r4yWhen I use try to convert flv to avi using transmageddon the audio becomes out of sync. If I use ffmpeg the quality is boxy.00:17
r4yI mean the video becomes boxy not the audio00:18
geirhanever heard of transmageddon, but what video encoding do you specify with ffmpeg?00:20
r4yI don't know what you mean00:20
r4yI do ffmpeg -i00:21
r4yI am still new to this. Less then a year maybe00:21
r4yI use avidemux00:22
geirhaThen ffmpeg will transcode the video to some default video encoding and bitrate that avi can contain00:22
r4yAre you asking what codec I use with transmageddon?, Because I thought you were asking about ffmpeg not  transmageddon00:24
geirhaI've never heard of transmageddon. I have occationally used ffmpeg though. So yes, I was asking what video codec you used for the output format with ffmpeg00:26
geirhaThough I do sense an urge to play some Carmageddon now. Not sure why00:26
r4yWhat webpage do you suggest for learning how to choose different codecs using ffmpeg?00:28
r4yHa ha, OK, thank you for the help00:30
r4yThis is what I did: http://pastebin.com/hQFL1qA301:07
r4yI did "ffmpeg -formats" I want an example of how to use the codecs shown?, As you can see I know how to choose the file format for the input and output. How for instance can I choose both the codec and the file format for the input and output?01:12
bobweaverHey ClientAlive  just wanted to talk here as that is not a "support cahnnel " :)01:15
bobweaverrules are rules :)01:15
ClientAlivenp  :)01:15
bobweaverso yeah install the nonfree firmware01:15
ClientAliveI didn't even think about this wireless card thing or I may not have installed last night01:15
ClientAlivegoogle for a tute?01:16
bobweaversudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree01:16
bobweaverIf that dont swork we will add my patch to the driver01:17
ClientAliveI did install that01:17
bobweaversudo rmmod b4301:17
ClientAliverfkill still not installed01:17
bobweaversudo modprobe b4301:17
bobweaverthat is ok01:17
bobweaverwe will get to thtat01:17
bobweaverone thing at a time01:17
ClientAlivedid sudo rmmod b4301:18
bobweaversudo modprobe b4301:18
ClientAlivedid sudo modprobe b4301:18
bobweaveranywireless ?01:18
bobweaverany wireless ?01:18
ClientAliveiwconfig looks same, rfkill not installed, trying to remember how to check01:19
CharlesAiwscan, no?01:20
CharlesAI don't know wireless, so I am probably not helping..01:20
bobweaverit is ok CharlesA  help is help :)01:20
ClientAlivethis is true  :)01:20
bobweaverthe firmware is needed anyway01:20
bobweaverok ClientAlive  pastebin         lsmod01:21
CharlesAlsmod | pastebinit?01:21
ClientAliveok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087164/01:22
bobweaverDL this   https://launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+archive/beta/+files/b43patch_0.0.1-1_all.deb01:22
CharlesAHrm, not being used yet01:22
bobweaverthen install with software center01:23
ClientAlivesaved it to the Desktop01:23
ClientAlivesynaptic can do it?01:24
bobweavercd ~/Desktop && sudo dpkg -i <name of package>01:24
bobweavercd ~/Desktop && sudo dpkg -i b43patch_0.0.1-1_all.deb01:25
bobweaverthen update and upgrade01:25
CharlesAand pray :D01:26
bobweaverall that package does is install firmware that is altered for older 4318 cards01:26
bobweaverand other 43 *01:26
bobweavermade it for my pentesting machine it is for aircrack patch01:27
bobweaverwell that and when I teached class on making debs I used that for example also01:27
ClientAliveI'm not familiar w/ doing that and there's nothing in the context menu. I'll google for how to do it on the command line or something01:27
bobweaverWhat ClientAlive01:28
CharlesAClientAlive: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:28
bobweaverClientAlive,  cd ~/Desktop01:29
ClientAlivesorry, I didn't see what you wrote before - it is installed now01:29
bobweaversudo dpkg -i *deb01:29
bobweavercd /lib/firmware01:30
bobweaverls | grep b4301:30
bobweaveris there now firmware there ?01:30
ClientAlivecd /lib/firmware; ls | grep b4301:30
ClientAliveoutput from that: "b43"01:31
