silverarrowfound it00:00
silverarrowhad to search for irc in package manager00:00
silverarrowpidgin crashes00:00
silverarrowsome bug00:00
* wxl uses irssi00:01
silverarrownever used it00:01
wxlif you prefer guis, don't use it :)00:01
silverarrowgnash browser plugin is broken for powerpc00:01
silverarrowwonder if they fix it for 12.1100:01
silverarrowor 12.10 I mean00:02
wxlhave you filed a bug or searched for one and contributed to it?00:02
wxlif not, probably not00:02
Caseyi need help with a small problem in a sh script00:04
wxlCasey: since this isn't a problem with lubuntu, won't don't you try, e.g. ##linux?00:05
silverarrowno I haven`t filed a bug00:06
wxlno bug = invisible00:06
silverarrowhow do I go that?00:06
wxlalt-f2 to run a command00:07
wxlthen type "ubuntu-bug gnash" without the quotes00:07
wxlit will walk you through it00:07
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silverarrowohh, it worked00:23
silverarrowthe bug report00:23
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silverarrowhi jonathanwallace00:53
silverarrowI`m wondering if there is a bug in gecko player plugin00:58
kanliotlubuntu's lxde menu has accessories, games, system tools, how do i add a new sub-menu?01:07
silverarrowi`ve tested the gnome-mplayer-gecko setup on a different comptuer, it works01:40
silverarrowit is a powerpc build issue01:40
silverarrowi wonder if the powerpc gecko-plugin is broken01:41
silverarrowit really should work with all settings and packages I have installed01:41
silverarrowit just doens`t01:41
silverarrowwe need som clever firefox lubuntu developers and fixers to take a look at it01:42
kanliot i hope they fix my bugs first get in line01:43
silverarrowdo you have a problem?01:44
silverarrowlubuntu ppc works fine with most stuff, just not media players in browser01:45
silverarrowmajor issues01:45
kanliotwhat about vlc?01:45
silverarrowMy iBook G4 is still very nice to work on,01:45
silverarrowthe same01:45
silverarrowI have tried01:45
kanliotand open location in vlc01:45
silverarrowI have a fresh install now, I messed up too much with addons and packages01:46
silverarrowcould not clean it up again01:46
kanliotmplayer-gnome isnt that stable anyhow01:46
kanliotit crashes firefox in my experience01:46
silverarroware you sure?01:46
kanliotyeah it needs serious help01:46
silverarrowI run it in puppy 528, all fine there01:46
silverarrowI see, serious help must be required01:47
silverarrowit is the plugin01:47
kanliotyou use gekko gnome?01:47
silverarrowbrowser plugin01:47
kanlioti might try that if it's stable01:47
kanliotdoes it wrap mplayer?01:47
silverarrowyes, both lubuntu and lucid puppy series uses it01:47
silverarrowwrap? not sure01:48
kanliotgnome-mplayer is the gnome wrapper around mplayer01:48
kanlioti donno what gekko is01:48
kanliotthat's why i'm askin01:48
silverarrowgnome mplayer is the regular mediaplayer01:48
silverarrowgecko player is a plugin for firefox browser01:49
silverarrowit handles a lot of different stuff, like windows mediplayer oriented sites01:49
kanliotwell it works on x86, i have to turn it off, because i prefer to download the file before i view it01:49
silverarrowit works fine with firefox flash video replacer01:50
silverarrowa bit iffy in powerpc iso though01:50
silverarrowonly as standalone, not embedded01:50
silverarrowreally annoying withe hte power pc mess01:51
silverarrowfor straight flash sites that doesn`t allow flash vide replacer, it is either gnash or lightspark, or regular adobe01:52
kanliotso html5 doesn't work?01:52
silverarrowthere are some really good lubuntu develpers and fixers, I`m sure they know how to deal with it01:53
kanliotor flash downloader firefox plugin?01:53
silverarrowit plays, but stops and stars01:53
silverarrowdownloader works01:53
silverarrowand I can stream in the addon Flash Video Replacer as standalone player (jumps out of browser)01:54
