lifelessBert_2: you may not be aware, but the theme for Launchpad isn't open source - you need to change the theme.00:17
lifelessBert_2: for that oops, its because you're missing the ubuntu celebrity00:18
Bert_2I do know that00:18
Bert_2I know about the theme I meant00:18
Bert_2lifeless: and I don't know what the ubuntu celebrity is, that's the problem :S00:18
lifelesscelebrities are well known objects in the system - sysadmin teams, ops teams, various key projects (all from the perspective of launchpad.net of course)00:18
Bert_2I used wgrant's bootstrap-db-from-scratch00:19
Bert_2I guess that means I don't have any users00:19
Bert_2(that would also explain why I can't login)00:19
Bert_2lifeless: would you happen to know where this information is stored ?00:20
lifelessthere is a script in utilities I think to add a local user00:20
lifelessas for the celebrities, you probably need to add them directly via sql, though the harness *may* work.00:21
wgrantBert_2: Did you run the bootstrap script after you ran make schema?00:21
Bert_2no, I didn't know I was supposed to, wgrant00:21
Bert_2is it the bootstrap-lp-db script in utilities I just noticed ?00:21
wgrantIt's bitrotten a little. I'll fix it in a sec.00:22
Bert_2so I shouldn't run it yet ?00:22
Bert_2in the mean time I'll go and brush my teeth then ;)00:22
wgrantIf you run it now it'll crash pretty quickly :)00:23
Bert_2k, I'll go and brush then :P00:23
Bert_2clean teeth, feels awesome :D00:29
Bert_2wgrant: do you have any idea whether you'll be able to clean that file out soon, cause otherwise I'm off to bed, I need to get up again in 5,5hours XD00:32
wgrantBert_2: One down, one to go00:34
Bert_2k, awesome :D00:34
Bert_2wgrant: when you're done I just merge and run that script ?00:41
wgrantBert_2: Right, you'll need to remerge my branch, and 'utilities/bootstrap-lp-db SOME_INITIAL_USERNAME'00:41
Bert_2bzr merge lp:~wgrant/launchpad/bootstrap-db-from-scratch, right ?00:42
Bert_2bzr: ERROR: Working tree "/home/ubuntu/launchpad/lp-branches/devel/" has uncommitted changes (See bzr status).00:43
wgrantAh, you've already merged it once, but not committed? If you've made no other changes, 'bzr revert' before remerging.00:43
Bert_2I added my own config and override-includes/mail-configure.zcml00:44
Bert_2but I can just copy them back afterwards, right ?00:44
wgrantI've just pushed the latest changes to that branch, which fix bootstrap-lp-db. populate-ubuntu-from-scratch.py (which you probably don't need if you don't care about PPAs) is still broken, however.00:45
Bert_2yeah, I don't need PPAs00:46
Bert_2we just need bugs, questions and blueprints00:46
Bert_2that's why we had to run our own instance, launchpad.net requires us to put code up there00:46
Bert_2and we prefer to use our own storage for that00:46
wgrantWell, we don't care where the code is, as long as it's open source or you have a commercial subscription.00:47
Bert_2well, it's based on drupal, so it's open source by default :p00:48
wgrantBut anyway, 'utilities/bootstrap-lp-db SOME_USERNAME', then you can log in as SOME_USERNAME@example.com00:48
Bert_2example.com can be changed later ?00:48
wgrantOh, then why not just use a launchpad.net project without using Launchpad's code hosting?00:48
Bert_2I read it's a requirement to have code or a link to code up there ?00:49
wgrantWe recommend you register the location so it can be automatically imported so other users can see it, but it's by no means required.00:50
wgrantIf some docs say that, we should fix them :)00:50
Bert_2yeah, it was somewhere on launchpad.net00:50
Bert_2that's why I got into this misery :p00:50
wgrantWe have quite a few projects that use external code hosting but LP for everything else.00:50
wgrantSome projects just use LP for bugs, or just for translations, etc.00:51
Bert_2yeah, that's what we want00:51
Bert_2but they have links to their code up, right ?00:51
wgrantSometimes. As long as we can see that the code is under an open source license somewhere, we really don't care.00:52
Bert_2oh okey00:52
Bert_2well, that's cause I now got launchpad running XD00:53
wgrantBut it's preferable if it's registered through https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Imports, if possible00:53
Bert_2thx for both the info and the code00:53
Bert_2I'll talk to my team about it00:53
Bert_2but now I'm off to bed00:53
Bert_2cause it's london tomorrow :D00:53
wgrantGreat, night :)00:54
Bert_2thx again00:54
Bert_2goodbye ;)00:54
