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* Kilos waves to the sleeping community05:58
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:11
* Maaz washes some mugs06:11
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MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:15
KilosMaaz, thanks06:15
MaazKilos: Sure06:15
Kiloshi SmilyBorg 06:15
SmilyBorgMorning Kilos06:15
superflyWAKE UP Kilos!!06:34
Kilosi busy mailing you for advice superfly 06:34
Kilosyo zeref 06:38
Kiloscremora superfly 06:38
superflyhi Kilos06:38
Kiloshiya charl 06:48
* inetpro stretches his self06:48
inetprogood morning to everyone06:48
inetproincl Kilos, charl, superfly and Maaz06:48
Kiloslol hiya goosie06:49
Kilosmail gone out for the meet06:49
Kilostweet coming soon06:49
Kilosfreezing here06:50
inetproKilos: freezing? Where do you live?06:55
inetpronot that cold this morning06:56
Kilosfeels like inna fridge inetpro 06:56
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Kilosnearly time to move sheep away so will get some UV's then06:56
Kiloshi Kerbero[afk] 06:56
inetproKilos: he's afk now :-)06:57
Kilosoh ya06:58
Kilosoh well when hes atk again he can answer06:58
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Kilosaha hi Kerbero 07:03
charlhi Kilos, inetpro 07:06
inetprohmm... 07:11
inetproif ( charl == Kerbero ) { echo "yes"}07:11
Kiloslol is that an auto reply command07:12
charlsorry had to switch servers07:16
charlother one was acting up again07:16
charli dunno why i always get connected to this one in sweden and i get ping timeouts07:17
Kiloshow do you switch them im by zelazny or something07:20
Kilosisnt that something freenode decides for you?07:26
charlnah i just connect to irc.freenode.net then i get a round-robin dns record07:38
charlin other words, you connect to a random server07:38
charlfor some strange reason i seem to usually get the one07:39
charli prefer to connect to the server rajaniemi.freenode.net07:39
charlit's in finland and very fast07:39
charlfor me, anyway07:39
Kilosah. 07:39
Kilossjoe stevey baby starts late hey07:41
Kiloshell most likely jump on me for that07:41
Kiloshi there not_found 07:43
not_foundmorning uncle Kilos 07:46
charlstevey baby?07:47
Kiloslol sflr07:47
Kiloshe gonna tell me im getting too familiar07:48
Kilosi go take sheep away07:59
Kerberoapt-get installing @ 4MB/s from mirror.ac.za08:04
Kerberoaint it pretty08:04
inetproKilos: clearly my if statement fell through, so I guess the answer is no08:08
inetproKerbero: don't be evil!08:09
smilehi :D08:10
smileI managed to fix the issue with the uninstaller :p but I'm facing another while implementing "custom username" :p08:11
smileI'm almost there :| only windows denies writing access :s08:11
Kerberoinetpro, no that is not evil08:20
Kerberoevil will be if i paste a screenshot of me pulling at 1gbps from that repo :P08:20
inetproKerbero: true08:21
inetprobut even 4MB/s is faster than most of us can get08:22
Kerberobut i am sitting in an office at an university08:22
Kerberoso if there is one place in SA where one would expect that speed it is here08:22
Kerberoand to be more precise, i'm sitting in the telecommunications lab08:22
not_foundinternet speed is one reason I love being outside SA (that and not having a cap)08:24
Passwordmy varsity have 20MB/s ,free inet08:24
Kerberothat's little, but for free i guess that is ok08:25
Passwordyeah , it only max out 100 base lan08:25
Kerberotempting to do speedtest.net08:26
Kerberobut it's going to cost me a lot08:26
