w30drc, mine won't unclick. the window for settings won't close either, something is foobared.00:02
drcsounds like it is...and it's fubar...foo and bar are canonical variable settings :)00:04
drcw30, then maybe you might try the file cure...let me find a URL00:05
drcw30: http://askubuntu.com/questions/117127/flash-video-appears-blue00:06
w30drc isn't flash and Adobe wonderfull!00:08
drcw30: note that using this file cure solves the blue skin,  but it cause <me> not to be able to view some videos such as slashdot tv.00:08
w30drc, going for the url now; thanks00:08
drcyou pays your money and takes your chances.....00:08
w30drc, my purple smurf Jay Leno is now flesh colored, thanks00:20
drcnp...have fun00:21
drcBut I thought Leno "was" a smurf?00:21
w30drc, maybe he's purple from all those exhaust fumes in his garage?00:23
drcgarage, freeway, side street...in SoCal what's the difference?00:25
w30Leno's garage is probably more like a block.00:43
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agentgasmask_Hi all. When booting 12.04 the loading splash screen shows for 2 seconds, then the backlight of my screen turns off. If I hold the screen up to light I can see that it is still loading. then it goes to the login screen, and THEN 5-7 second later, the backlight comes on. Any idea how to fix this?04:09
Mathsterkagentgasmask_: it might be the screen, is it a laptop or desktop?04:10
zx22In xubuntu 12.04, is there any way to connect to a wep network with a key which is 9 characters in length? It seems to only want a key which is 5 or 13 characters...04:10
agentgasmask_Mathsterk: laptop04:10
agentgasmask_I've tried hitting the "brighter" key on the keyboard with no change04:10
Mathsterkagentgasmask_: model?04:14
agentgasmask_Mathsterk: Acer aspire one d26004:16
agentgasmask_Mathsterk: It seems odd that it works for a second or two and then doesn't for a bit. I would think if it was waiting for something to load to "turn it on" it would just stay on then...04:17
Mathsterkmaybe a driver isn't cooperating04:18
astraljavaagentgasmask_: Has this changed from any previous release, or is this 12.04 the first on that laptop?04:20
Mathsterksecond hit on google: http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/topic/11808/solved-odd-lcd-backlight-delay-at-statler-startup/04:20
agentgasmask_astraljava: I had 11.10 and I don't remember it happening. But I upgraded a wile ago, and I can't remember clearly.04:21
astraljavaYeah ok, just a thought to find out whether there's a regression.04:21
agentgasmask_Mathsterk: Great, reading now. Thanks04:23
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blarf_hi, if i want to use the open ati and nvidia driver with 3d support, do i need to do anything, like install something or change some config?11:00
Diceyou may need to install experimental nvidia 3D from "Additional drivers" dialog11:02
blarf_thaat is closed drivers ;-)11:03
Dicein 11.10 open 3D one was there too because it was experimental11:04
blarf_oh. but now is 12.04 released a long time ago so...11:06
Dicebut I don't know if nouveau with 3D support is still experimental, so I made a note about "maybe"11:07
xubuntu658I am msiyer12:00
xubuntu658I updated the X Server after I received a notification. After update, the normal Xubuntu login screen was not available. I decided to purge and reinstall X Server. I issued the following command:12:01
xubuntu658sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg12:01
xubuntu658sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg12:01
xubuntu658sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:01
xubuntu658This solved the login screen issue but I was now not able to login using my normal account. I could login using Guest User account only.12:02
xubuntu658I logged-in as the Guest User and went to the User Account Management utility. I could see my normal account listed there. I deleted it and chose to save the files in the /home/{normal account}. I re-cretaed the account.12:03
xubuntu658Is it not dangerous to allow a Guest User to manage User details?(A malicious user may have deleted my files too!)12:03
xubuntu658Any one who can help me...12:04
fabrihi all... I've got a Xubuntu 12.04 installed on a Toshiba Satellite L350... Everything is ok but the volume wheel doesn't control the main level but some other device... How can i set it?12:17
wobblyi would like to know how to get Xubuntu 12.04 to boot to  cli and not load the gui at start up thank you14:22
aguitelevery time?14:23
wobblyyes every time14:24
Marzatawobbly: maybe not the answer, but then  why do you need xubuntu, ubuntu server will do the job.14:24
wobblyi know14:24
ochosiwobbly: uninstall lightdm14:25
wobblybut i need to stop the gui and load desttop when i need to log in14:25
