Cheri703I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I officially lost my job at that call center, due to a health issue cropping up tonight and putting me over my attendance level, BUT my work from home job has said that they have enough stuff to keep me busy for at least the next few weeks full-time, and then we'll go from there. :D :D So I'm really ok with it. I go tomorrow to pick up my stuff from my desk.03:47
canthus13Cheri703: Heh. awesome, I guess.03:55
Cheri703yes, is overall awesome03:55
Cheri703and thanks to my system going wonky, it forced me to take the jump into life changes that I was dragging my feet on03:56
Cheri703so...it's good :)03:56
Unit193Congrats on getting fired...?03:56
Cheri703hehe, consider it just a job change, moving from low paid crap job to (at least for now) a much better paying enjoyable job :)03:56
Cheri703BUT it means we could try to get the mansfield ubuntu hour up and running again03:58

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