Passwordwhy is it going to cost you?08:27
Kerbero5c/MB in the day08:28
Kerbero1c at night08:28
Kerberomirror.ac.za is free though08:28
Kerberoand they mirror sourceforge too08:28
Kerberothere we go08:29
Kerberonice gigabit lan08:29
Passwordtha fuq08:29
Passwordoh univarsti08:29
Passworddon't you have subsidies time?08:30
Kerberono subsidies08:30
Passwordlast year at puk it was free from midnight to 5am08:30
Kerberoout university makes us pay for everything08:30
Passwordbefore the vocation i doanloaded 106GB of ted talks08:31
Password*downloaded 08:34
inetproKerbero: eish!08:38
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smileKerbero: cool, using wrapper script works to get administrator privileges :)08:56
sflrgood morning all!08:58
Kilosmorning sflr 08:58
Kilosyou kinda late hey08:59
sflrHi Kilos! :)08:59
Kilosmeetings first?08:59
sflrschool holidays08:59
Kilosoh you still at school?08:59
sflrhad a meeting @ 1008:59
sflryeah, school of rock! lol09:00
Kilosyou dont come on in the evenings09:00
Kiloswhats with the apartheid09:00
sflrI will come from August again. No time to get online at night in July :(09:01
Kiloshi Trixar_za 09:01
Trixar_zaHmmm, I think that may be a sign I'm bored. I'm looking up JavaScript powered IRC clients so I can include it as a lightweight alternative with SliTaz, powered by it's personalized web browser, tazweb09:01
sflrbut will come for the meetting on monday night :)09:01
Trixar_zaAnd hey Kilos09:01
sflrhey Trixar_za 09:01
Trixar_zaHey sflr09:01
Kilossflr, meeting monday night hey and tweeted the links09:02
Kilosno excuses accepted09:02
sflrgood luck Trixar_za with js irc09:02
sflryes, I saw that. thanks!09:02
Trixar_zaI found a framework, but it will means I have to write the client myself09:03
Trixar_zaAnd no, not using node.js09:03
Kilosget java help from nuvolari if you can find him09:03
Kilosi think nuvolari is the onlyone here that does java09:04
Trixar_zaJavaScript is not the same as Java :P09:04
Trixar_zaNetscape only named it JavaScript to get some of the Java fans to use it09:04
Trixar_zaIt's probably the easiest language to learn - mostly because every web browser supports it :P09:05
Trixar_zaNevermind, this thing has dependencies too09:08
Trixar_zaI might aswell use node.js09:08
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inetproKilos: did you fix all your fences?11:04
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SquirmI'm off for the weekend. catch you guys around11:16
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oom_kooshi guys13:32
oom_kooshow you all doing?13:33
oom_koosi have a technical query if someone has the time to help me it would greatly be appreciated13:34
oom_koosi'm trying to add a static route to route all voip traffic (1 internet ip) through one of our 2 pppoe connections. 13:35
oom_kooscommand looks as follows: route add -net netmask gw ppp113:36
oom_koosi'm receiving the following error: SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument13:36
oom_koosroute -n output: http://pastebin.com/EDHrnQnE13:38
oom_koosany help would be appreciated13:38
sflrhi oom_koos 13:42
Kilosoh my13:42
Kiloshi oom_koos 13:42
oom_kooshi sflr & Kilos13:42
sflrinetpro, superfly can you check the question above?13:42
* inetpro takes a peep at the question13:46
inetprooom_koos: hi13:46
inetprooom_koos: hmm.... 13:48
* inetpro is not a networking guru but a gateway of doesn't look right to me, why would you want to do that?13:49
oom_kooshi inetpro13:49