bobweaversudo rmmod b4301:31
bobweaversudo apt-get --purge removeb43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer bcmwl-kernel-source01:31
bobweaversudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer bcmwl-kernel-source01:31
bobweaversudo apt-get --purge remove b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer bcmwl-kernel-source01:31
bobweaver let me start again01:32
bobweaversudo rmmod b4301:32
bobweaversudo apt-get --purge remove b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer bcmwl-kernel-source01:32
bobweaversudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer bcmwl-kernel-source01:32
bobweaversudo modprobe b4301:32
ClientAlivelI got the space bro (got ya covered)  :)01:33
ClientAlivegot those done. It seemed as though there was more output during the installation step (more than previously).01:36
bobweavercool, now do you have wireless ?01:36
bobweaveriwlist scan <name of interface like wlan0 >01:37
bobweaveralso what about rfkill ?01:37
bobweaverand open jockey-gtk (additinal drivers)  and if it is installed remove it01:38
ClientAliverfkill not installed and iwlist scan wlan0 [output] "iwlist: unknown command 'wlan0' (check 'iwlist --help')."01:39
ClientAlivejockey-gtk not installed01:39
bobweaveradditional drivers  is not installed ?01:40
bobweaverlubuntu ?01:40
ClientAlivelxde on a base ubuntu server install01:40
ClientAlivedid a sudo apt-get install lxde  after installing ubuntu 12.04 server01:41
bobweavermight want to change out the kernel01:41
bobweaverif you are using for desktop01:41
CharlesAThe server kernel is the same as the desktop as of 12.04.01:41
bobweaverOh ?01:42
ClientAlivethat would be fine I just didn't wan a butload of extra apps I don't need01:42
CharlesAthey both use 3.2.xx generic01:42
ClientAliveit is except for some timing thing to do with page refresh rate or something (the server kernel is set to a lower one)01:42
bobweaverClientAlive,  lsmod | pastebinit01:43
bobweaverClientAlive,  there is also minamal and Ubuntu core j/s01:43
ClientAliveok:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087184/01:44
ClientAliveI used the normal cd/ iso image (not the minimal)01:44
ClientAlivejust did the standard install though (no added packages selected)01:45
bobweaversudo apt-get install rfkill01:46
bobweaverClientAlive,  is liburfkill-glib0  installed ?  dpkg-query -l | grep  liburfkill-glib001:47
ClientAlivethere's a phy401:47
ClientAliveoutput: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087191/01:47
bobweaverpress the button01:48
bobweaverthen run rfkill list all01:48
bobweaveris it blocked is the switch working ?01:48
bobweaverpress the button   ==  your wireless switch01:50
ClientAlivenow it says Hard blocked: yes in the first entry but not the second one (in the hp-wifi but not hte phy4)01:50
ClientAlivethat dpkg command did not return anything from grep01:50
bobweaversudo apt-get --purge remove firmware-b43-installer01:51
bobweaversudo rmmod b4301:51
bobweaversudo modprobe b4301:51
bobweaverdo you have wireless ?01:51
ClientAliveall done01:52
ClientAlivedid all01:52
bobweaverls /lib/firmware |pastebinit01:53
ClientAlivehmm, I see bcm*  stuff in there01:55
bobweaverwait thou01:56
bobweaversudo -i01:56
ClientAlivenot trying to be short with you btw. Just trying to hurry when you instruct me so it saves you time  :)01:56
bobweavercd /lib/firmware01:56
bobweaverwget http://www.omattos.com/sites/default/files/b43-all-fw.tar_.gz01:56
ClientAlivesudo -i first ? all those three?01:56
bobweavertar xcf b43-all-fw.tar_.gz01:57
bobweaversudo rmmod b4301:57
bobweaversudo modprobe 4301:58
bobweaveriwlist scan01:58
bobweaverwireless ?01:58
bobweaverif not01:58
bobweaverpastebin   dmesg | grep b4301:58
bobweavershould be warring in there about older firmware now01:58
ClientAliveit's "*tar_.gz" (with the underscore in it)?01:58
bobweaverjust untar the package01:59
bobweaverit is the only tar package there01:59
ClientAliveit's not what I was asking but it's ok. I got ya01:59
ClientAliveuntar while logged in as root and the perms will be ok?02:00
