snap-lGood morning11:11
greg-gparty on garth11:49
rick_h_Hey, someone is up early :P11:49
brouschWhoa, crazy11:50
brouschIsn't it like 3AM for greg-g?11:50
snap-lmore like going on 4AM, but still...11:50
brouschAh, West MI strikes again http://idle.slashdot.org/story/12/07/11/2045209/holy-ipad-slayer-company-releases-worlds-first-christian-tablet11:53
greg-gI'm in DC right now :)11:54
brouschNo, wait, that is Portland11:56
brouschand next week11:56
rick_h_I'm jealous!11:56
rick_h_greg-g: send me portland pics pls!11:57
rick_h_help me feel cooler11:57
jrwrenwtf, holy ipad slayer???? i shall not click that link. :)12:44
jrwreni'm jealous too. I want to live in portlandia12:44
rick_h_jrwren: let's hide in greg-g's bags12:44
rick_h_greg-g: get your luggage through dtw plese12:44
jrwrenrick_h_: lets take 2 or 3 weeks and bike there. that would be the portlandish thing to do.12:45
rick_h_oooh, true. I don't think I'd make it to GR...but good call12:45
brouschFunny you mention that. One hard-core biker at my wife's work planned to bike Route 66 this summer. He planned for bears, wolves, etc. He made it to the Indiana/Illinois border when his campsite was destroyed by a pack of racoons in a thunderstorm12:49
brouschI think had $1500 in super light camping gear12:57
jrwrenyeah, that is pretty lame.13:00
jrwrenmy excoworker biked across the USA last summer. pacific to atlantic.13:01
jrwrenportland to dc.13:01
jrwrenhrm... seems like going from test best place on earth to the worst.13:02
greg-grick_h_: :) will do13:09
greg-gheh, yeah, DC isn't nice. :) Here for Wikimania (and I was at a couple other things since tuesday, presented yesterday, presenting again today)13:10
snap-lWhat the hell is wrong with you people wanting to move to portland?13:16
brouschIt's right by a frickin volcano13:19
snap-lLet's put things in perspective13:20
brouschYou yell that like it is a bad thing13:24
snap-lIT IS13:31
jrwrenhippies are really nice to live around13:34
jrwrenand they tollerate me being the industrial electronic wears-too-much-black on the block13:34
brouschDamn, that was too easy13:40
brouschPython->Pyjamas->PhoneGap basically just works13:40
brouschI was expecting more fiddling13:41
nullspaceso I'm playing with a python script and having issues http://paste2.org/p/207122013:41
nullspaceI don't know why it's complaining about the strings I assinged13:42
brouschI get an error on line,match13:45
nullspacemy errors are on 3 - yahoo: command not found, 4 - ours: command not found, 6- syntax error near unexpected token '('13:46
jrwrenquote your regex?13:47
brouschAre you running it under bash instead of python?13:47
snap-lbrousch: ++13:47
nullspacebrousch: I just figured that out rigth before you said it13:47
nullspaceherp derp13:47
snap-lbash is a harsh mistress. ;)13:48
brouschGood morning!13:48
jrwren#!/usr/bin/env python13:50
jrwren^^ FFS!13:50
nullspacenow it's complainign about he yfile.close()14:08
rick_h_change that to: with open(yahoo) as yfile:14:09
rick_h_and tab in the rest of that line14:09
jrwrenor just don't bother closing it.14:09
jrwrenit will close when the script ends.14:09
snap-lspeaking of Yahoo, apparently there was a breach14:11
brouschCan we blame YUI?14:11
snap-lBlame Yahoo video chat14:12
snap-lwhich up until this point I didn't realize existed.14:12
nullspacethus this little script I'14:13
nullspaceI'm checking a list of hashes to see if the same passwords are used14:14
nullspacestill getting an invalid syntax on the yfile.close()14:16
snap-lnullspace: Making sure your password isn't in there?14:16
nullspaceyfile is tabed within the "with"14:16
brouschnullspace: Then you don't need the close14:16
nullspacesnap-l: making sure users are nto resuing shitty passwords on sites that don't secure passwords14:16
jrwrenjust delete teh close.14:17
jrwrenyou don't need it.14:17
jrwrenpython is not java or C#. you don't need to close the filehandle, it is closed automatically when it goes out of scope.14:18
snap-lnullspace: That's like predicting if there will be air this morning.14:18
nullspacenow it's complaingin about the second with14:18
nullspacecomplaining even14:18
jrwrenare you mixing tabs and space? :)14:19
brouschSecond with?14:20
jrwrenhe had 2 open() statemnts which he enclosed in two with statements14:20
snap-lnullspace: Repaste?14:22
snap-lWhat's the traceback?14:24
snap-lAlso, your /n should be \n (otherwise it'll print /n instead of a linefeed14:25
snap-lYeah, what's the error it's complaining about?14:25
nullspace  File "compare.py", line 1814:25
nullspace    with open(ours) as ofile:14:25
nullspace       ^14:25