inetpronow where are charl and Symmetria when you need them13:51
inetprooom_koos: perhaps you should ask froztbyte in #glug.za13:51
zerefoom_koos: you forgot the argument *dev* ppp113:53
inetproahh zeref, I just wanted to say that13:53
inetproanother example: route add -host netmask gw dev eth013:53
inetproor: route add -net netmask gw dev eth013:54
inetprohmm... 13:54
zeref+ would advise him not to show  actuall ip address, lot of trolls on pastebin13:56
inetprozeref: true13:56
inetprooom_koos: did you get that?13:59
inetpro12/07 15:53:14 <zeref> oom_koos: you forgot the argument *dev* ppp113:59
inetpro12/07 15:56:00 <zeref> + would advise him not to show  actuall ip address, lot of trolls on pastebin14:00
inetproKilos: eish!14:00
Kiloswat nou inetpro 14:00
inetpronow that guys is totally lost14:00
inetproguy even14:00
inetproat first he's not found and now he's lost entirely14:01
Kilosnot found is neil14:01
inetproKilos: I know :-)14:01
Kiloswhy you said eish man?14:02
inetproKilos: I was just joking 14:02
Kilosyou actually nutas at times14:02
Kilosnuts too14:03
Kilosmust be the high pressure stress14:03
* inetpro just being his self14:03
oom_koos_hi sorry our internet keeps dropping (telkom)14:09
nuvolariheh, hi oom_koos_ 14:11
oom_koos_thanks inetpro for the concern but there is no spesific ips listed :)14:11
oom_koos_ola nuvolari, long time no chat!14:11
nuvolarija nee, ek sien daai ding!14:11
nuvolarigaan dit goed?14:11
oom_koos_keer my of dit gaan beter! jy?14:12
oom_koos_inetpro i just had a chat to somebody way smarter than me and it sounds like i'm barking up the wrong tree. i should appearantly be looking at iptables instead of the gateway routes14:13
inetprooom_koos_: ahh, always good if you can find a smart guy14:14
Kilosnuvolari, ping ping14:18
Kiloshmmm hes ducking again14:20
oom_koos_yes it is inetpro... now i just need an interpreter to decipher what he told me....14:20
inetproKilos: other guys are also listening, what did it tell you?14:22
inetproai... what did he tell you?14:22
Kiloswh ho?14:22
inetproKilos: it's been a long day14:22
Kilosoh my14:22
Kiloswho told me what?14:22
Kilosyeah long day here too14:23
inetprooom_koos_:  other guys are also listening, what did he tell you?14:23
Kilosya copy paste it14:23
inetproKilos: sshh14:23
inetpronuvolari: you are way to quiet these days, something wrong?14:29
Kilossjoe oom_koos you got a great internet connection14:30
oom_koosit's marvelous Kilos, we drop 30-40 in an 8 day... up to my 3rd telkom fault...14:31
Kiloswow even my broken vodacom tower isnt half that bad14:32
Kilosmine just goes sloooow but stays connected14:32
oom_koosyeah it's really affecting our business. hosted pbx and broken dsl dont mix well together14:36
Kilosmail thier ceo and make waves14:39
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Kilosdunno if you can find an email addy there but thats her name14:40
Kilos Pinky Nombulelo Moholi14:41
oom_koosi think i'll have better luck doing a rain dance around a bunch of pineapples...14:43
Kilosha ha ha14:43
inetprooom_koos: you can come and do the rain dance by my side, I have pineapples and I need some rain14:49
inetprothen again, rain in the winter is not so normal for us, so it's ok :-)14:50
inetproKilos: you still have grass left for your sheep?14:51
Kilosvery little inetpro luckily a neighbour 2 plots away said we can graze tehm there but there was min to start with there too so we will maar see14:52
Kilosi think he was clever because i had to fix the fence tween him and the next plot to stop sheep going further14:53
