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ScottKTries to go online before there's a network.  Does kde-telepathy use solid?02:05
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jussidid skype 4.0 dump Qt? 06:46
DaskreechI thought they did06:55
DaskreechThey annouced a while back they were not using it as their main toolkit anymore06:56
agateauafaik, Skype only used Qt on Linux anyway, so not really their "main" toolkit07:22
agateaubut I am curious, are you saying Skype 4.0 uses something else on Linux? if so which toolkit?07:23
debfxat least the canonical partner package still depends on Qt07:39
jussiagateau: I dont know tbh, but it certainly doesnt look like Qt07:43
jussidebfx: try the new 4.0 from skype.com07:43
jussijussi@albatross:~$ apt-cache depends skype07:43
jussi  Depends: lib32stdc++607:43
jussi  Depends: lib32asound207:43
jussi  Depends: ia32-libs07:43
jussi  Depends: libc6-i38607:43
jussi  Depends: lib32gcc107:43
jussithat was supposedc ot go to pastebin...07:44
agateaustatically linked it is?07:44
jussiIm guessing it must be07:44
jussialthough, from the feel, it _could_ be html5...07:44
debfxjussi:  ia32-libs depends on qt07:44
agateaujussi: html5 has to be loaded with something07:45
debfxthe 32bit package has libqtgui4 ...07:45
agateaudebfx: I don't think it is the case anymore07:45
jussidebfx: ahh07:45
agateaujussi: try ldd `which skype`07:45
jussiyup... qt there07:46
agateaudebfx is right, ia32-libs indirectly depends on qt4 packages07:46
jussibut in anycase, it has very strange menu's...07:47
* agateau hunts for screenshots07:47
valorievery strange07:52
jussiagateau: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/07/17/plasma-desktopmj1902.png07:52
jussiit feels a lot "flatter"07:53
agateaujussi: indeed, they are probably using their own widgets for the top bar07:55
agateaujussi: and do not use the Oxygen style07:56
agateaujussi: I remember there was a command line option to use Oxygen, don't know if it is still there07:56
Riddellhappy Tuesday all08:14
jussisame back at you Riddell08:32
apachelogger_good morning kubuntu08:36
apachelogger_agateau, jussi: their widgets have spooky code and therefore do not work properly with oxygen, which is why they force plastique08:41
apachelogger_jussi: also do not overestimate skype's interest in Linux... a toolkit change is as likely as me becoming an astronaut :P08:42
jussilol, always possible then :P08:42
apachelogger_jussi: http://paste.kde.org/518876/08:42
agateauapachelogger_: cool! will you start your own distro when you are back to earth?08:48
apachelogger_agateau: I'll call it Humain and we will create all the software in it using Ruby08:51
agateauapachelogger_: sounds good, count me in!08:51
agateauapachelogger_: will you also start your own project host and vcs?08:52
agateauyou know you have to08:52
apachelogger_good point08:53
apachelogger_why they both needed to be implemented in Ruby obviously08:53
apachelogger_and perhaps call the hosting system Rampe de Lancement and the VCS Cathedral?08:54
* apachelogger_ actually should do some packing -.-08:55
apachelogger_what suit color does one waer in space?08:56
agateaupink! what else?08:59
apachelogger_surprisingly enough I do not have a pink suit :(08:59
agateau"Cathedral"... I like this, sounds as open as necessary09:00
agateauapachelogger_: time to fix that09:00
debfxand Cathedral is CVS reimplemented in ruby? ;)09:08
jussidebfx: dont be mean now...09:24
apachelogger_why does everyone have a problem with CVS?09:34
* apachelogger_ enjoyed it very much back in the days09:35
apachelogger_you just had to use it right09:35
apachelogger_right includes not doing branches...09:35
* Mamarok is wondering if any RC packages will be available, sorely needed by the testing team09:42
apachelogger_Mamarok: rc of what?09:46
MamarokKDE 4.9?09:47
Mamarokso far I am stuck with beta209:47
MamarokI knw, Akademy came in the way, but still, now they announced RC209:48
apachelogger_curious enough rc1 did not get backported09:48
Mamarokprobably Akademy related, everybody busy with something else09:50
apachelogger_actually I think it has to do with my fearless ninja leader being MIA09:52