wobblyok like this14:26
wobblypower on box 95 # of the time i dont need dest top14:27
wobblybut i would still like it there for when i do14:28
wobblyif i need to log in i can run startx or what ever14:29
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wobblyjudt just need to know how to stop lightdm at start up14:30
ochosiwobbly: you don't need lightdm then. you can use startx for the cases when you want to run xfce14:33
wobblyso just uninstall lightdm ?14:34
ochosiyeah, i guess that should work14:39
alex_alexplease, advice15:00
PiciDon't get a tattoo when drunk.15:00
alex_alexthanks :) i was playing with pavucontrol - changing audio output15:01
PiciOh, xubuntu related advice.15:01
alex_alexand suddenly all sounds disappeared15:01
alex_alexand now no sound using alsa, pulse etc15:02
alex_alexi returned evrth back in sound properties15:02
alex_alexbut with no result15:02
alex_alexreinstalled pulseaudio and alsa15:03
alex_alex- nothing changed15:03
alex_alexif boot from livecd15:03
alex_alexsiund work15:03
alex_alexso it is not hadware error15:04
alex_alexwhat i have to do now?15:04
alex_alexadvice please what i can check, i dont want to reinstall the whole system again :(15:07
holsteinalex_alex: are you up to date with upgrades?15:07
alex_alexyes, sure15:07
holsteinhave you tried booting the older kernel?15:07
holsteinassuming there is one...15:07
alex_alexno, i dont have an older kernel15:08
holsteini would open a terminal and run "aplay -l" if you see something there, then, you can assume its going to make sound15:08
holsteini would open a terminal and run alsamixer, and dont trust the labels15:08
holsteini would careful think about what you have changed in the system "troubleshooing" your issue, and undo that15:08
holsteinthis is a great resource https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound ...typically, its an issue where the kernel doesnt support the device, or the alsa version15:09
alex_alexyes, i can see my card through aplay15:09
alex_alexand i checked alsdamixer too15:09
holsteinyou can always fire up the live CD, and see what kernel and what alsa rev is running there while sound is working15:10
alex_alexbut still no sounds15:10
holsteinalex_alex: sounds like you have misconfigured something.. i sould make a new user, and log in, see if there is sound15:10
holsteini would check all connections15:10
alex_alexi checked all connections  - ok15:11
alex_alexno i'll try to create a new user15:11
holsteintheres a bug where when you mute sound with the keyboard shortcut, you *must* unmute in the menu15:14
Level_9Hey guys... on a new install... I removed the xscreensaver package, and installed the gnome-screensaver package. But -- no lock function now, and no screensaver. Also, no menu entries for it. It's as if some dependencies didn't load via Synaptic....15:20
alex_alexi just created a new user - stil no sound (:15:21
holsteini use i think its xtrlock that im using now Level_915:22
holsteinalex_alex: it seems you have broken your sound... i would try and "retrace" your steps.. maybe you dont have everything properly reinstalled from when you were trying to troubleshoot... i would try selecting the output from alsamixer... i would make sure its not muted in some odd way15:23
alex_alexin pavicontrol sound is enabled15:25
alex_alexin the alsamixer i dont see this option15:25
holsteinalex_alex: there is a way to select the device.. but again, im not sure what you have changed while "troubleshooting"15:26
alex_alexi just changed the audio output to analog stereo duplex as it was by default15:28
alex_alexhow the puvucontrol can break the whole sound system?15:29
alex_alexvery strange15:29
Level_9xtrlock certainly is interesting. I had to ctrl-alt-F out to a console and kill it. How do you unlock in the GUI?15:30
holsteinalex_alex: it controls the sound system.. if you "experiment" with the settings, you can select a device that doesnt exist or whatever15:30
holsteinLevel_9: i just type the password15:30
Level_9LOL kewl15:30
alex_alexi tried to select everything in the list step by step - no sound15:30
holsteinLevel_9: i got gnome-screen-locker or whatever its called working though.. i wish i could remember the process... it wasnt terribly complex though15:31
holsteinalex_alex: right, but we dont know what you removed, or "reinstalled" or potentially broke before you got here.. can you recall?15:31
alex_alexi removed pulseaudio and alsa-base15:32
alex_alexthen reinstalled them15:32
alex_alexand thats all15:32
holsteinalex_alex: by what method? ..apt? synaptic?15:32
holsteinalex_alex: i know you are saying "thats all", but that will/can break sound15:32
holsteinif it were my box, i would try all options in alsamixer ...dont trust the labels there15:33