bobweaveryou can only untar in lib/firmware as root02:01
bobweavertar -xzf b43-all-fw.tar_.gz02:01
bobweaverto be 100%02:01
r4yhow do I search for a word from a man page?02:03
bobweaverr4y,  press / then type02:03
ClientAliveiwlist scan does not give good output02:03
bobweaverok keep going ClientAlive02:04
ClientAlivesays interface doesn't support scanning for "lo" and for wlan0 says "Failed to read scan data: Network is down"02:04
bobweaverfollow my instuctions above plz02:05
bobweaversudo rmmod hp_wmi02:06
bobweaverrfkill list all | pastebinit02:07
ClientAlivehow come there's so many of the same listing? (phy[0-6])02:07
ClientAlivehey joseph? What if you were to ssh into my machine? Just saying02:09
ClientAlivesorry bobweaver02:10
bobweaversudo rmmod b43 && sudo modprobe b43 && rfkill list all |pastebinit02:10
ClientAlivemy bad02:10
bobweaverIt is Ok02:10
bobweaveryou want ssh key ?02:10
ClientAliveif you want. I appreciate your help so much but don't want to waste your night with me02:10
ClientAliveif you tell me how to get it I will02:10
bobweaverfaster to install teamviewer02:11
ClientAliveoh, sure02:11
ClientAlivehang on02:11
bobweaverdot have to open ports and stuff02:11
CharlesATV = win02:11
ClientAliveright on. np. Do I have to install it from the internet cause it isn't in any repo that I have02:12
ClientAliveI found instructions on the web also02:13
ClientAliveok, hang on02:13
bobweaverCharlesA,  I added fanart support to the TV yesterday02:13
ClientAliveafter a sudo -i teamviewer_linux.deb, the output listed 5 dependencies then said "error processing teamviewer*" and "dependency problems*"  Should I install each one of the dependencies then run the command to install teamviewer again?02:18
ClientAliveis that the way?02:18
CharlesAClientAlive: sudo apt-get install -f02:18
bobweaver+1 CharlesA02:19
CharlesAI think I spend too much time spamming the forums..02:19
ClientAliveI'm digging myself a hole, those dependencies have dependencies - I've been down this road before and it was ugly02:21
ClientAlivethere's a package called -f ?02:22
bobweaverhttp://imagebin.org/220423  << for TV shows under the button that is selected I am making that into a 3d desktop cube at the moment that is on javascript loop changing the fanart and actors :)02:22
bobweaverClientAlive,  -f  (-fix )02:22
bobweaveror force on of the too02:23
CharlesAbobweaver: That is pretty cool :D02:23
bobweaverit installs the dep that are needed and changes the one's that are installed02:23
ClientAlivewow that's a very threatening looking warning02:23
bobweaverClientAlive,  Up to you02:24
bobweaverif you want to go the ssh route that is also up to you02:24
ClientAliveI think I should make sure I'm fully updated first. I don't think I ever did that.02:25
CharlesAI've only had to use -f once or twice.02:25
bobweaverCharlesA,  Yeah I have seen it cause troubles for me02:26
bobweaverwith compiz once02:26
CharlesAbobweaver: Likewise02:26
ClientAlive"Unknown error.... pipefail... <then a bunch of bash script looks like>"  (among other aweful looking stuff).02:27
bobweaverWhen Updating ?02:28
bobweaversorry Upgrading02:28
ClientAliveid removed dash along the way  (no after the update I did run sudo apt-get -f install)02:28
bobweaverClientAlive,  reboot the computer02:29
ClientAliveIf something screws up and it won't load the o/s I'll fire up my other computer and come back here02:30
ClientAliveit broke in a very strange way02:44
CharlesAhow so, ClientAlive ?02:45
ClientAlivevery strange. It hung for a long time saying it was waiting for network configuration then it finally booted the o/s. Now I have the login screen but entering my password will not log me in. Also, the mute button is on (the hardware button) and can not be turned off.02:45
CharlesAClientAlive: I have run into the networking config thing before if the interfaces files or persistent-net-rules were messed up02:46
ClientAliveto me it looks like not all what I just typed showed up (I'm on my other computer now)02:46
CharlesAbasically it timed out trying to bring up a network device02:46
