lanc3rlive usb00:00
Guest70788ya , so then these disk recover programs only search the HDD for the footer and headers and if they can make since of some reconginized pattern they may beable to recover it.00:00
guest-IUgf7II just rebooted. Now I cannot log in under my account. I don't get a bad password, it just tries to boot and fails. I think xorg is corrupted. Help?00:00
c3f59doesn't it offer that to you on boot?00:00
Guest70788How can you make since enough to recover a jpg or other file without the header and footer ghost00:00
escottlanc3r, it probably doesn't help the installers when you do weird things prior to starting00:00
lanc3rlike maybe copy everything to my HDD thats on my flashdrive?00:01
guest-IUgf7Invm, I'm getting constant authentication failures while trying to gain root access in the guest account. >.>00:01
Ghosthunter007its called computer forensics I do it all the time00:01
Guest70788dd can copy any sectors you want but the headers and footers is the only way I can think of that a program can recongize it enough to recover it00:01
wawoweGuest70788: if there were no header or footer, an that was the only missing thing then you would add them00:01
israelguest-IUgf7I, sudo aptitude reinstall xorg00:01
c3f59lanc3r, that wouldn't really do it. that would only put a live install on your disk00:01
Ghosthunter007one sec I will get you a program that will recover it00:01
c3f59you don't really want that. usually, live disks offer you to install the system on your disk00:02
lanc3rwell its persistant, and i dont want to start all from scratch00:02
guest-IUgf7Iisrael, I keep getting authentication failures. :/00:02
Guest70788wawowe but how would a program know when to add them ?00:02
wawoweGuest70788: it wouldn't00:02
c3f59well if you want, you can always dd it to your disk00:02
guest-IUgf7Iand I have dual screens now00:02
Guest70788or when the data is completely nonsense00:02
kriskropdGuest70788 i dont know what im talking about, but photorec worked for me in the past00:02
Need2Growno i said that to get an idea of the teachers style00:02
Ghosthunter007ok you can download helix2009 boot to it then run FTK it will mount your drive and recover everything you want00:03
Need2Growis he good..will he/she be conducive to my learning style00:03
israelguest-IUgf7I, are you typing right, did you edit sudoers or passwd00:03
c3f59that would be something like: dd if=/dev/sd# of=/dev/hd#00:03
wawoweGuest70788: you'd have to match the data to another pure file, then manually add the missing parts00:03
guest-IUgf7Iisrael, I am. It will not let me even run the sudo command in the guest account, so I was trying 'su' and typing the password. And no, I have not edited either of those files.00:03
Guest70788well photorec works for alot of my stuff but I intentionally deleted the headers and footer stuff and tried photrec didn't work to recover ?00:03
lanc3rwell its persistant, and i dont want to start all from scratch, is there anyway to install linux to my hardrive without looseing all my programs00:04
wawoweGuest70788: at the least know where the file ends and begins00:04
c3f59lanc3r dd oughta work but i don't know how to resize your partition afterwards.00:04
israelguest-IUgf7I, try ssh from other pc to use an admin user00:04
lanc3rwhat is dd?00:04
Guest70788I just know it is on a particular partition that is about 1TB in sizes00:04
guest-IUgf7Iisrael, I just installed ubuntu today, I don't have ssh setup.00:05
OerHeksyou cannot use sudo in guest.00:05
c3f59dd clones partitions or entire disks to whatever you want (another disk or maybe an image file)00:05
Jordan_Ulanc3r: You will probably save yourself more time by just doing a normal install, using automatic partitioning, then configuring everything how you want it afterward. Trying to setup parititons manually, and automatically transition your modifications over, is just going to waste time.00:06
kriskropdguest-IUgf7I can't you login through a different runlevel? (function keys 1-5)00:06
lanc3rbut i have like 2 Gib of programs and settings i dont want to lose00:06
Guest70788with no footer or header /patterns so then how is it even possible to recover other then manually looking at every sector combination and adding header and footer info in this cases the number of possiblities to try would exceed the known universes life time00:07
guest-IUgf7Ikriskropd, ehh what lol? I set the primary account to log in automatically, but after this reboot, that did not happen00:07
c3f59yeah i am of Jordan_U's opinion on that, but everybody's got to try it for themselves00:07
escottlanc3r, then dont reinstall00:07
guest-IUgf7Iupon typing my password into the account, the screen turns black and brings me back to the login screen00:07
wawoweGuest70788: it's not00:07
escottlanc3r, and if you must reinstall look at things like etc-keeper and !clone00:07
kriskropdguest-IUgf7I i meantt o fix this... w.e issue it is you are working for, you said you cant login to run sudo or something because of xorg, can you login to a shell and fix it that way at all?00:08
lanc3rif i use dd, couuld i resize the partion without formating what i just copyed?00:08
daniel110hi so i just installed ubuntu for the first time on my hp laptop and i am having a problem. Basically everytime i close the lid(it goes to suspend) and reopen, the wifi stops working. I mean i see the bar trying to connect but it asks me to enter a password and then stops working. What should i do?00:08
Guest70788wait I think I got it if I write a header and footer at the begining and end of the partition in theory the image would appear as a sub image :) I think?00:08
guest-IUgf7Ikriskropd: I only checked and alterned a few settings in nvidia's setting program and hit 'save'. That's it. :/00:08
c3f59well, i tryed dd many times for different reasons, but i never succeeded in resizing the partition to the new disk00:09
guest-IUgf7IAfter that, I rebooted and could not log into my account.00:09
wawoweGuest70788: what's your plan?00:09
lanc3rif i use dd, couuld i resize the partion without formating what i just copyed?00:09
kriskropdguest-IUgf7I you are logging in, the problem is your display cannot initialize the x-server, which I believe is why someone suggested 'sudo aptititude reinstall xorg' earlier00:09
daniel110i tried everything i found online and still doesn't work00:10
wawoweGuest70788: 320gb jpg :P00:10
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.00:10
escottlanc3r, no you would have to resize before/after to make it the correct size00:10
c3f59lanc3r don't double post all the time.00:10
escott!who | lanc3r00:10
ubottulanc3r: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:10
daniel110did anyone experienced my problem before?00:11
=== nibohr is now known as roboto
Jordan_Ulanc3r: This is the last time I'm going to say this, but I'm certain that doing a normal install using the Ubuntu installer will save you time and effort.00:12
daniel110in order to make the wifi work after a suspend i have to reboot my entire laptop00:12
c3f59Jordan_U, i second that :)00:12
reufwhen i do dpkg-reconfigure ruby-rvm00:12
=== roboto is now known as blals
reufi get /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: ruby-rvm is broken or not fully installed00:12
reufhow do i correct broken package or remove it?00:13
wawowereuf: dpkg -r00:13
reufso dpkg -r ruby-rvm ?00:14
wawowereuf: then do apt-get -f install00:14
wawowereuf: yea00:14
c3f59wawowe what is the difference between dpkg -r and apt-get remove ?00:15
wawowedpkg -r doesn't give a freck and apt-get remove does00:15
reufwawowe, thanks, it worked00:15
kriskropdc3f59 two different package managers00:15
c3f59:) aight00:15
reufwawowe, what do you suggest i read to get better understanding of all this process dpkg, aptitdue, apt-get, sinaptic etc?00:16
wawowereuf: read about debian and ubuntu package management00:17
wawowereuf: don't really have any suggestions other that search engines00:17
reufwawowe, thanks anyways00:18
reufthe thing i get confused is how do all these managers organize their installations etc - in sense do all of them follow same logic where to put what file?00:19
wawowereuf: apt aptitude synatptic etc use dpkg00:19
wawowereuf: dpkg is the base00:20
reufalso the directory structure of different linux - it seems that each distro has their own way of organizing files, why so much mess?00:20
wawowereuf: different package managers00:21
wawowereuf: different goals, blah, blah00:21
reufwawowe, thanks - id like to get firm grasp on this, but this is only achievable with years of expirience - so no shortcuts00:22
OerHeksbe carefull with aptitude, it is depreciated since 12.04 is multiarch00:22
reufOerHeks, can you be more specific?00:23
reufwhat does it mean?00:23
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.00:23
wawowereuf: if you want a bunch of experience all at once, compile your one linux/gnu os00:23
reufare there instructions on this00:24
wawowereuf: look up lfs/gentoo/lunar/sourcemage00:24
=== VoX is now known as vox
wawowereuf: or just any source distro to get started00:24
reufyea id like to go with gentoo - needed to load asterisk for voip on it - so itd be fun to compile it00:25
wawowereuf: gentoo is pretty automated.00:26
wawowebut it can still teach you a bunch00:26
wawowegood place to start00:27
reufwawowe, thanks00:27
reufso to go with this?00:27
wawowereuf: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/index.xml00:28
reufwawowe, thanks00:30
d4gg3rhey guys, my wireless card is driving me crazy. it maintains connection but keeps losing packets after a few minutes. then when I turn wireless off and back on it works for another few minutes/secs00:30
d4gg3rany idea what might be the problem?00:31
d4gg3rI have turned the power management stuff off00:31
d4gg3rWireless works perfectly on the same machine under windows00:31
d4gg3rand ubuntu works great with other wirelesses00:31
wawowed4gg3r: i would use ndiswrapper if you think it's a driver issue00:32
d4gg3rit might be something with my home wireless also, because ubuntu's wireless works great at my workplace00:33
d4gg3rI am searching for ideas or similar experience00:33
wawowedifferent hardware, different software, different experience00:34
OsmodivsI have installed libdvdread4 *-dbg *-dev libdvdnav *-dbg *-dev ans still can't play a DVD in VLC. What else do I need to watch a movie?00:35
Jordan_U!dvd | Osmodivs00:36
ubottuOsmodivs: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:36
reuffor vim experts: - vim - i've used it on and off - i can do some basic stuff with it - i know where to lookup shortcuts when i need to get stuff done - however how do i get it into my blood - how do i actually learn it so it becomes natural to use it? - how did you do it? - i know practice - but how did you practice?00:36
wawoweOsmodivs: don't know about vlc, sorry. but if you install mplayer, you'll be able to00:36
historeuf: there's vimtutor00:36
subz3r0vlc should play dvd's ouf of the box00:36
subz3r0even like mplayer00:37
histosubz3r0: yes vlc will play dvd out of the box00:37
Ubunturificon vim, like keyboard shortcuts I put up a cheat sheet at my desk and just started working with it.00:37
Ubunturificforced myself to use it allot.00:37
Osmodivslibdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.00:38
Osmodivs**                                            **00:38
Osmodivs**  No css library available. See             **00:38
Osmodivs**  /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/README.css     **00:38
Osmodivs**  for more information.                     **00:38
FloodBot1Osmodivs: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:38
wawoweafter you get used to vim, other editors become a problem00:38
Ubunturificwhat ever I needed to edit... I used vim00:38
OerHeks1 thought you still need the css script to play dvd00:38
Jordan_Usubz3r0: histo: Incorrect. With Ubuntu (and most distributions) libdvdcss is not installed by default, even when you install vlc/mplayer, for legal reasons.00:38
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:38
wawoweinitially vim probably seems insane00:38
reufthanks all - you guys are wealth of info00:38
andre22to unninstal google chrome00:39
subz3r0Jordan___, weird, coze im sure i did not install it and im able to play dvds?00:39
OsmodivsSorry bout the flood, but yeah, there is a script in the /usr/share/doc/libdvd400:39
Osmodivs¿Why is it so hidden?00:39
slackinAny xvid codec pro's around? I need some assistance, I can't quite get my file sizes as small as I would like while retaining quality. I have seen others that have good quality and smaller size using xvid, so what am I missing?00:40
andre22 i write sudo apt-get purge google chrome or chromium web browser???00:40
Ubunturificloaded espeaker and xctts.py... you should hear you guys!00:40
Osmodivsjordan_Jordan_Jordan_U U are the man00:40
d3v1an71Is there a security issue using root ssh-keys (i.e. sudo ssh-keygen) between servers?00:40
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
Jordan_UOsmodivs: It's not hidden. The reason that it's not installed by default is that in some countries (like the U.S.A) it's technically illegal.00:41
OsmodivsTHANK YOU!!!00:41
wawoweslackin: probably a smaller audio file00:41
Jordan_UOsmodivs: You're welcome.00:41
slackinwawowe, humm, maybe, but I am using mp3lame00:41
slackinmaybe ill try tweaking the audio00:41
wawoweslackin: encode to 12800:41
OsmodivsGood bye, please, thank the guys helping you all. Çìao00:42
slackinwawowe, alright, thanks for the input, ill give that a try n see how it goes00:42
tim_Just built a new computer and cannot get video to work. The display works after first installed, but after update and reboot it comes up with a blank screen. I have tried multiple versions of ubuntu with the same results. Any suggestions?00:48
wawowetim_: well, don't update :P00:49
wawowei don't, unless there's some security issue00:50
wawoweonce i'm satisfied that things are stable anyway00:50
wawowepersonally i think that whole Philosophy00:51
wawoweis stupid..00:52
wawoweupdating everytime something new comes out00:52
eossinstalling arch linux00:53
eossgoooooodbye ubuntu00:53
* eoss sniffs the air00:53
wawowei loved you eoss00:53
eosswell im dual partitioning so..i think il just stay00:54
r3mWhat What in the butt i said what what in the butt00:56
wawower3m: blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah00:57
hylianafter an update 3/4 of my stuff is in chinese, atleast I think it is chinese...00:58
wawowehylian: did you download stuff that might be chinese?01:00
wawowehylian: ctrl+alt+f1, login......, export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8, /etc/init.d/lightdm stop, startx01:02
hylianwawowe: ok i will try that, brb01:03
hylianwawowe: it complains about export not being an identifier... never heard of the command myself01:05
hylianwawowe: and there is no man entry for export01:05
wawowehylian: export is part of bash01:05
wawowehylian: explain exactly what you did01:05
[flux]Ive done something stupid. I rewrote winxp's bootloader over grub01:08
[flux]Grub was throwing error 17, and it was urgent.01:08
[flux]How can I get grub back?01:08
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:08
[flux]This is ubuntu 12.04.01:08
wawowe[flux]: boot a live-cd bastard and grub-install /dev/disk01:09
genii-around[flux]: The first link from the bot01:09
[flux]okay, thanks.01:09
[flux](I've done this before, wasn't sure what had changed on 12.04)01:09
Jordan_U[flux]: "error 17" is a grub legacy error. Do you have any idea why you had grub legacy installed with Ubuntu 12.04?01:11
[flux]Jordan_U: nope, no clue.01:11
[flux]Wait a minute.01:11
[flux]Let me confirm it is what this guy says01:12
=== ztag100 is now known as any
[flux]err 9.0401:12
[flux]so grub1?01:12
=== any is now known as ztag100
Jordan_U[flux]: Yes, and very much not supported.01:12
Jordan_U!eol | [flux]01:12
ubottu[flux]: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:12
[flux]Jordan_U: Thanks for that, I should have confirmed.01:12
[flux]Jordan_U: This is a friend's laptop, so installing 12.04 over the current won't damage the bootloader, will it?01:13
Jef91I install Ubuntu 12.04 from a minimal CD and then I installed libreoffice - but spell check does work for English/US which is the system wide language. Any help?01:14
wawowe[flux]: not only will it damage it, but it will replace it :p01:15
[flux]wawowe: in that context damage would mean rendering the machine unbootable :P01:19
[flux]I'm assuming it wouldn't.01:19
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bbqroastHey, does anyone know the new package for openssh-server? I have a fresh Ubuntu 12 install01:20
GwenniferSo uhm01:20
GwenniferHow do I get the latest driver for my graphics card? Do I need to?01:20
bbqroastAnyone? For some reason the openssh-server package doesn't exist :(01:21
wawowe[flux]: i was joking. i mean that it would replace your current grup1 loader with grub201:21
escott!info openssh-server01:21
daneshello, what apps can I use to sync my android phone with ubuntu?01:21
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1 (precise), package size 333 kB, installed size 817 kB01:21
jayne_waynehttps://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/uec.html <- how come they state that the UEC install option is available when it is not?01:22
bbqroastI get an error doing: sudo apt-get install openssh-server01:22
wawowebbqroast: openssh-server is still the current package01:22
wawowebbqroast: what error01:22
daneshow can I configure my keyboard to switch to other languages like in win with left-alt + shift?01:23
[flux]wawowe: okay, not an issue. Thanks.01:23
bbqroastPacakge openssh-server is not available, bt is reffered to by another package01:23
[flux]Also, 12.04 can't upgrade from 9.04?01:23
wawowedanes: ime01:23
[flux]Can't get an option for the same.01:23
bbqroastThis may mean that rhe package is missing, obselete01:23
escottdanes, do you mean left alt + shift + numpad?01:23
superlouI'm a big fan of Rubymine (rails IDE) and everything was great until yesterday when suddenly the fonts in Rubymine got really odd (bold and no antialiasing).  The only thing I can think of that happened prior was installing Wine.  Rubymine is a java app so I don't know why Wine would impact it.  I've been searching can't find anything that seems appropriate for the situation.  Would greatly appreciate any suggestions on the right search01:24
superlou terms.  Thanks!01:24
Anders-As of now, you cannot upgrade from 9.04 to 12.04.01:24
danesescott, not really sure what is that key combination for...01:24
wawowedanes: look for ubuntu (language) ime01:25
JamesMRwhere's the right place to ask webcam related questions?01:25
somebody__what's a good channel to ask about regex?01:25
escottdanes, i dont know what left-alt+shift does in windows01:25
JamesMRsomebody__: what language are you using them in?01:25
Guest70788wait if the government could read previous HDD written bits then security algorithms could be bypassed in general anyway :)01:26
escott!keyboard | danes perhaps this is helpful01:26
ubottudanes perhaps this is helpful: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout01:26
Anders-I take that back, you can upgrade you just need to make an install disk.01:26
bbqroastFound the issue, network just flunked :)01:26
somebody__JamesMR, php01:26
Guest70788personal home page <% phpinfo % > LOL01:26
wawowedanes: ♪01:26
JamesMRsomebody__: try ##php01:27
daneswawowe, escott, thanks, let me try your suggestions01:27
somebody__thanks, JamesMR01:27
somebody__JamesMR, channel is invite only!?01:28
Guest70788  : > /dev/null (do nothing except everything :)01:28
JamesMRsomebody__: it is? I can get in fine and I can't recall having gone in there ever before..01:28
bazhang!ot | Guest7078801:28
ubottuGuest70788: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:28
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somebody__JamesMR, i can't for some reason.. "[03:27] * Cannot join #php (Channel is invite only)."01:29
IdleOnesomebody__, try ##php01:30
JamesMRaah, missed that; yeah double hash01:30
somebody__IdleOne, different error, "need to be identified with services"01:31
IdleOne!register | somebody__01:31
ubottusomebody__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:31
somebody__right right, i got to look up my password n all01:31
somebody__thanks IdleOne and JamesMR01:32
IdleOnesomebody__, #freenode can send you a reset email if you need01:32
JamesMRwhere would be the right place to ask about webcam settings issues?01:33
wawoweJamesMR: here, depending on the issue01:34
marcioFala aí, galera...01:35
JamesMRwawowe: I loaned my webcam to my sister last week, only to have it returned with some settings changed on board, that I don't appear to have access to from skype or cheese01:35
=== marcio is now known as Marcio_Sanches
JamesMRmost notably, that it's stuck in monochrome01:35
JamesMRshe's on windows 7, I'm on 'Buntu01:35
wawoweJamesMR: maybe you have access ti them on-board01:35
ImaNerdyBoyTop of the morning to everyon.. I'm at work forgive me for not talking too much.01:36
wawoweImaNerdyBoy: oh, you're gonna get yours.. i know you and you'll see01:37
wawoweImaNerdyBoy: bein' at work is awesome huh01:37
wawoweImaNerdyBoy: don't really know you. and you're not gonna get yours..01:38
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bazhangwawowe, stop that01:38
bazhang!ot > wawowe01:39
ubottuwawowe, please see my private message01:39
wawowebazhang: sorry, fucka01:39
wawowek, one sec01:39
bazhangwawowe, watch the language and stay on topic here.01:39
wawowe /window close01:39
wawowe recycles fast01:40
wawowei wonder what it takes to become an op here01:40
bazhangwawowe, stop the chit chat01:41
wawowebut nvm, doesn't matter01:41
bwat47the opposite of what you're doing01:41
wawoweif only i wasn't banned from off-topic01:41
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edlangAnyone around? there seems to be an issue with the ubuntu certification page's stylesheet01:53
edlanghttp://www.ubuntu.com/certification/static/css/ubuntu.css 404s01:53
daneswawowe, escott, I managed to change the language keyboard but I wonder if there is a combination of keys that I could use to switch between keyboards....?01:55
escottdanes, you want a key combination to change your input mode?01:55
danesescott,. yes01:56
Zyclopshi, does anyone know any good books on linux/ubuntu server security?01:56
escottdanes, go to keyboard layout in settings, then under layouts click on options there you will find Key(s) to change layout01:59
escottdanes, i think that is what you want01:59
danesescott, excellent, thank you!02:01
genio_hi ?02:01
genio_في أحد عربي هنا ؟02:02
escottdanes, if you dont need the full languages switching but just need a few characters here and there you might find the compose key useful, but if you are already literate in multiple layouts thats well impressive02:02
=== Guest_869 is now known as pawan
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية02:02
escottor is that farsi. i cant tell02:03
pawancant connect to wired connection02:03
danesescott, ¡muchas gracias por tu apoyo! - Thanks for your support!02:04
escottpawan, can you be more detailed. what error messages do you get?02:05
GwenniferHow do I turn off the new unity interface...?02:06
bazhang!notunity | Gwennifer02:06
ubottuGwennifer: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:07
Gwennifer...Has that been asked so many times it's now a bot command?02:07
GwenniferHas anyone welcomed the unity interface at all? :U02:07
danesany apps that you guys recommend to sync my pc and my android phone? pics, contacts, emails, etc...02:08
machine__hey everyone im having an issue with openAL on 12.04 and need to know where to look for some help02:08
BronzeEagleso there was a power surge, my machine (running ubuntu 10.10 2.6.32-33-generic is going straight to busybox02:08
BronzeEagleAnd the busybox console isn't letting me type02:08
BronzeEagleso the only thing I have access it the grub commandline02:09
jagginessBronzeEagle, maybe the motherboard is damaged02:09
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josvukHow can I log in as root in lucid02:09
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BronzeEaglejagginess: I did system annalysis and it said everything passed 100%02:10
pawanNo active connections in wired network02:10
escottBronzeEagle, boot to a livecd and fsck the root partition. thats usually why you get dropped to busybox02:10
pawancant connect to internet using eth002:10
escottpawan, open a terminal and type "ping" and see if you get any successful packets02:11
pawanwireless signal keeps blinking but no internet connectivity02:11
pawancurrently on windows02:11
escottpawan, its going to be hard to diagnose from windows02:12
forbidden404pawan, this could be something with DNS or MTU02:12
pawanbut i cant connect from ubuntu02:12
BronzeEagleescott: loading, I'll give a yay/nay responce in a sec brb02:12
pawancan i attach a nic and connect to internet there02:13
pals0007desperately need help compiling highpoint rocket raid 622 drivers02:13
totesmuhgoatshi friends02:14
forbidden404pawan, can you try ADSL connection? Is it working?02:14
totesmuhgoatsso when i look at dmesg i see a bunch of messages like these -> http://pastebin.com/wjQGFarn <- This software was removed long ago.02:15
pawanyes it is woring in xp02:15
pawanbut not in ubuntu02:15
ki4rohow does one stop the ping in the terminal?02:15
forbidden404you were talking about wireless, right? What about wired?02:15
pals0007anyone familiar with highpoint drivers02:16
genEricaEvening peoples. I've ran into a curious problem. I successfully installed ubuntu 12.04 server and am ssh'd into it. I'm trying to install xfce4 via "sudo apt-get install xfce4" but it's giving me "E: Unable to locate package." I didn't have this problem in 11.10, where am I going wrong?02:16
bazhangki4ro, control c02:16
pawanwired connection not working02:16
\SteveWhere is the ufsutils package located? apt-get install ufsutils says it is unable to locate the package.02:16
ki4robazhang: Thank you02:16
bazhang!info ufsutils | \Steve02:17
ubottu\Steve: ufsutils (source: ufsutils): UFS filesystems utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.2-3 (precise), package size 169 kB, installed size 375 kB02:17
\Stevebazhang: So I need to add something to universe somewhere in /etc/apt/sources.list, correct?02:18
forbidden404pawan, can you type your IP address on your browser and tell me the quantity of your MTU?02:19
bazhang\Steve, just update sources.list , this should be enabled by default02:19
daneshow can I sync my phone contacts with ubuntu?02:19
forbidden404try typing or on your browser02:20
forbidden404then press enter02:20
\Stevebazhang: Update it how? Looking in the file, I see main and restricted only.02:20
daneshow can I sync my android phone contacts with ubuntu?02:20
KatronixHi all, if I have a server running Ubuntu 10.04.1-64 I just need to make sure it has the right repositories in the system to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS right?02:20
pals0007need help setting up highpoint rocket raid drivers02:20
bazhang\Steve, then uncomment the repo in question by removing the # and then save the file, and update.02:20
forbidden404danes, you can sync your accounts with Ubuntu one, and then I get them on ubuntu02:21
forbidden404danes, or you can try to sync your gmail account with your contacts app02:21
danesforbidden404, where can I find more info about this to use ubuntu one?02:21
bazhangdanes, #ubuntuone02:21
\Stevebazhang: There were exactly 3 lines in my file, all uncommented. I added two more for precise universe and precise-updates universe. That seems to have done it. Thanks for the help.02:22
forbidden404danes, https://one.ubuntu.com/phones/02:22
genEricaNo one can help me? :( I tried asking in #linux as well. I've done apt-get update and upgrades already, nothing works that I can find.02:22
bazhanggenErica, to do what02:22
forbidden404genErica, wait a moment02:22
trismgenErica: do you have universe enabled?02:22
Gwenniferdid I install ubuntu wrong? Everything feels much, much slower than I remember.02:23
min|dvir|usAnyone install PostGIS?02:23
machine0316whats up all, anyone got a min to help me with an openal issue02:23
genEricaSimply looking to install xfce on 12.04 server. But I get "E: Unable to locate package xfce4:02:23
forbidden404genErica you can try sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.10 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xfce402:23
trismgenErica: ignore forbidden404, do you have universe enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list?02:24
genEricaForbidden404: That first command results in sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found.02:25
genEricatrism: Don't think so, not unless it is installed by default.02:25
trismgenErica: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list?02:25
[Steven_M]Hi all. Does the stable version of Ubuntu support GPT, or does it require MBR?02:25
genEricatrism: http://pastebin.com/qX0dT0XE02:26
min|dvir|usgenErica, what Ubuntu version are you using?02:26
genErica12.04 server02:26
pals0007anyone know how to compile a driver package02:26
GwenniferWhat does "install alongside windows" actually do in the Ubuntu installer?02:27
trismgenErica: yes you only have the cd repos, you need to add a line such as: deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main universe02:27
trismgenErica: then run sudo apt-get update; and you should be able to install xfce402:27
escott[Steven_M], you can install grub-efi if you have an efi system. if you are using bios+gpt make a "grub_bios" partition (1Mb is sufficient) see rodsbooks.com02:27
GwenniferDoes it make a new partition alongside windows, or does it just install into the windows file directory?02:28
genEricaThanks trism, that's so odd why that wasn't there by default. Thanks a lot!02:28
forbidden404Gwennifer, alongside, a new partition... if you want to install in a windows directory, you should use Wubi02:28
gr33n7007hGwennifer, the former02:29
clausenis there any secure erase software for USB flash drives?02:29
trismgenErica: no problem, you will probably want to add additional lines for precise-updates and precise-security02:29
[Steven_M]escott: thank you. :)02:29
min|dvir|usclausen, see shred.02:29
pals0007anyone know how to compile a driver package02:29
clausenminerale_, the shred(1) documentation doesn't mention USB02:29
clausenmin|dvir|us, sorry that was for you ^^02:30
gr33n7007hclausen, dd02:30
clausenUSB flash requires special attention02:30
clausendd/shred are insecure02:30
clausen(for usb flash)02:30
min|dvir|usGrab a stick of thermite.02:30
clausensee this article: http://www.usenix.org/events/fast11/tech/full_papers/Wei.pdf02:30
clausenI was hoping somebody might know of something better :)02:30
gandalfcomeI'm trying in vain to install ubuntu on a lenovo thinkstation E30 with an intel 520 ssd. I think UEFI might be an issue. Is there a way to install it without UEFI?02:31
escottmin|dvir|us, good i was about to say. putting usb sticks into shredders is a bad idea. it can damage the metal blades. explosives are a much better idea02:31
min|dvir|usescott, haha!02:31
forbidden404gandalfcome, UEFI is something like BIOS, I don't think you can "normally" install without using it02:32
escottgandalfcome, you can see if your UEFI has a bios mode02:32
pals0007does anyone see my post blink twice for yes02:32
escottpals0007, to be brutally honest thats not a question we like to answer much on this channel. its usually a sign you are doing things wrong (like downloading drivers when you should be using jockey)02:33
min|dvir|usclausen, unless the USB stick has special hardware instructions, I think constantly overwriting is what you're stuck with.02:33
gandalfcomeescott: I can switch my bios to legacy mode and boot with MBR, but 12.04 installs itself with uefi built-in.02:33
clausenmin|dvir|us, ok, thanks02:33
escottgandalfcome, so where do things go wrong?02:33
min|dvir|usclausen, I think it was obvious that was an opinion.02:34
clausenmin|dvir|us, I think I have a slightly better option... encrypting each file, and wiping keys02:34
pals0007tried compiling the drivers as listed on the ubuntu website but the drives on the rosewell dont show up after reboot till i do the command sudo modprobe rr62x02:35
clausen(but that is a pain too)02:35
min|dvir|usclausen, well, that's out-of-band.02:35
min|dvir|usUnless your only storage is the USB stick, at which point the cleartext would be unshreddable.02:35
clausenmin|dvir|us, well, the keys would still be on the USB...02:35
josvukfixing my sudoers I have to boot into recovery, but I don't use grub it's lilo does holding the shift key works anyway?02:35
clausen... but you need to recover lots of the key to read the files02:36
escottpals0007, add it to /etc/modules02:36
gandalfcomeescott: switching my MB into UEFI mode (not AUTO) it says no boot device found. This is after successful install from the livecd onto the ssd (I mounted it later and checked that files are on there!)02:36
min|dvir|usclausen, are you making a self-destructing Flash drive?02:36
escottgandalfcome, i would boot the livecd, chroot in and install grub-efi02:36
clausenmin|dvir|us, no... I just want to erase files :)02:36
pals0007total newb here what does that mean or how do i add it02:37
min|dvir|usclausen, good, because now I'm going to do that.02:37
escottpals0007, its a file that lists the modules the kernel should load on boot02:37
gandalfcomeescott: I've tried the debian powered boot repair disk to no avail. how to install grub-efi? on my uefi fat16 partion there is under /efi/ubuntu/ a grubx64.xdi (not sure if the extension is right)02:37
escottgandalfcome, i've managed to avoid these efi systems so far so im not cognizant in what needs to be done. sounds like grub-efi is installed. not sure why you are getting the no boot device. can you tell what is giving you the no boot device? uefi?02:38
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gandalfcomeescott something in the lenovo e30. grub does not load. error 1962: no operating system found … error 1962 seems to be specific to lenovo.02:39
pals0007found the file modules and this is all thats there "# /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time.02:41
pals0007# This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded02:41
pals0007# at boot time, one per line. Lines beginning with "#" are ignored.02:41
FloodBot1pals0007: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
gandalfcomeescott: I don't care about uefi, I just want ubuntu 12.04 to work. I had an ssd in there before ocz vertex 4 but that blew up this morning and so I replaced with intel 520 240gb, but I can't get it to boot (no problem installing; btw - no other hdd connected).02:41
escottgandalfcome, i'm afraid i dont really know what to suggest. is uefi recognizing the disk at all?02:42
escottpals0007, what do you think sudo modprobe MODULE_NAME does?02:43
luoluoluohi there,  how to set dual display resolution?  I had 2 1680x1050, but the second one is always 1024x768.  I didn't see setting option for 1680x1050 in nvidia-setup.  any ideas?02:44
gandalfcomeescott: How would I find out? How does it see it? can I probe it somehow. Is there anyway to force ubuntu to install without all that uefi stuff?02:45
escottgandalfcome, i dont know. i dont know. i dont know. and your only other option is to switch your uefi system to boot in bios emulation mode. welcome to the wonderful world of UEFI. (did you know that there is more code in UEFI than in the linux kernel?)02:46
izumuis there anyone here02:48
FloodBot1izumu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
izumuI can't understand that.02:48
hilarieits saying quit sending so many messqages at once02:48
hilarieWhats up02:48
gandalfcomeescott: Oh don't you know that more is always better ;-). I can switch my uefi system to go to legacy mode, but ubuntu doesn't provide a legacy boot code?02:48
izumuOh~~I'm sorry.02:48
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:49
izumuI'm new here.02:49
genii-aroundizumu: Do you have some question regarding your Ubuntu?02:49
gandalfcomeescott: I should mention that I followed an ubuntu online guid that suggested formatting things into gpt. that's what I did.02:49
escottgandalfcome, sure it does. its just normal grub. you would install grub to the mbr and boot it that way. if you have a gpt disk you need to create a grub_bios partition (as small as 1MB is plenty)02:49
izumuI don't know how to use scheme very much, who can help me?02:50
gandalfcomeescott: guess what I have a 100mb uefi partition, that seems useless as of now. will that do for the grub_bios parition?02:50
escottgandalfcome, gpt is required by uefi. bios+grub can boot gpt the only difficulty is the grub stage2 which is normally placed between the mbr and the first partition. there isn't always space with gpt for that02:50
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BalaskHello, I am runnng a live CD of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I am trying to mount my hard drive that has another install of Ubuntu on it and it says it is busy with another task.  How do I end all tasks on a certain drive?02:51
noirohey guys, I am trying to install wine on ubuntu and I am getting a TrueType core fonts. I tried hitting Enter, space, or even clicking inside on <Ok> but am getting nothing02:51
izumurestart your computer ?02:51
BalaskTried restarting the computer it is doing it on a fresh restart without launching anything ahead of time02:52
escottnoiro, hit tab02:52
noirothanks escott. I knew it was something simple02:52
gandalfcomelet's say I ditch uefi (gladly if that works), can I still use the gpt partition table. Can I just use the 100 mb fat16 and change the flag to bios_grub? Then what do I do?02:52
djbpython1not sure where to turn, but i just installed 12.04, and when using vi in the terminal characters are being typed that I don't expect (like enter is typing C, instead of a newline...)02:52
gandalfcomeescott: see above^02:53
escottgandalfcome, you could do that. it would confuse other operating systems, but you can certainly do that02:53
izumuvi is not very good.you can use gvim or vim instead .02:53
izumuI think vim in terminal mode is perfect.02:54
bwat47i like nano for simple edits02:54
GwenniferIs it possible to downgrade to 11.04 or do I have to uninstall 12.04 first?02:54
noiroarchlinux uses vi02:54
gandalfcomeescott: there shallt not be other operating systems. so no problem. What do you recommend? reformat and put the disk into ms-dos partition table?02:54
djbpython1izumu: is that meant for me? I'm concerned i've got something else screwed up though02:54
izumuI try nano just now....02:55
genii-aroundGwennifer: If you want to back to a previous version, you have to reinstall it again02:55
