pleia2SF Ubuntu Hour \o/00:55
pleia22 of us here, a summer :)01:18
akkI wish precise would quit hanging when I suspend with my android device attached to USB. I keep coming back to find it's been on all day in some kind of intermediate nonresponsive but power-using state.01:23
pleia2that's unpleasant :(01:23
akkPretty sure it didn't do it under oneiric, though I have admittedly also changed the USB hub.01:24
bkerensaIts hot here02:40
philipballew_bkerensa, its in the 80's though?03:35
akkWas very hot here, definitely needed the A/C.03:35
philipballew_110 here03:36
akkA/C is air conditioning, AC is alternating current, right? I'm always wanting to add the slash on the current one, not sure why either one has a slash.03:36
philipballew_and now theres a forest fire about 15 miles away. I wonder is there is a proper way for either one.03:36
akkOnly got to 87 here, turns out. It felt a lot hotter than that.03:37
akkReally got to 110 down there? Ouch.03:38
philipballew_In Auburn now.03:39
philipballew_Its a killer in the foothills here03:39
philipballew_Auburn is east of Sacramento off 80.03:40
philipballew_sometimes akk I think the wind can help make it feel cooler then it is.03:43
akkAnd "it's a dry heat", and all that.03:45
akk(It's still a lot of heat!)03:45
akkIf Auburn is 110 I hate to think what Sac got to, down in the flatlands03:45
* MarkDude hates to go to Sac, anytime of year :D03:46
akkMe too, MarkDude03:46
akkThat's why I quit autocrossing, too many weekends wasted driving to/from Sac.03:46
philipballew_yeah, every time I ever go there akk I feel like the temp rises 15 degrees03:47
akkAuburn at least has scenery to take your mind off the heat. :)03:47
* DonkeyHotei is in Sac, where it was 100° today03:47
philipballew_Indeed. I was going to go to the river tomorrow to get some cool water. Not now that theres a fire there....03:48
philipballew_DonkeyHotei makes the sf to sac trip all to often it seems.03:49
DonkeyHoteicouldn't be helped03:49
philipballew_Lately when I go to sf from sac I take the fast. Its like 9 dollars to get to the bart03:50
DonkeyHoteithe fast?03:51
akkI've never taken the train -- it seems like it would be a great solution, except its hours are so limited (and poor connections at the ends).03:51
DonkeyHoteiwhat's "the fast" ?03:53
philipballew_DonkeyHotei, fast is Fairfield and Sasuin transit. you take the route 30 from the capitol to the fairfield transit center and pict up route 90 that takes you to el cereito03:53
philipballew_or however you spell these cities03:53
philipballew_Its a fairly good deal DonkeyHotei03:54
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akkIt's a bus?03:56
DonkeyHoteisounds like a full day's ride03:56
DonkeyHoteido they take the clipper card?03:57
akkHow long does it take?03:57
philipballew_DonkeyHotei, Its not a full day if you pick up the express to fairfelt at 7:05 am03:59
philipballew_they dont currently, but are working towards the clipper capt03:59
philipballew_new keyboard...04:00
philipballew_It takes like an hour and a half iirc akk04:00
philipballew_but its cheap04:00
akkAn hour and a half? Takes me over 2 hrs to drive there. (From the south bay.)04:01
philipballew_well this is east bay04:02
akkAh, I thought it was from SF (closer than SJ, of course, but also takes forever to get out of there and through Berkeley).04:02
philipballew_I picked it up across the street from the capitol and was at the Powell bart at 9:4504:03
DonkeyHoteisounds very not worth it04:03
philipballew_its not for the faint of heart04:05
philipballew_or someone who enjoys being fast04:05
DonkeyHoteiwhy bother?04:05
DonkeyHoteigreyhound is much quicker and much less hassle04:06
philipballew_Its cheaper is all04:06
DonkeyHoteiroundtrip ticket on greyhound is $2004:06
philipballew_Just an option I have used before04:07
philipballew_bkerensa, anything you need me to bring?05:51
bkerensaphilipballew_: not that I can think of05:52
philipballew_Alright, just making sure bkerensa05:53
bkerensaphilipballew_: yeah :) I think your going to get lots of booth time05:54
* MarkDude hopes bkerensa is at booth enough time to allow proper trolling05:57
MarkDudeGetting Phil is not the same05:57
* bkerensa will ignore said trolling ;)05:57
philipballew_Sounds good. the only time I know I cant be there is sometime Tuesday me and jono are going over community accomplishments.05:58
philipballew_MarkDude, dont worry, I will be the only one at the booth sometimes and will "Look the other way"05:58
bkerensaphilipballew_: good luck with that unless he has it on a calendar :P05:58
philipballew_he does05:58
MarkDudeIts not like that05:58
