jelmerhey mgz08:22
mgzbug 102503009:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1025030 in Bazaar "[pipeline] bzr switch PIPENAME crashes with bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'BzrBranch5'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102503009:02
mgzlooks like something in 2.6 borked loom?09:02
jelmermgz: https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-loom/branch5-move/+merge/11530209:07
mgzjelmer: approved and etc09:12
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AfCI pushed a bzr branch to github, and saw my beautifully tracked renames get turned into removes and adds. Kittens are crying this night.10:35
LeoNerdThe Linux kernel source code rarely has to rename files, so Linus didn't consider renames a core feature in git10:37
LeoNerdThat's a sensible enough choice given that use-case. It just annoys me when people try to reuse git for all sorts of other things that do want to track renames10:37
AfCThe weird thing is that GitHub actually displays it as a "rename"10:39
jelmerAfC: git infers renames at run-time, it doesn't store them10:39
AfCjelmer: yeah10:39
AfC[I know]10:39
AfClike I said, think of the poor kittens10:39
AfCjelmer: if I've gone and used dpush (which rebases, I now see), should I take the now git-v1: revisions as the "real" ones and accept that as a universal replacement for my existing branches?10:40
AfCjelmer: [I didn't quite realize that sharing my code that way would imply having to rebase all my branches. I understand why it would be necessary, of course. Not sure what workflow makes sense, though]10:43
jelmerAfC: I wouldn't do this with any existing branches, it will horribly break your existing users10:43
AfCjelmer: ok10:45
AfCjelmer: [just me at this point on this particular repo]10:45
AfCjelmer: but no, I wouldn't want to do it for a major project! :(10:45
jelmerAfC: you should be able to get back to the old tip by using 'bzr heads --dead-only'10:46
AfCjelmer: no, it's cool, I have lots of versions of this branch around10:46
AfCjelmer: I'm experimenting10:46
jelmerAfC: ah, great10:47
AfCbut if I'm going to offer to share with people via github, that really locks me in to the rebase (and accepting their / those? revisions as authoritative10:47
AfCis that correct?10:47
jelmerAfC: yes10:47
jelmerdpush is a useful tool, but mostly if you occasionally contribute a fix to a git-based project10:47
* AfC hms, afraid of the implications he hasn't seen yet10:47
jelmerit's not really useful for working in bzr yourself and allowing others to work in git; for that, you really want roundtripping to work10:48
AfCjelmer: I remember years ago we talked of being able to preserve metadata when pushing to [Subversion] it then was10:48
AfCjelmer: round tripping ... as in keeping git and bzr locally, shuttling patches locally, and using git to shuttle from local to remote?10:49
AfCor as in "use fast-export"10:49
jelmerAfC: fast-export doesn't roundtrip10:49
jelmerAfC: it discards revision-ids, renames, revision properties, etc10:49
* AfC has been blissfully isolated in bzr only land for the last 5 years, but I'm trying to be more ... accomodating.10:50
AfCso {shrug} learning curve10:50
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AfCjelmer: [am I missing something? Do we *have* round trip capability?]10:54
jelmerAfC: no, there is no roundtrip capability10:55
jelmerAfC: enabling git users to contribute to a codebase in bzr doesn't work particularly well at the moment10:57
jelmerAfC: the other way around works better; and git-bzr presumably also works reasonably well for git users who want to contribute to bzr10:57
AfCjelmer: well the goal here is nothing original; would potentially like to host in github; no preference on my part [I host my own branches] but this particular community is github centric and I might be nice to make it easier for them.11:04
AfCI could just keep using bzr [and self-hosted branches] only, but...11:05
jelmerAfC: personally, if the community was github centric I would use git for this11:09
jelmerAfC: it would be nice if things interoperated better, but unfortunately that's not the case at the moment11:10
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AfCjelmer: hey, it's awesome what we have now. bzr-git is fantastic.13:31
trkvjelmer: hi, I've tried to implement thing we've spoken about last night. Could you give it a quick look and check if I've caught the idea how it's should be done? https://code.launchpad.net/~torkvemada/bzr/commit_hooks/+merge/11534814:16
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dashI'm getting "Tree transform is malformed" errors from 'bzr shelve'.15:20
dashlooks like this: http://dpaste.com/771792/15:20