izumuvery good.02:55
GwenniferKay, how do I uninstall 12.04?02:55
cipher__anyone here still sentimental over gnome2? back when the UI was sane?02:55
escottgandalfcome, you shouldnt need to redo the entire install. i would just resize the gpt partition (the 100MB one) and free 1MB and make that into a grub_bios partition, but keep it gpt. then chroot in. remove grub-efi and install grub, then run grub-install and see if that boots02:56
* noiro raises his hand (to the cipher__ comment)02:56
hilarieOkay.... my ubuntu server can't ping google, unknown host, but can dig it...02:56
genii-aroundGwennifer: Just install the old version over the 12.04, but be sure to make sure it formats the drive02:56
GwenniferYou mean the partition...?02:56
genii-aroundGwennifer: Yes02:56
GwenniferI have a mostly filled 450gb windows 7 partition I'd rather not lose.02:56
GwenniferIs there a way to get the grub menu thing off where it asks me what OS to boot?02:57
genii-aroundGwennifer: When you install 11.04 it will just rescan and make a new one02:57
izumugrub has a new verion of 2.0002:57
cipher__Gwennifer, i could be mistaken, but you could set the timeout to 0, so it defaults quickly enough it isn't an issue02:57
noiroI can't find anything in 12.04....holy crap. e.o02:57
hyliansomehow ubuntu got set to english, and removed everything english US. is there a way short of reinstallation that could solve this problem?02:58
noirowhere is a menu to select applications other than this hotbar thing?02:58
escott!notunity | noiro02:58
ubottunoiro: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:58
cipher__haha, you want a menu?02:58
cipher__that's silly.02:59
noiroI don't want to memorize commands for every GUI program I install. :P02:59
noiroor just to execute it02:59
GwenniferMmm...I'd rather it default to Windows 7, can I change it so it'll do that?02:59
GwenniferWith a timeout of 3?02:59
cipher__one moment Gwennifer03:00
jagginessnoiro, if you install gnome-shell, you can relogin with a different desktop (that has a menu)(you click on the gear icon on the logon screen)03:00
HelloWorld321My software center is doing something annoying: it pauses on a " | more" that wants me to look over all hte release notes.  Is there a way to make it skip that automatically?  I always fall asleep waatching the progress bar, and then wonder why it stopped at halfway03:00
noirojagginess, I love Unity's look, I just can't find anything.03:01
cipher__okay Gwennifer open a console/terminal and type: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst then find the line where it says default     003:01
jagginessnoiro, keep clicking.. theres an internal menu with unity03:01
GwenniferThis is after I install 11.04 over 12.04, or before?03:02
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cipher__noiro, i love a nicely configured openbox03:02
gandalfcomeescott: sso I have used the boot-repair-disk suggested by ubuntu forums: paste.ubuntu.com/1087261/03:02
cipher__Gwennifer, whenever, i suppose03:02
cipher__you may need to change it after you reinstall03:02
cipher__not sure.03:02
noiroopenbox is amazing, fast and smooth. I just haven't gotten it to have the best aesthetics yet.03:02
cipher__noiro, can i share what my 'fluxbox' machine looks like atm?03:03
gandalfcomeescott: and now I get missing operating system.03:03
noirosure. I just installed Ubuntu over Archlinux (I don't have time to configure it right now and needed something 'now')03:03
GwenniferCipher, can you PM me the full instructions?03:03
gandalfcomeescott: which is a slightly different phrase thatn error 1962: no operating system found. press any key to repeat boot sequence.03:04
djbpython1so what have I screwed up to screw up vi so backspace and delete don't work properly03:04
jrdnn+1 for openbox03:04
escottgandalfcome, i wouldn't read anything into that difference. its just a different code path UEFI vs BIOS03:04
hyliani accidentally installed a program that destroyed english and installed chinese, how do i do the exact opposite. language format for instance is either chinese or nothing.03:05
gandalfcomeescott: it still doesn't work. I reinstalled an mbr onto the disk pointing to sda2.03:05
gandalfcomeescott: did you have a look at the pastebin? Maybe I need to switch /dev/sda2 to bios boot partition?03:07
Balaskwhat does it mean when it says filesystem not clean and how do i fix that on a  ext4 partition?03:08
escottgandalfcome, you have a hybrid disk. that might be your problem03:08
gandalfcomeescott: nope it's an ssd (intel).03:08
zykotick9Balask: boot recovery (and/or livecd) and fsck the partition03:08
escottgandalfcome, there is no reason for you to have a hybrid partition table. i would go with straight gpt or straight mbr03:08
GwenniferUgh...I'll just uninstall Ubuntu and try again in a few months. How do you delete it?03:09
escottrodsbooks.com will tell you all about hybrid tables, but its just not necessary for your use case03:09
noirois wine's test sound option supposed to sound scratchy?03:09
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escottgandalfcome, ^^^ so you could reinstall and create a new table that is gpt only, or install and use gdisk in the livecd and convert away from hybrid03:09
cipher__noiro, well here it is anyway, it probably doesn't look very good, i tried anyway. http://i46.tinypic.com/21ennc.png (originally 1440x800)03:10
noironicely done cipher. Is that ubuntu? e.o03:10
gandalfcomeescott: so very stupid question: I guess it's not either mbr or uefi are not opposite of the coin? okay am in live cd. gdisk or gparted?03:10
cipher__yeah, that's ubuntu :p03:11
escottgandalfcome, wait im reading this wrong... nevermind its fine03:11
escottgandalfcome, i dont know what to recommend to you honestly03:12
gandalfcomeescott: which partition needs to have the bios_grub boot flag? /dev/sda1? /dev/sda2? and do I need an MBR for non-UEFI boot?03:12
cipher__would it be a crime to suggest we share desktops, i need to sprucen things up -- aesthetics inquiries are just as valid, as any other.03:13
escottgandalfcome, presuming that what is now labled BIOS Boot Partition was the EFI partition then grub-bios should be ok. although having it as fat is wrong. a grub_bios partition is not supposed to have a filesystem03:13
escottgandalfcome, bios grub on a gpt disk requires ~1MB of partitioned, but unformatted space with a label of grub_bios03:13
escottgandalfcome, i dont know if label is the right term... but its in the options for gpt format stuff03:14
Balaskokay so fsck tells me it had an error reading a block "(Attempted to read from filesystem resulted in short read). "  What happens if I ignore the error, should I ignore the error?  How can I fix it?03:15
zykotick9escott: you can e2label mbr partitions (it's not just gpt for sure)03:15
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gandalfcomeso if I reinstall: I repartition the disk to be non-gpt (ms-dos) and will let ubuntu choose to install on this disk, will it avoid UEFI (does that logic make sense?)03:15
john38Can somebody help me03:16
jrdnnjohn38: With?03:16
zykotick9!ask | john3803:16
ubottujohn38: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:16
john38How do you open a DVD VideoTS folder with movie player03:16
gandalfcomeescott: ^ sorry above03:16
escottgandalfcome, you can't avoid uefi unless the uefi has a bios emulation mode03:16
john38anybody know?03:17
jrdnnjohn38: If you have Totem-xine click open location and browse to where VIDEO_TS is.03:17
john38jrdnn, ok03:18
zykotick9john38: you do mean "Movie Player" (aka Totem) right?  i'd have no idea in that case... in my personal experience vlc is better then totem, and mplayer is more powerful then vlc03:18
gandalfcomeescott: the system setting software (I called that bios; accessible by F1) does have a legacy mode. I have switched it to said legacy mode now (after trying UEFI to no avail). BTW thanks for your help!!! I think I can at least learn more about the system that way.03:18
john38zykotick9, ok03:18
escottgandalfcome, legacy mode means bios emulation mode. so instead of uefi looking for a efi partition on a gpt disk it just executes the code in the mbr. so in that mode installing the normal grub should work03:19
BronzeEagleescott: it won't let hardly do anything from the live disk03:20
escottBronzeEagle, i dont even know what your original question was anymore03:20
gandalfcomeescott: If you're willing  I can easily offer ssh access as there's nothing on the computer. That would be great help and it might be easier for you to have a look.03:20
arusselI've installed postgresql on 12.04 'sudo aptitude install postgresql-server-dev-9.1 postgresql-contrib-9.1  postgresql-client-9.1 postgresql postgresql-common'.03:21
escottgandalfcome, i dont even know what to look for03:21
arusselbut I haven't a /etc/postgres directory. Has anything change since last release ?03:21
arusselI've got no error but /etc/init.d/postgres status/start is not giving any output03:22
zykotick9arussel: has it been ported to upstart?  check /etc/init/ for some postgres thing?  (ps. i don't know)03:23
zykotick9arussel: fyi you should consider /etc/init.d/ as basically deprecated in ubuntu03:23
john38jrdnn, xine doesnt have open folder feature03:24
zykotick9john38: (personal opinion only) i've never had much sucess with xine03:24
john38jrdnn, i know how to open and play files i want to play the whole movie folder03:24
arusselzykotick9: thanks for the info. But I'm not sure this is the source of my problem03:25
djbpython1so yea, vi is all screwed up for me, delete, backspace and arrow keys are not working03:26
arusselbtw I'm on a 'just installed' ec2 ami latest 12.04 from ubuntu download03:26
escottgandalfcome, goodluck. sorry im not of much help03:26
jrdnnjohn38: Open a terminal, cd to the directory with the movies, and find . -iname \*.mp4 -print0 | xargs --null totem --enqueue (replace .mp4 with whatever the movie extension is)03:26
zykotick9john38: with mplayer you can use something like "mplayer -dvd-device /home/USER/foo dvd://1" (untested)03:27
john38jrdnn, ok i got it to work with Vlc03:27
zykotick9john38: with mplayer you can use something like "mplayer -dvd-device /home/USER/foo/ dvd://1" (untested) [sorry the trailing / "might" be important]03:27
TasmaniaI need help03:31
jrdnnTasmania: With?03:31
TasmaniaEverytime I try to change permissions for a file in Ubuntu it says "Operation not permitted"03:31
gr33n7007hTasmania, sudo03:32
jrdnnTasmania: Are you the owner of the file?03:32
jrdnnTasmania: Like gr33n7007h said sudo (if CLI) else gksudo nautilus or whatever FM03:32
TasmaniaYeah it still doesn't work -_-03:34
maluciousTasmania, is it a system file? or one in your home directory? i.e. One you created?03:36
lanc3rhi i tryed to delete firefox because it was stoped working and i got this error : dpkg: error processing firefox-user-profile (--remove):03:37
lanc3r unable to securely remove '/root/.mozilla/firefox/nq474mcm.default/startupCache/startupCache.4.little.dpkg-tmp': Input/output error03:37
lanc3rErrors were encountered while processing:03:37
lanc3r firefox-user-profile03:37
lanc3rE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:37
FloodBot1lanc3r: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:37
gr33n7007hTasmania, what command are you using?03:37
lanc3rnow none of my apt-get works03:37
melkorlanc3r: what does it say?03:37
melkorlanc3r: nevermind I see03:38
lanc3rSub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:38
lanc3rso i cant reinstall firefox or anything03:38
gandalfcomeescott: I'm desperate ;-). anyways, my new plan is to install 10.04 and then upgrade.03:38
melkorlanc3r: it is findyou have to remove the lock.03:39
melkorlanc3r: Do you have any other instances of software center/ synaptic, aptitude running?03:39
lanc3ri dont know what that is. please bear with me03:40
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
TasmaniaYeah guys it still say operation not permitted.03:40
maluciouslanc3r, sounds like you have some broken packages. Have you tried running "sudo apt-get install -f"03:40
TasmaniaDo you guys have any tutorials that can probably help me?03:41
TasmaniaAny links?03:41
pmartinwhat kind of tutorial Tas?03:41
TasmaniaThat'll help me turn a read-only file into a normal fiel.03:42
ceti331i've just installed "kwin" (kde-window-manager) in ubuntu (broken unity) - is it possible to get the configuration panel to enable virtual desktops - i'm after the 2x2 configuration preferably03:42
lanc3rErrors were encountered while processing:03:42
lanc3r firefox-user-profile03:42
lanc3rE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:42
lanc3r  same thing again03:42
ceti331i tried 'kde-config'03:42
Chad__Tasmania: Are doing sudo chmod 700 fileToChangePermissions.txt?03:42
gr33n7007hlanc3r, apt-get -f install03:42
lanc3ri just done that03:42
lanc3rthat was the error message03:42
ceti331i'm not after the whole kde environment... just kwin & more control over it03:42
melkorlanc3r: you need to remove the lock, I'm googling it now to get it correct.03:43
gr33n7007hTasmania, what permissions are you trying to achieve to the file?03:43
lanc3rthis dident happen till i tryed to un install firefox03:43
TasmaniaI'm trying to not make it read-only so I can edit it.03:43
melkorlanc3r: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:44
melkorlanc3r: don't let it kill processes when it asks though.03:44
gr33n7007hsudo chmod 777 FileToAppendPermission03:45
gr33n7007hTasmania, ^^^^03:45
melkorlanc3r: were any programs using the file /var/lib/dpkg/lock?03:46
arusselhow can I know which package is supposed to provide '/etc/postgresql' ?03:46
jrdnn!fs postgresql03:46
pmartinhello anisha03:47
lanc3rErrors were encountered while processing:03:49
lanc3r firefox-user-profile03:49
lanc3rE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:49
lanc3rsame thing03:49
melkorlanc3r: I asked you about the output of fuser03:49
melkorlanc3r: that will just check to see if any program is using the file.03:49
saculHey everyone.  I'm having a but of a problem with HDMI and fglrx.  My AMD Fusion based board worked fine with HDMI until I installed the proprietary drivers.  I only installed them because I wanted sound over HDMI as well.  Now the video does not work over HDMI?  The splash screen shows up but when the desktop loads the screen goes black and only the DVI output works. I have googled this to no avail and posted on the forums.  Any help would be03:50
saculgreatly appreciated03:50
lanc3rit dident do anything03:50
melkorlanc3r: you need to delete the file /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:50
lanc3rin the console anyway03:50
lanc3rfuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:50
melkorIf that didn't prompt you to kill any processes, then delete the file /var/lib/dpkg/lock.03:51
lanc3rafter that it just brings back to my regular console root@root03:51
melkorlanc3r: after what?03:51
lanc3rhow do i delete it?03:52
melkorsudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:53
melkorwell it looks like you don't need sudo though.03:53
lanc3rno, before you go all bla bla bla backtracks channel03:54
lanc3rim useing backtrack03:54
=== CLS is now known as Guest78746
melkorlanc3r: did you delete the file?03:54
arusselI can't find the package that is supposed to install '/etc/postgresql/' and why it doesn't do it.03:55
lanc3ri supose it deleted when i ran the cmd,03:55
lanc3rit dident confirm that it did03:55
melkorarussel: what tells you that you need /etc/postgresql?03:55
melkorlanc3r: try it again, if it worked you'll get an error03:56
lanc3rtry what?03:56
arusselmelkor: the start script of postgres that looks for a /etc/postgresql/* directory to know the version03:56
melkorlanc3r: apt-get instal -f03:56
melkorlanc3r: apt-get install -f03:56
arussel[ -d "/etc/postgresql/$2" ] || return 003:57
lanc3rErrors were encountered while processing:03:57
lanc3r firefox-user-profile03:58
lanc3rE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:58
lanc3rsame thing03:58
melkorlanc3r: all you did was apt-get install -f ?03:58
lanc3rjust now, yes03:58
glitsj16arussel: 'apt-cache search /etc/postgresql' should help you finding that04:00
melkorlanc3r: what happens when you ls /var/lib/dpkg/lock04:00
melkortry deleting that and looking again.04:01
lanc3runder roor@root04:01
arusselglitsj16: thanks, it tells me postgresql-client-common, and then: i A postgresql-client-common04:01
arusselI hadn't any error or warning when I installed it04:02
gr33n7007hlanc3r, this should work  -->    rm -rf ~/.mozilla04:02
lanc3rno such file or directory04:03
lanc3rafter i deleted it04:03
lanc3rand tryed to LS it04:03
melkorThe lock, or .mozilla04:03
iharpIf I installed the latest flash plugin from adobe via a .deb package and then disabled my internal plugin on google chrome. How would I allow it to use the systems flash plugin?04:04
iharpI understand there is some moving of files required04:04
lanc3rgr33n7007h, it gives me a big error04:05
gr33n7007hlanc3r, what type of error04:05
lanc3rm: cannot remove `/root/.mozilla/firefox/nq474mcm.default/startupCache': Input/output error04:05
melkorlanc3r: use a pastebin if it is large.04:05
lanc3rhow do i do that?04:05
melkorThe address is in the title,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/04:06
melkorgo there, paste the output, and then paste the web page to the channel.04:06
melkorlanc3r: I wonder, you might need to reboot. And then use, sudo instead of logging in as root.04:07
rrodas@lac3r have you tried rmdir /root/.mozilla/firefox/nq474mcm.default/startupCache': Input/output error04:07
jordan_Has anyone used wine to run a program that uses midi?04:07
agentgasmask_Hi all. When booting 12.04 the loading splash screen shows for 2 seconds, then the backlight of my screen turns off. If I hold the screen up to light I can see that it is still loading. then it goes to the login screen, and THEN 5-7 second later, the backlight comes on. Any idea how to fix this?04:08
arusselinstalling 'postgresql' install the files '/etc/init.d/postgresql', that assumes a /etc/postgresql directory, but it does not install it ...04:08
melkorarussel: have you gone to #postgresql and asked them?04:09
melkorarussel: you can make directories, I do not know why you keep saying 'install /etc/postgresql'04:10
arusselmelkor: why would I do that ? this is a distribution problem04:10
rrodas@agentgasmask : what have you tried so far?04:10
lanc3rokay i done the past bin04:10
arusselmelkor: because that what package are doing, creating directories and files04:10
melkorlanc3r: then paste the address for us.04:10
melkorarussel: I think you are missing something, if there are people in #postgresql they might have been through the same problem.04:11
agentgasmask_rrodas: I havn't tried anything past hitting the "brighter button on the keyboard (laptop) to no effect. I really don't know where to start with this.04:11
melkorlanc3r: is firefox running?04:11
lanc3rno, it wont run04:12
saculHey everyone.  I'm having a but of a problem with HDMI and fglrx.  My AMD Fusion based board worked fine with HDMI until I installed the proprietary drivers.  I only installed them because I wanted sound over HDMI as well.  Now the video does not work over HDMI?  The splash screen shows up but when the desktop loads the screen goes black and only the DVI output works. I have googled this to no avail and posted on the forums.  Any help would be04:12
saculgreatly appreciated04:12
melkorlanc3r: you really shouldn't be doing everying as root, use sudo when you need elevated priveledges.04:12
lanc3rim useing backtrack04:12
lanc3rim always root04:12
melkorlanc3r: oh right you mentioned that.04:12
lanc3ri would ask bactrack but the'll laugh and send me here.04:13
melkormaybe reboot and check your hard drive.04:13
lanc3rcheeck my hardrive?04:13
Ghosthunter007what do you need help with in BT04:13
TheDruidsKeepersacul: are you using two monitors, or just one?04:15
saculjust the one04:15
Ghosthunter007ok that means it all running in memory and BT is designed to not touch your hard drive because it is a hacking platform and if your system is seized by police or FBI it leaves not evidence04:15
TheDruidsKeeperand you're using x?04:16
Ghosthunter007unless you install it to your system04:16
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition04:16
saculTheDruidsKeeper: Its an HDTV for a HTPC04:16
lanc3rGhosthunter007, i did "apt_get remove firefox" because it stoped working. and now none of my apt-get works04:16
saculTheDruidsKeeper: Just uninstalled fglrx and rebooted.  HDMI working fine again.. but no sound04:16
lanc3rmy plans where to just remove it and reinstall it,04:17
Ghosthunter007you runing bt 504:17
xanguaGhosthunter007: lanc3r either go to #backtrack-linux or to private, this is ubuntu support04:17
Need2Growubuntu stands for what04:17
lanc3rsee i told you how you guys would be when i mentioned BT -_-04:17
gr33n7007hlanc3r, sounds like corrupt filesystem04:17
Ghosthunter007yeah lets take it to PM ops gets pissy  so PM me04:17
lanc3rBT dont help with things like ths!04:18
crazySDmanI'm live booting Precise AMD64 from an SD card on a MacBook Pro7,1 and plan to do so regularly. I see that people who live boot regularly tend to make persistent images. Is there a way to put the persistent image (or customized settings, anyway) in an encrypted hard drive and get there via GRUB 1.99-21ubuntu3 ?04:18
TheDruidsKeepersacul: and you dont see the hdmi in your audio devices?04:18
saculTheDruidsKeeper: not on the open driver no.04:19
saculTheDruidsKeeper: S/PDIF and Analog Output only04:20
|Long|hi, my crontab seems like does not start where can i check it?04:20
L3topsacul does: sudo aplay -l | grep -i hdmi     return anything?04:20
|Long|is only work if i starts one individually04:21
|Long|anyone plz help04:21
saculTheDruidsKeeper: card 0: Generic [HD-Audio Generic], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]04:22
Chad__|Long|: crontab -l04:22
TheDruidsKeepersacul: it's interesting that the fglrx driver shows the splash screen still.. sounds to me like it just has the wrong device set as the default for output04:22
saculTheDruidsKeeper: I plug it in with DVI and checked the options in catalyst.. doesn't see HDMI at all04:22
TheDruidsKeepersacul: that was the output from the aplay?04:22
saculTheDruidsKeeper: yes sir04:23
L3topsacul: does speaker-test -c 2 -t sine -l 1 -D hw:0,3   make noise?04:23
L3topwait... what? DVI?04:23
TheDruidsKeeperL3top: he has dvi and hdmi out, using the fglrx driver only outputs the the dvi instead of the hdmi04:24
L3topsorry... big misunderstanding there... thanks TheDruidsKeeper04:24
saculL3top: your command does not make noise04:24
L3topand everything is unmuted in alsamixer sacul?04:25
gr33n7007hsacul, speaker-test -c 2 -t sine -l 1 -D hw:0,0 not 3 at end04:25
L3topgr33n7007h: <sacul> TheDruidsKeeper: card 0: Generic [HD-Audio Generic], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]       card 0 device 3. It would be 0,304:26
saculL3top: standby.. have to go to the physical machine to look at that.  I'm ssh'd in on my porch at the moment04:26
L3topsacul: just do this amixdigital=$(amixer | grep "Simple" | cut -d' ' -f4,5,6 | sort | uniq); for output in $amixdigital; do amixer sset $output unmute; done 2>/dev/null; alsactl store04:27
|Long|Chad__, if i do crontab -l is said no job run under my user account but if i edit crontab -e all my jobs are there04:28
|Long|Chad__, if i do crontab -l how do i fix it plz?04:28
dj_segfault|Long|: Are you sure you're doing those both for the same user?04:28
dj_segfaultAre you using sudo on either line?04:28
saculL3top: ran your commands.. then ran speaker-test again.. still no sound04:28
|Long|no sudo cmd issued04:29
* L3top curses at pulse04:29
gr33n7007hsacul, just try with 0 at the end04:29
dj_segfaultL3top: is in good company04:29
saculgr33n7007h: no such file or directory04:30
gr33n7007hL3top, point proven04:30
dj_segfault|Long|: What's the exact command you're editing your crontab file with?04:31
shadeswhat do you all think of Privatix live04:31
L3topsacul: further advice would be guess work, and involve removing things Ubuntu puts in by default.04:31
saculL3top: I'll keep googling.. maybe i'll reinstall the driver and then the second one (says something about updates after release?)04:32
L3topgr33n7007h: No reason to say sorry... wasn't a dangerous command, and maybe some people learned something they didn't know. That's the whole reason I hang out here ;)04:32
gr33n7007hL3top, bang on!! ;)04:33
TheDruidsKeeperi learned where you get the 0 & 3 from ;)04:33
gandalfcomeescott: it works!!! I installed 10.04 and then upgraded to 12.04.04:33
L3topsacul: that would be a more recent driver version, and I dont think that would help. Can I please have the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA04:33
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest20757
saculL3top: 00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 6310] [1002:9802]04:34
|Long|chad__, u here?04:34
L3topyeah sacul... that should glow. My advice, bad or good, would be to chunk pulseaudio, reboot, and see if it made a difference.04:35
Chad__|Long|: Yeah, I'm waiting for you to respond to dj_segfault.04:35
saculsudo apt-get remove pulseaudio?04:35
|Long|if i dont issue sudo cmd, i cant edit the file04:36
dj_segfault|Long|: so you told me before that you did NOT use sudo.  Now you're telling me you did.04:36
Chad__|Long|: Why, what happens when you type crontab -e?04:36
dj_segfaultWHich is it04:36
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|Long|Chad__, crontab -e is open the default file NOT the one i su root account04:38
FloodBot1sjork: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:38
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dj_segfault|Long|: Are you trying to edit root's crontab or another user's crontab?04:39
|Long|dj_segfault, that was my bad04:39
saculL3top: no change that I can see04:39
saculL3top: or hear ;)04:39
dj_segfault|Long|: No offense, but you're bad at answering simple questions.04:39
L3topsacul can you run the speakertest again? I don't think you need sudo but try it anyway04:40
|Long|dj_segfault, i try to edit root crontab04:40
saculL3top: ran with and without sudo.. no sound04:40
dj_segfault|Long|: Then do "sudo crontab -u root -e"  or log in as (or su to) root and do "crontab -e"04:41
|Long|dj_segfault, the jobs are already there under root account, but it doesnt run at those scheduling time04:41
L3topsacul can you please pastebin your /etc/asound.conf  file?04:41
L3topsacul:  of course... if you can't manually pipe to the hw found... that isn't going to be particularly relevant...04:42
saculL3top: no such finle04:42
sjorkis there an Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Sound Card Output?04:43
L3topwhen you type alsamixer into your ssh terminal... what happens?04:43
xiambaxAnyone here running one of those new ultrabooks?04:43
|Long|dj_segfault, do you have any ideas why those jobs not runing at those time?04:44
saculL3top: it comes up but I can't control it because the F# keys don't get passed along04:44
Chad__|Long|: Are you sure your commands in the crontab are correct?04:44
L3topsacul: interesting... exit it and tell me the output of apt-cache policy alsa-base alsa-utils | grep stalled04:44
|Long|dj_segfault, is only work if i run manyally each individual job04:45
dj_segfault|Long|: It;s more likely that you set up the tasks incorrectly than crontab is broken.  The most common mistake is forgetting that when Crontab runs, especially as root, it does not have your shell environment, including the path.  What I would do is add a task to run that doesn't depend on anything.  For instance, "/bin/date > /tmp/crontest".04:45
saculL3top: 2 lines.. okay to paste here?04:45
dj_segfault|Long|: Also are you sure you're specifying the run times right?  Can you pastebin some of it?04:45
L3topI am just looking to see that they are installed sacul, and are at version 1.0.2504:46
|Long|Chad__, and dj_segfault, can i copy and paste those jobs to your PM?04:46
goddardis there a program that supports wild cards in searches? or is there a way to get gedit to do it?04:46
saculL3top: yes sir04:46
dj_segfault|Long|: No, pastebin it and post the pastebin link here.  Then anyone can help you04:46
* L3top runnning out of ideas.04:47
L3topLet me google a bit sacul.04:47
saculL3top: you don't think its worth a shot to try the updates for ATI drivers?04:47
dj_segfaultgoddard: You mean a text editor that includes regular expression search?  My favorite is http://www.jedit.org04:47
L3topsacul: fglrx is so... finnicky. But I guess going from one to the other probably wont break things.04:47
goddarddj_segfault: yeah as long as it isn't to complex it can get pretty crazy04:48
=== think is now known as xui3
saculL3top: I'll give it a shot while you're googling04:48
L3topsacul: wait one second04:48
saculL3top: waiting04:48
L3topsacul: lsmod | grep -i hda04:48
L3topThat will need to be pastebinned.04:49
Ghosthunter007ths fix all when your stressed rm -rf *04:49
|Long|Chad__, and dj_segfault, here http://pastebin.ca/216986304:49
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:49
L3topGhosthunter007: do not do that04:49
saculL3top: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1087344/04:50
L3topAha. We have no audio driver other than onboard in use sacul.04:51
Ghosthunter007not the sarcasm so I sure hope people are not that novice,04:51
xiambaxWhats one of the best ultra books for ubuntu support?04:52
L3topMany many many are. In the past this has resulted in newbs destroying their stuff Ghosthunter007. It should not be put here, even in jest.04:52
saculI hate the term ultrabooks04:52
dj_segfault|Long|: I would try the test I mentioned before with the date command.  But 90% of the time it's because the script you're trying to run depends on something being in the path that's not or some environment variable being set.  If I were you I would also redirect stdout and stderr of those jobs to files you can go look at later.04:52
Chad__|Long|: Um....the link isn't working. Use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/04:52
xiambaxTerm or no term, You know what I mean04:52
Ghosthunter007Hacking Ubuntu vol 1 you learn more than the support books.04:52
xiambaxSomething with the form factor of a macbook air04:52
Ghosthunter007np L3top04:53
saculxiambax: I do.. i was just making a statement04:53
dj_segfaultChad__: Go back and look at the link it's working for me04:53
saculxiambax: we made notebooks smaller and took a lot of processing power away and called them net books.. then we gave them the processing power back and made them bigger and called them ultra books.. aren't they just notebooks again?04:54
L3topsacul: we may need to blacklist. I am going to google. I only know nvidia proceedures off the top of my head.04:54
saculL3top: good copy04:54
xiambaxNo. A dell inspiron is a little different then an "ultrabook"04:54
saculL3top: are you associated with L3 Coms by any chance?04:54
|Long|Chad__, and dj_segfaulyt here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1087349/04:55
xiambaxIm not here to discuss terms though. I just want to know the best macbook air/ultrabook with ubuntu support i can find04:55
L3topnope. I know some folks, but my L3 stands for something completely different sacul.04:55
saculL3top: was just curious because my line of work has me cross paths with L3 quite a bit.04:56
Ghosthunter007level 3 datacenters ?04:56
saculGhosthunter007: L3 Communications04:57
Chad__|Long|: I don't know how to help. I'd follow dj_segfault's advice.04:57
|Long|Chad__, and dj_segfault, ok thanks04:57
dj_segfault|Long|: Good luck04:58
L3topsacul: can you add: radeon.audio=1   to your grub boot parameters?05:00
saculL3top: can you walk me through that?05:02
L3topsacul: this will obviously require a reboot. Also turn the tv off and on when it comes back up... hdmi does sort of a handshake, it might have missed it..       yeah... grub... lol... gimme a second.05:03
saculL3top: I can google it myself05:04
L3tophttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132  sacul05:05
L3topSame thing only different. substitute nomodeset with radeon.audio=105:06
L3topsacul: if you are ssh'd obviously you will need to use vi or nano or something.05:06
saculL3top: generating grub now05:07
=== abdul is now known as Guest26091
saculL3top: killed my hdmi video much like the fglrx driver did.  Boot screen came up but once the desktop loaded video was gone.  had to switch to DVI..  cycled power on the tv. no joy05:11
L3topsacul: do  you have fglrx installed currently?05:12
iharpIf I installed the latest flash plugin from adobe via a .deb package and then disabled my internal plugin on google chrome. How would I allow it to use the systems flash plugin?05:12
iharpI understand there is some moving of files required05:12
saculL3top: no05:12
sjorkIs there a FREE Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Sound Card output, not only microphone or wav files  Even something that only measures the volume level by lighting up green.  Total Recorder has a feature but it's not free.05:12
sjorkIs there a FREE Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Sound Card output, not only microphone or wav files  Even something that only measures the volume level by lighting up green.  Total Recorder has the feature but it's not free.  Audacity has the feature, but I don't want to use that.05:12
L3top!patience | sjork05:13
ubottusjork: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:13
sjork ' _ _// _ _ _   _    /_|   _/'05:13
sjork/_)  //)(-/ (-  (//) (  |(/(//()05:13
sjork                                 05:13
L3topsjork stop that. You will NOT get help that way.05:13
sjork  __                _05:13
sjork (    _ __/_   _   /_|   _ / _  _ _05:13
iharpban hammer get heavy bro05:13
sjork__)/)(-( // (///) (  |/)(/((//_(-/05:13
sjork  /                        /05:14
saculthe wind up...05:14
sjork _       __           _05:14
sjork(_   _  (        _/  / )_ _ _/05:14
saculand the pitch...05:14
sjork/ ()/  __)()(//)(/  (__(// (/05:14
sjork                               05:14
L3topsacul: Did you choose the updated  driver?05:14
L3topin jockey?05:15
sjork  __           _05:15
sjorkI've been sucking dicks for 10 years and I've never seen dicks like in this channel05:15
sjork /  ) _/   _/   )05:15
FloodBot1sjork: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
sjork(__/(///)(//   .05:15
sjork      /05:15
L3top!ops | sjork05:15
ubottusjork: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:15
saculL3top: no.. i chose the original because the updated one threw an error.. haven't tried installing it after the original though05:15
ArashHello :)05:16
L3topGo ahead and install fglrx again.05:16
Arashwhat is xserver ?05:16
saculL3top: standby05:17
L3topX is the graphical environment. xserver is what is providing the X environment... long and short.05:17
L3topI am not sure the answer to your question iharp. Nice to see you again though.05:18
wolsiharp: google doesn't support external flash plugins. only the internal one05:18
iharpL3top: Good to see you as well. Yeah, flash in google is choppy, but not in my rekonq.05:19
saculI can't wait for flash to die.  Google isn't supporting it on the android platform anymore05:19
iharpL3top: Trying to find a fix, because I'm having certain things not pop up in rekonq that are working fine in goole.. losing on both ends here05:20
* L3top wonders if the two are related05:20
Ghosthunter007flash isnt dying05:20
iharpI thought HTML5 was going to replace flash05:20
Ghosthunter007oh wait that internal info forget I said that05:20
iharpat some point...05:20
L3topflash is dying. They have completely dropped support for linux btw. This is the last version ever.05:21
=== journeeman is now known as Guest28816
jagginessL3top, says who?05:21
saculIts no longer necessary with HTML505:21
jagginessL3top, then why did they partner to store flash on canonical's third party repository?05:22
Ghosthunter007Adobe is a client of ours and I know for a fact flash is not dying they are redesigning it.05:22
Tm_Tflash discussion is best continued in #ubuntu-offtopic (:05:22
saculTm_T: sry ;)05:22
jagginessL3top, you've got a link?05:22
L3tophttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/adobe-adandons-flash-on-linux http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTA4MDQ http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/adobe-abandons-linux/1041805:23
L3topsorry... correct Tm_T... had already hit enter.05:23
jagginessL3top, in a way it's wrong because flash comes with chrome, so i'll just switch to using chrome if i cant get the latest flash plugin for firefox05:23
jagginess(and if html5 sux and most hosts rather choose flash, then i guess it means i'll switch to chrome)05:24
L3topso sacul...05:24
L3topjagginess: I am in #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to continue05:24
saculL3top: rebooting after the initial driver install.. will install the update when it comes back up05:24
L3topI would avoid the update... it throws errors for me too...05:25
hilarieHow can I modify kittenwar (/sbin/iptables -A PREROUTING -s -p tcp -j DNAT --to-destination to only effect IPs above
L3top!info fglrx-updates05:25
ubottufglrx-updates (source: fglrx-installer-updates): Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:8.960-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 38286 kB, installed size 114917 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)05:25
saculL3top: The errors in the log seem to be related to the fact that i'm not currently using fglrx05:25
sacultherefore i can't use the updates05:26
L3top... that would be... weird... but maybe jockey is doing something I am unfamiliar with. I presumed it was grabbing that package ubottu gave05:26
saculL3top: odd.. came back up with the original driver not activated after a reboot...05:26
L3topapt-cache policy fglrx | grep stalled05:27
saculL3top: maybe because i tried to do the update before a reboot.. retrying05:27
aaron_How can I tell automount to _not_ mount a given parition?05:28
saculL3top: only one entry.. assuming fglrx didn't install05:28
L3topIf the entry was something other than (none)        it installed05:29
saculL3top: I clicked activate again.. gonna reboot again real fast05:29
L3topsacul: apt-cache policy fglrx       just for your own understanding of what I am looking for05:29
saculL3top: 2:8.960-0ubuntu105:30
saculL3top: we'll see what happens when it comes up this time05:30
L3topLike I said sacul... fglrx is really finnicky. I don't recommend screwing with it once its in. It is a pain to purge and get back to fresh so that you can install it clean again.05:30
saculL3top: thanks for all your help by the way.  This is taking quite a bit of effort! :P05:31
saculL3top: showing as active in jockey now05:31
L3topCool... any video?05:32
saculL3top: no.. gonna reboot without DVI plugged in05:33
