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marcel-admiraalHi. Can someone tell me if there is anything else I need to do to Bug #1010370 to complete it?10:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 1010370 in linux "BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffff88025cd79068; RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff811631fe>] [<ffffffff811631fe>] kmem_cache_alloc_trace+0x5e/0x140" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101037010:05
brendandmarcel-admiraal, i would say run the upstream for a few weeks and if it can't be reproduced you can assume the bug is gone10:09
marcel-admiraalHow do we know that the problem is not in some change introduced between the upstream kernel and the kernel released by Ubuntu? In other words it's been fixed upstream or whether it never existed upstream?10:13
marcel-admiraalSorry, I provided the wrong bug number: How do I get Bug #1013066 confirmed?10:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1013066 in linux "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-3.2.0/fs/proc/generic.c:586 proc_register+0xbf/0x170()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101306610:19
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ogra_hggdh, hmm, so you had the impressin that you can install to a local partition on SD on a panda ? i wonder if we should just remove that text in the partitioner ... i dont think that ever worked14:15
hjdQuestion about when to use the tag "patch": I guess this is mainly to tag bugs which have an attachment, but I assume diffs in comments would be ok (bug 811849). What about a link to a patch (bug 690625), or a comment on the changes, ie. not a diff (bug 709901)?14:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 811849 in ripit "ripit 3.8.0 bug and patch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81184914:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 690625 in driconf "driconf: DeprecationWarning with python 2.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69062514:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 709901 in lirc ""PATCH" to enable lirc over network" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70990114:25
hggdhogra_: well, it did sort of work before14:31
ogra_i have never seen that working14:31
ogra_every time i tried that in the past to an SD card14:32
ogra_(we used to have live images in the very beginning of ubuntu-arm, it didnt work back then)14:32
hggdhthis was the first time I had seen this message. Granted, it might have been there forever, but the install was never interrupted before14:32
ogra_well, it is there since we switched from preinstalled to live14:33
ogra_preinstalled doesnt show the partitioner at all14:33
ogra_so you wouldnt see it14:33
hggdhthis is it, this is the first time I ran the live14:33
ogra_i'm just wondering what we shoudl do14:33
hggdhthis really makes it a bit more complex on the pandas14:34
ogra_well, we should just suppress that option14:34
hggdhwe could try to set it to install to a different memory stick/usb device14:34
ogra_and only allow installs to USB14:34
ogra_thats what it does by default14:34
ogra_(if you have a USB key plugged in)14:34
hggdhon the live, right? Cuz on the preinstalled I never got it to really work14:35
hggdhand so I did not have a memstick plugged in14:35
ogra_preinstalled doesnt do anything with partitions14:35
ogra_it just expands itself to the media it started from14:35
hggdhI will try again with the memstick plugged in14:35
hggdhand this may well be the reason for the error 14114:36
ogra_that indeed doesnt solve the bug ... but i'll wait for cjwatson to discuss what we'll do with the issue14:36
ogra_the live install already takes 1h ...14:36
hggdhbut an update on the wiki would be nice, ogra_14:36
ogra_if your target device is actually the same SD you run from that will become even longer14:36
ogra_hggdh, yes, on my TODO as soon as i know the images work at all14:37
ogra_the arent in a condition that i want to actually have the masses test them14:37
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rbasakPlease could someone accept my nomination for Precise SRU in bug 850960?15:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 850960 in open-iscsi "iscsid tries to reconnect existing session at startup, failing to do so and hanging the system" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85096015:54
micahgrbasak: done, looks simple enough16:09