silverarrownothing wrong with the player or hardware compatibilities, just browser and site issues01:54
kanliotwhat version of firefox u using?01:54
silverarrowit needs some attention01:54
kanlioti can tell you right now we get all of our ppc stuff from debian01:55
* silverarrow jumpst right over to the #debian01:55
kanliotalso with 13, i'm using that. stuff is better01:56
kanliotmainly flash is better01:56
kanliotbut i have to wonder if 13 would help01:56
silverarrowlubuntu is a bit restrictive with browser updates01:56
silverarrowsort of have to live with it until next release01:56
kanliotwe get our stuff from ubuntu and debian01:57
kanliotif theres not a firefox 13 package for lubutnu01:57
kanliotit's because nobody's built it for debian01:57
silverarrowbut doesn`t lubuntu test their powerpc iso on hardware and basic online capability ?01:57
kanliotyeah we have testers and devs that build the iso and thats it01:58
kanliotif you want something taken off the iso we could do that01:58
silverarrowno, I like everthing, if there could be some improvements01:58
silverarrowlike gnash actually working01:59
silverarrowand mplayer-gecko setup01:59
silverarrowit works fine in the 32 bit version01:59
silverarrowI might try the debian guys though02:00
kanliotgood luck02:00
silverarrowI hope that wasn`t a snarky remark02:00
silverarrow;- )02:02
kanliotyou need luck figuring out if it's a firefox bug02:02
kanliotor a mplayer bug02:02
kanliotor a build issue02:02
kanliotor what02:02
kanliotunless you had the mplayer devs, and the firefox devs in the same room02:02
kanlioti donno02:02
silverarrowwe might have to hold a conference02:03
silverarrowa work shop02:03
kanliotand those devs would have to be experts on ppc02:03
silverarrowor what ever they call it02:03
kanliotwhich they aren't02:03
kanliotso you would need the ppc build guys in there 202:04
silverarrowwell, some clever ethusiasts ands amateurs then02:04
silverarrowit really should be possible02:05
silverarrowsome old ppc guys02:05
silverarrowthere must be some around, I doubt they have retired02:05
kanliotyeah find a debian guy who uses ppc and youtube02:06
kanliotit's possible theoretically02:06
silverarrowI know there is no money driving powerpc builds, but there should be basic solutios02:07
silverarrowmy old ibook g4 is still nice02:07
silverarrowI promise02:07
silverarrownot up to date, not fancy at all but not that different02:08
silverarrowit appears the debian guyz prefer mozplug to mplayer-gecko,02:32
kanliotwhat channel you get info in?02:33
silverarrowI haven`t even heard of mozplug02:34
* silverarrow googles mozplug02:35
* silverarrow is installing mozplugger right now02:37
* silverarrow ...hopeing it does not intefere too much with other packages02:38
silverarrowhow much fiddeling is there with basic debian compared to ubuntu?02:39
silverarrowi like lubuntu though02:39
silverarrowbut really dislike the mediaplayer situation for ppc02:40
silverarrowthere should be a fix for lubuntu too really02:41
silverarrowit is really nice os02:41
silverarrowsorry for the typos02:42
silverarrowI`m thinking of reinstalling osx on my ibook G403:47
silverarrowat least moonlight worked there03:47
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hahlohi, seems that catalyst-gui doesn't open, despite driver itself installed, is it some missing libraries thing? libqt4gui is installed10:26
Prince123having a problem with lubuntu installation12:04
AngelaHello, could somebody help me?13:29
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Guest9393Hello, could somebody please help me?13:29
silverarrowdoes anyone know about NPAPI14:14
silverarrowwould google chrome run on lubuntu powerpc iso?15:03
kristian-aalborgo hai!16:42
kristian-aalborgis Lubuntu 100% official now?16:43
BlitzHereI just installed lubuntu16:49
BlitzHereIs there a way to refresh repository lists - for example, right after you add a new repository source, through lubuntu software center16:50