saculL3top: bios screen good05:34
saculL3top: splash screen good...05:34
saculL3top: no desktop05:34
L3topleave it like that... and lets figure out why.05:34
saculL3top: k.. relevant: http://www.zotacusa.com/forum/topic/4658-no-hdmi-output-from-fusion-350-itx-a-e-motherboard/05:35
saculL3top: just found this05:35
L3topplease pastebin the output of xrandr --verbose while I read your link sacul... and check for the existance of /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:35
=== thomas is now known as bilbo
bonnyCan I ask questions about ubuntu and minecraft errors here?05:37
saculL3top: gonna have to plug in dvi to get that… xrandr doesn't work over ssh.  acceptable?05:37
L3topsacul: DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --verbose05:37
saculL3top: copy05:38
L3topsorry... wasn't thinking.05:38
L3topor xrandr -d 0:0 --verbose  alternatively...05:38
bonnyHow do I upgrade java using terminal..05:38
L3topsun (oracle) java or free java bonny?05:39
bonnyIm sorry, but which one is better?05:39
bonnyHow do I check which one i have installed05:40
bonnySorry im new05:40
saculL3top: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1087395/ be advised.. i think it saw my dvi for the second i had it plugged in before you gave me the second command05:41
narayanabonny: java -version05:41
bonnyjava version "1.6.0_24"05:41
bonnyOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11.1) (6b24-1.11.1-4ubuntu3)05:41
bonnyOpenJDK Client VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode, sharing)05:41
bonnyHow can i upgrade or reinstall if it is newest version.05:41
L3topNo problem bonny... better is an issue of perspective. I prefer free to "we bought it and you can't have it anymore" position of oracle for the closed source package. However SOME things require oracles version. I would stick with what you have.05:41
L3topbonny: please describe the problem you are having. Lets start there.05:42
bonnyOk well it involves a game i play called minecraft, a server i play on ip changed and since then ubuntu cant connect to it. But my windows side can.05:43
Ghosthunter007Ok total brain fart here, someone give me a link to create a manifest file to monitor a text file from being altered and not tripwire05:43
bonnySo i thought reinstalling java might help..05:43
bonnyCan i tell you what it says when i try to login to the server?05:43
aaron_How can I tell automount to _not_ mount a given partition?05:43
L3top!pastebin | bonny05:44
ubottubonny: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:44
L3topsacul: nope... its the hdmi info.05:44
L3topsacul: gimme a second05:44
saculL3top: standing by :)05:44
bonnyL3top: This is what it says when I try to login to server. java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host.05:47
bonnyWorks completely fine on windows..05:48
saculbonny: That doesn't seem like a java problem to me.. it seems like a problem with your network configuration05:48
L3topsacul: please give me the output of: cvt 1280 720 6005:49
bonnysacul: Do you know how I can fix it?05:49
saculL3top: # 1280x720 59.86 Hz (CVT 0.92M9) hsync: 44.77 kHz; pclk: 74.50 MHz05:49
saculModeline "1280x720_60.00"   74.50  1280 1344 1472 1664  720 723 728 748 -hsync +vsync05:49
narayanabonny: check the server settings from windows, and see if ubuntu version matches that05:50
=== Daiton is now known as Dai|MegaMan
L3topsacul: do the same thing prepending DISPLAY=:0 and confirm it is the same thing.05:50
bonnynarayana: Its not my server.05:50
narayanabonny: i meant how you connect to the server05:51
bonnynarayana: Yes it is the same ip..05:51
saculbonny: but you do enter the ip address and port number in the game when you add the server.. just confirm that those are the same05:51
L3topsacul: in fact... just export DISPLAY=:005:51
saculL3top: outputs are the same05:51
bonnysacul: I tried both.05:51
bonnysacul: Whats the latest version of java?05:52
saculbonny: do you mind sharing the ip and port?  i can check and see if i can see it05:52
bonnysacul: Ok05:53
researcher123how can I know my RAM using command line?05:53
L3topsacul... ok... now the fun: DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --newmode "1280x720_60.00" 74.50  1280 1344 1472 1664  720 723 728 748 -hsync +vsync05:53
gr33n7007hresearcher123, cat /proc/meminfo | grep "MemTotal:"05:54
saculi exported DISPLAY so i should leave that off right?05:54
L3topdoesn't matter05:54
saculL3top: done05:54
L3toptry turning the box off and on.05:54
L3topand give me another xrandr --verbose05:55
saculL3top: define box :)05:55
L3topsorry sacul... tv05:55
bonnysacul: Does it work?05:55
saculbonny: i can see it.. but can't connect to it either05:56
saculon mac05:56
researcher123gr33n7007h: any easy command which can be issued at root menu05:56
bonnysacul: What is the latest version of java?05:57
saculL3top: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1087417/05:57
L3top!info openjdk-7-jre05:58
ubottuopenjdk-7-jre (source: openjdk-7): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component universe, is optional. Version 7~u3-2.1.1~pre1-1ubuntu2 (precise), package size 219 kB, installed size 685 kB05:58
researcher123I can not open www.facebook.com and cant connect to chat room of Ubuntu  from Empathy client. What should I do?05:59
bonnyL3top: How can i delete open JDK and install oracle05:59
L3topbonny: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre                  but I sincerely doubt this is going to fix your issue.05:59
saculbonny: I think the server is having issues.. I'm getting the same error on my install of mine craft on my mac06:00
L3topbonny: Its a pain. the oracle part. you can only download it from oracle... they forced cononical to remove it from repos when they purchased it.06:00
gr33n7007hresearcher123, lshw | grep -A 4 -e "*-memory"06:00
L3topagain bonny. I do not believe this will resolve your issue06:01
bonnyL3top: Oh, do you know how? I just read online that JDK has some issues with minecraft.06:01
L3topgr33n7007h: researcher123 probably want to throw sudo on that. lshw likes sudo.06:01
bonnyL3top: Trying doesnt hurt right?06:01
L3topcan. Very much so. One moment bonny I will try and find you a link.06:02
saculbonny: Mac uses Oracle Java and i have the same error.06:02
aaron_anyone know how to configure automount to avoid a given partition?06:02
bonjoyeehello #ubuntu..greetings :)06:02
bonnysacul: But there are people playing on the server.06:03
gr33n7007hresearcher123, yeah forgot sudo --> 'sudo lshw | grep -A 4 -e "*-memory"'06:03
L3topI don't aaron_ I was looking forward to someone answering that question.06:03
saculbonny: I see that.  maybe they joined before the troubles began?06:03
bonnysacul: Like i said earlier, it works on my windows side.06:04
bonnysacul: The server shutdown and the owner said the ip had changed.06:05
bonnysacul: That is the new ip i sent you see for yourself bunnyxd.com06:05
saculaaron_: noauto in fstab?06:05
saculbonny: I dunno then bonny06:06
bonnyL3top: How can i install oracle..06:06
aaron_yes sacul that looks like its worth a try, thanks06:06
saculaaron_: no problem06:06
L3topbonny: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/              sudo apt-get remove openjdk*     first... might even purge.06:07
L3topaaron_: please report success or fail06:07
L3topso sacul... I do am assuming you do not have video... and you rebooted once for good measure?06:07
saculL3top: haven't rebooted.. but will do now06:08
L3topsacul: and just to be clear... this tv is capable of at least 720p right?06:08
saculoh ya.. worked fine with my old machine. built this one to be smaller.. wife didn't much like a full tower in the living room06:08
bonnyL3top: If you dont think this will fix it what else can i do?06:08
saculL3top: 1080p 40" samsung tv06:09
L3topIt might fix it. Like I said... some things NEED oracle java. A LOT of people come in here about minecraft. I know absolutely nothing about it unfortunately... well... except now I know it uses java.06:10
saculno dice L3top06:10
L3topok sacul. We told it to output 720p with a spoonfed modline. If it is were a low res issue... that would have fixed it.06:10
L3topas per your link.06:11
glitsj16hi all, receiving python import errors .. no module _glib found .. been searching forums, askubuntu & general web .. but besides advice not to mess with python i'm getting nowhere -- this is on a 10.10 machine (default python 2.6) .. tips, things i could try .. all assistance appreciated06:11
saculi may end up just dropping the driver and the grub mod and buying an optical audio cable tomorrow L3top :P06:12
bonnyL3top: Should i remove jdk then install or ait till its done?06:12
navchauhanhi good maorning06:12
* L3top wonders if nomodeset is a good idea in sacul's circumstance06:13
L3topbefore bonny06:13
L3top!nomodeset | sacul lets give this a whirl. Easily enough undone if it doesnt help06:14
ubottusacul lets give this a whirl. Easily enough undone if it doesnt help: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:14
navchauhanfile not found  grub rescue06:14
bonnyL3top: So delete jdk right now?06:14
navchauhanhow solve this problem06:14
L3topbonny: remove... yes.06:14
saculL3top: stand by06:14
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
L3topnavchauhan: can I have some more details please? What happened? What is your setup? Dual or single boot? What version ubuntu?06:15
navchauhanits single boot06:15
L3top!details | navchauhan06:15
ubottunavchauhan: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:15
navchauhanwhen i m start my computer this problem oocured06:15
L3topWhat did you do prior to shutting it down last time?06:16
navchauhanubuntu 11.10 at the time of starting system06:16
bonnyL3top: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree06:16
bonnyReading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package openjdk06:16
aaron_Well I used partition manager to get the UUID of the partition and stuck an entry in fstab with noauto option. Appears not be remounting after I unmounted it. I haven't restarted the machine to see if that causes a mount though.06:17
L3topmeaning anything beginning with openjdk06:17
bonnySo how do i delete it?06:17
sacul"sudo apt-get remove openjdk*" bonny06:17
navchauhanhi l3top06:18
navchauhanr u there06:18
saculbonny: "sudo apt-get purge openjdk*"06:18
L3topyes... I am here... you did not yet answer my questions... do you have a live boot CD/usb? You are going to need one.06:18
bonnyOh thanks.06:19
bztoo bad asterisk completion doesn't work like that06:19
* L3top grumbles asterisk06:19
bonnyL3top: So with oracle can i open .jar files ith java -jar file.jar?06:19
hwkiller-netbookyeah, it's basically the same06:20
arusselhmm, still not getting around this postgres install. postgresql package install /etc/init.d/postgres script that assumes some dirs inside /etc/postgres/, but not package install anything inside06:20
saculL3top: still no picture :(06:21
=== Dai|MegaMan is now known as Daiton
=== chrisl_away is now known as chrisl
bonnyL3top: Thanks for the help man, but didnt work.06:24
navchauhanr u there06:25
L3topsacul:   :(   I autoconfigure all this stuff. It is strange doing it all by hand. remove the radeon=1 thing and reboot. Last ditch effort will be to generate an xorg.conf06:25
L3topnavchauhan: yes... I am here... you did not yet answer my questions... do you have a live boot CD/usb? You are going to need one.06:25
saculL3top: I removed the radeon line already to isolate before i even rebooted the first time. :)06:26
L3topsorry bonny... didnt think it would...06:26
navchauhanyes i have usb06:26
navchauhanlive usb06:26
saculL3top: i troubleshoot for a living.. if you change a variable and it doesn't work.. you change it back before trying something different :)06:27
L3topok sacul... ati-config --initial I believe... might check that.     much easier to work with a troubleshooter ;)06:27
tolHi folks, does anybody know a way to reconfigure tzdata without ncurses? I need to set it in an install-script06:27
L3topnavchauhan: boot to it. then pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l06:27
navchauhannot clear please explain in detail06:28
saculL3top: still no good.  think i'm going to put this to bed for the night.  Its late here.  Going to uninstall the driver and get a working display again.. then try working the sound issue from a different angle tomorrow.  If i can't get it solved I'll just pick up an optical audio cable and call it good most likely. :P06:31
L3topnavchauhan: Sorry. Please boot into the live environment (try ubuntu) from the usb live drive you have. Then open a terminal and type sudo fdisk -l then go to pastebin.com and paste the results there... and give the url here.06:31
fabiobiki have a file with extension .db but is not i cant open. any tip?06:31
L3topI hate letting the machines win sacul... but I understand people need to sleep.06:31
fabiobiki have a file with extension .db but is not a database i cant open. any tip? ive tryed to open with nano but gives me silly charaters06:32
saculL3top: I really think its an AMD driver issue.. judging by the people in that forum having the same problem with the same board in a windows environment06:32
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
L3topsacul: we might try grabbing the driver from ati or one of the bleeding edge ppas. Night.06:34
saculL3top: will try that tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes06:35
L3topfabiobik: it likely is a db... just don't know what kind. What does file say about it?06:35
L3topfabiobik: file /path/to/blahblah.db06:35
fabiobikL3top: data06:36
L3topThats it? Hmmm... not very helpful.06:36
fabiobikyeh lol06:37
L3topfabiobik: what is it (ie where did you get it) and what did you try to open it with?06:37
fabiobikL3top this belongs to a program with questions06:37
=== bilbo is now known as thomas
L3topIts late and Im tired. navchauhan, someone else is going to have to help you chroot into your install (assuming it still exists), and install/update grub.06:40
ZeloZeloscan someone suggest a good free live cd data recovery program?06:47
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel06:47
ZeloZelosty IdleOne06:49
fsckhow to use fsck ?06:56
smintzhey there, where can I find kernel images for lucid on ap-southeast-1 region in aws?06:56
smintzi am looking for kernel 2.6.32-34506:57
=== Caspercom|Off is now known as Caspercom
magpiemorning  lads07:00
fsckhello ! my system giving me error "ext2 :ext2 can't find inode :123405 " error .To recover this i need to use fsck .can any one told me how to use fsck07:01
magpiefsck follow this link   http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/fsck.8.html07:02
alazare619does anyone in here have experience with setting up a ppa?07:02
magpiealazare619 are you talking about adding a ppa?07:03
alazare619no setting a ppa up on launchpad07:03
alazare619i have some prebuilt debs that i just wana toss into a ppa07:03
magpienot my field mate sorry07:03
c_nick billionton12307:04
c_nickHi Bill You there ?07:04
alazare619mainly some packages that dont have a repo of there own that id like to keep updated on quiet a few systems i packaged em to deb just dont know how to setup a ppa so that all these machines can stay up to date at once07:04
magpiefollow the link maz |  provides07:05
mz|`why ask when you can just search07:05
magpiegoogle stuff07:05
GhostWolfhi all, i just upgraded ubuntu, well did a fresh install of the 12.04 lts version. 2 questions, one is there a way to make the program bar on the left to disappear when i load something like xchat or a browser and come back when i need it? and second is amsn no longer available for ubuntu?07:05
mz|`magpie: it worths what it worths07:05
calcmandanis there a kernel module that allows reading from a compact flash drive? When i put a micro sd card on my machine, it mounts fine. If i load a live disc, it won't see the same micro sd. i'm thinking kubuntu's live disc kernel doesn't have the module.07:06
magpiemz|  it is what it is07:06
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest77360
fsckmagpie: if i use fsck , will it delete my packages that already installed on my system .07:06
mz|`calcmandan: cat /proc/partitions07:06
fidelfsck: why do you think it will?07:07
mz|`is the disk and associated partitions in this file ?07:07
magpiefsck im not really sure, i suppose it will revocer not delete, however maybe you should backup a few things first07:07
mrbloodGhostWolf, you can call the left launcher by pressing the menu key, well i am not sure if its called menu key07:07
mz|`if yes, no module needed, just mount it07:07
mz|`GhostWolf: amsn is shit07:07
partitionscrewupAs my username suggests, I have a major problem right now. I wonder if anyone could help.07:08
GhostWolfmrblood thats not what im talking about, in previous version like 11.04 the launcher disappears whenever i launch a program, as i just installed 12.04 cause i had problems with 11.10 the launcher does not disappear.07:08
mz|`partitionscrewup: dont ask to ask07:08
mz|`describe your issue07:08
gr33n7007hwhy won't07:09
gr33n7007hWhy won't this command go into the background --> mplayer -tv driver=v4l2:width=400:height=200 -vo xv tv:// -geometry "1300:10" -noborder &07:09
GhostWolfmz|`, not to me, i never had any issues with it besides the webcam not working due to it thinks im behind a firewall. i just want a program that works similar to msn messenger and amsn was the closest07:09
partitionscrewupI'm running the ubuntu live demo cd right now just so i could talk in this chat. i did something that screwed up my partitions. here is the scenario:07:09
calcmandanmz|`: i'll have to try that and come back.07:09
calcmandancurrently i'm not on the live disc.07:10
clu3guys, my hard disk seems to have a problem "hdparm -Tt /dev/sda6" returns only "Timing cached reads:     2 MB in  3.25 seconds = 630.95 kB/sec" and "Timing buffered disk reads: 118 MB in  3.00 seconds =  39.33 MB/sec". What methods can i take to fix/find out if i need to ditch this disk?07:10
partitionscrewupI had my PC setup to dualboot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7. I wanted to be able to share files between the two OS and found that I would need to create a separate partition for those files.07:10
partitionscrewupSo, I went on windows and used easus partition manager to resize the existing partitions and create the new one. After I rebooted and it completed the whole process, I was no longer able to boot into any OS.07:10
clu3and my ubuntu box is awefully slow07:10
fsckfidel , magpie : i got   error "ext2 : can't find inode :12321 " input  / output error .Due to which i can't change my desktop background and many other problem .I google the problem and they tell me to use fsck .Will it help me ?07:10
partitionscrewupThis is obviously a MBR problem but I don't know how to fix it.07:10
partitionscrewupThe error I get at boot is:   Loading Operating System... error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>07:10
partitionscrewupI had a backup image of my entire system that was made with Acronis but restoring the MBR from that doesn't seem to help. I can't just restore the entire system because I have very important files that were never backed up. I really need to get Ubuntu working again.07:11
partitionscrewupcan anyone help with this?07:11
mrbloodGhostWolf,  you mean it doesnt disappear even when you make the program window take up the whole screen?07:11
GhostWolfmrblood yes it just says on the left when i maximize a program07:12
mrbloodGhostWolf,  oh sorry i dont know how to deal with it07:12
calcmandanmz|`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1087488/07:13
magpiefsck restart your pc/laptop hold down shift until you enter grub, choose fix-broken-files then restart07:13
psicobrawhats up ghostwolf?07:13
psicobraGhostWolf, ?07:13
GhostWolfpsicobra im trying to figure out how to make the launcher disappear or hide as it did in 11.04 when i open a program07:13
psicobraGhostWolf, ahhh i got rid of unity and installed gnome07:14
partitionscrewupmagpie: but what if grub is gone because of what the partition thing did?07:14
GhostWolfpsicobra, i like unity.07:14
magpieghostwolf  try this link   http://askubuntu.com/questions/109249/how-do-i-configure-the-launcher-to-dodge-windows07:14
psicobraGhostWolf, i like making my own desktop got rid of the normal lanucher and installed avant07:15
magpiepartitionscrewup i was talking to fsck not you mate07:15
partitionscrewupdoes anyone have any suggestions for me?07:15
psicobrapartitionscrewup, you can boot of a live cd and fix grub07:16
GhostWolfmagpie ok thanks, do you know what happened with amsn? i know i was able to install it with 11.10 but i found out its not even shown in the software center07:16
partitionscrewuphow? im on the ubuntu demo cd right now07:16
magpieGhostwolf if its not in software-center maybe the ppa has to be manually added07:17
psicobrapartitionscrewup, this might help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:17
psicobrapartitionscrewup, the princible is similar07:17
partitionscrewupok, im checking that now07:17
magpieGhostwolf  google add amsn ppa and you'll find it, just copy-paste the command in terminal, then update, and then go to software center and install it mate07:17
GhostWolfmagpie ok, i'll even google amsn. see if they have a way to install it. without doing the ppa i just want something very similar to msn and thats what amsn was minus a little problem i had with it07:18
magpieGhostwold i thought pidgin did the job or not? i dont really use messengers07:19
psicobraGhostWolf, amsn have a download on sourceforge07:19
ekurHi; i get 'no space left on device' error on my /home07:19
psicobraekur, is it full?07:19
ekuri have space :)07:19
ekurits 10% full07:20
magpieGhostwold apparently amsn had some issues with 12.04, check out this link they provide a solution http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1192607707:20
GhostWolfpsicobra, i know amsn has its own page07:20
fsckmagpie : acually , i'm using live usb .How can i enter in grub ?07:20
GhostWolfmagpie not if i need to use a webcam pidgin doesn't allow use of webcam and its not similar to msn at all07:20
firekraagekur: what does `df' (in a shell) output?07:21
magpieGhostwold check the link i provided07:21
psicobraekur, df -h ?07:21
GhostWolfmagpie, i will for the launcher issue.07:21
GhostWolfoh nevermind i can't tell you sent me another link since you mispell my nick with a d and not a f07:21
magpiesorry mate07:22
GhostWolfno worries07:22
magpiedamn it its really hot out there07:22
fsckmagpie : how to enter in grub when i'm using persistence usb ?07:23
GhostWolfmagpie, that link about the launcher worked. it had another link how to configure and it was an easy fix.07:24
qbWhy is adobe terminating support of Flash Player for Linux after current version 11.2 ?07:24
partitionscrewupim about to try boot repair07:24
magpieghostwolF glad it worked07:24
partitionscrewupwill report back if it works07:24
calcmandanadobe knows that flash sucls07:25
psicobraqb, because flash for linux sucks07:25
magpiefsck  im looking into it07:25
GhostWolfmagpie want me to tell you how i did incase someone else or yourself can assist someone else with the issue without sending a link?07:25
psicobraqb, and the the community will have to make a 3rd party flash plugin and it will be a lot better07:25
fsckmagpie: ok07:25
magpieGhostwolf type it here so everyone else can see it07:25
Hoythi, anyone plays Urban Terrors here ?07:26
qbflash player used to just be for animated adverts, but now it's vital for most radio broadcast streams in South Africa07:26
GhostWolfall i did was and it told me to do this, go to the start menu on the upper right corner, go to systems settings, go to appearance, then to behavior. it has an off/on selection that you can turn on or off at any time. even gives you option to go on top or left07:27
magpiefsck i found this link mate, give it a go07:27
magpieGhostwolf cheers mate07:27
zixxyHoyt, it's been a while since I've played it on Ubuntu, but what's up?07:27
magpieim going for a swim ducking hot07:28
GhostWolfno problem magpie07:28
partitionscrewuptime to reboot, hopefully this works!07:28
qbubuntu 2012-04 beautiful and stable GUI07:28
GhostWolfanyways glad to help people. time to go. got one problem fixed07:28
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qb-8.9 degrees Celcius in SA this morning07:30
__Hayes__Hello all :)07:31
jrdnn__Hayes__: Hi07:31
__Hayes__Is there anyway to get all the commands executed on a OS?07:32
__Hayes__history will only show around 1000 or specifed HISTSIZE variable?07:32
jrdnn__Hayes__: With accounting enabled, sa07:32
__Hayes__jrdnn, I didn't get you?07:33
mrblood__Hayes__,  what do you mean?07:33
dial-a-monkey__Hayes__: to re-run a specific command type "!" then the number from running the "history" command07:33
fsckmagpie : i need one more help mate : )   . i'm using live usb ,by default it contain ubuntu admin (ubuntu@ubuntu) .Here i found problem that i already told you.I create another user and login in that user .it work fine .here I can change my desktop background easily .Is their any way  i can repair my ubuntu admin from another user(that i created)  because by default ubuntu load first when i boot my live usb .Haha : )  ,can you gave me07:34
jrdnn__Hayes__: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-log-user-activity-using-process-accounting.html07:34
partitionscrewuphi again!07:34
ikoniafsck: are you using a live usb or a persistant usb07:35
partitionscrewupubuntu partition is working again07:35
ikoniafsck: if you are using a live distro, just rebooting should restore any chances you've made to the system07:35
fsckikonia : persistence usb07:35
partitionscrewupthank you whoever you were! (i forgot your name)07:35
fsckikonia : sorry , i write live usb : )07:35
ikoniafsck: it's not a problem, that's why I was asking to clarify07:36
__Hayes__dial-a-monkey: No. Actually, I suspect someone has copied my secret file. which I have created long time back, as this system has login acess to only plenty of people, I just wanted to know if anyone have copied that file? <-- jrdnn07:36
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
fsckikonia : can you gave me the idea , how to repair my ubuntu admin using another user07:36
ikoniafsck: what is the actual problem07:37
fsckikonia : i can't change my desktop background in pers. usb under ubuntu admin07:37
ikoniafsck: pers ?07:37
fsckikonia : persistence : )07:38
ikoniafsck: what happens when you change the background, does it change back ?07:38
fsckikonia: nothing07:38
ikoniafsck: what do you mean "nothing"07:38
ikoniafsck: when you change the background what happens07:38
fsckikonia: nothing happen .My background not changing .07:39
ikoniafsck: so you click on the desktop preferences, go to change background, select a new background and it doesn't change ?07:39
fsckikonia : it don't even gave me any error .Ya ! you are right .it not change07:39
ikoniafsck: what about if you remove the background so there is no image, just a flat colour, does that work ?07:40
fsckikonia : default background (red ubuntu) ,i can't even delete my background . :(07:41
ikoniafsck: how are you trying to change it ?07:41
=== Guest77360 is now known as Nathan_S
fsckikonia : right click on desktop and change desktop background and click on image .07:42
GhostWolfok, have another question see if someone can give me a link or tell me how to change it, this was one of things i didn't like about 11.10 but maybe they made some changes since. i don't like how like with firefox when i have multiple windows open that its on top of each other is there a way to configure to where they're just easy to tab back n forth from program to program?07:42
ikoniafsck: so if you click "no image" does it remove the image ?07:43
fsckikonia: it work fine when i log in another user07:43
ikoniafsck: what user are you logging in as ?07:43
arulmozhihow I can chmod the other drives(partitions) to give  executable permission???07:43
ikoniaarulmozhi: u+x or g+x07:44
ikoniaarulmozhi: you change "files" not partitions07:44
arulmozhii mean the files in the partitions07:44
ikoniaarulmozhi: you can use -R for recursive07:44
fsckikonia : intially i'm in ubuntu@ubuntu and now i'm in new@ubuntu (i created it now)07:44
ikoniaarulmozhi: man chmod will give you all the available flags07:44
ikoniafsck: what did you do to change the ubuntu user to cause this problem07:45
arulmozhii have a location /media/Programming/sphinx. when I'm in /media/Programming I issue chmod 777 -R sphinx07:45
arulmozhiit is not working07:45
ikoniaarulmozhi: is this an NTFS drive ?07:45
ikoniaarulmozhi: you can't change permissions on NTFS07:45
ikoniaarulmozhi: and the command would be "chmod -R 777" not chmod 777 -R07:46
fsckikonia :don't know . it accidently shutdown .I think it may be the problem07:46
GhostWolfdoes anyone know if theres a way to make the browsers when theres more than 1 window open not on top of each other?07:46
ikoniafsck: what do you mean it accidentally shutdown, what did ?07:46
arulmozhiso only way is to format the partition into ext4 or FAT???07:46
ikoniaarulmozhi: you can't set permissions on fat07:46
arulmozhionly ext variants??07:47
fsckikonia : when i press ctr+alt+f8 , i get error ext2 : can't read inode information " input / output error07:47
ikoniaarulmozhi: Windows can manage NTFS permissions07:47
ikoniafsck: that's not what I asked07:47
ikoniafsck: although input/output error suggests the disks file system has problems07:47
rogstGhostWolf: Im not sure I understand your question07:48
fsckikonia: my brother just plug out my pendrive from my system : (07:48
GhostWolfrogst, the firefox browser when i have more than one window open it is on top of one antoher when i hit tab, unlike with say with 11.04 i can hit tab and go to that browser window without doing extra steps07:49
fidelGhostWolf: so you want to navigate using ALT + TAB between single winows of an app (here: firefox) ...right?07:49
GhostWolffidel, correct. instead it i have to go to firefox or another same app and hit the up or down arrow buttons and use the left or right arrow keys to select the page i want.07:50
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rogstGhostWolf: if you hold ALT+TAB you can navigate to a single window with the arrow keys07:50
ikoniafsck: can you boot from a live media and fsck it for interests sake07:50
GhostWolfi don't want that way i want it the simple way07:50
fidelGhostWolf: alt+tab + arrow down works here too in gnome307:50
=== thomas is now known as tdubellz
GhostWolffidel in 11.04 it was a single window not on top of each other, like when you see the firefox icon and see 3 little lines on the left meaning how many pages/windows of it opened.07:51
gr33n7007hcan someone /whois me07:52
GhostWolfi mean like now its what happens sorry for my typo07:52
rogstGhostWolf: You could install compizconfig-settings-manager and change the alt-tab switcher from the unity switcher to one of the static application switcher07:52
AdvoWorkIf I do crontab -l it says there isn't any. There is some but I dont know what user theyre for, so how can i list all cronjobs for all users?07:53
Dayofswordsis anyone non-root directory of help.ubuntu.com slowing being removed from google? like "Apt-Cacher-Server" has no results to the help page, but on Bing it's the first result. doing "help.ubuntu.com" has only one result going to the homepage of it, nothing else.07:53
fidelGhostWolf: talking about unity?07:53
fideljust to understahdn what setup you are talking about in detail07:53
GhostWolfargh.. i was using unity in 11.04. they never used the browsers on top of each other.07:53
rogstGhostWolf: but using compizconfig-settings-manager is a little risky since it is easy to break the compiz settings07:53
GhostWolffidel, yes07:53
fidelGhostWolf: cant help you then sorry07:53
GhostWolfso i don't think its something to do with unity.07:53
ikoniaAdvoWork: look in /var/spool/cron07:53
fsckikonia : and their also one more problem .Every time i delete "install ubuntu 12.04 from my dash board " , it always appear when i reboot again07:54
gr33n7007hcan someone /whois me07:54
moesWhere do I turn on numlock so it will be on from boot in 10.0407:54
ikoniafsck: you're using live media by the sounds of it07:54
ikoniamoes: bios normally07:54
ikoniagr33n7007h: why ?07:54
gr33n7007hjust to see if ive cloaked properly07:55
ikoniagr33n7007h: #freenode is the network channel07:55
ikoniagr33n7007h: you can also whois yourself07:55
gr33n7007hi've just been there just want to make sure it's masked07:55
AdvoWorkikonia, nothing in there :S07:55
fsckikonia : i'm using persistence usb , it work fine in other user07:55
ikoniaAdvoWork: no user owned cronjobs then07:56
ikoniafsck: it doesn't sounds like it, or you would be able to modify your desktop07:56
ikoniafsck: if you can't remove things like the install button from your desktop, it's being re-read from the liveboot07:56
ikoniafsck: which makes sense as the system default user's storage is stored in the live medias squash FS07:56
fsckikonia : how to repair squash now07:57
ikoniafsck: you don't repair that, it's re-created each time you boot, hence why your desktop is not changing07:57
a5m0I am trying to fix my /boot after and apt-get upgrade messed it up, I am chrooted in (using livecd) and I have my /boot partition mounted to /mnt/root/boot but when I try to run update-grub it tells me "cannot find a device for /boot (isd /dev mounted?)." any thoughts?07:58
AdvoWorkikonia, the thing is, im getting cronjobs for stuff each day :S07:59
fsckikonia : so, whats the solution ?07:59
ikoniaAdvoWork: yes, there are system cronjobs such as log rotations07:59
ikoniafsck: I think you need to look how your system's persistance is setup07:59
ikoniafsck: 1.) fsck the usb disk to make sure that's ok 2.) look at your persistance setup08:00
ikoniafsck: simple test, login as the ubuntu user, touch a file in your home directory, reboot, is that file still in your ubuntu users home directory08:00
qubitsaptitude accidentally removed dmraid on me and I need to figure out how to get my data volume back up, i reinstalled dmraid but i think my volume was encrypted. How would I go about getting my volume back up08:00
AdvoWorkikonia, yeah thats what they are:  run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate exited with return code 1   its for things from ebox, which i removed :S08:01
ikoniaAdvoWork: ok, so if you know where they are.....what's the problem ?08:01
AdvoWorkcan I just delete them ikonia ?08:02
ikoniaAdvoWork: if you want to08:02
AdvoWorkikonia, ie in /etc/cron.daily i have a folder called ebox, can i just totally remove that?08:03
fsckikonia: if it don't work , how to repair my casper-rw ?08:03
ikoniafsck: it's not broken08:03
=== tdubellz is now known as thomas
fsckikonia: so, whats the problem .How to make my usb persistence now ?08:04
ikoniafsck: please re-read what I've just told you08:04
qubitsHey guys, could you help me get my raid volume back08:04
fidelqubits: give it a try - whats the current status?08:06
dial-a-monkey__Hayes__: I think the "stat" file command shows the last access date = could match that with the auth.log08:06
qubitsfidel: i just reinstalled dmraid and cryptsetup after aptitude removed it and my volume disappeared. I forget how I had it up and working, kinda set it and forget it08:07
ikoniadmraid, oh dear08:07
fideluff never used dmraid myself08:08
qubitsI think it was encrypted. There are commands to list volumes right08:08
fidelmdadm? ;)08:08
ikoniamdadm and dmraid are different approaches08:08
qubitsi dont see dmadm on my pc08:08
fidelikonia: but mdadm is the more common one right?08:09
ikoniafidel: it depends,08:09
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ikoniaqubits: there is no such thing as dmadm08:09
qubitsmdadm then08:09
qubitscan't  find that either08:09
fidelikonia: k - used mdadm a lot - but never get in contact with dmraid08:09
ikoniaqubits: have you installed mdadm ?08:09
qubitsi reinstalled it08:09
ikoniaqubits: sorry, you're not making sense08:09
ikoniaqubits: did you setup the raid with dmraid or mdadm ?08:09
qubitsi believe mdadm, hard to say08:10
ikoniait's not hard to say08:10
ikoniawhat did you set it up with08:10
qubitshard to remember08:10
qubitsi'm going to go with mdadm08:10
ikoniathen I'm sorry, I'm not going to attempt to recover an encypted device on a dissambled raid array that you can't rememebr what technology you used to setup08:10
qubitsthought when dmraid was removed the volume disappeared08:10
qubitscan i show you what was removed ikonia08:11
fidelqubits: in case you tend to forget such things - consider using some kind of notes next time ;)08:11
ikoniasomeone else maybe willing to help you though08:11
qubitsI just have worse memory issues than most people08:11
qubitsikonia: just check it out, it should be obvious what was used08:11
ikoniaqubits: no08:12
qubitsikonia: try to be a little more intuitive than the rest of these blokes around here who are so self absorbed theyre unwilling to help or learn something new once in a while08:12
qubitsbe better than that, its dmraid, lets move on08:12
ikoniaqubits: sorry, please don't tell me what to do, I'm actually quite intrusive and will probe for information08:13
ikoniaqubits: and calling others self absorbed won't get you help from other people08:13
qubitsgood luck security has been my obsession since i was into this game08:14
qubitsi run a crew of two dozen across the world myself08:14
delhiveryHi, why is there no ppa for https://launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+archive/canon/ on precise? [ Is there I can add ppa for oneric or quantal to a 12.04 install instead? ]08:14
ikoniaqubits: security has nothing to do with what you are saying08:14
qubitsthen i've nothing to worry about08:14
qubitsbe as intrusive as you like08:14
ikoniaqubits: sorry, I thought you where asking about recovering a raid array, I have no idea why you are referencing security08:15
DJonesdelhivery: Presumably because the creator of the ppa hasn't built it for precise, or they decided not to bother08:15
ikoniaDeSian: probably not been created yet08:15
ikoniaoops delhivery that was for you08:15
qubitsyou referenced intrusive probing08:15
ikoniaqubits: no, you asked me to be intrusive, I said I am intrusive meaning when finding out issues to resolve a problem.08:15
ikoniaapologies if my wording confused you08:16
qubitsikonia: your reading confused us both, I didn't use that word, go re-read the message08:16
ikoniasorry, you said intuitive,08:16
ikoniaI miss-read08:16
delhiveryDJones, possible to include ppa for older / upcoming version to 12.04 instead then?08:16
qubitsCan you help me now that we know that it's dmraid please08:16
ikoniaqubits: no08:16
qubitsThis isn't going to be easy to get help with, why give up now08:17