Level_9on alex_alex's topic what's the best mp3 (or better, multi-format) cli player for use with alsa?15:33
holsteincvlc ?15:33
alex_alexbut the sound disappeared before i reinstall this packages, i hope reinstall will fix the sound15:34
alex_alexi  use audacious only :)15:34
holsteinalex_alex: i wasnt aware audacious had a commandline function15:35
Level_9audacious is awesome. But I need to run ona teeny-tiny machine with no GUI.15:35
alex_alexyes, i see, but i have never used cli players before15:35
Level_9I'm using mpg321 right now, but it's stupid and just the first thing I tried other than aplay15:36
holsteinLevel_9: mp3blaster seems interesting.. havent spent much time with it myself... you should ask in #opensourcemusicians15:36
Level_9cool. I'm one of those.15:36
* holstein too :)15:37
Level_9down with the lawyers at RIAA, ASCAP, BMI, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. $$$$$$$$$15:37
alex_alexok, seems i have to buy a few bottles of beer and install linux mint right now15:38
alex_alexdamned pulse!15:38
Level_9all the music I write is open source </off_topic>15:38
holsteinalex_alex: mint uses pulse.. and you can break it with the same version of pavucontrol that is in the ubuntu repos that you were using15:39
alex_alexi know, but my sound problem it is just a one more reason to try this distro15:40
alex_alexas i have to install the system again, i can try smth different :)15:40
holsteinalex_alex: sure.. and you should try what you like, but you might want to use this as a learning experience, since all the major distros are actualy quite similar in this way15:41
holsteinif you are new to XFCE, linux, pulse, and ALSA, you might want to spentd a little bit more time troubleshooting and trying to undo what you have doen15:42
alex_alexi was googling 4 days, and now i just want to relax listening my favorite radio station15:43
holsteinin the future, you might want to come right in here before you do anything else15:44
holsteinit could be something in the UI you are not accustomed to, that now has been compromised15:44
alex_alexi think that smth miss configured deep in the system15:46
holsteinyeah, maybe you did15:46
alex_alexbut it is difficult to find what exactly15:46
alex_alexthanks guys, going to reinstall evrth now, buy!15:47
holsteini would install whatever DE you were used to using before15:47
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Level_9holstein: I noticed in the window manager that "gnome services" on startup is not checked by default.... my guess is that's why the gnome screensaver stuff isn't working. However, *I* _am_ working, so I can't just log out and log back in now. Will have to try later.16:02
Level_9wish xtrlock could be enabled after inactivity. it's awesome.16:03
Level_9that would be the resident NSA monitor's main complaint about it (they complain about everything other than corruption)16:04
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K1rkI created a customized, branded profile for my organization in Xubuntu.  I am trying to push this profile to users. (wallpapers, panel positions, panel preferences\widgets) etc.18:06
K1rkWhen I was on a Gnome environment I could simply cp -R /home/skeluser/* /etc/skel, then create a user with that skel folder and everything was copied.18:06
K1rkOn Xubuntu it seems some preferences, like wallpaper and panels, go back to default for this new user.18:07
K1rkHow can I fix this?18:07
Unit193.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-desktop.xml for example has the wallpaper, should be another way to set that though.18:09
K1rkUnit193, I assumed the settings were somewhere in the home directory... that's how it is for everything else.  Thanks for the file path, I will look at that file in a moment...18:09
K1rkI'm confused as to why a cp -R fails to carry those settings to my new user18:09
K1rkIt looks like my skel user does not have that XML file.18:11
K1rkUnit193, this is strange.  In /home/skeluser I have the XML file you're talking about.  In the user my skel profile created, that file is missing.18:12
K1rkOther XML files are present in that folder for the skel user, however18:12
K1rkUnit193, oh I think I figured out what it did.  This turns out it's not an xubuntu thing... it's that cp -R doesn't copy dotfolders?18:13
Unit193I was thinking that could be an issue.18:13
K1rkUnit193, I must've forgotten that part.  :P  It's been a year since we did imaging, so I haven't made a skel in awhile. My bad.18:13
Unit193I've not actually had to do it this style before, I've only done whole disk.18:15
K1rkI see what I did differently too.  I believe if I do "cp -R /home/skeluser /etc/skel" it will copy skeluser and all its dotfolders. Then I'll just mv everything up a level. That must be how I did it last year18:16
