bencerstgraber: https://launchpad.net/~bencer/+archive/zentyal-2.3-q13:33
bencerthere you can find the new slapd package13:34
bencerdebdiff is clean :)13:34
stgraberbencer: what's making the files land in slapd-smbk5pwd? I fail to see any .install or install prefix in the debdiff that'd make that work13:42
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bencerstgraber: the changes in rules20:56
bencerif you download the package built20:56
benceryou will see the plugin is inside20:56
benceractually, same code than its in the debian package20:56
stgraberok, cool. I think it was still building when I checked this morning. I'll take another look later today and upload. thanks20:57
ajmitchstgraber: fwiw, once you get some info on the zatab, I'm collating what I can find to chuck on the wiki21:10
stgraberajmitch: still waiting on rbelem... so far I can get it into debug mode (but not exactly useful) and boot from microsd (but with no output so not even sure it boots...)21:12
ajmitchyeah I've got to find out how to get output21:12
ajmitcheven if it's usb-serial :)21:12
stgraberI'd love usb-serial, then I could at least see what uboot is doing ;)21:13
ajmitchare you using a pre-built armhf image currently?21:13

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