robert_ancellthumper, so is it normal for all my unity icons to have disappeared?00:30
jbichachrisccoulson: I like the new "restart firefox" button, but...00:37
jbichait doesn't stay on my screen very long, and I want to at least finish my apt-get upgrade first before restarting Firefox00:38
jbichaonce it disappears, I don't see any way to get it back00:38
thumperrobert_ancell: no01:21
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ceti331can ubuntu's global-menu be made to show permanently02:14
ceti331instead of only when mouse hovers02:14
ceti331i'm trying to use kwin under ubuntu - nearly ok, but having trouble enabling desktops etc..03:47
ceti331should CCSM work, or is can KWin's native configuration editor be used03:48
RAOFYou'd need kwin.03:53
RAOFBut I'm not entirely sure why you wouldn't just install kubuntu-desktop; almost all the Ubuntu session is in compiz, anyway.03:54
ceti331ok doing so. for some reason i thought KDE was no longer supported in ubuntu repositories.i was surprised i could even install kwin03:59
ceti331i didn't really want to clutter menus with kde+gnome apps... but its not a bit problem03:59
ceti331i had kwin running fine.. i just couldn't change any options like desktops03:59
hyperairkubuntu's no longer funded by canonical, but that doesn't mean it's no longer supported.04:09
pittiGood morning04:21
RAOFAh. I see that the amd64 buildds have a little bit of work to do :)04:29
RAOFpitti: Good morning!04:29
pittihey RAOF, how are you?04:30
RAOFI'm pretty good!04:30
RAOFThe system compositor's now ready for your testing enjoyment*04:30
RAOF*: As long as you're on i386; amd64 is waiting to build04:30
RAOFHows about your fine self?04:31
pittiRAOF: I'm quite fine, thanks! I hurt myself a little in yesterday's TKD training, but I hope that just reinforces the "don't do that then" learning process :)04:38
pitti(hitting my partner's elbow with my foot, not TKD at large, of course04:39
RAOFOw. Hitting the hard bit :)04:40
pittiRAOF: do you need some build prio bumps?04:40
RAOFpitti: That'd be grand, thank you.04:40
pitti"Start in 35 seconds "04:42
pittiRAOF: right, I assumed so; it's just weston, right?04:42
RAOFOh? Last time I looked at it it was "start in 5 hours"04:42
SarvattRAOF: thank you so freaking much for getting mesa 8.1 in a somewhat buildable state btw :)04:43
Sarvatti went through the diff and pilfered it for xorg-edgers04:44
Sarvattalso urgency=critical skips the queues :)04:44
pittiRAOF: 5 hours> that was before I bumped the score :)04:44
TheMusoRAOF: I saw your changes to the blueprint, but is radeon actually testable atm as well as nouveau?04:46
RAOFTheMuso: Depends on what you mean by ‘testable’. It *should* load; you may or may not get a wonderful pink screen, though. :)04:47
TheMusoRAOF: Ok, I'll make some time to test the hardware I have access to in the next few days.04:48
RAOFIt will be a particularly fetching shade of fuscia if you get the all-pink version :)04:49
TheMusoHeh ok.04:50
ceti331is it possible to setup compiz 'rotate-cube' on a laptop to be triggeredby 'pivot' gesture (e.g. a 2finger rotate gesture distinct from scrolling gestures)05:04
RAOF*As long as you implement that05:06
ceti331"can you do this" "yes YOU can" ? :)05:08
ceti331really miss the 3 finger gestures on the mac... but it should be possible to extend linux to behave not too dis-similar05:09
RAOFceti331: utouch is what you're after; Unity already implement some 3- and 4-finger gestures.05:10
RAOFOf course, you *also* need multitouch hardware, and basically only macs have decent multitouch hardware.05:10
pittiRAOF: all built and published; want me to try the new love again?05:10
ceti331thats what i'm begining to discover05:10
ceti331i think my hardware is 2finger05:10
RAOFpitti: Yeah, give it a whirl.05:11
ceti331thats why i thought rotate gesture would be nice ... i never rotate/zoom photos, but perhaps those gestures could be used to rotate/zoom the desktop :)05:11
RAOFceti331: Hah! You think that "two finger" means that the hardware reports two independent touch points! How amusingly naieve :/.  No, your hardware probably doesn't report enough information to do that.05:12
ceti331<need to mod my laptop...embed an ipod touch...>05:12
ceti331RAOF- "device touches:2"05:12
ceti331RAOF: it does support2 finger scroll05:13
RAOFProbably means "I report 1 touch point, plus the fact that you have two fingers down"05:13
ceti331iss there a commandline debug app05:13
RAOFBecause touchpads all uniformly suck.05:13
ceti331a commandline app that spews out raw info05:13
pittiRAOF: btw, you might want to update the description for "dist-upgrade", otherwise it'll hold back lightdm and xserver-xorg-core05:14
ceti331is this a doomed quest05:14
