pittiGood morning03:36
thumperhi pitti04:35
thumperanyone know of a tool to put a machine under cpu load for a while?04:35
thumperI'm wanting to see if load effects my test runs04:36
thumperor i/o load04:36
lifelessbuild a kernel :)04:36
thumpernot such a stupid idea04:38
* thumper recalls system 76 demo at UDS04:39
pittihey thumper04:42
pittithumper: CPU load> cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null04:42
pittithumper: IO load: find /04:42
thumperpitti: thanks04:43
RAOFAlthough you might also want to have some write load for your IO; that'll touch different parts of the kernel.04:49
didrocksgood morning06:03
pittibonjour didrocks06:06
didrocksguten morgen pitti :)06:06
pittididrocks: hm, I still have some trouble with how to integrate manually installed drivers06:20
didrockspitti: isn't that the distro=False?06:20
pittididrocks: you can't switch between that and installing nvidia-current, as installing the latter would break the manual install06:20
didrocksah yeah, if you use the .run for instance06:20
pittiin this case the GUI should probably not allow you to change anything06:20
didrockshum, indeed06:21
pittiso adding a "manual" flag to system_driver_packages() does not make sense at all, as this only shows you the ubuntu-provided packages06:21
pittiI'll add it to the by-device API then06:21
didrocksmake more sense there06:21
didrockshow do you detect them btw? seems to me there is no reliable way for that06:22
pittididrocks: I was thinking, if the kmod exists, but the package is not installed, I'll treat it as a manual install06:23
didrocksyeah, seems the most straightforward way06:23
didrockspitti: btw, I don't remember your input yesterday, but there is no table mapping for "Graphical device/Wifi device…" and so on?06:24
pittididrocks: I desperately try to not pass any human readable string from u-d-common06:25
pittias we cannot translate it there06:25
pittivendor/model is straight from the PCI database, and we don't need to translate that one06:25
didrocksbut I mean, do you have any idea of how we could detect that? there is no such map IIRC06:25
pittifor the GUI you need to have a mapping of nvidia -> _("NVidia proprietary driver") etc.06:25
didrocksyeah, I'm fine with that :)06:26
didrocksbut that's not the "type" of the device, which is what mpt put in the spec06:26
pittididrocks: I guess we need to key it on the package name06:26
pittiwe can also have an enum-like "type" key in the info dict06:26
pittifor the known ones06:27
pitti"graphics", "wifi", "modem", or not present for "unknown"06:27
pittibut why do we need it?06:27
didrockspitti: well, let's not focus on that on the first iteration, but yeah, per package name is an option06:27
pittiI thought you'd just show the actual device name06:27
didrockssee the first image06:27
pittioh, for the "Graphics card:" prefix06:27
didrocksor Wi-Fi card:06:28
pittiok, we can add an enum for that, too06:28
didrockshum, you don't want to maintain a full database of all available drivers to their type?06:29
pittiI can't06:29
pittifor custom detection plugins06:29
pittior for third-party drivers06:29
pittihence no guarantee that the enum will be present06:29
didrocksah ok, so just that for the most common set of drivers06:30
pittibut we can for the well-known ones (nv, ati, bcm)06:30
pittifor the others I suggest you don't print a prefix at all06:30
didrocksgot it, I was thinking you were going for a crazy mapping :)06:30
pittiit gets even worse, though06:30
didrocksso that will be part of the built device API?06:31
pittifor e. g. the sl-modem driver (a custom detection plugin)06:31
pittiwe don't even know the sysfs device this is mapping to06:31
pittiwe detect it through grepping aplay -l06:31
pittiand there are other drivers like the PVR omap406:31
pittifor those we can just show the driver package description and on/off06:31
pittithis is the main reason why I designed the current api around packages, not sysfs devices06:32
didrocksyeah, I understand now06:32
pittisomeone might even provide a btrfs backport dkms package, which is not hardware specific at all06:32
pittiso any by-device mapping is necessarily heuristic, and we need an "other" pot for those06:33
pittifor those we could use the name of the custom detection plugin as dictionary key, instead of the sysfs pat06:33
didrocksright, that what's make more sense to me06:34
didrockssome kind of virtual device as we don't know the real one06:34
didrockspitti: what would be the difference between the "manual install" flag and the from_distro one?06:53
pittididrocks: from_distro == False -> it's a package, but from a third-party repo06:53