rbasakmicahg: thanks!16:09
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LoTwho do i need to poke to get a bug targetted against a specific release?16:49
LoTand should we invalid bugs against maverick?16:49
bcurtiswxLoT, maverick has reached EOL, so yes please invalidate them. Make sure to let tem know they can reopen if the experience the same bug in any future Ubuntu release16:52
micahgLoT: bug control can nominate, uploaders/drivers can approve16:53
LoTmicahg: how often do drivers check?16:57
LoTi have stuff i've nominated against precise from three weeks ago and its not been checked.16:58
micahgLoT: not often, if you want something that you're working on, it's generally a good idea to just ask for it16:58
LoTmicahg: as i've learned from working on security bugs in -hardened xD17:01
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LoTFrom: <redut@surguttel.ru>17:06
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LoTSubject: Part-time Operations Specialist Needed17:06
LoTi hate putty17:07
LoTbut alas i dont have an alternative here17:07
* penguin42 takes away LoT's paste key17:07
LoTthanks, but its a bug when i use alt-tab to get back to putty17:08
LoTi've already sent the bug to devs :P17:08
LoTand its only in windows17:08
* LoT is stuck on windows17:08
LoTwell, apparently, the guy who develops stackapplet wants me to notify him of bugs in that package o.O  seriously, how many people want me to help them track/triage ubuntu bugs for their packages...17:09
LoTbodhizazen wants me to track display-dhammapada too :/17:09
penguin42have they got their own bug trackers?17:09
LoTstackapplet has theirs on LP17:09
LoTdisplay-dhammapada is...17:09
LoTsort of on LP17:09
LoT(pending the updated package by bodhizazen being accepted in Debian)17:10
LoTproblem is when its filed against $package (ubuntu)17:10
LoTthen its bugcontrol/bugsquad territory :/17:10
penguin42LoT: Yeh that's OK, then just add it as an also-affecting...17:11
LoTyou know what, i'm going to send emails about such requests to $junk automatically17:11
LoTsince i already ahve 8 different packages i actively track17:11
* LoT does not need a 9th17:11
LoTthere, now my clipboard has "$null", so if i paste by this bug, it'll only say $null17:12
LoTremind me to burn putty, by the way, when i'm back at home17:14
* LoT is going to blacklist it in his systems17:14
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littlegirlHey there, LoT, are you at keys?18:18
LoTlittlegirl: hm?18:20
LoTlittle bit busy with itsec stuff, but whats up18:20
littlegirlI'm finished and I wanted to show you the SRU before attaching it to make sure I did it right, but if you're busy it can wait. (:18:20
LoTlittlegirl: i'm not that busy, just adding spam strings to an email filter18:21
LoTpastebin what you've got i'll take a look if you want18:21
littlegirlOh, that's not nearly as exciting as my ever-growing bug. (:18:21
LoTlittlegirl: nor is it as exciting as dealing with cascade server failure18:21
littlegirlI've got diffs of all the changes, and I'll be attaching those as well. (:18:21
LoTexcept i do not want that to happen again18:21
* littlegirl nods at LoT18:21
littlegirlIf it makes you feel any better, when I was halfway through making all these changes and hadn't saved a text file I was keeping track of everything in yesterday, my cat sat on the power supply and managed to turn off the power to my computer yesterday. (:18:22
LoTlittlegirl: think of the regression potential section as this:18:23
LoTthe potential for this:18:24
LoTA regression is a bug introduced after an update. These kind of bugs are especially important because if something breaks that used to work it interferes with the workflows of software users. These can be more obvious and painful for users than bugs.18:24
LoTlittlegirl: with a documentation-only change, i dont think there is a regression potential18:24
littlegirlOoooh, that's not what this is. This was errors that were there all along, and managed to be in two releases and found their way partly into the development version.18:25
hggdhunless, of course, the new doc is rather wrong ;-)18:25
LoTthe other info section about "This other thing should be a bug" might not be necessary either18:25
LoThggdh: +118:25
LoTlittlegirl: no what i mean is18:25
LoTconsider the "regression potential" as the potential for a bug to be caused by this update18:25
LoTif there is such a regression...18:25
LoTsuch as, say...18:25