Kilosstill got blisters on pliers hand14:53
inetproKilos: yikes14:54
Kilosbeen a bad bad year. think we didnt even have 200mm rain this last summer14:54
Kerberoup until today we had 244mm rain in stellenbosch14:56
Kerberothis year14:56
Kilosim talking about the whole of last summer till now14:56
Kilosthe cape rains lots14:56
Kerberoit is a very wet winter this year14:56
Kilosand more over the weekend14:57
Kilosand snow on all mountains up to lesotho14:57
Kilosthen the wind blows over the snow to us and i freeze14:58
Kiloseven had to do a blood transfusion with antifreeze for cars15:01
nuvolariinetpro: it's called work :P15:02
Trixar_zaOh hai nuvolari15:02
inetpronuvolari: hmm... tell me everything about it15:02
inetpronuvolari: you will make time for the meeting on Monday?15:03
Kilosmaybe the fly should chair the meet before the larvae becomes a miggie15:45
Kiloswont have time after that event15:47
nuvolarihai Trixar_za 15:47
Kilosnaand nuvolari 15:47
nuvolariinetpro: I'll be here15:47
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 15:47
Kilosals ok seun?15:47
nuvolarihoekom sal oom nou dink ek is vir oom die hoeners in? :P15:47
nuvolarija oom, als is hunky dory15:47
Kiloswant jy is so skaars en familie is mos weg15:47
nuvolariek was haastig na werk om gou nog 'n vlug in te kry met my helikopter15:48
nuvolarien nou nou moet ek weer die klank doen15:48
nuvolariso dan is ek weer nie hier nie15:48
Kilosklank van?15:48
nuvolariby die kerk oom15:48
nuvolarioeffening vir sondag oggend15:49
Kilosjy sprei jou te din uit15:49
inetpronuvolari: mooi, ons het al gedink jy ignoreer ons aspris15:49
nuvolarinee nooit15:49
nuvolariIRC en #ubuntu-za is my 2de huis15:50
nuvolariok, virtuele huis15:50
Kiloswel dis tyd dat jy meer huis toe kom in die aand15:51
Kilosjys te oud om so te jol15:51
nuvolariok ek belowe oom15:51
inetpronuvolari: kyk net mooi na die agenda vir ons voor Maandag en voeg goed by soos jy goed dink : http://bit.ly/KgdIo715:51
Kilosinetpro, ons moet maaz leer om bit.lys ook te doen15:52
Kilosdaai minutes is lank15:52
nuvolaridink hy kan15:52
nuvolariMaaz: lengthen http://bit.ly/KgdIo715:53
Maaznuvolari: That expands to: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/438/detail/15:53
Kiloso dan moet ons net leer15:53
nuvolariKilos: dit is shorten of lengthen15:53
Kilosdankie nuvolari 15:53
nuvolariplesier oom15:53
KilosMaaz, shorten http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/438/detail/15:53
MaazKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/DmKJQR15:53
nuvolariinetpro: ah, the agenda looks a lot more manageable15:54
Kiloshi sflr 15:54
Kilosthere are still items from last meet we didnt cover15:54
* nuvolari see he is about to get fired...15:54
sflrhi guys!15:54
nuvolari6. Elect chairperson for next meeting15:54
* nuvolari krul in 'n bondeltjie op15:55
Kilosnee man 15:55
sflryes, i think there were 3 items. some meetings and conference feedback15:55
Kilosdis wat gebeur as jy jou so skaars hou15:55
Kilosmense het gedink jys Java toe15:56
Kiloshi tumbleweed will you be here monday night?15:57
tumbleweedKilos: no. I only land late in the evening15:57
nuvolariKilos: Java?15:57
nuvolariek werk elke dag daarmee :P15:58
nuvolariwas nog nie daar nie though15:58
Kiloso is daar nie so n plek nie15:58
inetpronuvolari: election van chairman is 'n staande item om seker te maak dat ons altyd iemand het wat verantwoordelikheid vat vir die volgende vergadering15:58
Kilossorry to hear that tumbleweed 15:58
