jbichahi! on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+queue?queue_state=1 why is the diff stored at http://lplibrarian-private-download.internal:8000/110291526/haskell-aeson_0.6.0.2-1_0.6.0.2-1build1.diff.gz03:05
micahgjbicha: looks like a bug03:38
micahglifeless: ^^^03:39
lifelessindeed thats a bug03:41
lifelessplease file it03:41
lifelesscjwatson will need to know about it03:41
jbichait's affecting other stuff too, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/3.5.4-0ubuntu103:44
stgraberit's not affecting all the diff links and the relation between these that are affected isn't obvious (not time based and nothing obvious in the .changes that I could see)03:52
jbichaare there recent uploads that have normal diffs?03:52
stgraberfairly recent yeah03:53
stgraberI spotted a couple to quantal 4 hours ago that were fine03:53
stgraberlists gnome-orca with an invalid link, but gjs and libsoup2.4 are fine03:54
jbichaanyway, bug 102551503:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1025515 in Launchpad itself "LP diffs are being linked at http://lplibrarian-private-download.internal:8000" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102551503:54
stgraberkde-runtime too, but if you go to the next page, you have some more that are pointing to the internal server03:54
wgrantjbicha, lifeless, micahg: cjwatson's already fixed that, but existing uploads haven't been repaired.04:21
wgrantIt affects sources that were originally uploaded to a private PPA.04:21
micahgwgrant: would've pinged you, but I thought you were on vacation :)04:21
micahgwgrant: the quantal queue doesn't include stuff uploaded to private PPAs :)04:22
wgrant    @property04:23
wgrant    def private(self):04:23
wgrant        """See `IPackageDiff`."""04:23
wgrant        return all(04:23
wgrant            archive.private for archive in self.to_source.published_archives)04:23
wgrantSo if it's not published in any archives at all, it'll end up private :/04:23
micahgheh, I had a sneaky suspicion about that part04:23
lifelesswgrant: what what, we store a static url? what about TLT ?04:25
wgrantlifeless: We store an LFA reference.04:26
wgrantlifeless: Private archives know how to do the TLT redirection dance04:26
wgrantPublic archives and +queue do not, deliberately.04:27
lifelesswgrant: lplibrarian-private-download.internal isn't a TLT base url *either*04:27
wgrantlifeless: No, it's the http_url04:27
wgrantWhich things will use unless they're getting TLTs04:27
wgrantusing getURL04:27
lifelesswe should just nuke that for private entirely.04:27
lifelessyeah :)04:28
wgrantIt's how internal downloads work :)04:28
lifelessdoesn't have to be.04:28
wgrantYou want to issue a bazillion TLTs for every file just so we can access them internally?04:28
wgrantSeems unwise.04:28
wgrantAt least until we know it scales04:28
wgrantWhich we don't...04:28
lifelessits about as much IO as needed to write a log entry04:28
lifelesswe know that we can do that already.04:28
lifelessInternal downloads of public things should use the public url04:29
wgrantWell, recall that we already have some unidentified load issue with TLTs in the librarian server.04:29
lifelessinternal downloads of private things should use a private url, TLTs provide one.04:29
lifelessyes, should fix that first.04:29
lifelessWasn't aware that it was load correlated.04:29
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iwata0303Hallo, folks.13:24
iwata0303Now, I get "Not a branch" error when trying to access to some branches on Launchpad.13:25
mgziwata0303: has the branch been deleted or moved?13:26
Lasallhow do you branch?13:26
iwata0303e.g. lp:tortoisebzr, lp:qbzr. They cirtainly exist.13:26
mgzah, okay, they do exist :)13:26
iwata0303Has something changed ?13:26
mgz$ bzr branch lp:qbzr13:26
mgzbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/qbzr/".13:26
mgz...and that is a bit worrying13:26
mgz$ bzr branch lp:~qbzr-dev/qbzr/trunk2a13:28
mgzBranched 1494 revisions.13:28
mgzso, the mapping is borked.13:28
iwata0303Can I do something to fix it ?13:31
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mgziwata0303: problem seems to be launchpad's end13:32
mgzthere are a few recent changes to branch stacking for the privacy work, but nothing jumps out at me as being to blame13:32