RAOFpitti: Oh?  I habitually do dist-upgrade rather than upgrade, so I mustn't have noticed :)05:14
pittiRAOF: ok, I'll change it then :)05:15
ceti331heh oh well.. there's things in linux that i do like such as focus-follows-mouse and edge-warp05:15
RAOFpitti: I've just done it.05:15
pittiRAOF: yeah, upgrade is really not all that useful05:15
ceti331maybe some hope... this synaptics page (i have a synaptics trackpad) does talk about 3fingers ... however, geisview says "2"05:18
ceti331evtest: its telling me the xserver has the device05:23
ceti331no its telling me "This device is grabbed by another process05:23
ceti331interestingly, it DOES say "event-code 333 BTL_TOOL_DOUBLETAP" and "Event Code 334 BTL_TOOL_TRIPPLETAP"05:24
jbichaRAOF: I got the pretty fuschia fun on Intel05:28
RAOFjbicha: Ooh, how much fuchsia? All fuchsia, or just down the right hand side?05:29
jbichait's broke enough that I wasn't able to log into Unity, I did get gnome-classic-no-effects to work05:30
jbichaalso, when I switch between a virtual terminal back to the GUI, a bunch of ~~~~~ is emitted05:33
jbichamaybe the fuschia I saw is that washed-out-unity-greeter bug since my wallpaper is just the Ubuntu default05:35
ceti331RAOF: ok, your pessimism is justified. It appears it reports 2,3 finger taps, but can't report 3 finger swipe. it can only report 1 or 2 fingers with movement05:35
ceti331it CAN however report 2 independant positions... thats something05:35
pittiRAOF: "go to town"?05:38
* pitti googles English phrases05:38
pittiah, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=go%20to%20town :)05:38
ceti331i must stop obsessing about this, i have a numerc keypad on this laptop.. pgup/pgdn, home,end05:39
pittiRAOF: I never considered myself being overly picky about visual design, but I do have some minor complaints about http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/weston.jpg05:52
pittiRAOF: I can't actually change the user there, and launching a guest session paints a barely noticeable and heavily condensed dark panel on top of lightdm05:53
RAOFpitti: Good, good. What driver's that?05:53
pittiRAOF: intel (Arrandale)05:53
pittion a 1280x1024 DVI05:53
RAOFHm. Ok.05:53
pittidid you see this before?05:54
RAOFWell, not exactly that.05:54
RAOFIt looks like everything's in the wrong place, basically.05:55
RAOFInteresting logs are /var/log/lightdm/{weston.log,x-0.log}05:55
pittihm, the recent x.logs there are from the run after stop lightdm/start lightdm which just left X completely broken05:57
pittiah, X: ../../intel/intel_bufmgr_gem.c:2870: drm_intel_bufmgr_gem_init: Assertion `0' failed.05:57
pittibut that's not the one with the weird looking graphics05:57
pittiweston.log has a nice "caught segv" stack trace, though05:58
pittiRAOF: ok, I'll start it again and get you recent logs05:58
RAOFWell, *that's* not supposed to happen :)05:58
didrocksgood morning05:58
pittibonjour didrocks, ca va?05:58
didrockshey pitti, RAOF05:58
RAOFpitti: Ta muchly.05:58
didrockspitti: ça va bien, et toi?05:58
pittididrocks: je vais bien, merci!06:01
pittididrocks: I love how unity has become a lot more efficient06:01
didrockspitti: yeah, feeling the difference? :)06:02
TheMusoSame here, particularly the startup.06:02
pittinow that the launcher is behind all other windows anyway, it does away with the icons and just shows some small triangle on an otherwise pitch black launcher06:02
didrocksthanks to duflu :)06:02
pittiI guess that makes it quite a bit faster :)06:02
didrockspitti: hum, the launcher behing all other windows?06:02
pittiah, now it decided to come to the front06:03
pittistill empty, though06:03
didrocksno icon at all?06:03
pittii. e. no icons nor icon containers06:03
pittijust a semitransparent grey area with the triangles06:03
didrockspitti: popey's team is taking care of unity, please ping him on #ubuntu-unity06:03
didrockswhen he's here06:03
didrocksI saw someone else complaining about it on a bug mail06:04
didrocksso you are not alone :/06:04
didrocksdidn't reproduce though06:04
didrocksstill having a happy launcher with all its teeth/icons here06:04
pittiRAOF: to my untrained eye, http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/weston.log looks fairly reasonable06:05
pittiRAOF: 1280x800 is the internal LVDS, and 1280x1024 the external DVI06:05
pittiRAOF: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/x-0.log, too06:05
RAOFpitti: It does indeed look sane; I guess that it's the multi-monitor bit that's confusing it.06:07
pittiif I can tell it somehow to ignore LVDS -- I don't care about this at all while it's docked, and my session startup script even xrandrs it off06:08
RAOFNot trivially, no.06:09
RAOFThis needs fixing.06:09
