jdsandersSpamapS: ping?15:23
SpamapSjdsanders: pong16:30
SpamapSjdsanders: another day, more fun?16:30
jdsanderslol, thanks for ponging but whatever it was I was gonna ask, I've figured out at this point16:32
jdsandersoh i remember now - I was wondering what you think the "expect" value should be if I'm using start-stop-daemon16:35
jdsandersis it "expect fork" because it forks to run the given --exec?16:36
jdsandersit seems to work fine without "expect fork", so I just left it off, but logically it seems like it should have it16:38
jdsandersSpamapS: ^^16:38
SpamapSjdsanders: no16:47
SpamapSjdsanders: expect is only for processes that detach from their parents16:48
SpamapSjdsanders: if redis has a "run in the foreground" mode, just use that16:48
jdsandersoh ho ho!16:48
jdsanderswell, i am16:48
SpamapSthen no expect is needed16:48
jdsandersso your point is that even though multiple processes are created, none of them are detached16:48
jdsandersso everything tracks properly16:48
jdsandersthat clears up some confusion16:48
jdsandersthanks again SpamapS!16:56

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