littlegirlLoT: So should I just leave that part out? The https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure page gave me the impression that without it, this doesn't qualify, and maybe I shouldn't have done all those commits. (:18:25
LoTin php5.4, they changed the default phpfpm to use sockets instead of TCP18:26
LoTthat may break other php packaged applications and configs by default18:26
littlegirlAh, no such chance. I am perfect, and since I made the changes, nothing bad can happen.18:26
LoTthat's a regression potential18:26
* littlegirl waits for the sky to fall18:26
LoTbut since that was requested in ubuntu and debian, they accepted that patch18:26
* LoT wrote the patch18:26
* littlegirl didn't use the patch18:26
LoTi meant for php5 :P18:27
littlegirlWell, I kind of did, but I did a lot more, too. (:18:27
LoThggdh might be able to tell you if its good SRU stuff too18:27
* LoT has to put these spam strings in otherwise the business will be spammed to death18:27
littlegirlAh, okay. (:18:27
littlegirlShould I change anything in that? And do I attach it, or is that what I use as the comment in the bug report?18:27
* littlegirl is sorry to be such a pest, but she is still learning. (:18:28
LoTthe sru stuff is added as a comment18:28
LoTand then we subscribe the sru team to review18:28
LoTbut i'd recommend letting hggdh read over the stuff too18:28
* LoT is but one person :P18:28
littlegirlOkay. (:18:28
LoTand is sometimes prone to mistakes :P18:28
littlegirlHey there, hggdh, how would you like some fun and exciting reading? (:18:29
hggdhlittlegirl: on it already :-)18:29
* littlegirl is never prone to mistakes. Not once. Never. Honest. (:18:29
hggdhneither am I. Mistakes are usually introduced by an external entity, called the Murphy Ghost18:29
littlegirlExactly! And they're either Not My Fault or Somebody Else's Problem. (:18:30
* LoT installs "I Will Fail" mods onto littlegirl18:30
LoTokay, enough with my randomness :P18:30
* littlegirl fails18:31
LoTseriously, the end of the work day doesnt come fast enough18:31
littlegirlDo you work at Canonical?18:31
LoTnope, i dont18:31
* littlegirl would love to work at Canonical18:31
* LoT cannot reveal who he is working for18:31
* littlegirl uses a divining rod18:32
littlegirlI assumed all the developers worked for Canonical. (:18:32
* LoT uses national security as a reason to take the divining rod18:32
* littlegirl asks for a receipt18:32
LoTlittlegirl: i'm not a developer.  :P18:32
LoTi'm a volunteer triager/bugcontroller18:33
LoTactually the part about bugcontrol's not true18:33
littlegirlAh, same here. (:18:33
LoTi do that actively for the nginx package18:33
LoTas i'm part of their triaging team18:33
littlegirlBut not all those things. I just play with documentation. (:18:33
hggdhlittlegirl: usually, documentation is not considered for SRU, unless it can drive an user to error18:33
* littlegirl Googles nginx18:34
LoT!info ngixn18:34
LoTforgot no bot here18:34
hggdhlittlegirl: OTOH, we are talking about 12.04 LTS, which will be with us for 5 years18:34
LoT< ubottu> nginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy.18:34
LoThggdh: define:OTOH18:34
littlegirlhggdh: Yeah, I ran into that a couple of times yesterday. What happened is someone in the translation team made a wish for me to close out that bug, so I started on it and found other things that needed to happen (like fixing the validate.sh script and replacing the missing files, and it just snowballed. (:18:34
hggdhLoT: On The Other Hand18:35
LoTthat's a new acronym i've never seen used :p18:35
littlegirlhggdh: True, for the Precise part. Although I suppose the Oneiric part of that bug probably would have qualified as Invalid.18:35
littlegirlInteresting about the server. (:18:35
hggdhlittlegirl: yes, I would expect no SRU on that for Oneiric. Looks good, except for the 'regression potential' piece -- this is where you would describe the dangers18:36
littlegirlhggdh: I'm currently whipping the Quantal kubuntu-docs into shape, and will probably go back to the Precise ones and do the same to them once I'm finished, but each needs different stuff, so this will take a little while. (:18:36
littlegirlhggdh: What, exactly, should I say in the regression potential part?18:37
hggdhlittlegirl: ah. In this case, please keep in mind that a SRU will only be considered after fixing the development version (Quantal as of now)18:37