pittididrocks: that's the "tested by Ubuntu" bit06:53
didrocksah ok ;)06:54
didrocksthanks pitti06:54
dholbachgood morning07:08
dholbachtoday I can only get 1024x768 resolution instead of the regular 1366x768 on quantal - did anyone else run into this already?07:09
pittiI have my usual 1280x1024 here07:10
pittiwe didn't get a new kernel, X, or compiz yesterday, though07:10
pittidholbach: is this the safe fallback perhaps?07:10
dholbachah, yes it is, because the boot-up got stuck07:10
dholbachthanks pitti07:10
pittididrocks: how would you use the recommended flag?07:10
dholbachI'm still trying to figure out why it got stuck there07:10
pittidholbach: I sometimes have that because it times out on finding the encrypted swap partition07:11
pittididrocks: I implemented it for the nvidia variants now07:11
pittididrocks: and we still do recommend the proprietary nvidia driver07:11
pittididrocks: but I wonder if you need/want it for ATI07:11
pittididrocks: as I really think we shouldn't recommend the proprietary one any more, but the free one07:12
=== philipballew__ is now known as philballew
didrockspitti: I agree with that, I can recommend the ones will be listed in the _device API if there is no driver in the _driver API attached to that device that is recommended07:14
pittididrocks: the _device API will have its own recommended flags, we can add it to the free driver07:15
pittididrocks: do you want to use the _driver API at all, BTW?07:16
didrockspitti: oh, if _device has the flag as well, yeah, recommending the free driver by default, apart from some special case like nvidia07:16
didrockspitti: well, if you wrap all of that in the _device API and there is no need, I'm in favor of not using it07:16
pittiwe still need the _driver API for the command line tool, ubiquity, etc.07:16
pittibut for the GUI you might only want the _device API then07:17
didrocksthe current UI code I'm seeing is doing a lot of loops for rebuilding a hierachy :/07:17
didrocksnot sure how it was before this cycle, but at some point a fresh start will be good07:17
pittiok, then I guess for the _driver API you don't care much about the recommended flag at all07:17
didrockspitti: in that case, yeah07:17
seb128hey desktopers07:51
didrockssalut seb128! Meeting report reminder07:51
seb128didrocks, oh, indeed ;-)07:51
seb128waouh, robert_ancell keeps rocking the GNOME updates ;-)07:51
didrocksyeah ;)07:52
didrocksif only I could have trade some MIRs against GNOME updates :-)07:52
seb128hehe, I don't think he would fall into that one :p07:52
didrocksmpt: hey, would you provide the green/yellow icons for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareAndUpdatesSettings#drivers or should I just try to play with the jockey ones and turn the green one to other colors?07:57
mptdidrocks, please report a bug and assign it to ~jnick-tait07:58
didrocksmpt: doing so07:59
didrocksmpt: bug #1025562 FYI08:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1025562 in software-properties "Need green/yellow/red icons for software-properties driver installation spec" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102556208:03
didrocksnot sure if he's reading them :)08:03
seb128RAOF, hey08:43
seb128RAOF, do you have a minute to discuss xorg,apport?08:44
didrockspitti: (saw the recommended addition, thanks!), do you need any help for the rest? the device API and the manually installed one?08:49
pittididrocks: I'll get to it; I'm currently working on something else, but I'll return to u-d-common in < 1 h08:50
didrockspitti: just offering my help if needed, but yeah, you will probably be more efficient that I can ever be on that. No hurry btw ;)08:50
=== popey_ is now known as popey
seb128mvo, hey, do you know if glatzor is around atm? cjwatson replied to him on bug #926340 and it would be nice to get that fix included in 12.04.110:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 926340 in aptdaemon "aptd crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in _set_error(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 9: ordinal not in range(128)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92634010:38
=== jibel_ is now known as jibel
pittididrocks: ok, getting back to this, had to fix something else first; how does http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096416/ look to you?10:39
pittididrocks: this is extensible for the 'device_type': 'wifi' flag we discussed earlier, but that'll be a separate step10:41
