len-dtailo, http://lists.linuxaudio.org/pipermail/linux-audio-user/2012-July/085677.html this looks promising.01:45
len-dtIf jack/alsa can see all the input tracks on the R16 or R24, that would add to the list of USB units that just work01:47
len-dtThe R8 is 2i/o but the 16/24 are 8in/2out01:48
len-dtWhat does make me a little leery of things is the suggestion on the zoom web site that two units can be synced via USB... to within 2ms01:50
len-dtI guess they are talking time code sync, not audio. Don't put stereo across the two machines.01:51
len-dtOh and the syncing is only for stand alone use.01:51
len-dtMy local music store doesn't have them so I can't try.01:52
ailolen-dt: It's usb 1.1, so that explains it01:59
len-dt24 bit?01:59
ailoThe R8 doesn't require drivers as far as I can see02:00
ailoI'll check the manual02:00
len-dtsays it requires a USB2.0 port.02:00
len-dtThe manual is a long downlaod02:03
ailoIt is02:04
ailolen-dt: I found something about a driver now..02:06
ailoIt says it offers lower latency being ASIO02:07
ailoSo, maybe not actually needed for full functionality02:07
ailolen-dt: I'm starting a list here, but not putting links for it anywhere yet. Would like to go through a bunch of known devices and add them first02:14
ailolen-dt: Reading the manual. It wasy 96kHz/24 bits, but haven't got to how and when02:28
ailoAlso, seems like a great tool02:29
ailoHas sampler builtin, and sequencing02:29
ailoIf you don't mind its' interface02:29
len-dtailo, seems good to use away from the computer for sure.02:29
ailoBut it says if you import stuff into it, it can only handle up to 48kHz02:31
ailoAnd on Mac, no driver needed02:31
ailoSo, I don't know02:31
ailoThe trouble with jack is that you don't know if it's actually running in 24 bits02:33
ailoEven if you are using that for your project on whatever software you use02:33
len-dtWed Jul 11 19:38:31 2012: ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 32bit integer little-endian02:34
len-dtThis from the jack log02:34
ailoThere is a way to know, but I have forgotten. Thinking about implementing that to -controls.02:34
len-dtThat is for the d6602:34
ailolen-dt: Yes, but that's not what the card is doing02:34
ailoKnowing what sample rate the card is working at is what I mean02:35
ailoI mean, bit rate02:35
len-dtWith my USB1.1 device it says 16  bit02:35
len-dtI can't remember what it says with my HD internal.02:36
ailoIf that is so, then that would do it02:37
ailoI just remember asking las about it, and he gave me a hint02:37
ailoIt says 32 bits for me too, but my card only supports 24 bits, and I don't think there is still a device that supports more02:38
len-dtI wonder if L&M would rent me their R24... (I can't aford to buy one.)02:38
ailoI could probably try a lot of devices here.02:39
ailoJust need to prepare something, so I can store the results02:39
ailoAnd get my finger out of my ..02:39
ailoThere are plenty of shops around02:39
len-dtIt may be that alsa uses 32 bit for anything bigger than 1602:39
ailoI think so02:39
len-dtI think Ardour uses 32bit internal too no matter what the input is.02:40
len-dtfloating point?02:40
ailoUsually you can choose between 16, 24 and 3202:42
ailoBut when you set the device, it's either 16 or 2402:42
len-dtIt is interesting:• USB hubs are not supported.02:47
len-dt• Intel® chipsets recommended.02:47
len-dtI wonder if they are talking about the USB chip set02:47
len-dtjust to confirm:03:04
len-dtWed Jul 11 20:08:51 2012: ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 16bit little-endian03:04
len-dtailo, That is my USB1.1 device03:05
len-dtMy old ensoniq is the same.03:06
ailoI'm really getting too little done right now. I was hoping to finish this puredata project (or at least wrap the major part up) within this week, but it just keeps draggin on03:06
ailoThe problem is, I can't find the peace of mind to do anything else until it's done03:07
ailoBut it doesn't help trying too hard either03:07
len-dtailo, the heat is getting to me, I end up coming home and sleeping.03:07
ailoJust has the opposite effect03:07
ailoWell, no need to worry too much. Just try to relax and have a bit of fun03:08
ailoI would probably share the project with other people, but I don't think I will be able to get even one other person to help on it, or not very easily03:09
ailolen-dt: Have some lime drink. I usually like that on a hot day03:10
ailoThink I'm going for a run soon. bbl03:10
len-dtailo, I'm ok now, it is just after a 3 hour fast walk with weight, I'm done for a bit03:19
ailoI can imagine that will make you hot :)04:28
len-dtI look for sprinklers05:02
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