wallyworld_sinzui: if you are still around, i like your suggestions to use 'Private' and 'Confidential' for PROPRIETARY and USERDATA respectively so am happy to make those changes01:17
StevenKThe other way around, I'd say01:17
wgrantsinzui: branch_sharing_policy with ~registry-only UI is ready to be deployed to prod, and we should probably dogfood it on our private projects as soon as it is deployed and +sharing is turned on.01:19
wallyworld_StevenK: yes, you may be right there, although i was equating Private info type with Private project01:23
sinzuiwgrant, thank you. I agree02:12
sinzuiwallyworld_, I just replied to your text changes02:12
* sinzui looks at query02:13
* wallyworld_ looks at reply02:13
* wallyworld_ can finally do some LOC reduction \\o/02:15
sinzuioh, do you want a list of methods I saw last week?02:15
wallyworld_sinzui: ok, why not02:17
sinzuiwallyworld_, your query is very fast in staging. I think it might be doable in on run, but four is safe02:18
wgrantWe're probably also nearly at the stage where we can go through and rationalise all our new methods.02:18
wallyworld_sinzui: yes, i'd rather err on the side of caution02:18
wgrantsinzui, wallyworld_: Note that production could be twice as slow as staging.02:18
wgrantBecause production is still using slony02:18
wallyworld_wgrant: so if it times out, we can just reduce the batch size. is that the SOP for this?02:19
wallyworld_cool. so let's hope 10000 is ok02:19
wgrantJust be aware that staging write timings are not particularly comparable to production atm.02:19
sinzuiwallyworld_,  this is my revised query. I added the statement timeout for the select. We have no fear of hitting it.02:20
* wallyworld_ looks02:20
wallyworld_sinzui: ok. so if i you your pastebin, i can mark that approved and get it actioned?02:20
sinzuiwallyworld_, since we are adding policies in production now, I think we can run this now, starting on staging02:21
wallyworld_sinzui: yes agreed. so next step for that bug can be to remove and AAG for which there is a APG for the project?02:21
sinzuiyes, it is approved. have you added the request to the sql query page?02:21
wallyworld_pending approval02:22
sinzuiwallyworld_, I do not think these classes in lp.app are used anymore: GotchiTiedWithHeadingWidget, LinkWidget, ContextWidget02:26
wallyworld_sinzui: cool. will spin up a branch. do you agree with the next step i should take for bug 1008541 ^^^^^02:27
_mup_Bug #1008541: Sharing policies unconfigure existing projects <bugs> <disclosure> <sharing> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by wallyworld> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1008541 >02:27
lifelessproduction could be twice as slow as staging if staging had the same hardware.02:32
lifelessproduction may need to do twice as many writes, != twice as slow as staging :)02:32
sinzuiwallyworld_, your sql might fix this bug. The ones for security contacts and bug supervisors have structural subscription nuances that I wanted to solve separately.02:32
wallyworld_sinzui: how? my sql only adds APGs for maintainers02:33
lifelesssinzui: btw I added a bug driver to obsolete-junk02:34
lifelesssinzui: and nuked the resulting struct sub02:34
lifelesssinzui: for less bug spam, I hope.02:34
wgrantSpeaking of obsolete-junk02:34
wgrantsinzui: Did you nuke null over the weekend?02:34
wgrantI saw you remove bugs from it02:34
wgrantAnd now I can't find it02:34
sinzui140 projects have bug supervisors that are different from the maintainers and drivers, and they expect to get notified. They wont be when we remove the code that hard codes structural subscriptions...thus a separate problem from what I asked you to fix02:35
sinzuiwgrant, I did. mabey i renamed is /null-and-void02:35
sinzuiafter I deleted more bugs from it02:35
wgrantAh, great.02:36
sinzuiwallyworld_, and the security contact role will be deleted, so we need to setup structural subscriptions for the few projects that use the role, such as ourselved02:36
wallyworld_so how does my sql to add APG for maintainers help there?02:37
sinzuiwgrant, I was reading code to follow up on your idea of moving all the pots to one project, then doing real series deletes02:37
wgrantsinzui: How does it look?02:38
wgrantI know Translations not well.02:38
sinzuiwgrant, I think it will work. You can obsolete templates too, so they do not appear to accumulate02:38
sinzuiwallyworld_, when I reported the bug, I did not know how few projects used the security and bug roles. Many place the maintainer team in the roles, btu they do not need to underder sharing...you maintainer sql fixes all but 140 cases02:40