seb128mvo, is there any way somebody from your team could help to verify bug #803280 as well? it's in -proposed for 42 days10:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 803280 in piston-mini-client "software-center crashed with OSError in makedirs(): [Errno 17] El fichero ya existe: '/home/ubuntu/.cache/software-center/rnrclient'" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80328010:43
Sweetsharkjibel: around?10:43
didrockspitti: yeah, I went outside for a run (need shower now ;)). A manually installed driver will just have from_distro to False and recommended to False, right?11:09
pittididrocks: there is no 'manual' yet, that'll get added later as well11:09
didrockspitti: yeah, device_type will be in the device info dict I guess11:09
didrocksok :)11:09
pittididrocks: ^ yes11:09
didrockspitti: otherwise, from that, looks good :)11:10
pittididrocks: I was mostly asking about the structure of theh result11:10
didrockslooks like what is needed11:10
didrocksdo you ensure the keys are there?11:10
didrockslike if builtin is true11:10
didrocksdo you still put the free/from_distro ?11:10
pittididrocks: let's discuss in bug 1025632, I just filed that11:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1025632 in ubuntu-drivers-common "Add "manual install" flag" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102563211:12
pittididrocks: I just updated the description to what I believe is more sensible11:13
Sweetsharkpitti: as the qa guy around here: can you tell we what makes https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-pkg-libreoffice/ have red bubbles? I see no obvious error in the log ....11:13
pittididrocks: i. e. not add it to the driver package info, but to the device info (i. e. "this device has a manually installed driver, don't touch it")11:14
pittiErr http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal/universe libservlet3.0-java all 7.0.27-111:14
pitti  404  Not Found [IP: 80]11:14
pittiE: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.11:14
pittiSweetshark: from https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-pkg-libreoffice/ARCH=amd64,label=albali/53/console11:14
pittijust needs a retry, I guess11:15
Sweetsharkpitti: ah, ok.11:15
pittididrocks: do have a shower first, I'll have lunch now anyway11:15
pittididrocks: I'll add the manual stuff separately11:15
didrockspitti: yeah, I'll think about it during my shower :)11:15
didrocksbecause I think mpt would like that we think of a way to tell "remove this manually install drivers"11:16
didrocksbut yeah, it's not trivial :/11:16
mptdidrocks, pitti, that UI requires only a way to say "use this driver instead of the manually installed one". That might require uninstalling the manually installed one, I don't know.11:17
Sweetsharkpitti: I was just talking to jason about testing in general. It seems to me we could switch to directly build the upstream release branch (not tagged only rcs) now as the branch is stable enough. I wonder about reporting this back to upstream though (which jason was interested in) ...11:17
pittimpt: I don't think we can do that safely11:17
pittimpt: I think for now the UI shouldn't try and mess up your manual installation11:18
Sweetshark... if we fail to often because of such flukes, upstream wouldnt be happy with it.11:18
mptpitti, does that mean if you have a manually installed driver, it is impossible to graphically present "use one of these packaged drivers instead"?11:19
mpti.e. would we have to grey out those radio buttons in that case?11:20
pittimpt: in general, yes; for the nvidia driver in particular there might be a way to get rid of it, but I'd need to ask tseliot11:21
pittibut as we have quite a lot of other drivers, the UI does need to consider this possibility11:21
pittii. e. just show "manually installed driver" with no options11:21
* pitti bbl, lunch11:22
mptthat does seem a bit weird11:24
didrocksmpt: pitti: what do you think about just showing all of them, and grey all of them apart from the manual installed one + a note telling that removing it should be manual?11:24
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
mptdidrocks, pitti, specification updated. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareAndUpdatesSettings?action=diff&rev2=17&rev1=1611:25
didrockslike on the label stating "This device may work… " or "This device is not working…"11:25
* didrocks refreshes11:25
didrocksmpt: no additional note to "This device is using a manually-installed driver."11:25
didrockslike, please remove it manually?11:26
mptdidrocks, that's verging on being impolite ... We're not offering to do something that we could do, and instead saying "go do it yourself"11:28