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Nathan_SDoes anyone knows what modules do you need to import to make the clipboard work in gtk?07:42
rickspencer3pitti, any thoughts? he's using Python ^07:42
rickspencer3and please don't say "use pygtk ;)"07:43
rickspencer3didrocks, anyone?07:45
didrockshey rickspencer307:46
rickspencer3hey didrocks07:46
rickspencer3we're finding zero documentation on how to port clipboard code to gio :(07:46
didrocksa pygi example ^07:47
rickspencer3Nathan_S, http://www.scribd.com/doc/99516129/66/Clipboard-Objects07:48
didrocksrickspencer3: it's the same content :p07:48
rickspencer3thanks didrocks07:48
rickspencer3you beat me to it :)07:48
didrockshttp://python-gtk-3-tutorial.readthedocs.org/en/latest/index.html is a really good reference07:48
didrocksless good than pygtk tutorial, but already contains a lot, and is up to date :)07:49
rickspencer3oh my, it doesn't use any of the callbacks :(07:49
pittiNathan_S: do you have a more concrete example what is not working?07:50
didrocksrickspencer3: you mean, callback from ClipboardWindow?07:50
rickspencer3didrocks, well, in C you can set_with_data, where you tell the clipboard "hey, I can give other apps this list of types of things to paste"07:50
rickspencer3and you give it a callback function07:50
pittiGtk.Clipboard is supposed to be introspectable; it's not unlikely that there are bugs there, of course07:51
rickspencer3then when another app asks to paste, it calls your callback function and you figure out what kind of data the other app wants and paste it what it wants07:51
rickspencer3hey pitti07:51
pittirickspencer3: so, no off-hand idea, I never tried using the clipboard (in any language)07:51
didrocksrickspencer3: doesn't seem to have any example of gtk_clipboard_request_image in pygi world. Should work like any other introspectable data as pitti tells (so clipboard.request_image()…) but not sure if Nathan_S can convert it himself :)07:53
rickspencer3didrocks, well, not all the functions are on the clipboard object07:54
rickspencer3notably,  set_with_data is missing07:55
didrocksrickspencer3: set_data ?07:57
rickspencer3didrocks, nope, that function is for setting the data that will get pasted07:58
rickspencer3it has set_text, set_image, and set_data07:58
rickspencer3set_text and set_image are just conveniences for set_data, set_data is flexible, you can put in whatever string you want07:58
didrocksweird, there are set_text and set_image, but not set_data in the gtk3 C documentation07:59
didrocks<method name="set_with_data"08:01
didrocks              c:identifier="gtk_clipboard_set_with_data"08:01
didrocks              introspectable="0">08:02
didrocksthat's why it's not in ^08:02
rickspencer3thanks didrocks08:02
rickspencer3didrocks, that's too bad, because it really limits the copy functionality for an app08:03
didrocksthat's the commit limiting it ^08:04
didrockshey seb12808:04
rickspencer3didrocks, thanks a million for pointing to those Python gi tutorials08:04
seb128lut didrocks, ca va ?08:04
didrocksrickspencer3: yw ;) /me goes back to writing tests ;)08:05
didrocksseb128: ça va bien, et toi?08:05
seb128didrocks, ca va bien !08:05
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rickspencer3wow, that was really annoying, on that note08:12
* rickspencer3 gets some exercise08:12
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seb128pitti, hey, do you remember who had the versions' script credential?09:47
seb128pitti, Robert sent me an email "09:47
seb128The versions script seems to have lost authorization to access LP - was09:47
seb128there a trick we did to give it access to a particular user?"09:47
pittiseb128: we can just delete and recreate it, I guess09:48
pittibut I wonder why it wouldn't work with anonymous09:48
pittioh, for accessing the upload queue, I think09:48
seb128pitti, I don't remember the details now, but at some point we did hit an acl issue IIRC09:49
seb128pitti, recreate it ... do you remember what account we used? was that the same as the retracer ones? I think you did put the acl in place by then09:49
pittiseb128: I just used mine09:49
seb128pitti, ok, I guess I can do that as well ... I guess you need to run versions on your box and copy a file over, do you remember which one?09:50
pittiseb128: no, I run it on the remote box, and then just clicked on the link that lplib prints09:50
pittiauth in firefox09:50
pittiand then it should just work09:50
seb128pitti, ok09:55
seb128pitti, thanks09:55
mhr3seb128, do all of ubuntu's binaries have buildid?09:58
Sweetsharkhi there10:02
seb128mhr3, what do you call "buildid"?10:02
seb128hey Sweetshark10:02
mhr3seb128, $ file `which gedit`10:03
mhr3/usr/bin/gedit: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=0x7253aee73f4f50cdf9331f1585c605b68ad6fe40, stripped10:03
