jibel_xnox, bug 1025580 , let me know if you need more info09:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1025580 in partman-lvm "preseeded LVM installation stops with question "partman/confirm_nooverwrite" while it is preseeded to true" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102558009:18
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maxb< cjwatson> ~ubuntu-installer/debian-installer/master should be ~vcs-imports/debian-installer/master and is a bzr import of the upstream (i.e.  Debian) git branch13:12
* maxb actually gets around to making that change13:12
ogra_dont expect many answers today, he is on vac. ;)13:13
xnoxogra_: =) i think i broke lvm alternative images13:15
xnoxi am now pondering what to do13:15
xnoxinvestigate, why it broke or revert13:15
ogra_how big would the revert be ...13:16
ogra_and do you have any idea how long a fix would take ?13:16
ogra_(investigation is definitely in order in any case)13:17
* xnox dropped off, and is back.13:22
ogra_ogra_> how big would the revert be ...13:22
ogra_<ogra_> and do you have any idea how long a fix would take ?13:22
ogra_<ogra_> (investigation is definitely in order in any case)13:22
ogra_xnox, ^^^13:22
xnoxogra_: in the partman-lvm i have moved "apt-install lvm2" to finish.d from the post-base-installer.d13:23
xnoxfor ubiquity to work out of the box13:24
xnoxbut that broke the alternative cd13:24
ogra_doesnt soud to intrusive to do a quick revert13:24
xnoxbut I don't know if that will "fix" the alternative cds13:24
xnoxbut it looks like the only common denominator13:24
ogra_you can hack the alternate installer pretty easily while running it13:25
xnoxhow? =)13:25
xnoxfrom the other VT?13:25
ogra_if you know where your code lives in the installer and its just scripts, you can just edit on the fly#13:26
BlackyuginHi all, I want to instance the DBusConnect (oneconf class) to Ubiquity but I have a error with the test_gtkui in my user interface (named reinstall_sync) : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096640/13:55
BlackyuginThanks a lot for precisions13:55
ogra_best to wait for cjwatson, he wrote the tests i think ... but he is on vacation today13:58
xnoxBlackyugin: we ripped migration-assistant out of ubiquity14:00
xnoxdid you pull recent code?14:00
* ogra_ was wondering about that14:00
ogra_but i wasnt sure it was completely removed14:00
* xnox did it ;-)14:01
ogra_smells like precise14:01
xnoxBlackyugin: also the unit test should probably not start a dbus session, or you should modify the test runner to start a dbus session for you14:01
Blackyuginxnox : no i wort to the 12/0414:01
ogra_and your removal stuff is in 2.10.1714:01
xnoxBlackyugin: we just, just, just removed it in precise ubiquity for 12.04.114:02
ogra_(uploaded to precise on may 30th)14:02
xnoxBlackyugin: so your dbus stuff should be either in "try: except:" blocks for unit tests14:02
ogra_Blackyugin, get the source code from precise-proposed/precise-updates instead14:03
Blackyuginxnox : The problem is only on my laptop14:03
xnoxaha =)14:03
xnoxare you running Gnome / Unity?14:03
Blackyuginogra_ : I can't update my version 12/04 to 12/04/01 because is a school project14:03
ogra_you downloaded the source package somehow, right ?14:04
ogra_instead of pulling it from precise, pull it from precise-updates14:04
ogra_that will give you the fix14:04
xnoxBlackyugin: bzr pull lp:~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/precise-proposed14:04
xnoxor merge14:04
ogra_right, or that14:05
xnoxBlackyugin: or bzr pull lp:ubiquity14:05
stgraberthe version of ubiquity without migration-assistant landed in -updates earlier today14:05
Blackyuginxnox : ok i try14:05
ogra_yep, 2h ago14:05
xnoxBlackyugin: in the ./tests/run you may want to test is DBUS is available with the stuff you need/want in the code14:05
xnoxor start your own private dbus there14:05
ogra_stgraber, any idea why it took so long ?14:06
xnoxogra_: you didn't test it ;-)14:06
ogra_may 30th to today is quite some time14:06
stgraberogra_: yeah, the other fix wasn't exactly trivial to test. Required some proxy with a bug dropping random packets :)14:06
xnoxoh yeah, /me failed at testing that one14:06
ogra_xnox, well, i thought packages get removed from -proposed if they dont get tested within 14 days14:06
Blackyuginxnox : Yes I know but I don't want test if the Dbus is available during the test14:06
stgraberogra_: I ended up letting it through on the basis of "can't be any worse than it used to be"14:06
xnoxBlackyugin: but you have to, otherwise the test runs your code -> your code calls into dbus -> you get a failure14:07
xnoxBlackyugin: if you don't want that, make your code to be conditional around dbus, and skip if internet / dbus is not available14:07
xnoxogra_: about alternative cd14:08
Blackyuginxnox : Yes but my colleague don't have this problem...14:08
xnoxBlackyugin: are you running Gnome / Unity? Are you running ubuntu-one?14:08
* ogra_ is all ears14:08
ogra_(which doesnt help on IRC, i know :P )14:09
xnoxif you are using Lubuntu/Xubuntu and don't have ubuntu-one, you might not have oneconf dbus session, nor the services of ubuntu one running14:09
xnoxhence you see the failure on your machine14:09
xnoxogra_: some context Blackyugin is working on "reinstall your machine from UbuntuOne sync"14:09
ogra_sweet !14:10
xnoxogra_: where sync to UbuntuOne is list of installed packages etc...14:10
xnoxogra_: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/View?docid=0AU5sFuLRpCpBZGZra2pqY2pfMTAxZ25rcnBnNXY14:10
ogra_all the stufff i do manually when migrating to new HW :)14:10
xnoxhas the mathews design14:10
Blackyuginxnox : my colleague have 64bit and I have 32bit but I don't thinks is the problem14:10