mptor to put it another way, I don't know how we'd present it in a way that it was obvious why we weren't offering to uninstall it.11:29
didrocksmpt: one could argue that presenting other driver that we have but can't install (greyed) is also getting in the impolite front, like "too bad, you can't use them" :)11:30
didrocks(especially with no explanation why)11:30
mptyes, that's true11:31
mptok, let's step back a bit11:32
mptpitti, when you say "I think for now the UI shouldn't try and mess up your manual installation", is that because we shouldn't do it for now but should sometime later, because it's dangerous, or some other reason?11:53
pittimpt: it'll always be a compromise; we might be able to remove the manual nvidia driver installation, but we won't be able to put it back; and we can't remove the other drivers if they are installed manually12:16
pittimpt: thanks for the spec update!12:16
didrockspitti: look at my comment on the bug report if we need to still display the others but disabled12:17
pittididrocks: ok, so we'll keep the drivers map, but add the manual flag to the device props?12:17
didrockspitti: yeah, seems to make totally sense12:18
pittididrocks: description updated12:18
didrockspitti: you will put one of those in the fake service data you provide? (not sure if they are just a static list or linked to your tests)12:18
pittididrocks: fake service data?12:19
didrockspitti: looking good, thanks!12:19
pittididrocks: and what's "on of those"?12:19
didrockspitti: /usr/share/ubuntu-drivers-common/fake-devices-wrapper12:19
pittididrocks: ah, we can't fake module existance that easily12:19
didrocksone of those == one manually installed device12:19
pittididrocks: I'll add a test case for it, though12:19
pittididrocks: if we need it for the wrapper as well, I'll think about how to do that12:20
didrockspitti: oh? you are not just sending some static dict?12:20
pittididrocks: yeah, I think I have an idea12:20
didrocksthat would be sweet so that we can have all static data and cases into the wrapper12:21
pittididrocks: nah, this builds an actual sysfs tree12:21
didrocksoh ok12:21
pittibut it could grow an option to claim that a particular module is installed, with a wrapper modinfo program12:22
pittiwhich we put into $PATH12:22
didrocksinteresting, so mapping our own fake modinfo :)12:23
didrockspitti: seems you are really taking the wrapper seriously, I thought it was just a small testing tool :)12:23
pittiit is a small testing tool12:24
pittibut it's using the same "fakesys.py" as the test suite12:24
pittiI am working on getting a generalization of this into gudev itself, BTW12:24
pittiso that you can use it from C and from GI12:24
didrocksexcellent :)12:24
pittiand don't have to copy&paste that between projects12:24
pittiwe need to fake nonexisting hardware in quite a lot of places12:25
didrocksyeah, that would really rock! Hardware testing/getting info/drivers seems to be too much plumbings to mock to reinvent the wheel everytime12:25
pittiI have the patches ready already, it just needs some more convincing to Kay12:25
didrocksgood luck ;)12:26
desrthappy tuesday12:34
didrockshappy tuesday desrt!12:34
Sweetsharkdesrt: happy tuesday indeed!12:35
desrtdidrocks: how's PS-world shaping up?12:35
desrtSweetshark: good news?12:35
didrocksdesrt: squaddy ;)12:35
* desrt wonders if he is about to be taught some english by a frenchman12:36
larsuoh hi desrt, how is it going?12:36
desrtlarsu: hey.  how was your vaca?12:37
larsudesrt, awesome :)12:37
didrocksdesrt: just made up the word after finding some interesting definition on urban dictionary :)12:37
desrtlarsu: go anywhere?12:37
Sweetsharkdesrt: http://skyfromme.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/call-for-testing-ubuntu-libreoffice-packages/ <- good news even have a soundtrack12:37
desrtdidrocks: ya... i think i found those same 'interesting' definitions as well :)12:37
larsudesrt, yeah, canoeing in Sweden12:37
desrtlarsu: cool.  what part?12:37
larsudesrt, Dalsland12:37
larsu(about two hours north of Gothenburg)12:37
desrti'm seeing that12:38
desrtdo your friends/parent/etc have a place up there or is it more of a park type of thing?12:38
Sweetsharkdesrt: (please note, that I do not have a lifejournal anymore -- I remember you complaining about that)12:38
desrtSweetshark: i am very unlikely to test libreoffice :)12:39
desrtSweetshark: but just so you know, i hate wordpress as well12:39
desrti should know -- i use it :)12:39
larsudesrt, it's not a park, but you can camp anywhere in Sweden. (There were some small camping-like sites with some firewood and shelter, though)12:40
desrtah.  i think i've heard of this rule.12:41
desrtpretty neat12:41