ClientAliveI'm stumped and I'm so tired of installing the o/s (twice now, headed for three's a charm?)02:47
CharlesAMaybe. Dunno what the problem is :(02:47
ClientAliveI so don't want to go back to fedora02:47
ClientAliveI like lxde on ubuntu02:48
CharlesATry debian, maybe?02:49
CharlesAthey only use FLOSS so idk if that would work02:49
ClientAliveI suppose02:49
ClientAliveI think I'm gonna have to give up on it for tonight. Maybe I can try to find this on old post tomorrow after reinstalling02:54
ClientAliveit worked before02:55
CharlesAGood luck ClientAlive02:56
bobweaversorry I was away02:57
bobweaverreading ^^02:57
ClientAliveright on02:58
ClientAlivewell, I was just about to do a fresh install again (I'm here on my other computer - after what happened)02:58
bobweaverYeah if the computer is like that there is way more then just wireless going on02:58
ClientAliveI was looking for that old post on the forum too but doesn't look promising.02:59
ClientAliveI had fedora on there up to last night and it worked fine. Ubutu 11.04 alpha worked fine on it and 10.10 worked fine on it.02:59
bobweaverI say 12.04 reg install  then install lxde then start removing stuff ? IDK but it sounds like it needs to be more stable stuff03:00
CharlesAYou could also try a minimal install of 12.04 and go from there03:00
bobweavergood point CharlesA03:00
bobweaverthere is also lxde-core still ?03:01
CharlesAIDK. Check here : http://lubuntu.net/03:01
bobweaverlxde-core - Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment Core03:02
CharlesAprolly still about as heavy as gnome >.<03:02
ClientAlivethis should work. One thing I didn't try was jockey-gtk method (didn't know the name of the package to install) or find that old post from when you helped me before bobweaver. That worked and it worked pretty effortlessly once we figured out to do it.03:02
bobweaverthat is just lxde not lubuntu03:02
bobweaverClientAlive,  that is what the package b43patch does03:02
bobweaverit does all that work for you03:03
ClientAliveahh, I see03:03
bobweaverClientAlive,  look here this is what we did that night03:03
ClientAlivewell, nothing has changed about that computer (except for maybe a few extra bad sectors  :)03:03
bobweaverstarting out at this point Installing b43fwcutter with out the internet connection03:04
bobweaverPost #4403:04
ClientAliveoh, cool03:04
ClientAliveI'll try jockey-gtk I guess then if that doesn't work I'll install regular lubuntu and start removing junk03:06
ClientAlivethanks a lot for your help man (we tried)03:06
bobweaverClientAlive,  your old post  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1731838&page=303:07
ClientAliveright on03:07
ClientAlivegod, that was a long time ago. You were my first real experience with people in the linux community bro. I was about 3 days on linux at that time and I was totally blown away that you would help me like that. I still am  :)03:09
ClientAliveI gotta get off here if I'm gonna do this install. Peace out man. Have a great night.03:12
bobweaveryou 203:13
DysteRim using ubuntu 12.04 LTS , how can I properly configure my video card06:34
DysteRits an Intel HD Graphics , who has shared memory with the computer06:34
DysteRSamsung R44006:36
krytarikDysteR, no configuration / driver installation necessary for that graphics device. Any issues?06:36
DysteRCompiz keeps crashing on me06:36
DysteRand I cannot group windows with the Group Windows option06:36
DysteRmostly graphic errors06:36
krytarikDysteR, you could try upgrading your Intel video driver through this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+packages06:41
DysteRanyone has a good way for a beginner to remap mouse buttons ???06:42
DysteRkrytarik what do I have to do , install all those packages ???06:43
krytarikSorry, the main page of that PPA is here: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa06:45
krytarikAnd yes, a lot of video driver packages installed by default would be upgraded, as you can also read in the PPA's description.06:46