nullspaceSyntaxError: invalid syntax14:25
snap-lmissing paren14:26
snap-lline 1614:26
jrwrenwhat does python -V show?14:27
snap-lYou're missing a closing paren14:28
snap-lis it working now?14:30
nullspacethat fixed it, now I'm on to getting my string.split syntax correct14:30
jrwrenalso, prefer line.split() to string.split(line)14:30
jrwrenbut that is a style thing14:30
snap-ljrwren: ++14:30
jrwrenpylint would tell ya :)14:31
snap-lMan I'm not sure what WRCJ uses to rip their CDs but they have a bunch of glitches.14:31
snap-lI feel like spending an afternoon with their archivist14:31
jrwrendo they supply an EAC log file?14:31
snap-lWRCJ 90.9FM14:31
jrwrenha! you can hear artifacts on the broadcast?14:32
snap-lYeah, I can14:32
snap-lthey'll skip and have other digital distortion14:32
snap-llike a bad rip14:32
snap-lThough I did send their program manager a link to Magnatune. :)14:34
snap-land explained all of the goodies therin14:34
snap-lGod, us.archive.ubuntu.com is slow from here.15:03
snap-lDownloading mercurial, and it's taking for-ev-er15:03
snap-lhttps://bitbucket.org/amorris/openpyxl/src <- hoping this gives me some love15:03
nullspaceah nice no matches15:08
snap-lWEll, it also depends on their hashing15:08
nullspaceturns out the file.readline() just reads one line15:08
snap-lor were these released as clear-text?15:08
snap-lOh lovely15:09
nullspaceI was hashing them and trowing them in a set, then checking the set15:09
jrwrenanyone looked at julia programming language?15:16
nullspacehow did CHC go last night, I was stuck fixing cat 5e line in my house and patching drywall15:28
jrwrenomg, I am definitely in love with Julia. I will be finding a reason to use it asap.15:35
snap-lnullspace: Went OK15:43
snap-ldefinitely the humor edition15:43
derekvbig guns edition15:45
snap-lbtw: The Sword is some awesome coding music15:47
derekvI was, of course, reffering to my ample bicepts.15:49
snap-lbrousch: You might like The Sword. They're heavily influenced by Black Sabbath15:49
brouschWhat sword?15:54
snap-lThe Sword. It's a band name15:54
snap-lpasted the link above15:54
jrwreni'm introducing myself to Abney Park right now. Interesting band.15:58
snap-lYeah, I can handle about 3 minutes of them before I need to change it15:59
snap-lI think I need to just sit down and listen to it.15:59
snap-lbut I have total respect for them and what they're doing15:59
snap-lkinda like Voltaire16:00
snap-lI can only handle so much crazy in one sitting16:00
rick_h_nullspace: went ok, not a ton done tbh16:13
rick_h_I ranted too much :P16:13
rick_h_poor derekv trying to be productive16:13
rick_h_and we checked out guns and night sights16:13
rick_h_now to do some hunter/gatherer stuff for lunch16:14
rick_h_lmao for the lunch break https://twitter.com/alex_gaynor/status/22345002891464294516:16
derekvI wasn't really trying to get much done.  I got my domain registered.16:35
derekvI'm happy I got controllallrobots back16:35
derekvmaybe will put my blog there If I do that16:36
derekvtvatthebar.com  (tv at the bar) in case I ever do a web comic (unlikely)16:37
greg-gsnap-l: nice :)16:44
greg-gfor both your message and their response16:44
snap-lgreg-g: Heh16:45
* derekv roots droid16:48
* derekv fails16:52
* snap-l registered his new domain name16:55
greg-gwhat is it?16:58
snap-lgreg-g: ^^^17:08
greg-ggood deal, gandi :)17:12
greg-gsnap-l: so, the podcast idea is moving along? ;)17:12
snap-lgreg-g: maybe17:12
brouschsnap-l: My friend that did the cartoon music podcast did an "Action and Adventure" music podcast. That was some good stuff17:20
nullspaceyeay my ipv6 address is setup at home17:58
nullspacegranted via tunnel17:59
derekvdo'n things is hard!18:00
derekvalso, can gechya inta a heapload o trouble18:00
jrwrenwhich tunnel service?18:23
derekvi <3 o p e n s s h18:31
Blazeixi <3 h a r d - t o - r e a d  t r a c k i n g18:55
derekvstylized text18:56
snap-lth15 15 4 b3tt3r w4y 0f 5p34k1ng 4nyw4y19:04
snap-lThIs iS a BettEr wAy oF spEakiNg aNywaY19:05
derekvebg13 vf gur cebcre jnl bs fcrnxvat naljnlf19:09
BlazeixWe haven't even started to explore colors!19:28
derekvred on green plz19:28
ColonelPanic001I also like hard to read things.19:41
snap-lDigg was bought for half a million dollars21:10
rick_h_and kevin rose laughs all the way to the bank21:18
snap-lI think he divested himself a while ago21:21
snap-lhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m72fk8prET1r3kmkso1_400.jpg <- snicker21:23
widoxwow, that's cheap21:31
widoxI haven't been on digg in awhile21:31
widoxhaha, and they raised a total of $45M. ouch21:35

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