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LaneyHow do new channels get registered?08:58
LaneyMainly I want to get the log bot and ubottu.08:58
DJonesFor ubuntulog you need to send an email to <rt AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com> to open a support request09:01
Laneypretty sure it needs to be registered first though?09:02
DJonesGive me a sec, there's a good page on registering channels, just need to find the link09:03
Laneyback in a bit.09:05
DJonesLaney: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels09:05
AlanBellLaney: what is the channel name?09:14
DJonesI get the impression that the channel hasn't been registered yet09:15
AlanBellsure, but it can exist before it is registered09:16
AlanBelland the name can be a twinkle in Laney's eye well before it gets created ;)09:16
LaneyAlanBell: #ubuntu+1-maint09:46
Laneyam I supposed to do this registration or can IRC people handle it?09:46
LaneyI'm not massively interested in owning it …09:46
AlanBellwoah, totally missread that as #ubuntu+1-mint09:46
AlanBellstaff, can I have ops in #ubuntu+1-maint to register it please09:48
Tm_TI wonder what's this new channel for10:19
Laney12/07 11:20:08 -!- Topic for #ubuntu+1-maint: Maintenance of the next Ubuntu release | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlusOneMaintenanceTeam10:20
Tm_Thmm, different from +1 is that it's strictly packaging related channel?10:21
Laneyit is a developer channel, yes10:22
nhandlerAlanBell: You should be all set. Sorry for the delay13:51
AlanBellthanks nhandler14:00
lubotu3In lubotu3, Vip_freenode said: What is you name?16:05
genii-aroundSo there's no lubuntu-ops-monitor or so?17:01
Unit193Nor xubuntu.17:03
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genii-aroundUnit193: OK, just wondering!17:06
Unit193Aye, and it's good.17:07
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LaneyAlanBell: all sorted from your end?18:05
AlanBellLaney: give or take18:05
Laneyshould I RT it up?18:06
AlanBellyeah, go on, we will run with that for now18:06
AlanBellthere is a possibility that it might be better off in #ubuntu-*18:07
AlanBellbut as we have to sort out #ubuntu+1 anyhow lets run with where it is for now18:07
Laneymoving it would be a pain in the bum18:07
AlanBellyeah I appreciate that18:07
Laneycould we just register it 'unofficially'?18:07
Laneyoutside of that group namespace business18:07
PiciWe'd need to get everyone out of the channel to do that.18:08
PiciWhich is often troublesome.18:08
Laneyto register it?18:08
Laneyor to move it18:09
PiciTo register it.18:09
Laneyit's already done.18:09
PiciI misunderstood, ignore me ;)18:09
LaneyI'm just asking if we can opt out of the bureaucracy18:10
Laneyit's probably to protect rogue people registering #ubuntu-* channels18:10
AlanBellI registered it with chanserv and set up the list18:10
AlanBellwe can't opt out of the beurocracy for channels that start with #18:11
AlanBellbut we can beg for a bit of time and forgiveness as the group registration system isn't operational at the moment18:11
* Laney wibbles18:12
MyrttiLaney: historically it was for your own good, if the Founder of the channel goes the winter way, then if the channel is not in the official namespace, and the channel reverts to freenode-staff, it has been somewhat troublesome to establish the proper ownership of the channel if the naming isn't clear and in the right namespace18:47
Myrttiand it would make things a lot easier if you would have picked another name for it, for example #ubuntu-next-maint or #ubuntu-grumpy-maint or #ubuntu-groundhog-maint or whatever18:47
Myrttis/would make/would have made/18:48
Laneywasn't me wot picked it.18:48
LaneyI guess AlanBell added the IRC council team wotsit to the access list though, so any bus factor concerns should be dealt with18:48
MyrttiI wasn't talking about you personally, but about you as a collective and people running it18:48
Laneyprobably, but most people aren't as well versed with the rules as you folk18:49
Myrttiyes, I know, which is why it would have been nice if this channel and/or council would have been consulted before making the channel18:50
Myrttiand this is my opinion personally18:50
LaneySo the reserved namespace is useful if you want to be able to take over channels for whatever reason18:51
Laneybut when it's registered properly then I don't see why the name matters18:51
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AlanBellLaney: it isn't the end of the world, but we try to keep things tidy and avoid extra work for ourselves and freenode, in this instance it helped us discover some stuff we should already have done really19:56
Laneyok then19:57
* Laney fades away19:57
Laneythanks for the help19:57

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