wallyworld_right, understood. thanks02:40
sinzuiwallyworld_, so maybe we want to write the query that finds these 140 exceptions, but we also need to make sure that those exceptions are not open teams02:40
wallyworld_sinzui: can do. and then we can give APG for embargoes security to those 140 bug supervisors02:42
* sinzui looks for query that identified the bug supervisors02:42
lifelesssinzui: select count(distinct bugsupervisor) from project ?03:13
sinzuilifeless, we also want to exclude maintainer. We also saw that if we excluded drivers there was about 140.03:14
huwshimiDid someone break our js in trunk? Maybe combo related...04:03
StevenKhuwshimi: Hm?04:03
huwshimiStevenK: Cannot read property 'app' of undefined, same for registry etc.04:06
StevenKCan I have a bit more context?04:08
huwshimiStevenK: Load any page, check js errors, that's it.04:09
huwshimi(On a fresh trunk)04:10
huwshimiOh, LP_MODULES is not defined04:10
StevenKLP_MODULES comes from the meta file, so it looks like it now wants the combo loader set up04:11
StevenKhuwshimi: Real quick: sudo mkdir -p /srv/launchpad.dev ; sudo make copy-apache-config ; make clean && make04:12
huwshimiStevenK: Perfect, thank you!04:17
huwshimiStevenK: Oh, except that it appears to break every time I 'make jsbuild'04:18
StevenKhuwshimi: The JS breaks or 'make jsbuild' gives an error?04:19
huwshimiStevenK: jsbuild runs fine, the js just breaks again04:22
huwshimi(LP_MODULES is not defined etc.)04:22
* huwshimi ducks out for a minute04:22
StevenK'make jsbuild combobuild'04:23
StevenKjsbuild blows away the combo loader directory, so no meta file again04:24
wgranthuwshimi: 'make jsbuild_watch' may be of interest04:26
wallyworld_StevenK: i was thinking - what about 'Private User' for the USERDATA title. That fits in with 'Private Security' and adds the extra qualifier to 'Private' to disambiguate the context05:54
wallyworld_And then the portlet can this "This report contains Private User information"05:55
StevenKHmmmmm, maybe05:55
wallyworld_i'll hold off landing my branch and we can discuss tomorrow on the call05:56
StevenKwallyworld_: +105:57
wallyworld_i just think 'Private' is too ambiguous and overloaded05:57
StevenKwallyworld_: The bikeshed should be red. Oh, and on fire.05:57
wallyworld_and it is private user data after all05:58
wallyworld_and the bikeshed should be purple, not red05:58
adeuringgood morning07:52
czajkowskiadeuring: morning07:54
adeuringhi czajkowski!07:54
czajkowskiin the office today, all the orange walls have drawings on them, looks rather cool07:55
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mgzjelmer: python2.7 backport not installable because:09:50
mgzpython2.7: Depends: python2.7-minimal (= 2.7.3-0ubuntu4~lts0) but it is not going to be installed09:50
maxbmgz: Sounds like apt being typically unhelpful and reporting an intermediate dependency issue instead of the actual problem. Try 'apt-get install python2.7-minimal python2.7'09:52
mgzmaxb: will ssh in and try that09:52
mgzpython2.7-minimal: Depends: python-minimal (>= 2.6.6-3+squeeze1) but 2.6.5-0ubuntu1 is to be installed09:53
mgzthe fun bit is there's no python2.7-minimal in the ~pythoneers/+archive/lts ppa09:54
mgzbut it worked before the update aimed at fixing the ctypes import crash09:54
jelmermgz: that lists just the source packages09:56
jelmermgz: see https://code.launchpad.net/~pythoneers/+archive/lts/+packages09:57
mgzthat is the page I'm on09:57
jelmermgz: expand the python2.7 thingy09:57
mgz...I need to enable JS for the page to actually work?09:58
jelmermgz: yes, you'll need javascript :)09:58
* jelmer drags mgz kicking and screaming out of the nineties09:58
bigjoolshow did you get a PPA url with *code*.l.n in it?09:59
jelmerbigjools: I type them by hand :)09:59
mgzbigjools: it's either that or spend ten minutes trying to find how to get to a +recipies page from ~person by navigating links10:01
bigjoolscan you guess what I am going to say next? :)10:02
czajkowskibigjools: good night :)10:02
jelmerbigjools: patches welcome?10:02
bigjoolsjelmer: *bingo* :)10:02
jelmerbigjools: I hate FOSS10:02
bigjoolscztab: almost!10:02
czajkowskibigjools: cheeky10:03
czajkowskihow are the little ones doing?10:03
* czajkowski hugs jelmer at least you didn't say floss! 10:03
bigjoolsczajkowski: champion thanks!10:03
bigjoolsthey are asleep right now, so even more betterer10:04
bigjoolsso much so I am heading out of the office and into the living room to watch TV and drink some whisky10:04
