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mptmhall119, how can I tell whether appshowdowninstall.sh is doing anything or whether it's stuck? :-)09:10
dholbachmpt, tail -f /var/log/dpkg.log might say something or one of the apt logs09:13
dholbachwithout having looked at the script I assume it's the script which installs all the packages from the app showdown :)09:13
mptdholbach, sure is. :-)09:47
mptOk, now it's printing stuff at the console ... it wasn't for a few minutes09:47
dholbachah cool09:47
dholbachhave fun reviewing the apps :)09:48
dpmmpt, yeah, it takes a while to install all packages on a VM...10:26
bretthis there no way to catch a right click event on a gtk.MenuItem in my appindicator?10:33
mpt"Software index is broken - It is impossible to install or remove any software"11:02
mptWell, that's encouraging :-]11:02
dpmachuni, mvo, mhall119, call in ~3 min?12:57
achunidpm: sounds good, hangout?12:57
dpmachuni, mvo, mhall119, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/c707bcc61a831c9c8c9cb34512c408b6dddff16e?authuser=0&hl=ca#13:02
dpmmhall119, ^13:05
LambdaDuskhi, I am trying to develop some graphics app, and somehow I get errors when trying to open a window with GLFW and GLUT... GLFW tells me nothing, but GLUT says something about a framebuffer missing14:30
Phoenix87when I call get_name on a widget, say a button, created with glade, i get GtkButton instead of the name I gave it in glade14:42
Phoenix87Is there a specific reason for this Glade behavior? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8263756/gtkbuilder-and-names14:57
Phoenix87this would make css styling a bit painful, althouh in python this can be solved in just one line, namely for widget in self.ui._widget_dict: self.ui._widget_dict[widget].set_name(widget)14:58
mhall119Phoenix87: no idea why they did that15:00
glinkhi, i submited an app to the showdown and it didn't  build in launchpad, fixed that but some one couldn’t build it again after the fix(install of precise proposed updates) can someone help me?15:01
dpmglink, can you be more detailed? Which app is it? How did the build fail?15:02
Phoenix87mhall119: I believe that if they decided this there must be a reason and therefore it is probably not a good idea to change the "name" property, although I don't see why this should cause any problems. So you think it's OK to change the "name" property like I did?15:02
glinkmy app is Src Install, here: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1301/ and failed here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1089412/ as i am a complete noob at this i really need help so i can learn :D15:04
glinkit was Mr Daniel Holbach that tryed to build and couldn't, so he warned me15:05
mhall119Phoenix87: I don't know enough about Gtk and GtkBuilder to say15:08
Phoenix87mhall119: oh ok, thank you anyway :)15:08
Phoenix87maybe i can post a new question on askubuntu15:08
mhall119glink: where's your main code branch?15:09
glinkmhall119: https://launchpad.net/~fernandofreamunde/+archive/srcinstall this?15:11
glinkim really noob to all this :s15:11
mhall119glink: do you have a bzr branch?15:12
glinkbut i'm doing my best to learn as much as possible15:12
mhall119looks like it15:12
glinki done this with quickly15:12
glinkhow can i cask quickly what or where is my branch? :P15:15
mhall119glink: what's going on with the config() method in SrcInstallWindow.py?15:16
mhall119glink: I ran "bzr branch lp:src-install" to get it15:16
mhall119you can run "bzr info" from your project directory to get the full branch location15:16
mhall119glink: your problem is on line 147 of SrcInstallWindow.py15:17
glinkin config i it installs the packages that this page(https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo) suggests15:18
mhall119you're calling config() as part of the class definition, which means it's being called when setup.py is trying to build a package for your app, and when that fails the build fails15:18
glinki will see if i can fix it thanks15:18
glinkand how can i make it run automaticaly?15:19
mhall119when do you want it run?15:19
glinkevery time in the launch of the app15:19
glinki dont know how exactly  verify if a package is installed on the system15:20
mhall119then put it in the main() function in src_install/__init__.py, before Gtk.main() is called15:20