mgziwata0303: for a workaround if you need to update your copies locally, you can find out the real location from the web page and pull from that13:34
iwata0303The workaround is okay for my personal work, but this problem may block next bzr windows installer release.13:38
mgziwata0303: don't make me cry more ;_;13:39
mgz(I think that should be fine, as I can always manually change the locations to pull from when building the installer)13:39
mgzbut this is clearly a regression in launchpad that needs fixing13:40
iwata0303mgz: I see. Thank you for your advice :)13:45
mgzthanks for reporting the problem :)13:45
dobeyhow does one remove a team from subscription to bugs for a specific package in ubuntu these days?13:58
mgzdobey: not sure as I can't find a team I'm subscribed to stuff seperately under, but maybe under ubuntu/+source/PROJECT/+subscriptions ?14:01
dobeyapparently that doesn't work either. but i'm middle-man at the moment, as no teams i'm admin of are subscribed to package bugs in ubuntu, i don't think14:04
mgzokay, so we're both in the dark :)14:05
dobeybut i do see an Unsubscribe for myself on another package where i am subscribed, on the +subscriptions page14:06
dobeyi wonder if that's broken for teams that are also members of ubuntu-bug-control14:06
bdrunghi, i try to run lp:ubuntu-sponsoring, but it always crashes due to a LP timeout error (OOPS-cdbdeb62c9dc06f0a82055212f63fb1e)14:10
dobeymgz: http://ubuntuone.com/5zoA5NukA3PV1bjhPiJlgj <- chipaca sees this on that page. trying to remove ubuntuone-hackers from couchdb bug subscription. he's the team owner and an admin. for me, it shows my subscription via that team. wonder why it's blank for him14:11
mgzdobey: right, that's what I see on projects I have no direct subscriptions for14:13
mgzimplies if he's subscribed to that project, it's through some other more twisty path14:13
dobeyno, ubuntuone-hackers is subscribed to that package14:13
dobeymgz: you can see it listed on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/couchdb14:14
mgzdobey: can he edit stuff on ~ubuntuone-hackers/+structural-subscriptions ?14:18
dobeymgz: i could delete it from there even14:22
mgzdobey: ace.14:23
sfeuHey there, I require armhf builds for my project. But  if i define armhf for architecture in debian/control, launchpad rejects my build. So i am required to use my own pbuilder on arm, right?14:23
mgzsfeu: or get a special permission bit to use the launchpad arm builders14:24
mgzI'm not sure who you need to beg for that though.14:25
sfeumgz: thanks for the info. I will try to asks the admins in launchpad/answers then.14:27
mgzthat'll still be me today, I'll poke someone in the know.14:27
sfeuthanks mgz. I am doing my first steps porting libcassowary, a constrain solver to recent 10.04 and 12.04 ubuntu versions. would be great if one can enable this special bit for my repository. https://launchpad.net/~sfeu/+archive/ppa/+packages14:31
mgzsfeu: will get back to you shortly14:37
sfeumgz: thx14:48
czajkowskisfeu: are you canonica/linaro15:00
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mgzsfeu: so, the short answer is yes, you need your own builder (or to piggyback on debian or some other group that providers builders to members)15:30
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dobeyhow do i copy binary packages from the Ubuntu archive, to a PPA, into a different series?17:59
elmodobey: from the PPA's page, 'View Package Details'18:01
elmodobey: then there should be a copy link near the top right18:01
elmooh, blah18:01
elmodobey: sorry18:01
dobeyyeah, from ubuntu main into a ppa, not from one ppa to another18:03
dobeystupid circular deps in python modules not making this easy for me :-/18:03
sfeu_mgz: ok. thanks - then i will set up my own one.18:35
evillyEvilHow long is a "Rejected" branch kept on launchpad?19:44
evillyEvilHow do I view the list of all rejected branches of mine?19:44
lifelessevillyEvil: code.l.n/~ and use the filter to choose rejected branches.19:50
lifelesserm, abandoned.19:51
lifelessI'm not sure there is a view for my-reject-ed-proposals19:51
evillyEvillifeless: will those rejected branches got deleted after sometime?19:51
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lifelessevillyEvil: nope20:19
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