pittimhr3: I doubt it; it was introduced not too long ago, I figure many binaries don't yet10:03
pittibut I guess everything we actually care about (because we upload it often) does10:04
mhr3pitti, i see, and is there a simple-ish way to go from the buildid to package+version?10:04
pittinone that is known to me10:05
mhr3would be swell10:05
pittiwe don't keep a record of package+version -> buildid10:05
mhr3building such db shouldn't be too big of an issue though10:05
seb128mhr3, what problem do you try to solve?10:05
mhr3but i'm just thinking out loud :)10:06
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* Sweetshark gets a hanging build on amd64 since of late, but I am not seeing that on my local pbuilder -- any hints what might be different?10:07
seb128not really...10:08
* Sweetshark loves ddwrt.10:17
seb128Sweetshark, how is lo 3.6 to quantal going?10:19
Sweetsharkseb128: i have this build hanging on amd64 in the subsequentcheck, which is new and only happens on the buildd. other than that its looking fine.10:22
Sweetsharkseb128: the i386 build of beta3 finished in https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-quantaltest-20120601/+build/3648270 and I will test upgrade to that one in a VM today.10:23
seb128Sweetshark, ok, great10:24
Sweetsharkseb128: locally I am right now building 3.6.0~rc1 which was tagged yesterday.10:24
jp_wanNhey there, I recently read this document https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-q-system-compositor and now I want to try out using the new system compositor10:35
jp_wanNI've got nouveau, so that shouldn't be the problem. but could I get problems with the X-edgers ppa?10:36
jp_wanNI'll just try it, I'll reinstall my system in a few days anyway10:41
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didrocksok, session migration tool done, tests written for all modes \o/11:23
didrocksjust need packaging now11:23
seb128didrocks, \o/11:42
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dobeymvo: hey. why is software-center packaged without the "-0Ubuntu1" or even a "-1" but just the plain upstream version #?12:47
Laneyit's a native package12:49
dobeyLaney: right. but why is it built that way?12:56
Laneybecaue an upstream release is a release into ubuntu, presumably12:57
seb128dobey, http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq#What_is_the_difference_between_a_native_Debian_package_and_a_non-native_package.3F13:00
mlankhorstgetting a lot of practice with debian packaging now13:00
seb128dobey, but usually native packages are used for distro specific tools where people don't want to bother rolling upstream tarball (think ubiquity for example)13:01
Laneyfakeroot mlankhorst clean13:01
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mterrychrisccoulson, w000 congrats on the baby13:04
seb128Laney, btw I reconsidered a bit my position for the g-s-d and g-c-c updates I think13:07
seb128Laney, it seems easy enough to copy the ubuntu precise's code for the keyboard indicator to make an appindicator, I did a prototype in an hour yesterday, I didn't try to do a proper system indicator but it was working13:08
seb128Laney, so I think we can just get away with that13:09
Laneyin a separate source?13:09
seb128Laney, I'm still unsure about the ibus GNOME crap though13:09
seb128and desrt "hihi" makes me want to reconsider :p13:09
seb128I'm tired of GNOME being regression happy, I might jut suggest we stay one cycle behind starting next cycle in fact13:09
Laneywhy don't you start a discussion on the ml and see?13:09
seb128Laney, yeah, I'm trying to get a good view of where we stand before starting the discussion to help directing it ;-)13:10
seb128Laney, @separate source, no13:10
desrtseb128: i already told you the solution to this problem13:10
seb128desrt, hire 50 peoples to fix GNOME bugs13:10
seb128desrt, I'm not in charge of HR though :p13:11
desrtseb128: go on vacation13:11
desrtseb128: it'll be fixed when you get back :p13:11
seb128desrt, I doubt it13:11
desrti don't13:11
* desrt doesn't expect gnome .0 release that doesn't compile13:11
seb128desrt, there are still GNOME 3.4 annoying bugs and segfaults nobody care about, that quality issue is not going to magically solve itself13:11
seb128desrt, there are several aspect about that problem13:12
seb128desrt, they confirmed yesterday that 3.6 might have regression for some users13:12
desrtwho are they?13:12
seb128desrt, the usual "let's rewrite, get 75% done, regress for 25%, and deal with those later"13:12
seb128desrt, release-team13:12
seb128desrt, they had their meeting yesterday13:12
seb128desrt, btw they skept the nautilus discussion and the "what is GNOME"13:13
