waiting on Reviewer" so us sub-reviewers who have access to trello can add items into that list that real reviewers can see. Perhaps with links to pastebin etc in the comments.19:07
mhall119doctormon: you mean if you're reviewing something and get stuck?19:09
doctormonyeah, or even if things fail and we can't actually do a response because we're not ARB mentors.19:18
doctormonWhich is the same thing really.19:18
mhall119doctormon: it's the ARB's board, so I don't want to change it without their consent19:30
mhall119wendar: stgraber: highvoltage: ^^^19:30
mhall119ajmitch: ^^19:30
stgraberI don't mind (though I haven't really used trello yet, tbh)19:32
jvrbanacmhall119: Are y'all still needing people to help review stuff? I won't be able to do anything until after I get off work in a few hours, but I figured I would try to catch you before the end of your work day.19:44
highvoltagemhall119: in the middle of something, can't read now19:53
mhall119jvrbanac: yup, still have lots to do, ping me when you're available20:11
jvrbanacOk will do.20:12
ajmitchdoctormon: moving cards to the voting queue in trello isn't enough to get people to vote on it, we need an email to the list with the branch so we can go through, branch it & review it21:08
george_emhall119: I've installed arb-lint, checked out lp:deltify, and built the package with 'debuild -us -uc'.21:17
george_eThe only Lintian errors were all 'dir-or-file-in-opt'.21:17
george_eHowever, when I run arb-lint, I received the following warnings: http://dpaste.com/770016/21:18
george_eSome of them I can fix.21:18
george_e(Like the error about multiple changelog entries, etc.)21:18
george_eBut others... I'm not exactly sure what to do with them.21:18
mhall119george_e: you can fix all but the size warning, which can be ignored21:27
mhall119Quickly puts 'cdbs' in the debian/control Build-Depends field, even if you don't need it.  You can probably just move it21:27
george_emhall119: Okay, I've just pushed 'lp:~george-edison55/ubuntu-app-reviews/deltify'21:28
george_e...with all but the size warning corrected.21:28
george_eAccording to the instructions, the next step is 'sudo debi'.21:29
mhall119or you can open the .deb in Software Center21:30
mhall119which is what I usually do21:30
adrian_mhalll119: Hey there, I found your nick on the developer blog-post about the app showdown and have a quick question.21:37
adrian_in the rules, it says: the Participant can submit more than one app, up to a maximum of 2. Participants can charge for applications in the Software Centre, but the code must be released under an Open Source license to make its review possible.21:37
adrian_that's what I did. But I received an email today saying this:21:37
adrian_Hi. Your application was routed to the commercial queue (vs the ARB queue) since you put a price on the application. If you want to submit this to the showdown, please remove the price.21:37
adrian_(the app was uploaded to a PPA and was built there. So obviousely, it's open source. MIT licensed to be exact)21:38
adrian_(That commercial applications are possible is also mentioned in the "Review:" part of the rules: Review: zero-cost applications will be reviewed at the technical level and published by the Ubuntu App Review Board (ARB). Paid-for applications will be reviewed and published by the Consumer Apps (CA) team at Canonical.)21:40
mhall119adrian_: who send that email?21:42
adrian_John Pugh21:42
mhall119what was the app?21:42
adrian_just noticed that I can answer that post when I go to the "my app" page. should I just do that?21:43
doctormonadrian_: An app can be commercial and open source, open source has nothing to do with the price.21:43
adrian_Sure I know21:44
mhall119adrian_: I'll talk to John, your app can still be considered for the contest if it meets all the other qualifications21:44
mhall119adrian_: can you link me to you MyApps page?21:44
adrian_that one? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1192/21:44
doctormonajmitch: I have sent an email for each review to the board, none of them have gone through because it's a moderated board. Someone needs to clear the queue.21:44
ajmitchdoctormon: ah right, you're not subscribed to the list?21:45
ajmitchhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/app-review-board if you want to subscribe, it's a bit busy at the moment since every app update on myapps gets mailed there21:46
mhall119adrian_: and a link to your PPA too?21:47
adrian_Should I answer John's "Needs Information" request? Or just wait?21:48
doctormonajmitch: I figured I'd wait, I was only marshaled into helping today and I know it must be busy.21:49
mhall119adrian_: tell him that Michael Hall says commercial apps qualify for the Showdown as long as they are open source21:49
adrian_k, will do :)21:50
mhall119adrian_: your package should install to /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/hackwork/21:51
ajmitchdoctormon: oh, someone twisted your arm to help out? :)21:51
adrian_oh. I thought that /opt/hackwork was enough21:52
adrian_should I update the packge in the ppa?21:52
mhall119adrian_: yes please21:52
mhall119adrian_: also, do you just run the Hackwork.exe on Linux?21:52
mhall119or Hackwork21:52
adrian_yes, with mono21:52
adrian_I think there is the RunHackwork script which does that21:52
adrian_and it installs a .desktop file of course21:53
mhall119cool, I'll give it a try21:53
