ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from wawowe)01:39
elkychu, c'mon man01:40
bazhangsome reason we are allowing him to continue?01:40
chuDo you think he's broken any rules though elky? :/01:40
elkyhe started acusing moocow of prostitution01:41
Picichu: be aware that he was heavily trolling earlier today01:41
chuMmm, yeah, ok.01:42
PiciSo, I would take everything he says with a grain of salt the size of a bus.01:42
chuelky: I wasn't really sure, I didn't want to explicitly *say* anything to him about it, on the off-chance he would think it was ok and keep going with it01:42
elkyWhat brings you here?01:44
wawowewell. it just so happens that i've been banned01:45
wawowean i relize i was slightly uncool towards the boss, but..01:45
wawoweno uncool enough to be slapped down01:46
elkywawowe, i think it was mostly your persistence in being uncool.01:47
wawowewell what about my off-topic ban01:47
wawoweis that gonna go away anytime soon?01:47
wawowecuz it's been there for a couple months01:48
elkyI don't think i am familiar with that one01:48
wawoweo snap i'm banned01:49
wawowetried to join #ubuntu-offtopic01:49
wawowei would like to be persistently uncool, if that's aloud01:50
wawoweeven in the support channel01:50
bazhangit's not01:50
wawoweof course, i won't support cursing01:50
wawoweand being funny with ops01:50
bazhangmuch more than that.01:50
bazhangbeing continually offtopic, unhelpful, and abusive towards others01:51
wawoweoh yes, i know. we can't have that01:51
wawowebut i'd like to see evidence of my offtopic/unhelpfulness01:52
bazhang!1984 | wawowe01:52
ubottuwawowe: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/01:52
wawoweshould i copy and paste my case?01:53
bazhangwawowe, the ban wont be lifted.01:53
wawowecan you tell me your reason?01:54
wawowejust for fun01:54
elkyThere are other places on freenode to be uncool. #defocus for one.01:54
bazhangyou failure to follow the guidelines of the channel, and the code of conduct in ubuntu channels, for one01:54
wawowei was at least helping people, while being uncool01:54
wawowei didn't really go "that" far01:55
elkyYou can help people in other places. askubuntu.com for example01:55
wawowei don't really need help01:55
wawowejust wanted to help01:55
elkyPerhaps you should re-read what i said, then.01:56
wawowewhich time01:56
elkyYou'll figure it out.01:56
wawowewhat does it take to become an op here?01:57
ubottuIf you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.01:57
bazhangwawowe, you  clearly have no intention of taking this seriously. Please exit the channel01:58
elkyBeing banned from our channels sort of disqualifies you.01:58
wawowebazhang: i'm an op of several other channels.. just wondering01:59
wawowei actually would have more interest in taking over these channels01:59
wawowethan formally becoming an op01:59
IdleOnewanting to take over IMHO disqualifies you...never mind02:00
bazhangtaking over?02:00
elkyGood luck to him on that.02:00
ubottuL3top called the ops in #ubuntu (sjork)05:15
chujussi: He was doing it in #ubuntu earlier too. (see ubottu's message above)06:15
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ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()06:39
elkychu, was that your first?06:40
IdleOnethat was a worthy first06:40
chu(That's why it took so long for me to work out what was going on)06:41
chuI now need to talk to ubottu about it!06:41
Tm_Tchu: councilor to make sure there's no trauma left07:03
elkyif you have trauma from kicking a spammer, opping ain't for you ;)07:46
elkyThere, counselling done. :D07:46
ikonia@mark #ubuntu qubits using backtrack, serious issue, trying to get help in #ubuntu08:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:23
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, Darkened said: ubottu,my issue is that I have no sound at all Running Ubuntu 10.04 LTC Lucid my output is a onbaord Realtek ALC655 sound port with two satalite Philips desk speakers09:38
LjLjudging from what a few people are saying now in #ubuntu, i'm not sure why we have #ubuntu11:00
ikoniawhat's up ?11:00
LjLfidel and ok_ bashing fellow because they need to "spend five minutes to understand how apt works" - when the reality seems to be that an APT command that should work just fine, doesn't11:02
ikoniawhy is he using apt rather than the gui if he's not comfortable with apt ?11:02
Tm_TLjL: unacceptable, the channel is for support, not telling "you should learn" (:11:02
Tm_T"rtfm" kind of11:03
ikoniawell, it's not unacceptable to tell someone they are going to have to learn if they are going to continue to use these commands11:04
ikoniamore so as the user is saying "not got time to learn"11:04
LjLikonia: why would he use the GUI if he's not comfortable with it?11:04
LjLnot like because something is CLI it magically needs more comfortability to use11:04
ikoniaLjL: use the gui if he's not comfortable with apt11:04
Tm_Tikonia: yes, but the way it's been told makes me think "rtfm"11:04
ikoniaTm_T: I wasn't reading so I don't know the context, I'm trying to read back now11:04
ikoniaeither way, it seems the issue was the sources, which he should be helped to fix11:06
LjLi'm doing that11:06
ikoniaso I see11:07
Tm_Tikonia: and that's the difference, telling people "go learn basics" or actually help them (:11:08
ikoniablindly helping them isn't always good either11:09
ikoniait's got to be measured11:09
Tm_Tone can say "it's good to learn basics first" in a good way too11:09
LjLwell to me the person didn't show any particularly glaring lack of understanding of the "basics of apt"11:09
ikoniaLjL: not that I see, he was just confused why it wasn't working11:10
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FuchsPici: thanks, I think that was also what I mentioned / recommended 2 days ago, since he usually is logged in18:49
PiciFuchs: yep18:49

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