mlankhorstLaney: well I don't use fakeroot directly, just updating all the X packages for x 1.1313:13
seb128desrt, I'm very disappointed :-(13:13
desrtseb128: skipped?13:13
seb128sorry :p13:13
desrtas in, they'll have it next meeting?13:13
seb128desrt, they just went through the non controversial features13:13
seb128desrt, they said "let's discuss it on the lists"13:13
seb128desrt, let's see how that goes, everybody loves list discussions :p13:14
* desrt will have some interesting talks today, surely13:14
desrtseb128: where do they publish the minutes?13:14
seb128desrt, I don't know, I joined the channel to follow the meeting since I was interested in it13:14
desrti didn't know that was permitted13:14
desrtdo you have a log?13:15
seb128desrt, people.canonical.com/~seb128/GimpNet-%23release-team.log13:15
seb128you can add http:// in front13:16
desrtseb128: this is in french!13:16
desrtseb128: in any case, i'm not too surprised13:16
desrtseb128: the release team is not a political organisation13:16
desrti want them to be more political, but the fact is that they're not13:17
seb128right, the minutes have13:18
seb128Recent discussions about Nautilus13:18
seb128We'll talk about it on the mailing list. jjardon will send an email."13:18
seb128they don't mention the "what is GNOME"13:18
seb128they also didn't tool an official stance on gstreamer1 one, shrug :-(13:19
seb128desrt, shrug, that's another thing I don't like about GNOME atm13:26
seb128desrt, cf #gnome-hackers, nobody is able to tell you if GNOME 3.6 will use gstreamer0.10 or 1.0 or both13:27
seb128desrt, it's like "whatever we will ship whatever we get"13:27
desrtseb128: seems that the answer is 1.013:27
desrt09:23 < fredp> all signs indicate they will be ported.13:27
desrtyes, there is a possibility that it won't happen on time13:27
desrtbut what do you expect?13:27
desrtthis is software -- and much of it developed by volunteers, no less13:28
desrtand all of it with loose coordination13:29
desrtyou're not going to get a better answer than "we'll try our best"13:29
seb128desrt, it would help to state intentions clearly, rather than waving hands and seeing "yeah, it looks like it might happen"13:29
desrtit seems like you want "it will happen, or we will punish those who are at fault"13:29
seb128desrt, nobody is saying "we will try", people just say "it seems people are working on that"13:29
desrtseb128: it's a gnome goal and they're sending an announcement to ask people to port their modules13:30
seb128desrt, like Ubuntu stated python3 only for this cycle, we might not get to it but we made it a clear public stated goal for the cycle13:30
desrti'm not sure what else they could do?13:30
seb128desrt, let's not start on a such discussion today ;-)13:31
desrti keep my statements about your vacation :)13:31
seb128desrt, I'm leaning on the "we should stay one release behind because there is just too much flux an bugs and uncertainty in GNOME unstable cycles"13:32
desrtthere is not enough here to be getting stressed over13:32
seb128desrt, but I will push for that next cycle13:32
seb128so we have time for discussion13:32
desrtseb128: i will be there to fight you, of course :)13:32
seb128good ;-)13:32
seb128desrt, but I don't think you have strong arguments, you most summarized it "this is software -- and much of it developed by volunteers, no less and all of it with loose coordination"13:33
seb128desrt, which seems incompatible with our goals in Ubuntu about no regression, quality, etc13:33
seb128like for what we want I think it really makes sense to be one cycle behind and focus on fixing bugs13:33
desrtseb128: it seems that every cycle you're having worries and in the end things work out mostly okay13:33
seb128desrt, no they don't, we have a nightmare unstable cycle trying to keep up with regression to just reach "ok" quality at the end of the cycle13:34
desrti don't think the quality of precise substantially suffered as a result of gnome upstream not taking quality seriously13:34
seb128desrt, when we don't finish with big revert patches and breaking gnome-shell13:34
desrtseb128: those big-revert patches are hardly gnome's fault13:34
seb128desrt, I'm not saying there is only GNOME at fault, but keeping up with the bugs and regression from the unstable cycle let us no time to deal with the integration issues like that13:35
desrtit's my understanding that compiz will be properly up to snuff this cycle13:35
desrtso we can stop mega-reverting all the gsettings stuff13:35
seb128desrt, I'm about the mega reverting the ibus stuff :-(13:38
desrtyou're right.  we should stop talking about this :)13:38
chrisccoulsonmterry, thanks :)13:45
desrtseb128: i went and did some research on the ibus issue13:49
desrtseb128: the patch is 2 lines and upstream has already agreed to take it13:49