ikoniaqubits: I've explained why.08:17
qubitsI'm certain now08:17
qubitsno question08:17
DJonesczajkowski: delhivery Its not recommended to install something designed for an older version, it could conflict/cause problems08:17
ikoniaqubits: I'm doing other things now08:17
delhiveryDJones, and yet?08:17
DJonesdelhivery: I wouldn't like to say, its not something I'd take a risk on08:18
delhiveryDJones, or if I could upgrade to quantal as a crazy alpha now08:18
delhiveryDJones, its an experiemental installation.. I think I can risk breaking one system out of hunder08:18
DJonesdelhivery: If you're prepared to take the risk, give it a try08:19
delhiveryDJones, right... so how do I go about adding it?08:19
AdvoWorkif i have 2 folders on 2 different ubuntu machines, is there a way I can compare the contents within them? ie theres 10000's of files in there, all .jpegs for example, i need to see if they match?08:22
DJonesdelhivery: There should be instructions on how to add the ppa on the launchpad site08:23
fidelAdvoWork: in case you want to sync them ..rsync might be an option08:24
c3lAdvoWork: one idea would be to use rsync and "pretending" (-n swich, means do not actually do anything) to copy one of the folders to the other. rsync checks for changes before syncing, and if diffs are found you can print out with the verbose swich08:26
c3lalso, this is a rather nice script http://www.sanitarium.net/unix_stuff/Kevin%27s%20Rsync%20Backups/diff_backup.pl.txt08:27
AdvoWorkfidel, basically i'm mounting a folder to another location on a shared server so just want to make sure they contain all files08:27
fidelAdvoWork: see c3l's comment08:28
fidelrsync can be used to compare as well08:28
c3lAdvoWork: but if you are new to rsync and dont want to bother with it, you can have a look at the script I linked.08:29
fidelAdvoWork: using 'diff' in cli might work as well08:30
c3looh, diff can compare directories with the -r swich!08:32
c3lI think that is the easiest way for you AdvoWork08:33
fidelAdvoWork: let us know what method you have choosen at the end ;)08:34
AdvoWorkc3l, fidel cheers for the advice/scripts etc, i will try them shortly08:37
delhivery_DJones, there are no instructions on adding a ppa for an older ubuntu release to a newer release08:39
fideldelhivery_: using i.e. 10.04 ppa on 12.04 is not a thing you should do anyways (ignome me if i misinterpreted you)08:41
delhivery_fidel, what if I insist?08:41
delhivery_fidel, i know it will break things, but I really want to use the ppa08:42
fidelhappy testing/debugging08:42
fidelthen give it a try - but dont expect big support inhere afterwards ;)08:42
ikoniaa brave stance08:42
delhivery_I'd be testing happily if I could figure out a way to do this in the first place08:42
delhivery_ikonia, I'm running a couple of lfs and gentoo systems, I think I'd be sane enough if i could figure out how to do what I want to do08:43
=== mrmist is now known as groupcat
ikoniadelhivery_: I'm not sure how gentoo or LFS has any relevance to managing the stability of a PPA on an ubuntu system08:43
delhivery_ikonia, i.e. if everything breaks.. I can resort to going back to resorting to source based installs08:44
delhivery_I dont care about the stability of the ppa, i just want to be able to use it as an experiment08:44
_farmer_Hello, I am trying to install a .deb package on ubuntu 12.04. First of all i had problems with "Version number does not start with digit" which i resolved by downgrading the dpkg version to After this when i issue the dpkg -i command after some while I get an error saying: corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive, dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe).08:47
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com08:47
_farmer_Besides that i want to mention that i succesfully extracted the .deb file on the windows machine, and have transfered the .deb package to the machine multiple times to ensure it is not corrupted.08:47
josephAGhi looking for some answer on how to configure snmpd08:47
_farmer_What could cause this error and is there a possibility to bring this about?08:47
josephAGI have an issue with the agent, I got a timeout answer from it wether I try from localhost or other hosts08:48
fidelpartly offtopic - but i am wondering how you guys create&keep text notes. Any particular software you are using to do that? i.e. some stickie-notes or some more advanced tomboy or something else?08:52
kmelshello, how can I know *which* driver version comes with ubuntu 12.04? That's the only that has worked perfectly for me08:55
kmelsUpdates have broke login manager twice, and when "i fix it", flash SUCKS08:56
SassyFrassHi, there, room.08:56
SassyFrassDoes anybody know how to uninstall an installer via the command line?08:57
ikoniauninstall an installer /08:57
ikoniayou don't install an installer08:57
ikoniait's used to install software,08:57
SassyFrassI tried to install "oracle Java7" with the command line; the installation failed, but...08:57
SassyFrass....everytime I try to update, the same installer tries to install, without success.08:58
SassyFrassI'd like it to stop trying to install.08:58
ikoniaok, remove the package then08:58
ikoniaor resolve the error08:58
SassyFrassVia Synaptic?08:58
ikoniawhever tool you want08:59
=== dilip is now known as dbass
SassyFrassI'll look into that, Ikonia. Thank you.08:59
ndxtgyellow! does anyone know any good downloader program (like jDownloader) but can run on headless server?08:59
atulmd13hi...I want to make a user account which cannot view the network settings (My wifi password) and even should not be able to change settings....How to do that ?09:02
GhostWolfok have another problem and it seems it didn't get fixed with 11.10, the adobe flash applet is still frozen when it pops up. is there any fix to this at all?09:03
SassyFrasslol removing the oracle package failed.09:03
=== atulmd13 is now known as Atharva
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest37409
=== Guest37409 is now known as Nathan_s
namelezzghostwolf, what do you mean? settings popup?09:06
GhostWolfnamelezz, yes the settings popup. i had the issue with it freezing when i tried upgrading to 11.10. im googling too since it took a bit for a response. but if this doesn't get fixed. back to 11.04 again. :S09:08
namelezzthe popup is not freezing, it's a bug with compiz. try to use unity 2d or any other window manager09:08
vectorshelvecan u help me with the command to change the file permission this way ? http://pastie.org/424267709:09
GhostWolfit does freeze, if you can't click on any of the buttons with a mouse, its frozen. im not the only one having issues i've found others with the same issue when googling the problem09:10
GhostWolfand im not using a window manager. nor am i going to succumb to a 2d unity either.09:10
TomfoolerySo, I updated ubuntu to the new version, and now everytime I click on a youtube link chrome gives me an "Aw, Snap!". Has anyone else had this problem?09:11
namelezzno, it's not freezing, it's just a problem with flash and compiz to catch clicks09:11
dwakarvectorshelve see man chmod09:12
vectorshelvedwakar: could u help please its urgent09:12
TheBadger412how does one open root files with filezilla? I can only open files in my home directory but anything else just fails saying permission denied..09:12
namelezzyou just need to use unity 2d once to set your settings, then you can use unity as normal09:12
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
GhostWolfso if i set it in 2d it should work normally?09:13
GhostWolfand i have to restart and log in in 2d?09:14
Tomfoolerynamelezz, so is there a way to fix the youtube problem?09:14
namelezzwhat problem?09:14
Tomfoolery"So, I updated ubuntu to the new version, and now everytime I click on a youtube link chrome gives me an "Aw, Snap!". "09:15
bretthhow do i write a ubuntu applet that works in the "system-tray" ?09:15
dwakarvectorshelve what kind of help do you need?09:15
vectorshelvedwakar: chmod u=r,go= sysadmin worked thanks ;)09:15
namelezztomfoolery, give some example links09:16
dwakarnp vectorshelve09:16
Tomfoolerynamelezz, It's only when I'm linked to something, if I'm browsing youtube it's fine.09:16
TomfoolerySo, this isn't working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6vDuBORhtc09:16
Tomfoolerythis isn't working http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut00VSgISmI09:16
Tomfooleryany video link I click on reddit isn't working09:17
Tomfooleryany video link I click on facebook isn't working09:17
namelezzgive a link to a site on reddit with links09:17
Tomfoolerynamelezz, you want me to link to reddit?09:17
namelezzno, just some page there with youtube links that dont work09:18
namelezztoofoolery, everything normal here09:20
namelezzwhat chrome version? flash installed from repository? 32 or 64 bit?09:21
Tomfoolerynamelezz, I assume I'm on the most recent version of chrome and Uh... I don't know to the other questions :X09:21
kojohello... I am trying to play dvds and having some troubles. I have checked and my system is detecting my dvd drive, although it doesn't mount anything. I went into the Disk Utility an d noticed that it picked up something listed as "unknown", so it seems like it is detecting something although it gives no mount location, or other info about it other than the size. so im wondering if someone can help09:23
namelezztomfoolery, open this and post your version: chrome://version/09:23
namelezztomfoolery, post also the flash version09:23
Tomfoolerynamelezz, chrome - 18.0.1025.16809:23
Tomfooleryflash 11.2 r20209:23
namelezzupdate to v 2009:24
TomfooleryI thought it did it automatically :X I actually don't know how to...09:24
namelezzjust download chrome from the official site09:25
TomfooleryThank you :) I shall be back if it doesn't work to bother you with my further incompetence09:25
namelezztomfoolery, you can also use this repository: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/google_chrome09:26
rectecHello guys. I'm getting these odd artifacts on the screen using the open source ATI drivers with my Radeon 6670. This is a fresh install of Ubuntu. I used these drivers before with my old 4200 and had no problems, but once I upgraded to a 6670 I started getting these. I tried using the proprietary drivers but that broke my system, which is why I have a fresh install now. Any help? http://imgbin.org/images/8742.png09:26
eph3meralwhat's the official way to get skype on 12.04? this FAQ seems a bit dated (10.10) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype09:27
jpdseph3meral: Enable partner, and install the 'skype' package.09:28
Calinou*skype* :|09:28
namelezzeph3meral: you can also download the newest version (4.0) from the official site09:29
eph3meralthe only thing I see here, http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux is still for 10.1009:29
gr33n7007hhow can i install xwinwrap??09:29
jpdseph3meral: You can still install it.09:29
eph3meraljpds, ok and so does enabling partner on 12.04 entail the same things as in that FAQ?09:30
dwakareph3meral there is a static install available in skype's website09:30
rectecHello guys. I'm getting these odd artifacts on the screen using the open source ATI drivers with my Radeon 6670. This is a fresh install of Ubuntu. I used these drivers before with my old 4200 and had no problems, but once I upgraded to a 6670 I started getting these. I tried using the proprietary drivers but that broke my system, which is why I have a fresh install now. Any help? http://imgbin.org/images/8742.png09:30
jpdseph3meral: Yes.09:30
eph3meraldwakar, what does that mean? how is it different from the .deb I linked just now09:30
namelezzrectec, just try to install fglrx (but not the package with updates)09:31
dwakarI think .deb packages are a bit older skype 4 is not available09:31
namelezzi'm using skype 4.0 on 12.0409:32
rectecnamelezz, not the post-updates one? I hope you can understand I'm a bit wary of doing so.09:32
mlechnerhi, where to report bugs on Ubuntu server 12.04. installation process? I got a USB-Keyboard that is stopping to work as soon as the "select a language" screen appears.09:32
rectecWell I hope it works this time...09:33
DarkenedHey Linux peeps I spent a good amount of my time yesterday troubleshooting a sound issue I have with a user called BluesKaj sadly we could not solve the problem is there anyone else whom might be able to help?09:34
ssrvm!details | Darkened09:36
ubottuDarkened: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:36
=== arian is now known as Guest50263
ssrvmhi. is there any software to centrally 'control' and 'manage' the linux pcs in network?09:36
Guest50263hello all I want to install a distro and i don;t know which one is better linux mint with cinnamon vs fedora 17 gnome shell09:36
Darkenedubittu, my issue is that I have no sound at all Running Ubuntu 10.04 LTC Lucid my output is a onbaord Realtek ALC655 sound port with two satalite Philips desk speakers09:37
Darkenedubottu,my issue is that I have no sound at all Running Ubuntu 10.04 LTC Lucid my output is a onbaord Realtek ALC655 sound port with two satalite Philips desk speakers09:38
dark3nis it a laptop ?09:39
Guest50263dark3n yes09:39
namelezzi think, he meant darkened, guest09:40
dark3ni did09:40
namelezzguest, just try them both. you can also use virtual box to test them09:40
dark3nDarkened, i had a similar issue on my laptop, you had to open the audio mixer panel in console, was called salsa something i think, and unmute the master/speaker volume, it didn't show as muted in the GUI, but in fact it was09:41
ilmpcI just created a user in a MySQL setup using PHPMyAdmin, but when I try to log in using the new user I get 'access denied' errors, what have I done wrong?09:41
Darkeneddark3n, sadly I have been through this process may times before troubledhotting and I can rule that out :(09:41
ssrvmlol salsa. dont you meant alsa mixer?09:42
GhostWolfnamelezz, do you know if there is a way like in unity 2d, to have the alt+tab cycling in unity 3d?09:42
dark3nssrvm,errr yes ;D09:43
dark3nDarkened, if you are sure that its not muted or on 0 volume,  then no idea either09:43
Darkeneddark3n, yeah I figgured as much09:44
dark3nDarkened, maybe the speakers are broken ;)09:44
Darkeneddark3n, nope test and I know they work09:44
mlechnerhi, where to report bugs on Ubuntu server 12.04. installation process? I got a USB-Keyboard that is stopping to work as soon as the "select a language" screen appears.09:45
dwakarDarkened search for a alsaupgrade script available in ubuntuforums, that may solve your problem09:45
namelezzghostwolf, i dont know how alt-tab looks like in unity 2d09:45
namelezzi dont use it09:45
a5m0I am trying to fix my /boot after and apt-get upgrade messed it up, I am chrooted in (using livecd) and I have my /boot partition mounted to /mnt/root/boot but when I try to run update-grub it tells me "cannot find a device for /boot (isd /dev mounted?)." any thoughts?09:46
dwakarDarkened http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6589810#post658981009:46
GhostWolfdark3n, maybe you can help me, do you know anything about looks of unity 2d?09:47
=== ilmpc is now known as spasysheep
dark3nGhostWolf, not really, isn't it just like 3d , but without the square button side bar?09:48
namelezzi tested it, there is no big difference. the icons are smaller in unity 2d09:49
Darkeneddwakar, the alsascripter is no longer avaliable09:49
muh2000Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region, inode 132739    what can i do?  i already tried to remove via inode number09:49
GhostWolfi have no clue dark3n only difference i notice is with the alt+tab cycling. the browser windows when i have more than one firefox open its seperated, not together if you understand what im talking about09:50
rectecUnfortunately, the fglrx install didn't work. I'm getting the same out of frequency error on my monitor as when I tried to install the proprietary drivers on my 4200.09:50
namelezzrectec, yes, amd sucks09:51
dwakarwhoopsie Darkened my bad,09:51
namelezzrectec, your last chance is to use the newest version of fglrx09:51
tkinghello nano /etc/selinux/config shows blank09:52
dwakarDarkened though i have one in my pc check http://pastebin.com/JVQQ7EXH09:52
rectecI knew I'd get problems with drivers if I chose ATI over NVIDIA..09:52
namelezzrectec: download 12.6 here http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx09:52
rectecWell, I can always try09:52
dwakarDarkened Now it may or may not work , the risk is yours to take, even the author has stopped supporting it09:52
namelezzuse "sudo sh amd-driver-installer-*-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg" to create packages and install them09:53
tkinghello nano /etc/selinux/config shows blank i am trying to disable it09:53
rectecnamelezz, ok. Typing from my phone so you'll have to excuse my slow responses09:54
Darkeneddwakar, sorry being quite new to Linux all that is jibberish to me :/09:54
ikoniatking: ubuntu doesn't use selinux by default09:55
ikoniatking: it's not installed by default09:55
tkingikonia, i know but what if it is installed?09:55
rectecnamelezz, so, just in install fglrx to get back to the desktop?09:55
ikoniatking: it's not - because it's not installed by default09:55
dwakarDarkened no its a shell script save it to a file with .sh extension in your text editor and run it in the terminal09:56
rectecIn install.*09:56
tkingikonia i know am connected to a vps09:56
ikoniatking: right, so why are you asking how to disable selinux if it's not installed09:56
sienileCan anyone help me?  I'm trying to get Vuze to work properly with magnet links in Ubuntu 12.04.09:56
namelezzrectec, not sure, but it could work09:56
tkingikonia, they hv it installed in the VPS09:56
ikoniatking: please show me the ouptut of the command uname -a09:57
namelezzrectec, you will use the open source drivers then09:57
namelezzrectec, when you got to the desktop, download and installed fglrx 12.6 as described above09:58
rectecYeah. I did learn a bit fiddling around with drivers on my old install.09:58
rectecSure. Thanks.09:58
Gosset_InofensiuHi, does anybody know why in Ubuntu 12.04 official repositories there is only version of LibreOffice and not the last 3.5.5?09:59
auronandace!latest | Gosset_Inofensiu10:00
ubottuGosset_Inofensiu: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:00
MonkeyDustGosset_Inofensiu  type !latest10:00
MonkeyDustauronandace  was faster10:01
Gosset_Inofensiuok thanks for the info10:01
Darkeneddwakar, I have the whole script in my text editor where do I need to save it?10:01
dwakarDarkened home foleder would be good. and then run it in terminal with "sh yourfilename.sh"10:02
sienileAnyone know anything about Vuze/Azureus and magnet links?10:02
kdklsllshi im concerned somebodys used my name on twitter to post nasty stuff . I happened upon the account after looking up my name on google. I dont have a twitter account the account has been suspended but i want to find out what was posted using the name. I cant find any archived pages. Is there any way of finding out why suspended or what was posted10:03
Gosset_Inofensiuthanks ubottu10:03
Gosset_Inofensiuhave a nice day10:03
ikoniakdklslls: this is nothing to do with ubuntu10:03
ikoniakdklslls: we only deal with ubuntu issues10:03
Darkeneddwakar, keeps saying Can't Open Shell.sh10:05
namelezzubottu should be renamed10:05
ubottunamelezz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:05
dwakarDarkened what permission denied or something like that?10:05
Darkeneddwakar, just sayd sh: can't open shell.sh10:06
dwakarDarkened try with sudo10:06
Darkeneddwakar, nope still unable to open shell.sh10:07
sienileseems IRC is about as much help as the forums...10:07
Genesiscollinjsimpson, are you there? :P10:08
muellisoftwell sienile. What is your actual question.?10:08
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
GenesisI have a problem.10:08
sienileI'm trying to get Vuze to work with magnet links, but it only opens the program without passing the link.10:08
rectecnamelezz, Installing said drivers. Getting a bunch of dependency issues, must manually install some packages. I will let you know if it goes smoothly.10:09
=== harald is now known as Guest44488
dwakarDarkened you might try asking it in one of the ubuntu forums then10:10
GenesisI tried installing ubuntu server on my IBM eServer xSeries 365 with 2 x SCSI Hot-swap disks. And the installer stops on the discovering disk part.And prints me the list of available drivers. What should i do?10:10
Muellisienile: who's "it"? I.e. what did you do, what happened, and what did you expect to happen instead?10:11
narayanaDarkened: check the file permissions and owner/group10:11
sienile"it" meaning my browser, Chromium10:12
Darkenednarayana, me being new to terminal commands not sure how to do that10:12
narayanaDarkened: ls -l /path/to/shell.sh10:14
sienileI tried the commonly repeated solution with gconf, but that only works with older Ubuntu distros. Also tried changing the vuze.desktop file.... see the forum link I posted for details on what exactly it was that I did10:14
ikoniatking: got that output for me ?10:14
GenesisDoes anyone knows what to do in my case?10:17
rectecnamelezz, ok. It produced 3 packages. Which to install? Dumb question, I know. Just need confirmation.10:17
Darkenednarayana, says no such file or directory10:17
=== kiran is now known as Guest72774
namelezzrectec, fglrx-modaliases, fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle10:18
rectecnamelezz, it appears I have fglrx-dev instead of fglrx-modaliasas.10:19
namelezzyou dont need dev10:19
narayanaDarkened: where is your shell.sh file located ?10:20
namelezzrectec, then install just fglrx and amdcccle10:20
Darkenednarayana, location /home/dark10:20
narayanaDarkened: do ls -l /home/dark/shell.sh10:21
sienileMuelli, have you read my forum post?10:22
Muellisienile: no.10:22
Darkenednarayana, -rw-r--r-- 1 dark dark 21931 2012-07-12 11:04 /home/dark/Shell10:22
sienileit has details about what I've tried so far10:22
Muellisienile: fair enough. Solving Chromium issues doesn't attract me though. If it was about firefox, I might have loaded 2GB of a web browser into my memory and researched...10:23
narayanaDarkened: do gedit /home/dark/Shell &10:24
sienile:P getting it to work in Firefox is easy, just pick it from the app list... Chromium makes you have all your settings perfect for it to work10:25
Darkenednarayana, it replys with [1] 3043 then opens the Shell file in text editor10:26
narayanaDarkened: is this what you wanted ?10:26
sienileI just don't like the idea of having to either switch browsers or C&P the links manually10:26
Darkenednarayana, I am wanting to get my sound working im following your steps tihnking this will solve my sound issue X'D10:27
rectecnamelezz, Well, the packages install successfully. Unfortunately, I still get the same out of frequency error. Here's an idea: I'm getting my DVI cable tomorrow, which will enable me to hook up my LCD monitor to the PC. Could this perhaps alleviate this out of range error?10:28
GenesisI tried installing ubuntu server on my IBM eServer xSeries 365 with 2 x SCSI Hot-swap disks. And the installer stops on the discovering disk part.And prints me the list of available drivers. What should i do?10:29
namelezzrectec, i dont know, try it10:29
=== Caspercom|AFK is now known as Caspercom
* sienile thinks he's not going to find a way to get Chromium and Vuze to play nice.10:30
rectecI hope so. I know that LCDs have a fixed resolution and refresh rate, so I'm hoping this will fix my problem. But for now, I must revert to Windows. Thanks for the help. Later.10:31
MonkeyDustsienile  if you find a way, then you are the expert10:31
sienileMonkeyDust, guess you had similar issues? :P10:32
ubottuguido_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:32
narayanaGenesis: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/server/make/IBM/?page=110:33
GenesisWhat does this mean>10:35
GenesisThat any other IBM servers wont work under ubuntu?10:35
narayanaGenesis: if you find the model that's closest to your, try installing the version of ubuntu listed as tested10:36
Genesisnarayana, ?10:36
Genesisnarayana, oh but if my model isnt close to any of those?10:36
Genesisit's pretty old10:37
Genesisnarayana, Is there any way to get the normal server working there?10:39
mah454this command not work ! : invoke-rc.d apache2 start10:40
mah454invoke-rc.d apache2 stop work but start not work !10:41
narayanaGenesis: try searching for the driver that might work with your hard drive, and select it from the list10:41
Genesisnarayana, I tired that on gooogle ant it is nowhere said what one. is there any ubuntu list for drivers?10:41
fidelmah454: what are you trying to achive in the first place?10:42
mah454fidel: I add "set -x" in /etc/init.d/apache2 . (for debug)10:43
mah454stop script work but start not work ! (without ony output !)10:43
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_farmer_Hello, does anyone know is it possible to install poco library via apt-get on ubuntu 12.0410:47
fidel_farmer_: have you checked if its in the repo?10:48
fidelwhich is easy testable via the ubuntu website?10:48
_farmer_how do i do that?10:48
_farmer_how do i check if it is in the repo?10:48
fidel!info poco10:48
ubottuPackage poco does not exist in precise10:48
_farmer_the f# in10:49
fidelor via browser here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/10:49
fidelits really not that hard to check ;)10:49
ndxtgwhat is the difference between gdm and fluxbox? I'm about to install fluxbox on Ubuntu Server for lightest GUI, but seems like I must install gdm too?10:49
Genesisnarayana, please ?10:49
fidelndxtg: gdm is a login manager - fluxbox isnt afaik10:49
Genesisnarayana, sorry im kinda noob to ubuntu10:49
narayanaGenesis: google "ubuntu server scsi drivers" - some have the same problem with ubuntu not detecting it10:50
fidelfluxbox is a pretty old looking but most likely light desktop environment (not sure if that termi is 100% correct)10:50
narayanaGenesis: try this driver if its listed http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100702173336AAgLku810:50
ndxtgfidel: thanks, so I must install both in order to make fluxbox works, is that correct?10:50
fidel_farmer_: but poco-lib packages exists - so you mentioned the wrong package name most likely in the first place10:51
_farmer_that is the trick10:51
_farmer_i try to write apt-get install libpoconetssl910:51
_farmer_as specified here10:51
fidelsearch for libpoco*10:51
fidelat least i think so10:51
_farmer_and i just get back an error10:51
_farmer_there is no10:51
narayanaGenesis: try live booting into some other distro if its possible. It might help pinpoint the issue10:52
MonkeyDust!find poco10:52
ubottuFound: libpoco-dev, libpoco-doc, libpococrypto9, libpococrypto9-dbg, libpocodata9, libpocodata9-dbg, libpocofoundation9, libpocofoundation9-dbg, libpocomysql9, libpocomysql9-dbg (and 14 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=poco&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all10:52
_farmer_i have found that10:52
_farmer_but should then the command apt-get install libpoconetssl910:52
Fudgehi having trouble mounting a ufs2 memstick, any tips?10:53
MonkeyDust_farmer_  yes, if the package name is typed correctly10:53
fidel_farmer_: if a package is listed on the ubuntu website for your distri as available - you can for sure install it on that specific distri-version10:53
Genesisnarayana, i have a live cd. i  can boot it .10:53
_farmer_it is fuckin typed correctly, i copy pasted it :D10:53
Genesisnarayana, i can try whatever you tell me to do xD10:54
Macreadytype sudo in front10:54
_farmer_but it simply spits out "has no installation candidate"10:54
chu_farmer_, Please watch your language in this channel, thank you.10:54
_farmer_chu: np10:54
_farmer_chu: but i got advised to watch out the name of the package five times10:54
fidel_farmer_: are you used to apt?10:54
_farmer_but it worked fine till now10:55
fidelthen that is error 1 - dont try to use a package manangent if you dont understand at least the basics of it10:55
ok_dude just $apt-cache search ^searchTerm if ur unsure10:55
fidel_farmer_: a good approach is to check if your sources is up to date - then maybe checking what version of desired package is available in your defined sources (using the policy option) and then install that desired package10:56
Genesisnarayana, tried searching on google nothing pops out :(10:56
fidelapt isnt that hard and it makes sense to spend some minutes trying to udnerstand it10:56
ok_what fidel said - big time10:57
_farmer_ok, i will do that10:57
fidelotherwise you'll come back here repeatly and ask question s most inhere will not even understand in the first moment ;)10:57
_farmer_i just thought there is someone with a similiar problem who could give me a quick fix10:57
blarf_hi, if i want to use the open ati and nvidia driver with 3d support, do i need to do anything, like install something or change some config?10:57
_farmer_thank for the help10:57
narayanaGenesis: look for others with the same problems, and their fixes. Might not be for the same version of ubuntu server10:57
fidel_farmer_: understanding > tips from random strangers10:58
fidelthose tips in irc might even be wrong or dangerous - so be careful with tips you dont udnerstand at least partly10:58
_farmer_yes, true, but now i dont have the time to understand, i just need to test something out quickly10:58
LjL_farmer_: it's possible you don't have Universe (the repository where the package is) enabled for some reason. anyway, i'd start with "apt-cache policy libpoconetssl9"10:58
Genesisnarayana, i tried on google with my version of LSI and still nothing it looks like no one usues it anymore :(10:58
_farmer_so i wanted to save time10:58
Genesisnarayana, but i have a live cd10:59
ok_farmer: you can do ten min reading and fix ur issues when they arise or post somewhere eveytime and waste far more than ten mins waiting for an answer10:59
fidel_farmer_: using a debian based distri foces you basically to understand the apt-basics10:59
fidelif you want ever save time ;)10:59
_farmer_ok, the apt-cache returns all nones10:59
LjL_farmer_: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file please11:00
_farmer_and yes you are right with the advices :)11:00
ok_then it isn't available from ur list of sources11:00
narayanaGenesis: try the live cd then11:01
LjLfidel, ok_: maybe you should cut them some slack. after all the command they used *should* work, it works on my install, and if Universe is not enabled or whatever else is the problem, well, it *ought to* be enabled by default11:01
_farmer_LjL:  http://pastebin.com/FdyyDPZi11:01
_farmer_the universe multiverse line is hashed, is that what you mean?11:01
ikoniaLjL: is universe supposed to be enabled by default ?11:01
fidelLjL: ?11:01
Genesisnarayana, and then? i still dont know what to do xD11:01
Tm_Tikonia: AFAIK it is11:02
fidelLjL: i was just trying to point out in general that it might be dangerous to execute commands a user does not understand ;)11:02
LjLikonia: yes, since a few releases11:02
blarf_hi, if i want to use the open ati and nvidia driver with 3d support, do i need to do anything, like install something or change some config?11:02
fidelthat was a general hint - not pointing to a cmd hint in the actual context11:02
Genesisnarayana, brb 2 mins11:03
narayanaGenesis: there are two ways of dealing with your problem11:03
LjL_farmer_: uhm, did you modify your sources.list? because that doesn't look very much like a standard Ubuntu one. Universe is commented out (so it won't work), but also, there are no [commented out] entries for updating Universe11:03
ok_ljl: the user was asking specifically for a "quick fix"11:03
narayanaGenesis: 1: manually installing your drivers11:03
_farmer_LjL: no, i did not modify, this is the form in which i got it11:03
narayanaGenesis: or 2: installing a server that detects the drivers themselves11:04
_farmer_LjL: shall i uncomment the first line in the sources.list?11:04
LjL_farmer_: yes, but you should probably also add a couple other lines. moment11:04
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
narayanaGenesis: you could try debian, slackware, etc11:06
LjL_farmer_: try this file http://pastebin.com/f7caGMcj11:06
LjL_farmer_: issue an "apt-get update" after saving it11:06
narayanaGenesis: for 1: google for appropriate scsi drivers, and if you do find them try ones that might seem appropriate11:07
LjL_farmer_: still keep in mind that, for some reason, you don't have the "source" repositories in that list, and i didn't add them either. so if you ever try to fetch a source package, that won't work11:07
=== razer is now known as Guest54130
LaykeI just messed up.. I meant to typ ulimit -n 409611:08
LaykeBut I actually sent ulimit -n 611:09
=== Guest54130 is now known as Greedy
LaykeI can't increase the limit now... lol11:09
LaykeAny solutions?11:09
=== rastamouse is now known as nothingspecial
_farmer_LjL: i understand what you mean, thanks11:11
Genesisnarayana, ok:) thanks :D11:11
LaykeResolved it.11:11
Genesisnarayana, will try googlin first11:13
_farmer_LjL: ok, according to the ubuntu website, the libpoconet9 package should bi inside the universe. After updating my sources list, i ran apt-get update, but the package still refuses to get installed (not found). Did i forget to do something?11:14
LjL_farmer_: i can't imagine what. are you sure the sources.list file was saved properly? clearly you need to edit it with "sudo nano" or "gksudo gedit" (with root permissions in other words)11:16
mogajWhen i try ti install git by this command "apt-get install git-core" terminal am getting this outpu http://pastebin.com/Fme8pXvB     what should i do to rectify those errors?11:16
pranjal710hello, is there anything like "connectify" in ubuntu. i want to create a wifi hotspot too share my internet.11:16
_farmer_LjL: i am sure it is saved correctly, i edited it as root, since i am logged in as root.11:17
StarpolloAnyone have experience with adaptec serial ata ii raid 1420sa? Using the storman  asm_linux_i386_v6_50_18597.rpm (converted to deb) - it says no controllers were found.11:18
ikoniamogaj: looks like where ever you got the package ruby-rvm has had an error in that package11:19
xmint9what is the newest version of kernel right now..?11:19
LjL_farmer_: (which you shouldn't be) but anyway - try running apt-get update again and paying attention to any errors that it might give, maybe pastebin the whole output11:19
xmint93.4 or else..?11:19
MonkeyDustxmint9  3.2 here11:20
_farmer_LjL: why should not i be a farmer :D ok, i think i got it rollin, thanks for your help and patience11:20
xmint9MonkeyDust: mine 3.4 ...11:20
LjLxmint9: then you are either not on Ubuntu or you are on an unsupported version of Ubuntu, unless you installed your own kernel11:21
xmint9ok thanks.. MonkeyDust11:21
Muellixmint9: you can check kernel.org or packages.ubuntu.com.11:21
Muelliwebsites that are.11:21
xmint9yes i install it on my own11:21
xmint9with debian packages11:21
=== satyanash1 is now known as satyanash
LjLwhat a terrible idea!11:21
LjLoh well.11:21
nyuszika7h*foreveralone in #ubuntu+1*11:21
mogajikonia: what should i do now to rectify it?11:21
Muellihm. dunno it that'll work out xmint9. I don't know whether Debian ships i.e. apparmor which Ubuntu uses.11:22
ikoniayou'll probably have to do a force remove as that package's remove group doesn't seem to like the "admin" group11:22
xmint9but i still wann upgrade it more onto 3.6 or 4.0 if its exist..11:22
ikoniamogaj: I'd look at where that package came from also11:22
LjLxmint9: start thinking about keeping things stable instead of doing horribly hacky things like installing Debian kernels on Ubuntu11:23
xmint9Muelli: thanks. i'll check those address..11:23
xmint9on the way to > kernel.org ...11:23
BluesKajHey all11:24
BluesKajxfxchilde, 'morning11:25
xfxchildeI'm trying out MAAS the first time :)11:25
xmint9LjL: ok, thanks for the advice, but my 3.4 kernel still stable by the way11:25
xmint9some friends also recomended me to upgrade it more, so i just wanna try it out11:26
omeis there a way to sacrifice the Splash screen for a faster boot time ?11:29
angsis there a way to see the brand of keyboard of my laptop?11:29
xmint9check this out, guys... http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/11:30
_farmer_Ok, I have only one more question, and then i will stop nagging :) I managed to get the apt-get working. But when i want to install the .deb it whines that it depends on libv8-2.0.3 (>= 2.0.3). However i have libv8- installed which should be higher than 2.0.3 what means it should be ok. Why does dpkg not detect this?11:30
xmint9update your kernel.. for faster system.. :)11:31
LjLxmint9: please don't recommend that to people here11:31
DJones!wfm | xmint911:31
ubottuxmint9: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/11:31
nyuszika7home: I'm not sure about the exact file location with grub2, but look for "quiet splash" in /boot/grub/grub.cfg or similiar and remove "splash".11:31
LjLxmint9: you're free to do what you want on your system despite recommendations, but don't contribute to messing up other people's systems11:31
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
nyuszika7hI'm not sure does that reduce the boot time though; the splash screen should normally only be present until the desktop is ready.11:32
LjL_farmer_: that's not the way it works. a package has a "name" and a "version". in that case, the package *name* is "libv8-2.0.3" (it includes the version in the name) so it won't be recognized as simply a different version of the same package.11:32
xmint9hmmm, ok i'm sorry LjL ..11:32
_farmer_LjL: the ... :D, aaaah so, if libv8-2.0.3 is available only for lucid, does that mean i am done for?11:34
nyuszika7hIf you want a more user-friendly way, install Startup Manager (possibly from the Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic or apt-get/aptitude), and disable the splash screen from there.11:34
SmashLinkhey guys, does somebody know about any PTPd tutorial/manual?11:34
LjL_farmer_: yes, you can't install the package unless you manually install libv8-2.0.3 first (but then that might require other stuff, etc etc - and also may conflict with stuff you have)11:34
noirodoes anyone know a good application to go at the bottom of my screen and show minimized applications?11:35
noiroI am going to get rid of Unity, install fluxbox, and just need something along those lines11:35
yuiwhich vpn site is free ?11:36
omenyuszika7h: thanks, let me give it a try.11:37
xfxchildeAnyone one here ever try to do the MAAS yet?11:38
livingdaylightis open java - icetea the new way ? seems the sun-java option is no longer11:39
noiroHey guys, anyone know a good application/launch bar to put at th ebottom of my screen?11:39
noiroI want to get rid of Unity's method.11:39
