mhall119bilal: I don't know what ddtp is, but yeah ask them to resubmit in english03:59
stgrabermhall119: debian description translation project, but yeah, doesn't work with PPAs04:00
PaoloRotoloGood morning05:58
jvrbanacGood morning05:58
PaoloRotoloHi jvrbanac06:00
PaoloRotolohi trkv06:21
trkvPaoloRotolo: hi Paolo!06:22
PaoloRotoloGood morning dpm06:58
dpmmorning PaoloRotolo :)06:58
jvrbanacDoes anyone know what the policy is on Qt C++ apps that do not have a PPA and are not ready for packaging? Do we just toss it it back to them? Do we help them setup a their packaging? I'm not sure what to do with this app.07:02
dpmjvrbanac, in general, they should package their app, and if they need help doing it, I'd point them to the app-review-board mailing list. If it's an app for the contest, it won't qualify, as will not meed the "must be packaged in a PPA requirement", but once it's packaged, it can still make it to extras07:12
jvrbanacOk thanks!07:13
PaoloRotoloGood morning dholbach!07:23
dholbachciao PaoloRotolo07:23
dholbachcome stai?07:23
PaoloRotolodholbach, bene :)07:23
PaoloRotolodholbach, tu come stai :)?07:23
dholbachanche bene, grazie :)07:24
dholbachsolo un poco anco07:24
PaoloRotolodholbach, ahah :)07:28
* dholbach is not awake yet :)07:29
jvrbanacadd coffee :)07:29
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coolbhavigood evening!12:18
dpmhey coolbhavi :)12:27
coolbhavihey dpm :)12:28
coolbhaviPhoenix87, hello13:41
dpmhi Phoenix87, are you the Gtumbler developer?13:52
Phoenix87dpm: yes13:54
dpmPhoenix87, I'm not sure if anyone got in touch with you already, but after discussing it, your app got finally accepted, congrats! :)13:54
Phoenix87dpm: yes mhall119 told me that. thank you very much! :D13:55
Phoenix87dpm: if this is not asking too much, would it be possible to have gtumbler listed in the cotestants list?13:55
dpmPhoenix87, I'm doing that right now, no worries13:55
Phoenix87dpm: thank you very much!13:56
dpmPhoenix87, http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/apps/13:56
Phoenix87dpm: awesome! thanks a lot!13:57
dpmnp, good luck in the contest :)13:58
Phoenix87dholbach: I've just received an email from you. Is it some sort of digest for the arb?15:21
dholbachPhoenix87, no, no digest15:22
dholbachbut I received a lot of personal email due to exchanges about apps which I was unable to reply to15:22
dholbachI was just too busy going through all the submissions in the myApps queue15:22
Phoenix87dholbach: yeah I do understand :)15:23
dholbachtomorrow I'll be on holidays, which is why I sent those emails to the ARB list, so the people who had questions get a chance to ask somebody else15:23
Phoenix87dholbach: ok. thank you :)15:23
ShowMyFaves-manhi, we are made the changes asked and give feedback on myapps.developper.ubuntu.com but we are in "witing developpers" on trello. Something we missed ?17:02
mhall119ShowMyFaves-man: it's just waiting for someone to move the card in response to your update17:03
mhall119sadly the trello isn't automatically updated17:03
ShowMyFaves-manarf it's a feature for trello ^^17:04
ShowMyFaves-manmhall119: we have made some changes on our project, but we don't commited those changes, because of rules of contests. Do we have to make a branch or can we push on trunk and judge take only the package before dead line ?17:08
mhall119ShowMyFaves-man: you can push to trunk17:11
ShowMyFaves-manmhall119: so the judges will only judge the sources that were pushed before the deadline ? because we had trouble with an import so we made the changes for the review which was asked by a reviewer, and we made a new version of the application. How will you know the difference between the changes that we made for the review, or the new features that we made out of the contest (the one which are not comitted yet) ?17:16
george_emhall119: My application was moved to "waiting for developer" and I left a comment on the feedback page over on MyApps. Should I be concerned that the contents of the comment weren't sent to the mailing list?18:07
mhall119george_e: it'll get moved once someone goes back through18:12
mhall119I wish the comments would get send to the ML though, that would be helpful18:12
george_eI can send it myself if you would like.18:12
mhall119george_e: which app is this?18:12
mhall119ok, moved it to "Reply from Developer"18:13
mhall119highvoltage: do Unity lens files and directories in /usr/share/unity/lenses/ need to have the 'extras-' prefix on them?19:30
highvoltagemhall119: yes, I believe so19:31
mhall119just extras- or extras-unity-19:31
highvoltagemhall119: afaik everything that's under /usr should have an extras- prefix. should be fine without the unity part.19:31
mhall119ok, thanks19:32
mhall119I'm afraid I may be getting the hang of this19:49
highvoltagehehe :)19:55
mhall119just sent stack-lens for a vote19:58
mhall119now I know how to make my community lens install to /opt/19:58
mhall119I'll need to update my quickly lens template too19:58
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