dashis this a known bug? anything i should do to work around it? :)15:20
mgrandimissing parent?15:20
mgrandiare you..missing the parent? =P15:20
dashgood question. how would I check? :)15:21
mgrandiis the branch stacked or part of a shared repo?15:21
dashnope, it's standalone15:22
dashderyck: hmm wow, another bzr in birmingham? :)15:23
deryckdash, near Auburn actually :)15:23
mgrandiim not that familiar with teh bzr internals so im only guessing15:24
mgzga, why did people in the US have to be so unimaginative with place naming15:24
dashderyck: hah ok :) i haven't been down there since shortly after I graduated...15:24
dashmgz: americans came from england and brought their place names with them!15:24
dashmgz: also Birmingham was founded as a steel town. so naming after an English steel town made sense. :)15:25
deryckmgz, it's also not as if dash or I did the naming ;)15:25
mgzdash: the likely cause is you're shelving the rename/deletion of a directory with an ignored file in it15:25
dashmgz: hah! ok15:25
mgzor something similarly finikity15:25
dashmgz: I am most likely doing that.15:25
mgzyou should be able to just not do that.15:25
mgzdash: feel free to +affectsmetoo on bug 611739 if that was the issue15:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 611739 in Bazaar "shelve problem on shelving directory with ignored file inside" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61173915:29
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dashmgz: ah, thanks.16:10
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ldurosis there a gratis place like github for Bazaar projects?16:46
mgrandilaunchpad, or github using bzr-git16:46
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nessitahello everyone! I was wondering if anyone would have a hint about how to "fix" a branch that is crashing on bzr st. Full traceback is: https://pastebin.canonical.com/70279/20:16
nessitaI'm running bzr   Installed: 2.5.1-0ubuntu220:16
mgrandii dont have access to that pastebin? o.o20:18
mgrandipaste it to http://bpaste.net/20:19
nessitamgrandi: http://bpaste.net/show/wZE5C8kTsVdfug6caW0l/20:22
mgrandiwhat command are you running on it?20:23
jf_hi, I need help: I need to merge an already merged branch, because I mad some bad choices the first time.20:26
mgrandimerge it into waht20:27
jf_let me explain: in my branch b1 I did: bzr merge b2, I delete some good codes, commit, push, code,  commit, code commit, push20:28
nessitamgrandi: bzr st20:28
jf_a know I would like to resurect the good code20:28
jf_and now*20:28
mgrandijf_: can't you just uncommit the commit that was the merge?20:28
mgrandiand nessita yeah that shouldn't happen, some of the other more experienced developers should help you, as i cant figure out whats going on just in that stack trace20:29
jf_mgrandi, why not I'm open ! but how ?20:29
mgrandiif the merge was the last commit you made to the branch, you should just be able to do 'bzr uncommit20:30
jf_the merge wasn't the last commit20:30
jf_after my mistake I commited some good codes I don't want to loose20:30
mgrandihmm, this is more compliated now20:32
jf_mgrandi, yes that's why I'm here !20:32
mgrandiyou might have to make a diff of the revisions that you want to keep20:35
mgrandiand then uncommit the merge, and then reapply the diffs20:35
mgrandiim not sure if you can shelve already commited changes20:35
jf_palying with "bzr diff" and "patch" ?20:35
jf_and how to uncommit the merge ?20:35
mgrandiactually that might work20:37
mgrandi(make a backup of your branch before you try any of these)20:37
jf_ok thanks !20:37
mgrandii THINK this will put your branch back at like, revision 9 (in that example)20:37
mgrandibut leave the stuff that is about to be commited into revision 1020:38
mgrandiso you do that twice and then uncommit the merge i beleive20:38
mgrandialso see http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/beta/en/user-guide/undoing_mistakes.html20:38
mgrandii have to go eat now, brb20:39
jf_thanks for your help20:40
Noldorinhttp://pastie.org/4274394 -- anyone know what's up here??22:32
Noldorinweird error22:32
fullermdWhat's weird about it?22:34
Noldorinfullermd: i have no prob pulling from lp normally :P22:34
fullermdWell, it's all at the login level, so...22:36
Noldorinwhy does it even need to login?22:36
Noldorinfor a simple co22:36
fullermd'cuz nobody's implemented anonymous ssh, I presume.22:36
mwhudsonactually i have, but it was a venomous hack and i didn't propose it for merging :-)22:44
jelmerhah, there is an adjective I hadn't seen used in combination with "hack" before22:45
fullermdSounds like the sort you'd normally apply when talking about a person.  Behind their back, I'd hope...22:47

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