BlitzHereThere is a big refresh button in synaptic, which was what I used but before I found that, I was striggling with Lubuntu Software center16:50
Unit193Reload in synaptic, and apt-get update from CLI, but I don't know LSC. :P16:51
log`hi there, i've just installed lubuntu on my laptop and i wanted to activate the proprietary nvidia driver (binary blob) for my graphics card, but when i run the "Additional Drivers" application from the menu it shows no available drivers..16:51
log`I've just had to reinstall because running NVIDIA X Server Settings broke my system16:52
log`apt-get confirms i have the nvidia-current package installed16:52
log`my laptop is a bit special in that it has both an Intel HD Graphics adapter and a GeForce 520m16:53
log`any suggestions?16:53
log`the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf is as generic as can be16:55
kristian-aalborgUnit193, congrats17:03
Unit193kristian-aalborg: Danke.17:06
kristian-aalborgselv tak17:06
silverarrowgnash streams in midori17:07
silverarrownot firefox17:07
kristian-aalborggnash blows17:12
silverarrowsometimes it runs fine17:12
silverarrowI am having difficulties17:12
silverarroware you in Ã…lborg?17:13
silverarrowhi LjL17:15
silverarrowI have managed to loose gnome-mplayer17:42
silverarrowis there a way  i can get it back17:42
john_ramboHow do I increase lxterminal's font size ?18:41
bioterrorand you have checked the preferences, john_rambo?18:43
john_rambobioterror: Ther is no preferences in lxterm18:44
bioterrorwhich one are talking about now?18:45
john_ramboI have installed lxde over Ubuntu Minimal install bioterror18:47
bioterrorand are you using command: lxterm or lxterminal18:47
john_rambowhen I click on lxterm uxterm opens18:48
john_rambobioterror: ^18:48
bioterroradd certain lines to .Xdefaults18:50
bioterrorprobably like: uxterm*font: fixed18:50
bioterroror .Xresources18:50
john_rambook I will try18:51
john_ramboinstalled lxterminal .....increased font size ..Thanks18:55
BlitzHereIs there any way to have the computer turn num Lock on automatically at boot?18:56
bioterrorBlitzHere, mostly from BIOS that is done18:57
BlitzHerebioterror, I am coming from XP. On XP, the OS remembered the state of Num Lock at shutdown and restored that on next boot18:58
bioterrorthere you go19:02
bioterrorsudo apt-get install numlockx19:02
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stfhello does anyone of you have expieriences in installing xen under lubuntu?20:25
stfbecause i get the error: ERROR:  Can't find hypervisor information in sysfs!20:26
stfim so far the i have the wrong kernel running, but i even cannot add the xen one to grub2, each time i run update-grub, it seems totally ignore the xen kernel in the /boot folder20:27
bioterror!xen | stf20:30
ubottustf: XEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen20:30
stfthis manual makes me the problems *_*20:32
bioterrorI think #ubuntu-server could be a proper place to ask about xen20:33
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BlitzHereHow do I install binary Nvidia drivers? I have a GeForce FX 520022:01
Unit193Typically you use the "Additional Drivers" tool.22:02
BlitzHereSays I don't need anything22:03
zleapif  it is installed you may need to enable it22:04
Unit193There's always the wikipage, helpful or not https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:04
BlitzHerezleap: Wait, you were right22:05
Unit193Heh, coolio.22:05
BlitzHereAnd additional drivers does show my card. It didn't the first time though22:05
BlitzHereI had to add the repository and then download the drivers...22:06
Dukehi all :)23:53
silverarrowis there any good email client?23:56
silverarrowI cannot set up sylpheed properly,23:56
silverarrowI cannot make it connect to server, which is my failing capability i think23:58

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