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prpplaguejust fyi for anyone interested, the call for participation for ELC-E end august 1 - https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/embedded-linux-conference-europe/cfp00:28
lilsteviejanimo: well, personally I do not trust his stuff as far as I can throw him, he has been a massive pain with things like not being even able to identify the root device, and he doesn't really know what he is doing01:52
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janimolilstevie, I don't know whom you are referning to anymore, I saw about 3 3.1 based kernel trees on xda :(06:41
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lilstevie<janimo> lilstevie, do you know anything about the status of the 3.1 jhinta kernel for tf101? It sort of boots here, but hangs on starting network manager07:14
lilstevie^^ that one07:14
janimolilstevie, ah ok. INdeed that's the last one I tried. It boots but touchpad at least does not work07:20
lilsteviejanimo: I have had serious problems with him in the past07:22
janimolilstevie, it baffles me that in such a large community there's no 'blessed' git tree where everyone tries to build from an improve on. Instead there are from scratch ports and people posting binaries and zips around on megaupload for others to test07:24
lilsteviejanimo: welcome to the world of donation hustling07:25
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sveinseI'm running qemu-debootstrap to fetch natty armel. However, often than not, it fails with could not download package, or failed to get release file. The server it's using is a local mirror on our lan (and its working fine). Have anyone else had any experience with this issue?10:26
tintisveinse: which error?12:26
Just-inso running into a issue when trying to unpack the 12.04 image for Beagleboard XM. Im running the comand md5sum ubuntu-12.04-r3-minimal-armhf.tar.xz and it gives me errors.13:17
Just-intar: xz: Cannot exec: No such file or directory I checked and the file is in home. Did the md5sum check and it picked the file right up.13:19
ogra_unpacking ?13:21
ogra_where did you get that image from ? thats definitely not an official one13:21
ogra_(there is nothing to unpack with the official ubuntu images)13:21
Just-ingot it from here http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Demo_Image13:22
ogra_right, not an ubuntu image,  ask the creator13:23
ogra_(which is likely robert c. nelson (rcn-ee), judging by the url)13:23
Just-inis there a better image for the beagle board xm you may know of?13:24
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAP that links to the official images13:24
Just-insweet got it.13:25
smplmanxranby_ac100: yea i looked at linaro stuff13:44
Just-inWOO sd card is written and set up. Thanks for the help!13:50
ogra_note that the desktop install requires a monitor for the initial setup13:51
ogra_if you want to use serial you need to use the server image13:51
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Just-inIm useing the desktop one so ill grab a monitor with dvi.13:53
* ogra_ sighs, still no sign of life with the ac100 images13:53
Just-inthats not good13:53
ogra_janimo, did you ever look into why we cant use more than 2M for the ac100 initrds ?13:54
ogra_seems the quantal one is 2.6M ... and quantal images hang at the toshiba splash13:54
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janimoogra_, never looked at that, only knew - from you - that there is a limit14:57
janimoogra_, is this a know limitation of the bootloader, known by the whole ac100 community?14:58
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ogra_janimo, well, i dont know if its known by anyone, i just see it exploding if i pass a certain size15:33
janimoogra_, O15:34
janimoI mean I'll have a look too :)15:34
janimoogra_, what did quantal add that increased the initramfs size? I recall you saying that's the reason we should not add Ubuntu SAUCE as cryptsetup would increase the size too much15:36
ogra_well, i tink binaries just got bigger15:36
ogra_though ...15:36