Sweetsharkdesrt: *hrhr* I hope you dont have anything like http://skyfromme.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/move-from-livejournal/ to report -- If you had I would not have had to bother with moving ...12:41
larsudefinitely, but I guess it wouldn't work very well in more densly populated countries...12:42
desrtSweetshark: i just hate how it fails to post what i tell it to12:42
desrtand its comment handling is some kind of disaster as well12:42
desrtlarsu: so you're in charge of that gtkmenu work, i hope you know :)12:42
Sweetsharkdesrt: did it postpone a "immediate release" post for 6 hours for you?12:42
desrtSweetshark: no12:42
Sweetsharkdesrt: see? what are you complaining!12:43
larsudesrt, I figured. Do you have a plan for the accel stuff yet?12:43
larsuthat's the only thing missing, right?12:43
desrtnope.  was wondering if you'd cook one up :)12:43
desrtmy brain is in a totally different place lately12:44
* desrt just turned over 6000 lines in dconf the past few weeks12:44
larsuhm, really? I'm really busy trying to land the new messaging menu api12:44
larsudesrt, is there list support in those 6000 lines?12:44
desrtincidentally, i discovered that locking is really really really bad12:44
desrtlarsu: no.  that comes next.12:44
desrtpthread_mutex_lock() is _slow_12:45
larsudesrt, re accels: what's the problem? Just getting them to work again?12:46
mlankhorstdesrt: depends on what kind of lock you're using12:46
desrti never really _fully_ understood how they work12:46
* larsu neither12:46
desrtmclasen did them12:46
desrti think there's this weird global state in gtk that maps accel names to key sequences12:47
desrtand the menu items associate themselves with accel names12:47
desrtin the case of GAction they do it by action name12:47
larsuok thanks, I'll look into it12:47
desrtso the menu item will go look up "<GAction>/app.quit" in the global accel map to find out what key sequence it should bind to12:47
desrtthen ((magic))12:47
larsuwhere are the accels defined?12:47
desrtthey get inserted with gtk_application_add_accel12:48
larsuah okay12:48
desrtwhich gets called as well when adding a menu that has an accel='' label12:48
desrtdon't be fooled, though12:48
desrtthe accel='' label in the menu doesn't actually do anything for the menu :)12:48
desrtthe whole thing is slightly BS.  i probably wouldn't have allowed it to happen if i knew how crazy it was12:48
mlankhorstdesrt: but you have different kind of pthread mutexes so pthread_mutex_lock doesn't have to be slow :)12:50
larsudesrt, is it too much work to fix it now?12:50
desrtlarsu: no.  i imagine not.12:51
desrtjust gotta wrap your head around it12:51
desrtthe one thing that you may have a bad time with is your action prefixing12:51
desrtdo you include the action prefix when doing the lookup in the global table?12:51
desrtyes, i guess?12:51
desrtmlankhorst: hm?12:52
larsudesrt, iirc, yes12:52
larsuargh, osx support is incomplete, too12:53
desrtlarsu: i guess the answer is that we will probably not care about accels in any place that prefixing is in use12:53
desrtlarsu: so for now, i guess any prefixing should just cause accels not to be rendered12:53
desrtlarsu: the osx support is working, actually12:53
desrtor at least it was :)12:53
larsunot with prefixing, though12:53
larsuI need accel rendering for some indicators, but maybe we can fake it for now (as those are desktop-wide keybindings anyway)12:54
desrtthat's a really interesting situation :)12:54
mlankhorstdesrt: you have a ton of options with pthread_mutex, whether you want it global or local (local to process is slightly faster), recursive, error checking, with priority inheritance (rt mutexes) :-)12:56
desrtmlankhorst: they're all slow12:56
desrtmlankhorst: and the large number of choices i have makes it even slower12:57
mlankhorstshouldn't be slow with futexes at least12:57
mptpitti, I wasn't imagining that you would be able to switch back to the manually installed driver afterwards12:57
desrtmlankhorst: the slowness comes from the global synchronisation step required to flush out the write cache and do an atomic operation12:57
desrtno matter what type of lock i'm using (unless it's thread-local ;)) i'm gonna hit that12:58
mlankhorstwhat good would a thread local lock be12:58
mlankhorstand depends if you have coherent cache or not :D12:58
mlankhorstso yeah I'd guess on arm it would be slow12:59
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
tseliotpitti: I can try and remove whatever the Nvidia installer did but this won't guarantee that the system will be ok afterwards13:18