apachelogger_yofel_: where are thou?09:52
RiddellI haven't looked at the RCs because they weren't announced to packagers and I've been glad to have a chance to do other things09:54
Mamarokoh, not announced to packagers? Not good...09:54
Riddellwell RCs usually aren't09:54
* Mamarok checks with release team, as that makes no sense09:54
MamarokI mean if they announce betas they also should announce RCs09:55
Riddellit's deliberate, they don't want a long gap between tagging and release, got to keep them current09:55
jussiMamarok: hows the leg?09:55
Mamarokjussi: which one?09:55
Mamarokboth are broken09:55
jussiMamarok: hows the legs?09:55
Mamarokright had stiches removed, itching so doing good :)09:56
Mamarokleft only just had MRI taken on Saturday, still hurts but I need it to walk, but the fracture doesn't look nice in the MRI09:56
Mamaroksince the right one is held together by nuts and bolts I should probably change the walking leg, but we will see09:57
jussiMamarok: ouch... :/09:57
apachelogger_Riddell: I still think a mail should be dropped to packagers09:57
jussihope it gets better soon09:57
apachelogger_"rc release tars up now"09:58
Mamarokjussi: well, as all fractures: 6 weeks, and I am sure the right one is doing fine, for the left one I still need the Drs to tell mewaht to do09:58
apachelogger_Riddell: plus that is what albert did for rc109:58
Mamarokapachelogger_: thx :)09:58
apachelogger_I wonder if it makes sense to package rc2 still10:00
apachelogger_final tag is on jul 2510:00
Mamarokwell, that is still a week to go10:01
Mamarokfor testers still some time to work on10:01
apachelogger_so by the time we are done packging rc2 the final is here10:01
apachelogger_unless debfx invokes his magic scripts and all builds fine10:01
apachelogger_which might actually not be a bad thing to do10:02
apachelogger_debfx: where are thou?10:02
apachelogger_everyone on vacation or what?10:02
Mamarokapachelogger_: don't you have a ninja holiday calendar?10:03
apachelogger_usually people announce when they go on vacation :P10:03
apachelogger_Quintasan_ is doing that10:04
apachelogger_then again he also went MIA the last few weeks :P10:04
RiddellI'm thinking we should stop using the debian build-deps system of kde-sc-dev-latest (>= 4:4.8.90) and change to kdelibs5-dev (>= 4:4.8.90) which would make launchpad figure it out without us having to do lots of retries10:04
Riddellthen we really could just throw it up into ninjas and see what results10:04
debfxapachelogger_: I can run the script but don't have time to fix the failing packages10:05
apachelogger_debfx: if you could just run the script that would be cool, then we can decide whether fixing things makes sense to begin with, given the limited time to final release10:06
apachelogger_Riddell: shouldn't lunchpad do auto-retries either way?10:06
debfxRiddell: we can work around that by running a cronjob that calls the retry packages script10:07
debfxapachelogger_: will do after lunch10:07
Riddellapachelogger_: it doesn't work with kde-sc-dev-latest while debian's one does, known bug10:07
apachelogger_well, I think we can drop the latest stuff10:09
apachelogger_there is not much gain we have from it10:09
apachelogger_particularly not if we are thinking about a serious automation10:09
RiddellScottK: libkolab and libkolabxml back in New10:33
Riddellwhatever is this error? http://paste.kde.org/518930/10:52
Riddellmissing symbols somehow10:52
BluesKajHey all11:22
BluesKajtried setting up konversation to run thru tor , the instruction wasn't clear , some ting about requiring other scripts after configuring trcc file11:26
shadeslayer_Riddell: looks like a missing symbol12:09
Riddellhere's a weirder one12:34
Riddell/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lQt4::QtWebKit12:34
Riddellmaybe it just needs libqtwebkit-dev, curious namespaceing there though12:36
apachelogger_that does not sound valid12:36
apachelogger_-lfoo resolves to libfoo.so, no?12:37
apachelogger_has target library ${KDE4_KDEWEBKIT_LIBS}12:39
apachelogger_supposedly that includes qtwebkit, but that Qt4::QtWebkit is utterly weird12:39