czajkowskimate had twins 7 years ago, they are very cute to watch. they had them seperated when they were born into different cots and refused to sleep, their mum moved them into one cot against nurses wishes and they slept10:04
jelmerbigjools: enjoy your evening :)10:04
bigjoolsczajkowski: ours are in the same cot10:05
bigjoolsjelmer: cheers, enjoy your day!10:05
czajkowskibigjools: they stil at times wake up and one climbs into the others bed to sleep it's very cute.10:05
wgrantmgz: There's a "View source package recipes" link near the PPA listing on Person:+index10:06
bigjoolsright, night all10:08
jelmerwgrant: only if they actually own any recipes10:08
mgzright, the fun part was the person had a linked ppa, but the team owned the recipes10:08
jelmerwgrant: which makes sense to some extent, but is confusing if you want to figure out if they own any recipes10:08
mgzand from the ppa pages there seemed to be no way to get to the recipes that built them10:09
wgrantmgz: The recipe is linked from the expandy section of the package10:10
wgrantSince a recipe does not build a PPA, but a package.10:10
wgrantAlso, the expandy bits on +packages fall back to normal links for those who won't enter this century.10:11
jelmerwgrant: that requires having javascript enabled though10:11
jelmerwgrant: not everybody has gone with the times ;)10:11
wgrantI ran NoScript for years, but even I gave in in early 20010:12
mgzjelmer: so, I don't see why Depends: python-minimal (>= 2.6.6-3+squeeze1) is needed in the context of that ppa10:35
mgzokay, so updating python2.6 in that ppa is the sensible answer.10:40
jelmermgz: yes :)10:40
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stubLooks like a yui tweak has broken buildbot, strangely the db branch11:04
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rick_h_jcsackett: ping, the linkify navigation code has hit qa staging if you get a chance to peek at the sharee side of it11:28
wallyworld_rick_h_: hi11:30
wallyworld_rick_h_: i just got back from soccer training and was looking to qa that bug you asked me to look at, but js on qastaging is broken11:31
wallyworld_rick_h_: gotta run out and pick up my son, back in a bit11:33
rick_h_wallyworld_: np, looking and starting now11:39
=== rick_h_ changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: http://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: rick_h | Firefighting: - | Critical bugs: 4.0*10^2
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wallyworld_rick_h_: fyi, combo loader was broken on staging today, i think some scripts were looked at, not sure exactly what was done, may be related12:09
rick_h_wallyworld_: yea, I'm in -ops looking into it thanks12:16
wallyworld_cool, thanks12:16
rick_h_wallyworld_: I was landing the branch to wire up the multi-yui feature flag at the same time so boom12:16
wallyworld_good luck :-)12:17
mgzanyone got ideas on what will have broken +branch redirects for bzr branches recently?13:42
mgznothing looks obvious from the log from r1562713:43
mgz1.067  hpss call:   'BzrDir.open_2.1', '+branch/qbzr/'13:43
mgz1.068               (to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/qbzr/)13:43
mgz5.076     result:   ('no',)13:43
mgzthat used to correctly get you to ~qbzr-dev/qbzr/trunk2a13:44
mgzany tips for debugging what's going wrong?13:45
deryckabentley, adeuring, rick_h_ -- firing up a stand-up hangout now...13:47
czajkowskideryck: any of you guys blog and if so want your feeds added to planet.lp13:47
deryckczajkowski, mine is already on it.13:48
deryckadeuring, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/bb3726a1e785f252b50151030e19c86f5ad6b04f?authuser=0&hl=en13:49
jelmerone of these days I'm going to accidentally join a standup13:50
mgzyou'd be welcome I'm sure13:50
* jelmer has a tendency to click on any link people post on IRC13:50
mgzI suspect you might be saved by the google talk plugin crashing or something13:50
czajkowskijelmer: likewise I almost tempted one day to join wave and say good bye!13:50
czajkowskiin a meeting for the next hour folks so wont be watching #launchpad.13:51
abentleymgz: Could be bug #102536813:57
_mup_Bug #1025368: Launchpad not handling +branch redirects for http anymore <codebrowse> <codehosting> <regression> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by abentley> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1025368 >13:57
mgzabentley: thanks, having a look13:58
mgzah, the tarball thing, yup, could be the same issue13:59
abentleymgz: Yes, I'm pretty sure it applies to all loggerhead stuff.14:04