K1rkUnit193, thanks for making me realize my mistake.  I got everything working now.18:19
K1rkhttps://goput.it/0i9.png  :)18:20
K1rkThanks Unit19318:20
Unit193Great, glad it's working,,18:21
Unit193So this'll be put on a good deal of the computers there? Cool.18:22
K1rkYeah 200 this batch.18:25
K1rkWe have about 400 imaged 10.04.4 LTS with Gnome 218:25
K1rkBut due to driver issues we can't resolve on the old kernel, we're moving this batch to this.18:26
K1rkWe're making it as Gnome2-ish as possible to eliminate complaints from staff\students18:26
K1rkHence the Places applet, and my custom System menu18:26
Unit193Wow, that's pretty cool, hope it all works out!18:27
K1rkUnit193, we are going 1 to 1 starting this year. Over the next 4 years, we'll enter 200 netbooks each year into circulation with our incoming freshmen.18:27
K1rkWe've been running Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome2 on our computer labs and classroom laptops\netbooks for the past year, but we can't get the Latitude 2120 wired NIC working on the 2.6x kernel reliably.18:28
K1rkThat prompted our early move to Xubuntu 12.04 since we are certainly not going Unity18:28
K1rkUnit193, check this out18:33
K1rkI made a customized boot splash, I was very proud of this one. :P18:34
Unit193Ok, now that's nice.  Doing well with branding the school!18:35
Unit193(Also, cool for being in Ohio too)18:36
K1rkNo Illinois18:39
K1rkUnit193, I do have one other issue.  I'm not sure where this problem came from.  https://goput.it/1ii.png18:39
K1rkThe menu icons were there before........18:40
K1rkUnit193, the icons ARE still present for administrator (/home/skeluser, actually I lied slightly about the path to make it more sensible)18:41
K1rkSo it's something that fucked up in the copy to /etc/skel.18:41
Unit193Right, did you change from Humanity to Humanity-dark?  Could be something to do with .icons18:41
K1rkUnit193, seems to not matter which icon theme I choose.18:42
Unit193(Also, we try to keep it family friendly)18:42
K1rklol, sorry.18:42
drcbeen around teenagers too long :)18:42
K1rk^ true that.18:43
Unit193Should be a direct copy, so don't yet see why it'd be mangled.   Nothing in .icons/ ?18:43
K1rkdrc, didn't even realize I said it.18:43
K1rkUnit193, .icons does not exist in /home/tecs18:43
K1rkLet me check administraotr18:43
K1rknope, no .icons there either18:43
K1rkdrc, truth be told just because I work in IT doesn't mean I'm old. I'm 19.18:44
K1rkUnit193, could it be something wrong in .thumbnails?18:47
Unit193I was thinking more of menucache, or somesuch (Don't think .cache would have it)18:48
K1rkYou know I think I'm just going to copy /home/administrator by making a tarball of it.18:48
K1rkI must've missed something when I was doing dotfiles18:48
K1rkWow, recreating my ske f18:57
K1rkWhoops. ^18:57
K1rkWow, recreating my skel folder did NOT fix the problem.18:57
K1rkI am now certain all the dotfolders and dotfiles have been copied... I remade the whole skel.18:57
K1rkUnit193, the only icons missing are the ones for the groups\folders.  All the applications have icons.  And the Office group still has its correct icon.19:00
K1rkUnit193, also when I go into the Menu Editor, the icons ARE present in that.19:02
K1rksee: https://goput.it/39d.png19:03
K1rk...or not19:04
Unit193Random guess here, but rebuilding the menu seems like a good idea (update-menus ? ) rather than iconcaceh in that case (update-icon-caches)19:04
K1rkI must have misread that.19:04
K1rkupdate-menus is not a command19:04
K1rkupdate-icon-caches is, but doesn't help the problem.19:05
K1rkUnit193, I reuploaded the file I mislinked to.  https://goput.it/h42.png19:07
Unit193Odd, I have that command in the "menu" package, but otherwise I don't know on this.19:07
K1rkUnit193, output of "update TAB" http://gopaste.it/plh619:10
Unit193Oh, I trust you on that, just interesting.19:11
Darieto79I cannot change my cursors in Xubuntu 12.04...and when I do only some animations change19:12
K1rkfabster: qreqwr19:35
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xwalk_Is there a tutorial on connecting to a remote desktop with remmina?21:10
filcoxfce4-terminal -e screen irssi22:06
filcoin start up is not working22:06
filcowithout screen works, but with it doesn't22:06
filcowhat's up with this command?22:06
Unit193xfce4-terminal -e "screen irssi"22:07
filcothanks ill try it22:07
filcobrb rebooting22:08
filcoworks, thanks, though the nicklist didn't load up on boot22:09
Unit193I don't use that script, so I wouldn't know.22:11
filcodone it thanks for your help22:15
faryshtaHow can I modify the volume of XFCE?22:43

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