ScottKRiddell: Accepted akonadi-facebook.  Note that the CMakeLists.txt has a minimum version for kdepimlibs that should be reflected in a minmum version in debian/control, but that's a minor bug to consider for next time.13:00
ScottKRiddell: I'm looking at libkolabxml now.  In your debian/copyright you say the schemas are Apache 2.0, but look at (for example), schemas/ical/Calendar.xsd, I'm not sure how you get that.13:08
RiddellScottK: because they come from http://www.calconnect.org/artifacts/ical-art.shtml13:10
Riddellwhich says "All material contained in files linked from this page is licensed via the Apache License Version 2.0.13:10
ScottKRiddell: OK.  Then I think that needs to be mentioned in debian/copyright because there's no way to tell that from the files.13:11
ScottKThe files reference the OASIS web site and they can by no means be assumed to be licensing stuff on Free terms.13:12
RiddellScottK: I don't know if the DEP-5 format has a way to add comments like that13:12
ScottKMy solution would be don't bother with DEP-5 then.13:13
ScottKIf you can't do stuff like that, it's broken.13:13
ScottKOther than that, I think the package is good.13:14
RiddellI'll just add it to the licence section13:15
Riddelluploaded as 0.6.0+repack1-0ubuntu213:16
ScottKlibkolab is good.13:21
ScottKIt's all in.13:24
ScottKlibkolab should have some version requirements on build-depends too, btw.13:24
Riddellnow I just need those MIRs13:24
ScottKThe short description doesn't really flow from ... is a ... so it could be improved too.13:25
ScottKBTW, did we not notice 4.9 rc1/2 or just decide not to package them?13:25
RiddellI decided I'd rather spend the time on other things13:26
ScottKI, for one, didn't notice them.13:27
Riddellthey weren't posted to the packagers list13:27
ScottK(because they weren't announced on packager)13:27
ScottKNo.  There's a discussion going on the -release list about if they should have been.13:27
tsdgeosyou guys really think you are the center of the universe13:44
tsdgeosthey didn't come knowing to my door13:44
tsdgeosso i'll ignore them!13:44
tsdgeoswho cares about my users want or not!13:45
ScottKtsdgeos: ?13:52
tsdgeosScottK: that is waht Riddell told me "you did not announce it to us so we feel you don't like us and as consequence we are not packaging it"13:53
RiddellI don't think that's the exact words I used13:53
ScottKI will say that doesn't sound like Riddell.13:53
tsdgeosRiddell: it's not the exact words, it's the exact meaning though13:54
ScottKtsdgeos: I don't particularly care where it gets announced, I'd just like to know where it is.13:54
tsdgeosScottK: kde-announce *shock* :D13:54
ScottKtsdgeos: You don't announce the pre-release tarballs there.13:54
tsdgeosScottK: rc1 and rc2 did not have pre-release tarballs13:55
tsdgeosbecause there's only one day in the schedule between packaging and announce13:55
tsdgeosif you disagree with that13:55
tsdgeosand want pre-release tarballs13:55
tsdgeosit's your time to complain13:55
tsdgeosso we fix it for 4.1013:56
RiddellI'm not complaining, I'm perfectly happy to be taking the chance to do other things13:56
tsdgeosRiddell: see :-)13:56
ScottKOK, so your view is that the KDE release team needn't do any communication with packagers?13:58
ScottKtsdgeos: Will there be pre-release tarballs for the final release (and the point releases) and will you mail about those to -packagers?14:00
tsdgeosScottK: that's kind of silly, i clearly said that the packagers are part of the release team in my view and that the communication hence happens in the release-team list14:01
tsdgeosScottK: yes, the schedule accounts for prerelease tarballs for the final release and for point releases14:01
ScottKtsdgeos: OK.  The point of -packagers is it's private, so it'd make sense to me to communicate about the private tarballs there, but I'm less concerned about which list it is (I'm on both) that that there's a mail to one of them when they are ready.14:02
tsdgeosScottK: the only reason kde-packagers exists is because we might want to sent "private" material there, like securiy fixes et al14:02
ScottK-release is fine too, as long as there's mail.14:02
tsdgeosScottK: sure, private tarballs have been always communicated there, haven't they?14:03
ScottKIf by there you mean packagers, yes.14:03
