mhall119jono: how do I access the survey?00:50
jonomhall119, it is in th eMy Surveys view01:01
jonomhall119, forwarded you the login details01:02
JoseeAntonioRakgraner: the bot is udsbotu01:02
mhall119jono: removed, and the ones I could fix are published and can be installed now01:14
jonoperfect, thanks mhall11901:16
jonowe can send out the survey tomorrow01:16
bkerensajono: Do you know any go to people on the U1 team? looking to see if raffling a U1 upgrade might be in cards for OSCON?06:13
jonobkerensa, sure, email stuart.langridge@canonical.com06:16
jonobkerensa, also, would you mind doing one final push to the portland user groups to invite them to CLS?06:16
bkerensajono: ahh stuart? huh I thought he did security :P and yeah no problem its on my to do list for tonight06:17
jonothanks bkerensa!06:18
jonono bkerensa, Stuart works on the U1 futures team06:18
jonoI am sure he can you a few upgrade prizes :-)06:19
dholbachgood morning07:03
elfymorning dholbach07:11
dpmgood morning all07:12
nothingspecialmorning dpm07:12
dpmhey nothingspecial07:12
dholbachhi elfy07:13
elfydpm: morning - really good turn out on this app thing you were running07:14
dpmhi elfy, absolutely :)07:15
elfygood to see some postivity intead of the incessant whining we get on the coalface on the forums :)07:15
nothingspecialsome quality stuff also :)07:16
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dpmdholbach, hast du eine Minute für einen kürzen Hangout?07:20
dholbachja klar07:21
dholbachdpm, hangout gestartet07:23
* dpm makes a short break07:34
philipballew_i see its morning in Europe again07:52
doctormonelfy: How are the forums these days?07:59
czajkowski*yawns* morning08:13
elfydoctormon: pretty good on the whole :)09:27
doctormonelfy: is it not being used much for support like it used to since askubuntu?09:30
nothingspecialstill plenty of support there doctormon09:31
elfyit is - some like AU some like the forums - I tend to support on AU and chat/mod on the forum09:31
elfytoo many people seem to stop posting if staff do as though we are all gurus :(09:31
elfyI hide my beans for a reason lol09:32
doctormonelfy: lol, I should really check if I have any messages on UF09:32
doctormonYeah someone was complimenting me on my signature.09:34
elfyI can't remember what your forum nick was09:34
elfyI'm getting old :)09:34
doctormoner, doctormo09:35
elfyoh - see what I mean lol09:35
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doctormonelfy: Good job I checked it, the sig was old, still saying I was loco leader.09:37
doctormonelfy: I was expecting you to have been on UF since the dawn, but your profile clearly says 2007. Nice 10 posts a day though :-D09:38
elfydoctormon: yea - there are another ~4000 out there with me - but as aguest - there was a mistake with my account09:39
elfyI've been pretty much constant since 2007 though09:40
s-foxping ajmitch :)09:54
ajmitchs-fox: yes?09:58
s-foxHey ajmitch , just seen your email about myshortcuts. I wondered what I need to do about it09:59
ajmitchdholbach has updated it in a branch09:59
s-foxokay, i just wanted to check :) thank you dholbach09:59
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dholbachde rien10:06
s-foxwell thank you anyway.  i will have to have a look at the changes in your branch dholbach , i didn't think i had any dependancies. haha10:18
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dpmYes! we're getting more people to help with the appshowdown reviews!13:24
dpmIf anyone in the channel can help or know someone who can, please join or tell them to join #ubuntu-arb13:24
AlanBelldpm: presume you want people who know if a debian rules file is following policy rather than people to just install stuff and have a play with it?13:26
dpmAlanBell, exactly, they must have at least some experience in *creating* packages themselves13:26
doctormondpm: There's a big difference between knowing how to create packages and being aware of debian policy.13:54
dpmdoctormon, absolutely. I think you are knowledgeable on both, fancy volunteering for helping with reviews? #ubuntu-arb is just a /join away ;-)14:04
elfyhello s-fox14:09
s-foxhi elfy , how are you?14:09
elfygood thanks :)14:09
elfyhaving a bit of a facepalm moment with the uk mailing list lol14:10
s-foxwhy is that? typo?14:11
AlanBellelfy: yeah, I know14:13
elfyindeed AlanBell14:13
elfywasn't quite expecting the last paragraph ...14:13
doctormondpm: What would you like?14:14
dpmdoctormon, if you could drop into #ubuntu-arb and review a couple of apps, that'd be really helpful. A review takes from 5 to 20 mins. Just ping dholbach or mhall119 and they should help you get started14:17
jonodholbach, dpm, mhall119 can you set up the hangout and invite me and didrocks15:01
dholbachwill do15:02
jonodholbach, dpm, mhall119 my meeting has run over by a few mins15:02
jcastrodpm: I have a question here: https://plus.google.com/116015965439782966698/posts/ex5srVLNFnS15:04
jcastrowrt. reviews15:04
jcastrolooks like ronald might be able to help15:04
dpmjcastro, cool, replied!15:06
jonodholbach, what is the hangout URL?15:07
jcastroheh cool15:57
jcastrothe next suse conference is at the Caribe Royale15:57
nigelbUbuntu hotel? :D16:03
czajkowski<3 Caribe Royale hotel16:05
jcastro<-- lunch16:18
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jonodholbach, hey16:23
jonosorry I had to nip off16:23
dholbachno worries16:23
jonodholbach, did you want a quick call, or we can do it tomorrow if you like?16:24
dholbachas you like it, I have a bit of time right now16:24
dholbachbut tomorrow's good too16:24
jonodholbach, cool, lets do it now16:24
dholbachrock on16:25
jonodholbach, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/32ef8e1331b444c11970c5e2f635e85075d21dcd?authuser=0&hl=en-US16:25
mhall119dpm: are we all set on the survey now?16:37
dpmmhall119, yes16:37
mhall119cool, I'm going to go back to app reviews then16:37
dpmmhall119, sure, thanks16:38
dpmok, I really need to run now, see you all tomorrow!16:48
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:44
balloons-< lunch17:55
bkerensajono: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088501/ <-- CLS wat?18:52
jonobkerensa, :-)18:52
jonobkerensa, thanks for spreading the word, things are shaping up to be an awesome show!18:52
bkerensajono: is attendee list bigger than last year so far?18:53
bkerensakk ttyl18:53
jonobkerensa, indeed18:53
jonomhall119, can we have a quick G+ hangout20:42
mhall119jono: sure21:28
doctormonjono: Wish I could go, tried to make it but it's turned into a busy year.21:52
doctormonDon't supposed you want to hold the next one in Boston ;-)21:53
jonodoctormon, CLS?21:53
jonodoctormon, it is likely to be wherever OSCON is, so usually Portland21:54
jonowe have a good home there now :-)21:54
doctormonYou know where all the restaurants are in Portlandia :-P21:55
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