krytarikYou can follow the instructions here to add that PPA, upgrade the packages, as well as remove, and downgrade again: http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/07/upgrade-video-drivers-through-ppas.html06:47
DysteRwas a little confused here06:49
krytarikThe version of the Intel video driver currently in that PPA is 2.19, whereas that in the official repos of Precise 12.04 is just 2.17 - so there are chances that you might have success with an upgrade.06:49
DysteRinstructions for terminal06:49
DysteRthanX krytarik06:49
DysteRwill try this now06:49
krytarikAs for remapping mouse buttons, just google for "xmodmap remap mouse buttons" - would have to do the same.06:50
krytarikYou're welcome. :-)06:50
krytarikHi s-fox. Wrong channel? :P08:46
s-foxkrytarik,  don't think so. Why?08:47
nothingspecialme neither08:47
krytarikHappened to me yesterday. :-)08:47
DysteRwhen I make a swap partition08:48
DysteRshould it be primary or logical ?08:48
nothingspecialdoesn't matter DysteR08:51
krytarikDysteR, depends on whether the concerning HDD is using MBR or GPT, and if the former, the maximum of primary partitions is 4.08:52
DysteRhow to colapse the window upwards on its title09:03
DysteRon its tab09:04
DysteRor maybe into09:04
DysteRUbuntu 12.04 LTS there was a shortcut to reduce the window into its own title bar , can anyone remember it ?09:15
nothingspecialI can't DysteR09:17
DysteR:( I was just using it lol09:18
krytarikSince I knew that "Shade" feature only from Emerald, I just google'd "shade window precise" and got this UF thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=190869609:20
DysteRkrytarik I dont think thats it09:23
DysteRWas just playing with the keys and suddenly some windows rolled up onto the title09:23
DysteRNumber 909:25
DysteRit seems that you were right09:25
krytarikDysteR, whoo, it even works in Lucid 10.04 - thanks for pointing that out! :-)09:30
DysteRwhat are you pressing09:31
DysteRI cannot find my shortcut09:31
krytarikIn Lucid 10.04, it's Ctrl+Alt+S by default.09:31
DysteRTHank you dear sir sir sir09:32
DysteRalmost there Dyster09:33
krytarikCool! You're welcome. :-)09:33
DysteRtell me a good way to reboot naturally Krytarik09:35
DysteRI usually open terminal and type in09:36
DysteRsudo reboot09:36
krytarikWhy not just via the Power icon on the left side of the top panel?09:37
DysteRthere is no restart there09:37
DysteRonly shutdown lockdown and log out09:37
DysteRshould I go for shutdown09:37
DysteRand it will give me an option to restart ?09:38
krytarikJust choose "Shutdown..." there - there will be a dialog then.09:38
DysteRyou are the master09:40
DysteRI will go to sleep now09:40
DysteRwill try more linux tomorrow09:40
DysteRthis OS demands patience09:41
DysteRgood night or morning there09:41
krytarikBtw. you can use this command to bind the Toggle Shade feature on double-clicking the window titlebar, instead of Maximize: gconftool-2 --set --type string /apps/metacity/general/action_double_click_titlebar toggle_shade - just set it that way.09:41
DysteRctrl + alt + s is fine by me09:41
DysteRthen I wouldnt be able to un configure it09:41
krytarikOk. Again, you're welcome, and good night. :-)09:41
DysteRim a newbie still :D thanx for all the help man09:41
DysteRim outie09:42
krytarikThe default is "toggle_maximize".09:42
krytarikOops, too late. :P09:42
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r4yIs there an easy hands on way to edit captions into videos?, I mean so the captions don't have to be made seperately from a video editor like avidemux or open movie editor?, I've never tried to add captions to videos yet12:23
E3D3Hi, I'm a total network-noob. With connecting to a open wlan my knowledge stops. What is the easiest way to transfer data between 2 computers (Windows & Linux), a cable ?12:27
r4yI don't know. I am new to that as well, but I found this link:12:39
r4yI remember connecting 2 hard drives to one computer, one with Windows XP and the other with Ubuntu, then afterwards having file permission problems, so I had to learn how to change file permission massively using the commandline, but I know now that I must have done something wrong because I was told I shouldn't have had that problem, so I can't help you sorry12:43