abentleymgz: I'm working on it.  Kinda confusing, but it looks like it might be a loggerhead bug.14:04
mgzwell, this isn't loggerhead, it's just trying to access the branch at all14:04
mgzbut the redirect/handypath is part of the loggerhead infrastructure?14:05
abentleymgz: Oh, I misread you because the SSH stuff isn't an actual redirect.14:06
abentleymgz: I don't know of any ssh issues.  In fact, I thought I'd tested SSH pretty throroughly.14:07
mgzyeah, bad term, it's like an apache internal redirect14:08
mgzis there a way I can get more details from inside launchpad than just "no" to is a branch here?14:08
abentleymgz: e.g. bzr info bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/bzr works just fine.14:08
mgzmost branches are still fine, which is why I suspected privacy/stacking at first14:09
abentleymgz: What? Is this SSH or not?14:09
mgzbut iwata reported lp:qbzr and lp:tortoisebzr are both borked14:09
abentleyIf it's SSH, it isn't an apache thing.14:09
mgzabentley: sorry, confusing things, I just don't know what we call the +branch aliases14:10
abentleymgz: We call them aliases.14:10
mgzokay. :)14:10
abentleymgz: And the +branch-id ones are called "id aliases"14:10
mgzso, some of them are borked, but I don't know why and I don't know how to find out14:11
abentleymgz: Okay, I'd call this a new bug.  Might be related to 1025368, might not.14:12
mgzwill file.14:13
abentleymgz: I don't know of a way to get more info.14:14
abentleymgz: I'll check whether getByUrl works.14:14
abentleymgz: getByUrl returns nothing, so it looks like a it's a problem in their common code.14:17
mgzokay, so also 15609 related?14:19
abentleymgz: most likely.14:20
abentleymgz: The lookup function is BranchLookup.getByHostingPath14:21
cjwatsonwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/fix-packagediff-private-harder/+merge/11535214:24
cjwatson(or any OCR come to that)14:24
mgzhe's meant to be on holiday!14:25
cjwatsonSo am I :-P14:26
cjwatsonBut he threw that critical bug in my direction this morning, seeing as I caused it ...14:26
rick_h_cjwatson: will look now to try to get that fixed14:28
abentleymgz: btw, I doubt stacking is related, because ~qbzr-dev/qbzr/trunk2a is not stacked on anything.14:28
mgzright, seems like it's just the alias resolution.14:29
mgzbut I'm still not sure what's special about qbzr/tortoisebzr14:29
rick_h_cjwatson: r=me14:29
cjwatsonThanks, will land now14:30
abentleymgz: bzr and qbzr are both public, so I don't see how privacy would affect one but not both.14:30
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mgzso, one thing that strikes me about qbzr and tortoisebzr is they both moved their trunk in the past14:51
mgz...but other projects that relocated aren't affected14:52
abentleymgz: Didn't bzr also relocate its trunk?15:00
mgzabentley: not sure, but lp:leo-editor did and that resolves.15:01
mgz(if bzr did it, was before qbzr did the move for 2a, and leo-editor was since then)15:02
abentleymgz: I may be wrong about bzr relocating.15:02
rick_h_abentley: as a job expert, just want to sanity check the assertion in this small MP https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/simplify-packagecopyjob-tests/+merge/11515915:14
abentleyrick_h_: looking...15:15
abentleyrick_h_: All looks sane to me.15:16
rick_h_abentley: ok, just wanted to sanity check the idea that it's all the same and makes sense to run the jobrunner directly15:16
rick_h_vs something that could go bad in tests later15:17
rick_h_abentley: ty much15:17
abentleyI do think it makes sense to run the jobrunner directly.15:17
abentleyI suppose you could argue it changes the tests slightly, in that it makes assertions about the end-state instead of the exception being raised.  I think the end-state is the most important thing, though.15:18
rick_h_abentley: yea, was more worried of unexpeced side effects, possible cleanup/test pollution or timing side effects15:21
abentleyrick_h_: I don't see any potential for that.15:21
cjwatsonrick_h_,abentley: The other thing I probably should have pointed out in the MP is that all the other similar tests I could find were already using the jobrunner directly.15:23
cjwatsonI wondered if PCJ was an early adopter or something.15:23
rick_h_ah thanks cjwatson15:23
sinzuiczajkowski, jcsackett: I am about to fall off the net. My computer reports power problems and I need to power off to investigate.15:31
jcsackettand away he goes ...15:48