livingdaylightfor a site like go kgs would openjava/icetea be a good webstart?11:39
livingdaylightappears that there are oracle-java installation guides online. What is the consensus of oracle-java vs icetea?11:40
=== Jason is now known as Guest34845
Calinoulivingdaylight, yes, you can install sun's java. it is proprietary but it can perform better11:43
=== AntORG_ is now known as AntORG
=== JPeterso2 is now known as JPeterson
=== Pupeno_W_ is now known as Pupeno_W
livingdaylightCalinou, do you know the best/safest way of getting sun's java, please? guide/how-to link?11:46
dualitycan i run a virtual machine on ubuntu server (yes, but can i also get the graphics on the same machien, ? so i don't have to vnc to it? access the machien physicly (did i write that right?)11:46
DJoneslivingdaylight: You have to go to the Sun website and /w 2011:46
livingdaylightDJones, and /w 20 ?11:47
Calinoulivingdaylight, that's how I do it: download java from here (that's the 6, if you want java 7, it's at a difference place) http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre6-downloads-1637595.html11:47
DJoneslivingdaylight: You have to go to the Sun website and install it from there11:47
=== wcchandl1r is now known as wcchandler
Calinou> linux x64 for 64 bit, linux x86 for 32 bit (the non-rpm one)11:47
livingdaylightDJones, k, thx. wondered what w 20 meant11:48
livingdaylightCalinou, cheers!11:48
Calinou> run it (set executable permission first), then move the files anywhere11:48
Calinou> then use the "update-alternatives" command11:48
noirogah, forgot my password already. T.T11:48
DJoneslivingdaylight: Was doing 2 things at once11:48
livingdaylightDJones, Ahh.. ok ;)11:49
DJoneslivingdaylight: For reference https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java11:49
mikkelhi i have a problem. I've made a USB drive to boot linux on, my problem is i cannot boot USB on my laptop. I have already done this once and i know it works, it's like my bios changed cause now i only see my current OS as bootable11:49
livingdaylightDJones, cheers11:49
afancyhi, on the panel the wireless connections disappear. "wlan0" also disappear when i use "ifconfig" to list the interfaces.  How can I enable it? thanks11:49
noiroHey guys, aside from gedit, can you give me a good programming editor? I heard one that had a dark theme by default and looked really nice, what was the name of it?11:50
mogajwhen i run this command in terminal "apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev gettext \  libz-dev libssl-dev"   i am getting this error Errors were encountered while processing: ruby-rvm E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:50
livingdaylightCalinou, does java 7 do everything v.6 does? i.e. would you recommend 7, as being the latest/best?11:50
mikkel noiro, sublime text 2?11:50
=== a5m0_ is now known as a5m0
GenesisI tried installing ubuntu server on my IBM eServer xSeries 365 with 2 x SCSI Hot-swap disks. And the installer stops on the discovering disk part.And prints me the list of available drivers. I tried searching on google and there's no one that has the similar problem to me.Althoguh i have a live cd so i can acces the terminal.If this is hardware issue like those drives deosnt work how can i check it? What should i do?11:50
{g}Hello from Germany! Im without any distro to recommend to friends these days. Ubuntu completely fucked it up with unity and debian is still only for nerds. Any suggestions what to do?11:50
Calinoulivingdaylight, 7 is faster, but can be less stable11:50
afancyhi, on the panel the wireless connections disappear. "wlan0" also disappear when i use "ifconfig" to list the interfaces.  How can I enable it? thanks11:50
Calinouit does everything v6 does11:50
noiroI don't really want a full IDE, just something that keeps up with spacing, does not add tabs, you know, the normal stuff.  and mikkel, I'll look at it.11:50
SmashLinkany PTPd tutorials/manual?11:51
sven__hi, folks11:51
noiromikkel, yup, that's the one. Thanks. Does it support, Python, CSS, Javascript, PHP, HTML, XHTML, and possibly Java if I ever learn it well enough?11:52
BluesKaj{g}, watch the language pls , well there's KDE11:52
sven__which is the working release of skype for ubuntu 12.0411:52
GenesisAnyone could help me?11:52
mikkelNoiro, i believe it supports all these, yes11:52
fidel!ask > Genesis11:52
ubottuGenesis, please see my private message11:52
noiroand mikkel, sublime is not free. Isn't there an alternative?11:52
{g}BluesKaj: kde is no a distro. which distro do you mean?11:53
fidelGenesis: ignore that ...just saw your questions above11:53
LjL!ot | {g}11:53
ubottu{g}: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:53
DJones{g}: You're in the Ubuntu channel. You've got a choice of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu11:54
{g}i might give mint a try.11:54
fidel{g}: then just dont use unity - you are mixing up os/distri with a desktop environment11:54
BluesKaj{g} , why are you asking here , go ask in #linux11:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:54
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:55
noirohmmm, geany doesn't have that cool look, but I may look at this for now11:55
mikkelI have a problem booting my usb with linux, it doesn't show up in my bios (UEFI) anyone know what im doing wrong?11:56
{g}fidel: how do i switch from unity to something else?11:56
livingdaylightUbunteros: I hear there is a new version of Skype (finally) available on Linux. Is the version in Ubuntu-Software the latest version or bet to dl directly from Skype's website? and who is "precise-partner source" ?11:56
noiromikkel, what are you trying to boot from your USB?11:56
mogajmikkel: i think first your system should support usb boot11:56
DJones!kde | {g}11:56
ubottu{g}: KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.11:56
quixotedon!gnome | {g}11:57
ubottu{g}: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.11:57
mikkeli'm trying to boot archlinux. I'm positive my system supports it, as i've done it once11:57
{g}DJones: so i boot into my ubuntu 12 partition and do apt-get install kubuntu-desktop?11:57
noiromikkel, how do you have it installed on the USB? Are you using the Windows YUMI application?11:58
LjL{g}: for instance, if you want KDE11:58
LjL!notunity | {g} or this11:58
ubottu{g} or this: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:58
c3f59livingdaylight, not completely sure about this, but i read that skype in the canonical repository is a version 2.12, so i guess you are better off downloading from skype directly11:58
DJones{g}: Yes, and then select it at the boot screen11:58
mikkeli used unetbootin11:58
noiroand I wish you the best of luck with archlinux man. THat thing will eat a ton of your free time.11:58
a5m0yes skype in software store is very outdated, you need to download from skype site11:58
mogajmikkel : then only reason i think for usb not showing in bios is it is broke(usb might be corrupted)11:58
fidel{g}: question is answered already right?11:58
sleaxanyone can help me to setting up an user CA key within openssh,please?11:58
DJones{g}: You also have other options, LXDE or XFCE that you could install11:58
a5m0I am trying to fix my /boot after an apt-get upgrade messed it up, I am chrooted in (using livecd) and I have my /boot partition mounted to /mnt/root/boot but when I try to run update-grub it tells me "cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?)." any thoughts, do I just need to mount it somewhere else?11:59
livingdaylightc3f59, don't know why ubuntu wouldn't have the latest version, but, I know sometimes they don't for whatever reason, which is why I'm asking/confirming, because I also know its usually best to get official and tested from software repos11:59
livingdaylightc3f59, but, thanks11:59
c3f59well you know how it is, canonical is people, and people sometimes decide things you don't understand.12:00
SmashLinkwhere can I find a manual about the Precision Time Protocol daemon? I've been searching but couldn't find any.12:00
mikkelwell my USB does show up in my OS. In BIOS it doesn't even show other disks to boot e.g. CD,HDD etc.12:00
c3f59but i'm sure they have a good reason for it12:00
mikkelit only shows my current OS12:00
a5m0livingdaylight, yes skype in software store is very outdated, you need to download from skype site12:00
bonnohello anyone knows the diference between "hibernate" and "suspend"  / when i hibernate i get a grub menu each time i start the computer..which means than i can boot from another OS (i have dual boot)12:00
GenesisI tried installing ubuntu server on my IBM eServer xSeries 365 with 2 x SCSI Hot-swap disks. And the installer stops on the discovering disk part.And prints me the list of available drivers. I tried searching on google and there's no one that has the similar problem to me.Althoguh i have a live cd so i can acces the terminal.If this is hardware issue like those drives deosnt work how can i check it? What should i do?12:01
a5m0bonno, suspend usually keeps stuff in memory, hibernate dumps everything to disc12:01
LjLbonno: "suspend" suspends to RAM, needs motherboard support, and involves your motherboard giving a "trickle current" to your RAM to keep the data in it. "hibernate" moves everything to the HDD and shuts the computer off12:01
a5m0Genesis, get the correct driver and load it12:01
Genesisa4m0, how do i know what driver is correct?12:02
{g}fidel: well, answered.. i have some options to try: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, try to get debian testing running, try mint.12:02
bonnoso if i hibernate i can shut my computer off without losing data?12:02
Genesisa5m0, how do i know what driver is correct?12:02
fidel{g}: i was asking regarding the 'how to get something else then unity" question12:02
LjLbonno: you should always save your data first, suspend and hibernate are not entirely foolproof12:02
fideland i assume you got the answer - so have fun testing gnome3, xfce etc12:03
bonnoi mean after hibernation can i press the UPS button ....oh ok.. :) thanks12:03
LjLbonno: yes you can12:03
bonnoin windows the equivalent option is actually suspend or hibernation? (last question)12:04
a5m0Genesis, find out the controller model and search the oem site or google12:04
LjLbonno: in Windows, i believe "suspend" is called "Standby", and "hibernate" is called, uh, either "Suspend" or "Hibernate", don't remember12:04
Genesisa5m0, i did and nothing :(12:04
bienestarno jodas12:04
LjL!es | bienestar12:05
ubottubienestar: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:05
bonnoin windows there is only one option... :p standby.. :p12:05
siva4080One week back I've setup proxy in my system. Now I'm using other network. But still all my "sudo apt-get install package" requests are going to proxy ip address... how to change it.. please help12:05
Genesisa5m0, if you mean raid controller and scsi type then nothing on google12:05
LjLbonno: no, both options are available. the other one involves keeping Shift or something pressed in some Windows versions, but it's there.12:05
bonnolol... shitty windows :p thanks a lot12:06
* {g} runs apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:06
dualityi've got two screens can i give one screen fully to virtualmachien/box ? (not making it fullscreen, but really give it the screen)12:06
a5m0Genesis, a quick search tells me you are using IBM Ultra320 SCSI controller12:07
a5m0which is supported by the mpt driver12:07
mrbloodduality: more than one physical screen?12:07
Genesisa5m0, mpt? i will try and if it works then you're my hero12:07
a5m0mpt - LSI Fusion-MPT SCSI/Fibre Channel driver12:07
Genesisa5m0, but what mpt exactly?12:08
a5m0i don't know what you're askign12:08
Papa-Smurfhow can i compile a source with make using gcc4.4 instead of gcc4.6 ????12:09
Genesisa5m0, there's no just mpt, there are like mptbase mptsomething12:10
Genesisa5m0, no mpt12:10
a5m0Genesis, anything about LSI ultra320 or LSI Fusion-MPT SCS ?12:11
{g}so should i choose kdm or lightdm when kde asks me?12:11
|Long|hi folks, i need some help plz...i has scheduling crontab's jobs under root account and it does not executed from the time scheduled, is there any log or somewhere i can look for it error?12:12
Genesisa5m0, nope there's mpt2sas mptbase mptctl mptfc mptlan mptsas mptscsih mptspi12:13
Genesisa5m0, only those12:13
Genesisa5m0, should i loadthe mpt like on usb or smth?12:13
a5m0Genesis, maybe you need to configure the raid correctly in your raid bios, this server has the same contrlller as you and it's certified hardware http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201104-7600/12:16
a5m0Genesis, have you configured your raid partition?12:16
Genesisa5m0, how do i do that?12:18
MonkeyDustGenesis  type !raid for instructions12:18
a5m0you need to watch your screen as the machine boots and the raid controller will flash something like press ctrl+r to enter raid setup12:18
teamviewer-vpnhow to use teamviewer in  vpn ?12:19
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:19
Genesisa5m0, ok thanks will try that :)12:19
a5m0Genesis, yeah it helps if your drive array is actually setup :P12:20
a5m0those tips are mostly software raid though, you need to setup hardware raid12:20
Genesisa5m0, xD didnt know im really new to server's this is my first one xD12:20
Genesisa5m0, yu know how to do that?12:21
a5m0yes I do but it should be easy for you to figure out12:21
a5m0and all the menus are different depending on controller manufacturer12:21
fabrihi all... I've got a Xubuntu 12.04 installed on a Toshiba Satellite L350... Everything is ok but the volume wheel doesn't control the main level but some other device... How can i set it?12:21
Genesisa5m0, ok if i have any problems i wil ltry to ask here :)12:21
LaOdeAliFarisi_ ada yg tau cara install burg?12:23
LaOdeAliFarisi_ saya sdah ikut tutorial yg sdah di siapkan di internet tapi pas saya install sudo burg-install "(hd0)" --> langsung muncul "perintah tidk ditemukan. help12:23
pawanWired network not managed12:25
pawanunable to connect to internet12:25
pawancurrently on windows12:25
Genesisa5m0, logical drive status should display anything?12:25
BluesKajpawan, did you try network manager settings ?12:26
a5m0you need to have at least 1 array, you can set them up with both drives in raid or you can setup each drive in raid 0 and use software raid, but i'm afraid that's probably above your experience12:26
pawani also have a NIC can i use that12:26
^MikeIs there a package that'll give me a little webserver suitable for running a small PHP application locally for development and debugging?12:27
Genesisa5m0, yeah xD12:27
BluesKajpawan, yes , of couse as long as it's an ethernet12:27
wolverine_use joomla12:27
pawanits ethernet how to detect it12:27
Genesisa5m0, on view controller status it displays 2 arrays12:28
BluesKajifconfig in the termina , pawan12:28
MonkeyDustMike please remove that annoying sugn in you name -- try tasksel for server components12:28
a5m0Genesis, so make sure they're initialized and ready, I really can't help you much remotely12:28
Genesisa5m0, ch1 0 RDY 1RDY 2 RDY 3 RDY 4--- 5--- 6--- 7INI 8PRC12:28
Genesisch2 7 INI12:29
^MikeI'd rather avoid having apache installed, for example. Something like git-daemon that just serves up the current directory12:29
BluesKajpawan, sudo ifconfig eth0 up12:29
Genesisa5m0, thats the display is it setup?12:29
=== ^Mike is now known as Slimcea_boy
Slimcea_boyMonkeyDust: Is that better?12:29
a5m0Genesis, I really can't help you much remotely, raid controllers all tend to act a little different12:29
tkingpls how can i check the installation process of an application in terminal12:30
pawanthen sudo pppoe12:30
MonkeyDustSlimcea_boy  is what better than what exactly?12:30
Slimcea_boyMonkeyDust: You asked me to change my nick12:30
a5m0Genesis, I've told you the model, go see if you can find the controller manual and read it12:30
Genesisa5m0, :( but does this output tell you anything?12:30
MonkeyDustSlimcea_boy  ah, ok, i don't see nick changes12:30
Genesisa5m0, ok :)12:30
a5m0Genesis, not anything that I can tell, "RDY" sounds ready12:30
BluesKajpawan,  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart12:32
ner0xWhat are some good process monitoring packages?12:33
a5m0ner0x, with webUI and logging or just to glance at stuff? for glancing I say htop12:34
{g}Hello! I did "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" and rebooted. Ubuntu still looks the same. What did I do wrong?12:36
MonkeyDust{g}  in lightDM, select kubuntu or kde12:36
MonkeyDust{g}  lightDM is the login screen12:37
{g}MonkeyDust: i dont get a login screen. when i reboot, i go straight into ubuntu.12:38
MonkeyDust{g}  if you enabled 'automatic login' because you don't like the password, you should re-enable it12:39
MonkeyDust{g}  correction: if you enabled 'automatic login' because you don't like the password, you should disable it12:39
{g}MonkeyDust: how?12:40
dwakar{g} with system settings->user accounts12:41
{g}ok, looks like im in kde or lightdm or plasmasuperstuff or something... lets so how that turns out.12:42
MonkeyDustlearning is grwoing12:42
dwakar{g} if you're in the login screen look around12:43
{g}dwakar: yes, i found something behind the ubuntu logo and choosed plasma-super-stuff or something.12:43
lanc3rdavit, yes?12:47
DJoneslanc3r: They quit the channel12:48
a5m0I am trying to fix my /boot after an apt-get upgrade messed it up, I am chrooted in (using livecd) and I have my /boot partition mounted to /mnt/root/boot but when I try to run update-grub it tells me "cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?)." any thoughts, do I just need to mount it somewhere else?12:50
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Kartagishow do write ISO from usb?12:51
=== unrar is now known as unraroFF
ArashHello :)12:53
L3topKartagis: is that question phrased correctly?12:53
{g}I could swear the screen is darker in kde then in gnome. even though the notebooks screen-luminance is set to full. Whats that?12:54
aithoxhello, can i install bumblebee with nvidia's *.run dirver ? i'm confusing why nvidia released that driver which doen't work :(12:54
ikoniaaithox: nvidir haven't released a driver which doesn't work12:54
colegatronhi #ubuntu12:54
L3topThey didn't release a driver that doesn't work... they released a chipset that doesn't work on linux and refuse to support.12:55
KartagisL3top: isn't it? basically I want to create an ISO from what's inside USB12:55
Arashhi colegatron12:55
neumahello room, this is my first time on xchat12:55
aithoxikonia: but it said it work for the version i have,,,,n i still need to install bumblebee12:55
colegatronif i do a dpkg --get-selections it appears open-jdk as installed, but for some reason in aptitude or synaptic or ubuntu software center does not appear as installed...12:55
L3topWhat desktop are you in Kartagis? I mean... you can burn its contents like you burn anything else. I like kb3.12:55
colegatronnow i need to install oracle-jdk but I can not uninstall open-jdk.... what can I do?12:56
neumacan anyone help me with a problem that I have with Xubuntu?12:56
SkippersBoss!ask |arash, neuma12:56
ubottuarash, neuma: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:56
KartagisL3top: GNOME, k3b only burns to CD, yes?12:57
L3topKartagis: No... it should burn to .iso file12:57
rrodas7@ rrodas curious about building an @ubuntu private cloud.  curious of how difficult it would be to build a  @private cloud.12:58
L3topcolegatron: open a terminal. sudo apt-get remove openjdk*12:58
neumaI have a problem installing Xubuntu on an old laptop.  I can't run a live cd past the Xubuntu splash screen, and after installing Xubuntu through the alternate cd it hangs at the splash screen.12:59
colegatronbut I mean what should I do about the differences about the package managers12:59
rrodas7@rrodas #Private cloud !any ideas feel free to direct them to me on private rooms thank you/12:59
minasHi. I need some help. I installed yesterday the latest proprietary driver from ati (amd now). I shut-down and rebooted a few times and it was working perfectly. However today, when I booted, I didn't see the login screen but a "terminal" login, where I was prompted for my username and password in a terminal... I tried to do some tricks(...) there, but nothing. I rebooted to win7, found something about gdm (I think it was). So I reboote12:59
colegatronl3top: it is supposed to expect the same result in dpkg than in aptitude12:59
colegatronl3top isn't?13:00
L3topcolegatron: I can't tell you why it doesn't appear. They are not perfect. If you want to solve the problem... that is how.13:00
neumaI have a problem installing Xubuntu on an old laptop.  I can't run a live cd past the Xubuntu splash screen, and after installing Xubuntu through the alternate cd it hangs at the splash screen.13:01
rrodas7@rrodas & Building Private Cloud Enviroments13:01
minasinstalled it. I was prompted to select it over light-dm so I did. When I rebooted I couldn't even get to the login screen... I rebooted and selected recovery mode, and remove gdm, but nothing happened. I made a live CD now and I'm wrting this from firefox. Is there a way I can fix this mess without reinstalling??? I don't even know why it recked in the first place...13:01
colegatronl3top: do you know what the difference between open-jdk and open-jre is?13:01
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colegatronopen-jre does it appears as installed, but not open-jdk13:02
gansterhi all13:02
L3topcolegatron: one is open source/free and one is closed source/proprietary. IT was sun java, then oracle bought it... and yanked the license so it had to be removed from the repositories.13:03
KartagisL3top: k3b doesn't do that either13:03
minasIs there a way to "repair" ubuntu like windows has a repair option when an installation CD is inserted?13:04
Kartagiscolegatron: if you want to develop in Java, open-jdk is your friend13:04
colegatronyep, but Appcelerator ask to install oracle-jdk and not openjdk...13:04
Kartagiscolegatron: then go for that13:06
colegatronkartagis: do you know if can be both installed together?13:07
Kartagiscolegatron: open and oracle?13:07
Kartagisnot sure13:07
AnDieLeinecolegatron, I think they pretty much cancel each other out13:07
colegatronandieleine ok, then I'll remove open and go with oracle13:08
MonkeyDustminas  it's called recovery in the grub menu13:08
L3topKartagis: yes it does. GO to burn project, select "Create Image" chose the image tab and name it if you want, select a location, and click burn.13:09
minasMonkeyDust: Recovery Mode? (The 2nd Option?)13:09
nibblyncolegatron, not sure but I think they can be installed both, see the function "alternatives"13:09
kubanchow do i reinstall gnome and xserver on ubuntu 10.04?13:09
MonkeyDustminas  yeah, a new menu follows13:09
colegatronwhich "function alternatives"?13:09
minasMonkeyDust: Yes, with some options to clean unused packages, open a terminal as root and others. What do I select from those?13:10
MonkeyDustminas  the one you require13:11
nibblyncolegatron, well, you can install more browsers. if I'm not wrong there has always been an automatic way to handle more runtime machines13:11
L3topcolegatron: installing oracle is a pain... just so you know.13:11
minasMonkeyDust: The problem is I don't know what I require :)13:11
colegatronl3trop i have no alternative13:12
colegatronnibblyn do you mean this: "at the terminal, run sudo update-alternatives --config java to select java-6-sun as default"13:13
nibblyncolegatron, yep13:14
colegatronok, then it should mean I can install all two13:14
colegatronwithout installing open. I'll try13:14
colegatronthank yo13:14
L3topcolegatron: I wouldnt install both.13:15
nibblyncolegatron,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java -> If your system has more than one version of Java, configure which one your system uses by entering the command in a terminal window13:15
colegatronnybblyn: thank you very much13:15
L3topcolegatron: I can almost guarantee things are going to get confused.13:16
colegatronl3top, it is possible, but uninstalling both and reinstalling only one is easy :)13:17
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L3topcolegatron: not really. You clearly have never installed oracle java before.13:19
colegatronit is true13:20
L3tophttp://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/  colegatron13:20
colegatrontnx l3top13:21
kubancis it possible to reinstall ubuntu to start?13:21
darksiferhi everyone. i have a sony xperia s phone. for those who dont know: its an android phone. it had gingerbread initially. i was having some issues when transferring files to and from the computer. sometimes ubuntu does not find my phone when connected. i installed ice cream sandwich and ubuntu does not detect my phone at all. i ask in the phone forum and they proposed me to try windows which is a NO for me. but today i installed virtualbox and installed wi13:21
darksiferndows xp and there i was able to do file transfer. can someone help me here. am surprised because android is linux, isnt it? thanks in advance13:21
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MonkeyDustdarksifer  if it's with bluetooth, try installing blueman13:22
ner0xa5m0: More to test if it's running and start/restart if necessary.13:23
ner0xa5m0: Sorry it took so long. At work.13:23
darksiferMonkeyDust, no, i have issues with file transfer using the USB cable. and i cant transfer gigabytes of data with bluetooth. it will take me eternity13:23
MonkeyDustdarksifer  yeah, eternity is a long time, especially in the end ;) -- maybe it's a USB2 / USB3 issue?13:25
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Chelsea__Is it possible to open multiple files with nautilus' "open with" command?13:25
MonkeyDustChelsea__  you mean file types?13:26
Chelsea__MonkeyDust, no, I mean to select 2 (or more) files, rightclick, and choose "open with" command. In effect, to have 2 (or more) files opened at the same time.13:28
MonkeyDustChelsea__  I selected three files, "open with" abiword ... three abiword windows13:28
darksiferMonkeyDust, hmm i tried the usb cable with another windows pc at work and it works. i tried with xp in virtualbox using the same cable and usb port and it works13:29
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MattiasI had some issues while I was trying to install Ubuntu Server on a machine with Raid1, using lvm. Grub just wouldn't accept any disk drive. So I continued without installing a bootloader. Is there a way to install grub on raid1 lvm or do I need another bootloader?13:32
Chelsea__I'm trying diff multiple files with vimdiff, using the"open with" command. This is no working with me.13:32
MonkeyDustdarksifer  is this helpful https://linuxnorth.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/a100-to-ubuntu-file-transfer/13:32
=== ninjak_ is now known as ninjak
MonkeyDustdarksifer  you can also use Ubuntu One to sync muic or other files between devices13:33
leOnhello .. can someone please explain how can i add an application to the list of available apps to be set as default application for a certain file type?13:34
fidelChelsea__: so is it a vimdiff issue or a nautilus one?13:34
Chelsea__fidel, I expected that the files would be passed as arguments to vimdiff. I seems this is not the case.13:36
austinI have an old radeon 2xxx card so, I've decided to try to use MESA driver instead.  However, after I setup dual monitors by futzing with xorg.conf, my windows maximize across both monitors and this is not what I want.  How can I fix this so they only max across one?13:36
fidelChelsea__: can you open those files all at once with another app?13:36
fideli am just trying to find out what is buggy ;)13:36
leOnaustin: try setting the virtual desktop size to be only one13:37
Chelsea__fidel, yes but the files are opened in a different instance of the application. That is not my intention.13:37
L3topdefine "max across" austin13:38
fidelso you have basically an bug-report for vimdiff right?13:38
fidelChelsea__: locate the software-issue-tracker and report it ;)13:38
Chelsea__fidel, no, i think it should be handled by nautilus. Nautilus shouls be able to ope an application using "open-with" with multiple files as arguments, right?13:39
fidelChelsea__: if your issue does happen with app A but not with app B - my vote goes for filling a bug report in app A ...but do whatever you think13:40
raidghostAboute route, how to make a traceroute from show first gateway and then the ip i try to traceroute?13:40
raidghostLike first match and then
fidelChelsea__: ubuntu-bug might be helpful in case its an launchpad hosted project13:41
austinL3top: thank you!13:42
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cane99I may install Ubuntu 12.04 today13:43
MattiasIs there a way to boot into a system that has no bootloader?13:43
raidghostcane99: know that there is a bug in the x64 bit version13:43
raidghostthat doesnt allow you to show both drives at once13:43
sveinseI hope there are other xfce users here: I keep getting startup of orca when my xfce session is started. Anyone knows how to disable it?13:43
cane99Been using Fedora for a few years, but started with Ubuntu13:43
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
TheBadger412which python ide has the best autocomplete on ubuntu? eclipse and aptana seem to hate unity, geany's python autocomplete sucks ass, cant seem to get gedits to work.. vim isn't my friend either... bpython and ipython have amazing autocomplete but are only interpreters13:44
cane99raidghost: how bad is the bug13:44
latterais the us.archive.ubuntu.com apt repo down?13:44
raidghostcane99: well. Ive tried to install ubuntu 64bit with 2 harddrives13:44
raidghostone 80GB and one 25013:44
raidghostand when both was connected only the 250 (slave) did show up13:44
Chelsea__fidel, thanks for the advice. If nautilus can't open an application with multiple files as an argument, I wil file a bug. ATM I'm not convinced this is impossible though. It seems a fairly straightforward action.13:45
raidghost when i tried open a terminal and use fdisk and cfdisk both disc show up13:45
raidghostBut the installer didnt want to show the sda1 (the master drive)13:45
raidghostso, i disconnected the slave harddrive and tried with just the master drive . but then it didnt show any filesize at all13:46
leOnMattias: http://www.sysresccd.org13:46
cane99Mattias: that boot CD is great13:47
leOncan someone please explain how can i add an application to the list of available apps to be set as default application for a certain file type?13:47
madalinanyone familiar with openvpn interconnecting networks ?13:47
madalinleOn: gnome ? kde ?13:48
MattiasleOn, Thanks, I'll use it if Ubuntu Desktop (soon finished putting it on the usb) doesn't have enough tools to install a bootloader13:48
MattiasI wonder why Ubuntu Server doesn't have an alternative bootloader option13:48
leOnMattias: gnome/unity i think13:49
wolsgo to tty2 and install whatever you want at the end of the installation process before you reboot13:49
leOnops .. i meant for mandalin13:49
wolsand I meant it for Mattias13:49
leOnmadalin: gnome/unity i think13:49
madalinleOn: try right clicking on the specified file and open with. Browse for your app13:50
Asad2005Can someone please suggest an rss reader for ubuntu other than liferea13:50
leOnmadalin: i want to set the default app for that file type .. not only for this once13:50
madalinleOn: there should be a tick for that :)13:51
Mattiaswols, aah, didn't think of trying switching tty -.- already rebooted :P now making a ubuntu desktop liveusb instead -.-13:51
latterait looks like gnome-terminal hooks F10... how do I send F10 to the terminal?13:51
latteranvm, got it13:52
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MonkeyDustglad to help, lattera13:52
Muellilattera: for midnight commander? mind to share your solution for the archives?13:53
latteraMuelli: huh?13:53
leOnmadalin: ok .. so i "Open With" -> "Other application" -> "Show other applications" ... and all i get is a list of apps it THINKS i should use ... i can't choose whatever the fuck i want .. pardon my french but i'm starting to get annoyed by not being able to easily choose acroread as the default app for my pdfs13:54
LoT!language | leOn13:54
ubottuleOn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:54
=== akSeya is now known as Guest83679
CompyAre the 12.04 us.archive.ubuntu repositories having issues today?13:55
LoTCompy: they were working earlier, why?13:55
CompyI haven't been able to connect to any of them when using apt-get, and its tried several ips in the range.13:55
leOni understand that language thing and i do appologise ... but well .. lets say i'm really getting to the point of no return on this matter13:56
MonkeyDustleOn  right click on the pdf, properties, open with, show other13:56
leOni have done that13:56
leOnit shows a list of "family-friendly, polite, and professional" applications13:57
CompyLoT: Looks like it was just running slow. It nailed it this go-round. Thanks for the prompt response!13:57
leOnbut NOT the application that i want to choose13:57
leOnit doesn't have a "Browse" button so that i can choose whatever application i want13:57
leOnit's limiting my choices13:58
latteracan anyone recommend a good executable file editor (like ht editor) that doesn't segfault in 64bit ubuntu?13:58
on3pkIs Apache available in the software store, or am I wasting my time looking?13:58
wolsapache comes with ubuntu. apt-get install apache213:59
MonkeyDustleOn  you could report it as a bug in launchpad, or as an idea in braistorm13:59
rocki34Hello, does anyone know how to make a USB recognizable on Virtualbox. I can see it on primary OS, but on my guest OS.13:59
cane99what's the blasted difference between the regular and business spin of 12.0413:59
rocki34*but not on my guest OS13:59
wolsrocki34: it mustn't be seen or used on the primary OS. cause only then can the guest grab it.14:00
LoTcane99: it details it if you read the info about it14:00
killownhttp://i.imgur.com/aiwrM.jpg thanks canonical for mess up with my kde texture effects updating xorg-core...14:00
LoTcane99: the business one removes a bunch of things and adds a few others14:00
wolsrocki34: set it up in the vbox GUI14:00
rocki34wols: Where?14:00
cane99LoT: I'm going see what I can find on that.14:00
LoTcane99: you can just read the business spin's page14:01
wolsrocki34: where what?14:01
leOnan idea?.. you mean that being able to choose a custom application as default app for a certain file type is a problem that hasn't come up yet?14:01
LoTlemmeg et you that14:01
rocki34wols: Where do I set it up in Vbox?14:01
LoTcane99: http://www.ubuntu.com/business/desktop/remix14:01
wolsrocki34: check chapter 3.10 of your VirtualBox manual14:02
MK`[amsg] http://arstechnica.com/security/2012/07/yahoo-service-hacked/14:03
MonkeyDustMK`  wrong channel14:03
MK`[amsg] Evidently xchat likes to send amsg's to every server you're on. Sorry folks, accident.14:04
rocki34wols: Thanks. I'll check it out.14:05
skkeeperhi everyone, Ubuntu has random crashes on my new ASUS laptop. Everything just freezes, I can't even go to the TTYs and restart. Anyone can help me find the relevant log information on this and report it?14:06
wolsrocki34: the settings for your virtual machine has a section for USB btw14:06
rocki34wols: Yeah, I'm reading it right now.14:07
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klj613im running a command in terminal, which outputs to terminal, how can i save the output to a text file?14:07
livingdaylightexcuse me. How do I ascertain whether my system is running 32 or 64-bit ubuntu?14:07
wolsklj613: command > output.txt14:07
skkeeperklj613: or >> output if you wish to append instead of replace14:08
wolslivingdaylight: dpkg --print-architecture is one way14:08
MeXTuXI'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with GNOME and Office submenu is showing only eight elements at a time so I have to move mouse pointer over an arrow to scroll up/down elements. Is there a way to expand that submenu?14:08
agentgasmaskHi all. I'm looking for a multi user note taking package. Something like Tomboy, but supporting mutli users.14:08
livingdaylightwols, thx. is there another - quicker/easier way, too?14:09
MattiasWhich version of grub does ubuntu use?14:09
wolslivingdaylight: what is slow with this way?14:10
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
wolsMattias: yes.14:10
livingdaylightwols, you're right14:10
livingdaylightwols, just thought if there is another way that might at the same time give me other interesting stats and facts while i was at it14:11
MattiasHm, ok.. Should have been working then. Anyways, in the midst of creating that systemrescuecd with all the tools (which apparently ubuntu desktop livecd did not have)14:11
livingdaylighti386 is 32-bit, correct?14:11
wolslivingdaylight: you could still run a 64bit kernel with 32bit userland. uname -a will tell you14:12
Costeelationi686 is 32 bit ;)14:12
rocki34wols: Alright, I've read through the manual and I've installed the extensions pack. However when I go into settings in the Vbox GUI and click the USB icon with the + sign to add my USB to the filter, it says that no devices are connected.14:12
rocki34Even though my USB is connected to the PC.14:13
livingdaylightwols, Linux prometheus 3.2.0-26-generic-pae #41-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 14 16:45:14 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux14:13
primefalconhey all, I need to the name of the program (that you'd enter into the terminal to start it)in ubuntu that manages the startup of applications on user login14:13
leOnhad to use this hack http://ubuntutechnical.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/add-new-application-to-open-with-other-application/14:15
leOnbut it is a shame that something as simple and common as that needs a hack to be done14:16
austinleOn, in defining virtual size I opened up compiz general manager and set the horizontal size from 2 to 1, but it still maxes across both windows, am I doing it wrong? do I need to restart xserver somehow?14:16
MattiasleOn, awesome, that livecd could boot my installed ubuntu server without problems :) now to install a working bootloader!14:16
DarkLobsterprimefalcon: gnome-session-properties ?14:16
leOnaustin: that is a good thing to do ... but i honestly can't help you much regarding that subject14:17
primefalcondark3n, thx :-)14:17
=== marihuanacat420 is now known as lolcat
leOnaustin: L3top sugested earlier to define "max across"14:18
leOnwhatever that is =)14:18
leOnok .. now i can open my pdfs .. at least for now14:19
leOnlater folks14:19
primefalconbtw is anyone else having issues with the application lens not starting sometimes on ubuntu boot (unity --replace) fixes it but... so I am just doing a script thats runs this but....14:19
Xurekeany know a chat in portuguese, pls?14:19
