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jamespagegema, I think the tomcat smoke tests should sort themselves out tomorrow - I updated the last bit today...16:37
jamespagesorry thats taken so long - its been a bit of a learning exercise for me!16:37
gemajamespage: no problem! one think less to worry about :D16:41
gemajamespage: in any case, you made it to my release report16:41
* jamespage hopes that was in a good way :-)16:41
gemajamespage: haha, the bug, but yeah, I will mention your rescuing of jenkins too16:41
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me4oslavcr3 are you here? :) I have a new home screen banner for you :P20:38
roadmrme4oslav: hi! well you could add it to your existing merge request and resubmit (just add a comment to the MR explaining the changes and select "resubmit" in the "type" dropbox)21:10
me4oslavroadmr I know :) I will do that, I was just making cr3's irc blinking :)21:11
roadmrme4oslav: oh, sneaky :)21:11
cr3me4oslav: I've become immune to blinking from ignoring roadmr all the time :)21:12
me4oslavcr3 lol! :D cheeky21:13
cr3me4oslav: seriously though, please feel free to add to your existing merge request and resubmit. I have to admit that I haven't made much progress since yesterday, it's been merge request galore lately21:14
me4oslavcr3, sure doing it after 5 min :)21:14
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me4oslavcr3 roadmr - done :) https://code.launchpad.net/~kokoto-java/checkbox/new-QT-home-screen/+merge/114021 (the diff is still updating) BTW: new baner: http://i.imgur.com/7vjZf.png21:25
cr3me4oslav: dude, you've gone wild with the effects!21:31
me4oslavcr3, what effects? :)21:31
roadmrcr3: tbh I like it, it sidesteps the "clickable icons" issue21:32
cr3me4oslav: s/effects/graphics/21:34
cr3roadmr: absolutely, I had forgotten about that problem!21:34
me4oslavbtw, cr3 the banner isn't mine. A guy on Google+ designed it (as written in the commit) And I happen to agree with roadmr, it does fix the "clickable icons" issue. When i first fired checkbox qt I did tried to click the banner icons -_-21:34
cr3me4oslav: we had a very productive session about the checkbox user experience during the last UDS, I think everyone agreed on that problem :)21:37
me4oslavcr3 great, now I feel even worse that I haven't been at any UDS :D21:39
cr3me4oslav: but, it's as if you were there though since you also agree :)21:40
me4oslavcr3 Yup :) Clicking pointlessly on them for like 30 sec was fun, through :D21:40
cr3me4oslav: if you had to click 30 secs to finally realize you couldn't, maybe there's a reason why you weren't at UDS :)21:41
me4oslavcr3 - yes, I over think super small details. Had to be sure that they weren't clickabe, so P clicked and clicked and clicked ... :P21:43
cr3me4oslav: that actually sounds like a cool super power, good to see you're using it for good rather than evil21:45
cr3need to jet, cheerio folks!21:48

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