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sinzuirick_h_, I just occurred to me that 3 years ago YUI domready had issues so scripts were trying to mutate the dom during load, which is dangerous, so the spinners were hard-coded into the template16:53
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rick_h_sinzui: where is this? /me is missing the context17:10
sinzuirick_h_, I was thinking out loud as I was reading code. Why is the spinner hard-coded in the template? why is the script using on load, then I remembered the age of the code and concluded that spinners are hard coded because progressive enhancement can fail if you mutate the dom as it is loaded17:12
rick_h_sinzui: ah, that's an old IE issue true17:13
sinzuiWe were using firefox 3, no webkit browser either.17:13
rick_h_right, yea understandable for sure17:14
rick_h_I'm trying to track down the latest IE with the issue, I recall it17:14
sinzuiI think I have an opportunity to clean up this code is my branch has nothing else for me to do17:14
rick_h_the other thing to realize though with spinners like that is that the combo loader call is async, so there's a delay in kicking in if you need to avoid flashing the user17:15
* rick_h_ isn't sure where you're looking at/etc17:15
sinzuirick_h_, yes, I think that is a legitimate case to add the spinner right away. The example I see is a user initiated action17:16
rick_h_ah, here is the thing I was thinking "Internet Explorer note: It isn't always safe to modify content during the available/contentready until after the domready moment. In this browser, domready will execute before the available/contentready listeners.17:17
sinzuiYUI 3 ensures that available and contentready fire after domready17:17
rick_h_this was from 3.2 notes http://yuiblog.com/sandbox/yui/3.2.0pr1/examples/event/event-timing.html17:18
sinzuiThere was some definite madness in the past. Since it was not documented in the code, I can only guess at why I keep find on load and hidden spinners in the templates17:19
rick_h_well the biggest thing these days is probably the copy/paste syndrome17:20
sinzuirick_h_, while i have your attention. I wanted overlays to always return focus to their EDITION when they closed so keyboard navigation does not bounce back to the top of the page.17:21
rick_h_ah interesting17:21
sinzuiIt didn't work, well, this.get('editicon').focus(); didn't work, or what every attr was the supposed trigger for the overlay17:22
* rick_h_ looks17:23
sinzuiI had some unsuccessful tests with activeElement a few weeks ago. I was thinking that when the overlay is displayed, it captures what had focus, then calls focus in destroy or hide17:23
rick_h_right, was going to ask when you were trying to focus back17:23
rick_h_I think it'd be a something interesting to do as when visible change or destroy as you say17:24
sinzuiI was playing with IE too, so I may have been dealing with some propagation differences17:24
rick_h_determining what had focus is hard. I wonder if there's a way to some sort of master 'focus tracker' .delegate() event on BODY to keep tabs on focus and query it17:25
sinzuiWe know our overlays use the editicon (or the linked value) so that might be the right answer all the time17:26
rick_h_yea, I wasn't sure if they could be determined by id/explicitly17:27
sinzuiI agree. this certainly would be problematic if we ever convert help to an overlay17:29
rick_h_I thought it was?17:30
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rick_h_sinzui: http://jsfiddle.net/mmcTL/11/ is a bad example because you'd want to filter the delegate to only things that are on the main page, not overlays/added content17:45
rick_h_but it looks like you could delegate onto the body, watch for focus events, track them, and then that tracker could listen for some sort of restore event to refocus manually back where it was left off17:46
* sinzui bookmarks17:46
sinzuithank you!17:46
rick_h_so on the destroy/hide events of widgets, you'd fire a Y.fire('returnFocus') or something17:46
rick_h_sinzui: np, interesting idea17:46
deryckAh, the joys of stable internets again.17:48
deryckabentley, adeuring, rick_h_ -- hi, there. I'm connected again. :)17:49
abentleyderyck: yay!17:49
rick_h_deryck: welcome back to the land of the wired17:50
deryckI'm so kicking AT&T to the virtual curb.  Soon as I find another option.17:51
czajkowskisinzui: comment on your blog post http://blog.launchpad.net/general/launchpad-does-not-have-private-projects-yet17:51
rick_h_hah, greg causing trouble17:54
czajkowskiyou have no idea the amount of trouble that line cause17:54
