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MCR1didrocks: Hi. Short question: How many viewports/workspaces does Ubuntu/Unity support (I remember reading something about 6 in the code, but am not sure) ?08:41
didrocksMCR1: nothing hardcoded, can be whatever value you want08:41
seb128MCR1, I don't think there is a limitation?08:41
MCR1ok, thx 4 the info08:41
MCR1seb128: I am not sure, but flying over the code I read something about 6 or so, so I thought I'd better ask - 4 are default, yes ?08:42
seb128MCR1, 4 are default yes08:43
MCR1seb128: Thx. & thx 4 your comment on my reduce-png-filesizes merge proposal... :)08:45
seb128MCR1, yw ;-)08:45
MCR1Another question: Could someone approve me here: https://launchpad.net/~unity-design/+members#proposed08:46
seb128MCR1, seems like dbarth is admin for that team and he's on holidays until the end of week, might have to wait for monday...08:50
MCR1seb128: Ok, thx. Np.08:52
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apware we aware of some indicator menus having bad colours ?10:14
apw(in quantal tip)10:14
elkyso uh, unity's doing a different weird thing now. I currently have 5 iconless (box with a ? instead) launchers empty progress bars. none are clickable.10:46
elkys/empty/with empty/10:46
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me4oslavSomevody feeling like taking care of this MR? https://code.launchpad.net/~kokoto-java/unity/images-patch-for-Dash-sheen-and-launcher-icon-borders/+merge/114615 kamstrup maybe? ^-^11:52
kamstrupme4oslav: it's interesting definitely - but it'd require buy-in from design I guess11:54
kamstrupme4oslav: at the very least there need to be screenshots of before/after in the review11:54
me4oslavkamstrup, well if you can talk with some design folk to review it it will be great :) P.S. Uploading screenshots as I write this11:55
me4oslavkamstup, there uploaded before/after screenies :) andyrock - there should be a bug to make a change? Hmm?12:00
andyrockme4oslav, it's a visual change :) we need design feedback12:01
me4oslavandyrock :) I know that, but I don't know any design folk, feel free to talk to them about it :)12:03
popeyme4oslav, if you open a bug then we can assign a task for the design team to look at it when they get time12:04
andyrockme4oslav, do you have the before/after screenshot?12:04
me4oslavandyrock ;- Yes, I did added before/after screenies as a comment. popey - fair enough, will do :) (two bugs reports, cuz the MR affects two things)12:06
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me4oslavandyrock popey there - bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1023879 https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/102388513:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1023879 in unity "Launcher icons borders are jagged" [Undecided,New]13:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1023885 in unity "Dash sheen could you some improvements" [Undecided,New]13:00
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MCR1smspillaz: Hi :) I've setup a virtual Quantal machine to help testing your PPA, but it is no fun with this thingie as it is slow as ****. I've seen Daniel and you still have some open GLES reports, so I guess my help with writing more bugreports is not essential @ the moment - am I correct ?18:25
magciusmterry, ping18:37
mterrymagcius, yo18:37
magciusmterry, hey, I see you maintain libtimezonemap along with ev -- not sure where to find him18:38
magciusmterry, so, the Anaconda guys at Red Hat want to use the timezone map, and I do too. How would you feel about making it a shared library?18:40
mterrymagcius, sure.  That's basically what libtimezonemap is.  We tried to do that earlier, I think there are some emails on the gnome-control-center list about it.  But nothing ever came of it18:43
mterrySo we just made libtimezonemap in order to at least only have one copy on the Ubuntu side18:43
mterrymagcius, is libtimezonemap not sufficient?  Like, you want it split even further out?18:45
magciusmterry, isn't it just a silly shared library right now?18:45
mterrymagcius, how do you mean?18:46
mterrymagcius, it's a shared library right now.  It's silliness depends on your point of view I guess  :)18:46
mterrymagcius, that's slightly out of date.  Did you mean to say "silly static library" before?18:47
