RAOFmlankhorst: I can fix that.00:00
mlankhorstbryceh: I added a 14*.diff to ubuntu branch for newer libdrm, but it's intended for debian too, I wanted to upload the whole x1.13 stack tomorrow and upgrade all video drivers on debian00:01
mlankhorstin debian-experimental00:01
mlankhorstbut after that back to dmabuf stuff, I want a working solution preferably soon so it can live in linux-next long enough for merge window hopefully00:02
RAOFThat'd be good.00:02
mlankhorstthere are some changes that would be nice to have in -next like deferred fput00:03
mlankhorstbut yeah I completely underestimated how much work it was going to be to really complete this :)00:05
brycehRAOF, how's system compositor going?  I saw the status updates on the blueprint, which sounded like it's got a long row to hoe.  However I also read in the slashdot comments that it's going to maim kittens, level small towns, and generally mark an end to computing as we know it?00:07
mlankhorstnot to mention drown puppies00:08
RAOFAnd cause freak hurricanes.00:08
mlankhorstbut phoronix seemed to have picked up on my dmabufmgr code quickly00:08
RAOFThe bits that are left shouldn't be *too* hard.00:08
RAOFPhoronix: everyone's favourite mailing list aggregator!00:09
mlankhorstnah it's lacking the feature where it links to the source00:09
brycehbut it makes up for it with beer references00:10
mlankhorstcan't drink alcohol any more due to meds, not sure if I miss it..00:10
mlankhorstactually I do miss the taste, none of the alcohol free beer here is any good, in germany however :)00:15
RAOFIt's probably a technical challenge to create good tasting alcohol free beer.00:16
mlankhorstI think the more likely answer is that there's less of a market for it00:16
brycehI had a coffee roaster describe what the process is for making decaf beans.  It's amazing there's any taste at all.00:17
RAOFProbably a combination of the two.00:17
RAOFbryceh: Using crazy solvents, or submerging them in supercritical CO₂?00:17
RAOF(Incidentally, supercritical CO₂ is pretty awesome)00:18
brycehI forget the exact process but yeah they extract all the stuff from the bean, chemically remove the caffeine, then smoosh it back into the bean.  Something like that anyway.00:18
RAOF6.14.99~really6.14.5+git20120712.gitg8dc07e6-0~systemcompositor1. It's the world's longest version string!00:22
mlankhorstRAOF: backported ~precise1~ppa100:25
RAOFW: xserver-xorg-video-ati-dbg: package-has-long-file-name 103 (112) > 8000:26
RAOFIt has officially triggered a lintian warning :)00:26
mlankhorstI think this would be longer still: xserver-xorg-video-ati-lts-quantal-dbg 6.14.99~really6.14.5+git20120712.gitg8dc07e6-0~precise1~ppa100:28
RAOFYes. Yes it would.00:30
mlankhorstbut if you want i can try to append ~systemcompositor1 to that00:30
RAOFAaand everything should now be system-compositor-capable. Back to base for debriefing and cocktails.00:35
RAOFOr possibly coffee and mesa SRU review.00:35
tjaaltonduh, there was a security update to xorg-server, which doesn't have the change for bug 921236. could someone roll out a new version for -proposed?06:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 921236 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Precise) "[12.04 Xorg, xserver 1.11.3] Dual monitor, after entering password, mouse pointer stuck on LHS of screen, no desktop." [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92123606:03
mlankhorsttjaalton: do you still need a new version rolled out for xorg-server?09:32
mlankhorstRAOF: ok I updated ubuntu-precise with the security update again, can the xserver sru be pushed out again?09:56
mlankhorstyikes, 10 hour queue on xserver..10:52
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Sarvattricotz: great, that newer mesa is busted on intel18:01
Sarvattcraploads of DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_CONTEXT_CREATE failed: Invalid argument and the unity panel doesn't work18:02
ricotzSarvatt, i havent looked into it, but i noticed some areas not refreshing18:02
ricotz^ with gnome-shell18:02
ricotzit is working though18:03
ricotzalthough it broke xserver master build ;)18:03
ricotzSarvatt, grr, weston already needs a newer mesa :\18:07
ricotzSarvatt, http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/diff/include/EGL/eglmesaext.h?id=e6a33570b73aa56c87818d7f67a122d4427b784118:08
Sarvattgreat DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_CONTEXT_CREATE is only in drm-intel-next-queued18:09
ricotzSarvatt, uh, but it is proposed for 3.5?18:10
Sarvattnote to self: stop updating crap when it's time for an intel quarterly release18:12
ricotzhmm :\18:17
Sarvattso i guess i'll go back to a checkout from the 8th, then cherry-pick those wayland commits..18:17
ricotzSarvatt, reverting the introduction of DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_CONTEXT_CREATE, is not an option?18:20
Sarvatti dont know where it broke and its a freaking nightmare patching this to build out of tree, but apparently it wasn't broken in an 0708 checkout RAOF did for the system compositor ppa :)18:21
ricotzhmm, i see18:25
ricotzSarvatt, i dont see any reference to DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_CONTEXT_CREATE18:27
ricotzSarvatt, it is probably caused by libdrm18:29
ricotzSarvatt, http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=860d5bdf984730f69cd19b4f7145f3c84b57d33d18:35
ricotzSarvatt, try just to revert this ^18:37
mlankhorstSarvatt: hm should we try to sru all the X packages that aren't core X but used by X to reduce breakage when switching stacks?18:54
osiriswill adding the x-swat ppa get my old nvidia card's HW acceleration going again ? running ubuntu 12.04 with a nvidia geforce 4 fx 520020:01
osirisI understand this is an issue with the newer version of xorg not playing nice with the 173 driver20:01
SarvattRAOF: does that 0708 mesa in the system compositor ppa actually work for you on intel? because it doesn't here, unity panel is blank21:40
ricotzSarvatt, RAOF, to be specific unity3d ;)21:43
bjsniderosiris, have you tried the nouveau driver?22:43
RAOFSarvatt: You mean, unity doesn't display any icons? That's a unity bug, I think.23:40
RAOFSarvatt: At least, people who weren't (AFAIK) using the system-compositor PPA were also complaining about it.23:40
mlankhorstRAOF: we should have a discussion about sru'ing libdrm at one point :)23:45
RAOFWhat needs to be SRUd there?23:46
mlankhorsti think it would make more sense if we sru all the libraries that would need an update explicitly surrounding X so the core X packages + mesa package itself can be swapped easier23:47
mlankhorstso all the X drivers + X server + Xorg package itself would be renamed23:50
RAOFI don't think that's likely to happen.23:56
RAOFOr, rather, policy explicitly forbids it, and unless there's a really good reason I don't think the policy will be amended.23:57
RAOFmlankhorst: I though libdrm was easy enough to rename (adding in a bonus plymouth-rename, which is annoying, but not critical)?23:57
mlankhorstRAOF: it's actually easy to rename, but hard to upgrade23:58
mlankhorstthings break apart rather quickly23:58
RAOFHm. What upgrade paths were we supporting, again?23:58
mlankhorstI would guess upwards mostly, but it just breaks too fast leaving a chance of leaving system unbootable23:59
mlankhorstsince it's core23:59

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