desrtthe maintainer was on vacation until yesterday which is why it seemed like there was no progress13:50
seb128desrt, what patch, the new minimal approch, or the "let's do dbus activation and async calls"13:50
desrtthe one allowing for dbus activation13:50
desrtit's just one function call: ibus now acquires a bus name on startup13:51
desrtso now it can be bus-activated on that name (and gnome provides the service file)13:51
desrtit's a bit weird that the service file gets to be separate...13:51
seb128desrt, GimpNet-#control-center.log:juil. 11 18:51:40 <rtcm>hadess: yes, the ibus maintainer didn't like the patches much, although I'm still going to try and convince him because it really is the most elegant way13:51
seb128desrt, that was the discussion from yesterday13:51
seb128desrt, I think you just looked at the "let's do it in hackish way until the reach patches get reviewed" ones13:52
desrtseb128: i'm looking at http://code.google.com/p/ibus/issues/detail?id=1476#c513:52
desrtlooks like everyone gets what they need13:52
seb128desrt, anyway it's not really revelant to the discussion13:53
seb128it's one of the things on the list and the one that concerns me least13:53
desrti thought you were worried about ibus13:53
desrtwell, it's one more thing you can take off your list13:53
seb128desrt, I'm worried that they dropped the gtkstatusicon and regressed for non gnome-shell session in 3.5.2 (and probably gnome-shell) as well before getting anything in place13:54
seb128desrt, I'm worried that they said they might not have time this cycle to bring back a solution for non shell sessions13:54
desrtseb128: maybe we could help13:54
seb128desrt, I'm worried that the ibus way has feature regressions or lacks we don't know about because none of us use those input methods13:55
desrtseb128: afaik this is only about configuration... we're not actually changing how the input methods work13:55
seb128desrt, and that we (desktop team, unity team) will get in trouble because it turns to be an issue for $oem at release time that we didn't detect13:55
seb128desrt, well, libgnomekbd and libxklavier got dropped, and ibus is used for keyboard layout and input methods at the same time13:55
seb128desrt, some people on d-d-l seems concerned that this integration also means you can't anymore use other input framework and it seems in some cases it's needed because ibus doesn't cover everything13:56
desrtseb128: the feature page mentions that you could disable the g-s-d backend in that case13:57
seb128desrt, there is just lot of uncertainty there and I've not enough clue about the domain to guaranty we will not regress in something that is important13:57
seb128desrt, right, mclasen pointed to rtcm that disabling the plugin would disable any keyboard integration, including stuff like compose key handling, numlock status, delay, sticky keys, etc13:58
seb128desrt, so that's far from ideal13:58
bcurtiswxis it just me or are the repos slow lately14:03
bcurtiswxmy apt-get upgrade is taking a long time14:03
seb128bcurtiswx, try another mirror?14:05
micahgseb128: about the indicator-session bug, I"m not sure how to debug14:06
bcurtiswxseb128, us and main have been slow lately14:06
micahgit seems like I have a 50/50 chance of hitting it on reboot14:06
seb128micahg, printfs in the code? ;-)14:07
micahgseb128: ah, you mean programmer level debugging :)14:07
micahgseb128: ok, will try to get to it at some point14:08
seb128micahg, thanks14:08
micahgseb128: it's annoying because it causes lightdm to delay when the screen is locked by about a minute14:09
seb128micahg, there must be something special about your setup14:11
seb128micahg, we got a bug like that in the past when there was > 8 users but that got fixed14:11
seb128micahg, do you have a crazy number of users or something?14:11
micahgwell, it was a system76 preinstall upgraded from maverick -> natty -> oneiric -> precise14:12
micahgwhich should certainly be supported, the other weird thing is I have xubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop installed as well, but I'm running in unity-2d14:12
bcurtiswxmicahg, theres no way anything went wrong with those upgrades! ;)14:12
micahgbcurtiswx: of course not, our release upgrades are perfect, that's why everyone can upgrade to the LTS at release...oh..wait a minute :), what's this 12.04.1 :)14:15
micahgseb128: when is 12.04.1 freeze?14:20
seb128micahg, end of july14:21
micahgseb128: as in Jul 26 or Jul 31 :)14:21
Laneyhas the dates14:22
micahgah,was looking at the release schedule page, right, the interlock14:23
micahgooh, even better, final freeze is Aug 1614:24
seb128micahg, like august 314:24
seb128micahg, oh, sorry, yeah I was speaking about "desktop freeze", like for unity, libs, etc14:24