ogra_it seems dropping the cmdline makes it boot ?!?15:37
ogra_(which is indeed bad since i cant get a working tty without console=tty1)15:39
janimoogra_, so droppping the cmdline entirely lets it boot but any cmdline options causes hangs? that is indeed weird15:52
janimoogra_, is console=tty1 needed as a workaround for plymouth + 3.1 kernel issues?15:52
ogra_no, its needed for the broken kernel15:53
ogra_afaik marvin24 still waits for a fix from nvidia for that one15:53
janimoogra_, but the same thing that chmod -x plymouthd works around?15:53
ogra_you dont get any tty output without it15:53
ogra_so i got it booting but have a black screen15:53
janimoogra_, even X does not show?15:57
ogra_no X in the installer :)15:58
* ogra_ tries with only console=tty1 added16:07
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ogra_janimo, hmm, ok, seems i got it up to a point where i get output and dont hang in the bootloader, but now it panics16:16
janimoogra_, ah the tarball installer. But good, progress :)16:16
ogra_"stack-protector: Kernel stack is corrupted in: c06a594c"16:16
ogra_no idea what to do with that ... especially since i cant scroll back now16:16
janimoyour own zImage or quantal deb?16:17
ogra_quantal deb16:17
janimoa cusotm kernel built is likely needed to debug it16:17
janimoI can try debugging it16:17
ogra_sigh, i feared that16:17
ogra_well, i have a shiny new fast desktop workstation here ... just finished building it ... i guess i should start trying a cross build one day ;)16:18
janimoogra_, it's an excellent time to start cross compiling :)16:18
janimoif it is shiny new and fast you may get 2-3 minute kenrel builds16:19
ogra_not really, once we have the calxeda HW cross building will so be last century16:19
janimomy oldish core duo takes 20 min for a deb, and mucxh less for a barebones zImage16:19
ogra_you will just build with -j2048 and get 30sec kernel builds :)16:19
janimoyou mean in 2015 :) ?16:20
janimoor do you know somethig I don't16:20
ogra_well, once we have the calxeda HW accessible for devs in the DC16:20
janimoby that time 32 core Core i9 will kick any ARM server's butt anyway :)16:20
ogra_well, we worked with Martyn for two years to make sure we dont need to do any bringup work, so we had a guarantee that we can immediately put the HW into the london DC ...16:21
janimoI used quad armadaxp for some builds and it is fast, but not quite as my laptop. is calxeda supposed to be much faster?16:21
* ogra_ still doesnt get why that stuff went to lex ... but hey ... no more arm team, ...16:22
ogra_calxeda is supĆ¼posed to be much *more* ... not much *faster* :)16:22
ogra_you will simply drown in spare cores ;)16:23
janimoleave it to libreoffice builds to shame any hardware16:23
ogra_if you build a kernel you can have a job for every .c file ... that should be really speedy ...16:26
ogra_for LibO its indeed bound to the slowest step of the build16:27
janimomemory will be a bottleneck for large c++ builds16:27
janimoI am not sure how much RAM calxeda hw has16:27
ogra_they have DIMM sockets afaik16:27
janimoit may not make sense to have more than -j8 if that fills up 2-3Gigs16:28
ogra_like the armadaxp you should be able to just pulg in ram ... though i think it can only address up to two G16:28
janimowell 32bit still, so limited indeed16:28
ogra_the big advantage of claxeda is that you simply can throw cores at  a task if you need them ...16:29
ogra_would be good if the kernel could just merge the ram of these into one big chunk ;)16:29
robher_4G RAM on calxeda16:41
Just-inDoes the 12/04 arm image come with SGX video acceleration on it?16:45
marvin24janimo, ogra_: if you give me something to test, I can try it here16:49
ogra_well, i doubt you would see much more than i on your screen :)16:50
marvin24btw, we could try with a 2 MB zero file in the initrd to check if it is a loader or and expander problem16:50
marvin24ogra_: but I have a serial interface16:50
janimoJust-in, try the linaro panda images, those have sgx by default16:50
janimomake sure you pick the right flavour, only some have x11+sgx enabled16:50
Just-inwill that work on a Beagle board xm?16:51
