Shadow__Xi am trying to install jw player in backendip:6544 under 3rd party software but when i do it keeps asking for a username and password. When it try to use my main username the prompt keeps coming back05:20
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tgm4883Shadow__X, Did you try your mythtv username and password?13:27
Zinn[www.smbc-comics.com] Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal13:41
RagingComputersry, wrong window13:42
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kruzaynI am having trouble getting channels to show in Mythbuntu.  Ive got a few but the rest dont show for me (US, tried a w_scan to channels which didnt work, tried a scan to channels.conf which didnt add them either.)  really stumped and could use some guidance19:55
rhpot1991kruzayn: what tuner?19:57
kruzaynHvr 225020:05
kruzaynI think i had them at one point, but was having trouble with "watch tv" and deleted all my channels.  I still have a ton of transports listed but only around 10 channels.  I should have over 7020:07
Memorex636any one around able to help with a set up? im confused with video source setup23:41
dekarlMemorex636: just ask, maybe someone knows the answer. But it sounds like its a generic mythtv question that can go to #mythtv-users (more people in there)23:54

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