bkerensagetting 1 on 1 time with him at OSCON is like getting ice cones in the Sahara05:58
philipballew_He requested the meeting :)05:58
philipballew_If I dont Ill just take himn to coffee sometime later05:59
MarkDudeDid he hear the Dark Side of the Force is luring you with cookies?05:59
philipballew_Hes only like 130 miles from where I live05:59
bkerensaphilipballew_: Block out MarkDude's attempts to recruit you to Fedora ;)05:59
MarkDude10 from me05:59
MarkDudeHe is safe, The Princess has a Force field around him06:00
bkerensaIn Salem last weekend a Fedora user asked me for selling points on switching to Ubuntu... I totally convinced him and he replaced Fedora on the spot ;p06:00
MarkDudeWell F17 sorta sucks06:00
MarkDudeSo that can be an easy sell06:01
MarkDudeDid you start with hey, this is a bit less crappy?06:01
MarkDudeHe was like cool, way less turdy06:01
* MarkDude kids due to his being a kidder06:01
philipballew_bkerensa, What do I do when MarkDude says install fedora or I kick you out?06:02
bkerensa:P I will not tell the selling points MarkDude because they would be on ITWorld tomorrow06:02
MarkDudeHonestly tho, was your first answer- well we DONT have Gnome 3- that crap Linus hates06:02
bkerensaphilipballew_: You have to refuse and hitch hike home :)06:02
MarkDudeZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing bkerensa06:02
bkerensamaybe sabdfl can give you a lift in his jet06:03
philipballew_Ill parachute out06:03
MarkDudeTake it up with your tattoo's sake.06:03
philipballew_are we busy in the evenings?06:04
bkerensaMarkDude: I should make a mastercard spoof ad... "Cost to make Fedora appear to have a local community in 2012 $35,000" "Cost to buy a booth bigger than all other distros $10,000" "Getting to wear a Red Hat... Priceless" for everything else theres Mastercard06:05
bkerensaphilipballew_: Hmm no just during expo hours... I will likely go to some parties and dinner during OSCOn06:05
MarkDudeFedora did NOT pay for the booth06:05
MarkDudeit was Given to us06:05
MarkDudeParties are fun there06:05
philipballew_cause one evening I am having dinner with a friend from school, I plan to eat free there somewhat06:06
MarkDudeand some can be Epic06:06
bkerensaMarkDude: the wiki says it was "paid for"06:06
bkerensaand if it was thats a $10k booth because PuppetLabs balked at the price last year06:06
* MarkDude did that wiki entry06:06
MarkDuderead history06:06
bkerensayour booth is not in the Non Profit or Project Pavillion though? Its in a paid booth area06:07
MarkDudeThe intent of that wiki is not as much public, as in used to organize06:07
philipballew_dont worry bkerensa Ill replace all MarkDude 's fedora cd's with Ubuntu cd's!!!06:07
MarkDudeand use it for folks to plan, and to approve budgets06:07
bkerensaphilipballew_: :P nah they would burn them :)06:08
MarkDudeActually bkerensa did you ever hear the story about the guy that burned an Ubuntu CD on Fedora's Planet?06:15
MarkDudeIt picks up blog feeds06:15
bkerensayes I know06:16
MarkDudeSaid for others in case they did not know :)06:16
MarkDudeI know you know stuff06:16
MarkDudeAnd this guy had this *mildly funny* point about proprietary software06:17
MarkDudeand chose to take it to extreme and burn a cd, take pics and say some crap like be gone you demons-06:17
MarkDudeor suthin equally stupid06:17
MarkDudeSo there was a quick unofficial meeting in Ambadassadors, and he was asked to remove it on his own06:18
MarkDudeOr there would be some formal action. He was told to apologize for it (and did)06:19
MarkDudeall within 12 hours06:19
MarkDudeRight after this- I was helping Berkeley LUG (Jack's group) at Solano Stroll06:19
MarkDudeI got in the middle of the crowd, and in my best Southern preacher accent, I asked everyone- WHO among you has evil proprietary software? Do you have Windows?06:20
MarkDudeThen I wil heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal your computer with this beautiful software06:21
MarkDudeBelieve in the power of Ubuuuuuuntu!06:22
MarkDudeALL of that a true story06:22
MarkDudeJack gets nervous now if I say I am gonna help out at events06:22
MarkDudeI dont think he knew about the earlier stuff :D06:22
pleia2epikvision: did you change your email address? (been getting bounces from you lately on UWN summaries)17:48
pleia2took you off for now, kept forgetting to ask :)17:48
philipballew_Hello California!20:27
=== mikestewart is now known as mikestewart|afk
epikvisionCalifornia, rise and shine!21:23
philipballew_its 23021:24
epikvisionstill :P21:33
=== mikestewart|afk is now known as mikestewart

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