ogra_12.04 has full SGX support16:51
ogra_oh, not on omap316:51
ogra_and linaro wont have that either16:51
Just-inthats what i was afraid of.16:51
ogra_TI doesnt release the omap3 SGX drivers built for hardfloat16:51
Just-inshould i back down to 11.10 then16:52
ogra_robher_, oh, how do you address the last GiG then ? PAE ?16:52
Just-innot sure how smooth it will run with out SGX16:52
ogra_what do you want to run ?16:53
Just-inso far all it will be is a pc for people to use during breaks till i get a tower in.16:53
ogra_the framebuffer driver is fine for all 2D stuff, its pretty usable even without SGX for normal desktop bits16:53
Just-inim sure they will want to watch youtube and all that.16:53
ogra_you surely picked the wrong arch16:53
Just-inim starting to agree16:54
ogra_(no flash for arm linux ...)16:54
Just-inthen they have no youtube16:54
Just-inthey can live16:54
robher_ogra_:  1G kernel, 3G user16:54
janimoJust-in, listen to ogra, I am not uptodate with panda/sgx16:54
ogra_janimo, not panda, beagle :)16:54
Just-ini wonder if Zsnes will run ok.16:55
ogra_i dont think that needs 3D support in any way16:55
* ogra_ has to run out and pick up his GF from a 50km away dentist appointment ... 16:55
ogra_i wonder if other peoples GFs pick their dentist in the town they live in :P16:56
Just-inmine didnt16:56
ogra_heh, so i'm not alone16:56
Just-ini think it so we have to go and get them16:56
Just-inand listen to the drugged up convos on the drive home.16:56
Just-inaww man i just remebered i have some old usb game pads for the old cable set top boxes i could use for zsnes...16:58
Just-intoday is a great day16:58
marvin24ogra_: I've put a 10MB file (full of zeros) into the initrd and it still boots17:13
marvin24a 3MB file full of "randoms" gives an oops on boot ;-)17:20
janimomarvin24, does a 10Mb initrd fit in the boot partition?17:27
marvin24sure, if it's full of zeros it will be compress very well :-)17:27
marvin24oops -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088351/17:27
janimomarvin24, ah uncompressed 10M17:28
Just-inwhat hardwar eyou running that on?17:28
marvin24Just-in: ac10017:29
marvin24the oops looks like it cannot find the root fs17:29
Just-inwell isnt that a neat looking netbook17:29
Just-indear god that came with 2.1 on it17:30
marvin24sure my dear17:30
marvin24yes, that was an epic fail17:30
marvin24but a nice hw ;-)17:30
Just-inwould have liked to see 1gb ram matched with the tegra17:31
marvin24given that most other have 1GB ...17:32
marvin24chromeos would have been better on it17:33
marvin24but linux desktop also works nice with zram enabled17:33
janimoindeed, a new toshiba with tegra3 and 2Gb of RAM would be an awesome netbook. Too bad there's no market for it17:33
Just-ini like my little netbook17:33
Just-inbest 700 i ever spent17:34
* marvin24 only spend 120 ...17:34
marvin24for his 2nd one17:34
* Just-in has a I7 and nvidia 335m17:34
Just-innothign better then gaming on a plane ride17:34
marvin24and you call this a netbook?17:35
marvin24time has passes sooo fast ...17:35
Just-init has a 11 inch screen and no cd drive so..17:36
Just-ina uber netbook?17:36
marvin24or a heater17:36
Just-inShockley doesnt get to hot17:37
marvin24ah, "Initramfs unpacking failed: uncompression error"17:39
marvin24so likely a kernel thing17:40
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janimoogra_, git clone -b packaging-3.1  git://kernel.ubuntu.com/jani/ubuntu-ac100.git18:05
janimoCROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-  ARCH=arm make paz00_defconfig18:05
janimoCROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-  ARCH=arm make  -j 16 zImage18:06
janimoor whatever, depending how many cores you have :)18:06
janimoyou probably get a zImage in 1 minute18:06
stgraberogra_: are today's omap4 images working for you?18:11
ogra_stgraber, i havent tested omap4 since the alpha release18:17
ogra_but they should18:17
stgraberogra_: it's failing with "oem-config/enable doesn't exist" here... I haven't been able to install for a reason or another for over a week now :) (testing with edubuntu though, but shouldn't make a difference)18:21