adrian_and don't get irritated by the amount of code. We are 5 people who worked almost full-time on it21:53
doctormonadrian_: Sounds good, what does it do?21:54
adrian_It's a RTS-game21:54
adrian_which has some neat little features ;-) try it out :p21:54
adrian_uhm.. when I'm just here right now.. I always wondered how to correctly create updates to packages in a ppa (the -1/-2 at the end of the package name that indicates the ubuntu revision)21:55
adrian_dput always wants to upload the .orig.tar.gz again and fails :/21:55
doctormonadrian_: I can't find any of the code21:57
adrian_that's the orig.tar.gz used for building the package. it contains everything needed for the build21:58
doctormonadrian_: you not using bzr or git?21:58
adrian_No, we're doing development in private and only open-source releases21:59
adrian_we have our own SVN repo21:59
george_emhall119: I have finished reviewing Deltify and submitted an email to the app-review-board mailing list.21:59
george_eAre there any further steps I need to take?21:59
adrian_oops, sorry22:01
adrian_multi-monitor fails :/22:01
adrian_again.. how to I get dput to not upload the .orig.tar.gz a second time for a new ubuntu revision (-2 suffix in the version string)? :/22:02
doctormonadrian_: Can you see private messages on irc?22:05
adrian_uhm.. not sure, I'm using webchat.freenode.net :/22:06
adrian_not much of an IRCer myself22:06
adrian_at least I diddn't see one yet.. in case you tried to write one22:06
doctormonadrian_: Just asking about development, is it a windows project?22:07
adrian_No. Well, it also runs on windows as one of us uses windows22:07
adrian_but we simply knew the XNA framework for game development before and also knew the Linux-clone MonoGame22:07
adrian_so we simply chose that to be more efficient so we don't have to learn a new framework _and_ code a game in such short time22:08
adrian_but the target was the showdown in the first place. That it also runs on windows is more of a side-effect22:09
doctormonadrian_: Sounds fun; was the choice for private development done before making it open source?22:10
adrian_actually, we wanted to have it closed source so we could sell it commercially afterwards. but then we read that open source is a requirement for the showdown22:11
adrian_so we open sourced it :)22:11
mhall119george_e: lather, rinse, repeat22:15
doctormonadrian_: Hopefully you'll be able to sell it and make it open source. Would you be willing to keep me informed about how well it does? I'm very interested in the commercial open source market and believe with channels like the Software Center in Ubuntu it can work.22:15
adrian_doctormon: well, I think most people won't even notice that it's open source. Right now the only source that is online are the .orig.tar.gz files. And one might notice it when seeing the MIT license22:16
adrian_but I think most poeple won't notice it22:16
george_emhall119: But I don't need to update anything on Trello or something like that?22:17
adrian_especially since we are currently also trying to get on desura, where people are probably even less open-source-aware. Not sure however22:17
adrian_but If you want to know how things are going, feel free to drop me a mail. Otherwise I will definitely forget :)22:17
doctormonadrian_: Well that's the idea really, customers don't really care, but developers do and the effeciancy of your support operation benefits from being foss.22:17
doctormonAnd customers care eventually when they want other developers to help them fix problems or make it work on a new platform. :-)22:19
adrian_Yeah, there are probably always some enthusiasts who want to take a look at the code22:19
adrian_not sure if you read the description, but the game is in a inside-computer-scifi-setting where you have to virtually hack machines. We developed a simple algorithm that reads the player's browser history and uses the hostnames from there as content in the game22:20
adrian_actually, the first question when I publicly announced hackwork was "oh well.. can I disable that? I don't trust it if I can't see the source code..."22:21
adrian_so for those people, open source is clearly a benefit (but you can disable that feature anyway ;-) )22:21
adrian_gah.. now I messed up my build when moving to /opt/extras.ubuntu.com :/22:23
doctormonadrian_: I'm still trying to build it from the orig, hmm.22:24
adrian_not working? did you install the build-deps?22:24
adrian_should work without a problem with Ubuntu 12.04. At least I can do it here and the build-bot can do it, too :)22:25
doctormonI got the mono-develop, but I only have the orig, no build-dep list22:25
adrian_aah right22:25
adrian_one sec, I'll send you the line22:25
adrian_libdbus1.0-cil-dev, devscripts, cli-common-dev, mono-xbuild22:26
doctormonthanks adrian_22:26
ajmitchadrian_: not using monogame?22:26
adrian_yes, using MonoGame22:26
adrian_but that's not in the repository, so I include it in my source package22:27
ajmitchah right, that's a bit icky but it'll need to get into quantal & be backported to precise for you to do otherwise22:27
ajmitchiirc it's been uploaded to debian unstable now22:27
adrian_hm.. I'm not sure if its far enought to do that22:28
adrian_I had to do a _lot_ of adjustments and pull-requests to the monogame project to get everything to run correctly22:28
* ajmitch guesses directhex will get it synced to quantal22:28