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:20
compdocdoes !portuguese  work too?14:20
Picicompdoc: yes, but ubottu refuses to repeat the same factoid in such quick sucession.14:22
compdocoh good14:22
Xurekehere show our ip.wohh!14:23
neumawhat can I do if Xubuntu won't install?14:28
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:28
codingmanneuma: what exactly is your problem?14:29
neumaI tried to install Xubuntu 12.04 on a Compaq presario v2000 and it hangs at the Xubuntu splash screen14:29
codingmanwhat CPU?14:29
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
neumaTurion 6414:29
codingmanit hangs on the installer splash screen?14:30
compdocthats an old cpu, but should work14:30
compdocwhat kind of hard drive?14:30
neumanegative, I installed from the alternate cd but when it boots, it hangs at the splash screen... same deal with the live cd14:30
compdocneuma ^14:30
codingmanmaybe it's a bad burn or install14:31
neumai don't know what hdd14:31
SkippersBossnuema, does this machine support boot from usb ??14:31
compdocneuma, ok, so its not an SSD drive then14:31
neumano it doesn't support usb boot14:31
neumai installed joli os and it works great, i'm using it right now14:32
primefalconneuma, you could alays run plop bootload to support a usb boot14:32
codingmanneuma: are you sure you installed the AMD supported version?14:32
neumaplop bootload sounds interesting... I'll research that. Can you point me to a good place to learn more about it?14:33
primefalconhttp://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html heres the link14:33
neumaI installed amd64 version14:33
codingmanit may have been a bad install14:33
primefalconneuma, burn to cd and put usb in drive, when plop boot's it'll ask you which device you want to boot from, and the usb devices will be on list14:33
codingmanit's always nice to make an IRC room... neuma14:34
neumathis is my first time on xchat14:34
neumadon't know about IRC rooms.14:34
codingmanhere, if you find here crowded, i can make a room!14:34
Mrokiihello. gconf-editor has stopped working for me. when I try to start it via bash I get this error-message: "** (gconf-editor:30308): CRITICAL **: Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:14:35
codingmanit helps keep things clear neuma14:35
MrokiiCan anybody help?14:35
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repozitori have get image from my windows 2000 on sda114:35
repozitorand i store it on another drive (sda5)14:35
repozitorusing this application14:35
repozitor"dd if=/dev/sda5 of=/media/Mydrive/hard.hdd"14:35
repozitornow i restore hard.hdd on sda114:35
FloodBot1repozitor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:35
primefalconplop is really nice and simple to use, and its saved my but a few times14:35
neumacodingman, how do i make a room?14:35
=== Guest30833 is now known as harikt
codingmanneuma, i'll make it14:35
repozitorhey, am i muted?14:35
vladimir_I'm new here, this is my first time on xchat14:36
codingmanneuma, type in /join ##neumahelp14:36
repozitoris there exist someone to help me?14:37
MrokiiOkay, found the (awkward) solution to my problem.14:38
ing_i want to make shell program in which i want to read name of each file one by one and take them as input .14:39
an0nInstall ubuntu 12.04 per stick hangs on the loading screen. Have checked the md5 and it's ok, I can only try ubuntu using the F1 key. someone could help me?14:39
zykotick9ing_: "for file in * ; do FOO ; done"14:40
ing_zykotick9: thanks ! Aha !14:40
zykotick9!nomodeset | an0n have you tried this?14:41
ubottuan0n have you tried this?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:41
an0nzykotick9: No14:41
an0nzykotick9: Where must I enter?14:41
zykotick9an0n: if you have nvidia or ati nomodeset might help.  read the link for instructions.14:42
an0nzykotick9: Thanks I try..14:43
ing_zykotick9: i want to make  a small program in which , i  want to take input in "javac filename.java" and in "java file"  one by one according to user need .Can you help me14:44
zykotick9ing_: sorry i can't.  is it java or shell script you want to use?  if it's bash you might try the #bash channel.14:45
ing_zykotick9 : i want to use shell script14:45
andre22i can't install gnome shell extensions. help me14:46
a5m0I am trying to fix my /boot after an apt-get upgrade messed it up, I am chrooted in (using livecd) and I have my /boot partition mounted to /mnt/root/boot but when I try to run update-grub it tells me "cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?)." any thoughts, do I just need to mount it somewhere else?14:46
zykotick9a5m0: the grub2 instructions USED to have proper chroot instruction - it doesn't anymore :(..  there are a handful of mounts you need to do PRIOR to chrooting for it to work.14:47
andre22anyone can help me?14:49
zykotick9a5m0: this appears to have proc and dev instructions (not sure if you need anything else?) http://zeldor.biz/2010/12/install-grub-from-chroot/14:50
a5m0zykotick9, hmm I have proc and sys and root already mounted14:51
zykotick9a5m0: buy you need dev too ;)14:52
Pici!details | andre2214:52
ubottuandre22: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:52
andre22i'm runnig ubuntu 12.04. i can't open advanced settings to enable shell extnsions14:54
MattiasHm, What does Ubuntu Server use by default when it creates the raid1 + lvm setup?14:54
Mattiasnot mdadm? because I can't find the config files for that14:54
andre22now you can help me right14:55
macswellI'm trying to use Komodo edit, which I just installed. But the binary says that "there are no applications available to open executable" -- I have checked "allow executing program as file". what should I do?14:55
codingmanmacswell: try reinstalling Komodo Edit14:56
andre22obuttu. can you help14:57
macswellok, as for the install I simply ran 'sh install.sh' from terminal14:57
macswellshould I be doing this differently?14:57
codingman!terminal | macswell14:57
ubottumacswell: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:57
codingmanmacswell: don't use a .sh in a terminal14:58
a5m0zykotick9, thanks I tried that but I just get "mount point /mnt/dev does not exist" I followed this guide all the way up to the update-initramfs -u to get to the point where i could run grub-update http://blog.markloiseau.com/2012/05/ubuntu-aes-xts-plain64/14:58
andre22hey hello, i need some help. please14:59
codingmanmacswell: use apt-get and uninstall Komodo, then install it using apt again14:59
codingman!details | andre2214:59
ubottuandre22: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:59
macswellcodingman: I'll give that a try, thank you14:59
andre22i told you15:00
codingmanplease repeat15:00
codingmansome of us were not here15:00
auronandaceandre22: he joined after you explained15:00
Wiz_KeeDhow do i open a terminal in ubuntu 12.04 from a shortcut15:00
Wiz_KeeDi've installed a pieace of software that starts with d and it enables you to install the lamp server15:00
Wiz_KeeDand i unchecked ubuntu desktop15:00
codingmanWix_KeeD: CTRL-ALT-D15:01
Wiz_KeeDnow it has erased all desktop functionality15:01
Wiz_KeeDcodingman, it doesn't work15:01
macswellcodingman: I'm sorry, that's not working. I did not get Komodo through apt, nor is it available through ubuntu repositories15:01
codingmanmacswell: http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit15:02
a5m0Wiz_KeeD, so you're not actually looking for a way to start terminal but a way to restart gnome/unity?15:02
macswellcodingman: Yes, that is what I'm using15:02
andre22i'm  running ubuntu 12.04. when i try open advanced settings to enable gonome shell extensions i can't do it... help me15:02
Wiz_KeeDi guess15:02
codingmanmacswell: have you browsed the settings?15:03
a5m0Wiz_KeeD, perhaps sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:04
codingmanmacswell: it does not seem to have support for executable files15:04
codingmantry vi15:04
macswellcodingman: I'm not trying to work with executables, I'm attempting to run the komod binary15:05
macswellcodingman: Komodo*15:05
Wiz_KeeDnow that it has restarted it doesn't boot anymore15:05
sveinseAre there any good solutions to the gnome-keyring issue in xfce?15:06
Wiz_KeeDa5m0, it doesn't boot now15:06
codingmanmacswell: komodo does not seem to have the binary codecs necessary15:06
CintyaChange your computer15:06
Wiz_KeeDjust sits at the login screen15:06
Wiz_KeeDi mean boot screen15:06
Wiz_KeeDwith blank text15:06
codingmanWiz_Keed: try a live cd and install everything all over again15:07
CintyaKomodo is dragon from indonesia15:07
=== unraroFF is now known as unrar
codingmanCintya: the software15:07
CintyaOw, just kid :D15:07
a5m0Wiz_KeeD, no command prompt?15:07
an0nzykotick9: sudo update-grub        /usr/sbin/grub-probe: erro: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).15:07
Wiz_KeeDa5m0, not really just stops at unable to enumarte usb device on port 515:08
Wiz_KeeDand nothing else happens15:08
=== max is now known as Guest95052
codingmanmacswell: have you browsed the settings?15:08
Wiz_KeeDand a few ok's along the way15:08
a5m0that sounds like a new issue15:08
macswellcodingman: I cannot start the program, so I don't know how I would browse settings15:08
Wiz_KeeDi just want access to a terminal15:08
a5m0Wiz_KeeD, you said earlier you needed gnome back, do you know the difference between cli and gui?15:09
codingmanmacswell: uninstall it then...15:09
codingmanand reinstall it from the site15:09
Guest95052how do we install metasploit framework15:09
Wiz_KeeDa5m0, i do, but right now i cannot access any15:09
repozitoris there exist soomeone to help me?15:10
=== Guest95052 is now known as metasploit
codingmanrepozitor: what's you're problem15:11
=== metasploit is now known as metasploitframe
metasploitframehow do i install metasploit on ubuntu15:11
IdleOnemetasploitframe, I'm not on Ubuntu right now but see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eWC8uAKcvk15:11
repozitorcodingman: i use dd to get image my disk15:12
repozitorand i import it to another disk15:12
smallnationHas anyone figured out how to move the Unity dock to the bottom?15:12
repozitornow my pc can't boot from it15:12
=== marco is now known as devlavadon^away
repozitorand with a ubuntu live i see that this partion is unknown15:12
auronandacesmallnation: not supported15:12
macswellcodingman: I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, same issue =(15:13
codingmanmacswell: try another editor15:13
metasploitframethanks IdleOne, il have a look15:13
macswellcodingman: I'll let you know what I find out, in case anyone else asks15:13
ok_i think we should put that the unity dock can't be moved15:14
codingmanok_: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/how-to-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom-of.html15:14
ok_sorry *put in the title15:14
codingmannot worthy15:14
ok_not supported in 12.04 tho right?15:14
smallnationI do remember being able to move the unity dock to the bottom with a workaround solution in 10.XX(?) but it's not possible in 12.04?15:14
repozitorfor get i use:15:15
repozitordd if=/dev/sda1 of=/media/Mydrive/hard.hdd15:15
repozitorand for restoring i use:15:15
repozitordd if=/media/Mydrive/hard.hdd of=/dev/sda315:15
auronandaceok_: putting the unity dock on the bottom isn't supported period15:15
FloodBot1repozitor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:15
repozitorcodingman: do you see my last pm?15:15
Metzeehow to make fake AP from mdk3?15:15
=== metasploitframe is now known as macandubuntu
repozitorcodingman:what i should to do?15:16
navchauhani ned ur help15:16
codingmanrepozitor: have you tried a live cd?15:16
macandubuntuhey people, i installed iatkos l2 and i wanna dualboot, is it possible15:16
MattiasSo, I get this when I try to install grub2 to mbr: /usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: unable to identify a filesystem in /dev/dm-2; safety check can't be performed.   which is the physical volume according to "pvdisplay"   I'm not sure how to get grub installed on raid1+lvm15:16
navchauhanneed help15:16
macandubuntuhey people, i installed iatkos l2 and i wanna dualboot, is it possible15:16
Mattiascommand I run is: grub-install /dev/dm-215:17
codingmanrepozitor: have you tried a live cd and edited your disk?15:17
repozitorcodingman: i run al cmd with live ubuntu15:17
Mattiaslvm2 to be exact*15:17
repozitorcodingman: i don't edit the disk15:17
repozitoris there needing to edit it?15:17
aithoxcan't run " optirun glxspheres " , bumblebee is installed ..15:17
codingmanrepozitor: if there are any errors15:18
navchauhani m using ubuntu 11.1015:18
navchauhanerror:unknown file system15:18
navchauhanhow to overcome this problem15:18
mogajWhen i update ubuntu in terminal am getting this error "Err http://ppa.launchpad.net precise/main Sources  404  Not Found Err http://ppa.launchpad.net precise/main i386 Packages 404  Not Found"15:18
codingmanmogaj: internet working?15:19
repozitorcodingman:i see in disk utility unknown file system for sda315:19
codingmanrepozitor: i'm out of ideas :(15:20
repozitorbut i know that file system is NTFS15:20
macandubuntureboot safemode15:20
codingmantry reinstalling ubuntu, or whatever os it is15:20
macandubunturepozitor boot safemode, and then see whats wrong15:20
navchauhanhelp me15:20
mogajcodingman: yes15:20
repozitormacandubuntu: what?15:21
macandubuntureboot into safe mode15:21
aithoxhelp, with bumblebee plz15:21
=== ryan____ is now known as TheAncientGoat
codingmanmogaj: do you have a yellow triangle with an exclamation in the middle in your notification bar?15:21
=== macandubuntu is now known as Tuxythepenguin
Tuxythepenguinmacandubuntu is now known as Tuxythepenguin15:22
mogajcodingman: no15:22
auronandace!nickspam | Tuxythepenguin15:22
ubottuTuxythepenguin: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »15:22
codingmanmogaj: the server must be down15:23
adahlinI'm having trouble using wireless with 12.04 (broadcom proprietary). It connects to the network, but I can't get any connectivity. It has an IP and shows some traffic go back and forth on eth1 (ifconfig). I've used the wireless successfully on another network. Not sure where to go from here.. ideas?15:23
codingmantry to update later15:23
codingmani have the same prob sometimes15:23
Tuxythepenguinany help needed?15:24
macswellcodingman: Figured it out. I'm a dumb dumb and downloaded the 32-bit installer rather than 64-bit15:24
platschihey,can anybody help me?I installed ubuntu 12.4 dualboot, next to a win vista install. when starting grub and choosing vista, nothing happens. this is my boot info summary: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088008/15:24
macswellcodingman: Installing the 64-bit version solved my problem, thanks for your help15:24
codingmanmacswell: glad you found the problem :P15:24
Tuxythepenguinplatschi tell me more15:25
Tuxythepenguin@platschi which version of gnome do you have, and which OS was installed first15:26
repozitormacandubuntu:can you tell me what i should to do?15:27
codingmanrepozitor: macandubuntu is now Tuxythepenguin15:27
repozitorcodingman:ok, tnx15:27
repozitorTuxythepenguin: are you there?15:28
platschiTuxythepenguin: vista first, then installed ubuntu. gnome, eh...latest unity15:28
Tuxythepenguinok, here i am again15:28
repozitorcan you tell me what i should to do?:can you tell me what i should to do?15:28
Tuxythepenguinrepozitor please remind me of your issue15:28
repozitordo you to hear complete problem?15:29
Tuxythepenguinplatschi, can you boot into linux and download gparted15:29
Tuxythepenguinrepozitor yes please15:29
Thulehi there15:30
platschiyeap,am right booted into linux. got gparted15:30
Thulehow can I show a hidden upgrade again?15:30
platschiright now*15:31
Tuxythepenguinok, send me a screen dump of your gparted screen15:31
Tuxythepenguinplatschi  ok, send me a screen dump of your gparted screen15:31
platschiok, one second15:32
Mattiasgot grub2 to load now, finally. but I have one issue. it shows fd0 error before grub menu shows. for like 5 seconds. Anyone knows how to get rid of that? (I don't have a floopy drive)15:33
repozitoris there needing another thing to know?15:33
platschiTuxythepenguin: screen dump of gparted: http://postimage.org/image/nximv78f9/15:34
=== wrapids_ is now known as wrapids
kurratai was wondering if i can do this and how would i go about doing it. at work i have virtualbox with ubuntu on it. witch i can acces with TeamViever(remote desktop app). i was wondering if i can make ssh tunel from that box to my home pc and then ssh into that virtualbox from my home15:35
Tuxythepenguinok platschi, here we go15:35
MattiasSo, why do I have a /media/floppy and a /media/floppy0 when I don't even have such a device? I removed /dev/fd0 from fstab now though...15:36
OerHeksMattias, disable floppy controller in the bios.15:37
Mattiashm, I'll see if I have such an option, thanks15:38
repozitorTuxythepenguin: do you follow me? :)15:39
repozitorTuxythepenguin: i should tell that i open it successfully with qemu15:39
repozitorbut my system can't open it!15:39
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
MattiasOerHeks, thanks, that fixed it :) base ubuntu server system install finally finished without errors :D15:44
* Mattias will try out mosh instead of ssh next15:44
=== UnRar is now known as unrar
nyuszika7hMattias: /dev/fd0? Isn't that standard input?15:51
nyuszika7hOh wait. STDIN would be /dev/fd/0.15:51
=== cnc is now known as gmagno
repozitorTuxythepenguin: are you there?15:59
Kardosif i edit /etc/logrotate.conf, do i need to HUP any daemon or is it done?15:59
vp18anybody got a ideal of what 12.10 looks like?15:59
Logan_!ubuntu+1 | vp1816:00
ubottuvp18: Quantal Quetzal is the codename for Ubuntu 12.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+116:00
smallnationQuick question. I'm using MyUnity to edit my window borders and for the oddest reason, my inactive windows won't stop flashing. How do I remedy this?16:01
MonkeyDustsmallnation  try MyUnity, it's in the software center16:01
reufi have a zip which has unexpected end of archive, however the contents of zip is there and i am sure if i could force extract it i  will be able to use the files16:02
smallnationThat's what I use. For some reason it causes my inactive window borders to flash from transparent to solid.16:02
reufany  suggestion on tool that will extract from this kind of file?16:02
MonkeyDustsmallnation  then maybe CCSM16:02
=== Tom is now known as Mot
Vilsepihow can I disable the Ctrl-Q hotkey on Ubuntu 12.04? I keep closing Firefox because it's right next to Ctrl-W16:07
Vilsepithe shortcut settings menu has changed I can't seem to disable the hotkey with the old instructions16:08
smallnationARGH!!!! What would cause my inactive windows to blink?!16:08
Gnea I'm doing a distro upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04, and from there intend to go to 12.04, but I'm stuck at a point going to 11.04 at the 'Cleaning up' phase... it pretty much stopped dead in the water.  What should I do?16:10
GneaThe last thing in the Terminal/log said: "update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.38-15-generic" and then: "Processing triggers for dictionaries-common ..."16:11
GneaProcessing triggers for dictionaries-common ...16:12
Gnealooking at ps, I get:   2362 pts/0    Dl+   16:08  |       \_ /usr/bin/python /tmp/update-manager-XEbMYA/natty16:12
Gneait doesn't have any child PID's16:12
Gneahaven't ran out of disk space16:13
andre22hello again16:13
shahriyarguliyevhi there16:14
GneaI stopped the process and restarted the update-manager, it thinks I'm fully upgraded to 11.04... it's offering 11.10 now... ugh16:14
andre22i'm running ubuntu 12.04. i want install ati radeon x300 graphics drivers. how can i do it?16:15
Gnea!radeon | andre2216:15
ubottuandre22: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:15
andre22thanks mate16:15
shahriyarguliyevI faced a glitch that prevents me unzipping big file(s) like 1.9 Gb (format: .tar.gz is located inside .rar file). Ubuntu (-v 12.04 Pangolin Precise) crashes with no sense that makes me force restart the laptop. Thanks already!16:16
andre22video driver and graphics drivers it's the same ?16:16
Gneaandre22: yes16:16
Gneawell, hopefully the system will reboot properly...16:17
shahriyarguliyevAny body doesn't know how to cure my issue explained above?16:18
tdnI have added a PPA that I would like to remove. How do I do this? I added it with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports but I did not install anything from it yet. Just ran apt-get update.16:18
zykotick9!ppa-purge | tdn16:19
ubottutdn: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:19
shahriyarguliyevI face a glitch that prevents me unzipping big file(s) like 1.9 Gb (format: .tar.gz is located inside .rar file). Ubuntu (-v 12.04 Pangolin Precise) crashes with no sense that makes me force restart the laptop.16:20
tdnzykotick9, thanks16:20
qw_help me please16:20
qw_i wiuld like install VirtualBOx16:20
wizz_hi all16:21
wizz_anyone knows of problems with ubuntu 12.04 on AMD Phenom ii X6?16:22
=== unrar is now known as unraroFF
nicklas_hello, if i wanna use the open ati and nvidia drivers with 3d support in ubuntu, do i need to install something or change any configs? or are the open ati and nvidia drivers (dont remember the names) work out-of-the-box?16:22
nicklas_isnt it so that there are noaveau and gallium for nvidia? gallium being the 3d open driver?16:22
smallnationATI... jeez... It's been a while.16:23
andre22https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti here i don't see my video card16:23
k1lnicklas_: if you dont install the nvidia driver (which is the prop. from nvidia) it will use the nouveau which got 3d support16:24
numbertoHi guys, some of the windows are starting not always correct. 2 examples: Gimp side windows are always starting higher than the actual screen size. Second most apps when i press "open file" a windows appears with list of files, but the window is  little bigger than my actuall screen size. It is kinda annoying. (My screen size is 1366x768)16:24
andre22it's a problem?16:24
wizz_does anyone know whether ubuntu 12.04 on AMD Phenom ii X6 causes severe performance problems?16:25
nicklas_gotta go eat before work, thanks for the info :-)16:25
andre22obuttu can i talk to you in private16:25
zykotick9nicklas_: fyi, the 3d support for nouveau is NOT for all cards!  you can check http://www.h-node.org/ for supported cards.16:26
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest35429
=== wizz_ is now known as wizz
wizzno one?16:27
codingman!patience | wizz16:27
ubottuwizz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:27
magpiewizz what kind of severr performance? has anyone mentioned anything or are you just asking mate?16:27
zykotick9wizz: more details might help...16:28
Gnealooks like I was able to reboot just fine...16:28
wizzperformance : zero16:28
wizzit gets stuck with some minor moves from time to time16:28
Gneaprotihex% lsb_release -r16:28
GneaRelease:        11.0416:28
magpiewhy on earth would 12.04 duck up amd processor ?16:28
wizzafter install at first it was fine16:28
Gneawizz: tried running top?16:29
andre22ubottu i don't see my video card in here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti it's a problem or i can still install drivers for ati radeon x300?16:29
wizzbefore that I uses 10.10 without any problem for a long time?16:29
ubottuandre22: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:29
wizzwhat is top?16:29
wizzi ll check it out16:29
Gneawizz: it's a commandline utility to look at tasks, how much cpu they're using, how much memory, etc16:30
mah454_How can fix this : http://pastebin.com/sm7Li61c16:30
=== jeff_ is now known as n1ywb
magpieGnea i tried top and i have 1 zombie app, what the hell is zombie state?16:30
Gneamagpie: first of all, please don't swear16:31
magpiesecond of all ?16:31
Gneait's an app that's stopped responding16:32
Gneayou can try to kill -9 or kill -15 it's PID16:32
Gneasometimes you can't16:32
magpieyou're losing me mate16:32
Gneabut you might be able to get away with killing it's PPID16:32
Gneaokay, the PID is the Process ID16:32
magpiehow do i  find it?16:32
Gneaevery process has one.16:32
Gneawell, you used top, so you have it already16:32
Gneaps also can get it16:32
Gneaps axf <- like that16:32
magpieso if i type in terminal ps axf   <---- it will kill the zombie app?16:33
Gneamagpie: start with the basics: man ps16:33
Gneafigure out what you're using, what it does16:33
Gneaand, I have to go now. good luck.16:33
z2s8Hi I am using ubuntu 11.10 and gogoc (ipv6 tsp client) can't connect in authorized mode but can in anonymus. Can anybody help or same problem?16:33
z2s8Hi I am using ubuntu 11.10 and gogoc (ipv6 tsp client) can't connect in authorized mode but can in anonymus. Can anybody help or same problem?16:40
magpierebellion in dreamland16:40
=== chrisl is now known as chrisl_away
Till19474Hello everybody. I am not sure whether this is the right channel for my question. I have 12.04 and gnome-desktop-environment and lxde installed. Lightdm offer the choice Gnome/Openbox. I cannot leave Gnome/Openbox, no logout option. I have auto login set. So my Ubuntu now always starts Gnome/Openbox when I start up the computer. How can I tell Lightdm to ask for password and choice of desktop environment using a text console?16:40
Till19474Shorter version of my question: I want to disable the auto login option of lightdm from a shell. How is that done?16:44
Till19474Or in which file are the lightdm configurations?16:45
BluesKajTill19474, http://askubuntu.com/questions/106428/how-to-disable-automatic-login . use nano to edit the file16:47
nekuraThat's me~!16:48
ufrgsHow do I bring Chrome back from sleeping ?16:48
nekurasorry, usually my nick is nano ><16:49
Till19474BluesKaj Allright, but the problem is that I want no user to be able to use autologin.16:49
SicpI have mysql-server/client, apache2, php5, libapache2-mod-php5, and phpmyadmin, all installed but phpmyadmin still won't open16:49
Sicpwhile installing phpmyadmin I said "configure with dbconfig" and gave the root pass for the mysql server and the tables have been generated and everything for phpmyadmin16:49
Till19474BluesKaj that file looks like I can only change the autologin user, but not the feature itself.16:49
Sicprestarted apache, still localhost/phpmyadmin won't budge16:50
BluesKajTill19474, ok16:50
K4kshort of rebooting in to single user mode and, as root, refreshing nscd and nslcd. How can I get my system to "remember" what my username is?16:52
K4kit's claiming "cannot find name for user ID xxxx"16:52
andre22fglrxinfo it's not working in my ubuntu 12.0416:53
Till19474BluesKaj should I maybe enter a nonexisting username or keep it blank so that it asks for login data?16:54
ufrgsIs there any Chrome user arround ?16:54
Till19474BuesKaj: or shout I maybe apt-get purge lightdm and reinstall it again?16:54
andre22can someone help me please16:55
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=== jeff_ is now known as Guest61906
smallnationI'm using MyUnity to manage my window customization but whenever I use transparency on my window borders it makes all inactive windows flash repeatedly. Any clue to why this is?16:56
Till19474smallnation and if you use compiz configuration instead? there you have to (a) activate compositing and (b) tell it that you want it to make window borders transparent.16:57
Till19474BluesKaj no idea?16:58
=== codingman is now known as pepperjack
smallnationI'll try that Tilli16:59
Till19474Well thank you for your suggestion, I'll try the apt-purge thing and be back in a few minutes.17:01
ufrgsIs there any Chrome user arround ?17:02
Sicpany idea about the phpmyadmin issue?17:02
SicpI have mysql-server/client, apache2, php5, libapache2-mod-php5, and phpmyadmin, all installed but phpmyadmin still won't open17:02
Sicpwhile installing phpmyadmin I said "configure with dbconfig" and gave the root pass for the mysql server and the tables have been generated and everything for phpmyadmin17:02
Sicprestarted apache, still localhost/phpmyadmin won't budge17:02
silverarrowdoes anyone know if there is alsamixer in ppc buntus?17:03
smallnationTried what you said, Till. Still nothing. Constant annoying window flashing.17:03
decio_crytekhey guys, I have a dual-core 2GHz laptop and I really like the concept of Ubuntu and that it is safe and does most things, but there's something I'm still not pleased with, the performance. I installed the addicional drivers and it wasn't any faster. Is there a way to achieve the full performance on my machine because I know it is capable of being fast but even the Ubuntu minimize animation lags- Any help?17:03
BluesKajTill19474, http://askubuntu.com/questions/44107/disable-auto-login-from-the-cli17:04
zykotick9decio_crytek: what is the output of "lspci | grep -i vga"?17:04
decio_crytekzykotick9, I have absolutely no ideo of what that is17:04
MonkeyDustdecio_crytek  type in a terminal and learn17:05
zykotick9decio_crytek: ;) try running what i gave you in a terminal, no double quotes17:05
decio_crytekzykotick9 , here: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV710 [Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series]17:06
Till___It worked!17:07
zykotick9decio_crytek: so that's your video card.  unfortunatly it's ATI so I can't/won't be able to help you.  but perhaps someone else can?  best of luck.17:07
=== Till___ is now known as Till19474
decio_crytekThanks anyway17:07
silverarrowanyone ever tried buntus on ibook?17:07
silverarrowI´m on an ibook now17:08
decio_crytekI'll do some research in the forums......17:08
silverarrowin lubuntu17:08
Till19474silverarror it works fine?17:08
BluesKajTill19474, what worked ?17:09
BluesKajI'd like to know for future reference17:09
Till19474BluesKaj: hi again, I have apt-get-purged the lightdm and reinstalled again and now it asks for login data again.17:09
DarsVaedahey how do I recover a 12.04 installation after a windows7 install with a 9.10 live cd17:10
DarsVaedaneed to get grub back17:10
BluesKajTill19474, ok thanks , good to know , quite simple really17:10
Till19474BluesKaj thank you anyway for your link now I know where the configurations are.17:10
silverarrowTill19474: fine is debateable, but it runs, installs, boots, wireless works, update works. However no sound, and pigin crashes17:11
zykotick9DarsVaeda: i'm not sure 9.10 used grub2 (if it didn't you need a newer livecd)17:11
DarsVaedadarn -.-17:11
BluesKajtill  it's odd though , on kde the kdm conf file in in /etc/init17:12
silverarrowTill19474: in other words, issues to work on. I just manage to install wireless and do updates17:12
strebloi'm trying to get postgresql 9.1 installed on a new natty machine. apt-get update; apt-get install postgresql-9.1 doesnt work because it cant find the package. can anyone lend any advice?17:12
Till19474DarsVaeda I think you can boot from a Ubuntu installation device and reinstall without changing your personal data, that will rewrite your grub. At least you should try that.17:12
DarsVaedaboot from installation device? what do you mean?17:13
Till19474BluesKaj yes the problem is sometimes that one does not know where which file is situated in the file system.17:13
Till19474DarsVaeda: where have you got your Ubuntu from?17:13
silverarrowis alsamixer still in terminal?17:13
zykotick9!info postgresql natty | streblo you'd need to go outside default repo17:13
ubottustreblo you'd need to go outside default repo: postgresql (source: postgresql-8.4): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Version 8.4.11-0ubuntu0.11.04 (natty), package size 19 kB, installed size 60 kB17:13
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Till19474DarsVaeda: do you have an USB stick or a CD rom?17:14
DarsVaedayeah but its an alternate install cd17:14
BluesKajDarsVaeda, doesn't 9.10 use legacy grub17:14
streblozykotick9: how do i go outside the default repo? i need to add an apt source?17:15
zykotick9BluesKaj: that was my concern as well17:15
zykotick9streblo: you would - a PPA most likely (for info see "/msg ubottu ppa" for details)17:15
PiciBluesKaj: no, grub2 has been standard since 9.1017:15
Till19474but regardless of which boot manager is used, the use of an installation media should help out.17:15
zykotick9Pici: thanks17:15
ufrgsIs there any Chrome user arround ?17:15
Till19474ufrgs occasionally17:16
LoTufrgs: why not just ask your question instead of asking if someone uses a software?17:16
=== szal_ is now known as szal
zykotick9Pici: !grub2 confirms natty pays to read the manual ;)17:16
Till19474LoT maybe he only wants to know  whether he is the only one? :)17:16
BluesKajPici, ok good , grub2 replaced legacy on 9.10 , correct ? ...my memory fails me a lot nowadays17:17
PiciBluesKaj: indeedy.17:17
ufrgsI am facing a problem when I try to minimize Chrome, it just disappears and when I try to launch it back from Launcher it opens a new window.17:17
ufrgsUbuntu Launcher definitely has an issue with Chrome.17:20
magpieufrgs is chrome the only problem with launcher?17:20
ufrgsmagpie, yep17:21
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=== Guest564 is now known as mrk_
ufrgsIf I am at a different window then XChat aqua is launched it brings the right workspace, instead Terminal application just opens another Terminal.17:24
silverarrowso, no help with my sound issues and no alsa?17:26
OerHekssilverarrow, so did you try ' alsamixer' in terminal?17:28
OerHeksmaybe you better join #lubuntu for that17:28
blitzkrieg766is talking about ubuntu server considered off topic??17:32
andre22how to open files .run?17:33
blitzkrieg766that was for you, andre2217:34
irvanyone know of a fast mirror in canada or US?17:34
blitzkrieg766nah, use torrents17:35
BluesKajblitzkrieg766, there is an #ubuntu-server chat17:35
irvfaster to wait the 10 mins than to install a torrent client on this server17:35
genii-aroundandre22: What does: file <filename>.run  say about the file?17:35
irvthx anyways17:35
blitzkrieg766oh lol17:35
blitzkrieg766tanks blueskaj17:35
genii-aroundirv: If you're near toronto, the yorku repository is pretty good17:35
BluesKajwaterlooU is good also17:36
OerHeksirv howto to get fastest mirror commandline > http://askubuntu.com/questions/39922/how-do-you-select-the-fastest-mirror-from-the-command-line17:36
irvi'm just downloading the ISO, that's it :P17:36
genii-aroundOerHeks: That's usually for country-code.ubuntu.com17:36
irvthx, grabbing from uwaterloo17:37
BluesKajOerHeks, I've found that the fastest aren't necessarily up to date , the fastest in my area was 2 weeks behind17:37
irvmuch better :D17:37
sunzmy usb mouse stops working after waking the system from standby.. what can i do about it?17:44
Jordan_Usunz: Does it start working again if you unplug it then plug it back in?17:45
sunzJordan_U, nope, only rebooting helps so far17:46
Jordan_Usunz: Do you also have a USB keyboard?17:47
livingdaylightHi, there used to be a button that put application in the background, minimize agues, and thus revealing/making available the Desktop. Used to be in one of the corners. Do we still have this functionality in Ubuntu?17:47
sunzJordan_U, no its a laptom i am using, a thinkpad17:47
auronandacelivingdaylight: top left17:47
livingdaylightauronandace, that is the Dash button only17:48
Jordan_Usunz: I'm wondering if it's the entire USB controller which is failing, rather than just your USB mouse. Do you have a USB drive that you can test with (try connecting the USB drive while the mouse is *not* working and see if it's detecte)?17:48
livingdaylightauronandace, I'm in Unity btw. Are you thinking ubuntu classic?17:48
auronandacelivingdaylight: top left of the window17:48
auronandacelivingdaylight: if it is maximised then put the cursor on the top bar, still top left17:49
livingdaylightauronandace, are you pointing to the minimize button in an application? because I'm referring to a button that used to be part of gnome. So, that if one has several apps on one workspace one doesn't have to minimize all of them17:49
sunzJordan_U, good idea, i will test it when it fails again, btw it does not fail after _every_ standby, it just sometimes works and sometimes not17:49
livingdaylightauronandace, thx, I know about minimizing. I'm asking for what used to be another way of doing it17:50
OerHekslivingdaylight, maybe that button is available in help > hold window-key for a shortlist17:50
livingdaylightOerHeks, thx, I didn't know about the window key showing short-cut list, so I've learnt something17:51
=== alexhairyman_ is now known as alexhairyman
livingdaylightwhich is the 'Super' key, please?17:52
auronandacelivingdaylight: the windows logo17:52
livingdaylightauronandace, thx17:52
OerHekslivingdaylight, as far is i can see, that function is not there.17:52
Jordan_Ulivingdaylight: The one wearing a cape.17:53
livingdaylightJordan_U, LoL17:53
livingdaylightOerHeks, yes, it is. Ctrl + Superkey + D17:53
biebhow can I set firefox to be opened multiple times?? I have a temp setup for LTSP.. the lab has 8 computers, they are all logging in as the same local user while I work on some other settings issues that I have. Some users get "firefox is already running" when more than one computer has FF open.. how can I allow this? I need it to work for the next week at least17:53
Jordan_Ubieb: firefox --no-remote17:54
auronandace!test | visiteur17:54
ubottuvisiteur: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )17:54
=== angel is now known as Guest55349
biebJordan_U: should that be the executable?17:55
Jordan_UGuest55349: Why did you just post that link?17:58
=== unraroFF is now known as unrar
ok_****don't not click guests link*****17:58
ok_chiper: do not click those links.  this guy was in here yesterday too, it's an infection vector17:58
macswellMy laptop hardlocks about .5 seconds after ungplugging or plugging in AC power. Is anyone familiar with what this might be and how to fix it?17:59
sdahi, i installed a package, this package install more package as dependency. When I remove it, none of its dependency is removed because they are standalone package. How can I remove the package and all his dependency? thanks17:59
ok_apt-get autoremove17:59
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ok_1st $ apt-get remove packageName 2nd $ apt-get autoremove18:00
ok_autremove will clear your unused dependencies18:00
longshorejyou can actually just apt-get autoremove packageName18:00
longshorejcombine them : P18:00
ok_ah right nice cheers18:00
BluesKajsda, sudo apt-get autoclean helps too18:01
ok_yea you prob need to sudo all of those above commands18:01
ok_but you'll get told18:01
Jordan_U!who | ok_18:02
ubottuok_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:02
sdammm, autoremove delete all useless package, but those aren't useless package, because i can install them one at time, example panel-plugins, i can install one at time or all together with a "all plugins package"18:02