mhall119if you need a package installed on the system, you just put it in the debian/control files15:21
glinkthen how do i update the app15:21
mhall119or run "quickly configure dependencies"15:21
mhall119what do you mean update the app?15:21
glinkso the fix is implemented lol15:22
mhall119I still don't follow, what fix?15:22
glinkit is not building so i have to 'fix' it.. thats what i mean15:23
glinkso i change the code what command doi use to update the ppa so that people can build the app15:24
mhall119oh, you just run "bzr commit" to save the changes to your bzr branch, then "bzr push" to send the changes to the branch on Launchpad, then let the reviewers know the fix is there15:24
glinkenglish is not my native laguage sorry for the mess :P15:25
mhall119"quickly share" will create a new version and send it to your PPA15:25
mhall119no worries15:25
glinki will make it15:25
glinkis it going to mess with  my showdown submission?15:26
mhall119nope,your showdown submission is based on what was already in your PPA15:27
glinkok so this isn't cheating right? :)15:27
glink:D thanks15:28
glinkmhall119: i ran "quickly configure dependencies" i put the dependencies on one line separated by ',' is it how i should do?15:51
mhall119glink: that's fine15:55
glinkok then i saved and closed every thing and ran "bzr commit"15:56
glinkand it is ignoring the file with the dependencis is it ok?15:56
mhall119which file?15:56
mhall119the one it pulled up when you ran "configure dependencies"?15:57
mhall119yeah, that's just a temporary one15:57
mhall119it should have put the dependencies into the .quickly file15:57
glinkok then no problem in saving15:57
glinkwhen i closed the tab on gedit?15:58
mhall119as long as you saved it before closing it15:59
glinkyes of course :)15:59
mhall119IIRC, quickly creates an empty temporary file, opens it for you to put your dependencies in, then when you save and close gedit it reads the contents of the file and puts them into a single line in .quickly15:59
glinkthis nano thing is weard :x15:59
mhall119yeah, I'm more of a vim person15:59
glink'm a gedit person XD16:00
glinkam i suposed to give a name to the nano editor after saving or there is an expecific name to give16:01
mhall119the one it has is fine, just "ctrl-o" to save and "ctrl-x" to exit, IIRC16:02
Phoenix87mhall119: I asked about dependencies during one of the very first hangouts about the contest, and that procedure didn't actually work16:02
Phoenix87when the temp file was saved and closed, the dependency field in .quickly wasn't update16:03
mhall119I just tried it with quickly 12.04 and it worked16:04
mhall119tried it on src-install in fact16:04
Phoenix87mhall119: oh ok, sorry then. Maybe this has been fixed in the meantime16:04
glinkwhy is the "bzr push" saying that there were no changes?16:05
Phoenix87glink: did you use quickly save already?16:06
glinkit says tags16:06
glinkah done sometimes i am as stupid as a rock16:07
dpmPhoenix87, that is still a bug afaik, but it only gets triggered if you've got another instance of gedit (or the editor you're using to edit the dependencies) open16:08
ubot2Ubuntu bug 950074 in quickly ""quickly configure dependencies" fails when gedit is running" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:08
glinki still had the gedit open16:08
Phoenix87dpm: oh i see16:08
Phoenix87weird though :\16:09
glinkwhen i added the dependencies16:09
mhall119glink: "grep dependencies .quickly" and see what that prints out16:10
glinknothing :)16:10
mhall119in the root of your project?16:11
glinkrepeating all :)16:11
mhall119then it didn't work16:11
glinknp at least o know what to do now :D16:12
glink'dependencies = build-essential, automake, checkinstall' <- working now16:14
glinkone month ago i would neve imagine that i would be publishing an app, now i am fixing my app :D16:17
dpmthat's awesome :)16:24
glink:) done my best, and still doing16:25
glinkthank you all for the help and support i will be back soon with another project or the next version of this one lol XD16:26
Phoenix87the poppler python binding has a #include <pygtk/pygtk.h> that conflicts with pygobject. How can I solve this?18:25
Phoenix87hmm from gi.repository import Poppler might be the solution18:32
mhall119yeah, if there's a Gir binding for poppler, that would work18:48
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Phoenix87does anybody know what is wrong with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1097296/?20:51