pittitseliot: yeah, thought so; would you recommend we best leave it alone when there is a manual install?13:20
desrtseb128: poke13:22
seb128desrt, hey13:22
seb128desrt, how are you?13:22
desrtseb128: good.13:22
desrtseb128: just wanted to make sure you don't hate me for the release13:22
seb128does anyone here own a samsung s2 phone?13:22
seb128desrt, which one?13:23
seb128desrt, I didn't notice it yet so no hate so far ;-)13:23
* desrt was worried about sonames or some stupid crap like that13:24
seb128desrt, did you roll the tarball yet?13:24
desrtya.  yesterday.13:24
seb128doh, yeah, I see that13:24
seb128desrt, I'm leaving a bit in my own world this cycle, still being on the LTS :p I let the crack to robert_ancell13:24
tseliotpitti: I'll try to fix it in my packaging scripts and error out in case of failure13:24
desrtwhat are you working on?13:24
seb128desrt, I will check on it later though13:25
pittitseliot: thanks; I also add a mode for this to u-d-common to detect this13:25
seb128desrt, LTS .1, in 3 words: SRUs, SRUs, SRUs13:25
seb128desrt, that an trying to fit in pitti's old shoes ;-)13:25
desrtright.  i think you mentioned this.13:25
pittitseliot: if the "nvidia" kmod is present, but the nvidia-* package is not installed, we can consider this as manual installation, right?13:25
tseliotpitti: very good13:25
tseliotpitti: yes, unless you've just uninstalled a packaged driver which was in use13:26
pittitseliot: modinfo should fail then, though?13:26
seb128desrt, I'm glad you got the new dconf out though, that will unblock gsettingslist work hopefully, which is showing up in red on our charts ;-)13:26
pittitseliot: package removal ought to remove the .ko13:26
seb128pitti, what phone do you have nowadays? not a s2 by any luck?13:27
pittiseb128: no, Sony-Ericsson Xperia mini pro13:27
seb128if anyone has a samsung s2 and can test libgphoto on it let me know13:27
pittiI want a phone, not a tablet :)13:28
desrtseb128: blah blah blah13:28
seb128pitti, I didn't say galaxy note :p13:28
desrt100% coverage!!!13:28
pittiseb128: is that really model specific? I had assumed it would be more likely dependent on the android version13:28
* pitti applauds desrt13:28
pittiseb128: still, the galaxy mobiles are way too big for my taste13:28
pittithey are half a tablet13:29
ogra_pitti, well, it is the decade of the *big* phones ... just get a backpack and move with the mases ;)13:29
seb128pitti, not sure, I crossed http://gphoto.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/gphoto/branches/libgphoto2-2_4/libgphoto2/camlibs/ptp2/ptp-pack.c?r1=13960&r2=13959&pathrev=1396013:29
seb128pitti, and http://gphoto.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/gphoto?view=revision&revision=1396913:29
pittiseb128: oh, product IDs?13:29
pittithese would be model specific, yes13:30
seb128pitti, no, product IDs are trivial to backport13:30
seb128pitti, those have a bit of specific code13:30
seb128but I guess I will just skip that and look at backporting if somebody shows up with a device to test or with a bug complaining it doesn't work13:31
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seb128pitti, in fact I started because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/102559813:31
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1025598 in shotwell "shotwell doesn't get the new pictures since a few days" [High,Confirmed]13:31
seb128pitti, but that one seems to be "android 4.1.1 changed something and shotwell,libgphoto don't like it"13:32
seb128damn android hackers! ;-)13:32
pittiI'm still running 2.x on my sony13:32
* desrt rebases the old gsettingsbackend/gsettingslist branch13:44
* desrt has the next month of uninterrupted pure 100% hacking time to slay this beast13:44
desrtoh.  guadec.  crap!13:44
pittididrocks: uploaded for now, as I'll call it a day quite soon13:51
pittididrocks: will do the manual flag/fake addition tomorrow morning13:51
didrockspitti: sounds good to me, still making my road in the current code13:51
didrocksbut will clearly need cleanage once someone gets time, because it needs it so much (not sure how old this is :))13:52
jibelSweetshark, pong13:53
Sweetsharkjibel: now that the 3.6.0 packaging seems to be mostly stable and the release branch upstream is getting less frantic, I think we can consider switching the qa jenkins to not do a fixed upstream tag, but move along with the upstream release branch.14:18
Sweetsharkjibel: that would mean: a/ deleting the upstream tarballs b/ do a './debian/rules get-orig-source USE_GIT_TARBALLS=y GIT_TAG=libreoffice-3-6'14:22
Sweetsharkwhich would take whatever is at the upstream release branch atm.14:22