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:02
ok_ubottu: ok no problem18:03
ubottuok_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:03
macswellMy laptop hardlocks about .5 seconds after ungplugging or plugging in AC power. Is anyone familiar with what this might be and how to fix it?18:03
biebJordan_U: do I just add the --no-remote to the FF shortcut?18:03
crazySDmanCan the liveboot of Precise Pangolin read exFAT ?18:06
vexusif you mean fat16 or fat32 i think yes i'm not sure but i think it could read ntfs too18:07
Guest70788in ubuntu under the system > keyboard short cuts menu is there away to redefine an already existing key combo like ctrl + c copy to clip board to something. Or in general when I do add I am having trouble figuring out how to create new keyboard short cuts and remap already used ones . Anybody know18:08
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sdai installed xfce4-goodies, and now i cannot delete all dependencies18:08
LAMPS_noobquestion: does Verizon FiOS block webserver ports still?18:10
Jordan_Ubieb: That should work, yes.18:10
biebJordan_U: thanks18:10
Jordan_U!ot | LAMPS_noob18:10
ubottuLAMPS_noob: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:10
crazySDmanPrecise Pangolin liveboot is definitely not reading FAT3218:10
crazySDmanI'm trying to figure out what file system to use for a thumbdrive so that both my Linux Precise Pangolin liveboot and recent Windows versions can read it.18:11
olskolirc.mobi to .pdf converter?18:11
beandogcrazySDman: fat3218:11
ThinkT510crazySDman: fat32 and ntfs should work18:11
sarsaeol_olskolirc: calibre!18:12
crazySDmanbeandog: Error mounting: mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'18:12
crazySDmanbeandog: I'm running Precise Pangolin as a liveboot18:13
olskolircthanks.  didn't work for me before sarsaeol_18:13
LAMPS_noobseems to me FAT32 and a 64-bit install won't get along18:13
crazySDmanThinkT510: Error mounting: mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'18:13
crazySDmanYeah It's 64-bit18:13
crazySDmanso maybe NFTS?18:13
beandogno, that doesn't matter18:13
beandogfat32 is fine18:13
Jordan_UcrazySDman: Ubuntu doesn't support exfat out of the box. Do you specifically need exfat support or can you chose another filesystem to use on that device?18:14
ThinkT510crazySDman: open gparted on the livecd and check what filesystems are supported18:14
crazySDmanJordan_U: I don't specifically need exfat. I need a filesystem Precise 64 live boot will support out of the box that can also be used on Vista18:14
ThinkT510crazySDman: exfat is not the same as fat3218:14
Jordan_UcrazySDman: Do you have any important data on the drive/partition now?18:15
beandogI don't know how you got exfat on t here18:15
crazySDmanJordan_U: on the 'exfat' thumbdrive I have a few files I can move to a different Vista comptuer before reformatting the thumbdrive18:15
crazySDmanOkay, exfat not the same as fat32...was confused somehow18:16
imanc__what's the best way to network ubuntu 12.04 with an osx machine so that I can share files across a local network?18:16
beandogimanc__: samba or netatalk18:17
Jordan_UcrazySDman: Then back up those files and "reformat" the drive using GParted so that it has one paritition with either fat32 or ntfs for the filesystem.18:17
crazySDmanJordan_U: Okay, thanks18:17
crazySDmanFAT32 or NTFS it is :) Thanks everyone18:18
Jordan_UcrazySDman: You're welcome.18:18
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john__1hi all18:21
john__1is there a way in xchat to specify witch ip to use18:21
winchatfor what like are you talking about a proxy then yes18:23
winchatgo to preferences18:23
john__1sorry but im not talking about proxy i mean if a machine has multiple ips, is there a way to tell i wish to use IP A ?18:23
Jordan_Ujohn__1: I seriously doubt that the machine you're running Xchat on has multiple public ip addresses.18:24
john__1sorry i was just curious18:26
centoooshi, i need a software to building swf files at linux. aly idea?18:26
john__1to know if its possible for exemple18:26
Jordan_Ujohn__1: Your question doesn't really make any practical sense.18:27
zatanooHey after upgrade unity launcher dissapear , i have tried unity reset, compiz reset and it didnt help? Is there anything else i can try?18:27
thirdendercentooos: what are you making SWF files for? (lol, be specific, don't just say "webpage") what's your reason?18:27
Jordan_Ujohn__1: So I guess the answer is "no".18:27
bekksjohn__1: Technically, it is possible. But having numerous RFC regarding TCP/IP and the weight of routes it is irrelevant by default when the TCPIP stack is implemented according to those RFC on the host OS.18:28
centooosthirdender, i make swf file to advertise. i make CDs and sell ppl :). i before use adobe flash pro at win!18:29
john__1i see, for exemple is basic little software like eggies bot, you can in the config specify witch ip to use for machine who run multiple ip, i was just curious to know if xchat is able to do the same18:30
Picijohn__1: You might want to try asking in #xchat if you can't get an answer here.18:31
john__1ok thanks18:31
thirdendercentooos: I don't know if there are any recent programs to do that... there was a program http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=23696 but it looks like development stopped in 200518:32
dantixhi all, anybody have any comment about xtreemfs (http://www.xtreemfs.org) ?18:33
centooosthirdender, i learn soon , but i hope it be useful . i cant work at win! tanQ18:34
ThinkT510dantix: that isn't a ubuntu support question18:34
bekksdantix: I wont use it.18:34
thirdendercentooos: if you can use something more technical than the Adobe Flash editor, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1192999 has some information about a few other options that will probably require programming knowledge18:34
dantixThinkT510: sorry, looks for just an advice or an opinion..18:35
thirdendercentooos: or look at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/edge/ (I think there's a Linux version) for creating HTML5 effects in a GUI18:35
centooosthirdender, tanQ, i try them. hope they work. :)18:37
TiZHi. I can't find any documentation on how to configure a displaylink device with Ubuntu 12.04. What do I need to do?18:37
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livingdaylightFF has crashed /frozen, i.e greyed over. How do I quit it and restart it, please, anyone?18:42
ThinkT510livingdaylight: it should offer to quit for you18:43
IdleOnelivingdaylight: in a terminal: ps aux | grep firefox - find the PID and kill PID18:43
livingdaylightThinkT510, interesting. Well, it hasn't and been hanging for about 5mins18:43
dexterityJust uninstalled nodejs, when I type "man node" I get a wierd man page: http://hastebin.com/fevuloquga.xml18:44
dexterityShouldn't it return "No man page for node"?18:44
ThinkT510livingdaylight: tried closing it?18:44
fishbaitis there a bug where ubntu will change the display language to chineese simplified?18:44
livingdaylightThinkT510, Ahh!  I had the preferences dialog open aswell and that wasn't responding, but, the browser, yes - thanks18:45
livingdaylightIdleOne, thanks too18:45
MonkeyDustfishbait  i've had too :) i guess i deleted chinese, it switched to english automatically18:46
fishbaithow doi delet chineese?18:46
ThinkT510livingdaylight: when a window greys over like that it's a compiz feature to tell you the app isn't responding18:46
mschrHi guys, i have had issues with google-chrome browser, anyone else experiencing flickering webpages while showing flash lately?18:47
=== tdubz_ is now known as thomas
MonkeyDustfishbait  system settings, language support18:47
dexterityit also says man: can't resolve /usr/share/man/man1/node.1.gz: No such file or directory18:47
mschrgoogle-chrome (Version 20.0.1132.57) with adobe-flash+adobe-flash-properties-gtk has some serious issues on my system18:48
mschrparticularly when scrollOffset of the visible page is > 0 (scrolled down a tad or even full way to bottom)18:48
ThinkT510why do people install chrome when chromium is in the repos?18:48
jrdnnThinkT510: Chromium is a work in progress18:49
mschrbecause the chromium is > 2 majors behind18:49
Kartagishow can I prevent my env vars from affecting the shell I'm ssh'ing in?18:50
ThinkT510mschr: then you should expect problems when installing software not in the repos18:50
Andrilhello all18:51
torporhello, is there some way to 'wire up' ubuntu-amd64 so that dependencies like "libdirectfb-extra:i386" can be satisfied by having libdirectfb-extra:amd64 already installed?  i am using the draftsight .deb distro on ubuntu-amd64, and it appears that the draftsight .deb is hard-wired to i386..18:51
mschrthinkt510 spare me :) 'anyone else experiencing' request for a joint effort on the solution to the problem18:51
ok_Kartagis, you'll need to run the shell with a user that has the env vars you want18:52
=== gokko is now known as Guest10576
crazySDmanby the way, the reformat-to-NTFS of the thumb drive worked, of course, so thanks again18:53
ThinkT510!yay | crazySDman18:53
ubottucrazySDman: Glad you made it! :-)18:53
Kartagisok_: I mean I am connecting to a remote server from two places (work and home). because their env vars are not the same, I get problems18:54
wolstorpor: you could use equivs packages maybe18:54
torporwols: equivs?  how does it work?18:54
crazySDmanI am livebooting off an SD card. However I want to write to the SD card while live booted (namely, to put the Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver on it). Is that possible?18:54
wolstorpor: it creates a "equivalent" dummy package. apt-cache show equvis18:55
wolsapt-cache show equivs18:55
ok_crazySDman, i dont think you get an persistence on a live install, anyone?18:55
torporthanks wols18:56
ok_crazySDman, ive got an install on a 16gb microsd that is superawesome! all encrypted an shizz18:56
ThinkT510crazySDman: you'd need a seerate storage partition or a persistant install, a liveboot wouldn't retain anything18:57
fishbaiti'm in the one with the little blue flag now what do i do to delete chineese bear in mind it all displayed in chineese so your gonna hafta be descriptive.18:57
crazySDmanok_: That is similar to what I'm going for, except I'm going to put hardware configuration stuff on my unencrypted SD card, then scripts to install programs into RAM on the encrypted internal hard drive18:57
ok_crazySDman, so not a live boot then?18:58
crazySDmanThinkT510: If I just put the Broadcom driver in the SD card directory with the other drivers, won't the live booted system see it (as opposed to wanting to install it) ?18:58
dexterityHow do I delete something from the "whatis" database? an uninstalled package forgot something there18:59
crazySDmanok_: I am livebooting each and every time. But I want some of the hardware configuration (like the Broadcom wireless driver) to live on the SD card, and my programs to live on the encrypted internal, which I'll have a script for to install them into the live boot RAM18:59
ok_crazySDman, why not just install it then?19:00
crazySDmanSo now that I've live booted off the SD card into RAM, I need to know if I can write to the SD card19:00
wolscrazySDman: "mount" will tell you19:00
fishbaitwait a second i might have just tried unselecting all languages and apply then selecting english as written in chineese ty google translate hope hope hope19:01
crazySDmanok_: because I'm afraid of screwing up full disk encryption, for one thing :)19:01
ThinkT510crazySDman: i agree with ok_ , why not just install to the sd card?19:01
spaceneedlePossible Bug: Just reinstalled ubuntu and--after updating--the shutdown icon disappeared! How do I get it back?19:01
trismspaceneedle: do you have indicator-session installed?19:01
ok_you want the whole disk encrypted or just /home and / ?19:02
spaceneedleDon't Know. I'll check.19:02
BluesKajspaceneedle, updating and upgrading are required19:02
ok_dont think you can encrypt ur /boot19:02
ok_well i guess maybe you can19:02
crazySDmanwols: I think I found the right lines in the mount output; lemme paste, one sec19:02
deostrollcould someone guide me where to place files so that every user can access this application scripts >> http://bit.ly/MmOBkL19:03
crazySDmanok_: Earlier, I had /home encrypted. I was considering moving to a full disk encryption through the alternate installer, but I decided to go with this more hardcore method19:03
ok_crazySDman, gimme 2 secs ive got a text file of the steps i used to encrypt my lvm19:03
spaceneedleYes--indicator session is installed.19:03
fishbaitin the control panel how do i delete chineese?19:04
=== ezraw is now known as dog-killer
crazySDmanok_: the logical volume manager? I thought of doing that for a full disk encryption setup, but I have definitively decided to use this live boot method19:04
ok_crazySDman, dude why do you want to boot the live version, you want an install so you can make changes and install ur wireless drivers etc19:05
crazySDmanwols: Here is the output of mount that I think pertains to the SD card and whether I can write to it from the live boot or not: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088524/19:05
lian1Who is the expert to ask question?19:05
ThinkT510lian1: ask here and if anyone know they will answer19:06
crazySDmanok_: Because I am crazySDman!19:06
=== sebsebseb is now known as sebsebsebb
ThinkT510crazySDman: so every single time you boot you'll have to reinstall what you need (including drivers)19:07
ok_crazySDman, thats all well and good and all but i dont think ur guna get ur wireless drivers in there19:07
=== dog-killer is now known as yap-resistant-so
crazySDmanThinkT510: Right. So the drivers, for example, would be on the burned-.iso SD card, and the programs on the encrypted internal drive with a script to install them all into RAM19:08
WheatThinsYou can put the drivers on the live cd itself19:08
ThinkT510!remaster | crazySDman19:08
ubottucrazySDman: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility19:08
crazySDmanWheatThins: yes, that's what I'm tryign to do. I can't figure out, though, how to write to the SD card once I've live booted from it. it doesn't show up in 'sudo nautilus' though it shows as mounted in disk utility and this 'mount' output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088524/19:09
ThinkT510crazySDman: never sudo graphical apps19:09
ThinkT510!gksudo | crazySDman19:09
ubottucrazySDman: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:09
crazySDmanThinkT510: thanks for that! I've been trying to figure out what exactly gksudo is :)19:10
WheatThinsI'm trying to view folders in my ubuntu partition (currently unbootable) from a live cd19:10
WheatThinsHowever I don't have permission to view my folders19:10
WheatThinsHow do I enter my password?19:10
WheatThinsI'm not in the terminal, I'm in nautilus19:10
crazySDmanWheatThins: try 'gksudo nautilus' to run the file manager as root ?19:11
* WheatThins facepalms19:11
WheatThinsOkay ty19:11
crazySDmanThinkT510: I was looking at those remaster live CD programs and pages, and they look helpful.19:12
lian1what is the difference between the English version and the Chinese version of 12.04 desktop iso from the official website?Tthe later should have more packages such as language and ime packs. but its size is smaller.19:12
crazySDmanThinkT510: I am in a bit of a hurry at a moment, though, and am wondering if I can just drop the driver into the SD card somewhere...19:12
Marzipanhey, i m trying to set up openbox, but i dont really know how ubuntu handles to open and close command in the menus could somebody tell me _19:12
ThinkT510crazySDman: no, you have a live system, everything is reset at boot, nothing is kept19:13
ThinkT510crazySDman: hence why me and ok_ suggest a proper install (persistant)19:13
crazySDmanThinkT510: well, I'd reboot after dropping teh driver onto the SD card19:13
ThinkT510crazySDman: and when you boot again everything will be back to square one19:14
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
crazySDmanThinkT510: But I think the (post-driver-drop) live boot would install a system into RAM that already had that wireless driver, see?19:14
ThinkT510crazySDman: no, i don't see19:15
crazySDmanThinkT510: because the driver would be in the .iso19:15
crazySDmanThinkT510: well, not the .iso, but the "burned" .iso19:15
ok_crazySDman, even if you create a custom live image ur still not ever going to be able to add anything to it19:15
ok_crazySDman, you'll have to go through the whole process everytime you want a new install of anything19:16
ok_crazySDman, also I found my note and i've written that i based everything on http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/10/how-to-install-ubuntu-11-04-on-an-encrypted-lvm-file-system/ but obv thats lvm encryption of an install19:16
Marzipanwell, i figured it out... i just typed in an absolute path but it says i got no right todo so... any ideas were to look at in this case19:16
ok_crazySDman, i used them for 12.04 tho19:17
Lunar_Landerhello, I switched my PC to suspend this afternoon and it was running when I came home and syslog says it turned on at 8:52 pm and I came home just afer 9, any idea why ubuntu could start on its own?19:17
Lunar_LanderI had to enter my PW though, just as normal when you wake the PC19:18
crazySDmanok_: Thanks for that page. I saved it to my thumbdrive in case I do decide to go back to an alternate install full disk encryption thingie19:18
jrdnnLunar_Lander: Check your BIOS settings for automatic wakeupe19:18
ok_crazySDman, nw, it worked great for me19:18
Lunar_Landerdidn't have that yet, i mean I left it like whole afternoons and it was off when I came home19:18
ThinkT510Lunar_Lander: somebody else turned it on?19:19
crazySDmanok_: I do want to go through the whole process each and every live boot (because I am crazyS...) I am just thinking if the Broadcom driver existed on the SD card in the same place all the other drivers are, the live boot process would install it into RAM each and every time, see?19:19
=== dan__ is now known as Guest1097
ok_crazySDman, oh and if you do do that way NB i dont get the splash screen eveytime and a prompt for my encryption pw, its there just not displayed, just wait a few secs then enter pw and eventually ur login screen for ubuntu will arrive19:20
Lunar_LanderThinkT510, it is not that probable, but not impossible. maybe someone bumped the keyboard, I'll ask19:20
crazySDmanok_: noted, things. LVM seems the way to do a full disk encryption since there'd be only one passphrase19:20
crazySDmanok_: things --> thanks19:20
osirisis there a solution yet to getting geforce 4 fx5200 series cards "working" (HW acceleration) ?19:21
ok_crazySDman, yea its good, encrypted swap worries me a little tho19:21
crazySDmanok_: My understanding is that there a lot of ways full disk encryption can go wrong. Hence this crazySD live boot scheme19:22
crazySDmanok_: Where in the burned-to-SD .iso are all the drivers/19:22
archlichgreetings, I'm trying to set up a 802.1x secure wired network, however the save button in the network manager applet always greys out as soon as I select Use 802.1x security for this connection. How do I save said configuration?19:23
crazySDmanok_: And why can't I find it in gksudo nautilius? (This 'mount' output might hold the answer... http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088524/ )19:23
=== me is now known as Guest18897
Guest18897does anyone have experience with Zimbra Desktop19:23
crazySDmanok_: By "find it" I mean find the SD card to write stuff to it.19:23
Lunar_LanderThinkT510, seems to be unlikely that someone has been here19:24
ok_crazySDman, sorry what are you trying to do here, i dont think i read all of what peple were telling you to do19:24
Marzipanhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions The User Private Group scheme. In other words, this page does the nuts and bolts ok, but we need to describe what the permissions should be. The default Ubuntu set up is not agnostic: Every user has their default private group. Directories for collaboration need to have special group and permission set for correct functioning.  --> anybody knows something more accurate about this19:24
Lunar_Landercan it be that I run the PC like every day without shutdown but just put it to hibernate?19:24
Lunar_LanderI think the uptime is several days now19:24
crazySDmanoh, /media/cdrom is my SD card!19:24
ThinkT510crazySDman: unless you have a seperate partition to write stuff to anything you put on that sd card will be gone next boot19:25
hword-1Just got here. What did I miss out on?19:25
n1ckn4me09876543how can I make a folder in desktop act/pretend as a cdrom ?19:25
Lunar_Landeryeah I got a uptime of 5 days and 2 hours19:25
crazySDmanThinkT510: Hrm. Can you explain why that is? Like, if I write something to the thumdrive while livebooted, it still persists. Why wouldnt it be the same for the SD card?19:25
crazySDmanThinkT510: by "still persists" I mean it exists there on the thumbdrive since it's a distinct storage medium19:26
guntbertLunar_Lander: thats nothing special AND totally off topic :)19:26
ok_crazySDman, have you done that with an install of something or just a file?19:26
ThinkT510crazySDman: and the thumbdrive is where you are livebooting from?19:26
Lunar_Landerguntbert, I was relating to the thing that my PC turned on on its own19:26
crazySDmanok_: Not sure what you're asking19:27
ok_crazySDman, like was it just a text file in a dir somewhere you tested with19:27
crazySDmanThinkT510: I'm livebooting into RAM off the SD card (which is /media/cdrom ) and storing stuff (for now) on a thumbdrive19:28
crazySDmanok_: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking... I'm about to put a test.txt onto the SD card and live boot again and see if it's still there19:28
ThinkT510crazySDman: theres your answer, the thumbdrive is a seperate storage medium19:28
ok_id try apt-getting anything as well while ur there19:28
zetterhello, i19:29
crazySDmanThinkT510: but why isn't the SD card a separate storage medium? Is it still constantly in use while I've livebooted19:29
crazySDmanThinkT510: I am thinking if I ripped the SD card out the livebooted system would still be running since it's all in RAM19:29
ThinkT510crazySDman: if you are livebooting from it then it is considered /19:29
zetterheello, how do i disable the display keyboard that pops up whenever i can write text like now19:30
crazySDmanThinkT510: Ah. So if I were to rip the SD card out physically, then the whole operating system would vanish, similar to hard power off ?19:30
ThinkT510crazySDman: not quite, it would likely just freeze19:30
cc11rocksDoes anyone know whether GRUB 2.00 will be included in 12.10?19:30
WHAT_UPsay i will have access to machine without internet access, or with access too limited to download large packages via apt-get. would it be possible to download these packages onto a usb stick and work from there? or would dependencies be a huge issue?19:31
zetteri onlyneed the onboard keyboars not two19:31
OerHeks!offline | WHAT_UP19:32
ubottuWHAT_UP: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD19:32
ThinkT510crazySDman: you are meant to unmount any removable media before "ripping it out"19:32
ok_ThinkT510, it wouldnt let you unmount the system disk19:32
crazySDmanThinkT510: Okay, what you are saying is starting to make more sense. But what if I were to use another machine to write the Broadcom driver onto the SD card, then live boot another time with the SD card?19:32
ThinkT510ok_: my point exactly, because he booted from it19:33
ThinkT510crazySDman: you don't seem to have grasped the concept of what a live system is19:33
ThinkT510crazySDman: you cannot save any changes to a live system period19:34
ok_crazySDman, i think thinkt510 is right19:34
crazySDmanone second, brb19:34
cc11rocksThinkT510 : Not true. There is such a think as "persistence"...19:34
ok_crazySDman, on the first point and bang on with the 2nd19:34
Lunar_Landerthanks again ThinkT510 maybe it was just a bug19:34
ok_cc11rocks, not on a live image tho19:34
ThinkT510crazySDman: hence why me and ok_ have told you to either remaster or go with a persistant install19:34
ok_crazySDman, if you want to go the live route i'd recomend you have a "mother" install somewhere that you can make changes to and then create live versions of it19:35
ThinkT510Lunar_Lander: no worries, sorry i couldn't be more helpful19:36
ok_crazySDman, "mother"/"master" whatever19:36
Lunar_Landerno problem!19:36
Lunar_Landergood evening :)!19:36
fishbaiti got it i didn't uninstall any language what i did was in language support in the windows with all the languages i dragged "english(United Sback in tates)" to the top of the list and clicked the button right underneath then entered my password then log out/in19:37
WHAT_UPis there anything inherently wrong with using packages intended for a prior ubuntu release? say something like texlive-full19:37
=== BlouBlou is now known as BlouBlou_
=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
crazySDmanThinkT510: How would I remaster the ubuntu install .iso such that it had the Broadcom wireless driver included?19:38
ThinkT510WHAT_UP: never mix packages from different releases19:38
fishbaityes compatability issues19:38
ThinkT510!remaster | crazySDman19:38
ubottucrazySDman: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility19:38
ok_WHAT_UP, yes almost everything19:39
WHAT_UPso if i want to put texlive-full on a usb stick for installation on various machines, it won't really work unless i can guarantee they're all from a certain release?19:39
ThinkT510crazySDman: i've never done it myself so i couldn't guide you through the specifics, sorry19:39
MonkeyDustWHAT_UP  don't mix ubuntu versions19:39
fishbaitthe packagemust match the release19:39
WHAT_UP:<. that's lame.19:40
fishbait12.04 for 12.04 11.10 for 11.10 etc19:40
=== Exio4 is now known as Lyoko
=== Lyoko is now known as Exio4
fm__hi, my apport catches crashes every now and then, but if i click on the ok button and check the reporting checkbox no browser window opens. this worked in the pre-release versions. any idea?19:40
crazySDmanThinkT510: okay, thanks19:42
crazySDmanok_: Thanks also :)19:42
ok_crazySDman, nw man19:42
ThinkT510crazySDman: sorry if i sounded rude19:42
ok_crazySDman, yea also, clue is in ur name i guess19:43
ok_crazySDman, its bang on!19:43
mschrshould you experience flickering embedded flash with google-chrome, try purging ubuntu-restricted-extras and reinstall them for the flashplugin19:43
decio_crytekhttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/            It is safe to install the last one?19:44
decio_crytekOn Ubuntu 12.0419:44
zetterwhy do i have two screen keyboards how can i remove one of them? preferably the one that appears when i write text19:44
ThinkT510decio_crytek: ppas are usable at your own risk19:45
ThinkT510!ppa | decio_crytek19:45
ubottudecio_crytek: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:45
MonkeyDustdecio_crytek  use PPAs at your own risk19:45
rsltsmayvrysorry to interrupt, but a query: is there any way to alter a BIOS, such that it will support booting via USB flash drive? (i.e. without using a boot loader from live disc)? Thanks19:45
trismnot actually a ppa19:46
decio_crytekok, but it doesn't say precise in the end.. It says quantal, What's the difference?19:46
ThinkT510decio_crytek: quantal is 12.1019:46
MonkeyDustquantal is the future release, october19:46
trismdecio_crytek: you should generally only install the mainline kernel builds if you are testing if a bug exists upstream (the bug triager will usually ask you to in that case)19:46
decio_crytekOhh, Ok. Thanks19:46
ThinkT510decio_crytek: don't mix packages from different release19:46
MonkeyDustdecio_crytek  or do so at your own risk19:47
crazySDmanok_: Thanks also :)19:47
decio_crytekok, got it. Didn't know yet and is there a ALHA already?19:47
crazySDmanThinkT510: You didn't :)19:47
rsltsmayvryoookay, MAYBE i'll try a different channel lol19:47
ThinkT510crazySDman: thanks :)19:47
crazySDmanIt's a pretty complicated system I'm trying to set up19:48
crazySDmanBut I've got to go do some work stuff (text editor on the live boot with storage on the USB, heh...what I've got atm) so bbl19:48
=== mike_ is now known as Guest87628
zetter nn,,19:50
txdvI have installed the newest nvidia drivers from the nvidia page on ubuntu 11.04, the kernel now complains that the module it is loading does not comply to the interface of 290 (the interface is the one of 270)19:51
txdvSo, what solution do you have for me to fix this problem? either get the old one running again or the new oine19:51
Priceytxdv: What instructions di dyou read to install the new one?19:52
txdvI downloaded the installer from the nvidai page and ran it as root19:52
txdvafter restarting the gdm everything worked fine19:52
txdvafter restarting linux, it didn't19:52
=== silvia_ is now known as Guest77052
cactusAny Ubuntu gurus here?20:04
TzunamiiPlease state your Q and see if someone can be able to answer it20:04
cactusI am having trouble accessing a USB hard drive formatted in ext320:05
fm__hi, my apport catches crashes every now and then, but if i click on the ok button and check the reporting checkbox no browser window opens. this worked in the pre-release versions. any idea?20:05
cactusI am running a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.  the first user defined can access the drive but any other user cannot.  I tried adding the second user to all the first users groups but that did not fix the issue20:06
cactusIncidently, the drive was originally used on a different Linux computer20:07
guntbert!enter | cactus20:07
ubottucactus: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:07
cactussorry, dont do IRC very often20:07
BluesKajcactus, was it user/ pw protected on the other pc ?20:09
cactusBlueskaj, I did not deliberately copy protect the drive.  When I originally reformatted it I used whatever the defaults diskutility wanted to apply for ext220:11
Tzunamiicactus: Did you logout/login after you added the new groups to the second user?20:11
v0lksmananyone know how to setup a software repo?  preferably a private one20:11
cactusTzunamii, Yes, I also tried power cycling the computer20:12
ThinkT510v0lksman: beware of dependency issues20:12
Piciv0lksman: a mirror of an existing repo, or just one to put your own debs on?20:12
v0lksmanPici: one for my own debs20:13
v0lksmanand not launchpad... ;)20:13
TiZHi. I can't find any documentation on how to configure a displaylink device with Ubuntu 12.04. What do I need to do?20:13
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest58692
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Piciv0lksman: hrm, I could have sworn I had a document here somewhere... just a moment20:14
OerHeksv0lksman, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal20:15
v0lksmanPici: no rush...docs are great! :)20:15
v0lksmanOerHeks: to make that available to a LAN would you just serve /usr/local/mydebs with apache?20:16
=== tatie is now known as grego
Piciv0lksman: I thought we had an Ubuntu specific doc about this, but this debian should work just as well: http://wiki.debian.org/HowToSetupADebianRepository20:18
=== bobbyaldol is now known as bobbyaldolAFK
OerHeksv0lksman, i am not sure how to share your repository over lan.20:20
OerHeksPici, i found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal20:20
=== shazzr_ is now known as shazzr
v0lksmanOerHeks Pici thanks guys...will read!20:21
jeffj84hi guys i need help setting up my samba shares in ubuntu 11.10 i have the server installed and can see the shares from the host machine but cant see them from anyother machines20:21
OerHeksjeffj84, all in the same 'workgroup' ?20:22
Anxi80how do I get out of super user mode in terminal?20:22
Tonisiusok, I got an ldap server, with 1 account on it, I am looking for a single sign on service of sorts, I read it requires kerberos, but not sure.  Server and Client are both ubuntu 12.04, and I'm unable to use the correct keywords to find a tutorial, or instrctions on what I can do to have SSHD use ldap to authenticate20:22
jeffj84im assuming yes20:22
TonisiusAnxi80: exit20:23
Anxi80Tonisius, exit closes terminal window :(20:23
PiciOerHeks: thanks20:23
TonisiusAnxi80: then you were never in super user mode20:23
TonisiusAnxi80: you were already out of it20:24
jeffj84where do you enter the workgroup in ubuntu clients20:24
OerHeksAnxi80, not if you ar root, see the chage from # to $20:24
Anxi80i had to type exit 3 times20:24
Anxi80first two times printed #exit20:24
neberui am here m_20:24
TonisiusOerHeks: if you're root, you're root, if you're a normal user and use SU, then that's super user. Comes down to the definition of Anxi80's meaning of SUper User20:24
OerHeksAnxi80, were you doing a SSH connection ?20:25
Anxi80tonisius, i am normal user who had used "sudo su"20:25
Anxi80OerHeks, nope just moving files20:25
ThinkT510Anxi80: sudo -i is the proper way to open a root terminal20:25
Anxi80ThinkT510, got it. I guess I have more reading to do :)20:26
OerHeksAnxi80, odd, i would expect 2x exit, once for dropping root priv, and one for exiting terminal.20:26
Jordan_UAnxi80: It's best to just run individual commands via sudo, rather than starting a root shell at all.20:26
TonisiusJordan_U: he will learn not to use sudo su the hard way20:26
Anxi80Jordan_U you are right but sudo won't let me cd into /root20:26
TonisiusAnxi80: you shouldn't need to go into /root20:27
jeffj84OerHeks>, yea they are ob theme workgroup20:27
Tonisiusthat's the whole point... you're not root20:27
Anxi80Tonissius, I had put VMimages in a folder there. I realized that is a mistake and wanted to take them out20:27
TonisiusAnxi80: learn from your mistakes, fix it, move them out of the /root directory20:27
=== bastidra1or is now known as bastidrazor
Tonisiusnothing should go into that folder20:28
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
Tonisiussince you exited, you wont need the sudo su mode anymore20:28
Anxi80Tonisius, ok thanks20:28
Tonisiuswe answered yur question at least.20:28
Tonisiusok, I got an ldap server, with 1 account on it, I am looking for a single sign on service of sorts, I read it requires kerberos, but not sure.  Server and Client are both ubuntu 12.04, and I'm unable to use the correct keywords to find a tutorial, or instrctions on what I can do to have SSHD use ldap to authenticate20:29
TiZHi. I can't find any documentation on how to configure a displaylink device with Ubuntu 12.04. What do I need to do?20:30
guntbertTiZ: what is a displaylink device ?20:31
TiZguntbert: a device with a dvi port that connects to the computer over USB.20:31
TiZBasically, it lets you hook up an additional monitor over USB.20:32
guntbertTiZ: ah, thx20:32
jeffj84anyone help me with samba sharing?20:33
TiZguntbert: yup.20:33
OerHeksjeffj84, if you think you setup samba right, restarted the other pc's and that didn't work, check this mbd , post 16 + 17 >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1749823&page=220:34
arooni-mobilehi folks.  my wifi seems to drop off and require a restart to work again.  ubutnu 12.04; lenovo t420.  wireless card intel 4965.  i see these error messages in dmesg: [ 5163.796586] iwlwifi 0000:03:00.0: Request scan called when driver not ready.;  and earlier: [ 4770.418024] iwlwifi 0000:03:00.0: MAC is in deep sleep!. CSR_GP_CNTRL = 0xFFFFFFFF ... ideas?20:34
CyrusSmithhi all20:36
=== sw is now known as ws
=== ws is now known as sw
jeffj84OerHeks, i have 4 samba daemons and one netbios runing is this right 4 daemons20:39
distributioni have a piratebox using an 8gb usb, and i want to go to a 32gb, how can i copy the installation on the 8gb to the 32?20:39
CyrusSmithI need some advice...I have a situation where I have 5 PC's in a server room and screens need to be connected to the screens including mouse and keyboard. I know I can use a KVM Extender over CAT5e but I have tried various KVM's all with their own problems. Anyone know of an alternative? maybe software based? i have seen synergy but then would i need to have a pc in the control room with multiple graphics cards? what type of hardw20:40
=== dio is now known as Guest9827
Jordan_UCyrusSmith: Your message was cut off at "what type of hardw".20:42
Marzipani probably should test things in vm before applying them to my running system -.-20:44
CUPSlessHi!  I just had to do a reinstall of my OS and now I'm trying to get my printer working.  It was before, but I think the reinstall introduced some changes.  I'm running 12.04 and trying to connect an HP OfficeJet G55.  Can anyone help me get it up and running?20:44
CUPSlessI think the relavent lines from syslog, when I try to use CUPS to find printers, are: Jul 12 13:37:49 nduku udev-configure-printer: MFG:Hewlett-Packard MDL:OfficeJet G55 SERN:SGG13E3W2CVL serial:SGG13E3W2CVL Jul 12 13:37:50 nduku hp[24003]: io/hpmud/pp.c 627: unable to read device-id ret=-1 Jul 12 13:37:52 nduku udev-configure-printer: no corresponding CUPS device found20:44
jeffj84OerHeks, i think it might be in my smb.conf could you tell me if i entered something wrong can i do pastebins here?20:46
=== yap-resistant-so is now known as ezraw
OerHeksjeffj84, use paste.ubuntu.com20:47
=== chuckhar_ is now known as chuckharmston
OerHeksjeffj84, that url i gave you is server side ( for your setup), after that i think you need to restart a client to take effect?20:49
jeffj84OerHeks, thanks what im trying to do is set it up for xbmc smb shares heres the conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088701/20:49
repozitorhow can i write to MBR?20:49
repozitoror erase it?20:49
jeffj84OerHeks, yea i restarted both20:49
OerHeksrepozitor, start a live cd, so the disk is not mounted and start gparted to do as you like20:50
devicebquestion all.  i just installed a new GPU and want to Activate my proprietary Nvidia drivers20:50
jeffj84repozitor, with fdisk20:50
JimbeIII'm having a bit of trouble with my new Ubuntu installation. Is anyone available to help?20:50
devicebsays i do not have permission20:50
jeffj84or gparted20:50
devicebany ideas?20:50
Jef91can anyone give me an example of how apt-key del works?20:51
OerHeksdeviceb, what is the full error? something about mounted?20:51
repozitorOerHeks: what those better?20:51
repozitorgparted or fdisk?20:51
OerHekseh sorry deviceb not for you20:51
OerHeksrepozitor, both are oke20:51
devicebno when i click Activate it says "you are not authorized to perform this action"20:52
devicebdo i need to open this windows w/ root?20:52
JimbeIIhow do I enable browser-based java applications?20:52
devicebor can i switch to the nvidia drivers via command line?20:52
sleepybugHey all. Forgive me because I know this is not the place to ask. Where might I go to find people (irc) who are used to modifying Android OS source code?20:52
MonkeyDustsleepybug  try #android20:53