xnoxand you are running Ubuntu & have ubuntu1 client signed in?14:11
Blackyuginxnox : Gnome for previous question*14:11
Blackyuginxnox : Yes I'm running to Ubuntu 12/0414:11
Blackyuginxnox: 12.04 default iso14:12
xnoxBlackyugin: what happens if you run14:13
xnoxon the command line?14:13
Blackyuginxnox : I have the prompt14:14
xnoxBlackyugin: where does your code live?14:14
xnoxcan you point me to a branch on lp.net I will try testing/reviewing it to see what could be wrong14:15
NCommandercjwatson: (or anyone versed in d-i internals), around? I have an issue with the calxeda SRU; it won't pull udebs from updates out of the box, and I'm not sure if their's a switch or I need to edit the udeb.sources.list generator code14:15
cm-txnox: lp:calubiquity/devel14:15
cm-txnox: but not fully updated from our all localhost version14:15
xnoxcm-t: Blackyugin: does above branch have the problem you describe?14:15
Blackyuginxnox : If you pull the branch algaouzi14:16
xnoxNCommander: is that for alternative/server CDs?14:16
xnoxBlackyugin: ok.14:16
ogra_NCommander, he is on vacation14:16
cm-the meant lp:~alguaouzi/calubiquity/devel14:16
cjwatsonNCommander: on vac (just today) but feel free to mail me and I'll try to answer - if this is for the debian-installer build system itself then make sure to base your work on the latest in precise-proposed14:17
NCommanderxnox: for netboot images14:17
Blackyuginxnox : The DBusConnect is visible in ubiquity/plugins/ubi-chooseprofile.py14:17
cjwatsonbecause the first change I do in any -proposed series is typically to turn on pulling from post-release pockets14:17
NCommandercjwatson: I have and did; it won't pull udebs anywhere expect -release14:18
xnoxBlackyugin: ok. I will look at it, but not now. Sometime later.14:18
cjwatsonand I know that works for what's in precise-proposed or else it wouldn't have built :)14:18
Blackyuginxnox : Ok thanks a lot14:18
xnoxNCommander: USE_UDEBS_FROM_EXTRA ?= precise-security precise-updates precise-proposed14:20
ogra_right, thats in 20101020ubuntu136.114:21
NCommanderhrm ...14:22
NCommanderThink I pulled from the wrong place14:22
NCommandershutting up now. thanks14:22
xnoxhope we helped ;-)14:24
* xnox thinks I have a fix for lvm14:31
CIA-7partman-lvm: dmitrij.ledkov * r1513 partman-lvm-ubuntu/ (debian/changelog finish.d/aptinstall_lvm):14:37
CIA-7partman-lvm: apt-installed exits with error code 1, if run during finish.d. Hence14:37
CIA-7partman-lvm: adding "|| true", similar to all the other partman-$fs, to prevent14:37
CIA-7partman-lvm: never ending "Setting up partitioning..." loop. (LP: #1025580)14:37
xnoxjibel: jibel_: once partman-lvm_79ubuntu2 hits the archive and the jenkins results are in, let me know if it fixes the issue or not14:45
xnoxwhere issue is bug 102558014:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1025580 in partman-lvm "preseeded LVM installation stops with question "partman/confirm_nooverwrite" while it is preseeded to true" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102558014:46
jibelxnox, thanks! Il'' let you know14:46
stgraberjibel: will you want a respin for that and if so, what images should I respin?14:49
xnoxstgraber: ubuntu alternative and server, but i386 & amd64 specifically, since those are in jenkins / quick to test14:50
jibelstgraber, that wouldn't hurt, if a builder have spare cycles14:51
stgraberjibel,xnox: ok, I'll respin alternate+server before going for lunch (in an hour or so), the new partman-lvm should be built and published by then14:51
jibelta stgraber14:52
xnoxstgraber: partman-lvm published15:06
stgraberxnox: according to LP, so an extra 30min before it's actually published15:07
stgraber(LP marks the source and binary packages as published at the beginning of the publishing run, not at the end)15:08
xnoxstgraber: ah =) good to know.15:08
stgraberxnox: starting the rebuilds now16:01
xnoxstgraber: thanks.... hopefully my fix, fixes it....16:02
stgraberjibel: rebuild done16:59
jibelstgraber, and test is running17:00
jibelstgraber, and xnox's fix fixed it17:01
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xnoxstgraber: jibel: looks like all is green ;-)19:05
* stgraber prepares the ubiquity SRU20:29
xnoxstgraber: what bug?20:30
stgraberbug 987050, bug 929092, bug 989279, bug 1017580, bug 1008255 and bug 99224120:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 987050 in ubiquity "No "Prepare for shipping ..." option after OEM install from D-I" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98705020:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 929092 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.UnmappedError.NmSettingWirelessSecurityErrorQuark.Code1: Failed to determine AP security information" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92909220:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 989279 in ubiquity "Ubiquity fails to create encrypted home directory when no swap if configured" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98927920:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1017580 in ubiquity "Add the ability to run custom scripts inside ubiquity-dm" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101758020:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1008255 in ubiquity "Instillation crashes mid instillation upon pressing continue of account details setup," [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100825520:33
stgraberbasically every bug with a fix in quantal and that's targeted to precise20:35
stgraberpackage is ready in bzr, just need to run the tests and update the paperwork (LP bugs)21:08
stgraberpaperwork done, now to upload that thing21:48

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