JonathanDhey rmg5109:56
teddy-dbearMorning peoples12:07
* ChinnoDog yawns13:49
* ChinnoDog eats rye toast14:23
MutantTurkeycrappy documentation<<<<<15:50
Picibetter or worse than no documentation?16:07
MutantTurkeybut bad docs usually means bad code16:08
pleia2no it doesn't16:08
PiciNot necessarily, but the two do often go hand in hand.16:08
pleia2a lot of really awesome programmers are useless at documenting and they don't always have teams with good documenters, they are very different skillsets16:09
PiciBut then again there are a number of bad things well documented.16:09
MutantTurkeypleia2: with a library things are a bit different.16:09
Pici(I was just reading the PHP - Fractal of Bad Design article yesterday)16:09
MutantTurkeyPici: how was that?16:10
MutantTurkeyJava is pretty well documented16:10
MutantTurkeywow! this remaster of Glenn Miller is really really impressive16:10
PiciMutantTurkey: It made be extremely happy that I have not spent any significant amount of time using or learning php.16:10
pleia2MutantTurkey: I guess we've just had very different experiences16:10
MutantTurkeypleia2: I suppose so16:11
MutantTurkeyI don't mean perfect documentation, i don't mean detailed documentation, but when documenation is competely non-existant or references stuff that only you would know if you worked on the project, it becomes a waste of time16:11
Pici"poorly documented" isn't always an easy thing to measure too.16:11
MutantTurkeyI mean it is when they just don't even care about their code16:16
MutantTurkeyhand you a hard drive and say "ok al lthe stuff is there so just work on it, btw i am moving to california and will sparsely answer emails"16:16
jthanIf you guys can take the time to help me out with a research project that would be awesome. I created a 3 minute survey I am using to collect data. www.jonathandemasi.com21:00
jthanPass it along, too, if you feel so inclined!21:01
ChinnoDogjthan: What are you doing with this data?21:20
ChinnoDogHistorical records show that periods of global warming are followed by rapid drops in temperature. I wish that would happen so everyone would shut up about global warming21:22
jthanChinnoDog: Basically seeing if there is a relationship between level of education/impact by natural disasters and one's subscription to the theory21:22
ChinnoDogYour poll doesn't ask about our subscription to the theory21:30
ChinnoDogIt asks if we think global warming is a problem.21:31
jthanMy wording was bad ^ up there21:31
jthanWe have limited resources/time so it's the best we can do. We are being graded moreso on our process/analysis than the actual topic and such21:31
ChinnoDogI think almost everyone agrees it is a problem, but not everyone agrees we are causing it.21:32
jthanMost people dont' think we're causing it. Silly bunch21:32
IdleOneI took the survey. I am a little insulted that Canada was not listed as a US State.23:02
IdleOneI'm used to American students not having any clue that Canada is a separate country.23:16
IdleOneSo I expect that it be listed as a state23:16
IdleOnejthan: appears to have actually paid attention in geography class.23:16
jthanIdleOne: lol. I left "other" in there for my european friends and you.23:51

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