littlegirlhggdh: All the fixes have been done on Oneiric, Precise, and Quantal. That bug is not present in any of the three. (:18:38
* littlegirl wipes sweat off her brow18:38
* LoT increases the temperature of the room by 15 degrees fahrenheit18:38
littlegirlI had *no* idea how large this bug was when I began. I thought I could do it in five minutes, and it turned into an all day saga. (:18:39
hggdhlittlegirl: I am now confused: if the bug is not in Oneiric, Precise, and Quantal, what are you trying to fix?18:39
* littlegirl grabs an ice pack18:39
littlegirlhggdh: It was until I committed all those fixes. (:18:39
LoThggdh: the bug is in there, i think, the fixes have been commited to the code branches, afaict18:39
littlegirlhggdh: What I'm saying is that I've done the fix to everything, so the bug won't be carried forward.18:39
hggdhcommiting the fixes does not resolve the bug. Having replacement packages does it18:39
LoT^ this18:40
littlegirlAh! I didn't know that. That's over my head. Who do we hand that to? (:18:40
hggdhso the bug still lives in Oneiric and Precise at least18:40
LoTlittlegirl: someone who can build the package and create debdiffs for Quantal18:40
LoTbut quantal's under pre-release freeze isnt it?18:40
LoT(i forget what freeze is what though)18:40
littlegirlNot that I know of. How do we find out?18:40
hggdhfirst of all the fixes for Quantal must be proposed, accepted, packages built & released18:40
littlegirlhggdh: Ah, that's not a problem. I'm fixing all the Quantal docs and those will be properly translated, built, etc., etc. by whoever does all that. It's just that I made sure those errors were removed from the Quantal docs as part of this bug fix.18:41
LoTonce that's built and included it should be SRU'd18:42
LoTnot before18:42
littlegirlI think Darkwing or Riddell or Jjesse handles the building and packaging of the docs for Quantal.18:42
LoTthe changes have to exist in Quantal if applicable (and it does apply)18:42
LoTi just poked him via privmsg, he didnt respond yet18:42
littlegirlAh, okay. Darn. What about the fact that I've already committed all those changes?18:42
littlegirlI'm totally new, and all I do is grammatical, punctuation, layout, and accuracy changes to the docs. (:18:43
LoTstill needs to be built and included in Quantal18:43
hggdhlittlegirl: you committed the changes where?18:44
littlegirlTo Launchpad. I made the changes to all the files that are listed in that paste that you were reading.18:44
hggdhunder the applicable bzr branches for all source involved, right?18:44
LoThggdh: committed to the bzr branch18:44
littlegirlLines 84, 85, 88, 89, 92, and 93 contain links to the committed changes.18:45
littlegirlhggdh: Yep!18:45
littlegirlEach branch needed individual changes. Not all of them had the same issues.18:45
littlegirlBut I did see that many of the issues in the bug were present in all three, so without these changes, they might have continued to invade the Kubuntu system documentation. (:18:46
hggdhlittlegirl: cool. Then I strongly suggest you to follow up with darkwing, Riddell, or jjesse -- since they would most probably be the ones to accept the SRU anyways18:49
littlegirlhggdh: Okay, thanks, I guess I'll go in there and see if any of them are on and want to tackle it. (:18:50
hjdDo we have something akin to "How to file a sync request" for merges? Bug 995234 requests a newer version, Debian has 5.1 while Ubuntu has 4 with some ubuntu-specific changes so someone should take a look at whether it needs to be merged or whether it can be simply synced.18:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 995234 in collectd "When will collected version 5 be packaged up? " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99523418:52
hjdI'm mainly trying to find some instructions to link to. I could link to the ones for sync I guess, but I don't know whether that would be sufficient or if the Ubuntu-specific changes need to be merged in still.18:54
littlegirlLot and hggdh: Is this a better regression statement? Regression should not be an issue with these fixes because they didn't reference versions of software or paths to files that might change at a later date.19:00
hggdhsounds good19:07
littlegirlThanks for all your help. (:19:08
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hggdhogra_: still there? a Q on armadaxp20:23
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penguin42heck, libwebkitgtk-1.0.0-dbgsym is 466MB!23:59

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