juancBuenas noches03:39
juancNecesito algo de ayuda para que Ardour,Hidrogen y Zynaddsubfx puedan interactuar juntos03:40
juanc┬┐Alguien me puede ayudar por favor?03:40
juancgood night03:42
juanc  I need some help for Ardour, and Zynaddsubfx Hidrogen to interact together  Does anyone can help me please?03:42
len-dtjuanc, what have you tried?03:43
len-dtand how are you trying to use them together.03:44
juancIf I tried03:45
len-dtNot sure what you mean.03:46
juancI use Ardour and ZynAddSubFX, but I fail to record what I play with Ardour and ZynAddSubFX Higorgen03:47
juancI apologize my bad English but I am translating with Google03:48
juancWhat I need is that I can record Arduor I touch with ZynAddSubFX and Hidrogen.03:50
len-dtOuch. and I have not a lot of experience using these things.03:50
len-dtOk, so you are recording audio with ardour and having hydrogen provide drums03:51
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sunzmy usb mouse stops working after waking the system from standby.. what can i do about it?17:44
aaasanyone having problems exporting with ardour when using jack2...i.e. this: http://trac.jackaudio.org/ticket/27419:46
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nannesWhat is Ubuntu Studio useful for?22:18
Unit193Working with audio, video, graphics, etc.22:19
nannesit simply has some useful applications pre-installed?22:20
Unit193Configuration differences, and that.22:21
MOSMaraudera lot audio tools, rt kernel ....22:45
MOSMarauderxfce as desktop22:45

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