seb128micahg, the first half of august will be to get everything to settle down14:25
micahgseb128: well, I'm hoping this is bug fix level though, but yeah, I can hopefully find time before the end of the month to poke a little (don't know if that'll be enough though)14:25
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seb128didrocks, mterry: is bug #949575 good to go? i.e just waiting on something to pull the package in main?14:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 949575 in gtest "[MIR] gtest" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94957514:44
mterryseb128, yeah it just had the wrong status14:45
seb128mterry, ok, thanks14:45
didrocksI had concerned about the "well maintained in debian" as we needed newer version and last time I checked, we were not in sync14:46
didrocksbut I think it's ok for a testing tool :)14:46
mptdidrocks, hey, got a few minutes to talk about the upgrading user configuration again?14:51
didrocksmpt: hum, I'm about to have a hangout right now for an hour. I'm free afterwards14:55
mptdidrocks, ok, let's do it tomorrow14:55
didrocksmpt: sure14:57
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dupondjeseb128, or anyone else knowing this: the slider issue (do to hack removed in GTK+) is still affecting volume slider in g-c-c, this will get fixed soon or? :)17:01
seb128dupondje, that seems a pretty minor issue, it will be solved, the g-c-c update is blocked on compiz-gsettings to land and a few other things17:05
dupondjeit is :) just needs to get fixed before october :D17:06
bcurtiswxhow do most of you setup, Precise installed, Quantal VM? Quantal Installed, Precise VM? etc..?17:06
seb128bcurtiswx, multiple machines and pbuilders17:08
dupondjeI'm just running quantal on my laptop :)17:08
seb128I'm working on the LTS .1 so still on precise atm17:09
seb128but usually I upgrade my work machine to the current unstable serie17:09
seb128and let my old laptop to stable17:09
seb128and I've a netbook I use for test installs and other stuff17:09
seb128vms work as well though ;-)17:09
bcurtiswxhmm, i have a 32GB flash drive USB3 that i'm buying. Is that enough to test Quantal builds on? or not recommended17:10
didrockswaow, my tests are failing when building the package, I can see no link with what is happening :)17:27
didrocksok got it17:32
* didrocks huges his testsuite17:32
didrocksso, the gboolean, when building manually (even using cmake) the source is always set to "FALSE" by default17:33
didrocksbut, in the packaging environment (bzr bd), it's TRUE17:33
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* didrocks waves good evening18:00
micahghi kenvandine, just wondering how you got a source package for chromium :)18:58
kenvandinea slight fix/hack for chromium-translation-tools from alex-abreu_18:58
kenvandinehe is still fixing it, but will propose a branch soon18:59
micahgkenvandine: ok, great18:59
kenvandinethe problem was upstream changed the xml a bit18:59
micahgkenvandine: BTW, we can't use libvpx-dev in the stable releases FWIW, so that should be reverted in the future, also why is subversion a build dep?19:00
micahgkenvandine: BTW, thanks for getting this all sorted19:00
kenvandinemicahg, something in the build process runs svnversion19:00
kenvandinedebian added that too19:00
kenvandineok, we'll have to figure out how we can remove libvpx-dev19:01
micahgkenvandine: orly?  that sounds wrong...but ok, about libvpx-dev, there's a flag that was set in debian/rules to use the bundled version19:01
kenvandineok, i'll investigate that19:02
micahgkenvandine: I'll merge everything in next week either when I pilot or later19:02
micahgkenvandine: please propose merges with the changes19:02
kenvandinemicahg, i did :)19:02
micahgkenvandine: thanks, I saw one, maybe my e-mail is just behind19:02
kenvandinemicahg, no... it's the same branch so the MP just updated19:02
micahgah, ok19:03
kenvandineat least we are current now :)19:03
kenvandineand it builds on all arches :-D19:03
micahgkenvandine: powerpc too?19:03
kenvandineoh... not sure about that19:03
kenvandinethe PPA i was using didn't have powerpc19:03
kenvandinebut armel and armhf :-p19:03
micahgok, well, don't worry about that, it doesn't work in Debian either19:03
micahgthat's great news, awesome work19:04
kenvandinemicahg, thx19:07
seb128mterry, still there?19:26
mterryseb128, yup19:27
seb128mterry, bug #98106219:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 981062 in libgphoto2 "gphoto fails to download image from camera" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98106219:27
seb128mterry, the changelog lacks a # between "lp: " and the bug number19:27
mterryseb128, guh, didn't notice19:28