JimbeIIor rather, how do I use them?20:53
sleepybugMonkeyDust thanks20:53
jeffj84sleepbug, xda-devolpoers20:53
jeffj84spelt that all wrong20:53
jeffj84sleepbug, xda-developers20:53
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JimbeIIhow do I make use of browser-based java applications?20:54
Jordan_Urepozitor: What are you actually trying to accomplish?20:54
WHAT_UPJimbeII: you want to make them, or do you want them to display?20:55
lawltoadi changed /etc/hosts for my local host.... but gnome-session hasn't changed SESSION_MANAGER20:55
lawltoadwhat to do?20:55
DeLorean731is there a good piece of software for Ubuntu 12.04 similar to Sandboxie for windows? Basically I want to run multiple instances of the same program in isolated sandboxes20:55
JimbeIII want to run them, and I can, but it constantly crashes20:56
JimbeIII'm assuming Im doing something wrong20:56
devicebUsually w/ ubuntu i am able to select a proprietary driver & activate it.   for some reason i can not do this atm20:56
JimbeIII want them to display20:56
devicebif a command exists i assume i can run it as SU20:56
guntbert!su | deviceb read while you wait :)20:57
ubottudeviceb read while you wait :): sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:57
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JimbeIIWHAT_UP: Are you there?20:58
MonkeyDustDeLorean731 there's something called "arkose" http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=435320:58
voodoodaddywhat is the difference between regular xchat and xchat-gnome?20:58
WHAT_UPJimbeII: as far as i can tell, that sounds about right for ubuntu20:58
JimbeIIconstant crashes?20:58
JimbeIII don't believe it should crash very often20:59
jeffj84OerHeks, i got it i think20:59
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lawltoadDeLorean731, see fakeroot21:00
OerHeksjeffj84, host allow line 64?21:01
devicebyes i have used sudo for years now w/ debian but not sure what command to run in regards to switching to nvidia drivers21:01
jeffj84OerHeks, line 63 was quoted out but now i get unable to mount location failed to retrieve share list from server21:02
devicebthought this would be a quick resolution..21:02
noiroHow do I get rid of the bottom taskbar in gnome?21:03
devicebsabayon here i come!21:03
noiroI am trying to replace it with avante21:03
MronoI installed cinnamon but I have no notification bubbles and notify-send does nothing21:05
repozitorJordan_U: i want copy all windows 2000 data (sector by sector) and paste it to another HDD21:05
MronoWhat information do you need to help?21:05
repozitorbut i can't, because i have problem with MBR21:06
ThinkT510Mrono: we don't support cinnamon here21:06
stanregIs there a linux equivalent to robocopy? (or any other copying util that will try copying a file for X attempts before moving on)21:06
MronoThinkT510: I know, but it's cinnamon on top of ubuntu desktop so I figured someone would have run into the same issue at some point21:06
guntbertstanreg: look at rsync21:06
repozitori think if copy sector by sector, it should work fine21:06
repozitorbut i see my pc can't boot from new HDD21:06
gartralrepozitor: DD.21:07
repozitorgartral: i use already dd21:07
repozitorbut not arrive to my end21:07
gartralrepozitor: did you dd the entire device?21:07
repozitori wrote complete problem, read it21:08
gartralrepozitor: you were dd'ing partitions, for this too work you must dd the DEVICE too a new DEVICE which would look like "dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb" note the lack of numbers and the designation of a totally seperate HDD for the target.21:10
repozitorgartral: i can use your cmd, if i have both HDD in one system21:11
repozitorbut i don't have them in same PC21:11
pranjal710How do we setup a wifi hotspo in 12.04 ubuntu to share internet?? Can somone please help??21:11
noirohey guys, is there any way to move the gnome bottom menu to my other screen and put a dock on my first screen?21:11
gartralrepozitor: also, I'm use /dev/sdb as an example here. .you probably won't want too use that as your target, too figure out which drive you want as your target, you probably should use fdisk -l21:12
ThinkT510!ics | pranjal71021:12
ubottupranjal710: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing21:12
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pranjal710ThinkT510: I tried via network manager, but the other device could not find my laptop when it scanned for wifi!!!21:14
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repozitorgartral: if i DDing all entire disk, is it possible to think if i restore it to any HDD, i create a complete copy?21:14
gartralrepozitor: again, that doesn't matter, if you dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/too/usb\ drive/you/want/the/image/on it will work on the new machine when you revorse the order of if and of.21:15
ThinkT510pranjal710: sorry, i'm just aware of the factoid, i've never done it myself so not sure how to help21:15
gartralrepozitor: That's the idea.21:15
pranjal710ThinkT510: Thanks anyway :)21:15
jeffj84OerHeks,  hey how does my xbmc share at the bottom look?21:15
jeyhi, I'm running 12.04 and my network manager applet (in the top-right of unity) seems to have stopped working correctly, how can I reset it without rebooting? in particular, it doesn't seem to respond when I select the wifi network I want to join, nor when I click "connect to new hidden wireless network"21:16
josvukHello , how to make a recovery dvd from my Lucid?21:17
repozitorgartral: can i copy sector by sector all entire disk, and then restore it on another HDD, using .hdd temporary file?21:18
repozitorand is the new HDD bootable?21:18
jeythere must be some program I can send a SIGKILL to or something to cuase the WiFi selecting thing to work again, right?21:18
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stanregguntbert: looking at rsync.. I don't see the parameter for retries #?21:19
gartralrepozitor: yes, this is called an Imaged Device Transfer.. and, as long as you have a 1|1 image of the original device, when you put it back on a hdd it will be exactly the same as what you took it from, so if the new device is bigger, than remember too boot one too make sure it works, then reboot and resize the image afterward so your drive is used correctly..21:20
gartraland my fingers aren't working today..21:21
noiroWhere is conky stored in ubuntu 12.04? I can't find it in the home folder21:23
josvukHow to make a login account in Lucid?21:23
ThinkT510noiro: /etc/conky21:24
noirothanks think21:27
usr13__josvuk: adduser21:29
sleepybughey all...I just tried to download the android repo onto ubuntu...While it was downloading its mass of files I couldn't figure out where it was downloading to21:30
usr13__josvuk: Be sure and allow it to add the new user to groups as needed.21:30
sleepybugIs there anyway to see the latest changes made to the OS?21:30
sleepybugor newly constructed directories?21:30
FlemHello everyone.21:30
sleepybugI am trying to find where it was downloading to so I can remove the files21:31
Jordan_Usleepybug: Not without having prepared something like etckeeper ahead of time.21:31
sleepybugJirdan_U: Great, that sucks...gah. thanks21:31
FlemTried googling this but did not find anything. Just installed 12.04 on my main computer and it wont accept any input from my mouse when a window is opened.21:31
Jordan_Usleepybug: What guide were you following?21:31
FlemAnyone know the issue?21:32
sleepybugJordan_U: http://source.android.com/source/downloading.html21:32
noiroehhh, how do you close conky?21:32
sleepybugJordan_U: Could I not just set up what you were talking about and then restart the download to see where it was downloading to?21:32
auronandacenoiro: kill the pid21:32
Jordan_Usleepybug: What command did you run that did all the downloading?21:33
silverarrowanyone familiar with ibooks?21:33
silverarrowI have installed lubuntu on an iBook G421:34
sleepybugJordan_U: repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest21:34
noiroauronadace: conky is wrong. I have more than 2 cores and it has the RAM I have wrong as well. what is going on?21:34
sleepybugJordan_U: actually it was rep sync....the other command was right before21:34
sleepybugJordan_U: "repo sync"21:34
sanctum32there is any good gui to create gtk software with interface like as visual studio or lazarus?21:35
silverarrowI can`t launch alsamixer21:35
Jordan_Usleepybug: OK, as far as I understand it both of those commands will only affect the current directory, so you can just delete the directory and start from scratch again or delete specific files within the directory. But you shouldn't need to search for anything.21:35
usr13__sleepybug: It says, "the Android source files will be located in your working directory under their project names"21:35
sleepybugJordan_U: Thats what I did but they werent appearing... urs13__21:36
sanctum32do not recommend listed software in software center, they're like as simple notepads with compile abbility...21:36
fm__hi, my apport catches crashes every now and then, but if i click on the ok button and check the reporting checkbox no browser window opens. this worked in the pre-release versions. any idea?21:36
sleepybugurs13__ & Jordan_U: I had made a directory and executed the command in that directory21:36
sleepybugI tried to view them in the directory and nothing was appearing21:36
usr13__sleepybug: did you do  mkdir WORKING_DIRECTORY  and  cd WORKING_DIRECTORY ?21:37
sleepybugusr13__: yes21:37
Jordan_Usleepybug: My guess is that since you didn't let it finish git never populated the tree, and all of the blobs are still in WORKING_DIRECTORY/.git (wich, since it starts with a '.', is a hidden directory visible with "ls -a".21:38
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usr13__sleepybug: ls -l ~/WORKING_DIRECTORY  #what do you see?21:39
sleepybugJordan_U & usr13__ is proc supposed to be a folder in my file system? I am trying to see if maybe I installed them in the wrong location (though I followed those instructions 100% I was sure)21:40
usr13__sleepybug: yes21:40
sleepybugusr13__: two files. files and repo21:40
sleepybugcd repo21:40
usr13__sleepybug: /proc  #In the root21:40
ttyp123can anyone help me how to use grep to search for http://paste.linuxassist.net/216052 <----- this string? i am not able to put the escape characters properly21:41
usr13__sleepybug: Are they files?  or Directories?21:41
=== Guest83679 is now known as akSeya
ttyp123grep -l "what should go in here?"21:41
sleepybugusr13__ one is a file and one is a directory...one I downloaded the other I made (files being the intended directory for the download)21:41
sleepybugusr13__: nothing shows in it with that command21:41
ubuntu021Any one know the date ranges of ubuntu server 8.04 lts support from cannonical?21:42
Jordan_U!8.04 | ubuntu02121:42
ubottuubuntu021: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.21:42
usr13__sleepybug: ls -R ~/WORKING_DIRECTORY/21:42
sleepybugusr13__: no such file etc.21:43
ubuntu021found it, thanks21:43
Jordan_Uttyp123: Try asking in #bash21:43
sleepybugusr13__: I let the thing download for about 5 min but I couldn21:43
sleepybugusr13__: I let the thing download for about 5 min but I couldn't confirm a location so I stopped the download21:43
usr13__sleepybug: Oh, well that is why...21:43
FlemDoes anyone know something about the mouse not working on some windows, while suddenly working fine.21:44
sleepybugusr13__: what is why?21:44
GhostWolfdoes anyone know how in 12.04 to get system monitor? i know in 11.04 it was in the system settings. i see only few things are in the system settings.21:44
usr13__sleepybug: "The initial sync operation will take an hour or more to complete. For more about repo sync and other Repo commands, see Version Control.21:44
Jordan_Usleepybug: Please pastebin the output of "du -h ~/WORKING_DIRECTORY". It will probably show you that a directory named ".git" contains a lot of data.21:44
sleepybugJordan_U: I think usr13__ found the reason21:44
sleepybugusr13__: so for the first hour I shouldn't have seen anything anyways? No files were being downloaded?21:45
aromanthose of you who are running Ubuntu on recent macbooks/airs, what touchpad drivers are you using? The stock ones seem to suck.21:45
mike_sunhi all21:45
usr13__sleepybug: I don't know, apparently, (I'm just reading the instructions..)21:45
Jordan_Usleepybug: I've told you the reason. du -h will confirm it. Everything is in a directory called ".git". When the download completes, git will populate the working directory.21:46
sleepybugJordan_U: sorry, I will try it now21:46
NewAmercnClassicis the new current build working?21:46
mike_sunI'm trying install quake 4 on ubuntu 12.04 64bits, and I got the message: Fatal error, no tech support email configured in this setup21:46
mike_sunany idea?21:46
sleepybugJordan_U: I trashed the file. I just restored it to desktop, does that matter?21:46
NewAmercnClassicuse wine?21:46
mike_sunbefore I got the message: ./setup.sh: 207: ./setup.sh: /home/mike/.setup26463: not found21:46
GhostWolfdoes anyone know how i can find the system monitor on ubuntu 12.0421:47
sleepybugJordan_U: you were correct21:47
sleepybugJordan_U: sorry21:47
josvukstrange: adduser root --> the user already exists but login root fails with Login incorrect. So how to login as root?21:47
NewAmercnClassictype in system manager21:47
Jordan_Usleepybug: No problem :)21:47
sleepybugJordan_U & usr13__ thank you for the help21:47
mike_sunanyone here had a problem like that ?21:47
Jordan_Usleepybug: You're welcome.21:47
zixxyGhostWolf, just search for "system" and it should pop right up. Same name and all.21:47
usr13__Jordan_U: Tell me you are not trying to create a user named "root"  ????21:47
usr13__josvuk: Tell me you are not trying to create a user named "root"  ????21:48
GhostWolfzixxy, ok well its normally in system settings i upgraded directly from 11.04 did a fresh install mainly. thats why i was asking21:48
NewAmercnClassicis there any alpha channel?21:48
ubuntu021I'm getting this while trying apt-get update "403 Forbidden: request URL denied [IP: 80]"21:48
Jordan_U!root | josvuk21:48
ubottujosvuk: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:48
usr13__josvuk: You need to pick another name.21:48
zixxyNewAmercnClassic, #ubuntu+121:49
NewAmercnClassicthanks zixxy21:49
usr13__josvuk: root user already exists..21:49
noiroanyone have experience with Wine? I am trying to play Spotify through it and get no sound. :/21:50
GhostWolfzixxy thanks that worked. thanks again.21:51
gsrtechnically couldn't you create a user name root - just make sure you change the name assoicated with uid 0 in passwd and shadow?21:51
josvukHm, but I want root to apear in the loginscreen ...21:51
usr13__gsr: But, why would you?21:51
MonkeyDustthere seems to be an increase of users who want to login as root, these last few days21:51
gsrjosvuk: thats a gdm setting I believe21:51
usr13__josvuk: Why?21:51
usr13__josvuk: You would never login to it even if it did.  Would you?21:52
josvukfor fixing things went wrong :-)21:52
gsruser13__: one reason I can think of is extra security - even if you logged in as "root", you would not have super admin privledges, and if you cant see shadow, you couldnt guess the root username.21:52
tcstarwhat's wrong with running sudo in the command line?  Ubuntu disabled root login for a REASON21:52
usr13__!sudo |  josvuk21:52
ubottujosvuk: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo21:52
Jordan_Ujosvuk: Never run an entire desktop environment as root.21:53
usr13__gsr: I dono, I don't see the point...21:53
tcstarRunning root is just bad form...21:53
Jordan_Ujosvuk: Doing so will break things, while not making it any easier to fix the other things which are broken.21:53
MonkeyDustjosvuk  with a root DE, you would basically have a windows machine, nobody wants that21:54
noiroanyone know a good application dock I can use in conjuction with openbox or fluxbox that supports multiple workpspaces?21:54
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usr13__!gksudo | josvuk21:54
ubottujosvuk: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)21:54
tcstarlol @MonkeyDust i like it21:54
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usr13__josvuk: Fixing things that go wrong does not require runing a GUI session as root.21:55
josvukHm, I want to be able to sytem debug if sudo acidently don't works.21:56
usr13__josvuk: sodo is not going to accidentally work.21:56
usr13__josvuk: How would sudo stop working?21:56
jordan_I have 2 monitors, how can I send a program to the second monitor besides dragging it over?21:56
gsrjosvuk: if you want to set a root password, so you can su into root, do 'sudo passwd', enter your login, and then the new root password twice.21:57
tcstarJordan, you can't that I'm aware of..  I have to drag my stuff over all the time...21:57
gsrusr13__ if the user was somehow removed from the wheel group21:57
Jordan_U!noroot | gsr21:57
ubottugsr: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.21:57
jordan_They are different sizes and it's annoying to find the right spot to drag it plus how it snaps the programs to the side sometimes.21:57
usr13__gsr: There is no need to do that.21:57
josvukusr13_: erase you sudoers :-)21:57
usr13__gsr: And that is bad advise.21:58
jordan_tcstar, you sure there isn't something? You know how you can right click and send to a different workspace, there isn't a way to send to a different monitor?21:58
tcstarlogging in as root, ssh in as root, all horrible horrible ideas...21:58
usr13__josvuk: YOu are preparing for stuff that will not happen.21:58
usr13__gsr: And the advise you gave will cause his system to be less secure.21:59
tcstarjordan_: I haven't found a way thus far...21:59
usr13__josvuk: see my PM21:59
tcstarThere is no reason to EVER su or login as root....  Like someone else said, if you want to login as root you may as well be running windows...  And if you wanted to be running a security infested machine, you'd already be running windows not linux22:00
josvukusr13__: I'm perparing for answering ...22:01
beandogThat's an exaggeration.22:01
beandogbut whatever.22:01
swtcstar: everything has a reason22:01
usr13__tcstar: Well, it's ok to use sudo or su   Just not setting a password for root.22:01
tcstarusr13__:  never said it wasn't okay to use sudo...  su root generally requires you to set a root password since (at least in 12.04) it has a default password that needs to be changed in order to su into it..22:02
gsrusr13__: yes, I've read some of that philosophy - I'm still miffed as to why its true.  With sudo you are effectively using the "same" password for root and for your user - meaning that a "wheel" user compromise is equal to a root compromise.22:03
squaregoldfishUbuntu 12.04, gedit with LaTeX plugin. Every time I save a document, it move the cursor and selects the parent section tag. How can I stop it?22:03
beandoggsr: that's true22:04
beandogstrictly speaking, if they have your user password, they have root access.22:04
usr13__gsr: You mean that a user that is in admin22:04
bobweaverhello there can anyone tell me how to do this ?  apt-get source ubuntu-wallpaper-{k..p}22:04
gsrusr13__ : yeah, I guess.  Back in my day it was called wheel :)22:05
usr13__gsr: I know, I know.  But you just do not understand the way Ubuntu is built.  It is best to leave it as it is.22:05
beandoggsr: yah ubuntu uses admin for some (unorthodox) reason22:06
wedgiei've got 'up route add -net gw' in /etc/network/interfaces under the static config for the interface that has that gateway, but when i restart networking (or reboot the server) the route doesn't appear. Where did i go wrong?22:06
beandogI guess it does make more sense, as a naming scheme.  You can still throw yourself in wheel th ough if you want22:06
gsrusr13__: that kind of sounds like a shortcut to thinking22:06
wedgiepretty vanilla install of 12.04 server22:06
MrokiiHello. Is it safe to disable "Bluetooth Manager" in Autostart items if my computer doesn't have Bluetooth and I never intend to use it?22:07
beandoggsr: oh wait, they don't even make wheel group22:07
beandogI thought they did for some reason.  oh well.22:08
gsrfact is, choosing a complex root password, and using 'su -', is ultimately a more secure system - Ubuntu has dumbed it down for the migrating from windows folk, making it more "idiot proof" than "secure"22:08
usr13__gsr: It's not.  But setting a password for root will not help you.  What advantage do you get?22:08
usr13__tcstar:  Can I PM you?22:08
gsrusr13__:  if your user password becomes compromised, your system as a whole doesn't22:08
beandogusr13__: actually, real security would be *disabling sudo* and changing the root password.22:08
gsrits kind of the reason root was invented in the first place, methinks22:08
WHAT_UPif someone identifies your password, can't they just sudo -s and do whatever they want?22:09
beandogWHAT_UP: yes22:09
usr13__beandog: Well, you could do that, but is it any more secure?  Answer:  No22:09
MonkeyDustusr13__  discussions in#ubuntu-offtopic please22:09
WHAT_UPso how's that not compromised?22:09
MonkeyDustusr13__  discussions in #ubuntu-offtopic please22:09
beandogusr13__: it's more secure because then you have *two* passwords, not one, and no default root access22:09
usr13__Going to #ubuntu-offtopic22:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:09
beandogMonkeyDust: bah, sorry22:09
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winchatare Cdrtools programs only meant for cd/dvd/blueray R or can they be used with all R +- , RW+- media ?22:12
beandogwinchat: I don't think they work with bluray22:12
beandogYou can mount bluray just fine as UDF though22:12
beandogbut there's still the DRM22:12
winchatin theory I cann't see any restrictions22:12
winchatI mean on a none DRM based blueray22:13
winchatbasically do these tools lack the driver program for a blueray or the ability to use a driver program22:13
Stryker1hey, what is the channel for musicians?22:15
Stryker1that use ubuntu?22:15
grafthi, when is gimp 2.8 going to make it in?22:16
MonkeyDustStryker1  #ubuntustudio22:16
slaptmanWhat is the alternative to devede?22:17
Stryker1MonkeyDust: there is another one22:17
MonkeyDustslaptman  devede IS the alternative22:17
slaptmanThere is no other software in linux that can convert a avi to a dvd?22:18
trismgraft: it is in 12.10 already, we may get a backport to precise, but there is a bug blocking it right now22:18
grafttrism: will it work okay from some ppa?22:18
MonkeyDustgraft  use PPAs at your own risk, they are not officially supported22:19
slaptmankeep getting a mencoder error22:19
znfIt seems that ro.archive.ubuntu.com is down, and the only other archive mirror I know is one that has a file named "Archive-Update-in-Progress-sadashbia.canonical.com" <--- what's this about?22:19
trismgraft: I have been using the straight backport from quantal on precise from a ppa for a while, works fine, I suppose it depends on which ppa you choose (I don't have a recommendation)22:19
=== WHAT_UP is now known as Mousetruck_
lloowenHello all :) I need advice/recommendations on very low memory usage applications. I'm looking for a lightweight text editor(gui) , photo viewer , pdf reader. I'm running a very minimal Ubuntu 10.04LTS with blackbox from a usb which runs on a thin client with only 128Mb of RAM22:20
shaundudelloowen:  The lightest text editors are not GUIs22:20
shaundudevim > gedit22:21
slackin_Hey, when transcoding using mplayer, there is a switch you can use to force mplayer to keep the audio in sync every frame or something, it helps when there is audio sync wander, i cant find it in the man page and I'm drawing a total blank, anyone know what I'm talking about?22:21
shaundudeor just plain vi22:21
slaptmanmight be the lightest and easiest22:21
beandogslackin_: -framedrop ?22:21
=== Mousetruck_ is now known as cached
slackin_beandog, no, thats for issues with cpu lag22:21
Stryker1hey, try using avidemux22:21
beandogslackin_: eh, not necessarily22:21
slaptmangeany is what i use it's very nice for websites22:21
beandogbut mostly, yah22:22
lloowenwhat about a low memory photo viewer?22:22
slackin_beandog, if someone says it, ill know instantly22:22
slackin_i have used it dozens of times22:22
slackin_i just cant find it or remember right now at all22:22
graftslackin_: autosync22:22
beandogslackin_: ah, kk, just trying to remember an argument22:22
Stryker1anybody remember the name of the room that had linux related media help22:23
slaptmanwell ima keep hoping there is a nother prog like devede out there22:23
slackin_graft maybe, does it have a 2 letter abbv, like maybe -as22:23
graftlloowen: shotwell is pretty good eh?22:23
Stryker1slaptman: try avidemux22:23
graftslackin_: not that i know of, but that's what autosync does22:23
slackin_graft ill try that22:23
slaptmanthanks stryker122:24
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slackin_graft, looked up that in man page, your right, its -autosync 022:24
bzed > vim22:24
slackin_thats what i used before22:25
Stryker1slaptman: yeah22:25
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rinzlerhow do I find usb info on a usb wifi adapter?22:30
Paul_EHi all, I would like to make a live CD version of my existing desktop which I have customized. Tried using remastersys, but that produces an installable live CD. I want a live CD that operates exactly as the current state of my desktop, however from CD. Could you please point me in the right direction to achieve this?22:31
FloodBot1yugger: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:32
Paul_EI did find this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeALiveCD/DVD/BootableFlashFromHarddiskInstall22:33
beandogslackin_: did you figure it out?22:33
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Paul_E(seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, so I'll give it a look--at least the title does...)22:33
slackin_beandog, i thought i did, but no22:33
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beandogslackin_: :(22:33
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jabberwalkieHi can anyone help me understand why this jplayer works in chrome/ie but not firefox 13 on Linux? here is the page: http://www.proeventdj.com/jplayer/demos/pedj-audio.htm22:40
jabberwalkiei realize this is not a Ubuntu question, but Ubuntu people are smart! :)22:41
QualiaI updated my ubuntu and unity launcher only shows the background color ...22:41
rinzlerfrom this device info retrieved via lsusb, what is the vendor and product ids?22:46
MonkeyDustQualia  try MyUnity, it's in the software center22:47
asmonautmy ip is xxxx. that leads to a router where my server is forwarded as which is set static on server. When I try my site from browser IN THE SERVER I get router user/pass dialog, but works ok from outside lan. Now what is my ServerName in httpd.conf, xxxx or
asmonautthanks in advance22:47
rinzlerfrom this device info retrieved via lsusb, what is the vendor and product ids? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1088902/22:53
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kriskropdI've setup FreeNX with Awesome on an Ubuntu Server or some minial GUI-necesary stuff, however I am having trouble with getting asian characters to display; Asian characters display a block with their charmap ID numbers, solution anyone?22:56
usr13__asmonaut: Are you using Ubuntu?22:56
noiroHey guys, does anyone know a good program dock I can incorporate with fluxbox to act as a replacement to gnome?22:56
asmonautlooking how to find where apache is listening :P22:56
noiroPreferably with workstation support.22:56
ok_rinzler, dude! it actually says in the printed info, i really shouldnt be sending you this link but here you go http://www.belkin.com/uk/support/article/?lid=enu&aid=612122:57
rinzlerfine. here's my actual question. 050d:705c which one is which?22:58
stiltzkinHey, can someone please help me with installing the drivers/firmware for a Broadcom BCM4306 (b43 driver)? I've tried every guide and official doc out there, nothing works22:59
stiltzkinJockey shows no available drivers on the system even after installing b43-firmware-installer, etc22:59
graftasmonaut: so, to summarize, you have a server with LAN ip running a webserver that is forwarded through your router?22:59
usr13__asmonaut: You shouldn't need to specify.  If the outside IP is correctly forwarded to the correct inside IP, you are good to go.23:00
usr13__asmonaut: What problem are you having?23:00
ok_rinzler, assuming then you've lost the case for the adaptor?23:00
stiltzkinReally at my wits end here. I know the card works, I just can't get it to work on this computer. I double checked /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf as well - it's not blacklisted23:00
usr13__asmonaut: Or what are you trying to do?23:00
asmonautbut a restart in apache says sth else...23:00
graftasmonaut: ServerName is usually the domain name of the site23:00
usr13__asmonaut: What does it say?23:01
asmonautCould not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName23:01
usr13__graft: correct23:01
ok_rinzler, just install for the ZD1211B chipset rather than the vendor model23:01
usr13__asmonaut: Well that doesnt' really matter.23:01
asmonaut(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
stiltzkinAny help very much appreciated. Wireless drivers are still a nightmare.23:01
asmonautno listening sockets available, shutting down23:01
asmonautUnable to open logs23:01
asmonautAction 'start' failed.23:01
FloodBot1asmonaut: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:01
usr13__asmonaut: It will work anyway.23:01
graftasmonaut: can you pastebin this stuff?23:01
asmonautglad to !! thanks23:01
usr13__asmonaut: Oh well, you have another problem.23:01
ok_rinzler, http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/zd1211rw/23:02
graftasmonaut: also you probably need to run as root or some such, how are you starting apache?23:02
stiltzkinFor reference I followed these instructions: http://www.linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#b43_and_b43legacy23:02
faryshtaHow can I modify the volume on XFCE?23:02
stiltzkinAlso the official Ubuntu docs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx?action=show&redirect=WifiDocs%2FDriver%2FBroadcom43xx23:02
usr13__asmonaut: What version of Ubuntu is installed?23:03
stiltzkinStrongly considering just reinstalling the OS at this point.23:03
kriskropdfaryshta should be a speaker or volume related icon on the panel if its stock xfce23:03
usr13__asmonaut: YOu need to look at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf  (not httpd.conf)23:03
asmonautright :) actually the latter is empty23:04
rinzlerok_: I just want to know what number is the device id. I'm trying to put USB device info in a filter for VirtualBox23:05
usr13__ asmonaut how did you install apache2 ?23:05
faryshtakriskropd, nope, nowhere to be seen, can't find it on the addable buttons either.23:05
acemeisterI got the 64 versio nof ubuntu instead of 64 bit...I want to resintall with th 32 bit ver... should I uninstall the 64 bit version first or just install over it?23:05
stiltzkinwell...guess it's time to reinstall. this sucks.23:05
faryshtaHow can I modify the volume on XFCE?23:06
graftasmonaut: use sudo23:06
graftasmonaut: you can't do service apache2 restart as a normal user23:06
acemeisterI got the 64 versio nof ubuntu instead of 64 bit...I want to resintall with th 32 bit ver... should I uninstall the 64 bit version first or just install over it?23:06
acemeisterhow do i uninstall ubuntu in winxp/23:06
graftacemeister: installing over it will wipe it out anyway23:06
acemeisterk good23:07
graftacemeister: is it installed in a VM or something?23:07
ok_rinzler, id codes are maker:model23:07
acemeisterdo u reccomend i use wubi or is that th eonly way i ca n dual boot?23:07
rinzlerok_: thanks23:07
graftacemeister: virtual machine23:07
asmonautk the socket part worked, but still can see its own name, cuz none is in apache2.conf23:07
kriskropdfaryshta add the "Indicator Plugin" ony our xfce panel23:07
usr13__asmonaut: Did you run it as sudo  ?23:07
acemeisterits on  a desktop23:08
usr13__or restart as sudo?23:08
asmonautwhich leads us back to: local static IP or world static IP?23:08
asmonautyep sudo with a roar23:08
graftacemeister: oh, you're using wubi? well, then you should delete the old install23:08
acemeisterwhat does wubi do?23:08
kriskropdI've setup FreeNX with Awesome on an Ubuntu Server or some minial GUI-necesary stuff, however I am having trouble with getting asian characters to display; Asian characters display a block with their charmap ID numbers, solution anyone?23:08
repozitorwhat is the default password in ubuntu 10.10 live?23:08
acemeisterwhy should i use wubi is it worse than bootup from the cd23:08
graftacemeister: wubi installs ubuntu to a disk image (file) on your windows partition23:09
usr13__asmonaut:  is it running now?   Can you see it?   lynx -dump    #Should show you "It works"23:09
acemeisteris that th eonly way i can dual boot, thisw ay?23:09
graftacemeister: it's just less intrusive than trying to repartition your windows partition23:09
kriskropdrepozitor I don't think there should be any password, try leaving it blank23:09
acemeistergraft is that th eonly way i can dual boot, thisw way using wubi23:09
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graftacemeister: no, you can repartition your drive, too23:09
faryshtakriskropd, done.23:10
acemeisterso i should or shouldnt use wubi?23:10
acemeisterdoes it suck worse23:10
repozitorkriskropd: no, it need passwd23:10
mdelhey guys and gals23:10
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graftasmonaut: ServerName isn't really necessary, unless you've got multiple virtual hosts and so on, i don't think23:10
asmonautlynx not installed23:10
usr13__asmonaut:   lynx -dump localhost   #Will also show it23:10
graftacemeister: depends, what are you using the system for?23:10
usr13__asmonaut: sudo apt-get install lynx23:11
kriskropdrepozito how did you even get a login screen on the live cd? there is no login23:11
kriskropdrepozitor* ^23:11
meoblast001Unity's "stability" confuses me so much23:12
mdeli just picked up a video card to replace my onboard... when i install it and enable it in the bios, the screen turns all glitched23:12
kriskropdrepozitor https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+question/15406723:12
meoblast001how is it that both of my machines randomly lock up and the hard drive usage goes solid until i shut the machine down23:12
mdelim guessing I need to install the drivers, but how can I do that (restricted drivers) without having the card in?23:12
meoblast001i can't move the cursor or anything23:12
faryshtakriskropd, that did the trick. Thanks.23:12
meoblast001machine grinds to a complete halt23:12
acemeistergraft im using the system for word processing23:12
mdelmeoblast001: i've had that, it was a bad sata port23:12
acemeisterand browsing the web video23:12
kriskropdfaryshta glad to help23:12
meoblast001mdel: 2 bad SATA ports?23:13
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acemeisterthat sort of thing23:13
meoblast001no, it sounds like a bad Unity bug23:13
meoblast001this did not happen until i upgraded to 12.0423:13
meoblast001both machines started doing it at the same time23:13
mdelcould be the controller23:13
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asmonautlynx dump localhost gives me a ¨get adobe player¨ msg, which means site works as localhost (as it does inbrowser)23:13
mdelis this a new issue?23:13
meoblast001mdel: on 2 machines? which suspicously happens at the same time i upgrade them to 12.04?23:13
usr13__asmonaut: -dump23:13
Erealz12-04 is not as stable as 10.423:13
Erealzthat simple23:13
Erealzi have constant crashes.23:14
meoblast001i've considered switching to Debian23:14
asmonautlynx -dump hangs.... still hanging... still hanging ... :P23:14
meoblast001i would have months ago if i didn't hate change so much23:14
OerHeksmeoblast001, use top or install htop to see what process is bugging you23:14
usr13__asmonaut: lynx -dump localhost  #from that machine.  lynx -dump  #Should also work, and work from other PCs in the LAN23:15
Erealzi like deb alot but it like alot of the ubuntu features so23:15
meoblast001OerHeks: problem is, when this process does its.... thing... he system becomes unusable quite quickly23:15
meoblast001so right now, i doubt top would even find the problem23:15
meoblast001but at a random moment, my hard drive light goes on full and my cursor stops moving23:15
titanthey are all the same, only different colors and windows managers :p23:15
usr13__asmonaut: service --status-all  #Should show:  [ + ]  apache223:16
OerHeksmeoblast001, top can identify what causes it, i could say random common problem is ubuntu-one trying to connect23:16
usr13__asmonaut: Does it?23:16
repozitorkriskropd: if i set the password already, yes i can,23:16
repozitorbut i didn't set pass  yet!23:16
graftacemeister: i mean what ar eyou using the ubuntu system for? just to test it out?23:16
meoblast001OerHeks: i don't use Ubuntu One, would it be running anyway?23:16
OerHeksmeoblast001, i thought it is running standard somewere23:17
kriskropdrepozitor, the live cd should just take you straight to a desktop,a ssuming you chose that over the "install" route; if it didn't try rebooting the live CD, there IS no user or pass on the ubuntu live CD for 10.10 (as the last link I posted suggested was done for security reasons)23:17
meoblast001oh, it seems so23:18
meoblast001OerHeks: is it possible to remove Ubuntu One completely?23:18
nrdbhi... I install 12.04 a few days ago... I need to type a document... LibreOffice isn't doing any spell checking !  .. :( ..  I have checked the options and it seems to be setup ok ... but no spelling errors are being found, even deliberate ones.... what is wrong?23:19
kriskropdI've setup FreeNX with Awesome on an Ubuntu Server or some minial GUI-necesary stuff, however I am having trouble with getting asian characters to display; Asian characters display a block with their charmap ID numbers, solution anyone?23:19
OerHeksmeoblast001, yes, you could remove it from startup.23:19
asmonautah i see. well, other puter is windows. in browsers give ¨taking too long -firefox¨/¨could not connect-chrome¨23:19
asmonautusr13__, yes, apache +23:20
asmonautbut well, i still duno what to write as ServerName, but im guesing my isp given static ip (router) instead of local static?23:22
OerHeksmeoblast001, `u1sdtool -q` will stop the daemon23:22
meoblast001OerHeks: i just killed ubuntuone-syncdaemon23:23
meoblast001does that do the same?23:23
OerHekswell, i hope so23:23
meoblast001okay, i hope this makes things better23:23
repozitorkriskropd:i left the both filed blank23:24
repozitorbut can't login23:24
OerHeksthis is one issue. other issue that can solve many slow ubuntu, is disable IPv6