* ScottK subscribes to yet another mailing list.14:06
ScottKakonadi-facebook and libkolabxml out of binary New.14:16
RiddellI think akonadi-facebook is a candidate for the install images14:17
ScottKShould probably do a call for testing and get general feedback first.14:23
ScottKIf you do add it, it should be a recommends though.14:23
afiestaswe just had a conversation in #nepomuk-kde about virtuoso15:07
afiestaswe shouldn't ship 6.1.5, it contains serious regresiosn, instead 6.1.4 or 6.1.6 should be fine15:07
afiestasare we doing fine on this? 15:07
afiestasstarting to package 6.1.6 (to be releases within days) woldn't be a bad idea if possible15:07
Riddellgood thing we missed out 6.1.5 then :)15:08
vHandajust emailed the kde packagers mailing list15:08
apachelogger_Riddell: I always wonder... why can we not have nice UIs ^^15:14
Riddellapachelogger_: about akonadi-facebook?  that's a case of framework design over user design15:16
apachelogger_webaccounts is what we need :P15:17
apachelogger_in windows 8 you also have one point to configure all your accounts, which is mighty nice15:17
apachelogger_only the other day I realized that it even connects to facebook chat ^^15:18
Riddellapachelogger_: hug afiestas until he releases it so we can include it :)15:18
* apachelogger_ hugs afiestas15:18
apachelogger_Riddell: actually taking that into account something like ubuntu's me menu would be cool15:19
apachelogger_i.e. that is where you would probably go to configure your web accounts, plus it can control telepathy presence and whatnot15:19
RiddellI agree15:22
afiestaswho is packaging virtuoso in kubuntu?15:23
Riddellafiestas: I did it last release15:24
apachelogger_shadeslayer_: u no here/15:39
ScottKWhich component of telepathy controls going online?15:48
RiddellScottK: lots of them depending on what you mean15:53
Riddelltelepathy-core will15:53
Riddelland the plugins for the protocols will15:53
ScottKThe bug I want to file is it's trying to connect before the network is up.15:54
Riddellah, maybe kde-telepathy-integration-module then?15:54
ScottKNo idea, that's why I'm asking ;-)15:55
RiddellScottK: plasma-mobile-config is in New should you still be in the mood15:56
shadeslayer_apachelogger_: I am, why do you ask?15:58
ScottKRiddell: Accepted.  Upstream doesn't have the minumum KDE version in CMakeLists.txt, so either their bug or yours (probably theirs) and you've got a patch directory with only an empty series file in it.  That should be removed on the next upload.16:05
afiestasRiddell: did you base your virtuoso package on debian's ? or is it custom?16:06
Riddellafiestas: debian bases their package on mine :)16:07
Riddellbut yes we merge it, here's the changes http://paste.kde.org/519236/16:07
ScottKJontheEchidna: Bad news on kpythonpluginfactory for Python 3.  This is in the upstream CMakeList.txt for pykde4:16:07
ScottK    ADD_SUBDIRECTORY(kpythonpluginfactory)16:08
ScottKSo upstream says no dice on a Python 3 version.16:08
afiestasRiddell: do you have time to talk with PvK about how to package virutoso?16:08
RiddellScottK: I prefer to have empty patches/ directories, it means it's there should a patch need to be added16:08
ScottKRiddell: Is there some pykde4 person we could talk to about getting a Python 3 version for kpythonpluginfactory?16:09
RiddellScottK: probably not, pykde4 and kpythonpluginfactory was made by Simon Edwards who still maintains it but has a baby so can't do much more I think16:10
* ScottK will ask barry.16:11
jtechidnaScottK: yeah, my original impressions was that it was an upstream issue, but I assumed you knew something that I didn't16:15
jtechidnaI don't have anything beyond this UI file so I can really go either way wrt C++ vs Python: http://i.imgur.com/HHe6A.png16:16
jtechidnawhich is really just a QTreeView at this point :P16:16
ScottKbarry said he'd have a look at it.16:16
ScottKMaybe we'll get a Python 3 port out of it we can push upstream.16:17
jtechidnathat would be good16:17
jtechidnadoes pykde have a public vcs yet?16:17
Riddelljtechidna: of course, it's part of KDE16:20
jtechidnaRiddell: was it always that way? I thought that at least some of it was only released as tarballs. maybe that was sip16:21
