gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb http://tinyurl.com/yellowsquad in 212:09
gary_postermake that 112:09
gary_posterbac any suggestions for daily meeting checklist changes?12:30
bacgary_poster: no, i think it is fine.  my stumbling was due to its newness12:38
gary_posterbac, cool, thanks.  (I thought you did well with it.)12:39
frankbanbranch merged! bac: ready when you are.12:45
bacfrankban: ok, i'm in our normal hangout12:45
gary_postergmb, benji, since we have our first interview tomorrow, I'd like to spend some time today preparing.  I suggest we have a call when we are all available to agree on what we think we need for tomorrow, so we can be ready with it.12:47
benjigary_poster: sounds good12:48
gmbgary_poster, benji Agreed; I'm grabbing some lunch now and have a call with Francis scheduled for 14-15:00 UTC. Shall we get together in half an hour or so?12:49
gary_postergmb, so, half past the hour.  sounds good12:50
bacbenji: frankban and i are having tb problems.  i'm initiating and he get 'waiting on server'.  ideas?12:57
benjibac: my first thought is to be sure you are using the same google IDs and that you have done the chat request/approve dance12:59
bacbenji: yes12:59
benjibac: maybe we can try this: you start the server sending to me and I'll start a client and then I'll start a server with him as the client, that way if one works and the other doesn't then we can at least know which half is having a problem13:02
bacbenji: ok, i can try that in a moment.  we have a work around right now and are making progress on our real problem13:05
benjibac: k13:05
bacbenji: i termbeam you now13:17
benjibac: I see your terminal13:17
bacbenji: you try with frankban maybe13:18
benjifrankban: will you run "tb --xmpp-receive=benji.york@gmail.com"13:20
frankbanbenji: it works13:21
benjiI wonder why it isn't working for you and bac.13:21
benjiHave you guys used tb together before?13:22
frankbanbenji: no, IIRC13:22
frankbanaargh, shut up empathy!13:22
benjiI would double-check the google talk authorization step.13:23
gary_posterbenji, gmb, how are we doing?  I still have a couple of things I was hoping to get done before the call but if we all can meet we probably should13:34
gmbgary_poster: If we could meet now that would work better for me; I'm cramming commitments like cats in a sack this afternoon.13:35
gary_postergmb understood13:35
gary_posterbenji, now ok?13:35
benjigary_poster: sure, preparing and then I'll be there13:35
gmbYellow hangout?13:36
gary_postergmb, I think it is being used.  benji, gmb, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cdcfe59b2165dc9a7566d519c86d41e9ad53e5ca?authuser=0&hl=en-US13:36
gary_posterbenji, for instance you were not willing to continnue speaking with us13:49
frankbangary_poster: I've seen that haveged is installed by default by init-lxc: is this something we want? or should we restore the old flag that was used to activate that?15:41
gary_posterfrankban, I think we want it--it was my call, one way or another.  Given that it appears to be safe, and it makes parallel tests work, and if you are using LXC there's a high probability that you will care about parallel tests, I think making it installed by default is reasonable.  I'd be fine with an option to disable installing it.  I'd also be fine with you telling me why I'm wrong. :-)15:43
gary_posters/I think we want it/I think we want haveged installed by default/15:44
frankbangary_poster: I don't think you are wrong. I just worry about developers (wanting to use lxc for development) complaining about "why do you want to install another service in my host"...15:47
gary_posterfrankban, I think that's a generic problem we'll need for a lot of the changes.  We still need to address the developer story plans.  I think (describe action, give rationale, allow opt-out) might be a reasonable general approach15:48
frankbangary_poster: agreed15:49
frankbangary_poster: do you have a minute?16:08
gary_postersure frankban16:08
frankbanyellow hangout?16:08
gary_postergmb hiya16:58
gmbgary_poster: Hi16:58
gary_posterI am about to send ashleigh an email saying our appointments are now booked16:58
gary_posteronce Derek moves an hour earlier16:58
gary_posterUnless you want to schedule anyone late in your dat16:59
gmbgary_poster: Lemme just check, on minute...16:59
gary_posterafter 17:30 Wed, Thurs or Fri, basically16:59
gmbgary_poster: So, Derek's going to be 13:30 to 16:00 on Thursday?17:00
gary_postergmb 13:30-15:0017:01
gary_posterthat's the hope17:01
gmbgary_poster: Okay. Assuming that then, I'm fine with everything as it's scheduled.17:01
gary_postergmb, great.  So you agree that I should say "we're booked," right?  The remaining time of overlap with you on Thursday and Friday is already booked for me with the communication position interviews17:02
gmbgary_poster: Yes, I agree we're booked :)17:02
gary_postercool, thanks :-)17:03
gary_postergmb, another thing we should talk about is how you want benji and me to keep the ball rolling while you are gone.  We can do that tomorrow, but should not forget17:04
gmbYes, indeed.17:04
bacgary_poster: good news:  lp-setup install-lxc -B lp:~bac/lpsetup/from-branch worked.17:52
bacso install-lxc worked on a fresh machine with no problems and no intervention.17:52
bacis that a first?17:52
gary_posterbac, it is! :-) congrats!17:53
bacthanks to frankban recognizing we needed get_su_command17:53
gary_posterah cool17:55
bacshould anyone care to do a review: https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/lpsetup/from-branch/+merge/11540518:01
bacbenji: would you have time to look at my very compact MP?19:08
benjibac: sure19:08
bacthanks.  i know you had a full day of reviewing yesterday.19:09
gary_posterback in 3019:22
benjibac: why do the tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile dance instead of just tempfile.mkdtemp?19:29
bacbenji: b/c that would make a directory and then i'd have to check out using --use-existing-dir19:29
bacso, it seemed about the same to me19:30
benjiahh, gotcha19:30
benjibac: in that case tempfile.mktemp seems appropriate (despite the giant security warnings)19:30
baci avoid it since it seems scary19:31
benjiit is equivilent to what you're doing though, right?  you just want a name that doesn't exist, plus the security implications are lessoned since you are creating a directory in the person's home dir19:32
bacbenji, yes, i just want a name19:49
bacbenji: any other changes?19:57
benjibac: nope; I'll approve the MP19:58
benjiI am totally not going to get to work on my card again today.20:32
benjigary_poster (and gmb): here are my interview bits: https://pastebin.canonical.com/70285/20:47

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