micahgseb128: I'm switching lo back to v-done unless you're waiting on someone else in your comment14:25
jibelSweetshark, ok. I'll update the test script to do that.14:26
seb128micahg, thanks, no I was not, I just didn't want to do it myself before checking with you since you were the one who moved it to verification-failed14:27
micahgseb128: thanks, I won't bother with my own testing since the reporter confirmed then14:28
seb128micahg, ok, works for me, the new comments seem to make it clear that problem was already there in 3.5.3, so yeah, not a regression14:29
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seb128didrocks, kenvandine, mterry, Sweetshark, tkamppeter, Laney, mlankhorst, cyphermox: the meeting time is in 10 min if you have any topic to add, please update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-07-17 (if you are not didrocks) with what you did as well, thanks15:21
kenvandinewhere has the morning gone!15:23
Chipacakenvandine: west15:23
davmor2kenvandine: it's over there galloping into the distance15:24
Sweetsharkseb128: uploading 3.6.0~rc115:25
seb128Sweetshark, great15:26
* mterry has just been doing boring archive stuff :-/15:26
Sweetsharkseb128: had to redo it it for -sa ..15:27
seb128Sweetshark, I guess it's taking a while to pack the source ;-)15:27
* Sweetshark is getting consistent 2MB/s to chinstrap ...15:27
seb128mterry, soon you will be back on fun stuff ;-)15:27
Sweetsharkseb128: 2min 7 sec in a pbuilder (on a SSD and with 16GB RAM in that machine)15:28
seb128not too bad15:28
mterryseb128, it's fun for me!  just not fun for reports15:29
mlankhorstSweetshark: how many cores?15:30
Sweetsharkmlankhorst: 4+hyperthreading (i7-2720QM) -- its only a notebook.15:32
mlankhorstoh :p15:33
* mlankhorst has i5 2500k slightly overclocked + 16gb memory15:34
kenvandinemlankhorst, don't let Sweetshark trick you... it might be called a notebook... but it is more like a semi-portable build server that has an LCD attached15:35
mlankhorstI gathered as much15:35
kenvandinethe lights dim when he turns it on :)15:36
ogra_does it hover in 1m height if you compile LibO ?15:36
desrti was sitting beside that thing once15:36
desrtya... i was getting hot15:36
desrtbut the thing that surprised me the most was that it was massive enough that i could feel its gravitational pull15:36
desrtthus is the cost of having libreoffice in the distribution...15:37
* Sweetshark has a i7-2720QM with 16GB RAM and SSD notebook, a Sun Ultra 24 workstation (Q9650 with 8GB and RAID) and loud IBM x3800 with 8 xeons, a ideapad s12, an old notebook playing homeserver, some arm boards ...15:39
ogra_yay, arm boards °15:39
* mlankhorst only has a pandaboard15:39
desrtmlankhorst: your pandaboard uses less power than the power LED on Sweetshark's laptop15:40
ogra_feed it enough bamboo and it might grow up to a PC :)15:40
Sweetsharkogra_: I want a odroid-x for building Libreoffice15:40
mlankhorstdesrt: likely :D15:40
desrtdoes there exist an ARM machine that can build libreoffice in less than one day?15:45
Sweetsharkdesrt: I bet the odroid-x can do a dev-build, maybe even a release build in under a day.15:47
desrtwhat is this mythical machine of awesomeness?15:48
Sweetsharkdesrt: quad core15:48
desrtseems to lack sata15:49
ralsinadesrt: what would be needed to achieve that? quad-core, 2GB or RAM and SATA?15:59
desrtwould be nice15:59
desrtmele a2000 looks like a fairly nice system16:00
ralsinadesrt: I have a mele a100016:00
desrtlike it?16:00
ralsinadesrt: same system basycally. Only .5MB of RAM though16:00
ralsinadesrt: love it16:00
ralsinadesrt: awesome hacking toy16:00
desrt0.5MB, eh?16:01
desrtrunning MS-DOS 5.0 on it?16:01
ralsinaoops GB16:01
desrtit's not quad though, is it?16:01
ralsinait's allwiner a10, so single core 1.2Ghz16:02
desrttoo bad16:02
ralsinait does have a sata connector though16:02
desrtya.  that's what interests me about it.16:02
ralsinaso maybe it can get it done in a day ;-)16:02
desrtcouple of questions about the device, if you don't mind16:03
desrtwhat is the voltage input?16:03
ralsinadesrt: shoot!16:03
ralsinadesrt: it comes with a power source so have not checked16:03
ralsinadesrt: can find out in 35 seconds though16:03
desrtplease do :)16:03
* desrt guesses 12V regulated16:03
ralsinadesrt: 5V 2A16:04
desrtoh.  weird.16:04
desrti guess it won't give 12V for sata drives...16:04
ralsinahave not connected it yet since I have no spare drives around16:04
desrt2A is a pretty low figure for a spec (which is always a bit above max)16:05
desrti wonder what idle consumption is actually like16:05