mterryIt's actually a shared library18:48
mterryAnd it has a bit more code than gnome-control-center does, to support grabbing timezone names in a GtkEntryCompletion thing18:48
mterrybut the core of it is pretty similar to gnome-control-center's copy still18:48
magciusmterry, we have that too -- there's a libgweather thing18:49
magciusIt's great, because we have libgweather, we have tz.c ripped from Anaconda, we have GTimeZone in glib, and we have Ubiquity.18:49
mterrymagcius, yup.  We also use it in our time preference panel18:49
magciusmterry, do you know if the source for the geoname lookup server is available? We can't depend on Ubuntu infrastructure.18:50
magciusAh: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames18:50
mterrymagcius, sure.  So we could either make the "lookup name" bits plug-able or...  I think the lookup server code is public...  Let me see if I cna find the branch18:50
magciusmterry, (also, the Anaconda team can't use that because they don't have network at that time)18:51
* magcius stares at the words "mod_python", backs away18:51
mterrymagcius, I recall the code we use has a fallback for not connecting to the network18:51
magciusYour infrastructure *really* shouldn't be depending on mod_python.18:51
mterrymagcius, ::shrug:: don't know about that side of things18:51
mterrymagcius, it uses GTimeZone or something like that, but those names are awful18:52
magciusmterry, libgweather ships a timezone database18:52
magciusGTimeZone doesn't parse zoneinfo.tab, which is required.18:53
mterrymagcius, yes...  I remember one beef we had with that was that it lacked population data?  Not that the fallback we use has it either...18:53
magcius(To paint the pin on the map properly)18:53
mterrymagcius, honestly I don't recall off the top of my head what our fallback is, but it's not libgweather18:53
mterryThough it could be.  No reason not to use it, except our primary case was with-internet18:53
mterrymagcius, but that's not even the map.  The library has map + completion code.  You're at least interested in the map.  And ideally the completion code could be massaged into something we could share18:54
magciusThe completion code would be nice, too18:55
mterrymagcius, one problem I recall is that the png files that make up the map are generated by a giant map some Canonical artist uses to generate them.  Which isn't shipped in the tarball.  I'm not even sure who to ping to get it.  I think they only need to be updated when timezones change a lot, but that does happen18:56
mterryI can try to find out about the map18:56
magciusmterry, right, there was a potential political legal issue, but I think our lawyer cleared that18:56
mterrymagcius, regarding timezones or the map source?18:56
magciuspolitical boundaries represented on the map source18:57
mterryAh yes, always tricky.  :)18:57
magciusmterry, it would be nice to have the infrastructure and source there18:57
mterrymagcius, so what would you need to be able to use it?  I think we have a tarball sitting in LP?18:58
magciuspkg-config file, if one doesn't already exist18:59
mterrymagcius, our goal was to allow GNOME to use it, which would involve it being on GNOME infra, but we never got that far18:59
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magciusmterry, if you want me to take it upstream, I probably can18:59
mterryIt must have one, if it's a shared library...  Let me see18:59
magciusIt does.19:00
mterrymagcius, yeah, that would be great.  I never got far, but don't know if that was politics or people just being too busy19:00
magciusIt was in the src/ folder for some reason.19:00
magciusmterry, I'm going to start by diffing the copies in g-c-c, that repo, and anaconda, and see if there are any major differences19:00
mterrymagcius, OK.  Hopefully I'll be able to tell you whether they were intentional or not.  :)  And of course the completion code is whole-cloth new19:01
magciusmterry, "they were intentional"?19:01
mterrymagcius, well, I mean, whether they were changes we made or changes that g-c-c made (i.e. which side of the fork you're on)19:02
mterryI'm asking ev (who usually hangs out in #ubuntu-installer) about the map source19:03
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magciusmterry, https://live.gnome.org/LibGWeather/UseGeoNames19:46
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