Kiloswe'll proxy for you15:58
nuvolaridaar is so plek oom Kilos :P15:58
nuvolariinetpro: ah, ek dink ek't dit laas keer gemis15:59
Kilosuh oh15:59
nuvolariMaaz: google for Java coordinates15:59
Maaznuvolari: "Coordinates (The Java™ Tutorials > 2D Graphics > Overview of the ..." http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/2d/overview/coordinate.html :: "Point (Java Platform SE 6)" http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/awt/Point.html :: "Getting mouse coordinates from MouseListener | DaniWeb" http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/java/threads/87837/getting-mouse-coordinates-from-mouselistener :: "Java Coordinate System" http:15:59
nuvolarihmm. 15:59
nuvolariMaaz: google for Java coordinates -oracle15:59
Maaznuvolari: "Help - Swing and Mouse Coordinates in Label | DaniWeb" http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/java/threads/249384/help-swing-and-mouse-coordinates-in-label :: "Java Coordinate System" http://www.krhs.net/computerscience/java/gcoord.htm :: "Fast Coordinates in Java" http://www.tomgibara.com/java/fast-coordinates :: "Java Basics Mouseclick coordinates" http://javalessons.com/cgi-bin/fun/java-programming.cgi?1cd=mev&sid=ao789&j15:59
nuvolariMaaz: google for Java coordinates -oracle -swing -2d16:00
Maaznuvolari: "java - coordinates based search - Stack Overflow" http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5093025/coordinates-based-search :: "java - Retreive Coordinates from google maps api - Stack Overflow" http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6236017/retreive-coordinates-from-google-maps-api :: "java - Calculate if an object is inside a set of coordinates? - Stack ..." http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5175216/calculate-if-an-object-is-inside-a-se16:00
nuvolariMaaz: define java16:01
Maaznuvolari: Java \Ja"va\ (j[aum]"v[.a]), n. 1. One of the islands of the Malay Archipelago belonging to the Netherlands. [1913 Webster]  2. Java coffee, a kind of coffee brought from Java. [1913 Webster]  3. (Computers) [all capitals] an object-oriented computer programming language, derived largely from {C++}, used widely for design and display of web pages on the world-wide web. It is an interpreted language, and has been suggested as a pla16:01
nuvolarioh my word16:01
nuvolariMaaz: you're fired!16:01
Maaznuvolari: Huh?16:01
Kiloshaha was the last word plague16:02
KilosMaaz, hi16:07
MaazSup Kilos16:07
Kiloswhew thought i was disconnected things went so quiet16:08
* nuvolari sukkel so bietjie om sy yoghurt met 'n vurk te eet16:12
Kilosha ha ha16:13
nuvolaridis nou wat gebeur as 'n mens haastig is en 10 dinge op 'n slag te doen16:13
* Kilos wonders what happened to sflr16:14
nuvolarioom Kilos: he dropped off the face of the screen16:17
Kilosja looks like it16:18
nuvolariok, ek moet weg weqes16:20
nuvolarisien later16:20
Kilosmooi loop16:20
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Kiloshi Tonberry not_found 16:55
not_foundalo uncle Kilos 16:55
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria17:31
MaazKilos: I'm not feeling too well17:31
Kilosqp weather in pretoria17:33
QPKilos: In Pretoria, South Africa at 2:00 PM SAST on July 12, 2012: 22°C; Humidity: 13%; Wind: NNE at 9 km/h; Conditions: ; Sunrise/set: 6:53 AM SAST/5:32 PM SAST; Moonrise/set: 1:01 AM SAST/12:21 PM SAST17:33
Kilos2 pm17:34
Kilosoom_koos, het jy gewen?17:37
KilosBanlam|away, whats with the all day away?17:37
Kilosyo bakuman 17:37
nuvolario/ I'z bak17:47
