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netdevhi to everybody22:27
netdevsomeone in this channel22:27
pleia2netdev: there aren't any classes going on right now, so not many people active22:28
netdevwhen are the classes22:28
pleia2the schedule is the link in the topic22:29
pleia2nothing currently on the schedule, the wiki has links to past sessions and other details22:29
netdevwhen is the next class22:33
TheLordOfTimeread the schedule?22:33
TheLordOfTimeUpcoming Schedule: http://is.gd/8rtIi22:33
netdevyes i am read it22:33
netdevbut in the calendar only appear the past classes22:35
TheLordOfTimelooks like there's nothing else in the calendar thenm22:36
netdevim lonely in the calendar22:38
netdevsays me normally who dictate these couses22:42
* TheLordOfTime pokes pleia222:43
TheLordOfTimepleia2:  perhaps you could answer netdev's questions better than I22:43
pleia2I don't understand the question22:44
TheLordOfTimeyou and me both :P22:44
TheLordOfTimeexcept i have to disappear22:44
TheLordOfTimea server is breaking and i have to run to the datacenter22:44
pleia2as I already said, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom has links to past session, so you can see who led them, and links to logs22:44
netdevwho dictate the classes22:44
pleia2please read the wiki page22:44

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