E3D3Still thanks :)12:43
r4yI've read of people using samba or something wirelessly12:44
E3D3Samba & Apacha are a nightmare for me. I know some quantumphysics, digital electronics, low & high programming langauages .. but I'm totally dislectic for internet-protocols :( But the links is interesting :)12:45
elfyhello neuma14:47
=== marco is now known as devlavadon^away
neumahey guys, I need a crash course on getting my computer to boot from USB that doesn't support it.  I'm at this site called plop.15:15
neumado I download and burn an iso to cd?15:15
holsteinneuma: burn the iso, and enjoy :)15:15
holsteinneuma: you need to "create" it.. there are instructions15:16
holsteinhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/temp/plopboot.iso if you want.. but i wouldnt trust some random iso someone droped in the IRC... i would just make my own15:17
neumai have no idea how to create it.15:19
holsteinneuma: theres documentation at the plop site on how to create an iso like i did, and linked for you to download above15:19
neumadidn't you just say to not to trust some random iso on irc? ;)15:22
neumaok, so what program is used to burn .iso images?15:24
neumaat least I can figure out how to install packages in Joli OS.15:24
holsteinneuma: i said i wouldnt.. if you dont want to take the time to learn how to make your own, you can DL that one, or search for a support channel for plop, or read the documentation15:24
holsteinneuma: you have ubuntu installed? you have brasero there?15:24
neumaI want to learn, but I'm short on time.15:24
neumaI'll check for brasero15:25
holsteinneuma: it didnt take long at all.. about as much time as it will take to download it15:25
neumai found brasero, thanks15:25
neumaburned the iso... so now it's just reboot and...?15:28
neumashould I reboot with the cd and the usb plugged in?15:29
neumaholstein: well, I suppose you're away.  I'm going to give it a go.  THanks for your help15:30
ClientAlivehi. I was wondering does anyone know if the smartlink modem daemon have anything to do with the broadcom wireless card (BCM4318)?18:24
neumaI just installed Easy Peasy (Ubuntu).  How install audio/video codecs?18:38
DysteRcan someone help me remapp one of my mouse buttons :19:29
DysteRUbuntu 12.04 LTS19:29
DysteRtrying to remapp Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 800019:29
stlsaintDysteR: not sure, try posting your question on ubuntu forums or askubuntu site19:52
bodhi_zazenthis channel seems quiet these days20:09
DysteRanyone have good sugestions for websites20:15
DysteRwith cool wallpapers20:15
DysteRfor use with the transparency of compiz in Ubuntu 12.0420:18
Unit193gnome-look, kde-look, xfce-look, or images.google.com are all good sources.20:30
Unit193Devianart(sp) as well.20:30
stlsaintDysteR: gnomelook20:30
JimbeIIhow do I make use of browser-based java applications?20:55
DysteRif I have an onboard20:55
DysteRgraphics card20:55
DysteRwhere would be the best place to seek for drivers , fixes and trouble shooting20:56
DysteRI am having trouble concerning compiz-fusion20:56
Unit193DysteR: Best to pull up the model and search for compatibility, and the "Additional Drivers" screen.21:00
Unit193JimbeII: Don't they now?  DO you have icedtea plugin?21:01
JimbeIII do, but it crashes constantly21:01
JimbeIIand won't load occasionally21:01
JimbeIIunit193: Any suggestions?21:05
Unit193What version?  Have OpenJDK?21:08
ubot2To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.21:08
ubot2To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.21:11
JimbeIIsorry about the late reply, I do have OpenJDK21:12
severity1hi people22:03
stlsaintseverity1: hello22:06
severity1i havent been here in a long time :)22:07
severity1hi stlsaint22:08
stlsaintseverity1: true22:33
stlsaintseverity1: you been gone awhile22:33
severity1im back for good23:05
=== bodhizazen is now known as bodhi_zazen
stlsaintseverity1: welcome ;)23:13
severity1thanks stlsaint :)23:28

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