Kiloswb nuvolari 17:48
nuvolaridankie dankie17:48
nuvolarihmm, tyd vir koffie17:48
Kilosvrek koud hier en dit gaan net erger vir die volgende week17:48
nuvolarihier ook oom!17:49
Kiloswaar is die apie17:49
nuvolarihulle voorspel vir staterdag dat ons max gaan wees wat ons minimum gewoonlik is17:49
Kilosja groot koue front wat kom17:49
Kiloshier gaan dit weer wit ryp17:49
Kilosen alle buite water dik vries17:50
Kilossal moet begin aantrek soos die mapokkers17:50
Kilosinetpro, ken jy die mapokkers17:53
Kilosweet jy van hulle17:53
nuvolaridit klink so bekend17:53
nuvolariek dink ek het kinderboeke gehad wat hulle in gehad het17:53
nuvolariiewers in londen?17:54
Kilosdis n swart stam wat dik komberse dra of gedra het en ek dink rolle goed om die nek17:54
nuvolariok nee, 17:54
nuvolarinie wat ek in gedagte gehad het nie17:55
Kilosdis wat maaz kry17:55
nuvolariek dink ek dink aan rampokkers :P17:55
Kilosek sien hulle is tot op facebook17:55
nuvolariag jinne tog17:58
Kilosqp see nuvolari17:59
QPHaai nuvolari waar was jy???17:59
nuvolariQP: weather ballito18:00
nuvolariof is qp nie 'n bot nie?18:00
QPnuvolari: City not found18:00
nuvolarihallo qp18:00
* nuvolari is lost18:00
nuvolariQP: weather durban18:00
QPnuvolari: In La Mercy, South Africa at 7:00 PM SAST on July 12, 2012: 14°C; Humidity: 88%; Wind: NE at 7 km/h; Conditions: Clear; Sunrise/set: 6:51 AM SAST/5:12 PM SAST; Moonrise/set: 12:55 AM SAST/12:04 PM SAST18:00
nuvolarila merci18:01
nuvolarimy frans is nie so skerp nie18:02
nuvolaridis heeltemal stomp18:02
Kilosdis noord van durbs waar die nuwe lughawe is18:02
nuvolariek weet waar dit is oom :P18:02
nuvolariek ry altyd oor die la mercy meer18:02
Kilosah skuus man18:02
nuvolari*altyd as ek gateway/durbs toe gaan18:02
Kilosinetpro, as jy iets het om te se, se dit gou, ek vrek van die koue hier en gaan nou nou bad en bed slaan18:15
nuvolarimaar dan moet oom gaan inkruip18:15
Kilosnuvolari, moenie nou vergeet om jou voor te bery vir die vergadering nie18:16
nuvolarions wil nie 'n siek oom kilos hier he nie18:16
nuvolarinee dit is reg oom18:16
nuvolarisal die naweek bietjie voorbereiding doen18:16
Kilosek word nooit siek nie man18:16
nuvolaridaar is altyd 'n eerste keer oom18:17
* inetpro lees gou wat julle alles geskryf het tussen 18:00 en nou18:17
inetprohmm... julle praat te baie18:20
inetproKilos: wat moet ek met die mapokkers maak?18:20
* nuvolari is onskuldig18:20
Kilosons is nie oud nie18:20
Kilosken jy die stam inetpro 18:20
inetproweet nie van sulke goed nie18:20
Kiloseish hulle was volop toe ek in pta groot geword het18:21
* nuvolari gaan bietjie heli oeffen18:21
nuvolarinag oom kilos (as oom nie meer hier is as ek terug is nie)18:22
inetpronuvolari: heli?18:22
Kilosnag nuvolari 18:22
nuvolariinetpro: RC helicopter18:22
inetproKilos: jy sien net 'n koue front dan skrik jy al?18:22
inetpronuvolari: ahh, geniet dit18:22
Kilosnee man ek kry klaar vrek koud18:22
nuvolariinetpro: sal so maak, thanks :>18:22
inetprois nie so koud by my vanaand nie18:23
Kilosdis my vuur wat kleiner is as julle sn18:23
Kilosek sien julle almal more weer18:24
Kiloslekker slaap18:24
Kilosnight all , sleep tight18:24
inetproKilos: mooi bly en ekker slaap18:24
Kilosdankie julle ook18:24
smilebye :)18:34
euroboyhello there21:45
euroboyare european people liked in south africa?21:46
zerefwe likes everybodies21:51
euroboythat is cool21:57
euroboywhat is the reputation of nordic blonde girls in south africa?21:57

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