stgraberstarting an install with -d now, hopefully I can figure out what's going on18:22
marvin24ogra_: I think the compressed initrd is either not loaded completely, or the end is overwritten after load18:56
marvin24I tried to increase initrd_phys, but no change18:57
infinitymarvin24: With which bootloader?19:04
infinitymarvin24: If this is under uBoot, try setting "setenv initrd_high 0xffffffff"19:04
infinitymarvin24: If fastboot, no idea.19:05
marvin24fastboot ...19:06
marvin24I ask a u-boot user to try on #ac10019:06
infinityIf it's just too big, it could be getting truncated in the boot partition?19:06
marvin24no, nvflash would fail19:18
marvin24infinity: but if the kernel uncompresseds the initrd over the compressed initrd, we have a problem19:19
marvin24AFAIK, the mem layout is kernel, compressed initrd, uncompressed initrd19:19
marvin24there is also something tiny before the kernel19:19
ogra_stgraber, erm ... are you sure you are testing a live image ? we dont roll preinstalleds anymore apart from ac10019:24
ogra_(i dont think live does anything with oem-config by default)19:24
stgraberogra_: it's definitely a live image ;)19:27
stgraberogra_: it's crashing right after hw-detect so I'm testing the new ubiquity as Colin added some debugging in that area of the code19:27
ogra_i wonder where that comes from then ... we used to use oem-config indeed on the preinstalleds19:28
stgraberbased on some other bug reports on LP, the error might be completely unrelated to the problem ;)19:28
ogra_heh, hopefully19:29
stgraberwell, maybe for you, but I'm not looking forward to debug something where the only error message has nothing to do with the problem :)19:32
stgraberthough it's pretty rare to get an "obvious" ubiquity bug these days, they're all weird race conditions triggering a crash 5 minutes after the actual problem happened19:33
Inoperableanybody alive in here?19:41
ogra_stgraber, i'll test omap4 tomorrow, in case you didnt get to the issue yet, i'll take a look as well19:42
ogra_omap4 was simply out of my focus for a few days ... fighting with debian-cd and the ac100 issues19:43
Inoperableogra_, ac100 is a tegra2 thing, right?19:47
Inoperableim trying to get debian on eee pad transformer19:47
Inoperableis working pretty well as far as you use the console ;)19:47
ogra_Inoperable, lilstevie does the same with ubuntu :)19:49
Inoperableogra_, yeah i know - just got his OLife opened on the console ;)19:54
Inoperableand flashing it like 234 time19:54
Inoperablei guess i'm gonna fry that flash ram sooner or later19:55
Inoperablelilstevie, what is this tegra 2 flash thing? i wanted to beta test ;)19:56
marvin24btw, will ubuntu pack http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/gitweb/?p=tools/tegrarcm.git;a=summary ?20:07
marvin24it is an open-source nvflash replacement20:07
infinityWorks on all the same devices?20:08
infinityAnd does the same thing?20:08
marvin24works on all tegra devices20:08
marvin24only for flashing via usb20:09
ogra_marvin24, i'm on it but it moved down on my TODO20:09
ogra_srwarren pointed me to is two weeks ago20:09
marvin24ogra_: cool, thanks!20:09
infinityogra_: Do you maintain anything in Debian?20:11
ogra_infinity, its the free nvflash that exists way longer than nvflash already (internally at nvidia)20:11
infinityogra_: I'd either (a) sponsor that for you, or (b) do the Debian maintenance.20:11
ogra_infinity, well, i was wondering about DD :)20:11
infinityRight, well, you maintaining and me sponsoring it for you is a good step on the road to DDship.20:12
ogra_but essentially i'm doing that since i started at canonical ...20:12
ogra_though being flash-kernel uploader in debian would massively help, stuff starts piling up again already ...20:13
Inoperablemarvin24, any docs for tegra-rcm?20:58
Inoperablei just compiled it and it runs - but i dont know how to use it hehe20:58
Inoperablethe readme does not says a lot ;)21:00
Inoperablewell nevermind21:08
Inoperabledoes anybody got a working 3.1 kernel on tegra2?21:08

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