* desrt is interested in a computer that consumes no more than a couple of watts16:06
ralsinathat 5v 2a is written in the bottom o the box. I have heard figures around 3 watts for it16:06
desrtthat's respectable16:06
ralsina7w peak with a sata drive connected16:06
desrtpresumably less for SSD16:07
ralsinawhoa android idle: 1.7W16:07
desrthighly respectable16:07
desrti should probably buy one of these suckers16:07
ralsinadesrt: cheapish and free delivery16:08
desrti live in canada :)16:08
ralsinadesrt: still free delivery :-)16:08
desrtfrom what site?16:08
* desrt notes that he will likely have to pay customs anyway16:09
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* mterry is so hot, sweat is rolling down his face, making it hard to see screen17:24
mterryscrew global warming17:25
bcurtiswxmterry, A/C ?17:31
mterrybcurtiswx, you people and your fancy technology17:31
seb128mterry, if only we could do trading, we have a cold summer so far, it's like april weather17:32
seb128mterry, 18°C and grey17:32
seb128mterry, 65F for you weirdos ;-)17:32
bcurtiswxit's hit high 30's and very low 40's here way too much17:32
* seb128 wants 25°C17:33
mterryyou people and your celsius17:33
bcurtiswxmterry, sorry, then it's hit 95-105 here wa too often17:33
* mterry tried to use celsius for a while, but will settle for getting used to 24h time17:33
mterryCan't somebody conquer America or something and impose metric?17:34
seb128mterry, well, anyway it's 65F and I want 76F17:34
mterryseb128, OK, I'll trade you 10F17:34
bcurtiswxmterry, i wish they would.. you know how many failed space launches could have been avoided!17:34
seb128mterry, deal!17:34
seb128how do we process for the exchange?17:35
mterryEngland, you could always try again...17:35
mterryseb128, I'll run my A/C, and you put on a coat17:35
bcurtiswxyou may run into some currency exchange issues there...17:36
chrisccoulsonimperial ftw. i'd much rather order a 16oz steak than a 453.59g steak17:38
micahg0.5kg just doesn't sound as nice17:39
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: steaks aren't measured in "stones" in the UK? :)17:40
* didrocks waves good evening17:54
dobeymterry: how hot is it there?18:06
mterrydobey, 95F18:06
dobeyoh, i guess that is pretty hot for boston18:07
dobey"91F - Feels like: 101F"18:08
dobeyfeels like i need to go get some ice cream out of the freezer :P18:09
Guest50245http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=29201 "Feels like 114" lol18:12
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desrtuh oh18:32
* desrt gets a sinking feeling18:32
gareththeredseb128:  I'm confused as to what happened with the gphoto upload today.  Can you spare a moment to explain?18:35
seb128gareththered, hey, what about it?18:41
seb128desrt, oh?18:41
seb128desrt, get some food!18:41
desrtseb128: ?18:42
seb128desrt, * desrt gets a sinking feeling18:42
desrtoh.  no18:42
seb128desrt, food resolves everything :p18:42
desrtmy hydraulics that control the height of my chair are broken18:42
desrtthis is the same way that my last chair died :(18:42
gareththeredseb128: Launchpad complained of an import problem - something to do with Chinese(simplified) zh_CN.  Does that mean it failed to import?  Strange considering what was in the patch!18:43
seb128gareththered, oh, feel free to ignore that18:43
seb128desrt, oh, stop bouncing like mad while working!18:44
seb128gareththered, it means one of the translation file has some formatting issue, that's probably there for ages but we usually ignore them since most of the time they are harmless18:45
gareththeredseb128:  Phew! Thanks for that.  I'll now set up Precise-Proposed and give it a test.18:46
seb128gareththered, thanks for the work!18:46
gareththeredseb128:  It was my first attempt at a bug fix.   Now that I have a basic idea of how it's done, I can maybe try some more.  Expect some more newbie questions soon!!18:48
seb128gareththered, you are welcome to ask question there, keep up the good work ;-)18:50
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bcurtiswxkenvandine, does empathy work right for you on quantal ?20:50
bcurtiswxkenvandine, i am using my mac and i don't see the contact list, just the window.. but people can message me and I see it fine20:53
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jasoncwarner_bryceh robert_ancell RAOF TheMuso meeting reminder https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-07-1723:02
jasoncwarner_please put your items on the wiki and any agenda items23:02
* bryceh waves23:20
brycehno agenda items from me23:22
TheMusoNeither me.23:22
RAOFNor I23:23

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