adrian_there are just so many frequent changes and no reliable stable releases :/22:28
ajmitch2.5.1 wasn't working well?22:29
doctormonadrian_: All I get is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088882/22:29
adrian_2.5.1 only has 2D support22:29
adrian_I had to use the 3d-branch from git (which is mainly developed by Sickheadgames) and even that needed many changes and fixes22:29
adrian_doctormon: doesn't look right.. you're somehow loading the windows project files22:30
adrian_but correctly opened the HackworkLinux solution22:30
adrian_looks weird...22:30
ajmitchhopefully all that can get rolled into a stable release soonish, bundling your own fork of libraries really isn't nice :)22:30
adrian_yeah, I know :/22:31
ajmitchmorning robert_ancell22:31
robert_ancellajmitch, that was fast22:31
adrian_oh.. and MonoGame depends on OpenTK, which is also not in the repository ;)22:31
ajmitchadrian_: also in debian now22:31
adrian_doctormon: did you try to open both solutions or something like that?...22:31
adrian_ajmitch: ah, okay :)22:31
doctormonadrian_: I copied a file, the first error I got was: Could not find file "/tmp/hackwork/src/Projekt/HackworkLinux.sln".22:32
ajmitchrobert_ancell: yeah, I was talking in this channel, and you appeared :)22:32
doctormonadrian_: So I copied Could not find file "/tmp/hackwork/src/Projekt/Hackwork.sln" to it.22:32
adrian_that doesn't seem right22:34
adrian_the Hackwork.sln is the windows project22:34
adrian_what you need is HackworkLinux.sln.. it's not there?22:34
adrian_can't beleive that.. it has to be.. let me double-check..22:35
adrian_you are right.. it isn't22:35
adrian_wow.. where did that go?!22:35
ajmitchhow is the package in the ppa built then?22:35
* ajmitch is slowly downloading that22:35
adrian_it's using xbuild on the HackworkLinux.sln22:35
adrian_xbuild $(CURDIR)/HackworkLinux.sln "/p:Configuration=Release"22:36
adrian_that's what it does...22:36
adrian_at that actually worked.. I have no idea where the HackworkLinux.sln file is gone..22:37
doctormonIt's in the main dir22:38
adrian_oh.. right22:38
doctormonhmm, `cp HackworkLinux.sln src/Projekt/Linux/` then ./build.sh  results in http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088898/22:39
adrian_wait a sec.. checking it out right now22:40
adrian_just tested from a clean .orig.tar.gz I just downloaded22:41
adrian_I simply downloaded, extracted, opened HackworkLinux.sln from the main dir in monodevelop22:41
adrian_and could build :/22:41
adrian_that doesn't work for you?22:41
doctormonto be fair I don't know how to open the sln, I'm just running build.sh22:42
adrian_ouch.. I think that's outdated by now, sorry22:43
adrian_if you want it from the command line and want it as fast as possible, simply extract from the orig again so you get everything cleaned up22:43
adrian_and then run xbuild HackworkLinux.sln "/p:Configuration=Release"22:44
doctormonok building...22:44
adrian_the binaries should then be in src/Projekt/Linux/bin/Release22:44
adrian_"mono Hackwork.exe" should then do the job22:45
adrian_btw: the soundtracks are the best part of the game ;-) make sure to have sound enabled :p22:46
adrian_oh.. and you might be missing some dependencies.. if you have problems, I'll send you the Depends line too22:48
doctormonadrian_: Thanks for your help, got it working22:49
adrian_:) have fun playing22:49
doctormonNot sure how to operate the skermish mode yet.22:49
adrian_7 AIs on a small map is the most awesome thing ;)22:49
adrian_play the first campaign. it contains playing instructions22:50
adrian_the second and third campaign are then app-showdown-related.. but we ran out of time, so the story is not _that_ good22:50
doctormonadrian_: Your content is MIT too?22:52
adrian_all content that was made by us - yes22:52
adrian_some stuff was not. that is noticed in doc/Licenses22:52
doctormoncool, we should make sure that goes into the debian/copyright file.22:52
adrian_i feared that.. :(22:53
mhall119george_e: sorry for the delay, just move the card to the "Voting" column on trello22:56
george_emhall119: I can't.22:56
george_eNothing happens when I try to drag it.22:56
mhall119george_e: which one?22:57
mhall119what column is it in?23:00
george_eNeeds Review.23:00
ajmitchgeorge_e: or we could just add you to the trello board23:00
mhall119ajmitch: if you could, that would be great23:00
mhall119I've moved Deltify to "Voting" already though23:01
ajmitchpretty sure I got the right person23:01
george_eGot the invite, thanks.23:01
doctormonadrian_: Played the game, enjoyed it, good work!23:01
adrian_thanks :)23:01
george_eNow on to the next one...23:01
mhall119george_e: once you have access, move them from "Needs Review" to "Being Reviewed" when you start working on one23:01
george_eOkay, great.23:01
adrian_as I said.. skirmish mode with 7 AIs on a small map can be awesome. I still met nobody (including the developers) who could beat that on hard23:01
mhall119adrian_: I installed, haven't played yet, looks great though23:01
adrian_(even tho the AI is not cheating)23:01
mhall119adrian_: it's also been added to the official list of apps to be judged in the contest23:02
adrian_update to put it in /opt/extras.ubuntu.com will be there soon23:02
OwaisLmhall119, can arb apps depend on other arb apps?23:09
ajmitchOwaisL: generally, no23:30

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