czajkowskispend all weekend discussing it in various channels17:54
rick_h_czajkowski: greg used to be local, started the MI loco, so friend of mine. Not surprised he latched onto that17:55
czajkowskiwe're on the loco council together :)17:55
rick_h_ah right cool17:55
czajkowskisinzui: to be fair we're moving out stuff outta kanbahns to blueprints I though as they our tool18:02
sinzuiczajkowski, we are not18:03
sinzuiczajkowski, the launchpad team does not use blueprints18:03
czajkowskino we don't currently18:04
czajkowskiwas under the impression that was changing in the future, but it was a slow process18:04
deryckczajkowski, if that line from sinzui caused a lot of trouble, I'd guess there is more to people's frustrations than any sin caused by a single sentence.18:10
czajkowskideryck: people dont have much to do at weekends18:10
deryckczajkowski, said people should game more then.18:10
deryckopen source tempers could be swayed by more gaming.  I swear it's true.18:11
czajkowskideryck: or submit patches for LP :_)18:11
deryckwell, I was thinking something fun to do. :-P18:11
* deryck totally kids18:11
czajkowskiright finally leaving the office18:12
sinzuijcsackett, has ec2 explained why it does not want users to hide comments?18:44
jcsackettsinzui: well, i still don't know why the one run died silently, but i have resolved all the errors in the hate mail and have a run that appears to be going smoothly now.18:45
sinzuiwill you lp-land it?18:46
jcsackettonce i get a completed test run back; some of the errors in the hate mail was from a few places where i had been dumb about which code needed to be altered with the feature flag, so i had to update that. i want to see a complete ec2 run.18:48
sinzuirick_h_, do you habe time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/add-private-member/+merge/11541919:12
rick_h_sinzui: not atm, sorry. Can later tonight.19:20
=== rick_h_ changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: http://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Firefighting: - | Critical bugs: 4.0*10^2
sinzuithats okay, I will ask jcsackett who I discussed the issue with19:20
sinzuijcsackett,  do you have 10 minutes to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/add-private-member/+merge/11541919:20
jcsackettsinzui: I will in just a moment.19:21
jcsackettsinzui: ok, looking now.19:23
jcsackettsinzui: that's not even a 10 min branch to look at, given we both already know the backstory. :-)19:25
sinzuiI thought as much.19:25
jcsackettr=me. glad it was what we had assumed.19:25
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jcsackettsinzui: comments branch had a successful testrun, and has landed. should be playing on buildbot soon.21:30
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wallyworld_rick_h_: yo22:51
rick_h_wallyworld_: hey, howdy. in the last hour before the kid goes to bed so in/out22:55
wallyworld_rick_h_: just a quick thing - i looked at qa ing the report a bug link and it's still broken22:56
wallyworld_rick_h_: i can mark it as qa-ok but the bug will need more work22:56
rick_h_wallyworld_: crap, broken how?22:57
wallyworld_rick_h_: clicking on it does nothing22:57
wallyworld_we for me anyway22:57
wallyworld_i looked at https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/launchpad22:58
rick_h_hmm, html is fixed22:58
rick_h_https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugtarget-portlet-bugfilters-stats 503?22:58
rick_h_hmm, not sure why it's not clicking now though, the html is cleaned up correctly so something else is wrong, no idea off the top of my head22:59
rick_h_will have to look after the boy goes to bed and maybe in the morning. *sigh*22:59
wallyworld_rick_h_: np. i'll mark as qa-ok and set back to in progress23:00
rick_h_wallyworld_: yea, so the link is there, has an href, so someone is catching it and killing the event somewhere.23:01
rick_h_the li has class js-action and inactive on it for some reason, wonder if that's some of it23:02
rick_h_maybe huw can peek if he's around today as I thought his html updates where part of what changed23:02
wallyworld_rick_h_: i'll see if i can get to it today, and you can pick it up for your SOD tomorrow23:02
rick_h_wallyworld_: np, just trying to think out loud while looking.23:02
rick_h_I could have sworn it worked locally, if you get a sec do me a fav and see if local matches qa please23:03
wallyworld_ok, sec23:03
wallyworld_rick_h_: works locally with dev23:05
wallyworld_go figure23:05
rick_h_wallyworld_: yea see...ugh so something strange is up...qastaging hates me today.23:06
