* pleia2 tries template page for meeting minutes00:58
pleia2if I knew what day it was that'd be awesome01:25
pleia2anyway, meeting minutes are up now01:40
pleia2and tweeted01:40
genii-aroundpleia2: Do you have a link? I would like to see how different it looks from the meetingology stock page...02:43
genii-aroundActually I found it :)02:44
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ochosielfy: did you get a chance to test light-software-center yet?09:32
elfynope - was the one I linked you yesterday they one you meant? 09:33
ochosioh, you linked me to something?09:34
ochosisorry, must've overlooked it09:34
ochosiyeah, that's it09:35
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elfyochosi: I'm happy to run it and help - but I'd need some pointers how to install it :)09:41
ochosielfy: that's the thing, you have to clone the bzr branch and then build it09:42
ochosithere's no ppa yet afaik09:43
elfy!! sounds like voodoo to me ... I do have bzr setup here - was looking at the ubuntu manual 09:43
ubottuelfy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:43
elfysilly ubottu09:43
ochosifirst you run bzr branch lp:light-software-center09:44
ochosithen you have the code and start looking for build instructions there :)09:44
elfyok 09:44
elfywill look today 09:44
ochosii guess "./autogen.sh && make" should work09:44
elfyokey doke09:45
ochosiand then hopefully you'll get an executable in /src09:45
ochosii mean: src/09:45
ochosithen you won't have to run "sudo make install"09:45
elfydon't have bzr lol - it's in 12.04 - getting perm denied errors atm - I'll sort it out and have a play09:47
elfythanks for the help09:47
ochosiyou'll also need libpackagekit-glib2-dev09:47
ochosiand actually you have to run "./autogen.sh && ./configure"09:47
ochosi(and then make i assume)09:47
ochosiand you need libsqlheavy-dev09:48
ochosiok, i'm off for now, bbl09:48
elfyk - cya09:48
ochosigood luck elfy  :)09:48
* astraljava hasn't yet figured out the logic behind alternating between elfy and hobgoblin.10:01
elfyastraljava: elfy is my forum nick - so if there are people in the #uf channel floating about that are new I use it so they know who I am 10:02
elfybut I tend to be hobgoblin on IRC 10:03
astraljavaYeah ok. :)10:04
elfyochosi: I have officially given up with that :| 10:42
astraljavaWhat seems to be the problem?10:52
elfybzr won't let me get the branch - Permission denied (publickey).10:53
elfymaybe it all needs time to talk to each other - who can tell10:54
elfyI did the pgp key thing and bzr lets me login without any trouble10:54
elfyoh - is it an ssh key I need ?10:55
astraljavaelfy: Yes.10:58
elfythat works then ... ;P10:59
elfyty astraljava :)11:01
astraljavaOh no worries, that was altogether... 10 key presses to help. I won't charge you for that small a fix.11:32
astraljavaActually, it was less than that, cause I used tab completion. So it was 1. e, 2. <tab>, 3. <shift>, 4. y, 5. e, 6. s, 7. . and 8. <enter>.11:34
ochosielfy: so, did you get anywhere?13:28
elfyI am now bald13:28
elfygot almost there :) - it won't make though make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.13:29
ochosiyou mean as in: you don't have any hair on your head anymore?13:29
ochosia-ha, well maybe you have to do something else, i haven't looked at the build-system13:29
elfyyea - I rarely do this so I've no real experience to draw on 13:30
ochosithis suggests it should work that way: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-software-center-team/light-software-center/trunk/view/head:/INSTALL13:30
ochosidid configure succeed?13:30
ochosias in: did you get all the build-deps installed?13:31
elfymissing gtk+-3.0 13:31
elfya bit firther then lol13:31
ochosiin that case you have to try to configure until you don't get any of those errors anymore :)Ö13:32
elfyI just assumed that when you said ./autogen && make that would do it all :)13:32
elfyI shall soldier on :)13:32
ochosii corrected myself though with that and mentioned at least two dependencies13:34
elfyI got those :)13:34
elfyanyway - I shall play a bit more now :)13:34
elfyochosi: http://i.imgur.com/oj8ha.png13:48
elfyempty - but I got further than I was :)13:49
ochosilooks almost ok :)13:49
elfythanks for the help 13:50
ochosiso did configure and make succeed without errors?13:53
ochosior were there some issues with packagekit which could be the reason for no pkgs showing up13:54
elfydidn't see any errors about packagekit13:54
elfyI can redo it all - didn't take long once I wasn't making daft mistakes 13:55
ochosiyeah, you can run ./configure and make anytime again13:58
ochosibtw, it's possible that you have to run "sudo make install" for it to really work...13:58
ochosi(you can still uninstall it, just not via package-management)13:58
elfyno errors that I could see - a warning is all, if you want to look then it's all here http://pastebin.com/aCrwLbsz14:02
elfythere is a dbbuild in the /usr/local/bin that's new though 14:03
ochosiyou just ran ./autogen?14:03
elfyand configure and sudo make install 14:03
ochosiand make?14:03
elfynot make 14:04
ochosiyou should try that :)14:04
ochosiautogen is only needed once, then configure and make14:04
ochosithen make install14:04
elfystill empty :)14:05
elfyanyway - gtg now for a bit14:05
elfybut if you have time later - then we could try and get it working so I can try it out - or anyone else :)14:06
ochosiok sure14:06
ochosielfy: just talked to one of the lsc-devs, it's simply not ready (and won't be for 12.10)14:12
ochosiknome: since you and i are assignees for that workitem ^ i think we have to look elsewhere for alternatives14:12
ochosiknome: (replace USC/Synaptic with light-software-center)14:13
knomeochosi, ok14:13
knomei'm off, see you later14:14
ochosime too14:18
elfyok ochosi - I will forget all about that then - if there is a need in the future for it let me knwo14:21
ochosielfy: yup, thanks!14:25
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pleia2web admin people (requires log in): thoughts on what to add to this? http://xubuntu.org/?p=132519:00
knomepleia2, btw, anybody in the -team has access to anything unpublished, including editing ;)19:05
pleia2I know, I guess I mean "web admin people" as "anyone who cares enough" ;)19:06
knomepleia2, i'd move twitter to be the first, but that's just personal preference19:06
pleia2not everyone has accounts19:06
knomeaccount is created when you log in with ubuntu sso19:07
pleia2I know19:07
knomeanyway, twitter as first, and maybe mention they are listed on the xubuntu.org footer :)19:07
knomeand i might just write the parenthesis on the second paragraph "open" some way or other19:08
knomei mean, remove the parenthesis and the contents, and if we need to say that aloud, start a new sentence :)19:08
pleia2yeah, trying to figure out how to say we didn't just take over the feeds :)19:09
knome"We definitely want to involve more people in the project, and that's why we have let the original admins keep their privileges - and to be exact, keep on running the groups as they used to"19:17
knomeor so19:17
pleia2ok, "As our intention was to not only reach more users through these resources, but also to involve more people in the project, for each of these resources we’ve asked them to keep on running the groups as they used to."19:23
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ochosinice review23:20
pleia2added to our press page :)23:22
drcJust a note, the Softpedia link is titled "Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Screenshot Tour at Softpedia" rather than Xubuntu.23:32
pleia2drc: fixed, thank you!23:33

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