Riddellsip and pyqt are closed development, and there's some scripts used to update for a new kde release which are from the pyqt guy and he doesn't want released (as I remember)16:22
jtechidnaah, that's what I was thinking of16:22
jtechidnaok, so there should be less of an entry barrier for pykde then16:23
ScottKRiddell: "E: libkolab0: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath usr/lib/libkolab.so.0.2.0 lib" looks like something that should be fixed.16:32
Riddellnah, rpath is something I've never had a problem with16:33
Riddelldebian has some reasons for not liking it but I've never been convinced by them16:33
debfx"lib" is a rather useless rpath so probably a bug in the build system16:47
ScottKdebfx: Could you have a look?16:59
ScottKI'll go ahead and accept it in the mean time.16:59
jussikopete is unmaintined right?16:59
jussiScottK: so that means no bugfixes? 17:05
jussiIve got a damn annoying crash...17:05
ScottKjussi: Yes.17:05
ubottuKDE bug 303691 in general "Kopete crashes on authentication to jabber chatroom after unsuspend" [Crash,Unconfirmed]17:05
ScottKjussi: Switch to telepathy.  It's maintained.17:06
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evilshadeslayerjussi: and lacks some features ... :P17:11
jussievilshadeslayer: does telepathy support jabber groupchat yet? 17:15
yofel_apachelogger_: MIA17:16
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yofelwell, actually officially back from MIA since today as I'm now done with tests and exams for this year17:17
yofelif it weren't for those we would've had RC packages, but I didn't have time and nobody else bothered17:18
yofel(not that I mind personally)17:18
Quintasan_apachelogger_: I went MIA because my hardware started acting up17:20
Quintasan_Can't do much about broken HDD apart buying new one.17:20
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evilshadeslayerjussi: telepathy, yes, KDE Telepathy, don't think so17:21
QuintasanWell, it still ocassionaly reboots itself for no apparent reason but I can live with that.17:21
Quintasanjussi: Have evilshadeslayer write it right off :P17:22
Quintasan(claim it's core functionality)17:22
ScottKRiddell: Shouldn't plasma-widgets-active be arch:all?17:24
jtechidnagroupchat in kde-telepathy would be great. I needed that back in May/June for GTalk, but it didn't seem to work out so well17:25
debfxScottK: I'm not sure where that faulty rpath comes from, can't find anything in libkolab's cmake files17:26
* evilshadeslayer is not sure what needs to be fixed there, but will look into it after getting call holding into ktp-call-ui17:26
evilshadeslayercall ui needs group VoIP calls as well17:26
littlegirlHey there, yesterday I was asked to close out a bug by someone in the translation team and I did it and made the commits. I tried to change the status of the bug, but couldn't figure out how that was done, so I went into the #ubuntu-bugs channel and was told I have to make sure the bug isn't present in Precise or Quantal either (and fix it if it is) and then write an SRU and post it as a comment to the bug, attaching diffs of 18:54
littlegirlwhat I changed. I got the SRU written and pasted it to http://paste.kde.org/519356/ and am now being told that this may have to wait until Quantal docs are packaged and released. Hopefully one of you will know what to do from here. (:18:54
littlegirlOh, and I have to fix the regression part of that paste, since I wrote it wrong.18:55
littlegirlUpdated version of the SRU doc is here: http://paste.kde.org/519380/19:10
Riddelllittlegirl: can you post what you wrote in the pastebin as a comment on the bug?21:10
RiddellI'll get to it tomorrow21:26
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1025893] No quantal and precise-updates branch @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1025893 (by Otavio Salvador)22:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1025893 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "No quantal and precise-updates branch" [Undecided,New]22:24
littlegirlYep! I'll also add the diffs.22:55
littlegirlDone. (:23:05
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