rick_h_ok, well that's a hint so will look more. wonder if it's combo loader related23:07
wallyworld_rick_h_: yeah, i might leave it to you for tomorrow then23:07
rick_h_see if you can get the combo loader feature flag turned on in qa staging (it's off by default still I believe) and then no idea wtf would be wrong there.23:07
rick_h_wallyworld_: rgr, sorry, thanks for the help and report, will stick on it like glue23:07
* rick_h_ is annoyed this 'simple' thing is still broken is23:08
rick_h_is all, the 24hr to edit/land sucks with this stuff23:08
wallyworld_rick_h_: getting flag on qas right now23:10
StevenKI know we turned it off on staging yesterday, I wasn't sure about qas23:10
wallyworld_StevenK: it's off, getting it back on to see what happens23:10
rick_h_StevenK: side note, I asked you to review a branch that adds a dep to launchpad-deps for unzip so we can use the upstream yui .zip files pls23:14
wallyworld_rick_h_: broken with combo loaded also23:14
rick_h_StevenK: can you peek/help me get that updated please?23:15
rick_h_wallyworld_: ok cool, that actually makes me feel better tbh23:15
rick_h_ok, bath time for the boy, will check back in later .Thanks again guys23:15
wallyworld_rick_h_: good luck with this...23:15
cjwatsonIs https://code.launchpad.net/~jml/lazr.restfulclient/multiple-instance-safe/+merge/98873 ever likely to make it into an actual release?  It'd be nice to get this into quantal and precise-updates23:22
cjwatsonbigjools: How would you feel about switching on soyuz.copypackageppa.enabled for everyone and setting soyuz.derived_series.max_synchronous_syncs to 1 for launchpad-beta-testers, now that failed PCJs are shown in the web UI?  I've tried similar things on dogfood and haven't noticed any problems with async copies there.23:31
cjwatsonIt'd be pretty awesome to be able to make the async code work for everyone and remove the sync code.23:31
bigjoolsI'd feel ecstatic but I also don't feel I'm currently in a good enough position to judge  this since I've not worked on LP since January23:32
bigjoolsdesperately trying to keep up with developments though!23:32
cjwatsonOK.  Should I get some other TL to have a look?23:32
bigjoolsremoving the sync code might be problematic23:32
bigjoolssome people depend on that behaviour23:32
cjwatsonHm.  Any pointers?23:33
* bigjools racks brain to think who objected23:33
cjwatsonI'm just talking about the sync mode in Archive:+copy-packages, not the Archive.syncSource API23:33
bigjoolsthat's probably ok then23:33
bigjoolsit might be a good idea to blog/tweet about this change in advance23:34
bigjoolsand as you say turn it on for beta testers first23:34
cjwatsonI already know the libreoffice guys will love it :-)23:34
cjwatson(Well, assuming it works)23:35
cjwatsonBut yeah, you're right23:35
bigjoolsI'd also email the -users list (mmm do we have a beta users list?)23:35
cjwatsonRemoving the +copy-packages sync mode is about -200 LoC, but it's one of the last steps on the way for removing delayed copies which is -1100 or so23:36
cjwatson~launchpad-beta-testers just tells people to join ~launchpad-users23:36
cjwatsonAll right then.  I ought to go to bed, but I'll see if I can persuade jam or somebody in the morning to approve a feature flag change, and talk to czajkowski about the comms23:37
bigjoolscjwatson: np.  Sorry, I'd love to approve it, I would, but that would make be responsible for something that I wasn't involved in lately :)23:43
cjwatsonYeah, makes sense23:45
cjwatsonI can start writing a blog entry in the meantime23:45
rick_h_StevenK: thanks for the catch on the email. The reason I ping'd you specifically as I wasn't sure how to process from here on it and wanted to make sure I got it right.23:53
rick_h_StevenK: so do I submit to trunk, then dput up to the ppa, and everything should catch the update there?23:53
StevenKrick_h_: Just commit to trunk, a recipe does everything else.23:54
rick_h_StevenK: ah, even better then23:54
rick_h_StevenK: so then does something cause the ppa to pull updates on the machines? qa/etc?23:55
rick_h_or do I somehow trigger production/qa servers to run an apt-get upgrade?23:55
StevenKThat happens seperately. You need to talk to webops about it.23:55
rick_h_ok, cool. I want to make sure I do things in the right order to prevent borking things again23:56
StevenKBut you keep borking things anyway :-P23:56
rick_h_I try not to!!! lol23:57
rick_h_I'm cursed this last week I tell you23:57

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