seb128mterry, which means the bug is not listed as fixed which will screw the SRU tracking19:28
seb128mterry, can you fix it or do you want me to do it?19:28
mterryseb128, I can.  I believe that I don't have to bump the version, right?19:28
seb128mterry, just reupload, I'm rejecting the one in the queue19:28
seb128mterry, so yeah, you can reuse the same number, the queue doesn't care, you can have the same version uploaded 5 times19:29
seb128mterry, which is a bit annoying because it means that during freeze times you might not notice a conflict in uploads19:29
seb128mterry, btw in case you are not totally done with sponsoring, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udisks/+bug/1022497 seems easy and is coming from the hw-enablement guys19:31
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1022497 in udisks "udisks does not support Realtek rts5992 SD/MMC card readers." [Undecided,New]19:31
mterryseb128, fixed, thanks19:32
seb128mterry, thanks ;-)19:32
mterryseb128, oh, OK.  I can pick it up19:32
seb128mterry, thanks a lot ;-)19:32
mterryseb128, thanks for the catch19:32
seb128no worry19:32
seb128I will not push my luck further but annoy the next pilot :p19:32
seb128RAOF, hey, I see you pilot tomorrow, bug #1014460 might be nice to get it, pitti acked it as a good solution for a SRU and the hw-enablement guys care about it19:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1014460 in udev "Touchpad sometimes not working upon system startup" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101446019:33
seb128kenvandine, if you ever get to upload chromium again please look at https://code.launchpad.net/~matttbe/chromium-browser/lp1013171/+merge/11305519:34
seb128kenvandine, it's a python3 fix for the apport hook19:35
seb128kenvandine, shame we missed that upload you just did ;-)19:35
kenvandinei'll probably do another one soon dropping the libvpx deb19:36
seb128kenvandine, great ;-)19:39
dobeyis "screen blanking" on quantal supposed to just show a big grey rectangle as my screen?19:53
mterrypitti, is udisks going to be updated again for quantal?19:54
seb128dobey, no, what gnome-screensaver version do you use?19:55
seb128mterry, he's likely after eod, I'm sure he will be happy to get a fix in debian so we can sync if that's the question19:55
seb128mterry, especially that the coming debian release will use udisk119:55
mterryseb128, yeah, just curious what the eta was19:56
dobeyseb128: 3.4.1-0ubuntu3 is what is installed19:56
seb128mterry, likely "when there is a change requiring an upload"19:56
seb128dobey, hum, k, 3.4.2 has issues like that with our theme but didn't get uploaded, so your issue is not known19:56
mterryseb128, uploaded, with comment in bug19:57
seb128mterry, thanks!19:57
dobeyseb128: hrmm. this  is a clean quantal install (i just installed it yesterday), though i copied my home directory back in from the previous install. and right now updating it is hosed due to python3 postinst breakage19:58
jbichadobey: I get the grey/white screen-blank on screen lock too for a second or two before it shows the normal lock screen20:03
jbichaon quantal20:03
dobeyjbicha: by normal lock screen you mean the unlock dialog?20:03
jbichayeah, so it's more than a second or two20:04
dobeyjbicha: this is showing me the grey when unlock dialog isn't shown (and shouldn't be). if it times out, it just goes all grey20:05
jbicharight, same here20:06
dobeyjbicha: and you have the 3.4.1 package, not 3.4.2 right?20:15
ricotzdobey, this seems to be problem related to gnome-shell which gets fixed with gnome-screensaver 3.4.220:18
dobeyricotz: this is under unity, not gnome-shell, where i'm seeing the problem20:18
ricotzdobey, ok, this is actually gnome-screensaver issue using gtk3 wrong20:20
dobeywell as long as i'm not the only one seeing it :)20:20
ricotzdobey, you can update to 3.4.2, but it is suppose to create issues with unity/light-themes afaik20:21
dobeyricotz: well i can't really update anything right now20:22
dobeypython3 has foobared apt20:22
ricotzhuh, apt isnt using python20:23
mdeslaurmy quantal VM broke while updating also...the python3 package won't configure20:24
jbichadobey: yeah 3.4.1-0ubuntu420:24
dobeyricotz: no, it's failing to install it20:24
dobeyricotz: the postinst is broken, so lots of packages are left unconfigured at the moment as a result20:25
ricotzhmm, didnt notice anything failing to install here20:25
ricotzdobey, python3 3.2.3-2 ?20:26
dobeyricotz: yes20:26
ricotzis installed fine here20:26
dobeywell lucky you then :)20:26
ricotzis probably triggered by some other python package20:27
dobeyrtupdate postinst for python3 seems to be calling py3clean with wrong args20:28

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