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epimethahoy there folks!00:51
epimethso.... I installed kubuntu laternate off of a key and the installer failed at tasksel/installing packages... but the base system was installed and I logged in and went ahead and installed the packages I want.  However, I seem to be missing some packages, like whatever package includes kdesu00:52
epimethdoes anybody know if there is a list of packages I can go ahead and install that comprise the base installation?  Oh, and nano, too, is missing... luckily vm gets installed by default or I would have had to cat the online repos because the /etc/apt/sources.list file wasn't loaded correctly either! (it only had the cdrom repos)00:54
epimethon another note:  I seem to have no sound... if anyone can help with that as well I'd greatly appreciate it00:54
epimethalso, whatever package the "package suggester" program is in....00:59
nafg_Why do I see a few lines of garbage at the bottom of my screen, always?02:55
nafg_Hmm, in the past it was one or two pixels of green,03:13
nafg_but now it's the pixels from the top of the screen.03:14
nafg_Flashing on and off03:14
mr-richGood morning. When oh when is the point release due out?03:31
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thecaptain2000_hi is it possible to set up a bridged interface using the kdenetwork manager?05:26
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Daskreechmr-rich: Which point release?06:56
DaskreechThe kDE one comes out every month06:56
AikiLinuxHello , has anyone encountered the issue of "GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0) " on kubuntu  trinity mavric x86_64 ?08:06
BadDesignAnyone knows with what command line switch to replace "xterm -e" for "konsole" ?08:35
BadDesignI get annot connect creator comm socket /tmp/qt_temp.ki4309/stub-socket: No such file or directory08:36
BadDesignwhen using "konsole -e"08:36
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loveHi everyone10:39
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BluesKajHey all11:22
lordievaderGood afternoon11:50
BluesKajhi lordievader11:53
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edgeIs there a page or place where information is kept about the status of packages that are being built or added to the repositories?13:47
BluesKajedge, probly check the kubuntu.org site for that info13:52
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mah454How can change default kde setting ? for example change default wallpaper14:15
BluesKajmah454, right click on the desktop , choose "default desktop settings" then checkout your options14:20
mah454BluesKaj: No no , Change default setting for all users .14:25
mah454ok ?14:25
OxymoronHi guys, is it possible to change "spalshscreen". The ugly grey wheel after Grub menu I want gone. I would also like to change grey background to something else, because I hate grey. IS that possible?15:30
ikoniait would be easier to just disable/remove the splash screen15:31
ikoniato replace it you have to make a new one15:31
ubottuTo change your KDE splash screen go to System Settings -> Appearance -> Splash Screen15:31
ikoniaand installing it can be a bit of effort15:31
Oxymoronikonia: Do we mean the same thing with splash screen?15:32
ikoniathat's not the post grub splash15:32
ikoniaor do you mean the kde one ?15:32
RiddellDarthFrog: he means the plymouth theme15:32
ikoniaRiddell: yes, that's what I thought he meant also15:32
ikoniaOxymoron: could you clarify please.15:32
Oxymoronikonia: I  mean the graphic ugly animated wheel directly after grub menu.15:32
DarthFrogRiddell:  Yes, I know.  But that is what the bot gave. :-)15:32
ikoniaOxymoron: ok, so that's the plymoth splash screen15:32
ikoniaOxymoron: it's easier to just disable it if you don't like it15:32
Oxymoronikonia: I guess. How to change that?15:32
ikoniaOxymoron: change or disable ?15:33
ubottuPlymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »15:33
Oxymoronikonia: Would be nice to change it if possible. But could disable as well.15:33
ikoniaOxymoron: if you look at your grub options you should see an option which is "quiet" (I'm working from memory here) if you remove that boot option it will display the boot data rather than the splash screen15:33
Oxymoronikonia: I do not want boot data either ... I want to remove all the ugly text from boot.15:34
ikoniaOxymoron: so you don't want the splash screen, you don't want the boot data...what do you want15:34
OxymoronBtw, what does this mean: "cryptsetup: WARNING: could not determine root device from /etc/fstab" - Always get warning about cryptsetup :S15:35
ikoniaone thing at a time15:35
Oxymoronikonia: I want to replace splsahs screen with something that looks uhm clean and nice. Similar like Windows logowhenyou boot Windows.15:35
ikoniaOxymoron: ok, then you need to find a splash theme you like and install it15:36