Phoenix87the isinstance should give True, and a should have a method called my_method21:11
aquariuswho do I poke about quickly stuff? mhall119 is that you? or mterry? :)21:15
mterryaquarius, maybe me?21:16
aquariusmterry, in precise... quickly create ubuntu-application thingy; cd thingy; nosetests ... two failed tests. :)21:16
aquariusI haven't even *done* anything :)21:16
mterryaquarius, :(21:19
aquariusmterry, am confused, on the grounds that I can't imagine you guys would have shipped the main template with one test in it and that test fails, so I'm wondering what I've done wrong!21:19
mterryaquarius, I wouldn't put it past us to make that mistake21:20
mterryaquarius, I'm not on precise now, can you pastebin the output?21:20
aquariusmterry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1097365/21:20
aquariusone seems to assume that pylint is installed, when it isn't (missing dependency for the ubuntu-application template, perhaps?) and the other... looks like it's checking one list against another, and one was changed but the other wasn't...21:22
aquariusbut I don't get how that could have made it into the distro -- I thought everything got its tests run automatically by the build daemons these days?21:22
mterryaquarius, right on the pylint one21:23
mterryaquarius, and agreed on the second.  doesn't seem to have that particular problem in quantal.  Looks familiar, like something I've fixed this cycle21:23
aquariusah, cool, so I'm just being punished for not running Q again ;-)21:23
* aquarius stands tall for the no upgrading until beta 2 policy :P21:24
mterryaquarius, this is separate.  This is a test inside a project we create.  So quickly may not have an integration test that checks to make sure there are no errors in created projects (which it should)21:24
aquariusah, I figured you created a project and ran its tests as part of the integration test. Want me to file a bug suggesting htat?21:24
mterryaquarius, and quickly's tests aren't actually run during build right now21:24
mterryaquarius, sure21:24
mterry(though they are run as part of the manual tests we do before upload)21:28
Phoenix87How come that the instance of Window has methods that Gtk.Window doesn't have, like finish_initializing and the signal handlers? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1097414/21:51
aquariusPhoenix87, that Window is a subclass of Gtk.Window which adds new methods. What you're looking at there is a class definition, which inherits from Gtk.Window and then adds an extra method -- finish_initializing22:14
Phoenix87aquarius: yeah i figured that out. I just needed to manually add a few lines in the xml file produced by glade22:15
aquariusmterry, er, where does quickly create get its list of templates from? I've just installed the ubuntu community quickly templates, but quickly create doesn't know abou tthem :(22:18
aquariusdo I have to tell it to refresh or something?22:18
aquarius"quickly help create" says "Candidate templates are: ubuntu-application, ubuntu-application-qtquick, ubuntu-cli, ubuntu-flash-game" but "quickly create ubuntu-application-qtquick bookpile" says "ERROR: No template specified for command create"22:21
aquariusand "quickly commands" lists it too!22:22
* aquarius bangs head against wall22:22
guinea-pigpoor wall22:26
aquariusguinea-pig, it's dealt with me being frustrated before :)22:28
guinea-pigyou're using qtquick template. it needs qt-template22:30
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1021255 in quickly-community-templates "Can install, but can't use?" [Medium,Triaged]22:30
* aquarius affects-me's the bug :)22:30
guinea-pigif i'm reading the code right, qtquick-template should depend on qt-template (and also on ubuntu-application-templates) since it inherits rules from both of those.22:33
mterryaquarius, it doesn't install them to /usr/share/quickly/templates/22:33
guinea-pigmterry! small world22:34
mterryguinea-pig, hello22:35
aquariusmterry, aha, have discovered that there's a missing dependency, and there's already a bug for it, so sorry for hassling you :)22:38
aquariusirc needs a way to unping people.22:38
Phoenix87I have a GtkAction in the glade of the main window and when I launch the app the action is triggered :\22:55

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