ikonia(or make one yourself)15:36
Oxymoronikonia: Possible to make my own animated plymouth splash?15:36
DarthFrogOxymoron:  "apt-cache search plymouth | grep theme" will show you which themes are available.  Use the command "sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u " to change the theme.15:37
ikoniahowever everytime the initframfs is update, it will need re-doing15:37
OxymoronDarthFrog: Thanks :)15:38
DarthFrogOxymoron:  BTW, when I said available, I meant available to install, of course.15:38
Oxymoronikonia: Would likesomething like this but Kubuntu text and logo: http://ubuntuguide.net/install-mib-ubuntu-plymouth-theme-in-ubuntu15:39
ikoniaOxymoron: you need to find one15:40
OxymoronEarlier it was http://sixgun.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4165, but now gone.15:41
OxymoronTHought it was plymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo but it isnt :(15:41
Oxymoronikonia: Well I guess I will find something :) But that with cryptsetup, what is that? :p15:46
ikoniano idea, that looks like it's complaining it can't decrypt your root device because it can't find it15:46
Oxymoronikonia: It says:"cryptsetup: WARNING: failed to detect canonical device of /dev/sdb6". But I havent anything crypted? :S15:47
ikoniaOxymoron: sounds like your cyrpt setup is messed up15:48
OxymoronHavent touched it.15:50
OxymoronI think I have the same on my laptop.15:50
ikoniait's not setup by default15:50
ikoniaso you must have tried to do something15:50
OxymoronIt installed earlier on upgrade I think. I dont remeber if I changed anything., but I do not think so.15:51
ikoniait doesn't just configure it'self15:51
ikoniayou must have done something15:51
ikoniaI'd suggest removing it if you don't need it and want the error to go15:51
Oxymoronok, thanks :)15:52
ikoniathat poor guy has problems all the time, but they are never his fault/problem, "I never touched that" is always the answer15:52
phoenix_firebrdArGGu^^: are you there?15:53
ArGGu^^phoenix_firebrd yes16:12
phoenix_firebrdArGGu^^: just now saw your mail, thanks for testing the patch16:13
ArGGu^^phoenix_firebrd I will post comment to reviewboard later today, need to go to groceries store first.16:15
phoenix_firebrdArGGu^^: ya, thank you16:15
thecaptain2000_hi, I travel a lot for my work and I neee often lo log in from different networks. How can I set a static ip address for my pc (let's say and be able to root out all calls that would  need to hit the internet?16:33
thecaptain2000_I mean I would need to have on my systems tow IPs, my static and my dynamic and be able to route out all calls that need to go out (ex www.yahoo.com) and be able to refer to my static IP addr for things like accessing my local postgres16:33
Joitthecaptain2000_:  got a router where you can align a ip to a machin?16:38
Joitok, not what you want16:39
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ed345676543hi can someone help me with Kdenlive, how does one "select a clip" to apply an effect? I opened the clip but still get the message to "select a clip"??17:10
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dmatthi, i would like to change QT graphics system to raster, but it always returns back to X11. I had raster after instalation but after (unsuccessfuly) testing OpenGl only X11 worked with desktop effects. I use fglrx. Any idea what might be $#@^ed?18:06
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ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:44
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit19:59
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thecaptain2000_hi, I have a strange problem when Kubuntu boots and I am prompted with the login screen in KDE,  when i pout username and passwd, I see appearing a "konsole" screen for a sec, then the whole screen goes black and then I am back at the login propmpt (in KDE) the only way to have a functional system ais to ask KDE to do console login , login from text mode and then startx.  Any useful suggestion to repair what seems broken?21:22
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tobiasBoraBonjour !23:06
tobiasBoraSi il y a quelqu'un sous kubuntu, j'ai un petit problème avec le screensaver : lorsque je met un économisateur d'écran en open GL, je suis obligé de taper mon mot de passe à l'aveugle (lorsque je bouge la souris, je ne peux pas voir la fenêtre pour taper le mot de passe, sauf si je vais Ctrk+Alt+F1 puis Ctrl+Alt+F7...)23:06
tobiasBoraCe n'est pas réellement dérangeant pour moi (je connais l'astuce), mais quand quelqu'un viens sur mon ordinateur il est perdu...23:07
tobiasBora(et en plus je n'aime pas quand quelque chose ne fonctionne pas comme il devrait... ^^)23:07
tobiasBoraVous avez une astuce pour régler ce problème ?23:07
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